Without A Trace s07e12 Episode Script

Believe Me

Pay later.
Pay now.
Pay later.
Pay later.
Pay later.
"Last notice.
" Hey, Dad? When you're solving quadratic equations, is it factoring or completing the square that only works when the solution's rational? I was with you up till "solving.
" Are we gonna lose the bar? We'll be fine.
Well, I wish there was something I could do to help.
I could pay you less.
I already work for free.
How about you pay me? The exterminators still here? - I need to talk to them.
- Yeah, they're in the back.
What are you guys doing? It's a miracle.
- What are you talking about? - The statue.
She's crying.
Please please back up.
I need you to stop pushing each other.
I know you've been waiting around a really long time.
I promise we'll get to everyone.
I know it's getting late.
Just be patient, all of you, and we'll get to you all.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
Excuse me.
Honey, I can't believe I slept that long.
I only put my head down for a minute.
- Why didn't you wake me up? - Well, you need the rest.
Well, we need to close the bar.
Hey, I'm sorry, everybody.
Listen, I got to close up now.
Ken, some of these people been waiting over two hours.
I understand.
I thank you for your patience, everybody, I really do, but special circumstances dictate that I close.
Thank you.
Could you please make in orderly fashion in your way to the door.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Dad we need their money.
I can't do this anymore.
I want you to go upstairs, lock the door, get ready for bed, okay? I'll be up later.
Okay, boss, we're looking for Ken Gilroy and No Grill.
Also missing is the weeping statue of St.
Theresa that made this place famous the past few weeks.
Remember that little bodega in Queens last year had the Jesus empanada? But the empanada didn't have the tears.
Yeah, at least you could eat it.
Gilroy's 15-year-old daughter, Addy, she's the one who called it in.
Mother is deceased.
NYPD notified CPS.
I just told them to meet us at headquarters.
Also, the back door shows evidence of pry marks.
The register's empty, so it looks like a burglary gone wrong.
Statue's also missing.
Maybe somebody wanted their own little miracle maker.
There's a lot of desperate people out there, man.
You know, the first thing to go are the eyes.
I would revise that and say that the first thing to go are the observational skills.
There is a bullet lodged there.
You want to use these? Without A Trace Season 7 Episode 12 "Believe me" - Thanks for meeting me.
- Sure.
I'm on my way I mean I've got to you know, get to work, but - Right.
- No problem.
Look, I'm sorry for just showing up at your apartment.
I was affraid if I called you'd tell me not to come.
Yeah, why did you come? I wanted to see my son.
- You signed the papers, Brian.
- I made a mistake.
I thought I was okay with giving up my rights.
But I'm his dad.
And just because we're not together doesn't mean that he isn't going to need me in his life.
I'm sorry, I I know this is a lot to handle.
Look The truth is, I think I think I knew this conversation was going to happen, I just I didn't expect it to happen quite this soon.
So the guy who answered the door of your apartment's a little too scary to be the babysitter.
I'm assuming he's your boyfriend? I'm going to need some time to figure this out.
You know? What I can tell you is whatever decision I make, I I think it has to be final for all of us.
Right? I understand.
Give Finn a kiss for me.
I'm Special Agent Malone with the FBI.
I'm here to assist in finding your father.
And I was just wondering if you could answer a few questions? - Sure.
- It's just some hot chocolate.
So The last time you saw your father was last night? Yeah.
I mean, I thought he'd be back soon.
He didn't even take his cell.
But then in the morning, he wasn't there.
And I saw the statue was gone.
Do you think something happened to him because of the statue? That's what we're trying to determine.
- How long has he owned the statue? - As long as I can remember.
My mom gave it to him.
And then after she died, he brought it to the bar.
When did you notice that the statue was crying? A couple weeks ago.
When people heard about it, the bar got crazy.
And I understand that you were charging to put prayers in the box? I mean, my dad said that since it helped people, we could ask for donations.
Anybody object to that? Why? We recovered a bullet from the bar.
Is there something you want to tell me? It was it was a couple days ago.
We'd just closed up, and I forgot to lock the back door.
That's a lot of money.
- You know, it almost broke my leg.
- Don't worry, I'll buy you a new one.
We're doing pretty good.
If people keep coming in like this, it's going to be okay.
And it's all thanks to St.
I don't know why this is happening, but I appreciate it.
Nobody move! Get behind me.
Come on! Where's the money? - We're closed up.
- That doesn't answer my question! Where's the safe?! Just go.
Just go.
We won't call the cops.
What are you doing, man? Back up.
Hey, no matter how bad things are, this is not the answer.
- Don't make me shoot you! - Dad, stop! You don't want to do this to us.
D-Don't be stupid, man! It's just money.
And the statue saved his life.
My dad said it was a miracle.
Why didn't he call the police? He said that if people heard about a robbery, they'd be too scared to come see the statue.
And we really need the money.
There's really no way for me to say this without sounding like a jerk, so Is there any possibility that your father could've faked the statue? He wouldn't do that.
Is that what you think? You know, it doesn't really matter what doesn't really matter what I think.
Could you just excuse me for a minute? Audrey Salke, CPS.
- Jack Malone.
- Firm grip.
I hate it when I get the dead fish.
Glad I passed the test.
With flying colors.
Is she ready? I was kind of hoping that she didn't have to go into the system right away.
Paperwork's already moving.
And there's no one else to take her.
There's questions that we need to ask her.
I was kind of hoping she could stay here.
Come on.
It's not a bad thing for the FBI to owe you one.
- How long do you want? - How long can I get? Logan Group Home locks its doors at 6:00.
Thank you.
The bullet from the bar was too mangled to I.
NYPD is looking for robberies with similar MOs.
You know, I don't get it.
How can people believe that this whole crying statue thing's real? Danny, that's why it's called a leap of faith.
It involves trust.
People went to the statue because it gave them hope.
If I'm a believer and somebody scams me, I'm doing something about it for sure.
Yeah, maybe someone did.
I mean, some of these sound really desperate.
Listen to this one.
"Please, don't let my Tony join the Latin Kings.
" That life took his brother.
I don't think I could survive burying another of my children.
Please give me the strength not to drink anymore.
I know it's my last chance.
Make him propose.
Nobody could love him as much as I do.
Some jumper cables.
Or a new car.
You know, I mean, whatever you whatever you think is best.
I don't do drugs.
You know My wife, she's been sick a long, long time.
Please take her so she doesn't suffer.
And tell her not to be afraid.
And then there's the less-charitable.
"Get rid of the statue or I will burn this bar to the ground.
" - God does that? - Not since the Old Testament.
Let me take it to the lab for prints.
I called you, like, five times.
Oh, yeah.
I got I was We need to talk.
Brian wants to be a part of Finn's life again.
And? And I'm gonna have to figure out what to do.
Don't look at me like that.
I already know what you think.
You don't know what I think.
And it doesn't matter what I think.
- It matters what you think.
- I don't know what I think.
- That's I don't want to hear.
- Then don't ask me Excuse me.
Am I interrupting something? - Yes! - No! I'll talk to you later.
Your timing sucks.
- Looking for a missing person.
- Give me a call if you find 'em.
I'm about to interview a Luis Ochoa.
He broke into the bar last week.
Apparently, Ken caught him halfway out the door with St.
Theresa in his hands.
- Why wasn't this in the initial report? - Ken wouldn't press charges.
He said the guy worked for him.
It was all a misunderstanding.
He's a liar.
You're good at this.
Hello, Luis.
- I didn't do anything wrong.
- Ever? That's very impressive.
So breaking into a bar, that's not wrong? How about killing the bar's owner? Is that wrong? Somebody killed Ken? Very convincing.
You know, the eyes, they're good, but the mouth, we're gonna have to work on the mouth, Luis.
I did break in to get the statue, but I didn't hurt Ken.
When I told him about my son, he promised to help me.
You said your son had a fever.
He's a lot sicker than that.
He can barely breathe.
- St.
Theresa will cure Jaime.
- It's a statue.
You need to take him to a hospital.
- I can't.
We're not legal.
- Then I'll take him.
Look, we gotta do something.
He could die.
You were given the miracle of St.
Theresa for a reason.
I believe it was to save my son.
Come on.
Luis, do you have a car? And then all of sudden your son just got better? She saved his life.
She? St.
Theresa? He said a lady's voice told him to wake up.
Okay, Luis, and that night, that's the last time that you saw Ken, right? Yes.
If he's out there with St.
Theresa, he's doing good for people.
Luis, this is the address of a free clinic Just in case your son needs another miracle.
We got security video from a loading dock near the bar the night of the attempted robbery.
Can we get an angle on the - on that license plate right there? - Let's see.
- There.
- I'll run it through DMV.
Come on, Jason, take off the mask.
Freeze it.
Blow it up.
I've got an I.
linked to the plate.
What are the odds the Gilroys are having a family reunion this week? Addy, this is the man who tried to rob your father's bar.
His name is John Gilroy.
Do you know him? Yeah, they're brothers.
Were you aware of any problems between the two of them? I don't know.
Addy, I know this is difficult, but if you know something, you're not protecting anyone by keeping it to yourself.
Ken isn't my father.
John is.
So, if John is your father, why are you living with your uncle? My father was a drug addict.
Ken he's raised me since I was ten.
He loves me and takes care of me.
Where's your biological mom? I don't know.
I never met her.
And when was the last time you saw John? Five years ago.
He would drop me off at the bar when he was using again.
Ken tried to keep it from me, but it was hard not to see.
All right.
Where's the olive? Oh, incorrect.
One more shot.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Must be Where is it? Wait a second.
There it is.
You want it? Not if it's been in my ear.
What? No hello? Addy, go upstairs, okay? You're late.
I'm not a punctual guy.
You're three days late.
I am parched.
What's your problem? My problem? Have you ever stopped for one minute to think about what you're doing to your daughter? No, I'm not letting you put her through it anymore.
Who are you to tell me what to do? I'm her father.
That's not her fault.
Do the right thing.
Stay out of her life.
You can wipe that look off your face, 'cause it's only a temporary loan.
Whatever you need to tell yourself.
At first, he'd call to say hi, but really, he just wanted to ask Ken for money.
And then, after a while, he just stopped calling.
You know, some people are not really equipped to be parents.
They do the best they can.
Ken always said that my dad showed he loved me when he gave me away.
Do you know where John might be? Well, when I lived with him, we had an apartment in Howard Beach somewhere.
So, how did your talk with Brian go? He wants to be a part of Finn's life.
I have enough moving pieces already, right? I need another man like I need a hole in my head.
I know.
You don't have to say it.
It's not about what I need.
It's about what my son needs.
You are absolutely right.
I'm glad I didn't have to say it.
Jack's never gonna be able to handle this, Elena.
Listen, if he can't, that's something that you need to find out.
All right.
You know, John's rap sheet doesn't exactly scream killer.
I mean, he's got a lot of busts for possession, in and out of rehab, but that's it.
Well, Ken's brother is not his only problem.
I've been going through his financials.
Now, the bank shows $40,000 a month in cash deposits coming into the bar that aren't showing up in his books.
- Any idea where it's coming from? - Not yet.
But, you know, a bar is a cash business perfect for money laundering.
Okay, the prints from the "Burn this bar down" note belong to this guy over here.
Tommy Nichols.
Okay, his hobbies are extortion and loan-sharking.
You got to love it.
Ken asks for a miracle.
Instead, he gets a drug addict brother and this.
Look familiar? It's got your prints all over it, Tommy.
And people saw you going into the bar the night Ken was last seen.
Hell, yeah, I went in there.
Charging people money to see a miracle wasn't right.
Jesus himself kicked the moneylenders out of the temple.
Sometimes, you just got to ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?" Yeah, well, we're asking ourselves, "What did Tommy do?" Tommy didn't do nothing.
Let's see here in Ken's account the first of every month.
At the end of the month, that cash was used to buy cases of scotch - from a company that you owned.
- Now, that's what? That's 150 cases per week, and it's clear from the bar's inventory that they weren't all delivered, so that's what I'd call money laundering.
Well seeing as how it was his bar, that would be on Ken, now.
Yeah, but the murder charge for killing him when he wanted to stop, that would be on you.
Whoa, hold on.
- I didn't do that.
- Then, what did you do? Okay.
Yeah, maybe I was unhappy about the statue but it didn't go the way you think it did.
This lovely piece of plaster attracts attention.
Attention which could bring the State Liquor Authority and the IRS around, two organizations which will not exactly shine the light of forgiveness on either one of us.
I get it.
You'll never see her in the bar again.
- Right.
Because I'm taking her.
- Why? - You don't believe in this stuff.
- Untrue.
I have a firm belief that I can sell Her Holiness for some serious coin.
All right, we can get rid of her, but at least let me take her to some people she can help.
Holy crap.
You actually believe this thing is magic.
Please make me the next Mr.
Pam Anderson.
Hey, that's not the way it works.
She gives you opportunities to change your life a chance to make things right.
I'm deeply moved.
But I got to take a leak.
When I get back, I want her wrapped up to go.
We're closed! We're closed! You will not be forgiven! - Give me the statue.
- It's right there.
- Just take it and leave.
- You think that I'll So, that's what you're going with, Tommy? - A priest with a razor? - That's the truth.
You're telling me that you turned your back on a potential homicide.
Who am I to interfere with God's plans? Yeah.
I'll send it over now.
Thanks for the help.
Here's a sketch of Father Slasher.
So the archdiocese said they need the day to talk it over with their counsel before they talk with us.
Okay, give them an hour, call them back.
Tell them if they don't cooperate, we release the story to the Post.
- Nice.
Playing hardball.
- Jack, come here.
I have a lead on Ken's brother.
Three years ago, Ken wrote a check for $700 to a transient hotel in Howard Beach.
I love transient hotels.
They put toe tags on the pillows instead of chocolates.
What are the chances that his brother's living there? Zero.
But there might be somebody down there that remembers where he went.
Agent Malone? I was just about to call you.
We're making tremendous progress.
Good to hear.
Is Addy ready to go? She's been really helpful in the investigation.
It'd be great if she could stay a longer.
CPS has rules, and I'm not gonna let the FBI break them.
Even if she has to stay in an institution? I am not in love with the idea, but what's our option? - She can't sleep here.
- I do.
Do you want to tell her or should I? Did you find him? Not yet.
How you doing? None of this would have happened without me.
What do you mean? I was cleaning.
I'm supposed to dust under the bottles once a week.
But I wasn't paying attention.
And I dried it off, but right away, it started crying.
So I hid it in the back.
I mean, I thought after a few days, it would dry out.
But then those guys found it, and everyone started coming to see it.
And my dad was so happy, I couldn't bring myself to tell him.
- Did you keep putting water on it? - No.
I never touched it again.
And it kept weeping.
I should have told him.
I don't really think that would have made any difference.
Salke is here to take you somewhere where you can sleep tonight.
I'd rather stay here.
You know, I get that, but really can't help you there.
Come on.
Listen here's my business card.
Give that to the person in charge of where you're going.
Tell them to give me a call when you get there.
- Okay, thanks.
- Okay? In the meantime, we'll keep looking for Ken until we figure out where he is.
I really don't like calling him Ken.
We'll keep looking for your father until we find him.
Thank you.
- So, is Addy Gilroy off to Logan? - Yes.
Well, it's the best of our city's facilities.
That's like saying the Hudson's the cleanest of our polluted rivers.
The archdiocese called.
The priest is not a real priest, but they know who he is.
What's his angle? Well, he's been in and out of mental institutions in the last ten years, kicked out of two seminaries, and last year he assaulted one of the archbishop's staff.
He's waiting for me in Interrogation One.
- If he starts speaking in tongues - I'll let you know.
Father Shepard.
How are you doing today? - Fine.
- Good.
So, do you know why we brought you in? I suspect it's due to my faith.
It isn't the first time I've experienced religious persecution.
It's not easy being a true believer.
What would you know about that? I know that for those who have felt God's touch, that they don't always fit into the establishment's belief system.
That is painfully true.
I know, too, that if you held a razor to a bar owner's throat, that there has to be another side to that story.
So what did you do to Ken Gilroy? I saved him.
From what? From godlessness.
You will not be forgiven.
Give me the statue.
Okay, okay, fine.
It's right there.
Just take it and leave.
You think that I'll let you off that easy? After you sold your gift like a cheap whore? Oh, please don't kill me.
My daughter depends on me.
I was trying to pay the bills.
I'm sorry.
God bestowed you with a sign of his grace, and you chose to profit from it, from fools who pray for their worthless things.
True miracles are not of the flesh.
They are of the soul.
I I know.
It spoke to me.
Who spoke to you? I don't know who it was God or the statue, I'm not sure but it did tell me what I need to do to fix my life.
He speaks to me, too.
Then you understand what I need to do.
When I saw a man who had experienced a true miracle himself, I knew my work there was done.
And after all that, you just let him walk away? Forgiveness is a virtue.
We're going to have to check out your apartment, Father Shepard.
I do hope you're telling me the truth.
He's fine.
Theresa told me so.
Then we can stop worrying.
So we found the statue in the priest's apartment.
If we were the Department of Missing Statues, we could go home.
We also followed up on the checks to the transient hotel.
The brother doesn't live there anymore, but the manager remembered his girlfriend's name.
She still in the area? We have a probable.
Martin's tracking her down.
- Listen - Look, Jack.
- Just let me talk for a sec.
- Look you go first.
- The thing about Brian and I - I'm gonna go first.
I don't want you to let this guy back in your life but that's not my decision to make.
No, it's not.
You know, if I hadn't done a background check on him which I had no right to do he would probably be in our lives anyway.
- Yes, that's true.
- So I realize that, you know you have to do what you have to do to take care of yourself and Shorty, you know, the little guy, and my job is to support you.
Who are you and what have you done with Jack Malone? Well, my initial instinct was to plant four ounces of black tar heroin in his car and call the DEA.
I really want this to work out.
Yeah, so do I.
I don't know where Ken is.
What about your boyfriend, the goalie for the Rangers? I don't want to get in trouble.
Then I'd go with the truth.
- They both were here.
- When? This morning.
I figured it was brother-to-brother business, so I stayed out of it.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I owed this guy money and I thought, "I could use a miracle, too.
" You pulled the trigger.
I don't understand how you could pull the trigger.
I didn't.
The piece just went off in my hand.
The guy I bought it from - said it was solid.
- Addy was right there.
What if you'd hurt her? What did she say? Nothing.
I didn't tell her it was you.
- You didn't? - No.
When I was holding that gun and I saw her face She's just so grown up now, you know.
I thought, the true frigging miracle is that I'm standing here wearing this ridiculous mask so that she can't see what a dumb ass I am.
Look, Johnny, we got to stop this.
I know.
I promise I won't bother you no more.
Not for me.
It's for Addy.
She needs to know her father again someday.
I don't want the next time she sees you to be on a slab at the morgue.
So what do we do? They both got into John's car, and I haven't seen either of them since.
You have any cats in that place of yours? No.
Why? You know, sometimes they rile up the drug-sniffing dogs.
John was supposed to carry some prescription meds across the Canadian border for this black-market pharmacist.
He got to the crossing and he saw one of those Mountie cops checking cars, so he dumps the pills in the woods.
How much are they worth? $10,000.
The pharmacist sent a nasty-looking guy over to tell John that he better pay up soon or something bad was gonna happen.
I'll need the address of the pharmacist.
Get your hands up! I got one.
Where's Ken? I don't know.
I thought he'd be back by now.
Okay, John.
Your friendly pharmacist already layered up with the high pressed firm.
It's no way you can compete with that, so why did you just cut the crap and tell me where you brother is.
- He is in Canada.
- He's in Canada? Oh, that's great so generally anywhere about the 49th parallel.
Just outside the Lac Paul cross.
It's better.
He never should going down like this.
That's all I got.
$4,000, but I'll get the rest.
I'm not running a bank.
Then I'll sign over my bar.
I already have a business, one that he's made a lot less profitable.
I already told you, I'd go get it.
I don't trust you.
I'm not really sure why I ever trusted you.
Then I'll go.
But if my supply is not back here by tomorrow morning, I'll have to inform my cousin, and then you'll be a lot less helpful.
I believe he's already introduced himself.
I'm not gonna let you do this.
Addy needs you.
If something were to happen, - she'd have nobody.
- All right, listen to me.
There was a prayer box, I put it next to the Theresa statue.
I come down to the bar one day to collect those prayers and I find one with Addy's handwriting.
You know what it said? She prayed that you were safe, and you had somebody who loves you and that one day you'd come back and see her again.
You gotta have faith.
This will work out.
I told him where to go and he left.
And how long ago was this? Nine hours.
He was supposed to call as soon as he got back across the border.
I need to know where you dropped the drugs, what kind of container they were in, everything.
All right? Okay, you ready? The license plate is New York State Victor, Ocean, Frank, seven, six, Union, one.
I'm gonna fax you his picture right now.
Thank you.
RCMP's on the lookout.
They have the best hats.
We've notified all New York state authorities, just in case he had an accident along the way.
We got a call coming in on Addy's cell phone.
Unknown caller.
Area code 905.
Let me take this.
Ken? - Don't hang up.
- Where's Addy? She's not here.
Who are you? Special Agent Jack Malone with the FBI.
How do I know you are who you say you are? Because your niece contacted us when you and St.
Theresa went missing.
Is she okay? Yeah, she's fine.
We placed her with Social Services while we were looking for you.
Now I want you to listen to me carefully.
Do not cross the border with those pharmaceuticals.
- I was just trying to help my brother.
- He's fine.
He's okay.
We have the pharmacist in custody.
Now we're just trying to get you back.
Are you okay? I don't know.
I think I'm losing my mind.
Yeah, you and me both.
What's going on? The night my brother tried to rob me I was a little freaked out, so I had some drinks.
That's when everything went a little Twilight Zone.
I blame you.
First you brought nothing but good money, the crowds.
Then it all goes south.
Then my own brother's shoving a gun in my face.
I should just call the cops.
It's the right thing to do.
What did you say? What do you mean? "The right thing for her"? I heard a voice in my head.
It was clear as day.
Yeah, I think I've heard that voice.
Might I suggest that it's the alcohol speaking? Well, maybe.
But St.
Theresa was right.
If St.
Theresa could come to the phone right now, she would tell you to put down the drugs and head straight for the border as fast as you can.
Do I sound like a lunatic? Yes, but I've dealt with worse.
When you get to the border, contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Tell them to contact us, and we'll come and pick you up.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Jack Malone miracle worker.
We could sit in my office.
I have I have comfortable chairs in there.
I know, but then I can't see the elevator.
Yeah, I know, but, you know, I can have someone call us - and tell us when they're here.
- I'm fine.
Agent Malone? Do you think the statue's real? I don't think it really matters.
You know, people got what they could out of it, and some of them even got what they thought they needed.
You must be the guy with the phone.
You must be the guy with the statue.
Thank you.
It was nothing.
Jack? What? Just your your face.
What about it? Nothing.
Go home.
Bother your boyfriend.
Who is that? Who is that? Should we go see? Come on.
Oh, up.
Here it is.
Come on in.