Without A Trace s01e16 Episode Script

Clare de Lune

Let go of me.
No! Stop it! No.
- No! - Come on.
No! No.
Please don't put me in there.
I'll go back to my room.
I promise.
I already called the doc.
No! The doctor showed up about an hour later.
Drove in from Westfield had the orderly come back to get Clare and.
- No signs of violence? - No.
- Anybody break out of this room before? - No.
- Anybody else have keys to this room? - Fifteen people on staff.
According to the entry log, five were here last night.
I'm going to need to speak to them.
And to the orderly.
Michael went home after the police interviewed him.
Bring him back.
What do you got? Clare Metcalf, 16, admitted three weeks ago after a psychotic breakdown.
She's on an antipsychotic and two antidepressants which kept her out of trouble, until last night.
What do you got? Security system.
Someone cut the camera wires on the adolescent wing.
One of these white-coats is dirty.
Unless being abducted is part of the treatment program.
The cameras were supposed to cover the hallway the common room, and these supply closets here.
But forensics on the camera room came up negative.
So we're not sure when the wire was cut.
So if she was taken, how did they get out? The time-out room, it's in blue here.
Exits in red.
This way, they go past the pharmacy, that's attended 24/7.
Over here, they come out right by the front guard station, so-- - So they'd go out this way, out the back.
- Right.
The grounds are well lit, but if you knew what you were doing stayed west of the tree line right here you might make it to the fence along Route 7 without anyone seeing you.
- Which isn't good for Copper Meadows.
- Why is that? Hang on.
Here we go.
Two years ago, a 17-year-old male patient hung himself with his shoelaces in the time-out room.
- They're still in business? - Barely.
They tried to hush it up but the Attorney General got involved.
After a review, they were given a provisional license.
So if Clare hurt herself or one of the other patients hurt her-- They'd have to cover it up or the State sends them packing.
- That's one theory.
- So what do you got on her parents? Her father's a contractor.
He converts lofts in Tribeca.
If he's a contractor, he might have some enemies.
We didn't want to send her to Copper Meadows, but the way she was I didn't think we had a choice.
Now this.
I don't understand what happened.
We have dozens of local police and FBI agents scouring the area.
We're doing our best.
Metcalf you have any idea what might've triggered Clare's breakdown three weeks ago? I have turned that over and over, trying to think of something but it just seemed to come out of nowhere.
No signs? No irregular activity? She's a teenager.
There was a lot of irregular activity.
Given what she's been through, no, she was doing amazingly well.
- Despite her mother's death.
- Her mother was a difficult woman.
She was bipolar, depressive and about a half a dozen other things.
- But Clare was close to her? - Yeah, on good days.
On good days, the two of them were inseparable.
Her mother used to take her on outings.
She called them grand adventures.
Search for the tallest tree in the park or, I don't know, the fattest duck in the pond.
And on those days everything was great.
And the day her mother died? I was out front raking leaves.
I heard Clare scream.
By the time I got around back.
Mommy! The look in her eyes.
It was awful.
Did you ever take her to counseling? - No, I didn't.
- Why not? I took her once.
She threw a tantrum, wouldn't get out of the car.
- That was it? - She seemed fine.
And we had each other.
When I asked Clare to turn off the television this was 45 minutes after lights out she said something foul.
And then she threw her shoe at me.
You normally let her watch television They're just kids.
I know they'd rather be at home so I do what I can to make their lives a little bit nicer.
Last night, did you follow procedure when you locked her up? By the book.
I consulted the doctor on call he said that she should go in.
I checked on her after 30 minutes 'cause if they calm down, they can come out and go back to their own rooms.
- But Clare hadn't? - No.
- Fresh bruise.
She hit you.
- Yeah.
Like I said, I've never seen her like that before.
So maybe you thought, "Show her who's boss," you hit her back.
- You didn't mean to but-- - No way.
Michael, come on.
At 11:15, there were only four other people in the building who had a key to the time-out room.
So either you let her out or you saw who did.
I didn't see anything.
I'm going to need drug checkouts, incident reports anything to do with the movements of the five people in that building that would've opened the time-out room.
Of course.
But I can't imagine any of our employees being involved in this.
Maybe it was an accident.
Maybe somebody made a copy of the key which fell into the wrong hands.
To make a copy, they would've needed my signature and the original factory master key.
What if Michael didn't close the door? Maybe another patient? - All the patients were accounted for.
- Or if she hurt herself? The time-out room is specifically designed to protect patients who are vulnerable to inflicting harm on themselves.
- So you've redesigned it? - Excuse me? Time-out room, two years ago, Ricky Jordan, shoelaces.
I'm assuming whatever allowed that to happen has been fixed.
Clare Metcalf did not kill herself.
Dunlop, Clare Metcalf did not use her Spidey-powers to pull herself through a ceiling panel.
Somebody had to have let her out.
How about those personnel files? I got most of this stuff for her.
After Olivia died, Lawrence moved them into the city.
Clare never even took her stuff out of the moving boxes.
I couldn't stand she was in here with nothing.
You knew Clare's mother? Yes, I did.
We were friends.
That must've made it difficult with Clare.
It did at first.
But she knows I love her father.
Did you always? I never allowed myself to think about it while Olivia was alive.
But afterwards, he was so broken.
I tried to be there for him.
I know what some people think but I'm not going to apologize for trying to be happy.
So you were here the night of the breakdown? She came home from school talking a mile a minute about nothing.
While I was in the kitchen making dinner she picked up a glass flower vase and just dropped it.
And then she looked at the mess and started laughing.
Lawrence was at a site.
I didn't know what was going on with her, so I sent her to her room.
When I came up to get her, the stereo was on.
I've replayed it a thousand times.
I picture myself yelling, "Go to your room, Clare.
"Just get out of here and go to your room.
" I know that's not what caused this to happen, but still.
Clare's breakdown had all the markings of a post-traumatic stress response.
- Like what happens to combat vets? - Exactly.
Any major trauma can bring it on: war, witnessing a violent crime.
Her mother's suicide would've been enough to cause it.
Although the accident happened six years ago? A patient's response can be delayed months, years, depending on the trauma.
The patient buries the initial response and then when those feelings are triggered they experience a catastrophic episode, like Clare.
One day of that kind of behavior, and they hospitalize her? You didn't see her.
- She was dangerous? - Potentially.
To herself.
- But the medication had stabilized her.
- Until the night she disappeared.
I can't account for her being violent with the orderly.
We'd seen nothing like that.
Not even when she first got here.
You never broke through to her? Even after the medication kicked in? Nothing? She was calm, but uncommunicative.
Verbally, at least.
We'd been having some success with art therapy.
Clare seemed to be able to express herself through pictures.
A lot of these are of her childhood home.
She's reliving her past at her house, where her mother died.
What's this? She would never talk about what that represents.
Obviously something dangerous, scary.
Beyond that, I'm just speculating.
You hear anything about the orderly? Beecher phoned it in right away.
His story fits with phone records and other staff.
What's this? This is the stuff they confiscated from Clare when she got here.
There's life in this.
Everything she painted after she got here, all darkness.
This is the visitor's log.
I marked Clare's visitors with these tabs.
Let me know if there's anything else you need.
Lawrence Metcalf.
Kate Metcalf.
Lincoln, twice.
A doctor? - No.
They sign a separate log.
- Friend.
Good one.
An hour and half back and forth from the city twice.
Is there anything else? Yes.
The effects list says that Clare came in with a ring.
- We like to hold on to all non-essentials.
- Hold on to them where? That box has been locked in the security office.
Things don't stay locked up around here for too long because the ring is gone.
Someone on your staff took it.
Probably the same person that took Clare out of the time-out room.
I'll look into it.
That ring could be worth something.
I'll check all the pawn shops in the area.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
She had a ring in her box of possessions.
It seems to be missing.
It was her mother's ring.
I gave it to her a couple of months after she.
- Clare never took it off.
- Could she have given it to a D.
Lincoln? Dylan? What's Dylan Lincoln got to do with this? We don't know.
He did visit her in the hospital.
I put my foot down about him months ago.
- I didn't even know they were in touch.
- He's her boyfriend? - He's not supposed to be.
He's bad news.
- How's that? He's an arrogant little punk.
Sandra, I'm Danny.
I'm here because I'm trying to find Clare.
So you share this room with her? I'm not with the hospital.
I'm with the FBI.
Whatever you tell me is between us.
Okay? I know.
It's a bad picture.
Do you know where Clare might've gone? Do you know if Clare was afraid of anyone here? Are you afraid of anyone here? - I don't like Leslie.
- Who's Leslie? She lives down the hall, and she's very loud.
I wouldn't like her either.
Sandra, do you know if Clare had any secrets? I bet you saw a lot of things.
She didn't always take her pills.
She pretended to swallow them but then she stuffed them in a hole in the mattress.
- All the time? - A lot.
Sandra, thank you.
Why don't you tell Penny I said you could watch some TV.
Thank you, Sandra.
- How many days? - Seven.
How could you not notice this? The drug's still in her system.
The effects are not obvious.
Covington, she was slapping around an orderly.
That might've been a sign.
If she wasn't taking her pills, she doesn't trust you.
Which means that she was planning on getting out of here.
If she's out there without those, she's a danger to herself.
And others.
There's something very familiar in all of these.
- What do you make of that? - It could be a person.
It could be something more abstract.
Fear, anger, guilt.
- Guilt? - Survivor's guilt.
It's common for children of suicide victims to commit suicide themselves.
Maybe Clare was trying to work through something so she could move on.
- And stop reliving it over and over.
- Right.
My parents died when I was Clare's age and I'm not reliving it.
Maybe you're working your way through it.
Maybe this is reliving it for you.
- Thanks, Dr.
- Yeah.
Well, sorry.
If this is her old house, I need to take a trip down memory lane.
I guess the fall broke her neck.
According to the report, the girl was the first to get to her.
- No way it was an accident? - We checked the tiles for scuff marks.
This ledge is 28 inches.
I mean, even if she tripped, it's pretty hard just to fall over.
Did you interview Clare that day? She was playing in the family room, heard a thump came out to see what it was.
Her father was raking leaves in the front.
He got there a few moments later.
- That's what he said.
- You suspect something else? Did you? Whenever a wife is killed, you look at the husband.
But the girl's story was unshakable.
Martin was right about Clare's father.
He's in a turf war with another contractor by the name of David Brumman.
What are they fighting over? It could be personal because they were partners up until eight years ago.
It took Brumman a few years to get back up on his feet after the split.
What kind of stuff is he up to? Recruiting Metcalf's workers, stirring up trouble with the unions.
Last year, one of Metcalf's sites burned down and the fire department had it pegged as arson but they couldn't pin anything on Brumman.
It may be a long shot but maybe Brumman kidnapped Clare to get even with her old man.
We should check it out.
Couldn't he have pushed her? Run down the stairs or climbed down that way? Made it look like he was doing work in the front yard.
You should have seen how upset he was about it.
And she had a history of mental illness.
- Exactly.
- But there was no suicide note? No.
And jumping off a second-story balcony isn't exactly a sure-fire way of killing yourself.
Wouldn't you agree? We did a thorough investigation, Agent Taylor.
And I feel certain we came to the right conclusion.
Later, Metcalf and his daughter, they moved right away.
Well, you can't blame them.
I wouldn't want to stay here either after something like that.
I'm looking for Dave Brumman.
Davey! They want to see you! - You Dave Brumman? - Yeah.
What can I do for you? We're with the FBI.
I want to ask you some questions about Lawrence Metcalf.
That guy's a piece of crap.
So it's true you got a failed business relationship? "Failed business relationship"? Is that what Metcalf called it? That's what the arson report called it.
- I didn't burn down his damn building.
- But you had reason to, right? Metcalf underbid me on my first 12 jobs I went after.
I thought it was'cause he was a better businessman than me until I saw him having coffee in Starbucks with my estimator.
So, yes, he screwed me.
I had reason, but I didn't do anything.
Where were you last night at about midnight? What's it matter? Metcalf's daughter is missing.
I thought she was in some kind of mental institution.
She was.
What? Is he trying to pin this on me, too? You know what? I should've torched one of his jobs.
Now if you got something on me, let me hear it.
Otherwise, I got to get back to work.
What do you think? I don't think he knows anything about Clare.
Where you off to? - Dylan Lincoln.
- Clare's boyfriend? His mom finally gave me permission to come over.
- You think they've been stalling you? - It wouldn't be the first time.
We weren't going out for that long.
Maybe a couple of months.
Then we broke up.
That's not what I hear.
The kids at school said that you both are still pretty tight.
It's not like that.
Then why'd you go see her at Copper Meadows? She called me.
She said she was lonely.
I felt bad.
You felt bad.
Give me a break.
You got more important things to do than drive out there for some pity party.
Her dad hated me, okay? So we told him that we broke up.
- But you didn't? - No.
And what do you know about her disappearing act from the hospital? - Nothing.
- You don't seem too worried.
I guess I'm not feeling particularly emotive today.
So how did she seem to you on your visits? She seemed fine.
I don't even understand why the hell she went there.
It's like her dad's twisted way of grounding her or something.
What would he ground her for? He could've found out that we were hanging out at the loft.
It was a job her dad was working on.
That's the last time I saw her before he put her away.
You better get out of here.
You don't wanna miss your precious sound check.
So what? I'm always late.
And then you get in trouble, and then I feel bad.
Come on, we'll share a cab.
Go be a music god, okay? Besides, I gotta clean up.
If my dad ever found out we were down here he'd lock me in my room until I was 30.
But that was the night before she was sent to the hospital? Yeah.
She had a psychotic breakdown the next day and you didn't think it was important to tell anyone? Because nothing happened.
And by the way, the only people that saw her breakdown were her parents.
Just so you know the doctors at Copper Meadows diagnosed Clare with a serious mental illness.
Like they wouldn't say what they're paid to.
I hope nothing happened to her after you left the loft 'cause if something did and you didn't tell anybody-- This is Taylor.
- Yeah, Danny.
I got a lead for you.
I don't see how this is supposed to be at all productive.
She was here the day she had her breakdown.
Making out with her boyfriend.
How's that supposed to help us now? I don't know that yet.
But what I do know is I would appreciate it if you were more forthcoming with us.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? You never mentioned anything about David Brumman.
Because he has nothing to do with this.
Neither does this loft.
You people are wasting time, while my daughter is out there somewhere.
You recognize these? These are Clare's pajamas.
She was here last night.
She was wearing these in the hospital.
You still think we're wasting our time? - Viv, I found Clare's ring.
- Who had it? Pawn shop two miles from the hospital.
We got video.
The ring was appraised at $15,000.
The pawn shop gave $4,000 to the guy who brought it in.
Let's see it.
That's Michael Beecher, the orderly Clare punched that night.
It doesn't make any sense.
Why would she come here? Her boyfriend said he left her alone that day.
Maybe something happened after that.
- No.
Doesn't explain it.
- Explain what? - Were you here that day? - I was.
I was trying to hire a couple of Brumman's guys.
They came by the loft.
I made my pitch.
They weren't interested.
And? And things got a little heated, that's all.
I did what I had to.
It was two on one.
Brumman thinks he can threaten me? - What time was this at? - Around 5:00.
You know their names? Samsky and Zanovitch.
Where can we find them? "Acute Stress Disorder.
" Job getting to you? Oh, you noticed.
Actually, I'm trying to keep up with Jack and Danny.
Anything interesting? Well, in order to precipitate a psychotic event there has to be a link between the original trauma and the triggering episode.
Which means what? What it means is if Clare's reliving her mother's suicide it's because something happened in that loft that opened the door to those repressed memories.
So she breaks out of the hospital, goes back to the loft to figure out what it was that she saw.
Or get some evidence.
What it was that she saw is her father whaling on two day laborers.
Maybe it was more than that.
If she convinced the orderly to let her out he might know what she saw.
- Michael, we know you stole the ring.
- I didn't.
I swear.
Your mug is on the security video from the pawn shop.
She gave it to me.
She gave you the ring that belonged to her mom? Yeah.
I told her I didn't want it, but she insisted.
One minute she's giving you her most prized possession - the next she's giving you a black eye.
- She's crazy.
Here's what we think: She knew you took the ring.
She was gonna report you, so you made her go away.
I didn't do anything to her.
Either you helped her break out, which is bad or you kidnapped her, which is worse.
Which one was it? She seemed okay.
A lot of those kids are whacked, but Clare.
I thought I was doing the right thing.
Michael, I gotta get out.
I don't belong here.
Nobody belongs here.
No, but I really don't.
They just put me in here.
They're afraid of what I know.
What do you know? I can't tell you.
I saw something that I shouldn't have.
But if you help me, I can prove it.
I'll pay you.
- I can get in big trouble for this.
- Please.
I won't tell anybody it's you.
All you have to do is get me into the time-out room.
That's it.
It's easy.
Come on.
How much you got? My personal effects, there's a ring.
You could take it.
You could sell it.
It's worth a lot of money.
So after that incredibly persuasive argument you decided to set her free in the world? My wife lost her job.
I've got three kids to support.
Where was she going? I swear to God, I have no idea.
So you set her loose in the countryside psychotic, delusional, and completely alone.
She wasn't alone.
She had someone picking her up.
No sign of Dylan Lincoln anywhere.
But his mom confirms that he went out around 10:15 last night.
Two hours before Clare disappeared.
"Slacker to the rescue.
" "Boy rescues girl from mental institution.
" It's practically a teen legend.
Don't forget the evil father.
It's a classic.
So he takes her back to the loft.
She changes her clothes, but then what? Like the Springsteen song, they're halfway to California.
But something went wrong.
Is this Freud or Jung? Okay.
All right.
That was Danny.
Apparently Clare showed up at her old house about an hour ago violent and irrational.
And when I opened the door she just came bursting through like.
It was like she was possessed or something.
- Get out.
- Who are you? What are you doing? Please! You need to get out of here before you get killed.
Before you die! I don't know who you are, but I'm gonna call for somebody to help.
No! No phone calls! Just get out of the house.
Get out of here before you get hurt! By the time the police got here, she was gone.
- Did she say who was trying to hurt you? - No.
She took the woman's car and the knife.
I don't get it.
I don't get what she's doing.
Clare thought the woman was her mother.
- She was trying to protect her.
- From what? I'm not sure.
But I think it has something to do with that monster in her drawings.
- Taylor.
- We just found Brumman's two guys Samsky and Zanovitch.
They're very much alive, and they confirm Metcalf's story.
It wasn't much of a fight.
Danny, did you hear what I just said? Clare didn't see her father kill anyone.
What am I doing here again? I wanted to talk about your fight with Brumman's men.
I told you everything I know.
It was nothing.
- The fight was over here, right? - Yeah.
So what? Let's say that Clare decided to stay behind after Dylan left in order to pick up some of the empties, clean up.
She was gonna throw them away here.
She hears voices, she ducks down.
Not a bad place to hide.
She's watching.
What does she see? Now you miss him with the two-by-four, and he charges you.
But she sees you push that man over the edge.
The fall's just a couple of feet.
But from her perspective it could've been 8 feet, 10 feet.
It might've even been as high as a second-story balcony.
What are you talking about? She saw you push him.
She saw him fall.
Just like she saw her mother fall.
- She finally remembered.
- Remembered what? That you killed her mother.
- Is your name Lawrence Metcalf? - Yes.
- Were you born November 10, 1954? -No.
-Were you born November 10, 1953? -Yes.
Six years is a long time to keep a secret like that.
Maybe he abused Clare, physically, sexually.
born in New Jersey? Wife found out, confronted him, he killed her.
- That would explain Clare's denial.
- Are you a licensed contractor? - Yes.
- Did you kill Olivia Metcalf? - No.
Do you know who's responsible for the death of Olivia Metcalf? She killed herself.
Please answer yes or no.
- Did Olivia Metcalf kill herself? - Yes.
He's telling the truth.
- What do we have here? - The newest member of our team.
Picked him up cruising around Clare's old neighborhood.
Hello, Dylan.
Clare is sick.
Thanks to you, she's out on the street all alone.
You don't know what you're talking about.
She's just scared.
Of what? We know you care about her.
That's why you went to visit, why you agreed to pick her up.
And you've been out looking for her since I talked to you.
We can find her, Dylan.
But you gotta tell us what happened last night.
We were going to the train station.
We were gonna head to Maine or something.
But when I picked her up from Copper Meadows all she could talk about was the loft.
She had to get back to the loft.
When they realize you're gone, they'll start looking for you.
No, we have to find something to prove that he killed that man.
We have to stop him.
Your dad's a tool, but I just.
- I can't believe that he would kill someone.
- You weren't here.
You didn't see it.
I was there.
He pushed him.
He pushed him here.
He fell backwards.
His body made a loud sound when he hit the floor.
I came over and I looked, and he was laying there dead.
He fell right here.
- Clare, that's only, like, 4 feet down.
- No! It was way down.
I saw him.
He was laying there.
His eyes were open, but he was dead.
Where did he go? I believe you, okay? I do.
I just think we ought to get out of here.
- It can't be.
- Come on.
This isn't happening.
We need to go before somebody finds you.
No! I guess I was out of it for a minute or something because when I got up, she was gone.
And she said she looked down and this guy was dead.
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna hook your cell phone up to our tracking system.
When she calls you, all you gotta do is keep her on the phone.
We're gonna do the rest.
You got it? I thought so.
So she goes to the loft and realizes the murder she thought her father committed never happened.
But it doesn't make her feel any better.
She's only more confused.
So she ends up at her old house past and present overlapping and interchanging.
Why? The answer has to be here.
I'm just not seeing it.
Danny, we looked at those a hundred times.
It doesn't help.
She went to the old house to protect her mother.
- I thought it was from her father, but-- - But he's not the monster.
What if she's a monster? Clare told Dylan that she looked down and saw the worker that you hit lying in a pool of blood.
But I don't think that that's what happened.
I think that she regressed.
I think she thought that she was standing on your balcony and what she saw was her mother.
Oh, no.
Absolutely not.
Clare drew this.
We weren't quite sure what to make of it.
But I believe.
I believe it's her mother.
These are her arms outstretched, these red leaves represent the blood.
- This monster represents Clare.
- Wait a minute.
- You're saying-- - All the fear-- You're trying to tell me Clare pushed her? I'm saying something happened six years ago.
- No.
- I think it was an accident.
- It didn't happen.
- I think it did.
A fight.
Something to do with the headphones that were found by your wife's body.
You've never considered this possibility? In all these years, you have never considered this a possibility? Considered it? Did I consider it? Yeah.
What was I supposed to do? You need to deal with it.
Your daughter is in a lot of trouble.
Oh, God, she didn't wanna talk about it, and I didn't.
- I didn't wanna hear it.
- Which is how it reached this point.
There's a very real danger that your daughter is gonna kill herself.
Oh, my God.
Help me.
What am I supposed to do? Mr.
Metcalf, where would Clare go if she wanted to be close to her mother? We found her out on the landing.
Send in an ambulance.
No lights, no sirens.
Let me go talk to her.
- You get away from me.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- My name's Danny.
- Leave me alone.
I can understand why you wanna be alone.
It's nice here.
Clare, I understand why you feel the way you do.
I lost both my parents when I was 11.
We were driving somewhere, and they were fighting.
My dad was yelling at my mom.
He used to like to yell at my mom.
And I wanted him to stop, so I said something.
And he turned around, and he yelled at me.
That's when the car started to swerve.
I never told anybody that.
And I know what it's like to keep a secret.
I didn't mean to do anything wrong that day.
I was just a kid, just like you.
Clare, your mom knows you didn't mean to hurt her.
She knows you didn't mean to make her fall.
She knows that you would do anything in the world to bring her back, Clare.
But she doesn't want you to do this.
Your mother loves you, Clare.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I heard about last night.
Good job.
- All in a day's work.
- Right.
- You want coffee? I'm gonna grab one.
- Yeah.