Without A Trace s07e14 Episode Script

Friends and Neighbors

Hey, Cate.
Come on in, hon.
I got the paper if you got the coffee.
- Hi, Cate.
- Hi.
Listen, I can come back.
No, we're just getting ready to go.
- Hey, Gavin, how you doing? - Okay.
Mom, this is stupid.
I'm fine.
You're not fine, Gav.
We need to have Dr.
Reeves take a look.
But I'm gonna miss my trip to the planetarium.
No, not if we get moving.
Let's go, buddy.
- Drive carefully.
- Thanks.
I will be back after I drop him off.
Kiddo, hug it out? See you, Cate.
Gavin's asthma? His breathing's way off, even with the machine.
I don't know what's going on.
I'm so sorry.
The worst thing is he won't tell us when he has a problem, so he could wind up in the hospital again or worse.
He's a smart kid, Julie.
He'll figure it out.
In the meantime, he has you to whip him into shape.
I just can't be there all the time.
What about you? - How are you doing? - Kind of hung over.
Besides that.
A little better.
I didn't mean to be such a drag last night.
You weren't.
You just needed to talk.
Thanks for being there.
What are friends for, right? God, I need a refill.
What about you? I'm good, thanks.
Are you expecting someone? No.
Why? Well, a delivery or something? No.
There's a van.
He's pulling in your garage.
What? The garage door is closing.
Oh, my God, someone is trying to get in.
Lock the door.
I'll call 911.
Oh, my God.
911, what is your emergency? Help, somebody's in the garage.
He's trying to break through the door.
Okay, thanks.
Our missing persons are Julie Fisher and her neighbor Cate Connelly.
- How do we know the neighbor was here? - Her voice was on the 911 tape and Mr.
Fisher said that Mrs.
Connelly comes over here for coffee.
Where is he? He's on his way.
- Witnesses? - A grey van was seen leaving, but that's all we got.
ERT's not even sure how many abductors were here.
Whoever decided to pull this off in broad daylight had some stones.
What was the motive? Out of the ten I can think of, off the top of my head, none of them are good.
Without A Trace Season 7 Episode 14 "Friends and Neighbors" Toupack, The Lovers.
Where are we with the canvass? A couple of joggers ID'd the van as a mid-to-late '90s Ford.
We updated the APB.
Forensics in the house? ERT's still working on the prints.
Nothing's popped.
You know, this could be a sex crime, a murder or a kidnapping.
We have to cover all bases.
- Where's Sam? - Running down known sex offenders.
We're setting up a trap and trace in case a kidnapper calls.
Do the Fishers have money? A few grand in savings.
I don't think it's enough for ransom.
Well, where is Cate's husband? We need to check their financials too.
Yes, Richard Connelly is gonna be here any minute.
Do you think it's possible Cate might be the target? We can't rule it out.
The Connellys have an alarm system at their house, so maybe when she went over to Julie's, the kidnappers saw their chance.
We could really use some hard facts right about now.
I got to pick up Gavin at school in a couple hours.
What am I going to tell him? What's going to happen? At this point we're not sure.
I'd like to ask you a couple questions about your wife.
- What did she do for a living? - She volunteers at Gavin's school and she teaches piano on the side, but that's it.
What about you? What do you do? Lydell Insurance.
I oversee the claims division.
Could be an unpopular occupation, I imagine.
Any disgruntled clients? It's the commercial property division.
It's pretty low-key.
Go back to your wife.
Possible that she's involved in anything illegal? No.
What are you saying? You think this wasn't random? It's very possible that she was the target.
I need you to think back over the last month.
Anything unusual happen? Doesn't matter.
Big, small, anything? There's this guy who does some work for us.
Ron Riegert, Julie had a problem with him a couple weeks ago.
What's the matter? You were doing great.
No, I wasn't.
I suck at this.
You do not suck.
Can I tell you a secret? You play a lot better than my husband.
He can barely do "Chopsticks.
" Are you okay? Honey, is there a problem with Mr.
Riegert? Can you tell me what? It's okay, honey.
Just tell me what happened.
I was walking home from practice and he wanted me to go for a ride in his truck.
- Did you go with him? - No, I told him I didn't want to.
I know I'm not supposed to go with strangers.
But he got mad and grabbed my arm.
When did this happen? Last week after my lesson.
Please don't tell him I told you.
I promise I won't.
Okay? And he's never going to bother you again.
- I fired him as soon as Julie told me.
- And how did he take that? Not well.
He took a swing at me.
It turns out he was on parole.
Police come and get him? I guess they went to his place, but he had cleared out.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
- Where you headed? - I'm going to interview Gavin Fisher.
He was with his mother at his house two hours ago and now this.
Can you imagine? No, I can't.
Makes me want to give Sophie a hug.
Me, too.
Did you talk to Behavioral Sciences? They think it's a intruder, probably a sexual or revenge kidnapping.
- It fits with Riegert.
- I don't think Ron's our guy.
Well, why not? He's got motive.
- He has no record of violence.
- He's a convicted sex offender.
I would say he's our best suspect.
We bought into that neighborhood so we could be out of the city, safe.
Do you have any reason to believe that Cate was in any danger? Not at all.
She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
We don't know that.
What else would it be? - Cate didn't have enemy in the world.
- Well, do you? You're a partner at a law firm that specializes in civil litigation.
Any angry clients in the picture? No one that would abduct my wife.
I'm still going to need a list of all your clients.
Of course.
Now, when was the last time you saw Cate? Three days ago.
Were you out of town? I was staying in a hotel.
Troubles at home? - It's private.
- Not anymore.
It might be connected to her disappearance.
What are you saying? That I had something to do with it? - But did you? - Absolutely not.
- And why would I? - I don't know.
Maybe she wanted a divorce and you didn't want her to have half of your money.
Look, I know this is difficult, but you need to explain yourself, Mr.
It is true.
Cate and I are having our problems.
It all came out a couple of nights ago.
- See you tomorrow.
- Thanks again for dinner.
- Good night.
- Bye.
What's the matter? You barely said a word all night.
You know that condo the firm has in Bahamas? We should go.
I'd love that.
I could work by cell phone.
We could fly there tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow? We can't just leave.
Why not? We're booked solid you're speaking at the hospital benefit on Friday.
Blow it off.
The partners will be there.
You'd be giving them the finger.
I'm gone all the time.
I just want to make things up to you.
This isn't for me.
I'm the one saying we can't do it.
Come on, Richard.
What is this? I slept with someone.
Who? It was just someone I met at that conference in Denver.
- It doesn't matter.
- It matters to me.
How could you do this? It just happened.
Having sex with someone doesn't just happen.
I don't know.
Because I just felt lonely.
What do you mean, "lonely"? We are out almost every night.
We're not really together, Cate.
If it's not a party, it's another fund-raiser.
I do that for you, Richard.
I try to be who you want me to be.
I am so sorry.
There is no excuse.
I just want to make things right.
You should have thought about that before you cheated on me.
I went to a hotel.
I attempted to call her and she never got back to me.
And now she's gone.
I'm going to need the name of the other woman.
Why? She has nothing to do with this.
And neither do I.
Her name, please.
- What did the kid have to say? - He doesn't know anything.
He's just traumatized that his mom is missing, you know? So, you got a lead on Ron Riegert? A friend said he likes to get hammered at this bar.
I'm going to check it out.
Danny, that's more like a rumor, not a lead.
I made a career out of rumors.
You're going to love this.
Let me call you back.
Ron? - Ron, don't do it.
- Don't do what? - Don't do that.
- What's that? Shut up.
- Where is Julie and Cate? - Who? Julie? Julie Fisher.
The woman that got you fired.
I didn't lay a hand on that little girl.
I didn't say anything about a little girl.
Julie is missing and you're a suspect.
Start talking.
She screwed me over.
I was pissed off, I admit that.
But I didn't hurt that lady, all right? You should look at that other guy.
- There's always another guy? - I'm serious.
- Who's the other guy? - Two weeks ago, before I got let go.
He was hanging around outside her house.
I'll get that for you.
Thanks, Ron.
Apparently, I'm not as tall as I think I am.
- Can you get the little one, too? - Sure.
You ready for your big night in the city? I can't believe Adam is doing this.
- Do you know how much those rooms cost? - It will be worth it.
- You guys never get away.
- You can't change your mind, Mom.
I picked out the movies I'm gonna watch on Cate's big-screen.
That's right.
No turning back now.
- Thanks for watching him.
- You bet! We're gonna have a pizza, and pop-corn.
We are gonna have a blast, aren't we, Gav? That is what I'm afraid of.
No way that guy was there to fix the phone lines.
Anything else you wanna pull out of your ass at this time? I'm not lying to you, all right? He had the wrong tools.
And he got into a truck with no logos on it.
The guy was all wrong.
I'm telling you.
So are you.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Get out! Walk away before I change my mind.
A park ranger found her about 30 minutes ago by the access road.
- We've set up checkpoints.
- What about Cate Connelly? They're still searching.
I'm gonna go talk to the husbands.
Would you mind if I took that one? No arrows points at Adam Fisher.
- You think he's behind this? - Or Connelly.
He was having problems with his marriage.
It's possible that he hired somebody to abduct Cate and Julie got caught in the crossfire.
I confirmed his story.
He had a one-night stand with a cocktail waitress.
And based on what we have, I'm not convinced that either of these guys had anything to do with it.
I'm just playing the odds.
Nine times out of ten, it's the husband.
What's going on? We found your wife, Mr.
She's been shot, but she's alive.
What? We located her in Bear Mountain State Park.
She's been airlifted to Mercy Hospital.
And they're conducting surgery right now.
I can have Agent Jama take you to see her if you want.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Cate? What about Cate? No news on her yet.
Richard Go, man, go.
Go be with Julie.
The fact that he shot her What does that mean for Cate? I'm not sure, I would say that it would make her the main target.
That doesn't make any sense.
I know.
Are you sure that there's no one that would want to harm your wife? No, no.
I mean, I would have said so if there was, earlier.
If there is anything you're holding back, if there is anything that you haven't told me, now is the time.
Well, there is something, but I'm I'm sure it's not related.
Everything is related, Mr.
Last Saturday, we were at a party at the Waldamont Hotel.
God, I feel old.
Sweetheart, you're not old.
You look gorgeous.
Hey, Scott of course.
I took care of that on Friday.
Yes, but we have a court date next week.
We can subpoena the medical records then.
Excuse me? I know you.
I don't think so.
Christie, right? I'm afraid not.
Excuse me.
I know I'm right.
- I know it's you.
Come on.
- Look! Don't touch me.
Sorry, I thought you would remember.
- Is everything okay? - Just making conversation.
She's not interested.
Get lost.
See you around, Christie.
Who was that? I've no idea.
She said he must've mixed her up with somebody else.
- And you believed her? - Yes, I did.
But now I've been keeping things from her.
Maybe she also did.
Cate's phone records came in.
There's no sign here that she led a secret life.
Maybe she just looked like this woman Christie and we're chasing down a dead-end lead.
No ID on the man that hassled her? There were over 300 RSVPs.
They're sending a guest list over.
Where are we on this guy? Danny contacted the phone company.
He is not a repairman over there.
- That's all we know so far.
- Good news the results on the rape kit done on Julie came back negative.
That could rule out a sexual motive.
It also puts us right back to square one as to why these girls were taken.
I'll be back in a little bit, okay? Mrs.
Fisher, I'm Special Agent Johnson.
Are you up for answering a few questions? Do you know who did this to you? I don't know.
I had never seen him before.
Did Cate know him? I don't think so.
Did you find her? Not yet.
What do you remember about the break-in? I heard the garage door closing and then It all happened so fast.
He's here! He's here! Please help us! Please don't hurt us.
Do you wanna die? Then help me move her now.
Come on, let's go.
I helped him get Cate into the van.
He told me to get in, and then he tied our hands.
How badly hurt was Cate? She came to a few minutes later.
We just sat in the back of the van, not knowing where he was taking us or what he was gonna do.
Did he say anything to you? Not really.
Cate tried to offer him money and her diamond earrings.
He just told us to shut up.
- Did he make any stops? - Not for a long time.
And then when he did I've never been so scared.
What's going on? What's he doing? If we do what he says, we'll be okay.
- What if he wants to - Just stay calm.
We'll be all right.
We're gonna get through this.
- Get out.
- Why? I'm cutting you loose.
Please let us both go.
We won't tell anyone.
- We won't go to the police.
- I only need her.
You need to go.
I'll be okay.
- Get out.
- I'm sorry.
Walk away.
Walk away before I change my mind.
I laid there and played dead.
I thought he was gonna shoot me again.
And then I heard him drive off.
With Cate.
Now, do you think you could describe him to our sketch artist? I'll never forget him.
Okay, all right.
State Police just found the van in a mall parking lot.
- Where? - White Plains.
ERT's checking for prints.
Who are these guys? Besides ugly.
Well, these guys are affiliated with the mob.
They're out of Sicily.
They're into drugs, racketeering See this tattoo here? That tattoo was seen by Julie Fisher, and we believe it's pretty much their trademark.
Here we go.
Meet Mario Castro.
I think this guy is their enforcer.
So, we released Mario Castro's photo to the media with a hotline number.
Maybe we'll get some action.
Organized Crime doesn't have a 20 on him? All they can give us is a list of his known associates.
ERT searched the Connelly house.
No drugs.
Nothing that connects them to illegal activity.
Did Richard Connelly have mob clients? His law firm says no, but what else are they gonna say? Look, Castro did not kidnap this woman just for the hell of it, right? So there's a missing piece here somewhere.
You know, there was a There was a charge on Cate's credit card at a bar in Newark yesterday.
Let's see.
Yeah, here.
In the Forest Hill area.
There's a lot of made guys in that area, right? Maybe Cate's the one with the mob connection.
Yeah, I saw her last night.
- Her and her friend.
- Is this the friend? No, she was with another woman.
Her? Yeah.
Yeah, that's her.
- Desperate Housewife twins.
- Did they talk to anyone? No.
Just each other.
They were just having a night out.
It seemed like they could use it.
All right, ladies.
Another one.
- This one's on the house.
- Come on, Jules.
- On the house.
- One more.
I I can't.
I'm done.
How did we end up here? Because Richard stepped out on me.
I mean, this bar.
I'm returning to my roots.
This used to be a strip club way back when I worked here.
You're kidding.
You wouldn't get it.
You and Adam with your beautiful kid and your perfect life.
Yeah, and our credit card debt and our two mortgages.
Why? I wanted to go to college, so I danced my way to a degree.
Sometimes I did more than dance.
I bet I wrecked a few marriages along the way.
Got what I deserve.
You didn't.
It's not over.
Maybe I was trying so hard not to be who I used to be that I just wasn't there at all.
I've seen the way Richard looks at you.
- He loves you.
- I love him.
I'm just not sure that's enough.
Sometimes, people make stupid mistakes.
But they deserve a second chance.
They paid their bill and took off.
Did you see anyone follow them out? No, ma'am.
But it was a busy night.
I guess it's possible.
I spoke to the owner of the strip club.
Cate's stage name was Christie, but he hasn't seen or heard from her in 15 years.
So that's how the guy at the party knew her.
Check this out.
Mario Castro was spotted at a fast-food joint about an hour ago.
- Was Cate with him? - Well, we're about to see for sure.
I'm downloading the surveillance video right now.
All right, here we go.
She looks unharmed.
What is that, an SUV? I can't make out what they're saying.
God, I wish I could read lips.
Maya can lip-read.
Okay, one more time.
He just ordered some kind of burger and fries.
She's telling him she doesn't understand.
"Why me? Why are you doing this?" The man's saying "Your husband stole our" Our what? Can you play that last part again? "Your husband stole our money.
" All right.
Thank you.
How much do you owe them, Mr.
Connelly? - Owe who? - The mob.
They took your wife because you stole their money.
Now, I want the whole story.
I don't know what you're talking about.
No, please.
I don't understand.
Who said I took money from the mob? He did.
Is Cate okay? Well, she was then.
But with every second, her life is more at risk.
You really need to be straight with me.
I swear to you, I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, he is saying to your wife, "Your husband stole our money.
" Now, why would he say that? He must have made a mistake.
Look, somebody has made a mistake.
He shot Julie Fisher in the back and left her for dead.
- That what you want for Cate? - Of course not.
Then give me something.
I don't have anything.
I didn't steal anything.
I don't know why this guy said what he said.
I don't even know the guy.
She getting anything out of him? Enough for me to cut my odds in half.
- He doesn't know anything about it.
- All right.
Maybe this guy can shed light.
One of Castro's known associates, Charlie Moretti.
Could be your phone guy.
Word on the street is he's a freelance hit man.
- Let's bring him in.
- Yep.
So, how can I help the FBI today? We'd like to ask you some questions about your close personal friend Mario Castro.
Sorry, I'm drawing a blank.
Let me refresh your memory.
He kidnapped two women this morning.
You were an accessory.
No, you're mistaken, gorgeous.
I'm in the import/export business.
We know you're connected.
Connected? To what? Come on, smart-ass.
We already have you as an accessory to kidnapping and more than likely as an accessory to murder.
Based on what? Based on the fact that we have an eyewitness that places you at Julie Fisher's house prior to the kidnappings.
And you think that's gonna hold up in court, 'cause I was in her neighborhood? You guys are reaching.
You want to play it that way? Really? Okay, you can go.
- I can go.
- Yeah, get out of here.
What's going on here? The minute you walk out of here, I'm going to let it be known on the street that you were in here talking to us about the family, their operation.
The way they work.
I don't like your chances on the street after that.
What do you want? - Information.
- About what? The kidnappings! If I answer questions about that and only that, will my answers stay within these walls and will I get immunity in case anything else happens to come up? We'll talk about immunity depending on what you tell us.
I turned down that job.
All right.
You want immunity? You're gonna have to do better than that.
I'm telling the truth.
I turned the job down.
I did some recon and I realized it wasn't my type of gig.
What was the matter? No dental plan? I have a code.
I don't do anyone with a wife and kids.
The Connellys don't have kids.
Who the hell are the Connellys? Well, who was your target? The husband, Adam Fisher.
Where is your husband, Mrs.
Fisher? He's not home and he's not answering his cell.
- I don't know.
- Don't lie to me.
He was here earlier.
Where was he headed? - I don't know.
- You don't know.
I'll tell you what I know.
Your husband took money from the wrong people.
They sent Mario Castro after him.
Castro grabbed you.
But what I need to know is why he shot you and kept Cate.
Look, you need to tell me what really happened! He came to the house.
Adam wasn't home, so he took the two of us.
Which one of you is Mrs.
Fisher? I am.
- What are you doing? - He'll keep me and he'll let you go.
This is our best bet.
- I know how to handle guys like this.
- You can't.
- I won't let you do this.
- Listen to me.
Gavin needs you.
Get out.
You need to go.
I'll be okay.
- Get out.
- I'm sorry.
Walk away before I change my mind.
Go! She did it because of my son and I let her.
And it's my fault she's still with that animal.
Why didn't you tell me this before? - Adam begged me not to.
- Right.
So, your best friend risks her life for you and you're going to let her die to protect your husband? Who did he take the money from? He wouldn't tell me.
And I tried to get the truth out of him.
I don't know what I would have done if I had lost you.
What is going on, Adam? What do you mean? That man wanted me.
Why did he want me? I didn't do anything.
Did you do something? I-I did an inspection on an apartment building last month.
Just Just checking it out before we issued the policy and I found a bag hidden in an air vent.
A bag? What was in the bag? There was $100,000.
The place was empty.
It was going to be torn down eventually.
I figured somebody just I don't know, left the money there, forgot about it.
I didn't think anyone would find out.
Why would you do this? We're barely keeping up on the house.
And my bonus this year was a joke.
Our cards are maxed.
I feel like I'm drowning.
I just needed some relief.
Look, I just It didn't seem like stealing.
I see what Richard does for Cate, and I just I want you and Gavin to have those things.
I don't need things, Adam.
All I need is my family.
We have to go to the police.
We can't.
They left a message on my voice mail at work.
They're going to kill Cate if I don't give the money back.
Baby, I will fix this.
All right, I will fix this.
I will get her back, I swear to you.
But you have got to promise me You can't say anything.
Where was he going? I don't know, I swear.
Please, you have to find him.
Both of them.
Any clues as to where Adam Fisher hit the jackpot? Well, we checked his schedule from a month ago and the only empty building he inspected was at Jerome and 92nd.
- That's South Bronx.
- Who owns it? Interesting.
Joseph Savino.
Okay, Organized Crime confirmed that he runs a mob family out of New Jersey.
Here's the thing.
I've been reading through all this stuff, Joseph doesn't seem like the guy who's going to let Adam - just return that money.
- No way.
I would assume the drop would have to happen in a secure location.
What other properties does this Savino own? He's got about 20 of them, over the city.
Apartment buildings, movie theater, warehouse Okay, okay.
Let's call NYPD.
Let's get them involved.
Let's hit them all at once.
- What's up? - Yeah, I got Fisher's car at the Mayan Theater.
I'm at least 30 minutes out.
Why don't you hang tight and I'll call for backup.
All right.
I'm at the north entrance.
Shots fired! I'm going in.
Danny, hang on.
Danny! That was a warning.
I'll put the next one in your head.
Don't move.
Whatever you say.
Throw it over.
Throw it.
Open it.
Open it! It's all there, okay? I swear to you.
Please, can we just go? This ain't about the money.
It's about the fact that you took it.
No, no, no, no! Look, she's got nothing to do with this.
Please just-just let her go.
Maybe we can all just kiss and make up.
- Right? - FBI! - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Do you think the DA is going to charge Adam? With what? Grand theft of mob money or first degree stupidity? You were right.
That it was the husband.
And you were right that it wasn't the husband.