Witchblade s01e09 Episode Script


Previously on Witchblade: You are a good and faithful servant, Ian, but you know not your master.
Might not you tell me where I can find your boyfriend, Ian Nottingham? Ian is his own man.
He is in my employ, although not in that capacity.
Got a threat from someone who doesn't want me talking to you about that.
Let me guess, tall, black overcoat drops the temp in a room about 10 degrees? This is a one-time-only invitation to join a group of policemen who understand the gravity of their job.
I'm not the only one looking out for her.
Sara and the Witchblade are now one.
We can no longer take the Witchblade away from fair Sara.
Should it come to that, we would have to take her.
Sara Pezzini, a New York City detective drawn into a chance encounter with a supernatural weapon.
Each day, each mystery, each encounter, will ultimately reveal her true destiny.
His name is Armand Parsegian.
Arms dealer, world-class.
Most recent claim to fame: Arming both sides of the Chechen conflict.
What a sweetheart.
He's gonna be gracing us with a once-in-a-decade visit.
He lives on a yacht.
Hardly ever comes ashore.
Especially not in this country.
- What's the occasion? - Well, that's what you're gonna tell me.
It's gotta be a sale or a purchase, and it's gotta be a big one.
Ralph Wray, 11-11.
Are you sure this is the right address? Copy that.
The instructions were very specific.
- But there's no one - Just leave the package there.
So I'm assigning you two-man teams, - So long, social life.
- You have no social life.
- Why aren't the feds all over this? - Because the feds don't know about it yet.
- This is a Bureau job.
- Would I be making myself clear if I said that wrapping up Parsegian in a ribbon for the FBI would be a career-making move for any officer? Would I? Memorize every detail of these dossiers.
Uh, Pezzini and McCartey, you're up first.
Then Wheeler and Belson, then Timlin and Jacoby.
- Any questions? - Who's the muscle? Benjamin Wolf, Parsegian's bodyguard.
Infiltrated our own Secret Service before they learned that he was working for Mossad.
Rumored to have a sixth sense about being tailed, so use "utmost" caution.
Okay? That's it.
Our current caseloads? Court appearances? Homicide? Everybody's dismissed.
Except Pezzini.
Even your rookie partner gets this.
What's the matter with you? Simply, I work Homicide.
This is not a homicide.
I'm offering you an opportunity here.
Why exactly is that, sir? Maybe it's because I recognize your ability to execute a difficult and dangerous task.
Or maybe it's that I have my eye on McCartey and I'm looking to build up his résumé.
Or maybe I'm just shorthanded.
Whatever the reason, you better step up, kid.
Because this is an order and not a request.
Could I make myself any clearer? Not if you tried, sir.
Thank you.
Sly! Open up, dude.
Man, what'd you do last night? Come on, man, I know you're home.
If you don't come out, I'm gonna steal your laptop and rifle all your DVDs.
Come on, man.
You ready or what? Sly.
That's not funny.
Oh, man.
Um Hey! Anybody! I'm 100 percent certain this prototype will meet all your expectations.
You should have received it by now.
Your new plaything is accurate to 2000 meters.
The laser sight has got an onboard computer which compensates for wind drift and elevations.
And she delivers a wide array of payloads.
Explosive, armor-piercing, jacketed, soft-tip.
I am looking forward to your reviews and comments.
I know.
You're dying to take it out for a spin.
Once you're satisfied, we can discuss delivery in quantity.
- Pezzini Uh, Sara.
- Hey.
You gotta help me.
- She can't, she's busy.
- Is anyone talking to you? Jake, give us a minute.
A minute.
What's going on, buddy? Um My best friend was murdered.
-What? -Yeah.
I found him this morning.
Uh, called it in.
This bastard cop took one look and called it suicide, but Okay, whoa, whoa, back up.
How did he die? Someone hung him from the ceiling.
I know how it looks, but Sly would have never done that.
He was the most Look, anyway, this jerk, Detective Orlinsky - Wait, Orlinsky took the call? - Yeah, barely.
He didn't check anything.
He just called the meat wagon.
- Stood around cracking jokes.
- I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, I don't care about sorry.
I wanna know who killed him.
Well, of course.
Look, Gabriel, when I get off work tonight, I'll - Don't blow me off, Pezzini.
- I'm not.
Gabriel, I'm on special assignment, and apparently, a really important surveillance.
Uh Give me the address.
- Really? - Yeah.
I won't have much time, but meet me there in 20 minutes.
We'll see what we see.
Okay? Oh, thank you.
You're righteous.
The bitch Pezzini, she just left with the kid.
So who might have wanted your friend dead? Uh, you want a list? Uh, there's a partner who'll get Sly's half of Parricide.
- Parricide? - Parricide Comix, the name means "Killing your parents.
" I know what it means.
Uh Then you got a string of ex-girlfriends sucking him dry.
Crazed fans who pay fortunes for his original artwork on the Net.
And whatever.
Tell me about this one.
It's new.
It means nothing to me.
Did he like to party? Yeah, you bet your ass.
Was he an addict? No way.
Look, he was an edgy guy, you know? That's what made him great.
Um Fast cars, skydiving, raves, all that crap.
I thought you were here to help me.
Helping you includes letting you know when I think you're wrong.
I'm not wrong.
Gabriel, you want someone to jerk you off go down to Times Square, it will cost you 20 bucks.
- Great.
- Gabriel.
Subjects are preparing to leave.
Wolf just readied the car himself.
Copy that.
Is Pezzini in position? Uh Yes, sir, she's photographing their vehicle.
Why isn't she on this channel? I am on this channel.
All right, get ready to move.
Keep me informed.
- Where the hell have you been? - Personal errand.
With that kid Bowman.
Nice of you to make it back.
- Hey, it's not like I missed anything.
- Oh, no.
Big gunfire, couple of explosions.
You got lucky.
Now I'm lucky.
There they go.
Keep your ears on.
I'll be at the bike.
Jake! Jake! All units.
Shots fired, two down.
Roll ambulance.
Roll it, roll it.
Pezzini? Report! So Mogenson went up there, came back down.
She said it was definitely from there.
Just brilliant.
- Captain.
- Right under your damn noses.
We never heard a shot.
Silenced weapon fired from long-range.
You're senior here, Pezzini.
This is on you.
It was a world-class hit.
Parsegian lives by the sword.
You and half of New York City watched this guy get clipped and you don't have a clue who did it? Johnson, can you open the trunk? You better start thinking about what you're gonna tell the FBI.
How about the truth, sir? Whoa.
- Wicked.
- Photog! Hold on.
Jeez, Pezzini, why don't you break it down next time? Is your computer online? Is Elvis worm food? - You mind telling me what you're doing? - Yep.
Oh, well, then get off my box.
I can't open these files at the office.
- Oh, why didn't you do it at your place? - Because you were closer.
A clue would be nice.
Don't have to tell me everything.
Just give me a little hint so I can play along with the audience.
A few weeks ago, a guy came in.
Warned you not to talk to me.
Don't remind me.
That's not him.
That's his keeper.
"Kenneth Irons.
" I know that name.
He's on Forbes list every year.
American Billionaires, World's Most Powerful People.
What? Did this guy kill someone? Probably a lot of people.
- So he's a suspect? - No.
Well, did someone kill him? No.
It would've been that.
I would've heard it on the news.
Come on, Pezzini, you gotta give me something here.
"Subject occupies 12-bedroom mansion.
Never sleeps in same room two consecutive nights.
Owns 11 personal vehicles, switches every day.
" Ha, ha.
I thought I was paranoid.
- What? It's impossible.
- Well, it's irrefutable.
- Told you.
- One shot through both heads? Look, there is brain matter from one subject inside the cranium of the other one.
Look at the entrance and exit wounds of the second guy.
Okay, the round, it was traveling slower.
Not much slower, but slower.
What muzzle velocity would it take to punch a round straight through two live skulls with virtually zero deflection? - This is a Pezzini case, right? - Yeah, why? Yeah, figured.
The weird ones always are.
You know, it actually might be interesting to test that sniper's weapon you recovered.
I was thinking we could, uh, round up a couple of cadavers from downstairs and see how many heads it would take to actually stop one of these projectiles.
Miss Po, please.
Hey, it's professional curiosity.
"Subject Kenneth Irons has no known family or progeny.
Personal security, Ian Nottingham, U.
Army Special Forces.
Black Dragons Unit, '93 through '95.
" Black Dragons.
They named the unit after the guy? Yeah.
They wouldn't be far off.
"Subject is highly sexually active.
Known partners include" Oh, no.
Damn, Pez.
This guy's your lover? This was a world-class hit.
Sara was right.
Captain, there's no shame in admitting you're battling a worthy adversary.
Well, the good news here is that we're gonna have a short list of suspects.
Military training, extreme weapons capability.
Get online and generate a finite ring.
All over it, cap.
McCartey, since your partner's nowhere to be found look into this and get back to me directly, okay? You got it, boss.
No, I am not his lover.
Just forget everything you've seen in here.
Yeah, sure, no problem.
I'll just get a bulk eraser and hold it up to my head.
Oh, my gosh, what was I thinking, bringing this here? Well, you were thinking you didn't want your bosses snooping around in these files.
You were thinking you did want someone other than yourself to know about this stuff.
You were thinking you could trust the handsome, dashing Gabriel.
Oh, brother.
And you were thinking, in exchange for the use of his computer you would offer to spend some more time on the unsolved murder of his friend Sly.
All right, Gabriel, now you're pushing it.
If I say please, will you at least think about it? I haven't stopped thinking about it.
Um, did you catch the last window on the last screen there? - Someone was distracting me.
- Oh, well Your pal Nottingham? It said he might be Kenneth Irons' son.
You know, Gabriel, I think it might be a good idea for you to get out of town for a couple of days.
Gabriel? Gabriel? - Hello? - Good, I caught you.
How did you even know I? You're investigating the suicide of a protégé of mine, Sylvester Marcus.
You are a patron to a comic-book artist? Was, in this case.
Just offering you my cooperation lest you discover a connection and think I'm hiding something.
Gee, thanks.
How did you know him? He attended design school on a scholarship I award annually.
We remained close.
Were you close to Armand Parsegian? A sweet man.
I'll miss him.
How did you even learn of his death? It hasn't hit the media yet, Mr.
Hurry home to your precinct, Sara.
Someone's waiting for you.
What happened? You zoned out in some kind of trance or something, so I took off.
I went over to Sly's.
There was supposed to be a wake for him.
Instead, his partner, Pike Donless was negotiating a new lease with Sly's landlord.
I don't know, it's bad enough he's taking over Sly's company.
I just couldn't hack him taking over his whole life.
Go on.
I broke Donless' nose.
I, uh I know how you feel, Gabriel.
This past year alone, I've lost a partner and a lover.
So I get it.
What am I supposed to do? I don't know.
But I don't think it's going around beating people up.
Oh, like you've never taken it out on anybody? The best advice that I could give you is Just sit still and hurt.
You know, I used to think that time was linear.
Like a string.
Under that version of reality Sly's gone.
Over, ended.
Oh, gee, thanks, Pez, that's real comforting.
But maybe time isn't that way.
Maybe time is more like Like photos in an album.
Maybe each moment lasts forever and it's only our perception that streams them together.
And if that's the case then you can turn the page and be with your friend in any moment anytime you want.
Have you been reading Quantum Physics for Dummies? I can honestly tell you that I still share meaningful moments with my ex-partner even though he is dead.
You're free to go.
I ordered you into my recognizance.
I'll try to make the charges go away.
Thank you.
Unless you act out again.
In which case, I will hunt your ass down and kick it up somewhere around your ears.
And you know I can do that.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Take care.
What the hell? Relax, Sara.
I would do anything to please you.
Then quit with the psycho vampire boogie.
I love you in unguarded moments.
What the hell are you doing here? Turning myself in.
Can and will be held against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will appointed for you.
Do you understand the rights I've read to you? What's your real story, detective? Would you like me to read them again? Does everyone here really buy that champion-surfer fiction of yours? Do you understand these rights? - What's wrong with him? - You got a week? One final time.
Do you understand the rights I have read to you? What do you think? - What do I think? - That would be a yes, Jake.
Nottingham, do you know Armand Parsegian? Doesn't everyone? Were you aware he was surveilling the man you are paid to bodyguard? I'd be a poor bodyguard if I didn't.
Did anyone ask you why you got whisked into this job over several candidates who were actually qualified? Where were you today between the hours of 12 and 3? Sound asleep in my own bed.
Asleep at noon? Yes.
Alone, unfortunately.
Perhaps you'd care to join me tomorrow.
Last chance to answer my question.
I'm sorry.
Could you repeat it, please? Oh, you don't remember what I asked? I remember perfectly.
I just want you to repeat it.
I wanna hear the sound of your hollow voice.
Do you remember, Jake McCartey, what you're doing here? Now, in this police department? Do you remember who you really are? Hey! Get out of here! - Gonna let this bastard make fools of us? - Rookie, take a break! Now.
Alone at last.
You didn't have to kill someone to make that happen.
Is that what you think I did? I suspect you've killed for less.
Take my hand.
No, thanks.
Do you want answers? Take my hand.
The other one.
Whoever killed Armand Parsegian prevented thousands of murders.
I know saving lives wasn't your motive.
His assassin should be thanked.
Yet the killer's reward in this society is that he, in turn, will be murdered.
Did you intend to take both men out with one shot? Or were you just lucky, Ian? Less than a century ago, men were still killing each other in duels.
Only three or four people in the world are capable of making a shot like that.
One is in jail in Hong Kong, one is in the Iraqi army.
One might have been your first victim, Benjamin Wolf.
Between you and me it was a beautiful hit.
I heard you took a swing at a suspect.
I lost my cool.
Don't apologize.
I'm betting he deserved more.
Next time I see him, he's gonna get more.
But the question that I'm asking myself is: Why is your partner back over there at interrogation holding that dirtbag's hand? I mean, I just I think Parsegian and your boss had an arms deal going.
I think you anticipated a double-cross and protected your master.
Dueling men resolutely accept their inevitable death.
A warrior, Sara, walks with death as if it were a friend.
She resolutely accepts her own finiteness and meditates on it daily.
Can you imagine the freedom that gives a person? Or maybe you don't have to imagine.
I'm sorry.
Go on.
How many people have you murdered in the course of your duty, Sara? None.
I've killed my share, but I haven't murdered any.
Come on, Sara.
Remember the rush of satisfaction you felt when you murdered that Irish wench who killed your lover, Conchobar? That was justified.
Let go of my hand.
Let go.
Aren't you the least bit curious about those questions I was asking your partner? Maybe a night in a cell will make you feel a little more communicative.
For the promise of another tryst like this one? You can keep me here forever.
"Nietzsche said the bravest thing a man can do is to gather his loved ones around him and take his own life before time and disease have a chance to lay him waste.
If one cannot live ferociously, why live? The only real question is: Should we wait until life has proven to us how disappointing it is? Or should we cheerfully charge toward whatever awaits us on the other side of death, presuming it cannot be worse than this? If one studies the rich and successful one cannot help recognizing their path leads not to happiness.
But apologies to those who will miss me.
Wouldn't you rather see me free-falling among the stars than chained to a life which only evokes my disdain or even worse, my apathy?" We call ourselves the White Bulls.
This invitation is offered to you one time and one time only.
What's up? I'm in.
-You won't be sorry.
-About this test,this initiation and Pezzini Jake, relax, my friend.
You try relaxing in my position, all right? The test will come when it's time.
You won't even see it coming.
You may not even know it's come.
But one day, I'll walk over to you and I'll say: "Jake, you passed.
" - Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, Nottingham, where do you think you're going? - Orlinsky, what the hell's going on here? - What's going on with you? Trying to call that Marcus suicide a murder? That's my case.
You first.
Well, what's it look like? Mr.
Nottingham's being released.
No, Mr.
Nottingham is my suspect, murder one.
DA won't file.
Lack of evidence.
I haven't put forward my evidence yet.
Oh, and how would you do that, Pezzini? How do you put intuition on display in a courtroom, hmm? Because you got nothing else on this man.
"Not gonna file" my ass, Orlinsky.
If you wanna stay close to me just ask, Sara.
We can be inseparable.
Is your partner in? No, Nottingham.
Why? I have a debt I wish to repay.
- What kind of debt? - A debt of honor.
You, uh You said you had something to tell me.
Your friend is dead, Gabriel.
That's what I came for? That final comic was his farewell letter.
That was a goof, okay? Sly had been mouthing that existential crap for years.
Whether he ended his own life or not, he saw his death coming.
And he accepted it.
And now you have to accept it too.
Where's your gun, detective? Why don't you use that bullet on me? What bullet? You refusing to even consider that Sly might have committed suicide is really you refusing to let him go.
That's B.
, Sara.
I see people deal with death every day.
Denial and anger are the first two stages.
You're stuck there.
You gotta move on.
So that's it? Case closed? No, absolutely not.
I'll keep investigating, but I want you to leave that job to me.
Your job is to mourn your friend.
He is gone.
And there's a hole in your life where he used to be.
And that's gotta hurt like hell.
I am truly sorry for you.
Uh Do you, uh? Do you know because of that? No.
Because of this.
Come here.
Shh, come here.
It's gonna be okay.
This is about the punch I threw.
Hey, man, I'm just trying to apologize.
How will you apologize for betraying your partner? For sentencing her to death? Are you talking about Sara? You don't even deserve to say her name.
Hey, Nottingham! Why don't you pick a fair fight? I never met a worthy opponent till I met you.
My life is yours for the taking.
Let him go.
Before you rescue him, consider this.
He betrayed you.
Yeah? There's a lot of that going around.
You know less than you think you do.
Listen, you crazy psycho Galahad.
You wanna make me happy? Let him go, now.
I'm committed to your partner's death.
The only way to save his life is to end mine.
That would be your choice, not mine.
Hey, it's okay.
You wouldn't lift the blade against your own flesh and blood, would you? What? What did you say? I said, your partner needs medical attention.
What did you say? Nottingham! Wuss.
How's that feel? Like I got hit by a truck.
Well, that's exactly what happened, right? Right.
You wanna tell me anything about the questions that Nottingham was asking the day we Q&A'd him? Yeah.
I wanna tell you the guy's absolutely full of crap.
What? - You believe him, not me? - I believe me.
- But - In this case, I'll take your word for it.
I guess we're even now.
I helped you out at the Irish massacre.
You helped me out today.
Hey, that's what partners are for.
Hello, Sara.
"Flesh and blood"? Gabriel's right.
The death of Sylvester Marcus was no suicide.
I know it for a fact.
It seems to me there's only one way you could know that for a fact.
Irons felt that life was imitating art a bit too closely.
The comic that kid published, Parricide? I always liked that comic.