Without A Trace s07e02 Episode Script


- You think they look like cattle? - I didn't say that.
You think, I've branded my name on their asses Like a herd of cattle.
No, I think you got what you always wanted.
Yeah? What's that? Your own little army of beautiful girls.
I'm glad you're here.
- I want you to meet some people.
- Okay.
Guys, this is my VP of marketing, Sara Kent.
She basically does all the work I take credit for.
This is Avi Rossum Carson Mills and Kim Morgan.
Oh, Kim is married to Judge Morgan, who did a little legal work for us a while back.
Of course.
I remember.
I saw you arrive.
I thought you were one of Nick's models.
Thank you I think.
Yeah, she's a CEO trapped in a model's body.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
It was really nice meeting all of you.
- Hey, you good? - Ah, yeah.
I'll be back.
Hey, can you get someone to please turn up the music? - It'd be nice to actually hear it.
- Sure.
Hi, sorry to wake you.
Do you have my spare key still? No, I'm fine.
Just bad night.
Okay, I'll see you in 20.
You're the best.
No lime.
Two more.
I'm Mark.
- I'm Sara.
- So how did you end up here, Sara? That's a really good question.
Thanks for the drink.
Excuse me, why are you stopping? Missing girl's name is Sara Kent.
She was on her way home from a party in Chelsea last night.
Who called it in? Neighbor.
Supposed to meet her with a spare set of keys, but Ms.
Kent never showed.
So how do we know she was in this cab? Well, Elena has an eyewitness, that saw her being dragged from the vehicle.
You don't wanna hear what he has to say? Sure, except I don't speak Spanish and he doesn't speak to white guys in suits.
So when did they report this cab was stolen? Yesterday afternoon.
All right, so, guy steals a cab, takes it for a joyride, Sees the young woman flagging him down, figures, what the hell gift from God, right? I don't think it's that simple.
The guy sharpened the locks so that she couldn't get out.
We're dealing with a couple of guys here.
The witness saw two white guys, medium build.
They took Ms.
Kent from the cab and loaded her into a van after midnight.
It seems like she was unconscious.
They didn't happen to get an ID on the plate? No.
Just the van was gray.
What do you make of this? Ether.
It's a cheap and dirty way to knock someone out.
Without A Trace Season 7 Episode 02 "22x42" Hey, Viv, just got off the phone with ERT.
The only prints they found in the cab belong to Sara Kent.
Well, these guys have probably done this before.
I'm running down all known sex offenders in the area.
Maybe an M.
will pop up.
- Where are you with trap and trace? - I got a team setting up at her office, but I don't know where else to put it.
No siblings.
Her mom died four years ago.
I can't even get a name on her father.
Well, just before she went missing, she got a text message from a coworker at the party by the name of Jackie Bell.
You think this Jackie try to set her up? Well, we're bringing her in.
Jack and Sam are on their way to talk to her boss.
Look, i'm just saying, I think you drink too much caffeine.
You didn't need that second shot of espresso.
Okay, I got about, I can't get enough caffeine.
I'm just, I'm just saying You know, I got, I got a call from, some big shot Wall Street guy last night.
About what? He wants me to come and run all the security at his company.
- I didn't know you were looking.
- I wasn't.
Just kind of came out of the blue.
Medina, right? No.
Just the big boot of the universe sweeping in to kick me in the ass.
I was pretty lit up.
I don't remember Sara leaving the party.
You think some pervert just grabbed her off the street? What time did you say you left last night? Around 3:00, like I told the cops.
I went to my girlfriend's house.
So this party last night, what was the occasion? My company was bought out.
We were celebrating.
Sara's been with me from the beginning.
The buyout, the party, none of it happens without her.
So was Sara getting a cut of the buyout? Why? What's that have to do with anything? If she was coming into a lot of money, that's motivation to have her abducted.
She's got no stake in my company, but I had singled her out for a bonus and a raise.
But when I told her, she didn't take it like I thought.
Hey, sorry.
Well, I need a drink.
Where's the waitress? She probably clocked out.
I was 45 minutes late.
That's unacceptable.
I'm a jerk, and I'm sorry.
Well, if it's any consolation, all your hard work has made me extremely rich.
You are officially rich.
And so are you.
What's this? Some kind of joke? Flip it over.
A hundred thousand dollar bonus.
And I'm giving you a 25% raise.
So Now you're kind of rich, too.
Okay, I just gave you a hundred grand, and you're looking at me like I shot your dog.
I don't even have a dog.
Did I just insult you or something? I just thought I'd be different now.
You know, maybe you just need to get drunk.
Coming up.
I don't know what was bothering her.
Sara never talks about herself much.
Too much time managing me, I guess.
Who else knew she was getting the bonus? My accounting department.
Maybe a couple other executives.
One of your employees, a Jackie Bell any problems between the two of them? Not that I know of.
Okay, we'll need a full guest list for the party.
Security, staff, everyone.
And you are gonna have to verify your alibi.
All right.
Whatever you need.
Just find her.
You sent a text message to Sara saying "Meet me inside" minutes before she disappeared.
I wanted to gossip about the party, that's all.
Jackie, there's more to it than that.
The bartender saw her crying afterwards.
Jackie, you don't want to lie to federal agents.
It's just not a good idea, okay? The company keeps a corporate apartment, like for out-of-town clients and executives working late.
But it's sort of evolved into something else.
There's only one key, so people don't walk in on each other and Sara's in charge of it.
Why Sara? She's the only one Nick trusts.
That's why I texted her.
She didn't respond, so that's when I went to find her.
What happened in here? Nothing.
Why did you text me? I need the key.
For who? For me.
And Kevin Abrams.
Kevin Abrams, our CFO? Our hot CFO.
Our married CFO.
What's your point? He's using you.
- He's not even happy in his marriage.
- Really? I wonder if his wife knows that.
You know, maybe I should just go upstairs and tell all the wives what the husbands have been up to.
Sara, please just give me the key.
You can tell Kevin Abrams that if he wants the key, he and his wife can come ask me for it together.
Sara didn't love being in charge of the key, but she never made a big deal about it before.
Jackie, did you tell anyone that she was threatening to expose them? I told Kevin, and he went straight to Nick Selat.
Nick was furious.
Hold it.
We're bringing in Nick Selat to get to the bottom of that corporate apartment.
Yeah? To what end? Well, a lot of powerful men with a lot to lose were cheating on their wives.
Sara Kent threatening to expose them, well, that's motive to silence her.
Yeah, I thought we were looking for two guys in a stolen cab.
We are, but they could have been contracted.
I don't understand how somebody at the party could orchestrate that so quickly.
We don't really know that yet, but this is a lead that we should follow.
All right, listen, you haul these people in and you start tearing their marriages, they go to shut down.
- They're not gonna give you anything.
- Occasionally it is our job to ask difficult questions.
All right.
All right, keep me in the loop.
Look, I got to go.
What, you got someplace better to be? I got to meet that corporate guy.
Look, you can handle Selat, right? Sure.
I'll I'll get Martin to help me.
Great, 'cause the private sector is looking better and better.
I didn't fight with Sara at the party, I didn't mention the apartment 'cause it's not relevant.
Any one of the men using it had reason to silence her, especially you.
You think I'd kill Sara to cover up an affair? My wife knows how I am, she's fine with it.
You're making $50 million off the sale of your company, correct? What's your point? I don't know, the $25 million your wife gets when she divorces you for adultery.
Sara was going to expose your affair and you killed her to stop that from happening.
I swear I didn't do anything to her.
But a few days ago, I need the key.
Sara was supposed to meet me there, but when I arrived, there was a situation.
- You're throwing me out? - How do you know about this place? I know everything, Sara.
Know all, see all.
You were following me? I should have you arrested.
- You're not going to have me arrested.
- What's the problem here? Do I know you? - Just let him go.
- Who are you? Please, just go.
You treat me like trash? We'll see what happens.
Friend of yours? No.
He's from the rehab center.
Was he in the apartment? He he must have got the keys out of my purse.
I'll have the locks changed.
We'll be back in an hour.
That place better be clean.
I guess the guy crashed at the apartment.
He reeked of booze.
And Sara said that he was from a rehab center? New Tranquility, out in Queens.
Sara volunteers.
I- I assume that's where he came from.
That's kind of convenient, isn't it, him blaming this on some anonymous drunk? - That's what happened.
- Why are we now hearing about it? - Because I just now thought of it.
- Hey, watch it.
Is he okay? Yeah he's fine.
I wish I could sleep like that.
The book said in a month or so, roll over, so if I see that on the nanny cam for the first time, I might actually cry.
Anyone from the rehab center recognize the sketch? Not yet.
But they said that she's worked there for three months without incident.
Okay, we should focus in on patients with gambling addictions.
Here are the phone records from the apartment, and they show calls to several offtrack betting parlors before the fight with Selat.
Okay, well, I will get this sketch out to OTBs.
He's cute.
I made a killing shorting sub-prime mortgages.
Now, in your estimation that might make me a vulture.
There's an argument for that.
I can live with that.
The morality let God deal with it.
What about you? How long you been with the FBI? You happy? That's a complicated question.
- Actually, it's a simple question.
- Then it's a complicated answer.
How did you find me? Headhunter.
So you're, like, strapped at all times, right? Yes, sir, I am armed.
You got your gun and then a what's it called a throw down? - The one on your ankle? - What? Let's Let's cut the crap.
What do you want? Here's the deal.
I got very rich very fast.
My profile's jacked way up.
I got people trying to extort me, some want to kill me.
You name it, I'm being threatened by it.
The job is head of corporate security for my company and me personally.
You get to see the world Dubai, Beijing, Paris.
Obviously, we fly private.
You'll have full control and every resource you need to do the job.
That's very tempting but I have a job.
Yeah, well, you can take your FBI pension and double it.
We can also talk about stock options.
There's a number on the back of that card.
Let me know soon, I want to move on this.
I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
If you scream, you die.
Understand? Why are you doing this to me? Do you want money? I'll give you everything I have.
Why are you doing this to me? It is what it is.
We didn't order those.
Compliments of the gentlemen at the end of the bar.
Tell them thank you, but no.
It's just a drink.
Come on, a strange guy buys you a drink.
The next thing you know, they're making a Jackie suit in the basement.
You girls don't drink champagne? Thank you, it was very generous, but, we're having a girl's night, so What's the problem? I can't buy you a drink? Actually we were - going to head out.
- Hey, man No, no, I'm confused.
I'm trying to buy you a drink.
It's a nice thing.
- You're being a creep.
- Learn some manners, bitch.
- I'm trying to be a gentleman.
- Forget about it, man.
I'm sorry, he doesn't get out that much.
- We didn't mean to bother you.
- Yeah.
Jackie, we should go.
Let's go.
- She wasn't feeling it.
Just let it go.
- Whatever.
It is what it is.
Deal with her.
I got to take care of this.
Okay, okay.
Well, that's great.
Thanks for calling, I appreciate it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How did Wall Street go? They they made an offer.
Well, I guess you're going to take that job.
Well, I'd have to consider it, wouldn't I? Yeah, I mean, yeah.
Just I didn't think it would happen like this.
The, center has about 40 guys that, match the sketch, so One of them wouldn't be Malcolm Pope? No, but as far as I know, half of these names could be aliases.
Why? Who is he? PD called.
They picked up a guy matching that description outside an OTB.
They're bringing him in.
What's this about? What did I do? We're looking for Sara Kent.
Sara? Why? What's wrong? So you do know her? She's my daughter.
Is she all right? Is she okay? She's missing, and unfortunately for you, we have a witness who saw you threaten her.
Well, I would never hurt my daughter.
So why are you carrying around a six-inch knife? Got into trouble with some guys.
When was the last time you saw her? Three days ago before she cut me off.
This breeder puts me on to a stallion.
The damn horse shoots blanks.
It's worthless.
How much do they want? The full 90K.
Dad, what were you thinking? Hey, I know I messed up.
I got to give them something.
I can maybe give you a couple grand.
Honey, that won't buy me five minutes.
It's all I have, I mean, after rent and everything.
Could you pay your rent late? - No.
- What about your boss? You mean the guy you pulled a knife on? I'm lucky he didn't fire me.
Sara, please.
I can't do this anymore.
Hey, these guys are serious.
I have to come up with that money.
But I'm your daughter.
Of course you are.
Then why have I been taking care of you my entire life? No matter what I give you, it's never enough.
Hey, I don't need a lecture.
You think I enjoy this.
Begging you for help? It's embarrassing.
It's not my fault.
I'll give you the money I have, but that's it.
Don't call me.
Don't stop by.
I don't have time for you in my life anymore.
So, who are these people that you're in trouble with? Terry and Clint.
Smith? Jones? Do they have a last name? I don't know.
Did you talk to them about Sara? Hey, they were going to kill me.
I told them Sara would help me out.
We're gonna need you to look at some pictures, okay? Yeah, sure.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Go in the crate.
I can't.
It's not my problem.
Please? I'll be really fast.
Come on.
I'm right here.
Don't be stupid.
What am I gonna do? Open the door! Open the door! Open the door! Son of a bitch! No, none of them.
There! That's the guy.
That's one of the guys.
Okay, but that guy's been in jail for over a year, so you probably recognize him because his picture popped up five minutes ago.
Pope, why don't you take a break, okay? I don't want to take a break.
I want to help.
The best thing you can do right now is to a cup of coffee, clear your mind.
We'll come back to this, okay? All right.
What about her boyfriend? You looked at him? What boyfriend? I was waiting outside her place when they pulled up in his Porsche.
After they went up, I went over and looked in the car.
His wallet was on the console, so, I smashed the window and took it.
Mostly for the cash, but, - I wanted to see who he was.
- Well, do you rember his name? Victor.
Victor Morgan.
Okay I'll be right back.
Do you have the guest list from Nick Selat's party? Yeah.
You got something? - I might.
Try Victor Morgan.
- Okay.
Victor Morgan.
All right.
Here we go.
Victor Morgan.
Married with one son.
You know, I think we have a statement from him.
He was at the party.
He met Sara Kent that night, but otherwise, he doesn't know her.
Another man lying to cover up an affair.
Big shocker.
I'm right here.
I'm literally right in front of you.
Where did she go? God, I'm old.
You're not old, you're seasoned.
I'm seasoned? And brilliant and funny, and decent, and you fascinate me.
- Better? - Yeah, tons.
We should go see a movie.
Victor, who is that? It's no one.
It's no one.
Hey, I'm starving.
Let's get something to eat? Sure.
Come on.
I couldn't keep up with her.
I lost her.
You're an idiot.
Get in the van.
We uncovered a romantic relationship between Judge Morgan and Sara Kent.
A relationship that he'd previously lied about.
This is the guy who she fought with at the party? I do.
I think she was going to expose the affair, and he tried to stop her.
We're trying to locate him now.
All right.
Nice work.
- I'll let you know when we find him.
- Do me a favor.
Sit down, will you? So, Martin, where do you see yourself in three years? Five years, ten years from now? Probably working for the bureau.
After that, it's really not up to me.
Keep your head down, part of the team, like that? More or less, yeah.
I want you to be the Primary Relief Supervisor for the unit.
You'd be my number two.
You know, our, unit doesn't have a number two.
Things are changing around here.
So I'm going to DC for a couple of days, and, I'd like your answer when I return.
Don't worry about your family connections, okay? It's not how you got here.
It's what you do when you arrive.
Have a good trip.
So, what was that about? You know, he just wanted an update on the case, so I gave it to him.
Hey! Help me, please! Hey.
You're all right? What happened? I was kidnapped.
These two guys.
Just slow down all right? We'll call the cops.
We've got to go now.
They're coming! Come on! Just get in my truck, I'll grab my tools.
We are going to get you some help.
All right, thank you.
No? Thanks a lot.
- We get anything from that city worker? - Not a lot.
When he saw Sara, she was headed northbound in this alley so, I'm thinking she must have been stashed somewhere around here.
I'm having PD sweep all abandoned warehouses from here to here.
I don't think they're going to find her.
They're on the run.
If they decide to cut their losses, she's dead.
The city worker's cell phone is missing.
Now, either Sara has it, or the kidnappers do.
Either way, I'm hoping we get a ping off it.
Agent Malone? Judge Victor Morgan's on his way up.
Put him in One.
Thank you.
- Agent Malone, can I have a word? - Can it wait? - I have Judge Morgan in interrogation.
- I'll walk with you.
That's all right.
So, got a call about you today.
Some, Wall Street guy.
Brice Hunter? He was, checking your references.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, for what it's worth, I said nice things.
Thank you.
Although, I didn't use you as a reference.
Why would he call you? - I have I have no idea.
- Is he a friend of yours? Jack.
You've burned a lot of bridges here.
Yeah, so, maybe it's time for a fresh start.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I would have thought that you would have had your lawyer with you.
I don't need one.
I'm here to assist your investigation.
Tell me about Sara Kent.
Well, I met her at Nick Selat's party.
It should all be there in my original statement to police.
You sure about that? Because according to what I have here, let's see you gave lectures in Miami, Phoenix, and Seattle.
And Sara's credit card receipts put her in those cities at the same time as you.
Same date, same hotel, Same bed.
I don't know where she is.
So what happened? You two have a fight? She threatened to tell your wife? No.
In fact, it was just the opposite.
Sara, I got to tell you, this is a little confusing for me.
I thought our relationship worked for you.
Well, it did in certain ways.
But not anymore.
- You want me to leave Kim? - I don't want you to leave Kim.
I feel terrible for her.
I just I want out.
You're gonna do this to me now? In the middle of this party, in front of my wife? You can't give me what I need, and it's not my job to complete your life.
For once, I just want to take care of myself.
Look, Sara, I know you've had a hard time with your father.
That guy's a deadbeat.
I'm not.
Somehow it feels the same.
I have to move forward with my life.
And I have to do it alone.
And what if I'm not ready to let you go? I'm sorry.
Let go.
- You just can't walk out like this - Let go! With the age difference, I always figured it was a short time thing.
Still, it was hard to lose her.
You didn't let her go.
Of course I did.
I wouldn't force her to have a relationship with me.
A relationship? You-You were like a substitute father.
Which suited you fine until she decided she didn't need it anymore.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Really? Really.
Well, you know, we checked your phone records.
You got a call and a text from a burner phonehours after Sara was kidnapped.
Now that's confirmation enough for me that you had something to do with her kidnapping.
What happened to her? They're blackmailing me.
Who's blackmailing you? It's one of my cases.
There was a fire.
Two people died.
The owner of the house, a slumlord named Scott Tomicek, is on trial for negligent homicide.
He has mob ties.
They took Sara in hopes that I would throw out the case.
And did you? I did not.
Why didn't you come forward with this? Because I have a wife.
Because I have a family.
She's seen us, man.
She's seen the van.
She knows exactly what we look like.
- Let's just wait for the call.
- There is no call! There is no plan.
We are on our own.
I am not going down for this.
We gotta get rid of her.
The signal's cutting in and out, but they're heading north out of the city.
They're gonna dump her body.
Scott Tomicek lawyered up, but I pulled a list of all the properties in his and his company's name.
Lucy, pull up a list of all the businesses in the area.
See if we can match one to Tomicek.
Damn, we lost it! We're back! I-87 Northbound.
Well, there's a salvage yard off 87.
And it's owned by one of Tomicek's subsidiaries.
Okay, Sam and Martin are on their way to interview that city worker.
I'll redirect them.
You move and I'll blow your head off.
Sergeant Fitzgerald.
We got two down.
We need assistance.
- You got it? - Yeah, I got him.