Without A Trace s06e10 Episode Script

Claus and Effect

- Bye, Ruby.
- Next.
Hey, there, you must be - Jared.
- Yeah.
You don't look old enough to be Santa Claus? I've been on the move taking gift requests from you kids.
Studies do show that exercising slows down the aging process.
So, what do you want for Christmas, Jared? Nothing.
My parents just asked me to take a picture with you.
It's okay to wish for something.
I don't think I better.
They may be shutting the plant where my dad works.
How about if we just pretend for a second.
If you could have any present you wanted, what would it be? A camera, so I could take pictures of my brother poopy diapers.
Okay Okay.
That's not a picture I need to see, but I will work on a camera for you, okay? I'm making a list and checking it twice.
You got some mail.
Oh, I sure do.
What's a matter? Nothing Jared.
It's all good.
Smile - Hey.
- Hey.
So who we looking for? Exhibit A: one Santa hat.
Check the North Pole? I would have, but it melted.
The guy we're looking for is named Glen Beckett.
He goes to Holt College, he's 23, and he does, in fact, work as a Santa in a mall in White Plains.
Well, from the look of this place, he lives alone.
- Who called it in? - His boss.
He didn't show up to work yesterday, she freaked out and came here.
She found these.
There's six of them missing, Jack.
So Santa's packing heat? Yes, he is.
Two days ago he bought a.
38 from a pawn shop.
- What do the neighbors say? - Not much, he moved in six weeks ago, - he keeps to himself, that's it.
- It's always the quiet ones.
- What about the parents? - His dad died when he was four, his mom is on the way in to talk to us now.
Anything else? Exhibit C: I found this in the trash.
Take a look.
"I know what you did.
You're a dead man.
" It's not exactly your standard "Dear Santa" letter, is it? So what made you go looking for Glen when he didn't show up for work? Customers are Christmas shopping, I've got to have my Santa.
Right, but was there something that led you to believe he was in trouble? It just wasn't like him.
The guy's never even been late.
He's enthusiastic, reliable, tall.
If I may say so, he seems an unusual choice for for a Santa.
Not everyone grasps the boldness of my vision.
- About Santa? - About the mall.
Last month management hired me to upgrade this place, attract new shoppers, that meant bringing in a cutting edge, Do you know of anyone here that would want to threaten Glen? Of course not, people love him.
Except whoever wrote that note.
Now, he spends a lot of time around kids, has he ever been inappropriate? No way.
He's a totally standup guy.
I ran his background and everything.
So no one's ever filed a complaint? Well, not exactly, but a couple of days ago, he did have kind of a run-in.
Can you raise that corner a little bit up? - You got it all wrong.
- I don't have anything wrong.
You wanna touch me? - You do, you don't, you do, you don't.
- No, I'm sorry.
I Glen.
Spivak hi.
What was that all about? - What, you mean her? - Yes, Glen, her.
That was just just a misunderstanding.
Is she a customer, Glen? Because you can't be arguing with customers.
Spivak, she may come to you - and say things about me.
- What do you mean? - What kind of things? - Don't believe her, okay? Nothing she says is true.
I have to go.
I need to straighten this out.
I never heard from the woman, but I caught up with Glen later and I made him explain.
He said that he had broken up with her and that she had gotten mad about it.
What does she look like? Blonde, in her 30s, maybe, wearing a red and white sweater with mistletoe and the words "Merry Christmas", woven in to it with green yarn.
You seem to remember that sweater pretty clearly.
That's eye level for me, thanks for bringing it up.
So far no luck ID'ing the woman that Glen fought with at the mall.
- How about the phone records? - Nothing.
He could have been lying about her being an old flame.
We should stick with the pervert angle.
Martin and Elena are at the mall right now and so far everybody is telling them that Glen's a great guy.
I don't know, there's something strange about a grown man wanting that job.
Come on, Jack, a cultural icon? - Santa Claus? - Oh, yeah? Look at his profile: an old fat man with a fixation on prepubescent children, and wants to know if they've been naughty or nice, and forget about the visual imagery.
Lugging around a sack, sliding down chimneys and hanging out with elves, come on.
It's a dark world you live in.
I just call them like I see them.
Well, I think it's about money.
Glen deposited 60 grand in his account in the last two weeks.
That's a lot of money for a 15-buck-an-hour Santa.
That'd explain the note and the gun.
- You should track the money.
- All right.
My son had a gun? Yeah, do you know why he would need one? I don't know.
Do you know where he'd get $60,000 from? I'm sure there must be a logical explanation.
All right, what can you tell us about the women in your son's life? That's not something the two of us discussed.
How about problems at his job? Did you discuss that at all? - His job? - Yeah, his job.
At the mall? In White Plains? Glen works at a mall? Doing what? He's a Santa Claus.
That that's ridiculous.
I take it he didn't mention this to you.
Well, the truth is, we had fallen out of touch.
Okay, when was the last time you saw Glen? About a month ago.
Once I learned he dropped out of school, I I I tracked him down to this horrible apartment.
What are you doing here? I could ask the same thing of you.
I spoke to Professor McNeil, Glen.
How could you just quit? I guess I wrote one algorithm too many.
That's not an adequate explanation.
What explanation would satisfy you, mom? How about a real one? I used to get lost in the beauty of numbers, the randomness, the symmetry.
I thought I could solve any problem with an equation.
Most of the time you can.
But what if the solution creates new problems? Worse problems? Glen, think about what we've worked towards all these years.
You could be the next Crick.
You could be the next Hawking.
Maybe I don't want to be.
Okay, so what is your plan exactly? I'll get a job I guess I don't know, I'll figure something out.
Honey, listen to yourself.
You can't throw your future away, I won't let you.
You are going to do big things.
Maybe I don't want to do big things.
Maybe I want to do small things.
It's just inconceivable to me that he would abandon his studies.
He had a fellowship at MIT at 16.
He finished his first PhD at 19.
He was the winner of the Boris Klepper Award.
The Boris Klepper Award? You mentioned a Dr.
Who is he? He's the head of the math department at Holt College.
They were doing research together.
So this argument you had, is that the last time that you spoke to your son? I just thought if I gave him some time He has such a gift.
I just wanted him to make the most of it.
Maybe I should have listened more.
How's the slideshow? Endless.
Have you talked to Glen's school? Yeah, I just spoke to them.
They said he's the star of the math department.
Published in six different journals, a guest lecturer at Oxford, full scholarship.
I mean, why would this guy quit? Well, if I was in college from the age of 11, I'd probably want a change of pace.
Yeah, but to become a mall Santa? Probably trying to get in touch with the childhood he never had.
Yeah, well, I wanna know how he got in touch with that 60 grand.
Look at this I think she's got something to do with it.
That's why they were arguing at the mall.
It's the same ugly-ass sweater.
Got a name.
She ordered prints.
I admit it.
I took a picture with him.
A picture? As in one? Or two? Or three.
You know, they take on this Penthousevibe.
Clearly you were sharing more than holiday spirit.
What can I say? It was a slow Sunday at Santa's village.
Until you and Glen got into a screaming match.
Then the following day, he goes missing.
I didn't have anything to do with that.
Then what's the story with the pictures? Glen is young.
He's cute.
Plus, I kind of have this thing for men in red suits.
That's new.
I try not to think about the deeper meanings, it's too disturbing.
So you and Glen were having a relationship? No.
We just took these pictures and he seemed to be into it, so I made him an offer.
I thought we were on the same page.
But he shot me down.
Would you please stop? You are so fired.
- I just want to talk to you.
- I'm gonna find your boss and I'm going to tell them that you groped me.
But I didn't.
Please please don't do that.
Look, I just misinterpreted things.
No, you didn't.
You led me on.
I bet it was just a big joke to you, huh? Let me make a fool out of myself.
I was just trying to be respectful.
Respectful? Oh, is that how you see me? As your elder? No.
No, it's not that.
I just want to be the best Santa I can be.
You know, make people happy.
You actually believe that? That you're making people happy? Yes, I do.
I am.
Well, then what happens after Christmas? What happens to all the happy people then, hmm? I'll tell you what: they all go back to their same lousy lives and nothing you can do is going to change that.
That's true.
Maybe I need to do more.
Do more what? I'm not sure.
Something more substantial.
I'm sorry, but I'll kill you, you son of a bitch! Security! We need security! So Glen was attacked by a big fat Santa Claus? It was actually kind of hot.
Did you know the second Santa, intimately or otherwise? That was uncalled for.
Is that a yes or a no? I've never met him before.
Well, do you remember him well enough to give us a sketch? Do I get to keep a copy? What are the chances of her identifying Bad Santa from a mug book? It depends how bad he really is.
The way she tells it, Glen seemed to know this guy.
Maybe it was a professional rivalry, you know, like an East Coast, West Coast Santa kind of thing.
Did we show the sketch to the mall manager? She didn't recognize him.
Glen's the only Santa that works out of the Braeburn Mall.
Maybe this guy plies his trade elsewhere.
I don't suppose that there's a Santa union.
I wish.
We're going store to store in the surrounding area.
How many of the beloved icons are there? Is that "huh" as in you know his name? He was here two days ago.
He looks kind of like Santa Claus.
Yeah, I know he does, but he's a real guy.
Now did you see him or not? Maybe on a Christmas card.
A really ugly one.
Happy holidays.
- Yeah? - Any luck? Absolutely nothing.
Just a bunch of wisecracks about Saint Nick, right? Pretty much.
Me, too.
All right, I'll keep fishing.
Hey, any luck out there? We're not ID'ing Bad Santa, but it turns out that Glen was seen at a computer store here the day he was missing.
He was using a demo laptop.
Well, I'll send tech out to look at it.
Well, it's been sold and the guy that bought it paid cash.
So there's no way we gonna be able to figure out who he was.
Well, we may have caught a break.
Neighbors say a black SUV's been dropping Glen off at his building every night for the past two weeks.
- Who was driving? - No one saw.
- The windows were blacked out.
- Well, two weeks? That's when the money started showing up in his account, right? Well, not only that, but Glen was barely ever home.
It's like he finished his Santa shift and then he went somewhere else until the SUV dropped him off, it's weird.
Let me go check surveillance tapes at security, maybe the SUV was picking him up from here.
Glen is the finest student I've ever had.
Do you have any idea what could have happened to him? No, that's what I'm trying to figure out.
Do you have any idea why he quit? He was very vague about it, to be honest.
It's probably a case of burnout.
His girlfriend may have been a factor too.
Wait, wait.
He had a girlfriend? Yeah, I believe her name was Zoe.
We never actually met.
But she was his first proper relationship.
She left him He seemed quite devastated.
Right before he went missing he came in to a large sum of money $60,000 to be exact.
Do you know where he got it? No, but there are a lot of temptations for a young man like Glen.
I I tried to remind him of that, the last time I saw him.
Professor, I I just wanted to say "hi" before I hit the road.
Well, now you've achieved your goal.
I appreciate everything you've done for me.
Then why couldn't you stay around long enough to see this project through? I've had to find new people, push back the delivery date probably.
I mean, you've really put me on the spot.
I'm sorry, sir.
I really am.
Why did you come here, Glen? I don't want you to be mad at me.
So why are you doing this? I'm just really confused right now.
I don't think I've ever felt confused before.
But what's the source of your confusion? Let's talk about it and maybe figure something out.
I just need to think through this on my own.
I haven't done enough of that.
Well, this is your home, Glen.
There's always a place for you here.
Good-bye, Professor.
Bear in mind that you did sign a confidentiality agreement.
- You can't talk about the work.
- Yeah, I know that.
The real world is nothing like the world of academia, Glen.
Be careful.
I will.
So why did you tell him to be careful? Glen has a brilliant mind, but he's very naive in the ways of the world.
There are a lot of people courting him, some of whom didn't have his best interests at heart.
Which people? From the private sector, governments, think tanks, you know, the collective maw that devours the best and the brightest.
Did you ever see him with anyone in a black SUV? No, not that I recall.
Okay, now, this project you were working on, can you tell me a little bit about that? I'm afraid I'm bound by the same confidentiality agreement that he is.
Doctor, I'm asking you because it could be directly related to why he's missing.
Look, I'd really like to help you, but I'm afraid I can't.
I'm sorry.
Brian, it's Samantha Spade again.
I just I really need you to get back to me about signing the waiver of paternity.
I'd prefer to take care of this without having to come to your apartment and freak out your girlfriend again.
So Look, I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass, okay? I just I wanna get this done Merry Christmas.
I don't usually hear "a pain in the ass" and "Merry Christmas" so close together.
Family thing.
Look, I got an ID on Glen's ex-girlfriend off his phone records from school.
It's a Zoe Fuller, psych major.
Has he talked to her recently? Well, we're gonna bring her in and find out.
Well, listen, no one at Holt will talk about the project, but based on the donor lists, all the grants to the math department came from a company called Lithicorp, so I'm thinking they could be the sponsor of the project.
What does this Lithicorp do? Amongst other things, big defense contracts.
So maybe somebody grabbed him to find out about the project.
Yeah, or they wanted him to work on something of their own.
Did you check all the other numbers on his phone records? Recruiters are calling him every day.
You know, if a recruiter wanted him badly enough, that could explain the 60 grand.
So we've found surveillance video at the mall from four days ago, and it has Glen getting picked up by the black SUV.
Now you wanna see who's driving? Russell Biven, Special Agent Malone, this is Special Agent Delgado.
Where is Glen Beckett? Who's that? How about that? Not only is Santa real, but there are two of them.
Look, I gave the guy a lift.
Every day for two weeks.
All of a sudden Glen's got 60 grand in the bank.
How is that? Well, you got me hanging.
Right, so you pick him up from the mall and then, what? You might as well bring out the water board, man.
I'm done talking.
I tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna pitch it to the DA like this: you got Glen, wide-eyed young guy, you rope him into some kind of scam, something goes wrong, you kill him.
No, look, you guys got it all wrong, it was his scam, - he came to me.
- For what? I was the Braeburn Santa the last two years.
So I head in to report for duty, right? Run into Glen, leaving the mall wearing Christmas red because some dwarf changed the game plan.
Skinny kid playing old Saint Nick? It flies in the face of tradition, man.
Now, I'm parked in front of a drugstore ringing a bell.
It's friggin' humiliating.
I'm sorry What does this have to do with Glen? He felt bad about acing me out.
So he invited me over for a drink.
Kids loved me, man, they loved me.
Well, I'm sure they still do.
You're just the victim of a changing marketplace.
You got that right.
The one time I got job security from being old and fat I have a proposition, something that'll make things even.
Have any more of this? You ever been to the blackjack tables in Atlantic City? I played a hand or two, lost.
Here's the thing: I wrote a card-counting algorithm that basically predicts what card is coming up based on what's been dealt.
Why are you a mall Santa again? I did something bad and I'm trying to make up for it.
It's a long story.
The point is I need a partner.
I can't count cards.
My memory's shot - all the dope.
- I would do the counting.
Then what do you need me for? Well, I play and bet low till we hit the probability shift.
Then I give you the sign.
And you bet high.
We make a bunch of money and split it 50/50.
You ever done this before? Oh, trust me, it'll work.
If there's one thing I know it's numbers.
We raked in the dough.
After a while, the casino got wise, so we took our act to the underground card clubs.
What bad thing did Glen do exactly? I didn't know.
I didn't care either because his plan worked.
Everything was going great until three nights ago.
Glen was just playing his nickel-and-dime game, doing his thing.
That was the signal.
Can I get in? So I bet the farm.
Yes! Glen came through as usual.
And that's when things went south.
I wonder if I might have a word.
This guy Armand own the place.
He had his two linebackers work me over until I told them why it was I kept winning.
Does Armand have a last name? He didn't exactly introduce himself.
Did you give up your partner? Hell, yeah, I gave him up, he left me high and dry.
That'd explain why you opened up the can of whupass on him in the mall.
I was the least of his worries.
He had Armand coming after him.
So Russell Biven just ID'd a guy from the club as Armand Chamousekis.
There's a lot of assault charges here.
He's a loan shark.
He owns at least four underground card clubs in Manhattan alone.
Okay, well, we'll stake him out.
He's bound to show up in one of them.
I don't think Armand is our guy.
Oh, you think that Santa's lying to us? Listen, Glen said that he did a bad thing before he started gambling, so I'm thinking that's the reason why he's missing.
Maybe Zoe Fuller knows what it is.
So he never said anything about a bad thing that he did? I dated Glen for three months, he didn't do bad things.
He's the sweetest, most genuine person I've ever met in my life.
Well, somehow he went from being that guy to dropping out of school and ripping off card clubs, so All that happened after we broke up.
Okay, now, what about this project that he's working on? Did Did he talk to you about that at all? He wasn't supposed to.
I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with what happened to him.
Zoe, you should let us determine that.
He wanted to open up and share his world with me.
He was really excited about it.
So the rationale for a specially prioritized resource constraints was found in simplex methods pivoting model.
Now I realized, finally, if the GP algorithm optimized the same set of constrained resources as the LP algorithm Am I making any sense to you? Well, duh, the priority configurations would stay the same, right? Yes.
That's right, that's amazing.
I just read it off the board, genius.
McNeil and I made this process into a software application, and Lithicorp is unveiling it at their annual shareholders meeting in December.
Lithicorp? Like Global Affiliated Manufacturing Lithicorp? Yep.
It's gonna be a black tie event, all the free pigs in blankets you could want.
Do you want to go with me or? So this says that configured down to 400? Yeah, right, right.
Now Now this priority structure can be configured from any particular GP model.
There are 4.
000 workers at the Global Affiliated factory in Bloomington, is that what you mean by units? Yeah, technically, yes.
Well, then technically, these people are gonna lose their jobs.
This is about downsizing, right? Well it's about creating a model for increased efficiency.
I grew up in Bloomington.
I know the people that work there, people with kids, they'll be devastated.
You're gonna destroy their lives.
Come on, I'm just a mathematician.
These people aren't just numbers, did you even think about that for a second? You're not leaving, are you? I just need some time to think.
After that, we weren't the same.
When was that? Maybe six weeks ago.
Did you see him after you broke up? No, I couldn't.
I knew it would be too hard for the both of us.
Glen quit school a week after his girlfriend Zoe left him.
So because he felt bad about putting people out of work, he he signs up to be Santa? It's a half-ass way of saving thousand of people's jobs.
Well, he did tell Donna that he felt like he had to do more.
- Ripping off casinos? - I don't know.
Look, I think he finally figured out that his talents were more profitable at the card table than in the classroom.
Hold on.
All right.
The stakeout at the card club just spotted Armand.
Glen Beckett took 20K from you.
He's missing now Sorry.
Doesn't ring a bell.
We're just gonna have to sit here until it does.
I don't even know who we're talking about.
We're doing a handwriting analysis of a note that you left him.
You find my prints on the note? Didn't think so.
I have about a half-dozen NYPD squad cars sitting outside your club with their lights flashing.
I can keep them there indefinitely.
Maybe I can save us both some time and offer you a hypothetical.
I love hypotheticals.
Well, if Glen had owed me money, then hypothetically, I'd have some guys pick him up so we could discuss it.
I think you guys broke a rib dragging me into the van.
I would have come willingly if they had asked me.
Doesn't work like that.
What's the angle with the suit? I work at the mall.
I'm the Santa there.
Like little kids tell you what they want for Christmas? Best job I've ever had, hands down.
Which is weird because that's not the way I grew up.
Merry Christmas! Okay, well, what is on our list? Well, weed wackers - they're gonna be on sale.
- Look, it's Santa! - Look at the mall.
- Glenny, no.
Don't be fooled by manufactured sentimentality designed to increase consumer spending.
- What about Santa? - Come on, let's go.
But mom, wait Then, a month ago, I was wandering and my life had lost focus.
And as soon as I saw it, I knew what I had to do.
Honestly, it's been the best three weeks of my life.
Are you retarded? You asked me about my suit.
I want my money, not your E! True Hollywood Story.
Well, I don't need your money.
I realized buying presents for kids wasn't going to be enough.
So I sabotaged the downsizing program I wrote and probably saved thousands of jobs.
For the first time in my life I feel like I can make a difference.
After this, I'm gonna find Zoe and see if I can win her back.
There is no "after this".
Even if you give me my money back, you're not walking out of here.
Hold on.
Let me go and I'll give you the system I use to count cards.
It's a good deal.
I got 20K off you in three days, right? The kid was nuts, but he had a point.
So you took the deal? In theory, we came to an agreement.
I gave him his gun back and dropped him off at his building.
You have any witnesses that can corroborate this story, hypothetically, of course? There was some guy waiting for Glen at his place, he seemed to know the kid.
Description? brown hair, kinda uptight-looking.
Is that the guy? Yeah.
That's the guy.
You said the last time you saw him was when he quit, - you lied.
- I told you the truth.
McNeil, the day Glen disappeared, he went to a computer store and logged on to the university server.
We tracked his movements to the Lithicorp files.
He sabotaged your program.
That made you mad, didn't it? The program is fine, you can look for yourself.
McNeil, we know you went to his apartment last night.
And you know what? - I think you killed him.
- I didn't touch Glen.
Okay, then what did you do? I just talked to him, that's all.
Don't spare a word.
Merry Christmas Glen? I ran a function test on the program, and found the altered code.
I know it was you who put it there.
I did what had to be done.
I restored the program with a backup.
It's been delivered as planned.
What happened to you? We worked on this project for three years.
It's a great success.
Creating a program that crushes working families isn't my idea of success.
Downsizing is an easy and unoriginal solution.
Oh, for God's sake.
Don't throw your life away based on some sophomoric obsession.
I can't do things without considering the consequences anymore.
I won't.
I'm done.
Do you know how many laws you've broken? Trespassing, destroying university property there's two, for starters.
Look, the last thing I want to see is you wasting your talents in a jail cell.
What do you want? We can forget about this whole thing.
You belong at the department.
I tell you what.
I'll think about coming back to the department, but I'm gonna need the access code to the university server.
The Lithicorp program has been delivered, I told you, it's gone.
I understand that.
This is something else I need to finish.
If I give you the code, you'll come back? Definitely think about it.
I gave Glen the code.
I haven't seen or heard from him since.
Why give Glen access to the server after what he did? I was willing to take that chance.
What Glen needed was an opportunity to come back.
- It's the best thing for him.
- No, it was the best thing for you.
You need Glen because without Glen there's no breakthroughs, and without breakthroughs there's no grants, Dr.
Look, I just want him to come back.
I'm still hoping he will.
I swear, I'd never hurt him.
Glen used the code to access the math department server for almost two hours.
What was he working on? Tech is still digging, but we know he didn't sabotage the Lithicorp program cause that being used at a presentation at the shareholder's meeting tonight.
You think Glen might be going to this meeting? We have an APB out on him.
I'll notify security.
Shots fired at the Donovan Hotel.
Someone matching Santa's description was spotted fleeing the scene.
Excuse me.
Special Agent Delgado, Taylor, FBI.
Brad Harris, chairman of Lithicorp.
What happened here? My company is hosting an event tonight.
I arrived early, thought I'd settle in first.
But there was this young woman.
Welcome, Mr.
Harris, merry Christmas.
Well, Merry Christmas to you.
We are raising money for a very important cause tonight.
Well, let's see what we can do to help you.
All right, well, if you could just - Who are you? - My name is Glen Beckett, I worked on the program you present tonight, and I'm here to tell you there's an alternative.
This GP model converts all linear constraints, yet achieves an optimal LP solution.
You'll see, I swear.
What is this? You can keep the factory open in Bloomington, increase productivity by 50%, and there's something about a more efficient exporting system that will open a new revenue stream.
Please, just look at the flash drive.
I'm not taking anything from you.
Look, I don't know what this is about, but it's extremely inappropriate.
What are you doing?! Are you crazy? I need him to look at this.
Okay, somehow this isn't as terrible as it seems.
What?! He just want you to look the program, that's it.
And the gun the gun it's actually, it's a fake.
I'm I'm sorry.
Please, look at the program.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you for your time.
And they were gone.
What did you think of Glen's plan? It's too soon to draw any conclusions.
Look, I I can't talk about business right now.
I was just held at gunpoint.
We're gonna need that flash drive.
What for? Evidence.
If you're going to be pressing charges, we're gonna have to deal with this like any other case.
He held me at gunpoint.
You mentioned that.
Thank you.
- Hey, genius, how's it going? - I owe you five bucks.
I told you, there's no way you gonna figure this out.
Yeah, you did, and I got a headache trying.
Elena, what do you got? The bank called to say that Glen withdrew his $ 60.
000 two hours ago.
So they probably went on the run.
I don't think he'd go on the run.
I mean, this guy, he's a - a problem solver.
- He hasn't been lately, everything he's done to try and stop that program has failed.
You're right, but where would he go? Taylor.
- Agent Taylor? - Yeah.
This is Glen Beckett, I found your card on my door.
I want to turn myself in.
Danny Taylor, FBI.
Come on in.
I'm gonna need your gun.
Sorry, I tossed it in the Hudson.
Look, for what it's worth, I believe you were trying to do the right thing, and I don't think you deserve this.
Bringing the gun was a mistake.
Bringing the gun was a mistake.
I wanted to have a positive impact on the world, but I managed to do more harm than good.
I told all these kids to dream a little.
But now they'll be disappointed.
What? You still have the 60K, right? Hey, Jared.
Here you go.
I can't believe it.
Hey! Why'd you handcuff Santa? Actually Santa handcuffed me, I was a bad boy this year and You can uncuff him now.
- Really? - Yeah, it's fine.
Glen Merry Christmas, okay? Thanks.
All right, what's going on? Brad Harris downloaded half of Glen's program.
I guess he liked what he saw.
So he's not gonna press charges? No, and it's okay with the US attorney.
I guess it's the spirit of the season.
- Kind of looks like fun.
- Yeah, it does.
Second shift is up in an hour.
Here you go.
You can get changed in the men's room.
You got the wrong guy.
I don't even like Christmas.
Jack, where's your Christmas spirit? Give me the damn suit.
Shut up.