Without A Trace s04e22 Episode Script


- They're going to the playoffs.
- Easy to say, the season just started.
But it's not gonna be easy for our Mets to shed the mantle of loserdom.
I don't care how much money they spent in the off-season.
- Ten bucks says I'm right.
- You're on.
Hey, Ted.
- Hey, Joe.
- Is Dylan ready to go? Go? To the game.
Mets versus Braves? Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.
Completely forgot.
Dylan can't go.
Really? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll pay you for the tickets.
Ted, is everything all right? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, we're just having a family meeting.
You guys go.
Have a good time.
We'll all go to Shea later in the season.
Okay? Ted? Dylan? Nicole? Anybody home? So you were here last night.
And that was it? Thank you so much, I appreciate that.
- Hey, quite a party.
- I don't wanna be invited to this.
Ted, Dylan and Nicole Jordano.
The dad's sister came by this morning.
Thought they were home, the car was here.
He wasn't, neither were the kids.
- The mother? - She died three months ago.
- How? - Complications from lupus.
- Man.
- Yeah.
Still smells like gunpowder.
- Neighbors didn't hear anything? - One was here last night.
He says that the father was acting a little strange.
What do you think? Home invasion? Why would they take everyone with them? I don't know.
Cops check the garbage? It was picked up this morning.
I sent a unit to the dump.
All right.
Three people.
Three times the workload.
You better cancel that rumba lesson.
Somebody didn't walk out of here on their own.
It was just like you saw it.
And I didn't know what else to do, so I left.
And I called the police from my cell phone.
You did the right thing.
Okay, but? What about all that blood? I mean, is it theirs? Because I don't understand what could've happened to them.
And Where did you and your brother grow up? Passaic.
Home of the Henson Ice Cream Palace.
Yeah, Ted and I used to go there every day in the summer.
Best double mint chocolate.
- Yeah.
- How has Ted been recently? - How's he been? L? - Since his wife died.
I don't know, I mean, not good.
But it started before that because she couldn't work anymore and the bills were just piling up.
And he just loved her so much and I think he just didn't know what to do.
Hey, Ted.
Had the afternoon off.
I thought I'd hang with Dylan when he gets out of school.
That's nice.
I didn't think you'd be home.
I got fired.
From the best remodel job I've had in a long time.
I'm sorry.
What happened? Well let's see my wife died.
And then everything pretty much went to hell after that.
- I meant at work.
- What does it matter? I mean, I got fired and I gotta figure out Hey, hey, hey.
Nicole and Dylan are gonna be home soon.
- Yeah, so what? - With everything they've been through I don't think they need to see you like this.
With everything they've been through.
Ted was a hothead when we were growing up.
But Olivia calmed him down.
I haven't seen him like that in a really long time.
He drinks a lot? He didn't used to.
Is it possible that your brother would harm his kids? What? Is there a problem? He bought a gun.
When? - Three weeks ago.
- Did he say what for? He didn't tell me about it.
Dylan did.
Ted told him it was for protection because the neighborhood had gotten so bad.
It's downstairs in the front hall closet.
It's still there.
We already searched the house.
We didn't find a gun.
He loves them.
I know he does.
All right, Nicole's phone was deactivated two months ago.
So Ted is the only one with a working cell phone.
But they didn't find it in the house.
Were they able to get a signal? Stopped pinging at 2 a.
Well, the sister's right.
This guy's well underwater.
Ninety days behind on his credit cards.
A month on his mortgage.
You know, maybe getting fired pushed him over the edge.
Shot the kids, dumped the bodies.
Wouldn't be the first time.
Why'd he have to break into his house? Kids could've locked him out trying to protect themselves.
All right, here we go.
A check from, let's see, six weeks ago.
Deposit for Kitchen.
Could be the guy that fired him.
He can help us.
I hated to do it.
I mean, things just weren't working out.
Was he a bad carpenter? Was he drinking on the job? - What was the deal? - No.
Levine, what happened to your finger? You get into a little fight? - No.
- Well, what happened? Listen, I'd like to help but I don't need any trouble.
Levine, you tell me what I need to know and I promise you that nobody finds out we had this conversation.
Or I arrest you for impeding a federal investigation.
And then everybody finds out we had this conversation.
It's up to you.
You know, Ted was doing a good job.
He just brought around the wrong kind of people.
- I'll get it.
- You've been saying that for a week.
- I gotta make my mortgage payments.
- Yeah? - I don't care about your mortgage.
- Hey, hey.
- Mind your business.
- Leave him alone.
He's got nothing to do with this.
Shut up.
Shut up.
You want me to leave people alone, pay me the money you owe me.
Come by in two days.
I'll give you some money.
Not some money.
A lot of money.
I will.
I promise.
Consider this a pass.
I know what happened to Ted's wife but I got my own family to worry about.
- Did this Johnny have a last name? - I'm guessing Loanshark.
Thank you.
Initial blood screen from the house is back.
It's O negative.
You know, I think the whole family's O negative, let me check that out.
Yep, O negative.
- So we still don't know who got shot.
- All right.
Meet Johnny.
- loannis Patani.
Johnny Patani it is.
- Friends in Vice put you on his trail? - Correct and they know him quite well.
- We got seven arrests, no convictions.
All of his clients had a change of heart and decided not to prosecute.
I'm not sure what a loan shark is gonna get by taking out a family.
I guess breaking a guy's finger didn't get his point across.
I have no idea where Mr.
Jordano is.
We have two witnesses that put your car outside his home two days before his disappearance.
- We're friends.
Pretty tight friends.
You cashed his dead wife's disability check.
That is your signature, isn't it? We're very good friends.
Look, I know he needed money.
You gave it to him.
I don't care.
That's not why you're here.
There's no upside to me killing the goose, right? It's not me you should be looking at.
Then who should we be looking for? Daughter's boyfriend.
He was at the house when I went by.
Things got a little ugly.
Listen, Johnny, I'm sorry.
I only got 900 bucks, okay? - When you gonna have the rest? - Well Nobody's supposed to be home.
What's going on? Hey.
You get off my daughter.
- Get off.
Get off of her.
- Dad.
Who the hell are you? You do this in my house? Dad, get the hell out of my room.
- Dad, get out, please.
- No.
You don't do- Dad.
- Is that your best shot? - You get out of my house.
- Get out of here right now.
- Dad.
This isn't over.
Why can't you just leave me alone? You wouldn't be like this if your mother was still alive.
Yeah, well, if only you two could trade places.
I didn't stay around and watch the fireworks.
So when he gave me my 900 bucks, I left.
That's a nice story but that makes him a teenager not somebody that would take an entire family out.
Kid didn't leave, exactly.
What do you mean? I saw him heading back to the house.
Hey, hey, hey.
What you got there, huh? - Nothing.
- Nothing? A gun? That guy owes me money.
You go in there, you pop him, makes it hard for him to pay me back, right? You do not wanna piss me off.
Get out of here.
He must have come back later.
So I don't suppose you told Ted that the kid was a threat to him? No.
I didn't think the kid was stupid enough not to listen to me.
Go figure.
Go figure.
I know who Kevin is.
Nicole and Ted had been fighting so much.
When she confided I thought I better keep it to myself.
She'd have nobody to talk to.
Are you aware that he's almost 19? - No.
- How long have they been dating? About two months.
But she swore they weren't sexually active.
She might have been lying about that.
Okay, so, what else can you tell us about him? They met at Catholic school last year.
I know he works part-time at a small appliance repair place on Marsten.
So, what were Ted and Nicole fighting about? How short her skirts were.
The B-minus on a Spanish test.
Do you think Kevin did something to them? We're not sure.
What do you think? I don't know.
I'm sorry, I don't know.
Not much love lost between the father and daughter.
If the boyfriend came back maybe she took out the old man and left with the brother.
Before her cell was disconnected almost every call Nicole made was to Kevin Burke.
- How far back? - Five months.
- The sister said two.
- She didn't wanna talk about him.
This guy's had a tickler on his juvie file since he was 15.
His parents don't have a clue where he is.
I put an APB out on the car.
We're watching his cell and pager.
Since they met at school, maybe somebody over there is worth talking to.
- Okay, let's check it out.
- Okay.
Yeah, I know Kevin.
We kicked him out two months before graduation last spring for smoking a joint in the gymnasium during gym class.
So he wanted to get kicked out.
I guess Catholic school was his parents' last-ditch effort to keep him out of jail.
I'm surprised that Nicole was mixed up with him.
I thought she was doing remarkably well, considering.
- Much better than her brother.
- How so? Before his mother died, Dylan was the perfect kid.
Smart, polite.
Just enough sass to be interesting.
But his grades are falling and he just seems angry all the time.
What's all this about? Well, they're all missing.
I saw him yesterday morning.
I thought he was acting out but it must have been something else.
Is someone in there? Father Varoshi won't be here until tomorrow.
Dylan what are you doing? Nothing.
Then why aren't you in class? I don't have my uniform shirt.
I can get you another shirt.
But what happened to yours? Come on.
Let's go to my office and get you something to wear.
School started almost an hour ago.
You have missed homeroom.
Look, I don't need your stupid shirt.
I'm not going to class.
I don't know what's going on with you but I've had enough.
You and I are going to go call your father and get him here.
No! I looked for him but he wasn't around, so I called Ted and left him a message.
Any idea why he'd be hiding in the confessional? I wish I knew.
Sister, I'd like to talk to some of Dylan's friends if that's all right with you.
I'll pull them out of class right now.
Thank you.
Okay, thanks, bye.
Sam, we gotta head down to I-1.
State troopers picked Kevin Burke for speeding, they're bringing him in.
- Was any of the family with him? - No.
Wonder where he was headed in such a hurry.
I wasn't going anywhere.
I just like to drive fast.
We have a witness who saw you at Ted's house with a gun.
- Who? - Hey, we ask the questions here.
Look, whoever he is, he's lying, okay? Why did Nicole call you last night? I thought she wanted to hook up but then she showed and got all crazy.
I just needed to talk to you.
We could have done that over the phone.
I snuck out because I wanted to tell you face to face that I won't be able to see you anymore.
We got a good thing.
Don't let your dad screw it up.
It's not about my dad.
There's just some stuff going on with my family and I need some time.
What's going on, Nic? The other night, I didn't mean to get you in trouble.
No, no, it's not about you.
Do you have a tissue or some water maybe? No, I'm sorry.
But the gas station's open.
I'll go get you some water, okay? She was gone when I got back.
I didn't realize she'd taken it until the next day.
But by then they were already gone.
Why do you have a gun in your glove compartment? It's my dad's.
That's where he keeps it.
I mean, Nicole knew that.
What was Nicole so upset about? She wasn't upset.
She just wanted to steal the gun.
So where were you last night? Nicole turned me down so I went to see another friend.
Why don't you write down this other friend's name and number for us? I don't know where he is.
Because we heard you guys walk to school together every day.
Almost every day.
Did you walk to school yesterday? No.
Now, if you know something, even if it seems really small you need to tell us, all right? I was waiting for him like I always do.
Your shirt.
Dylan! Dylan! Todd, did Dylan look hurt in any way? I didn't see anything.
Any idea where he came from? He didn't come to school, so I didn't get to ask him.
Is he gonna be okay? They found the shirt in the garbage can, right where the kid said it would be.
Here we go.
That's a spray pattern.
Based on the timeline, no way the blood on that would match the blood in the house.
- What violent crimes were reported? Got them right here.
There were three.
A woman was mugged at gunpoint.
Man was shot and killed in an alley.
And a homeless guy was stabbed by a gang of kids.
- The shooting is our best bet.
- Yeah.
Let me check into it.
- I'm gonna go follow up with Mac.
- All right.
- What's up? - I was going through Dylan's computer.
Mostly papers, a few provocative girly photos.
But I did find this.
High score was recorded yesterday at 3:50 p.
Todd lied.
He did see Dylan later that day.
- Yep.
- Okay.
- Good work, man.
- Thanks.
You're Todd C, right? Look, we know you saw him after school.
No? We recovered this at your house.
My guess is the blood here matches that on Dylan's shirt.
Look, Todd, we're not mad at you for lying.
I lie sometimes.
- He lies all the time.
- Constantly.
Look, if Dylan were here, he would help you.
But he's not here.
You want them to get me too? Who's them? Start at the beginning.
We didn't wanna get to school too soon.
And we were just cruising through Glenside.
It's so boring.
Guy, whale, guy, whale.
Whale, whale, whale.
- Why can't we read the Runaways? - It's a comic book.
- It's a graphic novel.
- Nerd.
Come on, we're gonna be late.
It'll be faster if we cut through here.
Oh, sweet.
Check it out.
Dylan was hiding.
There's a place where we hang out.
We threw away his shirt and decided to go to school.
But The shooter, did he see you? I don't think so.
But he definitely saw Dylan.
Todd, do you think you could describe this guy? Couldn't really see him clearly.
Just Dylan and the other man.
The man on the ground.
All right, Todd, listen.
Your mom's here.
I'm gonna go get her for you, okay? You did great.
So did anybody call the school yesterday asking about Dylan? I was expecting a call from his father.
Never heard from him.
Or any of the other students who were absent? - I would never give out that information.
- No, of course not.
I'm trying to figure out if there were someone who seemed out of place or lost, that's all.
There was a man here with his son.
He wanted information on the school.
- Sorry to come without an appointment.
- No problem.
How can I help you? Stefan goes to Vanderbilt Elementary.
And I'm just not sure it's working out for him.
Could you tell me about St.
Valerian's? Of course.
Here you go.
And this.
We're K-12.
Two classes of 20, K through 6.
Do you have a yearbook I could look at while going through things? - Just so I can get a sense of the school.
- Sure.
Here you go.
- You were saying? - Our middle and high school each have about 60 kids per grade.
I think you'll find that we're a very diverse community.
And smart.
Eighty percent of our seniors attend college.
And most of the rest attend vocational or technical schools.
What about religious instruction? He was here for about 10 minutes.
He took our materials and left.
Did I do something wrong? No, no, not at all.
This yearbook, did he take that with him? No, no, it's here.
Better if we don't touch it.
I'm gonna check for fingerprints.
Thank you.
This is Costas Velo.
He runs with a gang of Albanians.
Sent over all of their files.
They're tracking 30 of these guys.
And guess who I found.
Our loan shark.
He's with a gang.
I know where you're going with this.
The loan shark gave us Kevin to send us in the wrong direction.
- But does Kevin's alibi check out? - Yes, it does.
We cut him loose.
Okay, and what with the family's DNA not matching the blood in the house maybe Costas found them and he got shot.
There was a Cadillac stolen last night from a construction site where Ted has done some work.
Now, it is a mile from the Jordano house.
Sounds to me like the Jordano family's on the run.
- Who are we looking for? - Sadik Marku.
Which one is he? The tall blond one.
I'll talk to him.
What, and I've gotta talk to the other seven guys? Hey, you talk faster than I do.
Makes sense.
There's seven of them.
You can handle it.
Why don't you go wash my car? Yeah, I'm sorry, Mr Malone.
What can I do for you? Where's the Jordano family? Oh, I don't know.
And I probably wouldn't tell you if I did.
The Jordano kid saw your guy kill that man in the alley.
Really? I also know that you put a hit out on that kid.
You're full of a lot of accusations, Mr.
But I'm guessing not a lot of proof.
Otherwise we wouldn't be talking like this, right? I'm just warning you.
You stay away from that family.
Oh, you give me too much credit.
Things happen.
People get hit by buses.
Bit by spiders.
They run, they fall down.
How is any of this my doing? Now, I've got somewhere to be.
- You get anything? - Yeah, a deal on a plasma.
How about you? Nothing.
So, what are you thinking? I think this guy would kill the Jordano family if we were standing in the room.
Yeah, there it is.
Okay, look at this.
There were a bunch of messages to Kevin's pager after he left custody.
First one, "I miss you.
Call me.
" Second one, "Where are you?" - But it's the last one.
- Listen.
"The cops think I killed you.
You gotta help me.
" - Why would she send that to Kevin? - I have no idea.
That's why I'm asking.
What was the pattern before they went missing? Over the last couple of months, two to three pages a week.
Usually early evening.
The messages are not to Kevin.
They're from Kevin.
He must have given Nicole his pager after her cell phone was deactivated.
- Okay, did she answer the page? - Let's see.
Got a call 10 minutes after the last page.
We're waiting for routing information.
Well, she's still alive.
But Kevin's not in trouble with the cops anymore.
So why is he still trying to find her? Hey, Kevin.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Get over here.
We know Nicole called from a payphone in Hurley.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
- Where did you get this, huh? - Sold my parents' fridge.
Yeah, and I won the lottery.
Turn around.
- What happened? - Lift up your shirt.
Lift it up.
- Was that Marku's work? - No.
All right, I want you to cut the crap right now.
I think you got this cash for selling out the Jordanos.
He will kill them.
Look, after you guys let me go, Marku's guys picked me up.
They said I had to find Nicole and her family.
I didn't know what to do, so I paged her.
- Nicole? - Hi, Kevin.
Baby, you okay? I'm gonna throw the pager away.
I forgot I had it.
- You've gotta leave us alone.
- The cops think I killed you.
Tell me where you are.
I can't.
I'm screwed here.
Help me.
I spent the morning at my mother's grave.
And I'm never gonna get to come back.
So don't tell me what I have to do.
I'm sorry.
Look we're headed to Montréal.
I'll have my dad call the cops once we're safe.
And he'll tell them you didn't do anything.
Sure you don't want me to come help you? I will.
Goodbye, Kevin.
Bye, Nicole.
They gave me that money when they picked me up.
They said they were gonna kill me if I didn't tell them.
- Where's her mom buried? - In Red Hook.
Kevin, how long ago did you tell Marku this? - About an hour ago.
- We gotta get moving.
Let's go.
All right, thanks.
That was Elena.
Her and Viv struck out on Route 117.
The Jordanos weren't there.
- What about the border crossings? - RCMP's got them covered.
- What color was that car they stole? - It was that color right there.
- You see anyone? - Nope.
It's the FBI.
How do I know that? I'm gonna throw you my badge, all right? Here it comes.
Throw your weapon out.
- Put your weapon on the ground now.
- All right, all right.
On the ground.
- All right.
- Where are your kids? They're over there.
Jack, we got company.
Get behind the car.
Kids, get back in there.
- It can't be them.
- Kids, stay where you are.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Kids, come on.
So you got Sister Louise's message, saying that Dylan left school.
Where are my kids? They're downstairs in the break room waiting for dinner.
Right, you already told me that.
So after you got the message you went straight home.
And then Dylan told me everything he'd seen.
And then he fell.
He was all bloody.
The other guy he saw me.
I didn't know what to do, so I ran.
But I dropped my jacket.
Your school jacket? You told me not to go to Glenside, but I did.
I shouldn't have, Dad.
- It's okay, Dylan.
- Well, he chased after me, Dad.
- What if he finds me? - I'm not gonna let him find you.
- I'm so sorry.
- Listen to me.
I'm gonna take care of this.
Okay? Don't worry.
I'm gonna figure this out.
When your son told you, why didn't you contact the police? The police? The police would have led those guys right to us.
So, what was your plan, Mr.
Jordano? To lay low.
If they didn't find us in a week or so, I just figured everything would be fine.
I think the both of you should go to bed.
We won't be able to sleep.
Then play a video game with your brother.
This is all my fault.
No, Dylan.
It's my fault.
For not being there when you needed me.
Dad's right, we should play something.
Cards, maybe? Texas Hold 'Em? Go upstairs, be quiet.
Is he dead? Where did that come from? I thought we might need it.
Let go.
Go look after your brother.
Okay? I took my credit cards and all the cash that we had in the house and we left.
- And you didn't get rid of the body? - No.
Marku must have sent in the cleaners.
What do we do now? I've talked to the U.
He said that he'll relocate your family in exchange for you and your son's testimony.
If we do that, they won't stop till they find us.
They won't stop till we're dead.
I understand your concerns, Mr.
But the federal marshals will do everything they can to protect you.
Will my kids be safe? I know it's not the most attractive option.
But it's all I can offer you right now.
We ordered Chinese, Dad.
Wanna come eat it with us? Yeah.
You bet.
Let's go.
Can you hear me now? Hello? Classy.
What do you want? The Jordanos are gonna testify.
And you are gonna leave them alone.
Chances are that murder's never gonna come back to you.
You think because there are rules I have to follow that you don't have to fear me.
I don't care about the rules.
You will leave the Jordano family alone.
Or I will put a bullet in your brain with this gun.
We can save time and do it now.
You'll have to excuse me.
But there's somewhere I gotta be.
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