Without A Trace s06e02 Episode Script

Clean Up

Previously on Without a Trace A guy named Joe took a real shine to Angela.
Joe Giusti, I think.
Detective Morris, Special Agent Johnson.
Thank you for coming.
Oh, it's my pleasure.
Any luck finding a waitress? No.
What do you have? I've got three other victims found in foreclosed homes in depressed areas.
One of Joe's aliases popped on a lease.
True to form, he paid three months in advance in cash.
This doesn't add up.
That's commercial-grade deadbolts fixed to the outside of multiple doors.
Spent some money here.
This is too organized.
Hey, I don't get it.
The lady had a heart attack.
How's it make such a mess? Well, when she collapsed she fell on the glass table and bled out.
Otherwise, she might still be alive.
And I might not be footing a bill for the cleanup.
It seems to me she's worse off than you are, sir.
Still, $3,000? There's lots of seepage and spray.
Takes a while to get it all.
And if you don't, you can get bacteria, odors, maybe even bloodborne disease.
You want your next tenant dealing with that? Can you guarantee me you've gotten rid of every trace? - No.
I can never guarantee that.
- Why not? Because I just clean up.
I can't take away what happened.
Hi, babe.
Hey, you must be exhausted.
How was the job? Good, bad, weird or sad? Sad, I guess.
Old lady died alone.
How's she doing? Kicking like a chorus girl.
Where's Hannah? In her room, studying for a mid-term.
At least she was five minutes ago.
Hi, sweetheart.
- Morning, Dad.
- Honey, cold pizza? There's non-fat yogurt in the back of the fridge.
Goes great with blueberries.
I hate yogurt.
Celia, please.
It's no big deal.
Let her eat what she wants.
I didn't come in here for a world war.
I just came in to tell you, Mom, you know, have a good day.
That's sweet.
It's work.
Honey, I just want you to be healthy.
I know.
I've got to run.
The hotel's doing a training workshop on a new reservation system.
So exciting.
Bye, sweetheart.
Leo Cutler and his 18-year-old daughter, Hannah.
Wife's a desk clerk at the Tramaine Hotel.
She came home, found the door busted open, and both of them gone.
Where's the wife now? Inside, the doctor's checking her out before Elena talks to her.
She's four months pregnant, has a history of miscarriage.
- Any sign of struggle in there? - No, just the door.
- What does Cutler do for a living? - Crime scene cleanup.
Maybe this is related to his last case.
died of heart failure.
- Maybe not.
- Hi, guys.
- Hey, what's up? - Found this broken glass from the motion sensor light in the back of the neighbor's house.
Somebody wanted to keep it dark.
Unless that involves foreplay.
It's never good.
And it doesn't make any sense, it's crazy.
Why would someone take them? That's what we're trying to find out.
Maybe this is all a mistake.
I mean, Hannah's car is gone.
Maybe they went somewhere together.
It's possible, right? It is, but it doesn't explain the broken door, or the broken lights.
Now, please, why don't you sit down.
Please Madam Just try to relax.
I hear Hannah is a freshman at Harrison.
What does she study? Computer science.
She's a day student.
She lives here with us.
That must be very nice for you.
It is.
I like having her around a lot.
Does she have a boyfriend? She doesn't really date.
She's very busy, you know? She's a good kid.
Great kid.
What about your husband's mood lately? It's quiet, I guess.
He's more of a doer than a talker.
And he has an unusual job, huh? He likes to go in and help people get back to normal, and people seem to really appreciate it.
Any problems with clients? Not that he said.
What about outside of work? Is there anyone he's had issues with recently that you know? Something did happen the other day.
Hey, what are you doing? I'm just working just working on a little curb appeal.
You think it's a good idea to mix sharp tools with happy hour here? You know, honey, the baby was a beautiful surprise.
With Hannah home and this new house, everything was just perfect.
Honey, we won't have to sell.
I'll work more hours.
I don't know.
Maybe Hannah was right.
Leo, everything's going to be okay.
Just come inside.
I'll be in in a while, okay? - Hey, Hannah.
- Hey.
See anything you like? I'm not sure how I'd look in some of this stuff.
Well, if you change your mind, I've got a Visa that could probably handle an outfit.
Hey, remember when I told you to stay out of my damn business! And what'd you do? Take a look at this and I'll burn this damn place down.
You hear me? By the time I got out there, the man was in his truck driving away.
What was the argument about? Leo said it was a misunderstanding.
The man's truck was sideswiped by a blue van, and he saw Leo's van, so Can you remember this man well enough to give us a sketch? I think so.
Having fun? Oh, loads.
You got a shooting Bradley Foster made Giusti leave town before he could scrub the place down.
ERTs are saying it's a DNA goldmine.
- What about prints? - Everywhere.
Now, did you ever look into Giusti's prison record? I know he did that stint at Graterford Correctional.
Does a cellmate by the name of Quan Lee - ring a bell? - No.
Well, he was busted by Philadelphia Vice.
They found about a dozen women, mostly Asian, locked in the back room of his massage parlor.
So Giusti learned a trade when he was doing time.
Looks like it.
Interpol has a file on Lee, and we've put stop notices on him.
So, hopefully we'll catch a break.
Interpol, huh? We could use some more manpower on this.
Feels a little big for just the two of us.
Well, send me what ERT finds, and I'll see what I can do.
I didn't do anything to Cutler.
I mean, why would I? Well, he called the Abuse Hotline on you; that sounds like a reason.
My dad died of bone cancer.
He's supposed to disinfect the room, not lie to the cops.
So that eyebolt we found in your father's bedroom with a chain attached, you know nothing about that? Maybe Cutler planted it.
How about the maggots we found in your father's mattress? Did he plant those, too? Oh, the old man didn't get out much.
He probably should've stopped by more.
You stopped by often enough to pick up his retirement checks.
Those were for groceries and stuff.
You chained your father to the bedroom wall and stole money from him.
Right now, I have enough to charge you with gross negligence - and fraud.
- And guess what else.
We've got your fingerprints inside his van.
Okay, I can explain that.
Hey, man.
- Who the hell do you think you are? - Excuse me? Some dirtbag detective just called me about how I'm treating my dad.
You're hauling trash yesterday, and today the police are calling from an anonymous tip.
How does that concern me? You were the only one inside that house.
I reported you, so what? Why don't you tell me what kind of man would chain his own father to a wall? That eyebolt was for a painting.
Behind the bed? A foot off the floor? You deserve whatever you get.
What else did you take out of my house, huh? Am I going to find some more evidence against me in here? What the hell is this? Get away from those! Hey, relax.
I don't want your crap.
Just stay the hell out of my business.
I guess he didn't listen to me because a couple of days later, the cops charged me.
And that's when I went over to his house.
Just wanted to give him a piece of my mind.
Must've been a short conversation.
What did the medals look like? Gold.
Gold? A little more descriptive? I didn't get a good look at him.
All right, where were you yesterday? Candy Girls.
It's a gentlemen's club on the west side.
I was there all day.
You can check it out.
I will.
Hey, Sam, let's make sure the criminal genius stays in custody till we can check out his alibi.
Well, none of the dancers who worked yesterday at Candy Girls are answering their phones.
What do you make of those medals? I don't know, some kind of sports memorabilia? We know he needs money.
He's always in other people's homes.
I don't know.
Maybe he's stealing.
Hannah and I are tight.
We met at a hiking trail near school.
So, this post that she put on the hiking message board about a romantic spot to take a new love-is is that you? No.
We're just buddies.
Any idea who it is? I don't think she's seeing anybody.
Jay, I thought you said you guys were tight? Yeah.
Tight as in I just bombed Western Civ.
How about you? You know? Like that.
That's all it was between you guys? I mean, you guys did talk every day? Maybe back when you were in college, guys only called girls to get laid.
Times changed, dude.
Yeah? Why did you stop calling her eight days ago dude? Look, I'm trying to get into this fraternity at school.
Lay pipe for the rest of my life.
And Hannah's carrying 30 hours? We we both got busy.
Too busy to send an IM, huh? Hannah made me promise to keep it quiet.
Barge into my house with this, making threats.
Who the hell are you? You don't need to know.
- Just get your damn stuff.
- No.
- Forget it.
I'm not going - You think I'm going patches? Nobody give you a choice.
I don't think he wanted to die, either.
Why don't you tell your people this is the last time? It's the last time when we say so.
Hannah? Shut that door! Look, Hannah went major emo on me after that.
She thought I should lose her number for a while.
Do you know if she asked her dad about what happened? They they just pretended like it never happened.
Did she know who the man was? No.
Right, so shooter comes to Leo's house and makes him clean up a hit, right? And it wasn't the first time.
All right.
Then Hannah stumbles in.
She sees the whole thing.
The shooter doubles back, and he tak them both out? Okay, I got it, I got it.
It happened the same night, okay? There was an outgoing call from the Cutler residence to an Arona Ruis? - Ruiz.
- Ruiz.
Yeah, Ruiz.
Let's see.
There was a DEA alert.
All right, here we go.
Arona Ruiz.
She's a middle level player in a drug cartel.
- Any bodies tied to her? - No.
I see a lot of charges, but she's never been prosecuted.
- And there's a DEA alert on her? - Yup.
Smells like a snitch.
My handler suggested this meeting, but I'm not comfortable.
Maybe you'd be more comfortable at FBI headquarters.
People see me going in that building, I'm dead.
Then let's get this over with real quick.
Who took Leo Cutler and his daughter? I don't have a clue.
I don't think the Attorney's going to be real happy that you weren't more helpful.
You know, old possession charges can easily find their way back into the system.
I know the terms of my deal.
You can't bring charges back from the dead.
All right.
How much? My two favorite words.
All right, fine.
Start talking.
Leo worked one job for me.
I'd seen him working, found out he was hard up for cash.
I guess his name got around.
I didn't send him that job.
Who did? I don't know, but Leo came back at me a few days later, looking for a favor.
What, are you turning into a stalker? I'm here for two things.
First, don't ever send a body to my house again.
- My daughter was there.
- That job didn't come from me.
I can't control what shows up on your doorstep.
A second? A second, I did your dirty work.
- Now I need a favor.
- I'm listening.
I need someone taken out.
Like on a date? 'Cause otherwise, I don't know what you're talking about.
What the hell.
What, you think I'm wearing a wire? You satisfied? - Yeah.
- Good.
I need a name.
Who got under your skin? It's a family thing.
I got to take care of it.
A family thing.
Go home to your wife.
Rent a movie.
You owe me.
You don't have what it takes to put me in your debt.
Look, I'm a good judge of people.
Whatever problem this is you're looking to solve, this isn't the way for you.
I didn't give him what he wanted, so he left.
You sure you don't know who the guy was that went to Cutler's house? Sounds like Alonso Santacruz.
Out of Newark.
But that's just a guess.
Can I have my money? You're going to have to sign a receipt.
- You got a minute? - Sure.
What's going on? I ID'd some of the women that Joe Justy held captive in that house.
At least half a dozen of them are current missing persons cases, and I expect to find more.
Sally Oliver, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Age 19.
Missing seven months.
Jamie Collins, Newport News, Virginia.
Age 23.
Missing three months.
What do you want me to do? I want to set up a task force under my supervision.
You know that Homeland Security is running point on, human trafficking if it involves terrorism.
Yeah, and when it's not terrorism, it's not a priority.
Look, you're talking about a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional operation.
- I mean, it's a logistical nightmare - I understand all that.
I just need for you to fight for this for me.
I'll make some calls.
This is ridiculous.
Leo didn't try to get someone killed.
Then perhaps this is about Hannah.
What about her? You said that your daughter was sheltered.
I'm thinking maybe she got involved with a boyfriend that treated her badly.
No, I told you, she wasn't involved with anyone.
Someone hurt her.
Who is it? Why are you asking me that? Because when I told you this was about Hannah, I saw you change.
Cutler, you have to listen to me.
People come here all the time, and they keep things from us, they get embarrassed or ashamed, or they think it doesn't matter.
Well, everything matters, okay? Everything.
I don't know what woke me, but a couple of nights ago I can't believe you, you promised! I'm going to help you.
I don't want your help! - No, Dad, just stop it! - We need to talk No, I want you to leave.
- Honey, I wanna help.
- I don't want your help, I made a mistake ever trusting you.
And you know what else? Giving me a medal that says I'm special doesn't make it true.
- I love you.
- Stay away from me.
- Just stay out! - Honey Leo, what's going on? I talked to Hannah, she wouldn't tell me what was going on so I pushed her.
I asked her if her dad had, you know She said "absolutely not".
What did Leo say? Hannah had a teacher who thought fat jokes were funny.
Leo wanted to confront him, Hannah said to just let it go.
Did you believe his story? I know with Leo cleaning up for those drug people, it doesn't look good, but he would never harm our daughter.
What about those medals Hannah mentioned? He gave her her first one ten years ago, after a third grade field day.
She didn't win anything.
She felt really bad, so Leo made her a medal.
It said "Best Foot Forward".
It became their thing.
For hikes, for grades, to cheer her up if she was having a bad day.
Leo found them tossed out with the rest of the trash in the van.
Hannah loved those medals, she would never throw them away.
You have to promise me you'll help me find them, the two of them.
They're my whole life.
What's your gut? I think this is a father who spent his entire life protecting his daughter, help her to feel good about herself, I don't see him hurting her, not in a million years.
Guys, we found Hannah's car inside of Travers State Park.
Blunt-force trauma is most likely the cause of death, based on blood loss at the scene, the ME thinks she was killed somewhere else, then moved here.
- Estimate of time of death? - No, it's too soon to say.
Keep me posted.
All right, bye.
We found this in one of Hannah's pockets, it's some kind of heavy paper or cardboard, I'm gonna run it over to forensics.
- Okay.
- All right? See ya.
The mother's in Interview One.
Okay one of us has got to tell her.
I know.
I don't mind doing it, do you want me to do it? She shouldn't hear this from a stranger, so I'll do it.
- Okay? - Okay.
No, no! That paper thing, it was a table display from a bar.
She probably stuck it in her pocket, then it went through the wash.
You've done that.
Right You don't wash suits.
Anyway, forensics plumped it up in their humidifier, air-dried it in their Easy-Bake, and voilà - That's it? - Give me a sec.
The program reads trace elements of the ink, fills it in like an Etch-A-Sketch.
All right, according to forensics, the boot prints found around Hannah's body belong to a male, five-nine to five-eleven.
Leo was five-ten and 175 pounds.
Could we take a little longer getting to a father killing his own child? Well, we could, but Mrs.
Cutler says where we found the body was Hannah and Leo's favorite hiking spot.
Well, guys, I think I got something.
It's a drawing.
You stop traffic! Does a pick-up line like that ever work? Guess you'll find out.
Here's the name of the bar where he drew it.
Do you recognize her? A lot of girls come through here.
They're not the ones putting a five in my boot.
She might have been with a guy who was drawing her a picture.
Oh, yeah, the chubbette It was weird; the guy she was with was totally out of her league.
Anyway, he borrowed my pen.
So you were really in my stats class? I sat behind you.
What a waste Come on, let's get a time machine and go back.
Yeah, right.
Now here's to the guy I should be thanking.
To Jay for finally giving me the Hannah-vision goggles.
Cut it out, man.
Thanks, Jay.
Sure, no problem.
The only thing I don't understand is what took you so long to introduce us.
I mean, you have the hots for her, right? What? You do? Come on, tell her.
This is your moment.
Sean's just messing around.
Yeah, I'm just I'm having a little fun with old Jay.
But not as much fun as we're going to have.
He said his name was Jay? Yeah.
That him? Yeah, that's the third wheel.
All right, thank you.
Jay, you didn't tell us the whole story.
I told about the hit men that came to their house.
You didn't tell us that Hannah had a crush on your friend.
I guess I forgot.
What's the matter? You embarrassed that you like a fat girl? - No.
- So you do like the fat girl? Well, that means your odds are pretty good because she's fat, right? So her options are limited.
No, it wasn't like that.
So how is it? Either you like the fat girl or you don't like Stop talking like that! What did you do to her? I talked to her.
We hung out, I treated her nice.
I really liked her.
Now we ran into Sean at the bar and when I saw she liked Sean, I got really upset.
He never even knew she existed.
Sean said women were bitches, we should teach her a lesson.
I had no idea it was going to turn out so bad.
It's okay I know what I'm doing.
You've probably done this a lot.
No, I I just I just meant Trust me You're going to have a great time.
I knew you'd be great.
Did he give the signal yet? Come on, Seany, don't let us down.
Come on Hannah, you're so beautiful That's it.
Ride that cow! Please stop I'm sorry Please The goal was to to ride her as long as possible.
Sean called it rodeo.
How long before you let her go? Maybe a minute.
She just she grabbed her clothes and ran out.
And did you go after her? I wanted to.
I wanted to tell her how sorry I was.
Her dad must have found out because he came to me and he wanted Sean's address.
Did you give it to him? Yeah.
I never wanted any of this to happen.
Will you please, when you find Hannah, tell her how sorry I am? Jay Hannah's dead.
Look, I'm I'm sorry if Hannah was upset by what happened, but you know how it is a bunch of guys in their prime, it gets crazy.
And I liked Hannah.
I wanted to show her a real nice time.
Is rape your definition of "a real nice time"? She totally consented.
She consented to cowbells and being restrained, and having a bunch of guys standing around yelling while they were timing it She consented to that? I didn't think a happy ending was a legal requirement.
Her father came looking for you because of what you did, and now he's missing and she's dead and you're in this up to your neck.
I think I'd better stop talking and call my dad He's an attorney.
Of course he is.
It's perfect.
Tell you what Why don't you call your daddy? I'm sure he'll fix it.
I'll have an agent bring you a phone.
We can't tie him to Hannah's body, he's gonna walk.
You should go back to the command post.
What are you planning? You don't wanna know.
Yes, I do, maybe I can help you.
- You want to help? - Yeah.
Okay, I want you to ply him with as much coffee, water, soda as possible, and when he needs to go to the bathroom, you call me.
What is it with guys like you who like to treat women like crap? What was it? "My mommy didn't love me"? "My daddy kicked my ass"? Or do you just simply enjoy humiliating women? So what is it? What's the what's the problem? I don't have a problem.
You like to hit little girls, do you? It's okay? You can't do this! I just did.
Okay, okay.
Come on! You'd better talk, you little bitch or I'm gonna drag you back in there! No Okay, listen, he he came after me just like you said.
What the hell you doing? Waiting for you, Sean.
Do I Do I know you? You know my daughter.
You know what you did to her? You know what you did? - Please, I can explain.
- Can explain it? You can explain it to me? You can explain how you ruined my baby? You ruined her! Okay, I'm sorry, okay? Why the hell are you still alive? Please don't shoot me, don't shoot me.
Don't kill me, please don't, okay? Okay, God God, no! Then he just he just picked up the gun and he and he left.
There is no way that he would let you walk.
Now what did you do with Leo? You're chocking me, please stop, please I'm working my way up to breaking your neck.
Stop, stop, okay, listen, okay He put down the gun and, and he threatened me.
I'm not gonna do it.
I love my daughter too much.
I'll let the police deal with you.
See how tough you are in prison.
And then I I loaded him into the car and I dumped him in an abandoned lot.
Where? Travis and Hamilton.
There's a there's a crack house next door.
Good boy.
Take a seat.
Come over here.
I've got him.
Get EMT quick.
Hey, Leo, this is Agent Delgado.
- Where are you hurt? - Stomach.
Help is coming, you'll be fine.
Cutler? We have more than enough evidence to convict Sean of your daughter's rape.
And of your shooting.
But there are some unresolved questions about your daughter.
Yes, of course.
She was found at the bottom of the Fox Run Trail.
There was a spot on the trail where on a clear day, you could see for almost two miles.
I know, your wife told, told us that that was your daughter's favorite place.
No matter how many times we hiked it, she always acted surprised.
She was always surprised by the view.
It's an unlikely place for someone to dump her body.
And the way we found her, perfectly placed.
It looked like someone took a lot of care putting her there.
When I found the medals in the trash, I knew something had happened to her.
I forced her to tell me and she made me swear not to tell her mother for the baby's sake.
Honey, honey, listen.
I decided that you were right.
It's up to you how to handle this.
Police, therapy.
- Whatever you want.
- Dad.
I'll follow your lead.
Wait, sweetheart.
I know you were angry with me the other night for telling you what you should do.
But I I just couldn't bear how he made you feel.
It's okay, Dad.
Really, it is.
You sure? Yeah.
Right now you know what I want? Name it.
I want a Cherry Coke and a six-inch grinder.
Turkey with everything.
Even onions? Yeah, onions, too.
I'll be back in less than 30 minutes.
No rush.
I love you, dad.
I love you, too, sweetheart.
Hannah? Hannah, come take the chain off the door.
Han Hannah? Hannah? Hannah? Sweetie? Do I look pretty? Oh, God, baby, what are you doing? Come on, we gotta get those pills out of you.
No, let go of me.
Listen, I'm gonna make it better, promise.
No! Don't you get it? All of them were right, I'm a fat, horrible pig! Sweetheart, don't say that about yourself.
Let me go! She was my little girl.
There was so much blood.
I know.
You cleaned up? I thought if I put her in the woods I couldn't let her mother find her like that.
I think you need to tell your wife that.
Could you ask her to come in here, please? Yes, of course.