Without A Trace s01e07 Episode Script

Snatch Back

Itold Consuela she shouldn't talk back if she wants to keep her job.
I don't care how nasty that woman is.
She makes Consuela pick out her clothes.
Sexy, you know, for her husband.
It doesn't matter.
It's about the baby, that's it.
More juice please.
No more juice for you, baby girl.
Too much sugar, it's no good.
Que bonita! Rosa, look.
She's so little.
She's beautiful.
I need you to calm down.
Try and tell me what happened from the beginning.
I don't know.
I turned for one second.
A young child vanishes from a city park and an urban nightmare becomes a horrifying reality.
It happened this morning.
- What do we have? - Abby Buckman.
Three years old.
Her father's a professor at Columbia Law School.
Her mother's Angela Buckman.
Assistant District Attorney.
I know her.
- Agent Johnson.
- Excuse me.
Gonna be a big one, Jack? Looks that way.
- You ready to give a statement? - Not yet.
- You call me when you are? - Don't I always? It's gonna be a circus.
- What happened? - I don't know, baby.
Come on.
Angela? We put together a panorama of the playground.
Aside from the fourth graders, we have a parks maintenance worker two other nannies, a single dad with his son, and a hot dog vendor.
So far, everyone checks out and no one saw anything out of the ordinary.
No one heard anything? You'd think a three-year-old would scream, right? Unless she was taken by someone she knew.
What about the nanny? Martin said she was pretty freaked out.
I'm gonna go talk to her again.
What about Abby's playmate? We've got a kiddy shrink coming.
See if we can get anything.
I got a jumpstart on the sicko angle.
Six hundred and sixty-five registered sex offenders in Manhattan alone.
All right, stick with that.
This may not even be about the girl.
You think it's about her mother? She's a take-no-prisoners DA, she's made a lot of enemies over the years.
Sounds like you've worked together before.
A dozen times since'96.
That's good.
Then she'll let us into her case files.
- With discretion.
- Right.
We have a sighting of a middle-aged man with a girl matching Abby's description here a 70-year-old woman with a mink stole with Abby here and a teenaged skinhead with Abby here.
The playground's got a single entrance here, no other way in or out.
Whoever took Abby would most likely have had to go around here and exit here onto Central Park West.
Where there are cabs, subways, parked cars, fast getaways.
It's also possible they doubled back through the park itself along here.
- Toward Harlem? - Wooded North end.
Plenty of room to get lost.
Canine's on it now.
Abby's a prime target for illegal adoption, you know.
Black market baby-selling.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, that is big bucks in that world.
Some bastard offers candy or a lost puppy.
Kid doesn't know what she's getting into.
You wanna come with me? Buckmans are back at their apartment.
I scheduled a press conference for noon.
- Is she ready? - Who knows? She's so small, Jack.
So little.
I can still smell her in here.
Her clothes.
Her blanket.
It's like she's right here.
I know this is hard, Angela.
I'm not even gonna pretend to know what it feels like.
Listen, I need you to promise me something.
You got to keep me in the loop.
Procedurally that could be difficult for you.
I'll do what I can.
I'm glad you're here, and it's you.
- What do you need to know? - How long has Rosa worked for you? - Since the day Abby was born.
- What do you know about her? I did a full background check before we hired her.
Is there anyone we should be looking into? What's your docket like? I don't know, there's plenty of people who'd like a piece of me.
Anyone stand out? Anything out of the ordinary? You know, there was this guy last week.
Gave me the creeps a lot more than usual.
Hello, pumpkin.
How's my favorite girl in the world? How are you? Hi, Rosa.
You must think you're some real tough bitch, don't you? You put my brother away for 20 years for nothing! You got yourself a nanny? My brother can't pay for a nanny from Dannemora prison.
He's got a kid he can't feed anymore, since you put him away.
You think about that when you're safe at home, bitch! That guy thought I knew what he was talking about.
He could've been referring to any one of a hundred cases.
We have your files.
We'll look into it.
Press are here.
Here's what I need you to do.
Make eye contact with the camera.
Say Abby's name a lot.
And don't be afraid to be emotional.
And we need to pick out one of Abby's photos before you go down.
And remember, the person that you're talking to has your daughter.
Abby is such a good little girl.
She's such a sweet soul.
We miss Abby desperately, and we love Abby so much.
And, sweetheart, Mommy's here, and I love you.
And we're gonna get you home.
And whoever took Abby, let me tell you we will find you.
Abby, Daddy's here.
Daddy loves you.
Please, we just want Abby back.
Thank you.
Do you think that it could be somebody that you prosecuted? And do you blame the nanny? Come on, Angela.
Those tears were real, and she kept eye contact with the camera.
You notice how the husband kept looking at the ground? I'll get him alone.
Buckman, a veteran prosecutor, appeared drained of emotion as she concluded a briefpress conference just a few moments ago.
I hate that we have to do that.
Abby's face is plastered across every Trinitron in the city.
That kind of publicity can't hurt.
It's a tough bargain because either way their personal tragedy becomes film at 11.
They're just doing their job.
Yeah, after some ambitious reporter goes behind your back with an exclusive that blows your case, you might feel a little differently.
- We'll see.
- Yes, you will.
Know what I can't get my head around? This little girl gets snatched from a crowded playground and nobody sees it.
Well, we've still got Jessie Stephens, Abby's playmate from the sandbox.
I thought she wasn't giving us anything.
Child psychologist is coming in to take a run at her, maybe we get lucky.
- I hope so.
- So do I.
So Jessie, you and Abby were at the playground and you were in the sandbox, right? Where was Abby? Was she over here? All right, well, how about this? Was she over here? I think she was right here sitting next to you, right? Then Abby went away, right, Jessie? Where did she go? Where did she go, Jessie? Did someone take Abby? Did someone take Abby? You don't know? Okay.
I know Abby and Jessie play together, but are you and the Buckmans close? We used to be.
Angela and I met in the girls' Mommy & Me class.
Used to be? What happened? I didn't mean anything by it, I just.
I told Angela that I didn't know how she did it all.
You know, having Abby, working.
I guess she felt that I was judging her.
You hit a nerve.
I tried to apologize but Angela just refused to acknowledge that anything was even wrong.
So we just drifted after that.
What about their nanny? As far as I know, they've always been really happy with Rosa.
In fact, it was Rosa who recommended Maria to us.
You don't think Rosa could've been involved in this, do you? She was right there and then she was just gone.
Can you think of anyone that might want to hurt her? No.
Has anyone asked you anything about the Buckmans? - Anybody following or watching you? - No.
My God.
Have you talked to anybody about the Buckmans? - Maybe a boyfriend? - My whole world is that little girl.
I've been with her since the day she was born.
Her mother goes to work.
I stay with her every day.
How about this morning? Anything different happen? Anything out of the ordinary? No, Mrs.
Buckman was running late, like usual.
Is that all right? Here we go.
Honey, are you okay? She just has a cold, Mrs.
I'll take care of it, no problem.
- Shouldn't we call Dr.
Kane? - It's nothing.
Don't worry.
I'm due in court in half an hour.
Thank you, Rosa.
I'll call you later.
Bye, honey.
Mommy loves you.
- Did you say goodbye to Mommy? - Bye-bye.
Hey, who's there? - Bye, honey.
- Say bye-bye.
So you'd say that Abby's closer to you than she is to Mrs.
Buckman? I would never say that.
Rosa, do you have any children of your own? I feel so bad.
So bad.
It's all my fault.
No, Larry's right.
You've got a judge shot in Texas, now this.
You spend your life putting people away.
I guess it catches up with you.
It's odd seeing your own life turned into a sound bite.
Pretty soon they'll be going after Angela.
Blaming her for being a prosecutor instead of a mother.
Is there anyone else to blame? What do you mean? You look very guilty, Mr.
Are you sure you're telling us everything? I did something so stupid.
Whatever it is, you need to tell me.
Middle-aged law professor, awestruck co-ed.
Such a cliché.
- What was her name? - Clarissa Walters.
- And when was this? - Three years ago.
I came to my senses and I called it off right after Angela got pregnant.
- And? - Clarissa went crazy.
She dropped out of school, started stalking me.
- Threatened to tell my wife.
- But she didn't.
I guess she got the point, 'cause things died down.
Then a few days ago, it started up again.
Why won't you take my calls? - You know why.
- It's not what you think.
Don't touch me, my wife could be down here any minute.
I am applying for reinstatement at the law school.
And I just need you to write me a recommendation.
I'm sorry for what happened and how I acted.
But I am finally getting my life back together.
- I'm glad.
- I just need your help.
I don't think it would be appropriate for me to write that letter.
Why? I'm sorry, Clarissa.
It's just not gonna happen.
I'm sorry.
- Did the calls continue after that? - No.
Did you ever know Miss Walters to display any violent behavior? No, but still, I'm worried.
I mean, I'm hoping that I'm crazy for even thinking it.
We'll look into it.
Thank you for being honest.
You'll use discretion.
Obviously, Angela doesn't know anything about this.
Of course.
A canine unit found Abby's shoe up here on 116th, near the tennis courts.
You were right.
They had to have cut through the park heading uptown.
If they kept walking, they're within half a mile of Columbia Law School.
- Think it's the father? - Or the mistress.
Vivian said he had an affair with one of his students.
She may have a motive.
A woman sleeping with a married man doesn't make her a criminal.
Except when it does.
Hello? No, give him the number.
Then we'll put a trace on it.
We're getting a ransom call.
$250,000 in unmarked bills in the red dumpster behind D'Amici's on Second A venue.
No police, or she's dead.
You asked for it.
Fine, whatever you want.
Just don't hurt my baby.
Hello? Did we get a trace on it? $250,000 in unmarked bills in the red dumpster behind D'Amici's on Second A venue.
No police, or she's dead.
You asked for it.
"You asked for it.
" It sounds personal.
Or they want us to think that.
That sounds like a cheap voice distorter.
This guy's an amateur.
Unmarked bills, a dumpster.
It's stuff he learned from watching too much TV.
Let's talk suspects.
Clarissa Walters, Mr.
Buckman's stalker.
She took the baby for revenge.
With a voice distorter, it could be a woman.
Okay, run with that.
I'm thinking the nanny, with an accomplice.
Motive? INS says that her mom's visa ran out.
And $150,000 would certainly help keep her in the country.
So what are you thinking? I'm thinking we talk to the other nanny first then we go back and talk to Rosa.
I'll check everyone in the park against their location with the ransom drop.
I got some possibles on the guy who threatened Angela.
We have to talk to her about the drop-off.
Let's see if she can make a positive ID.
We have the money, but I don't know if we can get it together by tonight.
We have a long-standing ransom agreement with two New York banks.
We can have the money within hours.
- But he said unmarked bills.
- The money is unmarked.
There's other ways of tracking it.
What are you gonna do, follow him? Take him down at the drop? You have to trust us.
We've been doing this a long time.
These are the brothers of all the men you've sent to Dannemora in the last year.
I don't know, I see so many faces every day.
It's okay, take your time.
That's him.
- You sure? - Yeah, positive.
His name's Mike Foley.
I'll check it out.
His brother's John Foley.
Life sentence.
I remember him.
- What was the charge? - Felony possession.
I could've plea bargained it down to a misdemeanor but he was dealing near a school.
He said that? Is he crazy? If I told the university Matthew had an affair with one of his students he'd be fired in a heartbeat.
I've been protecting him.
Then why'd you ask him for a recommendation? Do you know how hard it is to get back into law school? You could've asked any of your other professors.
I did.
But he was my advisor.
His was the most important.
So why didn't you write a letter, send an email? I don't know.
Didn't seem like a big deal to pick up the phone.
You wanted to talk to him? Maybe in the back of my mind I wanted to hear his voice.
But you didn't have to go over to his apartment to see him.
No, I didn't.
But at that point, I was very frustrated.
I was a good student.
I thought it was the least he could do after the way he treated me.
Sounds like you're not so over him, Miss Walters.
Where were you this morning at 10:00? "C" level of the library.
Anyone see you there? I wasn't hiding.
Thank you.
Rosa does more for that baby than her own mother does.
Buckman, she knows nothing.
Abby is allergic to tomatoes.
But Rosa, she has to tell her this.
She's a working mother.
She's a very intelligent, important woman.
But as a mother.
Buckman's probably too busy to realize that Rosa is going through hell with her own mother.
That poor girl.
They came banging on the door - Oh, my God! - I'm so scared.
Mi madre, she's so old.
If she goes back, I'll never see her again.
I don't know what to do.
Talk to Mrs.
Buckman, tell her what happened.
She knows people in the government and who to call.
She can help.
I already ask her, she said no.
How could she say no after everything you do for her? I don't know.
She said it would compromise her.
No favors, that's what Mrs.
Buckman did for Rosa.
No favors.
Rosa must've been pretty angry.
No, she respects Mrs.
I don't think she ever really ask her for help.
I would never hurt Abby.
Please, I don't know where she is.
I miss that baby so much.
Are you willing to take a polygraph? - A what? - A lie detector.
It's a test we use to see if you're telling the truth.
I am.
Please, whatever you want.
I swear on my life.
Danny's polygraphing the nanny.
Sounds like she has a good motive.
People like her come to this country and work three jobs to make ends meet.
They don't steal babies.
You know how long it would take her to make $150,000? A lifetime.
Maybe we do have a disgruntled employee on our hands.
She works 12 hours a day, $10 an hour, changing dirty diapers.
I'm sure she's disgruntled, but not enough to orchestrate a kidnapping.
All right, what about the mistress? Now we're talking disgruntled.
The authorities refused to comment on possible suspects.
As the search continues, every working mother has to ask.
Mike Foley, the guy who threatened Angela, he's a cabbie.
Turned his ride into dispatch at noon today.
Said he had a family emergency, and would be gone for a few days.
We checked his apartment, family, friends.
Looks like he skipped town.
- See if we can find him.
- All right.
An hour after the drop-off, we gotta get going.
So far, no one who was at the park ties to the ransom location.
- Is the alley secure? - It's set.
- NYPD's got the perimeter.
- Great.
Nothing but the rats and the roaches.
At least you got company.
- How's Angela? - Watching too much TV.
So I've been hearing.
Someone declared open season on working mothers.
I think Reggie's only benefited from my working.
He's a good kid.
Whatever you did with him, you should bottle it.
I think we got something.
Danny, get rid of them.
You want to live to see tomorrow? Don't be playing with my livelihood.
You got me? You don't have to push.
Nice work, Serpico.
I grew up on Pacino.
FBI! Stop! FBI! Freeze! Stop! - Where is she? - Don't shoot me, please.
I don't know anything.
- Where's the child? - I don't have her.
I never did.
I didn't take the kid.
I swear to God, I don't have nothing to do with it.
I saw it on the news.
No one was asking for a ransom, so I thought I would.
- I figured it'd be easy money.
- Easy money.
Didn't occur to you that we'd be all over this? I told her not to call the police.
You are hands down the biggest idiot I've ever met.
Am I being charged with something? You better believe it, sparky.
How about obstruction of justice and extortion, to start with? Delia Rivers is here.
Do me a favor and take Einstein here down to the pen.
Jack, we got something.
Nynex tracked the roaming signal on Mike's cell phone.
He's in Atlantic City.
We called the locals, but it'd be a good idea if we took the chopper.
Okay, go ahead.
I'll set it up.
I'm about to make your day.
I got a call from the yearbook photographer at St.
He was in the park yesterday morning shooting candids of the fourth grade at recess.
- This is Abby.
- Yes, it is.
He thought she was cute, so he snapped a couple of extra shots for his book.
Must've been taken just before she disappeared.
Looks that way.
And he brought them to you because the network pays more than the police.
We won't run them until you give me the go-ahead.
All I'm saying is when it's appropriate and when it doesn't endanger your investigation - I wouldn't mind an exclusive.
- Thank you.
Okay, thanks.
Foley checked in last night.
We got a baby seat in the car.
FBI! What the hell is this? Put your hands up! Keep your hands where I can see them.
Where is the girl? Come here, honey, it's okay.
Come right here.
I knew I'd be a suspect as soon as I heard it on the news.
Why is that? I was outside the courthouse yelling at her one week before her kid goes missing.
If I were a cop, I'd look for me.
Come on, what am I gonna do hold the kid hostage until Mrs.
Buckman lets my brother out of prison? She messes with your family, you mess with hers.
Look, this is exactly why I took off.
I didn't want to spend the weekend in lockup while you figured out I wasn't involved.
You thought the thing would blow over? Look, I take my girl to Atlantic City you guys find the kid, I come home with an extra "G" in my pocket.
- Thank you, lady luck.
- Well, you just ran out of luck.
Go ahead and get dressed.
Here's what the yearbook photographer's pictures get us.
Abby's here with the nannies and she's asking them for juice.
Enter the third nanny, the one that Rosa and Maria told us about.
And here they are, huddled over the stroller.
Right, but their backs are turned, which is when the kidnapper strikes.
- Right.
- Look at this one.
- It's kind of flared, but it's.
- It's a woman.
She's pushing a stroller, but it doesn't mean - there's a baby in there.
- No one told us about her.
- Who the hell is she? - Is it Clarissa? Could be.
She tried to contact Matthew earlier this week, but he rejected her.
Her alibi is unsubstantiated.
It's worth bringing her in.
All right, I'll go get her.
You gonna tell Angela about the affair? I don't think we have enough information to potentially ruin a marriage.
Angela is beating herself up because she thinks it's her fault because of her job.
Meanwhile, he's got this secret he's not telling her.
If it were you, you'd want to know.
But at least give Matthew the chance to tell her himself.
You really think it might've been her? Unfortunately, it's a possibility.
Oh, my God.
This is all my fault.
I wouldn't go there yet, but I do think you need to tell your wife.
Please take a seat.
You people are unbelievable.
What do you want from me? Look, Clarissa I know that this is a waste of your time but I really need your help.
I'm trying to build a profile on Matthew.
I need to find out about his friends, his work, his relationship with his wife.
And anything you could tell me would be helpful.
Matthew never really got what he needed from his wife.
She's a complete workaholic and frankly a bit cold.
I'm sure she could sense he was pulling away.
I'm not saying that she got pregnant on purpose, but.
But what? What happened? He's an honest, loyal man.
- Unfortunately.
- How so? There was never any question he was going to be there for that child.
So we make sacrifices, and we move on.
Sad, actually.
I think Matthew and I could've been very happy together.
Really? You painted a very different picture when you talked to Agent Johnson.
I'm ambivalent about it.
I guess I'm just being more generous today.
That makes perfect sense.
Thank you, Clarissa, for your help today.
You're welcome.
I don't really know how I helped you.
You wouldn't mind taking a polygraph test, would you? I mean, just as a formality.
You people are disgusting.
It's been 27 hours, and still nothing.
The question remains, if Angela Buckman's work as Assistant District Attorney has come back to haunt her.
Just tell her the truth.
I went back through my case files.
This is everything since'93.
Parole, probation, anybody that might have a grudge against me.
- Thank you.
- What about Foley? We checked his meter and logs.
His alibi checked out.
You know, this may have nothing to do with your work.
I'm already the poster child for the career woman who neglects her family.
You start buying into that crap, we're all in trouble.
Nobody seems to remember our mystery woman from the park.
- How did Clarissa do on her polygraph? - She passed.
- Did Matthew drop the bomb on Angela? - As we speak.
- It's been 28 hours, Jack.
- I know.
We're doing everything right, but we're at a dead end.
I just can't help thinking that the answers are in this park.
All right, let's lay it out.
Okay? They stroll into the park, side by side.
And we know that right before Abby was taken she went to Maria, the other girl's nanny, to get a glass of water.
No more juice for you, baby girl.
Too much sugar is no good.
Okay, let's say that our mystery woman moves towards them.
She's been watching, waiting for a chance.
Two little girls, dressed the same and look the same.
Maybe she can't tell them apart.
She's standing there.
She's got to make her move.
Maybe she took the wrong kid.
All right, here's what I got on the other girl's family: Dad's a surgeon.
Jeffrey Stephens.
Stable career, no financial improprieties, no debt.
- What about the wife? - No red flags.
I got their daughter's birth certificate.
Born at Mount Sinai Hospital, October 19, 1999.
Maureen Stephens is the mother on the birth certificate but the hospital says Maureen was never admitted.
No medical records for her there at all.
Forged birth certificate? Or illegal adoption? Or a surrogate.
A surrogate's name is never on the birth certificate.
Let's bring in Mr.
and Mrs.
Thank you for coming in.
I have to ask a few questions about your daughter.
- You think she may have been the target? - Yes.
- Is your daughter adopted? - No.
- Was she carried by a surrogate mother? - Yes, why? What was her mother's name? Zoe Heinrich.
But this doesn't make any sense.
We've never had a problem with Zoe.
Do you think this could be her? Maybe.
But this has been all over the news.
Doesn't she know she has the wrong child? That might not matter at this point.
She has the baby, and all she wants to be is a mother.
- FBI.
I'm looking for Zoe Heinrich.
- You and me both.
- You mind if we come in? - No.
We've been going out about a year.
Did you know that Zoe had been a surrogate mother? Sure, yeah, she told me right off.
She was proud of it.
Felt she was following a higher purpose, is how she put it.
So did she ever talk about the baby? Not till we lost our own.
Zoe had a miscarriage about three months ago.
- She must've taken it pretty hard, I bet.
- We both did.
- She didn't seem to get over it.
- How so? Sometimes we'd be talking, and she'd sort of drift off.
I'd find her sitting alone, just crying.
I came home one night and found her passed out on the floor.
I got her to the hospital just in time.
And after Zoe woke up, things were even worse.
She kept saying that she'd committed such a sin, giving up that first baby.
That she needed God to forgive her.
- So she's pretty religious? - We both are.
Our faith is what held us together.
Eric, do you have any idea where she may have gone? No, she's got no family, no money.
Agent Fitzgerald.
That's a.
There's been some break-ins in the area.
I have a license.
- Can we take a look? - Of course.
She must've taken it.
I ran Zoe's credit card.
She's been in New York two weeks.
Probably stalking the Stephens.
There was a big purchase at the Baby Center the day before the kidnapping.
- A stroller, right? - And a car seat, and some baby clothes.
At least she's planning on looking after the baby.
And 90 minutes ago she bought a pair of kid's shoes in a mall in Westfield.
- Where's she going? - Away from the city, that's for sure.
I think she hopped back on the turnpike and headed south.
She's driving slow because she doesn't want to get pulled over.
Depending on the traffic, she's somewhere between here and Philly.
Call the Pennsylvania office and make sure they got checkpoints on the Walt Whitman and the Ben Franklin Bridges.
Got it.
What if she doesn't keep going? What if she gets off and tries to hide? According to Martin, the boyfriend said they were very religious.
So maybe she's looking for refuge.
There's about a thousand churches in that area.
Let's start making the calls.
No, we're looking for a woman.
She's 27, she's blonde and she's traveling with a three-year-old girl.
It would've happened two days ago.
Three years old, yes.
Blonde hair.
No? Yes, thank you.
If there's anything.
Thank you very much.
It's so different when we're dealing with other people's lives.
It always is.
So, Matthew told me.
Yeah, I know.
Kind of a bad way to find out about something like that.
Is there a good way? I don't know what I feel anymore.
I just want my baby back.
I understand.
We found the church.
Outside Camden.
Minister says a woman matching Zoe's description showed up with a little girl, asked to spend the night.
They're in a trailer park.
Oh, my God.
Locals have her under surveillance.
They're waiting on our move.
You've got to let me go with you.
But you're a spectator.
If you can't do that, you stay here.
- Understand? - Okay.
The plan is to lure Zoe outside long enough to distract her so we can get in there and grab your baby.
- Jack-- - Angela, trust me, okay? Hey, how you doing? I hate to bother you, but I think I just hit your car.
- What? - Is this you over here? - The black Mustang? - Yeah.
I was backing up and didn't see it.
No damage, just a cracked taillight.
But you should come take a look.
I'll give you my information.
Get away from me! I'll kill her! I swear to God I'll kill her! - Let me go! - Stay in the car.
- SWAT team's ready to move in.
- Snipers in position.
- Is she clear of the girl? - No.
Okay, tell them to hold off.
- Let me get out.
- Stay in the car.
She wants to be a mother, that's all this is about.
Please let me talk to her.
I've already stuck my neck out far enough.
You're not even supposed to be here.
Just let us do our job, okay? I think that we have to appeal to the same instinct that made Zoe take the baby in the first place.
- Right.
Mother to mother.
- Right.
You up for the job? We've got the windows covered.
Anything bad goes down, you're out of there.
Zoe, my name is Vivian Johnson.
I'm with the FBI.
What do you want? - I want to talk to you about Abby.
- Go away! Zoe, I just want to talk to you.
I swear to God I'll hurt her.
You don't want to do that.
I know you don't.
The last thing you want to do is hurt that baby.
This is Sierra One.
I have a silhouette.
If I see her, do I have a green light? No, hold your fire.
I'm taking good care of her.
I know you are, Zoe.
I know how much you must love her.
I can't imagine how painful it was to lose a baby what kind of an awful hole that can leave in a life.
I have a son, Zoe.
He's 12.
And if anything happened to him, I don't think I could go on.
But, Zoe, there's another mother out here who's lost a child.
Her name is Angela, and she and Abby's dad they've got a hole in their lives now, too.
You can fill that hole, Zoe.
You can.
I know you're scared, but I know in your heart you want to give them their baby back.
Will you give Abby back to them? Will you do that, Zoe? Zoe, please.
Do you want us to go in? No.
Are you listening to me? Hold your fire! Baby's clear.
Oh, God! Gun! Don't do it! - We did everything we could.
- Yeah, I suppose.
Why don't you go home? I'm sure your son wants to see you.
What about you? You gonna go see your girls? Actually it's my wife's turn with the girls tonight.
- Tomorrow? - First thing.