Without A Trace s05e23 Episode Script

Two of Us

I'm ready.
You're supposed to say "action.
" She knows what I mean.
Ella, come down the stairs.
Go slowly.
Hold the banister.
You don't wanna fall on prom night.
You realize I'm recording sound too, right? Dad, please turn that thing off.
I just wanna get you and your mom.
Oh, look at you.
I remember, you stood here in your first Easter dress.
Stop, please? - I'm just Yeah.
- Yeah, I know.
It's pretty.
Thank you.
Just because you don't have a prom date doesn't mean you don't deserve a nice corsage.
Looks like this is starting to lose juice.
Please turn it off.
Okay, okay.
I gotta go.
You look beautiful.
You look perfect.
And I got it all on tape.
Oh, my God, look at you.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Can you take one of me and my parents? Yeah.
Um, get a little closer.
- Mr.
Neese, can you lean in a little? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
Oh, it's cute.
I'll email it to you when I get home.
Okay, now let's go over it one more time.
Um, straight to the Thompsons' after the prom.
No detours or stops.
Okay? And I wanna see that limo back here by 3 a.
- Got it? - For the thousandth time.
All right, and if you weren't already late you'd hear it again.
Go and have a great time.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Bye, Dad.
Have fun.
But not too much.
- Retirement suits you, Pete.
- Yeah.
Thirty years in the bureau, I got my full pension and this security gig.
Name's Ella Neese, 18, lives in Little Neck.
Principal says her disciplinary record is clean.
- What about her prom date? - Didn't have one.
She borrowed a key from her friends and came up here around 11.
When she didn't make it home, mom calls the principal who calls me.
I track her down to this room and find this.
Did you guys bag the sheets and the bedspread? No, they were gone when we got here.
Was there any reports of a disturbance or violence? Nope.
We're holding all the kids who spent the night in the hall and I've got a call in to the chaperones.
- Mm-hm.
- Hi.
Oh, uh, Pete, this is Agent Spade.
Uh, Pete's the director of security at the hotel.
Oh, well, then you'll find this interesting too.
We found this in a dumpster out by the parking lot.
I told the guys at corporate to put the kibosh on these prom deals but they keep saying it gets them a lot of repeat business.
Yeah, not to mention the publicity.
I've known Ella since, like, third grade.
I was an Indian brave and she was Pocahontas - Tyler.
- Yeah? How much did you have to drink last night? I'm not really too sure.
- Probably too much.
- It smells like it.
You know what? I'll ask you questions.
You're gonna answer them, but face that way.
- This way? - Yeah, that way.
That's good.
- Okay.
- All right.
When did you last see Ella? I don't know what time it was exactly.
Uh, I remember we were at the bar.
Whoa, the Ellster.
You're looking fine like peach wine.
You really shouldn't talk like that.
Yeah, I know.
I'm stupid.
Glass of punch? Not really.
With punch additive? Definitely.
Here, hold this.
I, uh, saw Miss Buselbach go into the ladies' room so we are A-okay, good to go.
That's what I'm talking about.
The Navy called.
They said they want their sailor back.
What's the deal? Liquid courage.
I'm gonna get another one of those for us and we'll talk more about this.
I thought it was my big chance but she was like a ghost.
Okay, Tyler.
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
Now, are you sure you didn't try to pursue her later? God, I wish.
I kind of just passed out.
Do you know if she was seeing anybody? No, she was still way hung up on Alex.
Who's Alex? Her boyfriend.
Her ex-boyfriend.
They started dating in, like, the eighth grade.
And she was totally in love with him.
Well, do you know where he is now? Some cemetery, I guess.
He died, like, a month ago.
Or, that's when they found his body.
Where was he found? Mm, somewhere in North Carolina.
He disappeared right after Christmas.
He had some kind of drug problem.
And they found him with a bullet in his head a few months later.
Does Ella use drugs? Ella? Heh, no.
I don't think I've even seen her drink.
So how close was she to this Alex? Mega-close.
He went to rehab last year and she sent him care packages every single day.
Everyone thought they were gonna get married.
So she must have been pretty cut up about his death.
Everybody was.
That's why she went with us to the prom.
She wasn't ready to see anybody else.
And I don't think it was just because Alex died.
- Hey, can I talk to you? - What's up? Where's your room key? - In my purse.
- I need it.
- What's wrong? Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm sick.
I just need to lay down.
- You want me to come with you? - No, I'll be fine.
- You sure? - I just need your key, okay? - In my purse on the table.
- Thanks.
Sounds like you didn't believe her.
It's her business.
What is? Hillary your friend is missing and there's blood in her room.
If you know anything, you need to tell me.
Ella missed her period four months ago right after Alex disappeared.
She was scared she was pregnant with his baby.
I asked her about it a couple weeks later and she didn't wanna talk about it.
Did she look pregnant at the prom? No.
But a girl at my cousin's school miscarried in the locker room and nobody knew she was pregnant either.
My daughter is not pregnant.
Do you know if she was sleeping with Alex Ward? - Or anybody else for that matter? - Anybody else? No.
I didn't like her boyfriend, but I assumed she was sleeping with him.
I took her and got her a prescription.
Why? Why does this matter? Well, we found traces of blood in the hotel room that she used and we're trying to determine if it was a miscarriage.
It wasn't.
We're checking all the local hospitals in the area and hopefully she will turn up in some ER.
So miscarriage is the best-case scenario? Oh, I should have never let her go to the prom.
She didn't even want to.
What're you talking about? She was excited to Will you hear me out first? She was having nightmares.
She didn't want you to know.
No! Dad.
They had They I figured she was just feeling guilty, you know? She was supposed to go to the prom with Alex.
She never had someone so close to her die.
I told her she didn't have to go.
But a few days later she said, uh, she would go.
And why do you think she had a change of heart? I don't know.
She was always so open with us.
But then, recently, it's like pulling teeth getting her to talk.
Or so I thought.
Look, it doesn't really matter who she was confiding in at this point.
What's important is that we have full access to every aspect of your daughter's life.
- Of course.
- Yes.
All right, Little Neck P.
D confirms that Alex Ward went missing January the 14th.
Okay, that's almost four months ago, which would put her at a second-trimester miscarriage.
- Yeah.
- Could've been a botched abortion.
- At a prom? Eh, she couldn't do it at home.
All right, thanks.
Well, we can scratch the miscarriage theory.
The blood we found isn't Ella's.
Well, she probably fought back against whoever took her.
Could be his blood.
There's a lot of drunk guys at the prom.
Maybe one of them followed her up Jack said that she went stag to the prom, right? - Yeah.
- This is in Ella's inbox: "I can't believe you're dumping me two days before the prom.
" It's from a Seth Foley.
Two felony assaults and a cup of coffee at Youth Authority camp.
Maybe he didn't like taking no for an answer.
- What'd you say his name was? - Seth Foley.
Don't know the name, but he was definitely there.
Crashed the party.
I went to kick him out when I saw him arguing with Ella.
Let go of me.
You're coming with me.
What's going on here? Miss Neese, back here right now.
Who are you? Justin.
You got a last name, Justin? Timberlake.
Then bust a move out of here right now before I call security.
Easy, dude, I have a ticket.
This is a student ticket.
You're not a student at Colony.
What are you, a cop? I'm the prom cop, dip-nuts, and I say you're leaving.
He's my date, Mr.
I spaced on telling Miss Schneider about it, so he's not on the list.
- So you're okay? - Everything's fine.
It was just a misunderstanding.
Then let's keep the drama to a minimum.
At least until I leave.
And you, pull back on the 'tude.
Got it, sheriff.
Come on.
A minute later, I looked around and they were gone.
So you let him stay even though you knew he didn't belong there? Kids crash proms.
They just wanna have some fun.
I'm not paid to be a fascist.
I'm paid to make sure no one gets hurt.
Okay, I believe you're getting a ping from his phone but we've circled this block eight times.
You're sure it's this Foley kid? Tell him we're gonna run out of gas.
What? Yeah, where? Okay.
It's coming from a parking lot off of Pierce.
Be nice if they told us that earlier.
Phone's inside.
I'm gonna pop the trunk.
See, this is why I didn't go to my senior prom.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
- Where is Ella Neese? - I told you, I don't know.
All right, why were you two fighting at prom? She broke our date without explaining why and I wanted to know.
When she didn't give you a good enough explanation, what'd you do? Nothing.
Look, if I knew where she was, I'd tell you.
I'd like to talk to her, find out how I ended up in my trunk.
Yeah, that's the other part I'm having a problem with that you don't know how you ended up in your own trunk.
All I remember is being in the hotel room with Ella.
We made up and everything was going cool.
Who is it? All right, hold on.
Then I woke up here.
None of her friends have mentioned that you are her boyfriend, not one.
I'm over school.
I don't like to hang out with kids.
Really? Then how did you meet Ella? We went to grief counseling together.
My grandma died around the same time her boyfriend went missing.
We bonded quick.
She was over her boyfriend if she was making out with you.
We're friends.
I can't help if it turned into something.
And you have no idea who broke into your room? - Like I told you, I never saw the dude.
- Well, how do you know it was a dude? Just never had a chick who could hit that hard.
Oh, you might wanna rephrase that.
Look, dude or chick, I have no idea who it was.
- Can I go now? No.
You're coming with us.
Seth could be lying.
After they went upstairs, it could've turned violent.
He kills her, dumps her body, makes himself look like the victim.
By locking himself in his own car? Hey, he gets style points for an alibi, but it's possible.
Well, except the forensics say that the blood in the room is not Seth's.
Could have told me that.
What, and miss out on your whole he-locked-himself-in-his-own-car theory? - Oh, man.
- Hey.
So Ella's mom said that she was at a beauty salon for three hours on prom day.
Now, the salon says she was there for an hour.
Any idea where she went? Uh, no, but she made a phone call from the salon before she left to a Ted Ward.
Now, that's the father of her dead boyfriend, Alex.
We should check that out.
I was driving back from Scarsdale when I heard about Ella.
My secretary called me on the phone when she heard about it on the radio.
Do you mind if I ask you what you were doing in Scarsdale? After Alex went missing, I quit my job.
I got involved in a national foundation for at-risk teenagers.
I do speaking engagements for them.
That's great.
It's a It's a good way to keep your son's memory alive.
I have to ask you some questions about Ella.
Of course.
We have phone records that indicate that she called your house yesterday.
- Now, did you speak to her? - Not on the phone.
But when I came home, she was already inside.
Ella? Mr.
Sorry, I used the hide-a-key out front.
I can see that.
- You mind telling me what you're doing? - Well, I tried calling.
The prom's tonight.
And I just wanted to see if I could take something of Alex's to bring with me.
You know, to remember him by.
They say time makes things easier, right? When does the easy part begin? I don't know.
I miss him too.
But that's not why you're really here, is it? I'm just gonna take this, okay? I gave it to him.
I promise I'll bring it back.
- Do your parents know you're here? - I really need to go.
I'm sorry I used the key.
I promise I won't do it again.
What do you think she was looking for? Before my son, Alex, died, he was involved with narcotics.
He used to keep his stash in there.
- You think that she was into drugs too? - I don't know.
But then again, I was clueless before, with Alex.
Did the investigators in your son's murder, did they have any suspects? No.
Uh, listen, Mr.
Ward, thank you for coming in.
Uh, it's Ted.
And please, convey my concerns to Jim and Diane Neese.
- I know what they're going through.
- Yeah, I will.
Thank you.
But why sneak into her dead ex's house to score? - There's gotta be easier ways.
- I don't know.
Got it.
Canvass just found a car that was reported stolen this morning three blocks from where Seth Foley was ditched.
Registered to a Marie Del Mar.
Marie Del Mar, I know that name.
Someone you dated? No, someone from these files.
I knew it.
Look, Marie Del Mar.
She's a transfer student that Ella tutors two days a week.
Thank you, Miss Del Mar, for coming down.
It's fine.
I'd prefer if you didn't tell my parents about this.
They don't know about the car being stolen and everything.
Oh, well, actually, we already called them.
- They're on their way down.
- No way.
Well, we'd like to talk to you about Ella Neese.
What about her? She's missing.
And we think she may be involved in your car being stolen.
Ella? Makes total sense.
She's been acting kind of freaky lately.
Uh, can you define "freaky"? For one thing, she's imagining things.
I know, I know.
I'm late.
Brought you Pinkberry, though.
- I've been waiting for like 40 minutes.
- I know.
The line was ridiculous.
The smoothies are in the back, hit 6567 and lock the car.
- You want me to Armor All your tires? - No, thanks.
So I got the kiwi and mango.
Which one do you want? Ella? Are you okay? Did you see him? The guy in the car? - Who was it? - It was him.
- I saw his face.
- Who? Alex.
She said his name was Alex? - Yes.
- All right.
Have you met Alex before? No.
This look like the guy you saw in the car? His hair's a little longer.
But, yeah, it could be him.
Who is he? Ella's boyfriend.
Alex Ward.
The dead guy? No way.
So how are we doing with Lazarus? Ah, well, Marie gave us a partial plate on a brown El Camino.
No matches in the city.
- We're expanding to the tristate area.
- Okay.
I found something interesting.
I was looking over the report on the Ward case.
They never ran a DNA analysis because Ted Ward ID'd the body as Alex's.
Yeah, but how could a father misidentify his own son? The body was floating in Cape Fear for a week with a bullet in the head.
Guessing he didn't take too long of a look.
After three-and-a-half months of wondering whether his son was dead he was probably grateful to have an answer.
I don't know.
Let's get a court order and have the medical examiner exhume the body.
We're not gonna need a court order if Ward gives consent.
I don't wanna give him false hope that his son might be alive.
Makes sense.
All right.
Alex is alive? We have a witness that says she saw him a few days ago.
You don't seem too thrilled about the news.
No, we are.
It's just - Do you think he did something to Ella? - Did he have any reason to? A couple of days before Alex went missing something happened.
Ella said it wasn't a big deal.
I didn't believe her.
Hey, you're early.
I thought you were studying with Alex.
Yeah, we finished early.
Hang on.
Come here a minute.
- What's going on? - Nothing, I'm just tired.
Did Alex hit you? Why do you always assume everything bad has to do with Alex? Because it usually does.
Did he do this to you? Do I have to call there and ask his father? He didn't hit me.
He didn't mean to hurt me.
Things just kind of went from 0 to 60.
Hey, do you have any gum? Hello? Gum? I hear you.
I hear you.
My God, woman, what are you hollering about now? What? Thought you were done with this.
- I am done with it.
I can explain - Shut it.
- Wait - I don't wanna hear it.
What are you doing? Stop! No.
No! What the hell are you thinking? It's not even mine! Wait.
He's been clean for over a year.
Maybe it wasn't really his stuff.
Maybe he was just keeping it for somebody else.
It doesn't matter.
He's an addict and I don't want you to see him again.
You can't make me break up with him.
Yes, I can.
I'm your mother and you will do as I say.
If Alex as much as sets foot in this house ever again I will have him arrested.
Do you hear me? Yeah.
A couple of days later, Alex was gone.
Did she ever find out if the drugs were really Alex's? Well, they never spoke again.
But, no, Ella didn't think they were.
In fact, after Alex went missing she blamed herself.
She thought he was in trouble because of the drugs she flushed.
You think Alex was dealing? Look he was bound to get her into trouble sooner or later.
That's why we were hoping that he was out of her life for good.
Listen, it's Ella's fault that Alex is in trouble.
So he went to her and asked her to repay the money that he owed.
Yeah, but if he stays dead he doesn't have to worry.
So why come back? Maybe he got tired of not being able to live his own life.
She gets to play prom queen while he has to pretend to be dead.
Yeah, it's possible.
I'd be pissed.
Pissed enough to want revenge? Hey, I always wanted to be prom queen.
Chopper, sit.
Sorry, Chopper don't like Mormons.
How does he feel about FBI agents? Get on the couch, Chopper.
What is this about? You own an '83 El Camino, right? Yeah.
This man was seen driving your car last Tuesday.
I lent it to him.
- It's my friend Alex.
- How do you know him? We were in Shop together when I was in high school.
He's been crashing here for, like, a week.
Where is he now? I don't know.
He ain't here.
You know, we're gonna need to come in, take a look.
- The dog cool? - Yeah.
All right.
Chopper, stay on the couch.
Hey, boy.
Not much room in here for two.
Alex, you know, he said he needed a place to lay low for a while so I said he could sleep on the floor.
- And why did he need to lay low? He owed this dealer some money and I didn't ask any questions.
I just said, you know I'd help out however I could.
- By helping him stalk his girlfriend? It's not like that.
He went to go see her the other day and he didn't wanna just walk up to her and freak her out.
So he asked me to go and bring her over.
So he could squeeze money out of her? - He didn't want money from Ella.
- What did he want? Nothing.
Just her.
It's really you.
I thought you were dead.
Just in the South.
Are you? Are you okay? I'm good.
I'm still clean.
I went to your funeral.
Were you there? Watching everybody crying over you? I mean, is that what you wanted? To punish me for what I did? Look, I didn't even know I was dead until last week.
How could you not? I was too busy running.
Okay, I went online and saw this article about how I died.
I hadn't even been near a computer in months until I took this dry-walling job at a library.
- What job? What have you been up to? What have you been doing? Why didn't you call me? I'm sorry.
I tried.
Okay? I even followed you around, trying to figure out how to talk to you.
I think I knew that.
I've been having the strangest dreams.
I thought I've been losing my mind.
Why didn't you just come up to me? I thought I don't know.
You were better off without me.
Do you have any idea how much I've missed you? I was afraid maybe you were over me.
Totally over you.
Me too.
Don't ever leave again, okay? Okay.
What happened after that? You know.
After that.
She left.
That's the last time I saw her.
Has Alex seen her since? Yeah.
I mean, those guys are gonna be together no matter what.
How much does he owe this dealer? Alex said he owed the guy like 6 grand.
I told him he should go to his dad and say, " Hey, I'm alive.
Can I borrow some cash?" Why do you think he take your advice? He did.
I mean, he and Ella went over there and explained the whole thing.
So Alex has seen his father recently, then? Yeah, yesterday.
Why not tell us that his son was still alive? Well, he makes talking to schools about his son's tragedy.
It's gonna be hard to be the victim if your story has a happy ending.
And if Ella found out, he'd have to get rid of her.
He'd probably start a foundation for her after he killed and buried her.
I spoke to Ward's secretary.
She's on her way to meet him in Jersey with 25 grand in cash.
Okay, so we're going to Jersey.
- Yep.
- God help us.
Did you bring the money? Give it to me.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Put your hands up.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Now, where are the kids? - I don't know.
- Listen you lied to me before.
Do it again, I'll kick your ass.
I swear, I didn't do anything.
So why are you running? Because Ella told you she knew about Alex? All she had to do was keep her mouth shut.
- But she wouldn't, so you killed her.
- I didn't kill her.
I paid her off.
Ella came to the house yesterday, like I told you.
But she didn't want drugs.
She wanted cash.
Ten thousand dollars.
You know I don't have that kind of money.
Yes, you do.
Alex told me what you've been doing.
He told me everything last night.
Last night? Ella, Alex is dead.
No, he's not.
He's waiting outside in the car.
- Lf this is some kind of joke - You know he's alive.
You knew that body wasn't his.
Well, if he's out there, you can tell him to come in.
He doesn't wanna see you.
Look, I know things haven't always been great between me and Alex.
But he's alive and he's my son, that's the only thing that matters.
This is great news.
Is that the spin? Is that how you're gonna make money off him now? - It's the truth.
- The truth is that Alex was in trouble.
He owed cash to some bad people and you wouldn't help him.
- You told him to get out.
- He needed to grow up.
He needed a dad.
We want $ 10,000 or I go to the newspapers and the cops.
I'm serious.
You know, what I tell people about Alex may not be true but it's a far better legacy than he would have ever left for himself.
He was living on the streets.
You didn't even care enough to find out where.
I still don't as long as it's far away from here.
Who did Alex owe money to? Some kid.
He came looking to collect after Alex went away.
I told him to stick it.
And what's his name? Seth Foley.
Get him out of here.
I told you that kid locked himself in.
- Ten dollars, he didn't.
- From you? That's a bet.
Take a seat.
Your lawyer will be here in five minutes.
Don't need a lawyer.
Didn't do anything.
I said, take a seat.
You lied to us.
We know Alex Ward is alive.
He was running because he owed you money.
So you went to prom to try to get Ella to pay his debt.
I think I will wait for that lawyer.
You're screwed.
With or without a lawyer.
You lied to a federal officer.
This is your third-strike felony.
You're going away for life.
I didn't lie.
You omitted facts.
We consider that to be the same thing.
Look, man, I get it.
I know you're covering your ass.
We know about the money and the drugs.
What we don't know about is what you did with Alex and Ella.
I didn't do anything.
How could I from where they left me? Maybe you sent one of your buddies after them.
You haven't told us.
What if I tell you what I know? Well, it depends on how bad you want that third strike to go away.
After Alex got clean, he still owed me 2700 bucks.
Being the forgiving fellow I am, I gave him an extension on his loan.
If he held onto some goods for me.
But then, he flushed said goods.
And you felt less forgiving now that he owed you 6 grand.
When I found out he and Ella were gonna use prom as a diversion to run away I figured I better get my money before they hit the road.
How'd you know that Alex was still alive? Ella told me.
She told me the whole thing.
Oh, that's why you really went to grief counseling.
You get close to Ella, she tells you where Alex is.
I even got her to invite me to prom.
So what, she uninvited me? At least I knew where to show up.
Didn't think you'd get rid of me so easy? Hey, what are you doing here? I came to see Alex.
Seth, he could get into trouble if anybody knew he was here.
I know.
So, what time's he coming? What time is he coming? Why are you acting like this? I just want the $6000 your boyfriend owes me.
And you gotta admit, I've been pretty patient.
This entire time, you're the one Alex has been running from? Well, yeah.
You set me up.
I am such an idiot.
What happened after you went upstairs? Alex wasn't supposed to show up till 12.
I had her call him, tell him to come early.
So we waited.
It's been 20 minutes, where the hell is he? He's coming all the way from midtown, it may take him a while.
You know, you could help Alex pay off what he owes me.
Are you delusional? Get off me.
What are you doing? Stop.
Stop! Shh.
Open the door.
Hey, what's going on? You sounded strange on the phone.
- Where's my money? I'm so sorry.
I said, where is it? I have it.
I put it in your suitcase.
Why the hell does Ella have a suitcase? We're leaving town, remember? Not with my money.
Get it.
Now, let's see what you brought daddy.
Next thing I know, I'm waking up in the trunk of a car.
That's the truth, I swear.
You have any idea where they were running to? No, but I know Alex.
When it comes to running, he's pretty damn good.
So we've asked the major channels to run a story on Ted Ward and Seth Foley.
We're providing a number Ella and Alex can use to call the FBI.
We're really hoping that they're gonna see the story.
And hopefully Alex will decide to bring Ella back? Alex didn't take Ella.
She went with him because she wanted to.
I know Ella and I fought, but you have to believe me.
If she were able to, she'd come home.
I believe you.
But this is what you have to understand.
Your daughter is very much in love with this guy.
She knows that you don't approve.
And right now, all she cares about is she wants to be with him.
There must be something you can do.
She's 18.
Technically, she's not even a runaway.
I thought it was your job to bring home people who were in danger.
It is.
But according to everything we've learned, he's clean.
He's in love with your daughter, and he's not a danger to her.
Not yet.
But no good will ever come from that boy.
I don't think Ella wants to run.
I think Ella wants to come home, but she's not gonna come home to that.
All right, you two.
Knock it off.
- Sorry.
- Lucky for you, you called us.
Are we in trouble? Do you know how many manpower hours of the FBI that you wasted? I had every agent in my department looking for you.
What I should do is put you in my car, take you downtown and book the both of you.
But I met your parents.
So I get it, trust me.
They hate Alex.
I can't say that I blame them.
Can you? - No.
- They don't even know him.
And they're never going to unless you give them a shot.
You're starting to give me a headache, okay? Just Just go home.
Agent Malone? Can I borrow your phone? What is that? It's a wedding ring.
We got married.
Of course you did.
Why are you helping us? You remind me of somebody that I used to know.
Mom? No, we're okay.
We got married.
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