Without A Trace s03e02 Episode Script

Thou Shalt Not

I heard about that little girl in bed six.
She didn't make it, did she? No.
What percentage burn did she have? I heard it was nine.
Doc says 27 percent of me is burned up.
Look, I know it's hard being here, believe me but your wound is clean, it's dry, there's no sign of infection.
You'll be home before you know it.
You sure? I've been working this unit eight years.
I'm sure.
Maureen? Yeah? You're gonna be here tomorrow, right? It hurts less when you clean it.
I'll be here.
What do you got? Well, it looks like she ran over a nail.
There's a second set of tracks.
My guess is someone stopped, maybe to help.
Or not to help.
Well, that would be the question.
Anything inside? Nope.
No blood no sign of a struggle, no keys.
A cell phone? Nope.
A few coffee cups and a toll receipt from the West Virginia Turnpike.
What do you got? Local P.
Says that she saw her last patient at 8:30.
The last person to see her? And nurses on the late shift.
According to them, she left alone.
Who called it in, her husband? No, the cops, when they found this car at 1 a.
Highway in the middle of nowhere, woman driving alone.
She gets a flat, it's dark somebody stops.
I'd be scared, and I'm an FBI agent.
What the hell's going on, Jack? Chicago just called wondering where you were.
You were to report there this morning.
Yeah, I was gonna call them.
I don't think this transfer's gonna work out.
What are you talking about? Personal issues.
Personal issues? You asked for this transfer because of personal issues.
You don't want it because of personal issues? I need to know what's going on.
My wife left me.
Oh, my God, I The bottom line is, my lawyer tells me if I want custody of my kids I have to stay in New York.
She took the kids to Chicago? Yeah.
I really appreciate everything you did making this transfer happen.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, well What if the two of you patch this thing up? The Bureau will make you wait two years before giving another transfer.
Nobody's gonna patch anything up.
Trust me.
Vivian Johnson's supervisor now, at your suggestion.
Yes, I know.
I talked to her.
She's aware of the situation.
I am not looking to get my old job back.
There's a lot of competition for lower positions too.
I would take anything that's available.
I really need this.
I'll look into it.
Meanwhile, Johnson's short a body.
Hey, Viv.
I was just in the tech room.
Someone said they saw Jack in the elevator.
Yeah, he's upstairs talking to Olczyk.
Really? About what? Is that background info on Maureen Grady? Yeah, yeah.
Want me to go over it? No.
I want you to go to Bellport Memorial and talk to her coworkers.
How you doing? Hey.
Aren't you supposed to be in Chicago? Things are up in the air right now.
Well, I should go.
The new boss has got me running, so Do we know anything yet? Not yet.
But we found a West Virginia toll receipt from last week in your wife's car.
I was wondering if you knew what she was doing there.
Yeah, she was at a medical conference.
She has to go a couple times a year.
Grady, why didn't you or Luke call the police when your wife didn't come home? I just assumed that she was working late.
She does that a lot.
But she wasn't working.
She was stuck on Route 99 with a flat tire.
I would've tried to call from my cell phone.
Oh, we don't have those.
This day and age? Must be tough being a teen without a cell phone.
My wife is a nurses' aide.
I work at Burt's Hardware.
Cell phones are a little out of our reach.
Is that an issue between you? Money.
The Lord has given us everything we could want.
Except a cell phone.
Was Maureen troubled by anything? Difficulties at work? Drugs, alcohol, anything like that? Lord, no.
Grady, it's our experience that people usually go missing because of something in their own lives.
Some conflict, some secret.
Maureen doesn't have any secrets.
Everyone has secrets.
Luke could you give us a minute? There was something.
A couple weeks ago, I went to pick Luke up from school.
I was driving down Oak Street when I saw her.
She was with a man.
I have no idea who he was, but the way Maureen was looking at him She hasn't looked at me like that in a long time.
Did you talk to her about it? I didn't have the heart, or the guts.
I wish I had.
An affair? No way.
God would have to tear up the 10 Commandments for her to commit adultery.
So she's pretty religious? Very.
I imagine you need some faith to work in a place like this.
You're right about that.
Burn unit's the toughest ward in the hospital.
Support staff here lasts six months, tops.
It's taken eight years to wear Maureen down.
What do you mean, "wear her down"? She had a patient, a 6 year old girl.
Abuse case.
We get a lot of those around here.
The day the girl died, I went to the supply closet to get some blankets.
Maureen? What is it? What's wrong? I know.
It's so hard, but you did everything that you could for her.
It's her parents that let her down, not you.
That's not it.
I had lunch with Linda from OB yesterday and she said that they're looking for people.
I can't.
This is where I need to be.
But this is obviously getting to you.
You think about it.
I said, I can't.
I have to do this.
I've never seen her like that.
The funny thing is, she was so adamant and then the next day, she gave notice.
When did this all happen? A week ago.
When she got back from vacation.
This is a tough place if you count medical conferences as a vacation.
What do you mean? Maureen's husband said you sent her to a medical conference last week.
We didn't send her anywhere.
Come on.
There's something wrong with this phone.
I can't unforward it.
I'm waiting for an important call, and when it rings, it goes to reception.
Okay, you're set.
You've got a lot on your plate.
Why don't you go home? No, it's too quiet there.
So Maureen Grady's phone records, did you find anything? No, not really.
The past year, the only calls this family has made are to work churches, some pizza joint, and somebody named Natalie Genjingian.
Natalie Genjingian? What's so special about her? Well, apart from her name, I'm not sure.
Might be Luke's girlfriend.
We're bringing her in.
Oh, it's my divorce lawyer.
Want me to go? No, no.
Stay, stay.
Jack? Sam, hi.
What? What are you doing? You know, it's It's a long story.
I'll tell you about it later.
Sam? Yeah, I'm here.
Is everything okay? Yeah, fine.
I'm assuming you're calling for Vivian.
Just tell her that Danny and I canvassed the area around the coffee shop and not only does no one remember seeing Maureen with a man they don't remember seeing her ever.
I'll pass that on.
Talk to you later.
So, Natalie, how long have you and Luke been seeing each other? Officially? Sure.
Since Halloween, so Eleven months.
I suck at math.
So you must know Mrs.
Grady pretty well.
Well, not really.
I've only met her a couple of times.
Luke doesn't like hanging out with his parents.
He says they're too uptight.
And what do you think? His dad, yeah.
But after Luke's birthday dinner, definitely not his mom.
I love this song.
I used to dance every week.
Come on.
Dance with me.
Oh, no.
Oh, come on.
Yes, yes, yes.
Put this down, get right up, show me how it's done.
You're no good.
I know.
But you're pretty and you're nice to my son, so who cares? Well, thanks, Mrs.
Oh, don't call me that.
I hate that name.
Call me Lillian.
Is that your name? I thought your name was Maureen.
Lily, Lily, Lily.
But don't tell anyone.
Did you tell anyone? I told Luke.
And what did he say? That Lillian's her middle name.
It's not? I got something.
Lillian Dillard.
She's on our wanted list.
What for? Bombing an abortion clinic 15 years ago.
Her husband did it with her.
Refill? No, I'm fine, thanks.
Excuse me.
I've got something on Nathan.
You still with him? Yeah.
You know, I will have that second cup.
His real name is Henry Dillard.
He and his wife are wanted for bombing an abortion clinic 15 years ago.
Danny? Danny? I'm fine, Viv.
Yes, I will go to the hospital once we're done here.
No, the kid's at school.
I sent local P.
Over there to pick him up.
Yeah, Sam's looking through the house right now.
Danny, I got something.
What do you got? Well, wherever Nathan Grady is I'd say he's got cash and a gun.
And Mrs.
Dillard were involved with an anti abortion group called Legion of the Cross.
Legion of the Cross? They're responsible for at least two confirmed bombings and six attempted attacks on clinics in the 1980s.
They're not active? The last bombing was in '89.
The Rose Clinic in Milford, Ohio.
One person died, another was critically wounded.
Victims' families have motive.
Everybody seemed to alibi out.
The Dillards did the bombing with Earl Ridgeway perceived to be leader of the group.
Any idea where he is now? As far as I know, he's in the Ohio State Penitentiary doing time for manslaughter.
When he was arrested, the group's activities seemed to stop.
They're extremists, Jack.
They never stop.
For all we know, the Dillards are out there planning another attack.
Why now? And why leave her car on the side of the road? She got a flat, she's picked up, no time to go back.
There is an N.
Informant embedded in the anti abortion movement.
Can we talk to this person? Why don't you meet with her and find out if the Dillards were making noise? Jack, here's the Ridgeway information you wanted.
Thank you.
Okay, it appears that Earl Ridgeway was released three months ago.
Hasn't contacted his parole officer, they have no idea where he is.
Maybe Ridgeway was the one who picked her up.
What can you tell me about Henry and Lillian Dillard? Heroes of the movement.
Been underground for years.
Militant groups around the country hold a secret White Rose Banquet honoring them for their defense of the unborn.
They back in the game? Haven't heard.
I wouldn't be surprised.
That rally pissed off a lot of people.
What rally? At that clinic in Ohio.
They rebuilt it after the attack.
The staff had a big celebration.
Fifteen years since the bombing, and the clinic's still going strong.
So how do they communicate? Who? The Dillards.
How do they stay connected to the movement? Come on, all I do is go to meetings hold up pictures of fetuses.
The inner workings of the network? Total mystery to me.
So you don't know where I can find Earl Ridgeway? I don't wanna know.
I need an address.
No way.
I got three kids at home.
I don't need that kind of trouble.
You said yourself that something's about to happen.
Now, if it does and you haven't helped us, you're an accessory.
I feel proud.
Proud of how much This the rally in Ohio? It's the B roll.
Now it's time See, there.
They are back in the game.
Well, I'm not so sure.
She's one of the speakers.
Survived the bombing in '89.
And what? That's why Maureen was working in a burn unit? Maybe she was atoning for her sins.
Come on, Jack.
Nice theory, but why is her husband bashing people on the head? I told you, the last time I saw my father was this morning.
He drove me to school.
Did he say anything? Yeah.
"See you later.
" Look, Luke if what you're telling me is the truth, your dad skipped out on you.
What're you gonna do about it? I don't know.
I'll figure it out.
Let him go.
But follow him.
Maybe he'll make contact.
Okay, great.
The informant called.
We've got an address on Ridgeway.
Bring him in.
Excuse me? Are you Annie Waldach? Yes.
I'm Samantha Spade.
I'm with the FBI.
I was wondering if I could ask you about your daughter.
You guys have asked me 3000 questions about my daughter and the answer's always the same: I haven't seen her in 15 years, and I have no idea where she is.
Really? I found this toll receipt in her car.
Take a look.
It's from last week.
West Virginia Turnpike, exit 64.
That's right near here.
She was here.
It was last Sunday.
Hi, Mom.
You look beautiful.
I look old.
I look old.
What are you doing here? I just wanted to see you.
I've been thinking about you a lot.
Yeah, well, I've been thinking about you every day for the last 15 years.
Nathan and I are both doing really well.
We both have good jobs.
Who's Nathan? Sorry, Henry.
And Luke, my son.
He's spectacular, Mom.
If I gave him your number, and he called would you be okay with that? I don't want you to hold anything against him.
What's going on, Lily? What do you mean? Are you gonna do something again? Am I gonna have FBI agents all over my house again? Because I won't.
I can't.
This was a mistake.
I'm sorry for everything I've ever put you through.
I just stood there frozen.
Just like when she was 18.
What happened when she was 18? That's when she got pregnant.
I didn't want her ending up like me.
I told her if she had the baby she was on her own.
I wasn't gonna help her.
So she ran away.
Do you know where she went? Some church group took her in.
I never knew which one.
They helped her through the pregnancy and with the baby.
Even gave her a wedding.
No wonder she's so passionate about their cause.
When was the last time you saw Mr.
Ridgeway? He's been a tenant for two months.
No, when was the last time you saw Mr.
Ridgeway? I told you, two months! Okay How about this woman? Have you seen her before? Yes.
Yes, she was here.
When? What? When? Oh, I don't know.
Couple of days ago.
I came up to fix the garbage disposal.
She was sitting there.
She was arguing with Ridgeway.
They were definitely arguing.
About what? Viv? Yeah, she was here at Ridgeway's apartment two days ago.
I think we need to get Forensics up John, don't touch those.
Move away.
I gotta call you back from a land line.
We found detonator caps.
Looks like Ridgeway was building a bomb.
Ridgeway is taking lessons from other terrorist groups.
What do you mean? The Ohio bombing was strictly old school.
They were trying to take out the facility.
Tell the victims.
This is different.
Last time was late, wasn't supposed to be anybody there.
Now they're targeting people.
Now, those detonators you found are made of aluminum.
They used to be the trademark of an anti abortion network in the South.
They're using nails as shrapnel, like the Olympic bombing in Atlanta.
I alerted the Cleveland field office.
They're shutting down the clinic until told otherwise.
I doubt that's the target.
Too much security.
Then what is? Johnson.
Luke Grady's making a call.
He's at a payphone in North Patchogue.
Corner of Woodside and Bush.
Hold on.
We'll trace the call.
Woodside and Bush.
Let's hope the kid's in a chatty mood.
Let's hope I spelled Patchogue right.
"Hope Divinity Bible Church.
Athens, New York.
" That was on the Grady's phone records.
We should check it out.
May I help you? From what she describes, this is Legion of the Cross' safe number.
A member calls, leaves a message another one calls in, picks it up.
Is there a code? Probably.
But the secretary doesn 't know it.
She just takes messages.
Martin's going through it with her.
Any messages from the Gradys? Well, a guy named Jacob has been calling every two hours for the past two days to see if Rebekah called.
Jacob and Rebekah were married in the book of Genesis.
It's probably them.
He's looking for his wife.
I'll have all the calls to the church rerouted.
Hopefully Jacob will call back.
All right, bye.
Do you have any idea if? Jack.
Come in.
I heard that you wanted to talk to me.
I talked to Washington.
They want you back in charge.
Really? The minute they heard you were staying in New York, it was a done deal.
You're back in the driver's seat.
Yeah, there's only one problem.
Vivian's on the desk.
Politically, a black woman replaced by a white That's not what I meant.
Well, the paperwork hasn't gone through for her promotion.
Can't lose a job that wasn't hers in the first place.
Look, Vivian's been waiting for this job for a long time.
I don't think I can take it from her.
Hey, Jack, you said you needed to stay here for your kids.
If Vivian keeping her job is more important than that don't take the position.
I'll talk to her.
The director's gonna do it.
He wants you out of it.
I mean it.
It must be tiring.
What? Carrying around all those secrets.
Look, I'm not stupid.
I know the last person in the world you would open up to is an FBI agent.
But you shouldn't be stupid, either.
Your mom and dad are in trouble and I'm not talking about running from the Feds for the last 15 years.
I'm taking about something much, much bigger than that, Luke.
Blowing up another clinic.
What? No way.
If that's what's happening It's not! So you do know something.
My mom's not bombing anyone.
How do you know? Because she told us the night of my birthday.
I'm sorry, I'm just not as strong as you.
I have tried.
God knows I have tried.
Every day, I go to that burn unit, and I hope I'll find forgiveness.
You have.
You humble yourself before the Lord, and he has lifted you up.
We killed someone, Henry.
She had a son.
We killed a little boy's mother.
She was a murderer.
She was a janitor! We're the murderers.
And that other woman, she had burns all over her entire body.
She has spent the last 15 years in and out of hospitals getting treated for something we did.
All I've been doing is hiding, and I can't take it anymore.
I have to turn myself in.
It doesn't mean you have to.
We'd never see each other again.
I'd have to get a new name, a new job, a new everything.
I'm sorry.
And what about me? You're gonna go to college soon and you are gonna have your own life.
Your own big, wonderful life.
You're gonna tell me all about it.
That's Natalie.
We'll talk about this later.
Some birthday present, huh? Yeah.
Do you have any idea what would have made your mom wanna confess? No.
But whatever it was, I wish it had never happened.
Look, Luke I know you've spent your entire life thinking people like me are the bad guys and that's fine, but right now, I need you to listen to me.
Your mom obviously didn't turn herself in.
Something went wrong, and we're the only ones that can save her.
But we need your help.
What do you want me to do? I want you to call that church, and I want you to leave a message.
I want you to say you wanna talk to your dad that you wanna meet him.
You're asking me to give him up.
Yes, I am.
Who's Isaiah? We know that four days ago, Rebekah called the church and left a message.
She was setting up a meeting with Isaiah.
Rebekah is the name your wife uses when she calls the church? Yes.
Isaiah is Earl Ridgeway.
Maureen went to go see him.
About what? Her confession? Luke told us, Henry.
Look, Maureen and I have known Earl Ridgeway since we were teenagers.
He's like a father to us.
What did she want, his blessing? She wanted him to know that, though she was turning herself in she wouldn't divulge anything.
But he didn't believe her, did he? No.
The man in the coffee shop was Ridgeway? That was your way of having us find him? I lied.
There was no man.
And you lied about a lot of things.
The first time you came to see me, I had no idea what had happened.
I thought some stranger had taken her.
After you left, I went to the pay phone to call the church hoping I was wrong, that there'd be a message from her.
And there was.
But not for you, for Ridgeway.
I called everyone I could think of until I found someone who knew where to find him.
I'm looking for my wife.
Is she okay? My God, Henry, you always were such a dramatic.
Of course she's okay.
She told me about her plan to confess, and I think it's terrific.
It's very righteous.
Now's just not a good time.
I'll let you chat with her yourself.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm sorry to have caused all this ruckus.
What are they doing? You know Earl, always trying to save the innocent.
He says once they do what they need to do, they'll let me go.
Ask me about Luke if you're in trouble.
How's Luke? Oh, God.
Stay calm.
I just need a minute to think.
I love you, honey.
See you.
No, wait.
Feel better, Henry? Now go back to the hardware store and be good.
Everything's gonna be fine.
You just let us do what needs to be done.
Peace be with you, brother.
That was a couple hours ago.
God only knows where they are.
What's his target? I don't know.
Look, I never thought I'd say this to FBI agents but you have to find Lily.
What's going on here? We're checking out a list of abortion clinics.
Okay, I've got something.
In Watertown.
It's on Cynthia Street.
Martin, weren't a lot of those messages from the church About Cynthia? Yeah.
I got the log right here.
Yeah, here we go: "Visited Cynthia in the hospital.
She's doing well.
" "Visiting Cynthia on Tuesday the 12th.
Hope to see you there.
" Today's the 12th.
"Tell Isaiah I sent Cynthia the towels.
" Towels? Linens.
Clinics subcontract out to linen services.
Is that how they're getting the bomb in? Pose as employees of the linen service and bring it in with towels? I'll call EOD.
Martin, you call Watertown P.
, have them evacuate that clinic.
No, don't.
There's a good chance that this bomb is a remote.
If we evacuate people in a panic whoever's watching would set off the device.
And if it's on a timer? There's a trend toward using remote control to set off these devices.
I don't see any reason Ridgeway wouldn't do the same.
But it's your call.
When was your last period? About six weeks ago.
Have you ever been pregnant before? Once.
And do you have any children? Nope.
Do you have any cramping, spotting, discharge? Okay, why don't you have a seat, and I'll call you when the doctor's ready.
Could I use the bathroom? Oh, sure.
It's through here, first door to your left.
Thank you.
Oh, and here.
As long as you're there.
She's going to be okay.
Okay, bomb squad's in place.
Jammer set up yet? Yep.
No cell phones working within 500 feet of this bad boy.
I need your guys standing by for deployment.
Bruce, I've talked to the locals.
They're gonna take care of crowd control.
Your team handle the perimeter.
I hope you're right about this.
Excuse me, I'm in here.
I found Maureen.
You'll be all right.
I'm gonna take this off, okay? Get out.
Get everyone out.
Where's the bomb? Here.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God, it's on her back.
Okay, it's not a remote.
It's on a timer.
We're in the linen closet.
Do you know when it's set to go off? I don't know.
Linen closet's by the back entrance.
Okay, we've located the explosives.
Now, I don't want any civilians within 500 feet of that building, okay? Get the bomb squad in there now.
We have an active device.
Let's move into position.
All right, just stay really still.
What are you doing? I'm getting this off you.
Just don't move, okay? Okay.
Okay, here we go.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna need your help.
Okay, don't move.
Don't move! Okay.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Don't run when you exit the building.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I just hope everyone else is.
The device has been deactivated.
We're code four.
Thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
I still have to put these on you.
I'm sorry.
Baker blue, come back.
What was that? Shots fired.
Shooter on the roof! Maureen is down! Mobilize SWAT.
Sam! He's up on the roof! He's up on the roof! We need an ambulance in the parking lot.
Northwest corner of the clinic.
Sam, keep your cover! It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Hold on, all right? I just want you to hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Get us an ambulance now! We need an ambulance now! Let go Now, standing in front of all of you, I feel proud.
Proud of how much this clinic has accomplished and how far it's come.
How far we've all come.
But now it's time to let go.
Not of our beliefs, but of our anger and hatred.
I'm a religious woman.
I believe in God and my god tells me that I have to forgive those who sin against me.
To whoever did this to me, I forgive you.
I know you never meant to hurt me and that your wounds, unlike mine, are not healed.
So I say to you today: Let go.
Let go.
Did they get him? SWAT's still looking.
Director Banes, hello.
When? Okay.
Well, I'm absolutely disappointed.
It looks like I don't have much of a choice.
You're leaving? Yeah.
I didn't want this.
But I couldn't say no.
It's been a really sad day.
I just wanna go home.
In Loving Memory of CHARLIE CORRELL