Without A Trace s06e13 Episode Script

Hard Reset

Previously on Without A Trace I wanna set up a task force under my supervision.
You know that Homeland Security is running point on human trafficking.
I just need for you to fight for this for me.
- FBI, freeze! - Hands in the air! I'm a policeman, and I'm here to help you.
Jen's well, she's not doing so well.
Nobody else is getting through to her.
You have to help her.
What kind of john are you? It was my first time really.
Is this him? That's him.
NYPD released him 45 minutes ago.
Well, I was gonna ask you how things went with Jen Long.
I lied to her.
I told her her life was gonna get better.
She's 13 years old, Jack.
What else were you gonna tell her? Without A Trace - Season 6 Episode 13 - A Bend In The Road - We got a search warrant for a Marion Avenue medical clinic.
It's run by a Dr.
Douglas Kapel.
Now, we're going in heavy with full armor and SWAT.
A lot of firepower for some doctors and nurses.
Well, Angela Richter confirmed that an abortion doctor here was working with the human traffickers.
Giving abortions to sex slaves you can't get any lower than that, can you? - What are the warrants for, Viv? - All the computers, medical files and electronic storage devices.
Kapel said he can lead us to this Franklin Romar? That's the idea.
And how do you want us to handle civilians in the clinic? Everyone's to be interviewed and put through the system.
No one is to be released without positive ID.
We let Romar slip through our fingers already, so Sam, do we have a 20 on Jack? I keep e-mailing him, calling him.
So far I haven't heard back.
Well, we can't afford to wait.
FBI! FBI, get on the ground! Get on the ground! Now! - Turn around! - Get on the ground! FBI.
Open up! What's going on? This is harassment, handcuffing me in front of my patients like a common criminal.
Well, let's talk about your distinguished career as an abortionist.
It's a small part of my practice, and last time I checked, it's still perfectly legal.
Not the way you do it.
Tell me about this guy.
I can't tell you people any more than I already have.
You've told me nothing.
I told the other guy.
What other guy? I don't remember his name.
When was this guy here? Yesterday.
What did he look like? Tall, dark, really short hair.
I'm afraid I don't recognize him.
His name's Joe Giusti.
Well, sorry.
I wish I could help you.
I think you can.
Well, even if he was associated with one of my patients, there are confidentiality issues.
I know what you do.
Girls get pregnant.
Joe Giusti brings them in.
No consent forms, no questions asked.
Just as long as they pay double the going market rate.
I think you better leave.
Not until I get what I came for.
Get off me! These girls were forced into prostitution, some of them children, - I don't know anything about that.
- Where's Joe Giusti? I never met him, I swear.
Who brought the girls in here? Different guys every time.
I don't know who they are.
I want the names of the girls! Hold on, look.
It was all done after hours off the books.
Yes, I know of multiple procedures, which would mean that even you would keep record just to keep track of what you've done.
Now, you've got three seconds to tell me what I wanna know.
I might've kept some notations.
I want them.
If I didn't do what they said, they were gonna kill me.
Give me the damn files.
I gave him everything I had.
That counts for something, right? You gave him all of your files? I kept them in the safe.
How many of them were there? A dozen, maybe more.
Well, I'm gonna need all the names of those girls.
Why don't you ask Agent Malone? Because I'm asking you.
Hey, Viv.
It's kind of weird, but one of nurses I interviewed said that Jack was at the clinic.
Did you know anything about that? Not until today.
Look, I need for you to check out these names that Kapel gave me, see if any of them show up as missing persons.
Joanie, blonde, 25? Yvette, black? Most of these are just partial names with descriptions.
Look, it's all we got, okay? I'll see what I can do.
Any location on Jack? He's still not in and he's not answering his cell.
What about the motor pool? Yeah, his Crown Vic left the garage yesterday at 1:42 p.
Hasn't been back since.
Son of a bitch.
Listen, maybe Kapel lied about Jack to throw up some dust.
What? Roughing up witnesses, seizing files without a warrant? No.
- That sounds like Jack.
- Viv, he knew about the raid.
Why wouldn't he just wait? We might get in his way.
Nice haircut.
Low maintenance.
I hear you got a line on an abortion doctor.
I'm running the affidavit for Warren as we speak.
Talk about the art of making evidence sound more rock solid than it is.
Any of it lead to Joe Giusti? Some.
You going after him? Not now.
I mean, he's a verified player, but I'm aiming for the top of the food chain: Franklin Romar.
Yeah, but if you get Giusti, maybe you can get him to turn.
He'll give you Romar.
"If" maybe Fact is, nobody's turned on Romar yet.
Giusti is your best bet, considering how far away you are from bringing in Romar.
I'll try not to take that personally.
That's not exactly what I meant.
What is this? I saw Jen Long.
hear me? I don't want you here! Just get out of here! I don't want you here! Why'd you have to bring me back? Why? Giusti raped her.
I'm familiar with the details, Jack.
It's my case.
I wanna be able to give this girl something.
It's been eight months and we've got nothing.
We get Romar, he'll bring in everybody else.
That's the best bet.
Now, I need to know that you got my back on this.
You do.
What? I could do with some extra bodies.
Let me look into it.
Man, I should've known.
He was hell-bent on bringing in Joe Giusti.
What are we supposed to do? Sit around until he waltzes back in here with our evidence? Listen to me for a second, okay? If he was gonna go out on his own, he would've cleared his schedule for today, but he hasn't.
He's got meetings back to back to back.
I'm telling you, something's not right.
- Are we sure it's Jack's? - Yeah.
PD ran the plates and the VIN against motor pool records, so it's definitely Jack's car.
They called us when they realized what they had.
Has anybody opened the trunk? They're waiting for us.
Go ahead and pop that, please.
Sergeant, we're gonna need your men to do a full canvas of the scene.
And get as many of your units down here as you can spare.
- We're on it.
- Thanks.
I can't believe this.
I know.
Let's go talk to our witness.
I'm Agent Johnson, this is Agent Taylor.
We're with the FBI.
How much longer y'all gonna be down here? Why, are you in a rush to see us leave? I live in the building across the street.
Your sirens keep me awake.
Probably keeps the customers away, too.
Yeah, what customers is that? I don't know.
Dockworkers, construction guys.
Probably hard to sell junk when there's cops around.
I don't know what you're talking about, a'ight? I just want my siesta.
So, what? A half hour? Did you see who torched that car? I don't know.
You know, with all this time, my memory's starting to fade.
- You know what, Agent Taylor? - Yes, Agent Johnson.
If we don't get any answers from him, we're gonna have to talk to all his neighbors.
- All of them.
- I mean that could take - a couple of days? - Weeks.
- Yeah, weeks, right? - Weeks.
I saw this guy drive up.
Next thing I know, this place is crawling with police.
How long ago was that? I don't know, about an hour.
Now this guy that got out of the car, what did he look like? Skinny white guy, you know, dark hair.
Is this him? I don't know.
I didn't get a good look at him.
Look closer! Yeah.
That's him.
Okay, here's what we know so far.
Jack hasn't been seen by anyone since yesterday afternoon.
We know that he took those files from the abortion doctor to find the girls.
And we know that Romar somehow got hold of his car and torched it.
If Jack found Romar through those files, he's doing a lot better than I am.
With only partial names and aliases, - all I'm finding are dead ends.
- Can I say this? Jack would have called us if he was close to Romar.
He's not stupid enough to take this guy alone, so Well, the lab is trying to salvage the memory from the GPS in his car.
Hopefully, we'll be able to backtrack from where the car was burnt to where he was before that.
Viv, what's the deal with Robert Newton? Well, he was the lawyer who represented the madam from the brothel that we raided in Queens.
Why? 'cause we know Romar placed a call near the Holland Tunnel, so I cross-referenced the calls from the nearest cell tower with the numbers in your case file and it turns out that Robert Newton received a call at 10:01 this morning.
- From who? - Looks like a burner phone, but this is way too big of a coincidence.
This must be the guy that Romar called.
I've been on my phone half the day, but I don't know who this is.
You know her.
Sharon Brooks.
We arrested her in queens last year.
She was running point on Romar's human trafficking operation.
Human trafficking? My my client was charged as an accessory to solicitation, charges she will be acquitted of at trial.
Well, assuming she shows up.
We've been trying to reach her all day, she's nowhere to be found.
Yes, Ms.
Brooks was released on her own recognizance.
She's not required to be at your beck and call.
Franklin Romar was your client's boss.
Do you represent him, too? What's the point of that question? It's that if he killed agent Malone, he's looking at lethal injection.
Sir, we know that he called you at 10:01 this morning.
If you're helping Mr.
Romar, that makes you an accomplice in a capital offense.
Do you know that? Yeah.
Do you really want to tell us that you've never seen him before? Okay, I have seen him.
The worst part is over now.
They'll take you down to central booking.
I'll have you out of there by the end of business, but do not say a word to anyone, - you understand? - Okay.
That was the only time I've ever seen this man.
I thought he was a John.
Then why did he call you today? He didn't.
You said that's a call routed to my phone from Holland Tunnel cell tower.
I have a dozen clients who live or work around there.
One of them must have made the call.
So you won't mind if we look at your records to get their names.
You want to invade my privacy, you get a warrant.
Now, if there's nothing else, you've wasted enough of my time.
I can get a warrant for Newton's cell phone, but I don't think it's going to do any good.
Don't waste your time.
Romar's not stupid enough to use anything but a burner phone.
It'll just be another dead end.
Martin, Jack has been gone for a long time.
I know.
Looked all over the place for her.
She didn't make it back to her house.
You need to find out what she told him.
What we need to do is figure out what we're gonna do with his body.
We're still reassembling the GPS memory on agent malone's car, but I managed to get the last two hours of memory cleaned up enough to analyze.
See where the dots end? It's here the GPS stopped working, near the tunnel.
Okay, what are all these points here? Pause points, spots where the GPS wasn't in motion.
So Jack stopped at all of these points in the last two hours? Probably just traffic lights.
Let me clear any stop below five minutes.
What's the longest stop? Can you give me an exact location? Latitude 40.
7 degrees north - Lucy, I need an address.
- I know, hang on.
- 1417 Bloomfield Street.
- Thank you.
Martin, we got something.
What's that smell? Oranges.
Reminds me of something.
So, where were we? You were telling me that time would pass, and I'd feel better.
Sounds like such a platitude when you put it that way.
You meant well.
I saw Todd Fowler out on the street.
No, it's not possible.
I did.
No, he's dead.
I saw it with my own two eyes.
He's dead.
But I didn't see him dead.
I was still in that cage and Now I see him everywhere.
And that other one Joe.
It's like he's inside my head.
I'm looking at him even when I'm not.
Jen, I told you: no one will ever hurt you again.
How can you be sure? As long as he's out there, how can you be sure? How can I be sure? Isn't it time for you to go? Any luck with finding out who owns the building? Actually no, the factory has been abandoned for ten years.
It changed hands three years ago and all of the tax and loan documents point back to these two dummy corporations, so You know, I'm still digging, but Hello! Agent Johnson.
No, I'm afraid he's not here right now.
Can I help you? Yeah.
Yvette Joseph? Well, could you hold her there? I can be over there in about 15 minutes.
Jack found one of Dr.
Kapel's clients yesterday, she's at an immigration detention center.
I'm gonna head over there now.
You're not in trouble, Miss Joseph.
He said that he would help me.
Well, why did he promise you that? What did you tell him? I haven't seen that man.
Are you sure? Yes.
I know this must be difficult for you How about this guy? Miss Joseph, I'm not sure at this point whether you want to stay in this country or not.
I have no home to return to.
My family They would not understand.
Then I'll make sure that you can stay here.
He came to the places where we met men for sex, but they moved us around all the time, I don't know where he is now.
Well, what about all these others? Did you ever hear of them call each other by name? Did they talk about where they were from, what they did, anything? The boss lady Sharon Brooks.
I don't know her name, but there was a party at an apartment.
She took me to it.
Where was this party? We drove away from the city, down on Henry Street.
I remember because it reminded me of Henri Christophe.
He was the king of Haiti a long time ago.
What do you remember about the apartment? There was There was a tailor on the corner.
And the building had a blue door.
Will that help you? Yes I think so.
Any luck finding that apartment? Well, I found two tailors on the corners of Henry Street.
Only one of them was near an apartment building with a blue door.
I take it your lack of excitement means that it led nowhere.
The neighbors say they saw the parties, but they can't actually say if anybody live there or not.
Any of them see Jack? No, I'm gonna start looking into the property records.
Well, Madam Sharon Brooks had a really bad day today, she got shot.
Well, is she alive? Yep.
She showed up at the St.
Joseph ER with a wing wound and tried to blame it on a boyfriend.
I hate to say it, but if she did shoot Jack, there's no way she could have got him out of the building.
She had to have some help.
Well, we can ask her.
She's gonna be here in 30 minutes.
Go ahead Open it.
OK, what does this have to do with me? That's a lab report confirming that your blood was found at the same location where an FBI agent was shot and disappeared from today.
So you got two choices: you can waste our time and ask for a lawyer, or you can help us find him And assuming he's still alive, you'll get to see sunshine before you start receiving Social Security.
- Well, I'll need a deal in writing.
- That would count as wasting our time.
Start talking, we'll deal with the paperwork later.
She's hormonal.
I wouldn't mess with her.
Okay, he found me at a house where we do business.
And when was that? Last night.
And he threatened me.
And he told me to set up a meeting between me and Franklin, and then he made me go with him.
Let me just wait outside, okay? I don't wanna go in.
He's gonna kill me.
- If he sees me - Shut up.
He will kill me, I know it.
If you don't shut up, I will kill you myself.
I didn't see your guy get shot or where he went, so I really don't know anything.
You better know something because that story is not good enough to buy you any favors.
Now I want you to write down everything you can think of: what kind of cars and trucks he might drive, where he might go and who he might call.
What are you waiting for? Stop it! Sorry.
Sharon Brooks described two cars driven by Romar, but I can't find any registrations in the database that are linked to him.
What about the canvas of the area around the factory? A street maintenance crew reported seeing a red GMC van, no license plate.
Okay, so we put out a multistate APB on a red GMC van.
And I'm gonna send NYPD the details, and maybe we'll catch a break.
Guys, you're gonna love this.
Remember Newton, Romar's lawyer? It turns out that he's the president of the holding company that owns the building where Jack was shot.
- Bring him in.
- He's on his way.
Now, it's been my experience that if you stare at that thing long enough, contents miraculously change.
Don't mock me.
Come on, you've been standing there staring at it for the last five minutes.
I'm second-guessing every decision I make.
What? Even snack foods? That's not my point.
I thought that it was the point.
Well, it is and it isn't.
I How am I gonna raise a child if I can't make a simple decision? Look, I just think syou're reading way too much into this.
What if I have to make a decision about No, not what if When I have to make decisions, how am I gonna do it? About vaccines, or a stroller, or I don't know, a college savings fund? You'll do fine.
How do you know? Because when it matters, you have good instincts.
You make good decisions.
Good You have a good heart.
And when you're a parent, that's the only thing that matters.
Anyway You always have me to use as a role model, all right, if there are any problems.
Really? If something happens, you just think to yourself: "What would Jack do?", and then you just do the opposite.
I guarantee it works every time.
Jack, I wasn't fishing for compliments.
But thank you.
And I don't think you did that bad of a job.
Yeah, I did.
But you'll do better.
My treat.
Recognize that signature? The one that shows you own the building where Agent Malone was shot? These are perfectly legal documents.
I executed them myself.
Yeah, I bet you did.
You know what I'm wondering, Newton? Tell me.
I'm all aflutter with anticipation.
I'm wondering at what point your ass is gonna fry.
You know, it's just a game of who finds you first: us or Romar.
What's he gonna do to me? Well, let's see We know that he shot our agent and we know that he called you after.
I'm sure he doesn't wanna leave any witnesses.
And don't forget human trafficking is an Interpol case.
They'd love to have you on their first flight back to Bucharest.
- Or how about Ankara? - I know, Turkey I hear it's lovely this time of year.
I assume the tenor of our conversation changes if I have something that helps you.
Depends on what it is.
I sometimes tape conversations with select clients for personal protection, sort of insurance policy against unforeseeable outcomes.
If I provide a recent conversation from this gentleman you called Romar, I want the death penalty and extradition off the table.
How recent? This morning.
We hear the tape first.
This is gonna take some time to think about.
Well, Rob, that's not an option.
This is one of those situations where you do what I say and you stop giving me advice.
Am I making myself clear? Just tell me what you want.
I want you to clear out all the accounts, empty the safe at Mott Street and bring everything to me.
It's gonna take two hours to start the wire transfers.
Just meet me at 4:30.
Deal with the transfers later.
Okay You mind telling me what the urgency's all about? Later.
Martin, I need for you to find out where that meet is.
You want Newton wired? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I'll make sure SWAT is ready.
Frank! How much did you get? Over 300.
Passports? Inside.
Good luck.
Hey, listen, I have to know what kind of mess you're leaving me with here.
You really wanna know? Well, if I'm gonna clean it up, it would help.
Well, it starts with a dead cop, then it kind of goes downhill from there.
What? What cop? Does that matter now? I mean, where is he? He's gone.
What am I supposed to do now? That's your problem.
Okay, where can I reach you? You're asking me a lot of questions.
Now, I'd think you'd be happy just to wash your hands of it.
Yeah, well, it's this talk about the FBI guy.
It could get us into a lot of trouble.
Who said he was FBI? Let's move.
FBI! Freeze! FBI! Freeze! Freeze! Get on the ground now! Get on the ground! Get down now! Keep your hands where we can see them.
Get down Now! This is Agent Fitzgerald.
We need Air Evac up here immediately.
I need a couple minutes.
You got it.
You got two minutes to tell me where Jack Malone is.
Or what? Or you try to escape and inadvertently fall 17 stories.
How about we try the one where you let me go again? I liked that better.
The ringing normally takes about a month to stop.
Do you want me to do the other one? Stop! Let's get the ambulance moving.
I want it there before us.
Have you made up your mind yet? What? I said: "Have you made up your mind yet?" I don't know.
There's a lot of things to consider.
Well, could you hurry it along? We're driving really fast to go save you and it'll be much safer for everyone if we could slow down.
When you look at the big picture, I've pretty much screwed up everything in my life: tanked my marriage, crap father to my kids.
Left or right? Left.
I really screwed up your investigation.
If you wanna die, don't lay it on me.
It doesn't matter where I start.
I always seem to end up in the same place.
The thought had crossed my mind.
Who wants to live like this? If I can't change, what is the point? Viv? We're getting close.
Jack! Jack! Jack! He's over there! Get the EMTs! Come on.
Let's help!