Witness No. 3 (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Thanks again for coming forward.
Those appeals for information,
a lot of people just keep their
heads down.
Witness Number 3. Glamorous.
Was he killed? He is dead right?
Detective Whelan, she, um, she
mentioned other witnesses.
The other two witnesses are out,
can't use them any more.
Sorry to bother you, but can I
borrow your phone?
An eyewitness testimony like
yours, Jodie,
that's what's could make or break
this case.
And in the meantime?
I won't let you scare me off.
I'm signing the statement.
You'll need to acknowledge that the
items we're providing
are reasonable security, and
not an inducement to give testimony.
The contractors will always carry ID
and you'll be notified in advance
if they're coming.
We've provided you with
a list of potential weak spots.
We've got window alert alarms stuck
to the inside of the windows.
We've got class B shatter-proof film
on all internal windows,
so the glass can't be forced inwards.
And the front doors has being fitted
with a fire retardant letterbox
with an intumescent liner.
It's to protect against the possibility
of petrol being poured in through
from the exterior of the property.
Is there anything else there that we
need to go through,
or anything that we've left off?
No. I mean it's a lot, but no,
it's good.
Now remember, we've set up a
parallel case to investigate
the witness intimidation.
We're gonna follow up on these
mobile numbers,
see if they lead us anywhere.
Are you still receiving messages?
In fact, he's, erm
..he's started sending pictures of
He always, er
..he puts a filter on them or something,
so I can't see his face properly.
Yeah, well, send them over, please,
and my advice'd be don't open any
new messages that come in.
You're doing a brave thing, Jodie.
And it will pay off.
We have the suspect charged
and remanded in custody.
Your house and workplace are secure.
Trust me.
Jodie? Have you changed the locks?
Well, at least they seem
to be taking it seriously.
Yeah, you can say that again.
Living under lock and key,
letting them know where
I am at all times.
It's like being
a teenager all over again.
Well, I'm proud of you.
Yes, I am.
I mean
it's good to stick together.
That's what I've always said.
I'll get it.
No. No, you'll go upstairs and not
listen in, okay?
W Go upstairs.
Hurry up.
I'm going.
Look, at least it was only the salon.
Maybe You know, I'm not
saying this was a good thing,
of course I'm not, but maybe this was
sort of what you needed, in a way.
To see how serious it was.
I signed the statement.
I signed the witness
statement yesterday morning.
After this happened?
You signed the statement anyway?
After this happened?
We need to stand up for each
other. If I do, others will too.
I don't believe this.
I got tired of people telling me
what to do.
I just
I don't know where this has come
from, that's all.
It's it's like I'm talking to a
I didn't call you yesterday,
'cos I knew you would try and change
my mind.
- I knew you wouldn't get it.
- What's to get?
A week ago you couldn't wait
to leave this place,
now you're risking your life for it?
Yeah, yeah,
I should probably crack on, okay?
What do you want from me, Jodie?
I want you to support me.
Can you do that?
Can I ask you something?
At the moment, my statement
is the key part of this case,
that's right, innit?
The team are still looking
for more evidence.
Hopefully by the time of the trial,
they'll have what they need.
Yeah, but but now, as far as the
defendant is concerned,
if I'm gone, he walks?
That's the reason for all this, right?
- At the moment.
- But what about the other witnesses?
Maybe if we told them that I was,
seeing it through.
- That's not going to happen now.
- Yeah, but maybe if they knew
I've signed my statement.
Like I said, that's a dead-end,
Jodie. I'm sorry.
So, this is a list of everything
that we've installed in your flat,
including the CCTV,
that we're putting in tomorrow.
We just need you to sign it here
to confirm
Sorry. Just to confirm that's all
Sorry, mate, could you just stop
for minute?
You okay?
Look the thing is, these gangs,
they're not stupid.
They know that it's over now,
you're going to court,
and they can't stop you doing that.
Look, nine times out of ten,
these things stop the moment the
witness signs the form.
And the tenth?
What happens the tenth time?
I think he's trolling us, this guy.
Just give me a second.
- All signed?
- No. I'll do it now.
- Who is it?
- Er, I'm Looking for Tyler Osho.
I said who is it?
My name's Jodie Packer.
I live a few streets away.
I'm another witness.
How many times does he have to say it?
He ain't gonna change his mind.
It's over.
It's not.
I think we can stop these guys.
What are you, deaf?
I said leave us alone.
They filmed the whole thing.
Sent me a video of the whole thing.
- See, you don't fight these people.
- Tyler
You run.
The thing is, they want us
to think we're alone in this.
If you sign the statement that
makes it twice as hard for them.
Better still, if we could
get the second witness,
- I mean, I don't know who it is, but
- Pat?
He died last week.
No, don't worry,
it weren't nothing to do with this.
Right, well, even if it was just us
Listen. It ain't happening.
I ain't risking my life, my my
family's safety, for this.
This'd be the whole area.
Your friends, your neighbours
It's a shithole.
You know what the police
offered me after all this?
A new lock and a few alarms.
The kids on the video they,
they had knives,
and they had hammers.
Tyler, if we stick together I
promise you, if we work as a team
You're not hearing me.
There is no team. There is no together.
How long have you lived here?
Nearly ten years.
All right. Right, so you know.
When you first came here,
things were different.
This gang, they came in and things
got nasty.
You can feel that, right?
This is our chance to fix it.
This is our chance
to finally get rid of 'em.
These guys are gonna kill you.
I'm sorry to be so cold, but look!
And you're telling
me you're seriously doing it
for some dodgy area? For this?
I thought you hated looking at old
- Why're you looking at them?
- Oh, I don't know.
- Do you remember that day?
- Yeah.
Look at your face there.
Listen, why don't you go up
and start your homework
and I'll bring you up a snack, yeah?
You okay?
You see how close I am?
- You see how close I am to you now?
- Excuse me?
That's how easy it is.
- What?
- We're already inside.
In your house.
I said we're already inside
and we have police.
Who are you and why are you saying
this to me?
We have the police.
Find out for yourself.
Look into the second witness if
you don't believe me.
Who asked you to say this?
Lloyd George.
We have the police. 52 Lloyd George.
52 Lloyd George.
I don't know who you are,
but you don't have to
You don't have to say
- I can't.
- Where are you going?
I can't.
All right, love. Nearly done.
Er, was this scheduled?
Should've been.
Panic alarm.
You hear anything you don't like,
you press the button.
You see something you don't like,
you press the button.
Anywhere in the house.
Now, that sends a signal down to this.
And this sends a distress call
to the police.
Now, if the lights flashing red,
you've got a problem.
You want solid green,
then you're in business.
All right?
Now, keep that close,
by your bed,
wherever you can reach it quickly.
Do you do many of these?
Yeah, yeah. Plenty.
And do they keep people safe?
Well all this stuff we've done
for you,
only way anyone gets in here is if
someone lets 'em in.
You'll be all right, love.
Yeah, cheers.
And this woman just sat beside you?
She's probably a customer of theirs.
An addict.
They take away her supply, or
offer her freebies, cancel her debt.
- In exchange, she runs them an errand.
- An errand?
Look, what I meant was
that it's not uncommon
for trade-offs like that to be made.
She could be the parent of
a kid who's in trouble,
we see that a lot.
Then they start doing jobs just
to keep their son or daughter safe.
So you're basically saying
keep my eyes peeled,
because they could have pretty much
anyone in their pocket?
What is it?
She said they have the police.
They're trying to unsettle you.
That's all.
Just shows it's working, though,
that's the thing.
With social media you can do that
now, can't you?
Spread the truth.
- You a journalist?
- Oh, no
I've contacted a few.
Locals, nationals.
They're gonna call me back.
They're all interested.
I sent them the article already.
It's all written up and everything,
they don't even need to do anything.
The police aren't interested, of course.
Why would they be?
Hurts them, don't it?
What does?
Investigating their own.
I lived with my brother my whole life.
26 years he's been diabetic like this.
Two injections a day for 26 years,
you know how many that is?
Over 18,500, I done the maths,
it's all in the article.
18,500 and never a mistake.
All of a sudden he's a witness in
this case and bang.
Injects himself twice.
Hypoglycaemic coma, dies in
the ambulance.
And here's the thing.
'cos they'll tell you it was, it was
it was stress or whatever,
"a change to in routine."
Well, if it was stress
how come we ain't missing
a vial from the fridge?
He's injected himself twice,
but we ain't missing a vial.
Someone's brought one in.
And I can tell you for a fact
that there's nobody been in here
apart from him, me, and the police.
Do you remember which police
officers were here?
That's the problem,
probably eight or nine coming
and going that day.
But it was one of them.
Believe you me, it was one of them.
I see you. I see you.
Okay. Masks on. You ready?
It's fucking now.
Put your masks on. It's
now. It's tonight. Yeah? Yeah?
Here we are, this'll be a good.
Do you want that?
Oi, not far now boys. Not far now.
D'you recognise this?
- Shit! Oh, God.
- Good morning!
Oh, Jesus! Jesus Christ!
Enough. Enough, okay? I am out.
Thankfully, she's gonna be all right.
- Did you not hear me? I said I'm out.
- It's not as simple as that.
Oh, yes it is.
It is.
I'll be a hostile witness.
I'll burn the whole thing. I'll say
I lied to you when I spoke to you.
Say I was I was drunk or high,
I don't know, but I will say something.
And it will be worse than
if I didn't even go to court.
- I will. Listen, I will!
- Just try and stay calm.
Recanting your evidence as you
describe is an option.
But I know what my superior
officer's gonna say.
She'll make you come to court anyway.
She'll bank on the fact that you're
a good person
and won't go through with it.
She'll also count on the fact that,
in cases like these,
the original statement will carry
enough weight with the jury.
Well, I'll say I can't remember.
But then she knows if
the judge thinks you're lying,
they'll hold you in contempt of court.
- I'll say something, won't I?
- That's a charge
that carries a two-year
prison sentence, Jodie.
Look, we are your team.
Do you understand?
You can't change sides.
Look, as far as you're safety
is concerned,
I I think we have two choices.
First. We look at relocation,
just until the trial.
Relocation? Relocation? This is my home.
This is the whole fucking point!
Or .
we strengthen the hand that we're
already playing.
We select a room in your flat,
most likely upstairs
and we turn it into what's called
a strong room.
In the unlikely, and I mean
unlikely, event of them breaching
the measures that we've already
the strong room acts as
a sort of last line of defence.
It'll have a reinforced steel door,
supplies and a separate phone line.
Give it some thought.
You okay, Jo?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
Jo? Jo?
Jesus. Thank God she's gonna be okay.
How did you know we were here?
Who told you we were here?
One of the policemen at the house.
Should they not have?
Listen, enough messing about,
I don't care what stupid argument
we're having,
you and Kyle come to mine.
Get out of the estate.
Oh, oh. Oh, the estate's the
problem, is it?
Jesus, I'm trying to help.
- Why don't you want me in my own home?
- You're not serious.
Why is everyone trying
to control what I'm doing?
Jodie, I'm offering you a way out.
Come with me, we can
I can take you
somewhere, somewhere safe.
No. No. No.
Enough people protecting me, okay?
Enough people.
Oh, come here.
- Are you okay? Yeah?
- Mm.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Come here.
- I got a headache.
- Yeah. Yeah, I can imagine.
Listen, I've had a chance
to think a bit and I think, yeah.
Yeah, we should go with the relocation.
Let's just do it. And and then
I can come back after the trial.
I'm afraid that option's off
the table now.
When I told you that we'd set up a team
to investigate the witness intimidation,
their main focus has been to try to
trace the phone numbers
that were used to contact you
and send you photos and videos.
Now, we know this is a technical
error, but unfortunately,
one of the contacts in the message
history hit a flag.
I don't understand.
Well, this is the SMS history of the
phone that has been messaging you.
And in the last week, on three
separate occasions,
the phone was used to send
the same messages
to all of its contacts.
Included in those contacts was
this number.
It's a pay-as-you-go phone
registered to
Yeah, I
I know whose number that is.
It belongs to your ex-husband.
Well, erm, Benji died eight years ago.
They have his number because
they probably sold to him
- and never deleted it.
- We know.
My mum was attacked.
This has nothing to do with Benji.
We know. But what our systems
see, unfortunately,
is just the number of a former
- A former associate?!
- Jodie, she didn't mean it like.
Look, it's a connection they have
to rule out,
so as they can be sure this is all
just connected to
the witness intimidation.
Once that happens, they'll release
the funding
and we can get relocation back on
the table.
And in the meantime?
You tell me what happens in
the meantime.
I can hear your hands shaking.
I'm good.
Honestly, don't worry about
me, I'm good, okay, Mum? I'm fine.
The nurse said I could stay the night,
'cos it's a private room or something.
We can stay as long as we like.
Okay. Okay, but erm, get a cab from
Dave, all right, love?
Just tell him I'll pay when you
arrive, yeah?
We've deleted your late husband's
number from the registry
and we've made sure that the phone
company discontinues the connection.
The minute we have this sorted with
the CPS,
we can move forward with relocation,
if that's what we all still want.
It is all gonna be fine.
We're on your side, Jodie.
I just think with the messages,
the shop and my mum
you know, I have been losing it a bit.
Some of the things that
have been said
It's okay.
They've got in your head,
that's completely understandable.
It's gonna be all right.
But nothing is going to happen
to you, Jodie.
You're gonna take this guy to trial
and get rid of the gang for good.
Okay, then.
I've checked everything down
here, it's all good.
I'll let PC Barkas sign off upstairs.
Now, are you okay?
Okay. Take care.
So, let me get this straight.
You've basically been thinking
that the police
me, her, all of us
we're the ones that are lying?
You wouldn't be human if this
wasn't getting to you.
You're doing amazing.
I should check those serial numbers
For the warranties.
Got him.
I could see him from the door.
Sorry! Er
- That was a bit dramatic.
- Yeah.
The window?
- Eh?
- Upstairs?
You were checking the
registration numbers or something.
Oh. Yeah. Yeah, all good.
- Listen, erm
- I should
Yeah. I'm glad you stayed.
I really appreciate it.
It's my job.
- I really shouldn't.
- No. No. Sorry.
You ready to become a man?
Dump it, yeah.
Don't be bringing the knife back here.
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