Without A Trace s07e20 Episode Script

Hard Landing

Previously on Without a Trace You seem happy.
Do I? You have to be fine, because Finn loves you, and he needs you.
He needs a father.
I want you in his life.
I don't want any trouble.
You're pointing a gun at a federal agent.
It's a little late.
I've never threatened anyone with a gun.
Just want to make sure you're all right.
The weapon your Vic used came up with a problem.
Turns out the serial number was filed off.
- Hey.
- Hello.
You're early.
- Want a beer? - No.
I'm good, thanks.
- You're good? - Yeah.
You brought your work with you.
That's interesting.
Well not exactly.
What's going on? How well did you know your uncle, Brian Morris? We were pretty close before he died last year.
Why? This is the ballistics report on that gun, his gun.
From the cabin? You see, it was matched to a series of bank robberies in 2004, and a security guard was killed during one of them.
I Well, that just seems impossible to me.
I mean, you know he was a cop.
He would never do anything like that.
- Then how do you explain this? - How do I explain it? I don't know.
It's a mistake.
All I know is that he would never be involved in anything like that.
I just I just had to follow up.
I know.
You're a good man.
You're like a Boy Scout.
Boy Scout.
That's the problem with taking your own plane no hot meal.
Some people think that's a good thing.
Did you check the weather reports? It's all clear.
I still don't understand why you need to leave tonight.
I can meet with the clients in the morning.
You know we can't afford to lose more business.
I know, I know, but I just was hoping maybe you would want to play the pregnant wife sympathy card.
Are you kidding? I'm going to use the hell out of that one.
Then the new baby card, then the tragic lack-of-sleep card, then the wife gets a trip to Tahiti card.
I like that one.
Listen, I know things have been tough.
But I promise it'll get better.
We just have to ride this out, and then it's just you and me.
- Hello! - Oh, yes, and a baby.
To be named later.
You're in charge.
Don't get heady with power.
Not making any promises.
Hey, you remember no loop-de-loops.
- When do you think he crashed? - Last night.
Another plane spotted the wreck around sunrise.
His flight plan had him bound for Portland, Maine.
So how'd he wind up in Pennsylvania? - That's a damn good question.
- Now, how cold does it get out here? In the forties.
He's high risk for hypothermia, especially if he's hurt.
I sure appreciate the FBI's assistance.
Otherwise, it'd be me and my 2 deputies looking for him.
Anything we can do to help, you just let me know.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
- So, how was the ride? - A lot better than his.
Why are we here? This should be a straight-up search-and-rescue.
It would be if it were a different pilot.
- Why? Who is it? - Keith Anderson.
Ross Anderson's son.
- The billionaire.
- That's the one.
Without A Trace Season 7 Episode 20 "Hard Landing" Look who's here.
Oh, I'm so glad to see you.
Thank you.
Oh, my! Who did that? It's from all of us.
I picked those out myself.
And now I can spell rhodendron.
You guys, that's too nice.
Thank you.
It's Hey, listen, I heard congratulations are in order for you and Danny.
Jack told me.
I'm sorry I haven't called.
It's okay.
You were busy, right? Look, what Danny gave me.
- That's beautiful.
- It belonged to his grandmother.
I hate to break up this party, but there is this thing called the missing person.
- What's the case? - It's Keith Anderson, son of the Ross Anderson.
Five years ago, Keith was a ski bum.
Now he's a CEO of his own ski company.
And they found his plane crashed in Pennsylvania.
There were signs that he was injured, but it looks like he walked away.
Most pilots know you stay with the plane.
- It makes a bigger search target.
- You'd think.
Okay, according to these financials, Keith company's not doing so well.
Ski-Dynamics lost $4 million last quarter.
His dad owns half the world.
Somehow I think that company's gonna do fine no matter what.
Keith hasn't taken a dime from Ross since he dropped out of college and moved to Stowe.
Why is that? They're not close.
Ross sees the world in terms of money, and Keith lives by his passions.
That's why we started Ski-Dynamics.
Now, am I right in saying that he told you he was going to Maine? Yes, to see one of our retailers.
We contacted your retailers, and there were no meetings scheduled.
Do you know why he'd be going to Pennsylvania? I have no idea.
How's your marriage? Keith is not having an affair.
We love each other.
He is so excited about the baby.
All right.
Were there any changes in his behavior lately? He's been under a lot of pressure with the business.
He's been practically living at the office, trying to sort things out.
That's right.
It's tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I brought you a latte and a change of clothes.
That was sweet.
You are the father of my child.
That's a relief.
Very funny.
Why don't you go home and get some sleep? I'm still going over these cost-cutting options.
How drastic are we talking? We could move production overseas, which cuts down on labor costs.
We can hire independent contractors so we don't have to give them benefits.
I just sounded exactly like my dad.
Hon, you're just trying to save the business.
These cost cuts make perfect sense from a bottom-line perspective.
Which has nothing to do with why I started this business.
So you're just going to have to find the Keith way to solve this problem.
Not the Ross way.
The one time I actually listened to him? He said, "Make sure you marry someone smarter than you.
" You know what they say.
He's a genius.
He was committed to saving the business, to saving the jobs of the people who work for him.
He flew out later that day.
It must be a bit of a burden being Ross Anderson's son.
And what with the trouble in your company.
Could it have all just gotten too much for him? You think Keith's hiding.
He's not.
He is not the type of man to run away from his problems.
Thank you.
What, how can they be releasing him on Friday? Brian can barely walk.
The doctor is confident he'll be able to recuperate effectively at home.
Oh, my God.
Just explain this to me.
Who is going to take care of him at home? Here is a list of home healthcare agencies his insurance company has preapproved.
All right, so he gets a nurse? An aide.
Insurance will cover 10 hours a week until his last postoperative checkup.
That's, what, 2 hours a day? How's he supposed to take care of himself the rest of the time? I know this is upsetting, but perhaps the two of you can hire someone to fill in the gaps when you're not able to be there.
Brian lives alone.
I'm sorry.
I just assumed, since you've been dealing with everything Does Mr.
Donovan live on the first floor or in a building with an elevator? No, he does not.
Then you'll let the agency know that, so they can send someone who'll be able to lift him.
Anderson, we're looking into your son's disappearance.
I appreciate that.
If there's anything I can do, any resources I can offer We're fine I just needed to ask you a few questions.
Do you have any suspects at this point? Suspects? Do you know who took him? What makes you think that he was kidnapped? For some people, my son is worth a fortune.
Maybe they forced his plane down.
Maybe someone recognized him in the woods and abducted him.
I think that's an unlikely scenario.
It's happened before.
Really? When was this? Two years ago, my security team detected it and broke it up.
You have a surveillance team watching your son? Keith didn't know about it until two weeks ago.
- No, Keith, I'm sure you're mistaken.
- I'm not mistaken.
The guy followed me out of lunch last week.
He looked ex-military.
- And I saw him again today, too.
- There must be some explanation.
They guy had a parking permit for Ross Anderson Industries.
All right, I was going to tell you.
- Keith, you're a target.
- You mean the Stowe thing? That was a couple of potheads with a half-assed plan.
- It was never serious.
- Because my men intervened, - next time, you might not be so lucky.
- This isn't about me.
Never is.
It's about you protecting your assets.
- Son, that's not true.
- Call off your dogs, Dad.
If I see them again, I'll have them arrested.
Obviously, my son and I don't see eye to eye on every point.
So, did you pull the surveillance? I told them to be more discreet.
Was there anybody watching him yesterday? And didn't report anything unusual.
I need to speak to that person.
Of course.
Your call about that gun is the first break I've had in this case in over a year.
I wouldn't call it a break.
I'm just doing my due diligence.
I noticed in your report that there were - What was the MO on that? - Three perps, all wearing ski masks.
They hit the smaller branches.
Got in and out in under 10 minutes.
Case goes cold when a security guard gets killed.
Now, did the name, Brian Morris, ever come up? We had a suspect I liked, though.
His name was Jimmy Wright.
I'm pretty sure he was the ringleader.
The guy did electric work at three of the banks.
So, we bring him in, question him.
Guy doesn't break.
Not long after that, he disappears.
All right.
You you ever see this woman before? Yeah.
That's Jimmy's girlfriend, Karen Smith.
I was hoping she'd lead me to him.
You're telling me you have no idea where your boyfriend is? I came home a few nights ago, and he was gone.
If you're protecting him, - that makes you an accessory.
- I have no idea what Jimmy's doing.
Now I'm hearing about these bank robberies, and it's all just starting to make sense to me.
How is that? A couple months ago he was sorting out some money on the bed.
I asked him where he got it, and he told me to shut up, - and he hit me.
- You didn't think to call the police? I was afraid he'd hurt me.
Does Jimmy own a gun? He took it with him.
You can search my apartment or whatever you need to do.
I didn't have anything to do with this.
I believed her.
A day or so later, a witness IDs her as being the driver of the getaway car at the last heist.
So, I go back to talk to her.
She's long gone.
All right.
Okay, well You know, thanks for your time.
What's she got to do with the FBI? She's just involved in a case that we're working on right now.
You'll let me know if you find out anything, right? I mean, I'd like to let the security guard's widow know we finally got our guy.
Of course.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, Luce.
- What did you get from the airfield? - This is surveillance video.
I was checking to see if anyone boarded with Keith Anderson.
Instead, I found this.
Here's his plane.
This guy's tampering with the gas tank.
I called the airfield.
He doesn't work there, and nobody recognized him.
Now, that's intentional grounding.
All right, so we circulated the photo at Ski-Dynamics.
Nobody recognized him.
He definitely brought the plane down.
NTSB found a rag in the gas tank that clogged the fuel line.
That seems personal.
Did you come across anyone with an ax to grind? No, not so far, but I figure Keith is a businessman.
- Maybe he stepped on this guy's toes.
- Or it was organized effort.
He disables the plane, and his accomplices grab Keith.
But it's been 20 hours if this is a kidnapping, why no ransom call? - Hey, Danny.
- Hey.
- Have you seen Martin? - Not for a while why? Ross Anderson's security guy is here.
Martin is supposed to be in on the interview with me.
All right, don't wait.
I'm going to look for him.
Vogel hi.
I appreciate you coming in.
I go wherever Mr.
Anderson tells me to.
Which includes following his son to the airfield.
That's right.
- You saw him get on the plane? - Yes, I did.
- Did you see anyone with him? - If I had, I would have said so.
During your surveillance of Keith, did you ever see this man? - No.
- Have you ever seen anything that you might have thought, "Wow, that looks suspicious"? There was this guy a few days ago.
But I couldn't find him.
When I came back up the ramp, the car was gone.
- He must have doubled back on me.
- You know, we talked to his father, and he didn't mention any of this.
Well, when I saw that Keith willingly went with the unknown subject, I decided that he did not present a risk.
So, in other words, you didn't tell him.
- I need this job.
- Well, you have a better chance of keeping it if you give us a sketch of that guy you saw.
What did you do, drug me? I never sleep like this.
I didn't want to wake you up.
You looked so cute.
Your hair was all messy.
Your face was smashed in the pillow.
Oh, great, I hope I wasn't drooling.
You were, but - it was damn cute.
Trust me.
- I'm going to have to.
Where we headed? Anywhere we want.
You travel? - Staten Island count? - You don't travel.
- Why not? - I don't know.
Guess I really never got around to it.
You don't ever just want to go far, far away somewhere, where no one knows you and you can be anybody you want? Like where? Like you could go on a scenic tour of the Scottish Highlands.
You could wear a kilt.
I don't know.
Sounds a wee bit drafty.
We could visit Mumbai and get lost in a city of millions.
I'm not really big on curry.
You're impossible.
You know what I need? I think I need a traveling partner.
Well, I mean, you know, that might not work, because you can't really get lost when you're with somebody else 'cause then, they know who you are.
Unless you get lost together.
I like that idea.
So do I.
You do? Why aren't you answering your phone? Martin.
What's wrong? I screwed up, man.
What do you mean? I ran ballistics on that gun.
Turns out it was used in an armed robbery in New Jersey where a security guard was killed, and I found out that Kim was ID'd as one of the getaway drivers.
I've been trying to call her.
She's not answering her cell.
There's something I didn't come clean about before.
When I first went up to interview Kim at the cabin she pulled a gun on me.
Same gun.
Yeah, I I was able to talk her down and disarm her and I mean, I figured no harm, no foul, so I didn't put it in the report.
Then, we started seeing each other after that and Whole thing's a mess now.
All right, listen to me.
You have to forget about the rest of it.
We have to find her.
Let's get out of here, huh? Yeah.
All right, this is a police report from last night.
A red and white Piper Cherokee was seen at an airfield in Easton, Pennsylvania.
Easton that's like 40 miles away from the crash site.
Well, why were the police called? A car was parked next to the plane.
A witness thought it looked suspicious.
Okay, did the cops talk to the pilot? Both the plane and the car were gone by the time they showed up, but okay, good the witness got a plate number.
You know what this is sounding like to me? Maybe drugs.
Well, Keith did need a lot of cash for his company.
Who knows how far he'd go? Oh, check this out.
Look familiar? plane was spotted next to your car.
The wreckage was found, no Keith.
Those things aren't related.
- Really? - I'm a blogger.
I cover the business beat.
I'm actually pretty well-known.
So you're a financial analyst but without the qualifications? It's the 21st century, man.
You're stuck in an old-media paradigm.
And you're going to be stuck in an old Sing Sing paradigm unless you answer my questions.
He contacted me last week.
I figured he had dirt on a competitor.
Turns out it was about his dad.
How so? He said Ross Anderson had cancer, that he doesn't have much time left.
I posted it.
It went viral and blew up.
So why would he fly all the way out there to meet you? Couple days after I printed it, he calls me, says it's urgent.
I blew him off, but he was relentless.
Says he need to talk.
Pretty dramatic, isn't it? Flying in under the cover of darkness? That piece you wrote I need you to retract it.
This is the blogosphere, man.
It's out there.
- You can't just hit rewind.
- What I told you isn't true.
Come on, Mr.
How stupid do you think I am? He's not sick.
He doesn't have cancer.
I just I said what I said as payback.
I don't want to be that guy.
So you lied to me then, but now I'm supposed to believe you? I'm asking you to do the right thing.
When people come to my site, they're looking for outsider credibility with insider info, and that's what I give them.
You didn't happen to short my dad's stock after I talked to you last time, did you? 'Cause I'm sure the SEC would be very interested if you did.
You're the source of that rumor.
You talk to the SEC, you'd end up going to jail, too.
I have better lawyers, and I'm willing to take that chance.
How about you? What could I do? He kind of had me by the nads.
- So, you print the retraction? - I was in the middle of writing it when your guys commandeered me.
I doubt a retraction will help, anyway.
- Why is that? - Since the cancer rumor, Ross Anderson Industries has lost 30% of its value.
Word has it he may have to sell the company or go out of business.
Any news? Just some rumors about your health.
Gossip, total fabrication.
Which is why your stock is in the toilet.
As of this morning, it's not my stock anymore.
I had to sell my business.
- You sold it over a whisper campaign? - Eh, I swallowed too many companies and choked on the debt.
The cancer rumor was the last straw.
And that's another reason for you to be angry at your son.
- What do you mean? - He's the one - that gave the story to the blogger.
- I don't believe that.
You don't the kind of guy that would take that lying down.
What are you saying? That I'm somehow responsible - for what's happening to my own son?! - He hit you where it hurt.
Your son just didn't wake up five days ago and decide to take a swing at your net worth.
He had a reason and you gave it to him.
What was it? - I don't have to lis - Yes, you do, sit down.
I had a conversation with your driver.
He told me that you and Keith had a discussion before he left.
Why did you neglect to tell me that? - It wasn't relevant.
- Well, it's relevant now.
What was the conversation about? I had to talk to him about a financial matter.
Oh, Keith, I was just coming up to see you.
- What's on your mind, Dad? - Arthur tells me you want to withdraw $200,000 from your trust account.
Well, it is my trust, isn't it? Of course, but you've never touched it before.
Is there a problem with you or the company? - The money is for Josh Haber.
- Who? How can you ruin someone's life and not even remember their name? He started making skis the same time I did.
In the marketplace, there are winners and losers.
You put him out of business and you did it in my name.
Son, you don't know what it's like to have a child, but you will soon, and you will do anything to make his life better.
I want him to make his life what he wants it to be, and if I screw up, I want to be big enough to tell him I'm sorry.
I've done nothing wrong.
I don't want to take any more money from you, Dad, - or anything else, for that matter.
- You are overreacting.
You and I are done.
That was the last time I saw him.
Who is this Josh Haber? Some ski bum from Stowe.
Yeah, so you knocked down his lemonade stand so your son wouldn't have competion.
- It was business.
- Yes, your way of doing business, not your son's.
He went to try and fix the mess he had started with the blogger, a mess, by the way, that you created to begin with, which is why I think he's missing.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe Josh would do something like this.
Where is your husband now, Mrs.
Haber? I don't know.
I haven't seen him since this morning.
You have to understand, though, it's been such a struggle for him - with all my medical issues.
- And he blames Keith Anderson? We couldn't afford a nurse, so Josh is staying home to take care of me all by himself.
We've just fallen further and further behind and two weeks ago, the bank foreclosed on our house.
Since then, he's just been obsessed with Keith.
- Can we just go, please? - I just need to have my say.
Josh, it isn't going to do anything.
Josh, please! I'll be back in a minute.
Hey, Keith.
How's it hanging? Josh? Hey, it's been a long time.
- How you doing? - Not too good, actually, to tell you the truth.
Yeah, Stacy's got MS.
She's in a chair now.
She's never getting out.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
You should be.
What do you mean? It's funny, you and I, we started out the same working a ski press in a garage.
Now, look at you, man.
You got your own factory.
What do I have? Nothing.
Why is that? I heard your skis had quality control problems.
Is that what you heard? You're talking about the Internet post that said the composite material I used turned brittle in the cold? - I really need to get going, so - That post was a lie, okay, but it's a guy like me against an Anderson.
What chance did I have, huh? You killed my business.
Who's going to buy skis that break in the cold? And then I find out some time later the search engines had been paid, so anytime anybody checks me out, that post pops up.
Now, who would do something like that, who?! Josh.
You don't know what it's like to lose everything, but you're going to find out.
You hear me? I thought he was just venting, that he had gotten it all out of his system.
It looks like venting wasn't enough.
How's Brian? Well, it's going to be a lot more complicated than I thought.
I thought Brian was going to be able to go back to his own apartment, but it seems like he's going to have to live with me for a while.
Jack, he's in bad shape.
Okay, I have an elevator in my building, he doesn't.
The nanny's already there for Finn, so she can make sure he's got food and water.
Like a cat.
Like a cat with a broken leg and an IV.
I know this isn't ideal, okay? I do.
But I feel like things have been really good with us lately, and I don't want to screw it up, Jack.
I just I have no idea what else I'm supposed to do here.
So I guess we just do what we can.
Given the circumstances.
There's no way I'm giving him a sponge bath.
Where's Danny and Martin? You know, I haven't seen them in a few hours.
Agent Johnson, Sheriff Briggs here.
Some people recognized the photo you sent.
So Haber was at the crash site? He didn't use the name "Haber," but he volunteered for the search two hours ago.
Where is he now? He was assigned to search grid four, but he didn't return with the rest of his party.
And we can't locate him.
All right, keep looking.
He's after Keith Anderson.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
We need to focus our manpower on grid four.
Also, we have to assume that Haber's armed, so we'll use the volunteers on the perimeter, and save your men for the actual manhunt.
Will do.
We know where Haber was last seen, we got it two sets of tracks.
- I'm sure we'll find him.
- Hopefully before he finds Keith.
Keith was trying to do the right thing.
If Josh had known that, then none of this would be happening.
We have over 200 people searching the woods.
We're doing everything we can, I promise you.
It is all because of Ross.
I blame him for this.
We cleared Ross of any involvement.
Haber is after my husband because of what Ross did.
You know, Keith is hoping we have a little girl.
I think I finally understand why.
Freeze, FBI! Okay! Okay, don't shoot! Where's Keith Anderson? I'm looking for him, too.
Yeah, we know, Josh.
Where is he? - Where is he? - I don't know.
You got blood on your shirt.
Is it his? Yeah.
But-but-but it was an accident.
Oh, thank God! My-my plane went down.
Can you give me a hand? Josh? What are you doing here? Looking for you.
Josh don't do this.
You wrecked my life! That was my father.
I didn't know anything about it.
Him or you, huh? What's it matter? One rich bastard or another! Josh I'm going to make things right with you.
I already cut you a check.
You know what? Five years ago, that might've meant something! Come on, man.
I know how much you've lost.
All right, but payback is not the answer.
Let me help you.
It's too late.
I shot him.
I mean, that's what I wanted to do.
- But then when it actually happened - How long ago was this? - 45 minutes.
- Where did he go? I don't know.
When I came to, he was gone.
Take him out of here.
Let's keep looking! None of Kim's neighbors knew where she was headed.
She's smart enough not to leave a trail.
- What's this? - Phone records.
- Anything yet? - Just a bunch of takeout restaurants.
What's that? She has a storage unit that gets billed to her credit card every month.
So? So, they just credited back her security deposit.
Josh Haber just confessed to shooting your son.
- Keith is? - He's alive.
But we're not sure in what kind of condition he's in, 'cause we haven't been able to locate him.
The good news is, we've narrowed down the area, so it's going to make the search easier.
Can I go out there? Normally, the answer would be "no.
" But I have made arrangements for your transportation.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
You-you a father? Two girls.
Good for you.
I wasn't around much as a dad.
I I didn't value it, didn't give it time.
Thought there'd be a bond just because he was my son.
By the time I figured out how wrong I was, it was too late.
I was just sitting here, thinking that the way I've interfered in Keith's life, it's like I I keep trying to make a connection, and haven't yet figured out how.
It's almost as though having him hate me is better than nothing at all.
We need a medic up here! Keith, I'm Special Agent Johnson with the FBI.
Okay, take it easy.
We're going to airlift you out of here.
I hope your pilot's better than me.
Where's that medic?! All right Well, we found him.
How is he? He's lost a lot of blood, but they say he's going to be okay.
Thank you.
Sweetie I'm okay.
I'm going to be okay.
I know.
I know.
I am just so happy.
Hey, Dad.
That's her car.
- I got the back! - Kim! This is getting to be a habit with you.
Put the gun down.
What are you doing here? You know why I'm here.
You and I, we need to talk.
You put your gun down and then we'll talk.
You know I can't do that.
You should've let this go, Martin.
Why didn't you let this go? That security guard at the bank had a wife and two kids.
- I wasn't involved in that.
- Don't lie to me! Jimmy forced me to drive the car.
I don't care.
Kim, please put the gun down.
Kim put the gun down.
Martin, tell him to back off.
You got to listen to him.
- Back off! - Listen to him.
- Put the gun down! - Back off! - Put the gun down! - Put the gun down! Call an ambulance.
You're going to be okay.
Come on, come on, come on.
What are you doing? I'm not going to leave you lying here on the floor.
Come on.
It's okay, it's okay.
I got you.
The Underground Black Sheeps Team.