Without A Trace s07e06 Episode Script

Live to Regret

Previously on Without A Trace You're going back on the street, Jack.
You'll step down as head of the unit.
Your pay grade drops to 13.
Anything else? You got a week to clear your office.
Things are changing around here.
I want you to be the primary relief supervisor for the unit.
You'd be my number two.
You know, our, unit doesn't have a number two.
Don't worry about your family connections, okay? It's not how you got here.
It's what you do when you arrive.
I hear that the deputy assistant director's job was up for grabs.
What do you want, Jack? My job.
Hey! Haven't seen you down at the Y.
You know your 50 laps in the pool that's my motivation on the treadmill.
- I've been really busy.
- Oh, I hear you.
Anyway, here's your mail.
- Oh, not again.
- Yeah.
Their motto's about rain and sleet.
They don't say anything about delivering to the right house.
You know Dan and I, we have a perfectly good crib in the garage you're in the market.
No, I I don't even know why they sent this to me.
Yeah, they probably just got your name on some list or something.
Well, I'll see you later.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
How can you do this to me?! Look, I'm sorry.
I was only trying to help.
I am screwed.
Her name is Erin MacNeil.
She's a manager at Holloman Bank & Trust.
Her job called it in when she didn't show up today.
How do we know she's not just taking a spa day? One of her coworkers got worried.
He came here to check up on her, but when he got here he found this.
Neighbors saw her fighting with a man last night at around 10:00 P.
The man left, which is why she thought she didn't need to call the police.
- Maybe he come back.
Who was the man? - We don't know, she's married, but the neighbor says the man was not her husband.
- Where's her husband? - He claims he was out of town on business.
He's on his way to talk to us now.
That's assuming he left, right? I mean, maybe he waited outside to see if she was having an affair What do they say? "In sickness and in health.
Until cheating do us part," right? You know, Danny, I was married once, and I don't think those are the vows.
Without A Trace Season 7 Episode 06 "Live to regret" Hey, Agent Fitzgerald.
I was just coming to see you.
- I have an interview downstairs.
- This will only take a minute.
I just wanted to check in, see how the transition was going.
With Jack.
It's going fine.
I assume he's settling in.
Any problems I should know about? No.
Seems kosher to me.
Well, I just want you to know that, we have your back upstairs.
You're covered 100%.
Covered from what? Any, retaliatory behavior for getting the number two job offer.
From Jack or anyone else.
You know, I don't know why there would be any retaliation.
- I turned that job down.
- And that took some stones.
I respect that.
Regardless of your father's position on the Bureau, we all know that you're your own man.
What's the word? Looks like Captain Jack is back at the helm and all is well.
How's everything with you? Fine.
Our missing person's husband, Larry MacNeil, is waiting for us down in I-1.
I'll grab Elena.
Nice to have you back, Jack.
It's good to be back.
So, you're sure you don't recognize this man? Look at him again.
A friend? A coworker? I told you, I've never seen him before.
He was in your home at 11:00 at night.
- How do you explain that? - I can't.
That she was in your home with a strange man? Does it bother you It bothers me that my wife is missing.
Where were you last night? - At the Islip Motel.
- Doing what? I had an early morning sales call on an orthopedic practice.
You can make that trip in about an hour and a half.
- Why would you leave the night before? - I wanted to beat he morning traffic.
Can you verify what time you were at the motel? It's a small place and they know me.
- They left me the key.
- In other words, you can't verify? - Did you even get there? - You should be looking for him! We talked to all of your neighbors and they all said that you've been fighting with your wife a lot lately.
It's it's just your typical newlywed stuff.
There's nothing typical about your wife being missing.
You want to be more specific? We've been trying to get pregnant.
It's-It's been very stressful.
It was what Erin wanted, so I was all for it.
When it didn't happen right away, I wasn't too worried but a year later and we're still trying Sorry that Merck demo is crunching our time, but I made a peace offering.
Did we get our signals crossed? I can't this morning.
But, but the LH, the morning temp.
- All systems are go.
- Look, it's not happening today, okay? I'm sorry.
You didn't deserve that.
I'm just having a hard time, things piling up, you know.
Look, when all this is over and we have our baby, we're gonna look back at all this scheduling and laugh.
It's not that, it-it's it's work.
I'm in the weeds and I've got Jay's quarterly review coming up.
We talked about this.
And if the baby stress is just compounding the problem, we we can back off.
We're gonna have our family one day.
There's no rush.
I know.
We're supposed to be making a baby, not a deadline, remember? Yeah.
Hey, babe.
- It's okay.
- Yeah.
No one tells you what this kind of stress can do to you as a couple.
Okay, what about this "Jay" she mentioned? Jay Costes.
It's her manager at the bank.
He transferred her from business loans to home mortgages a few months ago.
She hated it, but he didn't care.
Stay here, while I verify your story.
I don't know him.
Definitely not an employee.
Okay, how about a customer, a vendor? No, I don't think so.
All right, tell me your take on Erin.
Smart, hardworking, keeps her emotions in check.
It's the reason I put her in charge of loss mitigation a few months ago.
That's a really nice way of saying she forecloses on people's homes.
I've discovered there's no nice way to put it, but she's good at her job.
I imagine the homeowners can't be too fond of her.
Yeah, it can get tough.
And Erin becomes the face that folks can blame.
That's great, sir, about your new job.
But there's nothing I can do.
Yes, I'm sure.
But if you call Hello? He wanted his house back, but we sold it at auction two weeks ago.
You're just doing your job, Erin.
Listen, Terry from Legal just called.
He's asking about the 90-day letters.
He expected them three hours ago.
I'm so sorry, I had a doctor's appointment, it went long.
I'll get right to it.
Are you Erin MacNeil? - Yes.
How can I help you? - I'm Luke Cullen.
So you remember me.
You want to explain why you won't call me back? - Mr.
Cullen - Two weeks to get current or get out? How the hell am I supposed to do that? I need security up here now.
Why don't we go downstairs and we'll discuss the Why? So you can send me and my kid out on the street? - This is not the time or the place.
- This doesn't concern you.
I'm not leaving until you give me more time to make this payment.
I apologize.
- I can't do that.
- You can't or you won't? I'm begging you.
- Outside the building - Please, for my kids.
Yeah, I don't know what got into Erin.
She doesn't normally let circumstances affect her in that way.
You said the guy's name was Luke Cullen? Yes.
- Did you see him at the bank again? - I did not.
Do you keep a file of all the threats towards.
They're noted in the files and sent to legal.
- We take them very seriously.
- I'm gonna need to see that file.
Okay, the sketch and Erin MacNeil's photos have been distributed to all the media outlets.
The doctor's appointment she had a couple of weeks ago was with her ob-gyn.
I called.
They won't release any details without a subpoena.
You talk to the husband about it? He didn't even know that she had it scheduled.
The day after that appointment, Erin wasn't in the mood with her husband.
And then two weeks later, she's fighting with some strange man, so maybe she was pregnant by him.
That would explain why she was distant with her husband.
Yeah, and the fight that the neighbor witnessed.
These are the foreclosures personally supervised by Mrs.
It's good to see that the American dream is alive and well.
Excuse me.
- Malone.
- Jack, we asked the bank to monitor Erin's logins in their network.
They just advised us that someone using her personal code deleted files from inside the bank.
- What was the time stamp? - Five minutes ago.
- We're to pinpoint a location.
- Just give me a sec.
Okay, it was accessed from a computer assigned to a Carter Watson.
Okay, thank you.
You have a Carter Watson in your employ? His cubicle's over here.
I'm pretty sure it must be this one.
So where is he? Diane, do you know where Carter is today? He's out with the flu.
I need to know who's been using this computer in the last five minutes.
I can't tell you who it was, but Tech may be able to trace what they were doing.
- How long will it take? - 10 or 15 minutes, maybe.
I want your security to close off all the exits.
Nobody leaves the bank.
Okay, until when? Until I say so.
I don't know what to tell you.
The district office says I can't give out information without warrant.
That warrant is going to be here in two minutes.
All I want to know is who used that computer, if they transferred money with it, and where they transferred it to.
Like I said, it's not my call.
Whoever kidnapped your employee didn't do it so they could delete some files.
They did it so that they could transfer money from your account into theirs, and once they've done that, they have absolutely no use for Erin MacNeil.
Do you want a dead employee on your hands? I'll see what I can do.
Checked out the cameras.
We got nothing.
They're all trained on the money, not on the mezzanine.
Check with everybody in the bank, see if they recognize the guy that she was fighting with in her house the other night.
It's possible that he abducted her for the codes and came in here to try and make a transfer.
ERT is dusting the computer, so maybe we'll find a match from the house.
Jack, you do know that we can't hold all these people against their will? Yes, I do.
Do they know? Not yet.
Let me know if they find out.
So what did you do when you entered the bank? Got in the line from hell, like always.
- Did you see this man? - Who's this? Just answer the question.
Did you see this man? No, but if I say I saw him, does it mean I can leave now? I was upstairs alone in the safety deposit room.
My mother just passed away.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
Can you tell me if you saw this man at any time in the bank? I'm not sure.
I'm not so good with faces.
I'm better with names.
Thank you.
Your office is down the hall from Carter Watson.
Did you notice anybody at his computer before 2:00? No, no, but I, but I I closed my door for about ten minutes when I had a client on the phone.
Have you seen this man? - No.
- Take a closer look.
Have you seen him with Erin MacNeil? No, but I'm the wrong person to ask about Erin.
Why is that? Up until a few weeks ago, we had barely said two words to each other.
Can I interrupt for a second? Take a number.
I have to fix Daryl's problem first before I can get to your problem.
I don't have a problem.
I came to see you.
It's Danika's birthday.
You should sign the card.
Oh, sure.
I didn't even know it was her birthday.
Now you do.
Write something nice and maybe you'll get to know her better.
It's Emerson Bank.
Oh, yeah, I hate those dudes.
- Can I borrow a pad and pencil? - Yeah, of course.
If I don't write down to call 'em back, I'll forget by time I get to my desk.
Yeah, I-I hear that.
- Thanks for the pencil.
- Sure.
The card.
- I mean, for thinking of me.
- Sure.
I've been here two years and this is the first time anybody ever asked me to sign a card.
Let's go to your office.
- What, like now? - Yeah.
Like now, with me, to your office.
Let's go.
So which drawer did she look in? Oh, the upper right-hand one.
- May I? - Sure.
- What's in there? - Just a bunch of junk.
And all the passwords and codes.
Don't touch anything.
I'll be right back.
Condon, how long have you and Erin worked together? We were in traing together our first weeks on the job.
Erin's a whiz.
She's gotten promotions, like, every six months.
Now, your supervisor tells me that you're friends.
Yeah, in the work kind of way.
We don't really socialize outside the office, but, I mean, inside here, I guess we're, we're pretty tight.
Have you ever seen her with this man? Is-is she okay? We don't know yet.
Has she told you that she's having any problems with her husband? No, not exactly.
Condon, if Erin shared something with you, it's best that you tell me.
I mean, I don't know if it amounts to anything, but a couple of weeks ago, I saw her sitting alone in the coffee shop and she just wasn't her normal self.
Jay told me about the homeowner and his kids.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, that was awful.
You want company? Just try and remember you're only doing your job.
You do the best you can.
Isn't that what they all say? Drunk drivers, even the captain of theTitanic? You may be taking one ticked-off homeowner a little too seriously.
I had an ob-gyn appointment today.
Is everything okay? I shouldn't unload on you.
No, it's fine.
What happened? You know how Larry and I have been trying to get pregnant? I thought it was just going slow because of the stress.
So I go in today and the doctor says he says that my ovaries are permanently damaged from an infection I never knew I had.
He told me I can never have children.
Oh, Erin, I am so sorry.
I assumed I could have a baby whenever I wanted, that it would be, it'd be easy.
I know how much you and Larry wanted this.
You know what the worst part is? I never told him that I already had a baby.
When I was 16, with my high school boyfriend.
What happened with the baby? I gave him up for adoption.
I think about it every day.
I guess I thought if I had a baby now, I could fix the past.
Like a do-over.
You don't need to redo your life.
You did the right thing.
It doesn't feel like that now.
It's not like we were that close, you know? Sometimes it's easier to tell a stranger than someone you know real well.
Do you know if she told her husband? I mean, I don't think so.
She kind of seemed afraid to.
- Malone.
- Hey, it's Martin.
- Hey.
- Listen, Lucy ran the codes that Erin MacNeil stole through the main server, and some of them were Ted's personal passwords, but the others were gateways into the bank's dormant accounts.
Now, once Erin got in there, she activated a sweep program to redirect the funds.
She's been doing this every day for the past two weeks, and she's pulled nearly a hundred grand out of there.
Any chance she had an accomplice on the inside? It's hard to say, but if she did have an accomplice, it may have been the guy she fought with.
Half the money would be good.
All of it would be a whole lot better.
A hundred thousand dollars? Your people must be mistaken.
We have systems and procedures to prevent theft on that scale.
Well, just in case we're not wrong, how would a resourceful employee get around your systems and procedures? You'd need a level-one password to get withdrawal access.
Like the one Erin stole from Ted Bell's desk? Yes.
And with dormant accounts, she'd need to make sure that they didn't move into active status.
Otherwise, they'd be flagged on the monthly reports we generate for the State of New York.
- Like an override? - Yes.
And who could do that? I think there might be a dozen employees that have that type of authorization.
I'd have to check to see.
I'll wait right here.
I just can't believe Erin was stealing.
She's one of the most honest people I know.
Maybe she was having some financial trouble you weren't aware of.
Something from before you met her.
No, there's never been any money missing from our accounts.
When we bought our house, we both had savings we used for the down payment.
Is it possible she developed a drug problem? No! - Gambling? - No, look, cheating on me, stealing None of this makes any sense.
Th-There's got to be something you're missing.
She's my wife.
I know her.
You didn't know she gave a child up for adoption, though, did you? That's different.
It's not a crime.
In her own time, she she would've told me.
- Got a minute? - Sure.
Excuse me.
So the, money that Erin transferred went to two accounts.
One was an offshore account on Grand Cayman, they're refusing to cooperate.
No big surprise.
The other deposit stayed in her own account about a week, and it got moved to a shell corporation.
The signatory on that one: Nathan York.
Matches our sketch pretty well, don't you think? Perfectly.
Come on, this is the fifth time I've called.
It's my chair.
What do you mean you can't find it? Keep looking.
The Complaint Desk got several calls from customers who were held at bank.
The bank asked them to stay.
Nobody forced them to.
That's not what I heard.
Anyway, I'm just letting you know.
The free flow of information, right? That's right.
I know you screwed me, Alex.
That's a bunch of crap and you know it.
You took your best shot and you missed.
So just stay the hell out of my way.
I'm still in charge here, Jack.
That's fine.
I do my job.
I hand in the reports.
If you get in my way, I will go over your head in a heartbeat.
Do I make myself clear? Oh, you think you got friends here, Jack? You had one.
Medina saved your ass by whispering in the director's ear.
You got lucky.
I don't believe in luck, Alex.
If I was lucky, Medina would've gotten your job.
So what can you tell me about Erin MacNeil? We were f-friends.
You know, in high school.
Go ahead.
So that's the extent of your relationship with her? - Yeah.
- You have no idea where she is? - Why would I know that? - Because she's missing.
And somebody saw you fighting with her last night.
So I'm going to go way out on a limb and say that you're responsible.
Oh, I left.
And I'll put 50 grand down you went back.
- But I didn't.
- You being there, that makes you look pretty bad.
Give us another reason to look somewhere else, like who else knew about the stolen money.
I don't know.
I didn't even know it was stolen until last night.
I come here and this is what you tell me?! It's why I didn't want to talk to you on phone.
You know I have a kid on the way? I am screwed! Damn it! How could you do this to me? - I was trying to help.
- Help?! By stealing money and making me a part of it?! Do you know I could go to jail for this? I won't let that happen.
Look, I God, I didn't think this through, and I am so sorry.
But I just I felt numb and I wanted to do something good! - I was trying to help you.
- I don't give a crap about what you were going through! You have to fix this! I will.
- I promise you that I will.
- You know what? You know what? I don't want to hear another word about it.
Not from you, not from some cops.
I understand.
I understand.
- I'll figure it out.
- Erin Don't call me again.
- Ever.
- No.
Nathan Nathan! She swore she was going to put the money back.
And I left, I swear.
Why would she steal money for you if you didn't ask her to? Look at it, I run a painting business, and things have been slow.
So I've been behind on my bills and my mortgage.
She just wanted to help.
I thought she was lending me her own money.
So you show up out of the blue and you ask for help.
And Erin decides to risk her career and a jail sentence just for you? Come on you can do better than that.
It wasn't like that.
She came to me.
Nathan? Oh, my God Erin.
How are you? Pretty good.
So So how'd you find me? Your mom told me about your painting business.
She said you'd be here when I called.
I wish you would've given me a little warning before you looked me up.
I would've gotten a decent haircut and put on a clean shirt.
I've also been thinking about the baby.
Do you ever think about him? Yeah.
My wife and I are pregnant with our first.
So, actually, I've been thinking about him a lot lately.
Mostly just wondering if he's okay.
When's your baby due? We're at six months.
He had your eyes.
And your nose.
Poor kid.
All I remember is how scared I was.
This time it's different.
You have any kids? No.
Well, I hope you end up with some.
Knowing one's on the way makes what happened a lot easier.
I always knew you'd make a great mom.
She seemed like she need to talk about it, so I let her.
She called me a few times after that and we had coffee.
And even though you hadn't seen her since high school, when she offered you the money, you took it? I've got a baby coming soon.
Taking a loan from Erin seemed easier than getting one from the bank.
Which is why giving it back makes absolutely no sense.
It wasn't my idea.
My wife was a little uncomfortable about the fact that Erin wanted to hang around with me after all these years.
She made me return it.
That's when Erin told me what she had done.
Well, we're going to need to talk to your wife.
Of course.
I told her everything.
Do you know where your biological son is? They said it'd be better if I just sign the papers and didn't look back.
What about a hospital and a birth date? October 23, 1998, Saint Paul's in Bridgeport.
You know, it's amazing how a decision you make at 16 can affect the rest of your life.
Giving up your baby can't be easy no matter what age you are.
Is this the right address? Yeah.
That's what the adoption agency said.
Hello? Sir? Sir, excuse me? Agents Delgado and Spade.
We're FBI.
Can I help you? We're looking for this woman.
She came by about two weeks ago.
I thought she was just being nosy.
I'm afraid I had to give her some really bad news.
Can I help you? I'm sorry.
I I came to see the family.
Who are you? I'm an old friend.
It's been a long while since I've seen them, but I was in the neighborhood, so I took a chance they'd be home.
They moved a few months ago.
The house just sold.
Do you know where they went? I'd love to catch up.
I I hate to tell you this, but their son, Josh, he was killed by a drunk driver when he was crossing the street.
Staying around here was just too hard for the two of them.
Thank you.
She took it hard.
Then again, everybody did.
Josh was a great kid.
Did you see her again? No, just that one time.
Thank you.
That was before she went to see Nathan York.
And she had already stolen the money, I assume to give it to Josh.
Then she hears the kid is dead and gives it to Nathan to keep some kind of connection or something.
Right, but we've still got $50,000 in a Cayman bank account that Nathan didn't get.
- Yeah? - Hey, Viv, it's Martin.
Look, we got the fingerprint run back on the computer, and there are five employee matches.
Give me the names.
I'll compare them to a list of employees who could have helped Erin cover her tracks.
Anybody on both is a potential suspect.
- We got a Gerald Olson.
- No.
Let's see.
Diane Toper? How about a Willa Condon? Now, that would be a yes.
We got a match of your prints on the computer where someone used Erin's code.
Everybody at the bank uses everybody else's computer.
- It doesn't mean anything.
- Yeah? How about all those calls from your phone to your bank account in the Grand Cayman? Willa, where's Erin? - I don't know.
- Listen, we've got you on embezzlement, wire fraud.
Add kidnapping and murder to that, and you're going away for a long time.
I swear, I don't know where she is! Okay, well, then who does? My boyfriend, Robby.
He has her.
Write down your boyfriend Robby's full name right there.
I didn't mean for it to come to this.
I mean, if she would have just left it alone You know the dormant accounts? Yeah? What about them? This is stupid.
You could go to jail just for listening to me.
What have you gotten yourself into? I've been stealing from the dormants.
I made it look like treasury transfers were made, then I diverted the funds.
What were you thinking? I wasn't.
I thought the money could help somebody I knew a long time ago.
It was stupid.
I thought you could fix it.
I want to put all the money back, and I know you have override access.
I mean, you know the State Treasury never sends money back.
Reversing those transactions will send up a different red flag.
There is no way to do this without getting caught.
Then maybe getting caught is what I deserve.
I won't tell anyone we spoke.
Don't try this.
It's a huge mistake.
No bigger than ones I've already made.
But you had already figured out she was stealing? I tripped to what she was doing a few days after she started moving the money, so I just I piggybacked onto her transfers.
I knew if-if she came clean, the bank auditors would be all over the books.
It wouldn't take them long to find my transfers next.
And what? Somehow in your infinite wisdom, you decided that the best solution to the problem was kidnapping? I-I will admit to the embezzling, okay? That's why I'm here, and I'm straight with you.
But everything else was Robby's idea.
What did Robby do? Hey! The only correct answer is the truth.
Trashing the place to make it look like it was a robbery was his stupid idea.
He thought it would steer the cops away from the bank.
Look, he's just supposed to hold her, not hurt her, I swear! How is he supposed to know when to release her? I was going to call him first thing this morning after I was done accessing the accounts.
But then you guys showed up, so And what will he do now that you're late? I don't know.
You talk like you normally would.
Agent Johnson will hear both sides of your conversation.
Okay, just stay nice and calm like we talked about.
Tell him that you were held up in a meeting with the manager.
- What if he doesn't believe me? - It'll all be fine.
Just tell him that you took care of everything and that you have the money.
Hurry up.
Get in the car.
- Well, where is she? - In the back.
Geez, Robby, untie her.
Shut up and get in the car.
Stop! You need to stay back.
FBI! Keep your hands where we can see 'em! Gun! Willa! Watch your head.
Let me pull this off, okay? It's gonna hurt.
You all right? Yeah.
- You need medical attention? - I don't think so.
All right, well, you know what happens next, right? Yeah.
Erin MacNeil, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you in court.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you by the court.
- Hey, you got a minute? - Sure.
You can save your breath.
I already know that Medina offered you my job.
I also know that you declined it.
If you'd said, yes, you'd be sitting in this chair right now.
Although I'd probly get myself a new chair, but Well, yeah.
Listen, I've been trying to get rid of it all day.
Listen, Jack, I I just need you to know that I had nothing to do with it.
In fact I think I think my old man may have pulled some strings for the offer.
Hell, for all I know, he was behind the whole damn shakeup, but I mean, if that was the case, I'm sorry.
All right.
I'm gonna go finish that report.
Good night.