Witchblade s01e12 Episode Script


Previously on Witchblade: Sara Pezzini, you are under arrest.
The past few months have been tough.
It all started when I encountered the Witchblade.
Exactly what it is and why I was chosen to wield it are still a mystery to me.
Tell me everything about this Witchblade and everything you can learn.
But I do believe that Kenneth Irons We're linked, you and I.
Does this disturb you? one of New York's fiercest power brokers, has the answers.
Ian, she's in danger.
Find her.
Since I encountered the Witchblade, I have lost my partner.
- No! - My lover.
My mentor.
And perhaps, a bit of my sanity.
There's a line between clarity and insanity, Pez.
- And I've obviously crossed it.
- Prepare to fire.
My life is in danger.
I no longer know who to trust.
- He's a White Bull.
- He's a hired killer.
- In.
- Won't be sorry.
Does everyone here really buy that champion-surfer fiction of yours? - There is one person you can trust.
- Yeah? Who would that be? It's like you always tell me.
Nothing is what it seems.
And I've had some experiences that can only be called supernatural.
This thing has gone crazy, Danny.
You gotta help me.
That's why I'm here.
If fully empowered by the Periculum, she might become impossible to manipulate.
You're Elizabeth Bronte.
You're my grandmother, aren't you? We are related, but not in the way you think.
We're the same person.
Hopefully, things will only get better, and with a little luck I can't believe this.
FBI Agent Jake McCartey? - I will learn why my father was killed.
Tell me everything there is to know about the White Bulls.
I believe the White Bulls have been operating in the department for decades.
Dad? And why I was chosen to wield this damn thing called the Witchblade.
Sara Pezzini, a New York City detective drawn into a chance encounter with a supernatural weapon.
Each day, each mystery, each encounter, will ultimately reveal her true destiny.
Several months ago, I discovered a renegade faction within the New York Police Department.
This society is named the White Bulls.
They act like crusaders for justice, but they're nothing more than profiteers.
I have a dead man's testimony and circumstantial evidence that they murdered my father when he was on to them 20 years ago.
- This is too weird.
- This is going straight to the Net.
This time next week, you're gonna be getting more hits than Napster used to.
How dramatic.
It is written: No man can serve two masters.
I thought I could prove the exception.
I was mistaken.
And now you agonize between your devotion to me and your passion for Sara Pezzini.
You gave me life.
It's yours to take back.
I would consider it a mercy.
If you don't, I shall.
I am not a merciful man, Ian.
And it is also written: As for this worthless slave, throw him out into the darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Begone, Ian.
Your darkness awaits.
I also believe that the recent suicide of my retired boss, Captain Joseph Siri was really a homicide perpetrated by the White Bulls in order to silence him.
If Jake really is a federal agent I hope me going public with this won't devalue my testimony.
No, McCartey'll come through.
He saved my life.
Grateful, I am.
Trusting, I'm not.
Well, yeah, me either.
That's why I've been keeping tabs on him.
- How? - It's a cell ripper.
Lets me monitor cell-phone calls.
So far, your pal Jake hasn't said anything incriminating.
- Pretty devious.
- Yeah, well, devious, I am.
The White Bulls are ruthless and extremely dangerous.
I know firsthand that they curry favor in high-government circles.
- Their leader is Captain Bruno Dante of - Sara, look out! You need protection, but not from me.
Didn't your mother ever teach you not to sneak up on people? My mother, strangely silent in all matters of import.
- What are you doing here? - I'm saying goodbye to you, Sara.
- Why? Where are you going? - Far.
Far away, but not as far as you.
You must leave quickly.
Look how the Witchblade confirms danger.
- Gabriel, we're out of here.
- Just let me grab - No, now.
- Wait, your video.
Gabriel, forget it.
All right, fan out, guys.
Where is she? Where's Sara Pezzini? She graces the intersection of primal cause and pervasive entropy.
What? Listen, freak.
Now, I don't give a damn what Irons wants.
She's here or you wouldn't be.
Now, you tell me where she is or get the hell out of my way.
I believe there's a third option.
What's that? If you ever see me again, Sara, run.
- He was unarmed.
- Who cares? Look around.
I know she's around here somewhere.
- What is it? - Mr.
Irons, I have some bad news.
I don't want you to hear it from anyone else.
Ian is dead.
How did it happen? Well, we were pursuing Sara Pezzini and, uh, he was trying to protect her.
Have his remains sent to my home immediately.
- And I want his head kept chilled.
- Sorry, Mr.
Irons, but On ice.
Bring him yourself, Captain Dante.
Ian is dead.
- My profound condolences.
- I don't need sympathy.
- I need another infusion.
- Yes, you do.
The effects are starting to wear off.
Kenneth, there is no more of Miss Pezzini's blood left.
I know that.
Unless you get some soon, you may experience a very rapid age reversal.
Here, Gabriel, it's okay.
Slow down, slow down.
- Okay, what just happened? - We just escaped with our lives.
No, not that part.
The part where your bracelet turned into armor and spikes.
- You saw that? - No, I made it up.
Jeez, how could I miss it? Sorry, it's just that nobody ever sees what this thing does.
They just see the results, if they're still alive.
Well, yeah, I saw it and I'm alive.
So why don't you use it to get us out of this mess, okay? Gabriel, this is what got us into this mess.
-Would it help you if I told you everything? -Yes.
I don't know.
Look, I promise, I will give you a full download just as soon as all of - This is never gonna be over, Sara.
- Gabriel.
Uh, look I can probably get us some cash, a couple of passports.
We really need to get out of Dodge.
- That's a good plan.
You do that.
- I said, we.
Look, I'm not leaving you alone, Sara.
You are if I say you are.
Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do? You gonna amp up your little Witchblade and cut me? I'm sorry, but I can't proceed without more blood from Miss Pezzini.
And how do we get that blood? How did we get it last time? What are you afraid of? You said he was even better than his predecessor.
Physically speaking.
But psychologically, we have no idea what he is.
I have grave concerns about his aggression level.
What better time to find out? Okay.
Okay, get me a passport too.
- While you do what? - I'm gonna try to connect with Jake.
- You and I can hook up tomorrow, okay? - Okay.
- Hey, Pez? - Yeah? You know, I didn't really like Nottingham, but, uh I am sorry.
So am I.
I just can't believe that he's really dead.
Ian please come down.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I love you in unguarded moments.
Sara you wouldn't lift the blade against your own flesh and blood, would you? If you want to stay close to me, just ask, Sara.
We can be inseparable.
Ghost joke.
Don't act surprised or anything.
- Nothing could surprise me anymore.
- Not true.
Okay, maybe one thing.
Sorting out who the hell I really am.
Where I came from and why I get to - Keep going.
- Why I was chosen to wield this thing.
I know, Danny.
I was trying not to look.
The place of my last earthly experience.
Gallo and his posse.
Here we go.
Let's do it.
Danny? I really wish things had come out differently that day.
I know.
Can I trust Jake McCartey? You never truly know what someone's gonna do until they do it.
Until the critical moment.
- How are you feeling today, Ian? - Restless.
- Do you remember how you spent your day? - No, sir.
I think I've been asleep for a while.
What do you remember? That my primary mission is to protect you.
Following that, I protect Sara Pezzini, the wielder of the Witchblade.
Do you know what she looks like? Exactly.
What else do you know? That there have been others before me.
That my immediate predecessor was defective in his emotional makeup.
He was soft.
This deficiency cost him his usefulness.
And thus, his life.
I know I still have some of his memories.
I know I only exist because you allow it.
Do you feel capable of retrieving Sara Pezzini? Oh, I feel capable of anything.
Do you have the appropriate tools? Bring me Sara Pezzini.
- Dante almost got us this morning.
- I heard.
He sent me to a homicide scene.
Then didn't call to let me know he was coming after you.
Jake, I appreciate you not asking, but we both know what you need.
We both need conclusive evidence, but using you as bait is not the answer.
Yeah? Then what is? Jake, it wasn't just me today.
They killed Nottingham.
He saved my life again.
Get me in a room with Dante.
I promise, I will get him to say more than enough to put his ass in the chair.
We keep a safe house on the west side for this kind of thing, 111 Richard Street.
The place is already wired.
I could have a crew there by dawn.
Like you always say, McCartey, "Go big or go home.
" Make it an hour.
I'll see you there.
- It's not polite to stare, captain.
- Yeah.
No, no, it's just you look, uh, you know, tired.
You have no idea.
Drop the case against Sara Pezzini.
Are you forgetting that you and I already had this conversation? What I don't understand is why? I mean, I know that I was hot the last time I was here but, I mean, she's a threat to my entire organization.
Which exists to serve me.
Listen, even if I do call off my men, I'm betting she self-destructs.
Excuse me.
- Yes.
- McCartey.
I've got her.
I've arranged a meet.
Game on.
Keep it simple.
Just you and me.
Figured you'd wanna deliver the coup de grâce.
As you lay dying, Bruno, remember this: I warned you.
I understand, Mr.
I understand.
- Ah, excuse me.
- All is not what it seems.
Concerned for Sara, aren't you, Gabriel? - Who are you? - A friend of Sara's and yours.
Trust Detective McCartey.
He saved your life.
Grateful, I am.
Trusting, I'm not.
This is it.
The safe house.
You sure your FBI guys are here? They're pros, Sara.
You're not supposed to see them.
Dante isn't supposed to see them.
Don't you need to talk to them or anything? Sara, they've been in position for an hour.
They can't risk showing themselves.
There's a good chance we were tailed here by the White Bulls.
Here, take this.
I'm covered.
You never know till the critical moment.
No, thanks.
All right, suit yourself.
I don't need your money, Jake, I need your help.
Think before you turn me down, Pez.
I can't believe you called me here to offer me money.
To get you out of town until this whole thing blows over.
Jake, this thing is never gonna blow over.
Sara, I know my timing on this sucks but I'm in love with you.
Your timing on that does suck.
Boys, girls.
Son of a bitch, Jake.
Hey, McCartey, that was a good one.
Pezzini I love you too.
I trusted you.
You were my partner.
None of this had to happen.
You brought it on yourself.
Penny for your thoughts, Sara.
You know, you pull that trigger, you'll be doing both of us a favor.
But before you do, just tell me one thing: Why did you kill my dad? Oh, because he just pissed me off.
Yeah, you know, every time he looked at me, he had this attitude, you know? Like he had x-ray vision or something.
You know, like he could see right through me.
Like he knew more than everybody else.
Yeah, a real expert.
If that's not a fine reason to kill someone, captain, then I don't know what is.
You see that? That's the attitude I'm talking about.
You know, Pezzini, a lot of people say you're adopted.
But you know what? There's no mistaking who raised you.
Thank you.
Your old man looked me in the eye one time and told me he was gonna take me down like you did a few weeks ago.
And guess what.
He was wrong too.
McCartey, your honors.
Why don't you do it yourself, Bruno? Don't you have the stones? I don't know, cap.
She's your beef.
If you let me do this, you might always regret you missed out.
But what I will gain is the knowledge that I can trust you.
We'll be bonded for life.
You never truly know what omeone's sgonna do until they do it.
Until the critical moment.
Can't do it, captain.
Why doesn't that surprise me? All right, you have two options here.
You could, uh, shoot her and be done with it.
Or you could not shoot her and you both die.
That's the option I prefer.
You know, Jake, at first I made you for a fed.
But then I figured, a real pro wouldn't let his little head distract him from his work like you did.
- You check the perimeter? - It's clean, Bruno.
Well, Sara Pezzini, at least you got to hear him say he loves you.
Freeze! Don't move! Guns on the ground.
Now! All right, all right.
Just relax.
Everything's okay.
I told you it was a setup, Bruno.
What I said about your old man it was a lie.
I was just following orders.
From who? Who? You're gonna have to chew on that for the rest of your life.
If you f Hello, angel.
I thought you'd never get here.
You and I are gonna have a long heart-to-heart talk.
- It's good.
- Happy? - Very happy.
Five hundred, right? - Yep.
- Okay, listen, I gotta go.
- I have two more passports for $400 No.
Listen, that's fine, that's fine.
I, um Bye.
Out, out, out.
Where's Sara? You ought to know.
Listen to me, Gabriel.
We were working a sting on the White Bulls and Bruno Dante, and we got him.
But she walked away from the end game.
You know Sara better than anyone.
What in the hell would make her do that? Kenneth Irons.
It's gotta be.
Let's do it.
What's your connection to Bruno Dante? A powerful police officer for sale to the highest bidder.
- He's come in handy a time or two.
- Really? Did you order him to have my father killed? Strictly speaking, you never had a father, Sara.
You know who I mean.
James Pezzini.
Of course I did not order your father killed.
Nor did I order your lover or your partner killed.
I am not the master of the universe, Sara.
Dante told me it was you.
Did he? I'm sure Captain Dante has told you many things.
Do you believe them all? Honesty has never been one of his stronger traits.
I don't believe you.
If I'm not out in 10 minutes, dial 911 and report an officer down.
Why don't you just tell me exactly what you want? Forget everything you know about the Witchblade.
There's no harm in you knowing the truth.
My contact with the Witchblade gave me a longer life span but as of late, the effects have been wearing off.
Yeah, I'm listening.
You remember the Periculum, don't you? The trial you passed several weeks ago? Are we alive or dead? Oh, Sara, we've died a thousand times and are born a thousand and one.
Once you passed the Periculum, you became the most special human being on the planet.
The Witchblade bonded with you on a cellular level making your body a veritable fountain of new genetic material.
You are the most highly evolved life form on the planet.
Your blood is invaluable, life-prolonging.
- Damn, what are you? - I did it to save your life.
Lucky me.
Heard you were dead.
A slight exaggeration.
Elizabeth Bronte had a daughter who never wielded the blade, but she did give birth to you.
And then someone kidnapped you in infancy.
Don't cry.
I I know his face.
- Who is he? - He is called Lazar.
I'll tell you more about him later.
But I will tell you that he placed you with James Pezzini.
Whom you later ordered killed.
Some women in your bloodline, yourself, Elizabeth Bronte are born with certain biological anomalies.
In fact it is from the preserved stem cells of Elizabeth and the work of my well-financed researchers that I was able to create Ian Nottingham and then replicate and improve him.
Flesh and blood.
A perfect fighting machine.
Oh, my God, Irons, what have you done? Oh, my God.
Son of a bitch.
Gabriel, how appropriate.
The angelic herald.
The messenger.
- Don't move.
- No.
If you make one move, Sara, the last of your friends will die.
And, yes, I did order James Pezzini killed.
I could never let emotional attachments stand in the way of you fulfilling your Well, my destiny.
So Shall we deal? Let him go.
And then we'll deal.
Unfortunately, that is not an option.
Your blood in exchange for his life.
I'll give you anything you want.
Please, just let him go.
Nottingham, Ian, whoever you are.
Please, just let him go.
I would be happy to free him from his earthly bonds.
Ian! No! Your little toy doesn't seem to work against me.
Flesh and blood, Sara.
Not this time.
I'm dying, Sara.
Help me.
I can help you.
Sara, please.
Behold, Sara.
Time runs both ways.
Remember everything you have learned, my dear.
Time is elastic, fluid, flexible reversible.
Use it.
This is a power which can be used only once.
It comes with a price of a great pain.
If you choose to take this journey, you'll remember very little.
Choose, Sara.
I will tell you everything.
I will find out for myself.
No! You okay? I don't know.
You ever have those moments where you feel like something really big just happened? And you don't know what it was? Never.
You must be nuts.
Gallo and his posse.
Let's do it.
Let's not.
What are you doing? Something feels off, Danny.
Let's get out of here.
We've got time on our side.
Who created the Witchblade? It is a branch ripped from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
The will is the link between the soul and the universe.