Without A Trace s03e18 Episode Script


Stephanie? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm just a little emotional.
I'm sorry.
I think that's enough for today.
I want everyone in robes tomorrow, Well done.
You all right? Yeah, fine.
I'm just so embarrassed that I cried.
Something you need to talk about? No, no, it's nothing.
I just I don't know.
Maybe I got caught up in the hymn or hormones, maybe.
I don't know.
But, really, I am I am fine.
We'll see you tomorrow, then? Yeah.
The Lord blessed you with a beautiful voice.
It's quite a gift.
She missed the performance Sunday, didn't return my calls.
I tried her office, her condo.
Banged on the door till I woke up half the building.
Nobody's seen her in three days.
Any reason you know of that she was upset? I don't know her very well.
She's only been with us at St.
Urban's for the past year.
Was she active in the church? Oh, yeah.
She jumped in with both feet.
She's involved in Tuesday's prayer group and our youth literacy program.
If she's so active in the church, how come you didn't know her better? She's a very private person, and it's not my style to push.
But it was clear to me that she was searching for something.
Why the 911? How do you know she didn't go away for a long weekend? Because of the hymn we rehearsed.
She asked we perform it on Sunday.
We changed our whole program.
What was so special about the hymn? It's called "Be Thou My Vision.
" It's Irish.
Dates back to the eighth century.
Any idea why it was so significant for her? She wouldn't say.
STEPHANIE HEALY Car's missing from the garage.
I put out an APB.
The neighbor have anything to say? He heard an argument last week stuff breaking.
Thinks it was Wednesday, Stephanie and some guy.
And I would say whatever was hanging here was probably a casualty.
Well, her Pinedale Bank mug collection survived.
I hate that bank.
They send me more junk mail I think she works there.
No messages.
Hey, look at this.
That argument might have been with a boyfriend.
Why? You are all set.
Remember to make that follow up with Dr.
You all right? Yeah, I'm sure it'll be a little stiff.
I meant what Dr.
Marsh said.
Beta blockers not working.
Maybe this new dosage will.
Viv even he says that it's a long shot.
And these other options, this septal ablation and the myectomy honey, this is open heart surgery.
Yeah, which Dr.
Marsh has performed more than any other surgeon in the city.
Besides which, I won't do it until I get a second opinion.
I should get dressed.
I'll go pay make another appointment.
No, I'll take care of it.
I don't want you to be late for class.
Baby, my students can wait.
We'll walk out together.
Really, it's okay.
Phone records tell us anything? Yeah, at 2 a.
, when she's lonely and she can't sleep, she turns to QVC.
I got at least 11 calls in the last month.
What about any family? Well, if she has any they don't keep in touch.
What about who sent the flowers? No pattern suggests a boyfriend, but I got a bunch of calls from her work to an office building downtown.
The owner's faxing me over a tenant list.
Hey, Viv? Did you get the results of that test? I'm still waiting to hear back.
I went online, and everything I found about Holter monitors seemed pretty serious.
You did research? Yeah.
I was worried.
Should you even be working? Well, my doctor seems to think it's okay.
Martin told me what happened on the Chelsea Prince case.
So you two have been discussing this? No.
He noticed something.
He came to me.
I didn't say anything.
Now, as I told you before, it's not an issue.
And I would really appreciate it if you kept it to yourself.
Thank you.
Is she okay? I don't know.
What do we got? Stephanie's work history.
She's had four jobs in the last three years, all of them at banks.
Well, either she can't keep a job, or she doesn't want to.
You know, I think it's more than that.
She moves every time, and take a look at her DMV photos.
She's got easy access to cash.
She's bopping all over the map.
She's changing her appearance everywhere she goes.
So I think the choirgirl image might just be an act.
You think Stephanie's stealing? I find that hard to believe.
She mention why she kept moving from job to job? She said the positions just didn't work out.
Do her past employers verify that? Well, most of them.
What do you mean, most? Stephanie asked me not to check her last job.
She said she'd been harassed sexually.
And I respected her request.
We're gonna need those references.
They're in my files.
This is Kirk.
Kline says that you saw something.
Four days ago.
Healy made a withdrawal.
Big weekend? Maybe.
Come on.
You can tell me.
You and the ladies, Atlantic City, some slots, exotic male dancers.
Wouldn't you like to know.
Account balance: $2313 Withdrawal amount: $2500 You realize you're overdrawn Kirk, you know I'm good for it.
Don't have too much fun.
This guy you saw her arguing with, ever see him before? No.
We need the tapes from your cameras that day.
GIVES $2500 TO MAN Maybe someone from HR can tell me where she went.
Have them get back to me, please.
Someone else missing? Yeah.
Stephanie's reference, Lillian J.
They don't have a reference.
I may have found her boyfriend.
That teddy bear arrangement was ordered by an Edward Ferguson.
You got a billing address? Stephanie's condominium complex.
Well, isn't that convenient.
So how long have you been seeing each other? About eight months.
Pretty much since she moved in across the way.
You guys got no idea where she is? Actually, we were hoping you did.
You know, right across the way, you didn't notice her gone? I was working all weekend, trying to get out from under some paperwork.
Your neighbor said he heard you two getting into it Wednesday night.
Tell us what that was about.
Me finding out.
Finding out what? You don't know? Know what? Stephanie isn't exactly what she seems to be.
Watch the elbow.
Oh, Stephanie.
Take this off.
You take it off.
You were driving me crazy tonight.
Come here, you.
Come here, come here.
I gotta change.
Check the machine.
Hurry, okay? Oh, hi.
This is a message for Stephen.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It says "Stephanie" on the machine.
Anyway, I really need you to call me.
It's Who was that? Who's Stephen? He's nobody.
Nobody? Eddie That's great.
Just another mystery.
Eddie No, it's not You don't see your family.
That's fine.
You don't have any old friends.
Why don't you tell me why, huh? I mean, what are we doing here? What does all that matter? I'm in love with you.
And I'm in love with you.
So why don't you let me in? Now, who is Stephen? It doesn't matter.
Stop! Who is he? Who? It's me.
What? I'm Stephen.
What are you talking about? Okay.
Four years ago, I went through sex reassignment to become me.
You were a man? It's okay, it's No, it's not okay.
I swear I didn't mean for you to find out like this.
Just say something.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
What are you doing? No, wait, don't go.
Get your hands off me.
Talk to me! Please don't touch me! I wish I had never walked out on her that way.
But I haven't exactly been in that kind of situation before.
And that was the last time that you saw her? Yeah.
But you sent her flowers two days later.
Why? I don't even know if she got them.
You just promise me that when you do find her just tell her I wish she had told me the truth right from the beginning.
And tell her I want her back.
I tracked that message that outed Stephanie.
It came from a pay phone in Stamford.
I can't believe we didn't know she used to be a man.
They issued her a new birth certificate listing her gender as female.
Never said anything about being a man.
Had the same Social, right? Yeah.
And if we'd gotten these older tax returns earlier we would have known Stephanie used to be Stephen Patrick Healy.
That might explain the moving around.
Someone finds out her secret, she takes off and starts over.
It might also account for her change in appearance.
She's trying out different looks, figuring out who she is.
Eddie Ferguson's alibi checks out.
He was working all weekend.
Maybe an old boyfriend turned out less forgiving than Eddie.
Maybe the guy outside the bank.
Maybe that $2500 was hush money.
Well, the teller said they were arguing.
Maybe it wasn't enough money.
Stephanie wrote a check to a gender reassignment doctor, Vernon Metzer.
Why don't you pay him a visit.
Take Viv with you.
Thanks for taking the time to see us.
I'd just like to help you find Stephanie.
When did you perform Stephanie's reassignment? Four years ago.
And only after a psych evaluation to assure her decision was sound.
I also did some facial reconstructive surgery to remove the cleft in her chin and make her profile more feminine.
Well, she came to see you last December.
I see her twice a year for regular checkups.
Did everything seem normal? Yes.
She seemed fine.
She may have been the victim of a hate crime.
It wouldn't surprise me.
Why's that? Situations like that aren't rare.
A lot of men and women in transition are desperate for love and affection.
They often look for it in the wrong place.
What about Stephanie's family? Well, I know they didn't take the news of her decision very well.
Do family members ever get violent? Family members are often the people who react the strongest.
Do you have a phone number for them? Afraid I don't.
Come in.
Please, have a seat.
No, I just have a minute.
How can I help you? I haven't been sleeping very well lately.
Have you been under increased stress? Any medications? Nothing stronger than an aspirin.
What do you think is causing it? I have no idea.
I just wanna get a good night's sleep.
How are Hanna and Kate? They're great.
Like little women.
And their adjustment to Chicago? You know.
Funny accents, weird pizza.
Look, can you write me a prescription or something? Now you want me to be your doctor? What do you call this? It's called a polite conversation.
It's a far cry from therapy.
Lisa, I could go somewhere else.
I just thought this would be less hassle.
I'll do it this once.
Thank you.
Here you go.
They can read that? Thank you.
How we doing with Stephen? I got a picture from a wedding announcement in the New Haven Register.
He was married.
For seven years.
Had two kids.
Wife's name is Beverly Reynolds.
Have we been able to locate her? I'm checking listings under Reynolds and Healy right now.
Nothing so far.
How's it going with you? Had ERT comb Stephanie's apartment Iooking for anything that pointed to her family.
There's nothing.
Oh, your HR person from the bank called about Stephanie's reference.
They don't have a record of a Lillian Schneider having worked there.
The manager got that reference from somebody.
Do you have Stephanie's phone records around here? Maybe she and Lillian keep in touch.
My first thought.
I checked.
They don't.
What about her e mail records? They came in about a half hour ago.
I haven't had time to look at them yet.
Oh, here's one that she received a week ago from a Larry Schneider.
Might be her brother.
What's the location of the server? Allentown, PA.
Well, no DMV record for a Larry Schneider, but I got a Lillian.
Larry, Lillian.
Stephen, Stephanie.
Maybe they're not brother and sister.
Maybe they're the same person.
I just found our guy from the bank.
I think you're right.
I'm Special Agent Jack Malone.
This is Special Agent Martin Fitzgerald.
And to be perfectly honest with you, I'm not exactly sure how to address you.
My friends call me Larry.
Okay, Larry.
How do you know Stephanie? We met at a transgendered support group when I started my transition.
From female to male? It was right after Stephanie lost her last job.
Someone outed her there.
She was pretty shaken up.
So, what were you doing taking $2500 from Stephanie outside the bank on Friday afternoon? She needed me to get some money to a friend of hers back home.
You have her address? Yeah.
Is there a problem? I'm not sure this is a good idea.
Why not? I think you should take it yourself.
I can't.
Larry, I already told you.
I have not been back since I transitioned.
Half the town thinks I'm a freak.
How much chance did you give them if they've never met you as Stephanie? Now's not the time.
Can't you do this one thing for me? From the day we met, you've challenged me to be myself to be proud of who I am, and I'm a better person for it.
I just think you need to follow your own advice.
You promised me.
You promised you would do this for me.
Now can you just go, please? I felt bad for giving her a hard time.
I mean, my family was not pleased when I told them I was going to transition.
But eventually they understood.
I guess hers didn't.
So where did you drop off the money? Bridgeport.
It's a lady named Maura McConnell.
She works at some pub there.
BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT I just can't believe it.
I've known Stephanie since she was just a little Boy.
He and my son used to play together.
McConnell, the money, do you know what it was for? Her father passed away last week.
It was for his memorial.
We were under the impression Stephanie wasn't in contact with her family.
Well, it's just her brother now.
Well, what about her ex wife and kids? Moved away, far as I know.
I don't know much about them.
You and Stephanie stayed in touch? It's been kind of a one way street.
She writes, letting me know where to reach her.
I called her when her mother passed.
She didn't even call back.
But she called back this time.
Yeah, she said she couldn't make the funeral but she asked me to be sure that they sang "Be Thou My Vision.
" I guess it was Tom's favorite hymn.
What about the money? Well, Tom always said when he went, he wanted a party, not a wake.
So we got to thinking we could have it right here.
But Robert couldn't afford it.
Stephanie said she'd send the money if I lied and said the owners were kicking in.
Now, things between Stephanie and her brother, were they really that bad? Well, that's why I was so surprised when she showed up.
Hey, Pop liked toasts, so I figured Thank you.
I figured I'd send him off Hello.
Hey! I'm gonna get you.
I'd send him off with a good one, so may your glass always be full and may the roof over your head always be strong and may you have gotten into heaven half an hour before the devil knew he was dead.
I know you did, Pop.
How are you? Hello, Maura.
It's me, Stephanie.
Oh, you're here.
Wow, you look great.
What made you change your mind? Singing "Be Thou My Vision.
" You should have heard it at the service.
Like angels.
I'm glad.
Danny Fitz.
Hey, Bobby.
Hi, Robert.
I'm so sorry about Dad.
Robert, it's your brother.
I know who it is.
You got a lot of nerve showing up here.
You didn't bother when Mom died.
You put her in her grave.
That's not true.
That is true! And you show up here to Dad's, you Looking like that? Robert, don't do anything you'll regret.
I can't even stand to be in the same room with you.
You're just You're disgusting! Robert.
You know, you're disgusting! Well, Stephanie went out to talk to him and Robert didn't come back for almost an hour.
When he did, he His hand was wrapped in a towel, and it was bleeding.
Did he give you an explanation or anything? He said he punched a wall.
I guess I wanted to believe him.
And then he just sat at the bar, downing shots of whiskey until I left.
And what about Stephanie? I haven't heard from her since.
I said I didn't do anything.
I have no idea Come on, Robert! You get into a fight with Stephanie in the bar, she follows you out when you come back, your hand is bloody.
My brother wanted to talk, I wasn't having it, so she took off.
I was pissed, I hit a wall.
You were gone for an hour.
You go 10 rounds with it? I was smoking.
Anybody verify that? About a half dozen people.
Can you make up a list? You got a problem? I'm thinking.
Well, think faster.
Why don't you tell us what really happened.
Look, maybe I did wanna beat his ass, okay? But I didn't.
I mean, after what he put our parents through? It broke their hearts.
Hey, Pop.
Sorry, I'm late.
I figured with Stevie here, we can finally fix that broken heater duct.
What's going on? Your brother has something to say to you.
All right.
What's up? Tell him.
He wants to turn himself into a woman.
Isn't that what you wanna do? Let me just explain, okay? It's gender reassignment.
God's sakes, will you talk some sense into him? What are you talking about? Turn yourself into a woman? Since when? Since we were kids.
Try and understand, okay? I know this is really difficult.
I don't understand.
You and me went dirt bike riding together.
You're a hockey player.
I know.
I was trying to convince myself, but I can't do that anymore.
My God, can't? I'm just so sick of pretending.
Oh, pretending? You have a wife and children.
Bev and I are getting a divorce.
What about Jamie and Conner? I haven't figured that out yet.
We didn't raise you so you could turn yourself into some abomination that God can't even forgive! Please, Dad, you don't mean that, okay? Get out! Now.
And don't come back.
He wasn't just my brother.
He was my best friend.
There you go.
So when Stephanie came out of the bar and you wouldn't talk to her, where'd she go? Walked up Crescent.
What about your brother's ex wife? Keep in touch? Beverly, no.
No, she didn't want to have anything to do with us or anything else that reminded her of Stephen.
She She just took the kids and left.
Where'd she go? Danbury.
And the last I heard she got remarried.
The guy's The guy's name is Eastwick, I think.
Eastwick, like that movie.
Just stay put.
I'll start running down Eastwicks.
Want me to hold him till we can check in with those names? I'll talk to Danny, let him know which way Stephanie headed.
Okay, great.
Wanna rack them up? Viv, what's going on? I'm just a bit tired today, you know? What can I do you for? Hi.
I'm Special Agent Taylor.
This is Special Agent Johnson.
We're with the FBI.
Does this woman look familiar to you? We think she may have been in the area.
No, she was in here.
Excuse me, sir.
Where's your restroom? Straight ahead.
Past the bar.
Thank you.
Well, what can you tell me about her? She was upset.
She started downing G and T's the minute she got here.
Another round? Thanks.
Got a date? Excuse me? More dressed up than we're used to.
Well, I actually just came from a funeral.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Someone close? My dad.
My da.
They can be quite a comfort.
Pardon me? Kids.
I got a whole brood of them myself.
How old are yours? Jamie is gonna be 7 and Con No, Jamie's gonna be 10.
Man, Conner's gonna be 7 in two weeks.
Kind of an old picture.
Yeah, well, I don't get to spend much time with them.
You know, divorced.
Your ex husband must have a shark of a lawyer.
Keep a mother away from her kids.
Something like that.
If nothing else you deserve a new picture.
That would be nice.
She made a quick call at the pay phone stopped by the ladies' room, then she left.
Thank you.
You okay? I just think I'm coming down with something.
Get what we need? Well, he said she used a pay phone.
I think she was trying to get in touch with her kids.
I've got a call placed from the pay phone on Saturday at 7:31 to a Dwight Eastman.
Well, that helps.
I've been running down a list of 60 Eastwicks, like the movie.
You've reached Dwight, Beverly, Jamie and Conner.
Please leave a message.
Beverly Eastman? Yes? I'm Special Agent Johnson with the FBI.
This is Special Agent Taylor.
We're looking for your ex husband.
Why? What's happened? Stephanie went missing three days ago.
We know that she called here on Saturday night.
Did you talk with her? No.
Someone from your house did? I don't know who.
I'm sorry I can't be of any more help.
Hey, Viv.
I got the search warrant.
Husband's inside with her.
Yeah, we're gonna take the husband, you guys take the wife.
Look, we know Stephanie was here.
Your neighbor saw her car in your driveway.
Where's my husband? He's upstairs.
I'll ask you again.
I wanna talk to my wife.
As soon as she's through.
Why don't you just give us your version of what happened.
I'm not saying squat.
We have the right to a lawyer.
I'm sure your wife's aware of that.
I wanna talk to her.
Sit down, Mr.
Sit down, Mr.
Look, this is all just a big misunderstanding.
Stephanie was only here for a few minutes.
Okay, so you talked to her when she called.
I didn't even recognize Stephen's voice on the phone, it was so different.
He w She wanted to talk and I really didn't want to, but she begged.
And Dwight was out with friends, so she came over.
Where? Where are the kids? Upstairs, asleep.
So what's this all about? My father died.
But what does that have to do with me and the kids? It made me realize some things.
Look, I I made a mistake Beverly, not keeping in touch with you and not being in your lives.
I'm I'm sorry.
Oh, it's all right.
The birthday cards were a grand gesture.
Oh, that really helped the boys, but I suppose it made you feel better.
Abandoning you was the biggest mistake I made in my life.
And now that you realized your mistake, we're supposed to forgive you? Is that why you came here tonight? There is not a day that goes by I don't think about you and Jamie and Conner.
Now, I love those boys.
You know I love those boys, Bev.
And I miss them.
But I swear, if you tell me right now that they are better off without me, I'll go.
I'll keep doing what I've been doing all these years.
I'll keep loving them, but from very far away.
You have to leave now.
Whose car is that in my driveway? Hi, baby.
This is Stephanie.
What, your ex? The she man? She was just leaving.
Damn right.
I want to see Jamie and Conner.
You have my answer.
Now go.
Then Stephanie left and Dwight and I went upstairs.
Then why didn't you tell my colleagues this? I'm I'm sorry.
I think I must have just been a little nervous, that's Spade.
Hey, it's me.
So look.
Dwight Eastman used an ATM near the Fairfield Mall at 11:39 the night Stephanie was there.
Plus, I think this guy's abusing his wife.
Why? I talked to the Danbury desk sergeant.
Even though Beverly hasn't officially brought charges they've stopped by the Eastman house regularly because of domestic disputes.
Okay, thanks.
Excuse me.
Yes? What time did you and your husband go to bed that night? Quarter to 11.
So how did he make an ATM withdrawal at 11:39? Listen to me.
I know why you don't wanna talk.
But I promise you.
I promise you we won't let him hurt you, okay? Mrs.
Eastman please sit down.
Stephanie didn't wanna leave.
So Dwight dragged her out.
And then I I heard Stephanie's car leaving.
And I I waited for for Dwight to come back.
But he didn't.
For hours.
It's a broken heel.
What if? What if Dwight tries to get Stephanie into the car? She resists, he gets violent.
He shoves her in and drives off.
Husband's not saying a word.
Still nothing on Stephanie's car? He must've dumped it walked or hitched a ride back.
That mall he went to is about eight miles away.
Well, what if the money he took out from the ATM was for a cab ride home? Might be a good place to start looking.
See that? What do you think? I'll go.
Viv, I found her.
She's alive! We're gonna need an ambulance.
Got it.
We found Stephanie.
She's gonna be okay.
They're taking her to a local hospital.
Thank God.
I can take you there, if you'd like.
We would.
Good job.
You too.
Think I'm gonna follow her in the car.
Jack, it's all right.
Viv and I will take care of it.
You okay? What's wrong? Somebody get a medic! Just hang on.
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