Wolf Hall (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Anna Regina

1 --Master Cromwell.
Madam, your daughter should sit.
Stand up straight! This is Master Cromwell! He used to be a money lender.
Now, he writes all the laws.
I have heard all about your new bill.
Inducing the King to describe himself as the head of the Church? The Pope is the head of the Church everywhere! The lawfulness of all government flows from the The three.
Will you not sit down, Princess Mary? It's just the heat.
Well, I beg you, madam, to consider it in this way.
The King has merely defined a position which ancient precedence Ancient precedence? Precedence that you've invented these last three months.
As for induced, Your Highness knows the king cannot be led.
But he can be enticed.
He has ridden off without saying goodbye.
He's never done that before.
Well, I think he means to hunt out of Chertsey for a few days.
With the women.
The person.
Your Highness will be going to another palace.
He has chosen the More in Hertfordshire, which as you know is very comfortable.
It was one of your Cardinal's houses, wasn't it? So it's bound to be lavish! I expected this.
But I didn't expect he would send a man like you to tell me.
I want to give you something.
A present.
Name anything you want.
What is it? This bill of yours.
It's not my bill.
Taking power from the bishops, making Henry head of the Church.
Aren't you afraid? Of what? There's this girl called Elizabeth Barton making prophecies.
They're calling her the Holy Maid.
She's saying Henry won't reign for a year if he marries Anne.
And there's a new star by the moon and the last It's not a star, it's a comet.
And the last time it appeared was under King John.
And the cattle stopped breeding and the grass stopped growing and the birds fell from the sky.
Well, I'm sure if that happens we can reverse our policy.
I don't believe in omens.
They've arrested a barrister.
James Bainham.
You know him, don't you? Yeah, he's a good man.
He was handing out the Gospel in English.
What if they torture Bainham? What if he gives names? More said to me, Thomas More, already knows my name.
Those for the bill, to my right.
Those against, to my left.
I think the ayes have it.
The ayes have it! Majesty.
I take it the division of the house is your idea.
I thought this way, His Majesty could see who was with him and who against him.
In the Commons, at least.
I know Stephen is opposed to the bill, Cromwell.
I don't want a servant who will agree with everything.
We need men who aren't afraid of controversy.
Now, I know you two quarrel.
You must learn to pull together.
This winter, you have to be yoked to the plough.
You won't find it so easy passing your bills through the House of Lords.
Thomas More and the old aristocracy are for the Pope, and not afraid to say so.
Well, we'll see.
Archbishop Warham, this, uh, prophetess you harbour in your diocese, Eliza Barton.
How's she getting on? What do you want, Cromwell? Well, I hear that she's telling people that if the King marries Lady Anne, he has only a year to reign.
I just wondered who was controlling her.
She may be a simple country girl, but she has a genuine gift.
She does, doesn't she? I hear she can tell you where your dead relatives are.
If it's in Heaven, she speaks with a high voice.
If in Hell, with a deep voice.
She can also tell what sins weigh upon a man as soon as she meets him.
What would she make of you? How was Antwerp? I'm glad to be home.
Oh, for show.
- In case I got stopped.
-Hmm! - Mmm-hmm! -Centre seam.
- What does he say? -You carried it without reading it? Well, I didn't want to know.
In case.
If Thomas More came anywhere near you, I'd drag him out of his court in Westminster and beat his head on the cobbles until I'd knocked some of God's love into it.
- Will Tyndale come back? -Mmm-hmm.
When the King says yes to the Scripture being translated into English.
But even then, he won't trust More to give him safe conduct, because More says you don't have to keep a promise you make to a heretic.
Anyway, Tyndale still refuses to support the King's divorce.
You think he'd bend a point of principle to make a friend of the King of England.
But, no, Tyndale and More, they deserve each other.
These mules who pose as men.
Good shot! - Ah, yes.
-Very nice.
Cromwell! - My Lady.
-It's the bow! I have no doubt, but it could be It could be the brace line.
Could you swap with hers, please? She was the same in the nursery.
Where's Robin Hood? I have dispatches.
He won't look at them until sundown.
Won't he be occupied then? She's selling herself by the inch.
She wants a cash present for every advance above her knee.
She's got long legs.
By the time he reaches her secret part, the nation will be bankrupt.
I, um I I had heard a rumour.
She isn't.
I would know.
If she'd thickened at all, I'd be the one to have to let out her clothes.
I know her waist by the inch.
Besides, she can't be because they still haven't - She'd tell you? -Of course! Out of spite.
I want a job.
An official post.
The jewel House, perhaps? I'll tell her.
She made Tom Wyatt a poet and Harry Percy mad.
I'm sure she has some idea of what to make you.
Last week, at Greenwich, the friar preached to us about the good king who was corrupted by the wicked Jezebel.
Apparently, she built a pagan temple and let the priests of Baal into the palace.
She ended up being thrown out of a window.
I'm the Jezebel.
You see? - And you're the priests of Baal.
-I see.
More has arrested a barrister.
James Bainham.
And what do you expect me to do about it? Talk to the King.
You know how to please him, I suppose? My maidenhood for your lawyer.
- He'll be released.
-Well Little Bilney wasn't.
They burnt him Norwich.
Your barrister friend will recant and he'll be released.
And if he doesn't? Then he's a fool.
People should say whatever will keep them alive.
You would, wouldn't you? What's that? Uh It's a gift for one of your women.
The little girl who always cries.
What? Didn't you hear? No, what? Her father, dear old Sir John Seymour? He was caught in the hayloft with his son Edward's wife.
It seems he's had her every week for the last two yea rs! Edward's put the wife into a nunnery.
And I don't think we'll see dear old Sir John at court soon.
- And the daughter, Jane, is it? -Hmm, pasty face.
Gone to Wiltshire.
It's her best bet to get into a nunnery, too.
No one would want to marry the milksop now.
Well, what is it? Uh, it's only a book of needlework patterns.
You don't like her, do you? Because I'm not sure it's proper for you to send her a present.
Well, it's not like it's tales from Boccaccio.
Oh, they could tell Boccaccio a tale.
Those sinners at Wolf Hall.
Mmm-hmm? Lord Chancellor.
You should've warned me.
- You'll have something to eat? -Thank you, no.
Something to drink then, some wine? Your friend, Bainham? He has recanted his heresy and been set free.
I thought you should know.
Well, thank you.
I heard that he'd been put to the rack.
To save his soul, I would've had him whipped.
I'd have had him burnt with irons, I'd have had him hung by his wrists.
In these last 10 years, the Turks have taken Belgrade.
They have lit their campfires in the great library at Buda.
It is only two years since they were at the gates of Vienna.
Why would you want to make another breach in the walls of Christendom? The King of England is not an infidel.
- Nor am I.
-Aren't you? I think your faith is for purchase.
I think you would serve the Sultan if the price was right.
You think because you're a counsellor, you can negotiate with heretics behind the King's back? You're wrong.
I know about your letters that come and go.
I know you are in communication with Tyndale.
Are you threatening me? I'm just interested.
Yes, yes.
That's precisely what I'm doing.
You still haven't told me what you want as a present.
My mother knows about us.
I I think I think we've done what we have because when Liz died, we were shocked.
We were sorry.
I think we have to leave off that now.
If, if my husband Oh, God, forgive me, but every winter I think is his last.
Then of course I would, without question.
But then, the law wouldn't allow that, so If you want to marry, Mercy has her list.
You probably have your own list with names on it we don't know, so Liz! Johane.
Francis Bryan is here.
It's something bad.
He's Anne's cousin.
I'll have to.
What does Percy's wife say? She says she's going to petition Parliament for divorce.
She says he hasn't shared her bed for two years.
When she asked him why, he said he couldn't.
Why has she waited two years to ask? Oh, she has been asking.
But last night, he finally admitted he can't sleep with her because they're not really married.
What? Because Harry Percy is actually married to Anne Boleyn.
Bring him down.
We've swept up most of the broken glass.
Shut the door, Francis.
Don't let anybody in.
I suggest we pack Anne's bags and send her to Kent.
The King's anger I swear, one more word and I'll punch you.
The King has said there must be an enquiry! Before the whole council! If Anne has concealed a secret marriage Jesus, if I could divorce you! I wish you'd had a pre-contract.
But no chance of that! Fields of black with men running out of the fucking way! - George! - I deny everything! - Good! -Harry Percy spoke of love.
I'll allow that, but there was no contract.
And no consummation.
My sister is a notorious virgin.
How was the King when you spoke to him? What is the use of calling in Master Cromwell and not telling him what has already occurred? The King walked out of the room and left her standing.
It seems to me there are a number of approaches here Oh, Jesus Christ! By the thrice-beshitten shroud of Lazarus! While you're selecting your approach, your daughter, sir, is being slandered! The King's mind is poisoned and this family's fortune is unmaking before your fucking eyes! Would you let me speak? Harry Percy was persuaded once to forget his claim.
Well, if he was fixed once Yes, but the Cardinal fixed him then and unfortunately, the Cardinal is dead.
Lady Anne.
If the Pope cannot stop you becoming Queen, and I don't think he can, I don't see why Harry Percy should be allowed to stand in your way.
So, shift him out of it.
Do it! Beat his fucking skull in! Why don't you come up? Looking for a woman? Oh, God, yes, I thought you'd come.
Hey! Out.
Oh, you're wasting your time.
I was pledged to Anne.
She'd allow me such freedom with herself as only a betrothed woman would allow.
Cardinal bullied me out of saying anything last time.
I'm not afraid to speak the truth now.
My Lord, you've said what you have to say.
Now, listen to me.
You're a man whose money is almost spent.
I'm a man who knows how you've spent it.
You're a man who's borrowed all over Europe.
I'm a man who knows your creditors.
One word from me, and all your debts will be called in.
Oh, what are they gonna do? Bankers don't have armies.
Neither will you, without any money.
My Lord, you hold your Earldom from the King.
Your task is to secure the North to defend us against Scotland.
If you cannot ensure these things, the King will take your land and your titles and give them to somebody who will do the job that you cannot do.
No, he won't, he respects all ancient titles.
How can I explain this to you? The world is not run from where you think it is.
From border fortresses, even from Whitehall.
The world is run from Antwerp, from Florence, from Lisbon.
From wherever the merchant ships set sail off into the west.
Not from castle walls, from counting houses.
From the pens that scrape out your promissory notes.
So believe me when I say that my banker friends and I will rip your life apart.
And then, when you are without money and title Yes, I can picture you.
Living in a hovel, wearing homespun, bringing home a rabbit for the pot.
Your lawful wife, Anne Boleyn, skinning and jointing that rabbit.
Yes, I wish you all happiness.
You were never pre-contracted.
Any understanding you think you have, you didn't have it.
And if you think Lady Anne loves you, well, you couldn't be more mistaken.
I've just come from her.
She hates you.
She despises you.
She wants you gone.
So if you say one more word about Lady Anne's freedom with you, I will come and drag you out of whatever hole you're cowering in, and the Duke of Norfolk will bite your bollocks off.
I do hope that's clear, My Lord.
Yes, you can all peer in again.
There he is.
My uncle and I were after his removal for months without success.
And now he resigns, over this bill.
His great protest.
England’s just a stage to him.
Who should replace him? Put it in the King's mind to appoint Audley, he's a good man.
And he understands me, I think.
Do you think that someone does? Cranmer as Archbishop.
Audley as Lord Chancellor.
Soon, you'll have friends everywhere.
And for yourself? I thought, perhaps, Keeper of the jewel House.
Where's the chain of office? He's supposed to hand it over.
In the bag.
So, that's it? More is out.
Shall we go down? You You can't resist it.
No more can you.
What will you do now? Write.
My recommendation, write only a little and pray a lot.
Now, is that a threat? My turn, don't you think? We're off to Calais.
The King of France has agreed to speak to the Pope in favour of my new marriage.
We'll meet there to discuss points of a treaty.
Last time we met, Wolsey arranged everything.
I thought, perhaps, you could help organise things this time.
Lean on me, Your Majesty.
We'll take mass at Canterbury.
Let the people see their King.
Do you know this woman? I used to.
She reminds me of someone I knew long ago In Antwerp.
What was her name? Anselma.
I have known passion, Cromwell.
With Anne I shake.
Do you understand? I shake.
I've tried other women.
Tried them just to try to take the edge off the lust.
But I failed with all of them.
I couldn't do it.
Which is proof, don't you think? Proof of the rightness of my pursuit.
I hunt only one hind, and she takes me from the path and into the woods.
Now, away to our cold beds.
Or is that just mine? There's work to do! I have a new post for you.
I want you to be my new Keeper of the jewel House.
Your Majesty Why not? Why shouldn't I? Who says I shouldn't employ the son of an honest blacksmith? Everything that you are, everything that you have will come from me.
Majesty! This is the Holy Maid, let me see her.
Madam, you have something to say to me? The heretics you have around you must be put into a great fire.
If you don't do it, you'll burn yourself.
What heretics? I keep no heretics about my person.
Here's one.
--If you marry this one, you won't reign seven months.
Well, couldn't you at least round it up? I see your mother.
Surrounded by pale fires.
My mother? Where? She's mad.
She should be whipped.
She is a very holy person.
Her speech is inspired by Heaven.
Lightning will strike you.
Drag her back to the whorehouse! Before she feels my boot in her arse.
--Take her away! Take her away! Come on.
Mistress? I, uh I was a servant of the late Cardinal Wolsey.
I understand you can converse with the souls of the dead.
I wondered if you would search for him for me.
I would be happy to make an offering.
It would have to be a generous donation.
Well, I'm a wealthy man.
I'd have to talk to Father Bocking.
Father Bocking? He's the lady's spiritual director.
Come again and ask me.
Come with me.
My Lord.
Fetch your niece away.
She's done enough diplomacy.
What the f Pardon me, My Lord.
My Lady.
We shall dance.
Master Seymour.
Your sister, Jane.
Odd little creature, isn't she? How, ah How old will she be? I don't know.
20 or so.
She keeps walking around Wolf Hall saying, "These are Thomas Cromwell's sleeves.
" No one knows what she's talking about.
Has your father made her a match? Well, there was some talk of Why do you ask? Anne wants a Bible.
Master Cromwell can recite the whole of the New Testament.
I think she wants to swear on it.
Ah, then I probably won't do.
How did you do that? You.
Me? She's in his arms.
- Naked as she was born.
She can't change her mind now.
I thought they were quarrelling.
They were.
They like to quarrel.
What did she want the Bible for? To swear him before witnesses.
He made her a binding promise.
They're married in God's sight and he swears he'll marry her again in England and crown her Queen.
Well, well, well.
So, now it's just a question of whether he can do the deed.
For God's sake, Mary, don't frighten me.
Don't worry.
If he's shy, Anne will know how to help.
- I've coached her.
Have you? Now, what about us? It's been a long struggle to bring them together.
I think we've earned our recreation.
You're not still afraid of my Uncle Norfolk? I'm terrified of your Uncle Norfolk.
But it's not that.
What is it? Another? Oh! You You almost murdered William Stafford.
William, I thought you weren't coming.
Seems that you had a reserve ready, just in case.
You don't know what a woman's life is like.
You think you've fixed something with a man and he doesn't turn up.
Give you goodnight.
Oh, no.
Don't go.
I, uh I think it's time I said my prayers.
You've been writing letters up to Chester.
On His Majesty's business, why? I'll tell you this once, Cromwell.
You keep out of my family's affairs or you'll have me to deal with.
And you'll come off worse than you can possibly imagine.
You made a mistake threatening me, sir.
"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, "and the Word was God.
"And the same was in the beginning with God.
"All things were made by it, "and without it was made nothing that was made.
"In it was life, and the life was the light of men.
" I had to, Thomas.
I couldn't live with what I'd done.
When you're examined I'll say what I will say before my last judge.
That the Eucharist is only bread, we have no need of penance, and purgatory is an invention ungrounded in Scripture.
If some men come and tell you to go with them, I want you to go with them.
They'll be my men.
You think you can get me out of the Tower? Tyndale's Bible says, "With God, nothing is impossible.
" But what would be the point, Thomas? I'd only have to walk to Paul's Cross and say before the Londoners what I've already said.
- They - I cannot un-believe what I believe.
"Therefore, is it not the same for the male sex and the female sex?" "If on the one hand they appear different "with regard to some skill or other" - Employment? -Occupation.
Leave us, daughter.
I won't have you in this devil's company.
Well, I hear you can't come to the coronation because you can't afford a new coat.
The Cardinal will buy you a new coat himself, if you'll show your face on the day.
- Really? -Indeed.
I'll relish taking the £10 from him.
And what will you wear? Well, they're making me something, Meg.
If I avoid getting laughed at, it'll be enough.
I hear the Holy Maid, the Barton girl, has been to visit you.
She has.
But we wouldn't receive her.
She's also been to visit the Lady Exeter at her invitation.
Lady Exeter is a foolish and ambitious woman.
Well, Barton told her she'd be Queen of England.
I repeat my comment.
You don't believe in her visions, then? I don't.
She does it for attention.
I've written to her, advising her to avoid the company of powerful men and women and to stay at home and pray.
As should we all follow your example.
I suppose you've kept a copy.
Get it, Meg, otherwise he might never leave.
James Bainham is to be burnt.
Ask to see Henry.
He'll welcome you back like a lost child.
I'm not asking you to agree with James.
If his doctrine is false, you can talk him back.
Back to Rome.
You're an eloquent man.
You're the great persuader of our age.
But if he dies, you'll never know, will you? Whether you could have saved his soul.
You can't come in.
She's in a state of undress.
Let him in.
The King says, "You never looked more beautiful.
" And he sends a kiss, which I told him he should deliver himself.
What are you wearing? - I said no black.
-It's scarlet.
It's a very black scarlet.
Francis Bryan says I look like a walking bruise.
Did you hear them cheer for me? All this talk of people loving Katherine.
I think they just pity her.
Oh, no, they love her because she's the daughter of two anointed sovereigns.
They'll never love you like that, madam.
Any more than Cromwell here.
You may as well make your mind to it.
- I -That's enough, Jane.
They say the Barton girl has prophesied that so-called Princess Mary will be queen.
Katherine is plotting with Exeter and Pole.
- All the old Plantagenets -Don't distress yourself.
I'm not distressed.
These people want me dead.
But when my son is born, they'll all be powerless.
Master Cromwell.
I wanted to thank you.
It's from your present.
Thomas Cromwell's sleeves.
How, uh How do things stand at Wolf Hall? Edward is angry, my mother is grinding her teeth.
I would like to leave.
Well, if I were your father Yeah, if I were to advise you, it would be to stay in the service of your new Queen.
Well, it's good to be humble.
And she makes sure we are.
I think she'll soften, now she has her heart's desire.
This is my humble face.
Will it serve? I think it would take you anywhere.
It came for you today.
A present from the King.
The Queen is setting off to begin her confinement.
We just wanted to check, are we saying, "Announcing the birth of a prince," or just the birth of a child? All of our fortunes depend on this lady now, and whether she can provide an heir.
We all know it's a long road between a child in the womb and one safely in the crib.
You look happy.
Are you happy? Yes.
Because of this.
I was always desired.
But now I am valued, you see? And that's different.

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