Wolf Creek (2016) s02e05 Episode Script


Ah! - Wakey, wakey! - Oh.
Hand off snakey! How ya goin'? Alright? Hey.
Uncle Mick won't hurt ya.
Long as you do as you're told.
Hmm? Tell me where your mates are.
Why the fuck would I tell you? Get up! I can do this all day.
Uh! Uh! Hey? Break you, I will.
So brace yourself, Butch.
Come on.
Let's get inside.
Come, Nina.
Hello? Hello? Stop! - Shoot him! - I said fucking stop! Stop, please! Is that a real gun? Yeah.
Yeah, it's real.
My my name's Rebecca.
What's yours? Danny.
Excuse me? My name's Danny.
But that's my husband's name.
Where is he? He's, um He's waiting for me to come and find him.
Like hide-and-seek? Yeah.
Just like that.
Hey, do you like my bike? Mm-hm.
It's fantastic.
My dad made it for me.
Where's your father now? Is he here? Hey, hey.
What's your dad's name? Dad.
- Danny! - Shh! You messing about again? Wait there.
What have we here? Well, you lot certainly wandered off the beaten track.
We need help.
Nina! OK.
Do you have a phone? There's a problem with the satellite dish.
I haven't had a good look at it yet.
But you've got a car, though, right? Ah, we got plenty of diesel but no petrol.
I'm still waiting for a delivery.
But even if I had enough, she'd never make the drive.
But there must be something we can do.
Ta-da! This'll fix her.
What'll that do? Buy us some time till we can get some antivenom.
- You don't have any? - I'm sorry.
Do you know what kind of snake it was? No.
It was brown, though.
She needs a hospital.
Do you know what you are doing? Hardly ever, my friend, but I know my way around a needle.
In another life, I used to be a pharmacist.
Next time you come across a snakebite, don't use a tourniquet, use a broad bandage.
You've isolated most of the venom to her foot.
You take it off suddenly, the poison will just flood through her system.
- What does that mean? - Cardiac arrest.
At least in a hospital, they'd know how to ease it off.
The only problem is, the nearest one's two days away.
There's every chance she's gonna lose her leg.
But but I said OK, I made the tourniquet, but You didn't try to stop me.
- No-one tried to stop me.
- We didn't know.
I tried.
Can you repair the satellite dish? It doesn't need new parts? It switches on OK, but then it drops out.
Oh, ja.
- Doesn't hold frequency.
- Yeah.
I I guess so.
But if I can't get it fixed, we'll scrounge up some cans and see how far we can get.
But it's a long drive.
And it would leave your family unprotected.
The sooner we can call for help, the better for all of us, my friend.
Hey, we're gonna get outta here.
And I'm gonna get Danny back.
Where did Oskar go? To call for help.
But he'll be back soon.
You have to stay off your leg.
It's infected.
But we're gonna take you to a hospital.
We're gonna be OK.
We're gonna make it home.
But not Emma.
Well? Can you do something? God, I'm not sure.
It's pretty messy.
- But can you fix it? - Yeah, alright.
Steady on, mate.
- But we must call the police.
- I hear what you're saying.
- Get a medivac chopper.
Hurry! - Just wait! The whole bloody terminal's fucked! Maybe we got a spare one in the office.
Let's go and have a look.
And while we're there, we can have a nice little sneaky drink.
- That's my mum.
- Hi.
I'm Rebecca.
I'm Ollie.
Uh, these are clean, but they're, um I mean, the miners aren't famous for their styling, so Spence tells me that you've run into a bit of trouble.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, you could say that.
Well, you're safe here.
- Do you like my picture? - Ohh.
- It's a snake, see? - Gosh! You've seen one.
You know, I have, and it It looked really scary.
If I see a snake, I'm gonna kill him with a stick before he gets a chance to kill me.
What if he's not hurting you? Well, he's gonna hurt somebody one day.
He's a snake.
That's why you have to kill him.
That's what sticks are for.
See ya later, alligator.
Bloody things are never where you want them.
Why don't we have that drink, eh? I really think we need to keep on looking.
Shh! It's lovely, isn't it? The silence.
Some people say this place is spooky.
I think it's a knockout.
Hundreds of miles from anywhere.
Really? That far? Yeah.
Nearest decent town's 500 k away.
Some of the land out west is part of a big cattle station.
There's more mines further north, but they're all abandoned now.
I've got a a map here somewhere.
It'll show you the the whole area.
We're out in the big nothing, mate.
So Why did this place shut down? Oh Apart from the arse falling out of the market, ah, problems with machinery, injuries, men stopped trusting each other.
Then Then there was the, uh accident.
What what happened? Three men died.
They say it was an accident.
I don't know.
I reckon it was the crater.
Puts ideas into people's heads.
It's the, uh The infrasonic frequency.
What crater? Wolf Creek.
It's always there.
Sings in the air.
Hums in the earth.
Never diminishing, ever oscillating.
A perfect wave rolling out across the sand and never crashing.
They didn't listen when the blackfellas said this was bad country.
But they listened quick enough when the lawyers turned up waving their important pieces of paper around.
Yeah, they shut the place down in a jiffy.
So why didn't you leave? I did.
But I kept hearing a whistle calling me back.
What does it want? I'm waiting for it to tell me.
Thank you.
It's OK.
Hello, my friend.
You come for a nip of wicky? I don't mind if I do.
Well, uh come this way.
We look like we're about to dig a hole with a large piece of machinery.
That's exactly what I was going for.
You know, a couple of years after we got married it started to feel like I knew exactly what every day was gonna be like until the day I died.
Like I just skipped forward and read the last page of the book and I still had to finish it, but now it was just boring because I knew the ending.
I just You know, I just started to miss that that feeling I used to have, like anything could happen.
And I'd think about him dying.
'Cause then I'd just I'd get to just fly away and live another life.
It's a common fantasy.
Lot of people even imagine what they'll wear to the funeral.
Doesn't mean it's your fault.
So I'm not the worst person in the world? You have a couple of good points.
How would you know? You have to live with someone for at least five years before you know if they have any good points, trust me.
At this rate, I don't think we're gonna make five years.
What about you? Do you have any family in England? Well, it's just me and my mother.
My father died when I was a teenager.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
He wasn't a particularly nice person.
How did he die? He was murdered.
Robbery gone wrong.
They never caught the man who did it.
- That's really awful.
- Mmm.
Is she alright? Nina? Nina.
Can you hear me? Do you know where we are? We are still here.
Behold! Gin, whisky, rum.
All roads lead to rum.
We begin with gin.
Oh, a bit rough, but, uh, it gets better.
Ahh! Dr Whisky will see you now.
Oh! That's right, quite delicate.
Positively ethanolic.
- No such thing as a bad whisky.
- Yeah.
Ah! There are only some whiskies that are not as good as other whiskies.
Get rid of the ghosts with the rum.
Ahh! - Too easy, mate.
- Yeah.
Now what happens? Bartender! Martini! And make it teeny-weeny.
And a triple sherry for my mother's aunty, Terri.
My wife will have, uh, whatever she wants whenever she's goddamn ready.
'Cause you're pussy-whipped.
My, uh my mistress, Mary Pull out her long and hairy.
No, she'll have a coconut canary.
And an ounce of rock cocaine.
Oh, that'd be a bit hard on the nose.
Chase that with a beer and a a bottle of rum.
And then, if it's not too tricky, just an incy-wincy wicky for me and me old mate Mickey.
Ah! Little Mickey! Yeah.
You're you're you're quick.
Ahh So, um tell me, my friend, is it duck season or is it rabbit season? It's bloody pest control.
The pig and the rat and the fox and the toad.
Introduced species that needs to be wiped out before they spread.
And the white man.
We're sent here for our crimes.
Can't leave until we've paid our dues.
It's a calling.
Like the Church.
Now if you'll just tell me where me fat little pigs are I'll round 'em up and I'll be on my way.
But what would that make me? I've been waiting for something.
Now it's arrived.
You buy the ticket.
You take the ride.
Hey, listen, you can have the others, but leave my family alone.
I'll take 'em all.
Shh, shh, shh.
He is here.
I'm gonna get you some food, OK? One potato.
Two potato! Three potato! No potatoes.
Hello? Hello? Ollie? Hello? Ollie? Danny? Danny, I found your picture.
Oh, f Shit.
Shit! Oh, fuck.
Fuck! Oh! Jesus Christ! He's here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And no help is coming.
He killed them.
He fuck he fucking murdered that little boy.
Oh, fuck.
We have to get out of here.
We should take Spence's truck.
There's no fuel.
We take his truck.
No, no, no.
He'll have the keys with him.
I can start it without the keys.
She can't go far quickly.
Stay with her till we're ready.
There's nowhere in here to hide.
There's an admin room down there and to the right.
It's closer to the truck.
We'll come back as soon as the truck's ready.
- Come on.
Let's go.
- OK.
- Here we go.
Let's go.
- OK.
Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Jesus, fuck! Just get it ready, but don't start it.
Not till we're all in it.
He'll hear.
Ja, ja.
What do we do about that truck? He cannot take it.
Doesn't have any petrol.
Well, what if he finds some or brought some? Well, let's take both the vehicles.
- We're gonna go.
- Go! Go.
Shh! Good.
The keys are here.
- If I can find some - Get down.
If I can find some pipe or hose, I can siphon petrol between the trucks and at least enough to get this one 20km or 30km.
There must be something in one of these sheds.
So we take both, and then all he has are his feet.
We can get miles and miles ahead of him.
- You get Nina and Brian.
- OK.
And send that monster the wrong way.
Just like that, huh? I think you can do it.
You are smart.
You will figure it out.
I will take care of the petrol.
I don't think I can.
Come on.
Let's move.
We'll go slow.
Come on.
Nina, let's go.
Come on.
- Nein.
- Listen to me.
We can't stay here.
We need to go.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Nein.
He will catch us.
- If we stay here, we will die.
Now stand up and let's go! Come on.
Come on.
Let go.
We need to go now! Now! Come on.
- That's it.
- Ah! Let's go! Ah! Hose.
Ah! There we go.
Oh, Jesus! We're in a desert the size of Texas.
And there's only me and you in it.
Longer it takes, the uglier it's gonna get.
Well, when I say ugly, it's gonna be a little bloody beauty! She's out of the box! Ooh, look out! We got a live one! She got form.
I don't know what you see in that, uh, fella of yours, Winx.
But I reckon you could do a lot better.
Where is he? He's in the oven with the kebab bloke.
A little twist of lemon.
You Yanks love a good old barbecue, eh? Mmm, mmm.
I plucked 'em and I pulled all their feathers out.
Are they alive? Oh, it's hard to say.
I keep 'em out of the sun, but You know, they they they might need a drink.
What do you want from us? Whatever you got, darlin'.
They're stayin' just down the road apiece, at my place.
I tell you what.
I could take ya down there, darlin'.
Come get me.
Wind 'em up, let 'em go.
Out here.
I thought I would stay away from the trucks for a while.
Yeah, but he knows I'm over here.
I'll have one chance.
But if I miss Let's go.
Boo! - Quick, close it! - Close the door.
What, are ya duck-shootin', are ya? Hope ya can fuck better than you can fight! - Arggh! Scheisse! - Oh, my God! Arggh! - Quick! - Schnell! Schnell! - It's OK.
- Ja, ja, ja, ja.
- OK.
- Come on.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Ah! Ow! Clever cunts, eh? Arggh! Ah! Want to pick a fight? Come on.
How long? - How long?! - Ja, two to three minutes.
- Nearest town, any ideas? - Ja.
- Spence said 500km.
- Shit! - Ah! - Hey, can we make it in this? I don't know.
I must look.
Come on.
Well? No.
It is less than a quarter full.
And less once I've siphoned this out.
Motherfucker! Oh, fuck! Almost ready.
Wait, wait.
What about his place? He has to have petrol there, right? Lives in the middle of nowhere, drives over the fucking country, he'd have to store it by the ton.
- Ja.
- Yeah.
So where does he live? It has to be around here somewhere.
There's a map.
A map.
Spence says he has a map of the whole area with everything marked on it.
Where? In the room where Brian and Nina are.
Are you gonna be OK? Ja, ja.
Hurry! OK.
Yeah! - Brian! Nina! - Let's go.
Guys? - Hey.
We gotta go.
- Where is he? Oh, we trapped him in the shed.
There's a map somewhere.
I'll be right behind you.
Shit! - Come on.
- Stop.
- Oskar? - Nina! Nina.
We must move.
Jesus! He really never gives up, does he? You take this one.
We take the other one.
- Alright.
Go, go.
- Come.
We must go.
Arggh! Quickly.
Fuck it! Come on.
Fuck! Where the fuck is it? Oh.
Hey! I got it! I got it! - OK.
- About fucking time! You got it? - Yes.
- Right.
Let's go.
- Wait.
- He can catch us.
- No.
Wait! - It's fine! - Now, which way do we go? - Brian, hang on! - Which way do we go? - Brian, stop! - What?! - We just need to think, please! Please! OK.
This is us.
This is the crater.
And this is another mine, a dead one, right on the rim.
This has to be it.
That's where he's been taking them.
- They're there.
I know they are.
- Alright.
- Danny, Johnny, Steve, Kelly - Which way? - North? - North.
But, fuck, I don't know.
That way.
But just not yet.
Just wait a minute.
We've gotta wait so they don't lose us.
OK, just distract him for a minute.
That's what we need.
- Distract him? - Yeah, j - What the fuck are you talking about? - Talk to him! I don't know! Be a fucking therapist! We just need 20 or 30 seconds.
- Just go! - Alright! Alright! - Fucking go! - Jesus Christ! Mick! Hey, Mick.
Can you stop for a minute and listen to me? - Mick! - Hey? - Can you hear me? - That's a big 10-4, good buddy.
Uh So, listen, um I can sense you're feeling angry.
Yeah, well, I've been shot at, I've been locked in a shed, but to be honest with ya, Brian, thanks for asking, I feel really good, 'cause I like this kinda shit.
Keep going.
Uh, that's good, Mick.
That's That that's really great.
Look, the more you can open up, the more we might be able to bring to the surface the the underlying cause of all this tension.
What? Well This doesn't have to happen.
Course it does, Brian.
I don't get to choose what happens, for fuck's sake! It just happens! You know, life's a shit sandwich! Fuckin' shit happens, you arse-wiping piece of shit! Evening, viewers.
Ah! Shh.
Fuck! Schnell! Yeah! - Oskar! - Shit! Brian, come the fuck on! - Fucking happy? - Yes, yes.
Hurry up.
Oskar! - Ja! - Ohh! Ahh! - Ja! - Oskar! - Are they OK? - Yeah.
- Yeah, they're following.
- Good.
My God! I think we've done it.
Oh, my God.
Now I just need Danny.