Wolf Hall (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Masters of Phantoms

Damn! When are we going to eat, Cromwell? I'm famished! Oh-ooh! Which is your favourite? Hm? Swim hat? Very pretty, isn't it? It's just come from the embroiderer.
Isn't it sweet? For her little head.
Cremuel? I am told that when you thought the King was dead, your first action was to send for the bastard Mary.
You did not think of me, or my daughter or the child I was carrying then.
I cannot hold the throne for an infant in the cradle.
I cannot hold the throne for an unborn baby.
I promoted you.
I am responsible for your rise.
And at the first opportunity, you have betrayed me.
Madam, nothing here is personal.
You think you've grown great.
You think you no longer need me, but you've forgotten the most important thing.
Cremuel! Those who've been made can be unmade.
I entirely agree.
We want the concubine ousted.
We know you want it too.
We? My friends in this matter are very near the throne, those in the line of old King Edward.
Lord Exeter, the Courtenay family.
Lord Montague, his brother, Geoffrey Pole, Lady Margaret Pole.
These are the principal persons on whose behalf I speak.
But, as you will be aware, the most part of England would rejoice to see the King free of her.
I don't think the most part of England knows or cares.
What do you require of me? We require that you join us.
We're content to have Seymour's girl crowned.
She's known to favour true religion and we believe she will bring Henry back to Rome.
And this is our difficulty, Cromwell.
We know you are a Lutheran.
Me? No, sir.
I'm a banker.
What will happen to Anne Boleyn? I don't know.
Convent? Look at this little doggie.
Oh, why are you so sad, Mark? You have no business being sad.
You're here to entertain us.
Oh, for heaven's sake, stand on your feet.
I do you favour by noticing you at all.
What do you expect? Do you think I should talk to you as if you were a gentleman? But I can't do that, Mark.
You see because you're an inferior person.
No, madam.
I don't expect a word.
A look suffices me.
Well? Aren't you going to praise my eyes now? Why do you encourage that boy? All manner of puppy dogs are encouraged here.
Some are coming in AND out of season.
Are you referring to me, Norris? I could happily give this puppy dog a kick in his ribs ~ that he won't forget.
~ No kicking in my chamber, if you please.
He gets himself agitated because he thinks I come here to cast my fancy at Lady Mary.
We all know he hopes to marry her himself.
But really I come here for the sake of another.
~ And do you know who that is? ~ No, tell me.
I can't guess.
Is it Lady Rochford here? Surely not one so old? No.
It is yourself, Madam.
Perhaps you should kick him, Gentle Norris, for the honour of the Queen of England.
Ah! Here's the man for me.
Will Brereton is one who shoots his arrow straight.
What's to do here? Everyone's been fighting, and all because of that boy Mark.
I think he should be dropped from a great height.
Just like your dog, Purkoy.
Do that again and I will hit you back.
You're no queen.
You're just a knight's daughter and your time has come.
Harry? Do me a good turn - take away my brother's wife and drown her.
~ Anne! ~ What? Didn't you swear you'd walk barefoot to China for me? I think it was barefoot to Walsingham I offered.
Perhaps you can repent your sins there.
Because if anything happened to the King, you'd look to have me.
Oh, yes, you see now, Mary, why he hasn't married you yet? It's because he's in love with me.
Or so he claims.
And yet he won't prove it by putting Lady Rochford in a sack and dropping her in the river.
Will you spill all your secrets, Anne, or only some? Oh, he Get him back.
It was idle talk.
Get him back.
Get him back and he'll swear on the Bible.
He knows me to be a good wife.
Get him back! Harry! Henry had heard about the fight with Norris.
We could all see from the courtyard.
She had her hands You know the King's great tapestry? Where the Queen clasps her hands together? He didn't look persuaded.
Did you not go to her to comfort her? She being your mistress? No.
I came looking for you.
Before they were married, Anne used to practise with Henry.
In the French fashion.
You know what I mean.
Lady Rochford, I have no idea what you mean.
Oh, you think you can shame me out of saying what I must say? I'm no virgin girl.
She induced him to put his seed otherwise than he should have.
Now Henry calls it a filthy proceeding.
But God love him, he doesn't know where the filth begins.
My husband George .
is always with Anne.
He's her brother.
It's natural.
There's nothing natural in George.
And nothing is forbidden.
I've seen them kiss.
Brothers may kiss their sis His tongue in her mouth.
Hers in his.
You want me to record that? If you're worried you won't remember it.
Why would she do such a thing? You know why.
The better to rule.
Suppose she gets a boy and it has Weston's long face? Or looks like Will Brereton? But they can't call it a bastard if it looks like a Boleyn.
Be advised by me.
Speak to no-one.
Be advised by me.
Speak to Mark Smeaton.
We can leave that here, Mark.
I thought there was to be a great company? I thought I was going to entertain you.
Make no doubt of it.
You see, Mark, my master, the King, and my mistress, the Queen, are at odds.
Everyone knows.
And my dearest wish is to reconcile them.
The word at court is you're keeping company with the Queen's enemies.
How else am I to find out their practices? Ah.
If only I could believe that.
I don't blame you, Mark.
There's such ill-feeling at the court, no-one trusts anyone.
But I've come to you because you're close to the Queen, and I'd really love to know why she's so unhappy and if there's anything that I can do to remedy it.
It's no wonder she's unhappy.
She's in love.
With whom? With me.
You're amazed.
I'm I'm not as amazed as you might think.
I've seen how she looks at you.
And it's no surprise that any woman would be drawn to you.
You're a very handsome young man.
But we thought you were a sodomite.
Rich! I'm as good a man as any of them.
Of course you are and the Queen would give you good report.
She's tried you.
Found you to her liking.
I can't discuss it.
No, no, you mustn't.
But we can assume.
She's not an inexperienced woman.
I think she would not be interested in anything less than a masterly performance.
Well, I will say this - we men born poor are in no wise inferior in that way.
How true.
Though the noble gentlemen like to keep that secret from the ladies.
They wouldn't want the competition, would they? If you mean she has other lovers, I wouldn't know.
I haven't asked her.
~ But they're jealous of me.
~ Are they? ~ Weston and Norris, those lords.
~ Hmm.
They call me boy, but they're jealous.
Well, perhaps she tried them and they were a disappointment.
And you take the prize.
How often? You've given us two names, Mark.
Now name the others.
And answer Master Richard.
How often? Mm-hmm.
Perhaps you're wise not to speak.
Best to have it all written down.
The council will hardly believe it otherwise.
They'll be amazed at your success.
"Smeaton, what is your secret?" they'll demand.
And you'll answer, "Ah, I can't impart.
" But you will impart, Mark.
You'll do it freely.
Or you'll do it enforced.
Seat yourself, pretty boy.
Ah! I take it back.
I can't give you any names.
I don't know how I came to say what I did.
No, nor do I.
No-one hurt you or coerced you.
You spoke freely.
These two gentlemen are my witnesses.
I take it back.
I don't think so.
Tell us about your adultery with the Queen and what you know about her dealings with the other gentlemen and IF your confession is true and full, perhaps the King will show you mercy.
Would you like to spend ten minutes alone with Master Richard here? Five would do it.
He will write down what you say, Mark.
But he won't necessarily write down what we do.
Oh, God! Do you follow me? Mother Mary, help me.
I can't tell you what I don't know.
Can't you? No.
Well, then you'll have to be my guest for the night, Mark.
Oh! Please.
Well, there aren't many men alive who can say they took me by surprise.
Years of being despised by lords has made a boaster of him.
Sometimes I think I should have taken him in here.
I don't want him hurt.
If we have to torture sad creatures like that, what next? Stamping on dormice? Tell Wriothesley to come tomorrow.
What is this? It's where the phantom lives.
In you go.
Ah! Ah, ah! Please! Let me out! Please let me out! Let me out! Ah! Henry Norris, Francis Weston.
And William Brereton and Francis Bryan.
Ah! Richard Long, Walter Walsh.
You had to do with the Queen - how many times? A thousand? Three or four.
Three or four.
Go to the King at Greenwich.
He'll be expecting you.
Trust your message to no-one.
'Put the word in his ear yourself.
' Page! Tell Henry Norris to retire from the field.
Ride with me, Harry.
Where to, my lord? Let's talk, you and I.
Cromwell! I hear the singer sang to your tune.
What did you do to him? There's a pretty ballad for you.
The King fingers his lute, while his lutenist fingers his wife.
You have the warrant, my lord? Perhaps this'll teach Henry to listen to me.
Lord Chancellor.
Master Treasurer.
And Cremuel.
The man I created.
He created you in turn, madam.
And be sure he repents of it.
Oh, but I was sorry first.
And I am sorry more.
Ready to go? I don't know how to be ready.
Just come with us.
I'm to blame.
I suspected her and did nothing.
I I never had a better opinion in a woman than I had in her.
I can't believe she's guilty.
Except I know Your Highness would never go so far if she weren't.
She deceived all of us.
When I look back, it all falls into place.
So many friends lost, alienated Worse.
When I think of Wolsey The way she practised against him.
She said she loved me.
But she meant the opposite.
I've written a play.
A tragedy.
My own story.
You should keep it sir, till we have more leisure to do it justice.
But I want you to see her true nature.
I believe she has committed adultery with 100 men.
But her brother? Is it likely? Well, I doubt she could resist! Why spare? Why not drink the cup to its filthy dregs? Come, Wolsey, we're fetching you to Hell, where our master, Beelzebub, is expecting you to supper! Beelzebub would have you joint his venison.
He's heard of your skill as a butcher! I know why I'm here.
My wife.
What has she said? Whatever it is, you can't hold me on the word of one woman.
There've been other women who have been recipients of your gallantry, George.
You've always regarded women as disposable What? You're going to put me on trial for gallantry? I didn't know it was a crime to spend time with a willing lover.
It is when that lover is your sister.
My family has served the King of England for generations.
I have been at the side of Henry since I was a boy.
I love him like a brother.
I would never forget my honour, never Do you want me to write it on the wall for you, Norris? She can't give him a son.
He wants another wife.
She won't go quietly.
Is that simple enough for your simple tastes? She has to be PUSHED.
I have to PUSH her.
Well, you'll get no confession from me, or Brereton either.
You'll not torture gentlemen.
The King wouldn't permit it.
Oh, well There don't have to be formal arrangements.
I can put my thumbs in your eyes and then you would sing Green Grows The Holly if I asked you to.
Hmm? Let's go back.
I remember in the late Cardinal's time, one of your household killed a man in a bowls match.
Well, the game can get very heated.
The Cardinal thought it was time for a reckoning, but your family impeded the investigation and I ask myself, "Has anything changed since then?" John ap Eyton had a quarrel with one of your household only recently.
So, that's why I'm here.
Not entirely, but leave aside your adultery with the Queen, let's concentrate on Eyton.
Blows were exchanged, a man was killed.
Eyton was tried and acquitted.
But you, because you have no respect for the law or ~ I have every respect! ~ Don't interrupt me! You had the man abducted and hanged.
You think because it's only one man, it doesn't matter.
You think no-one will remember, but I remember.
You think you can do anything because Norfolk favours you The King favours me! Does he? Does he? Well, you should complain about your lodgings, then, shouldn't you? But then, Francis Bryan has been explaining it to me Bryan? ~ Bryan is an enemy of mine.
~ And I begin to see it.
How a man may hardly know his sister.
She grows up in France.
They meet as adults, she is like him, yet not.
She is familiar, and yet, she piques his interest.
One day, his brotherly embrace lasts a little longer than usual.
The business proceeds from there.
Perhaps neither of you felt you were doing anything wrong.
Until some frontier was crossed.
I refuse to answer this.
Did it begin before her marriage to the King, or afterwards? Brother George, that must have been a surprise.
Rivalry from that quarter.
But the morality of you gentlemen astonishes me.
I have no opinion of George.
No opinion of incest? You take it so quietly I'm forced to think it must be true If I said it was, you'd only accuse me of trying to divert attention away from myself.
You've known me too long, Harry.
Oh, I've studied you.
Studied Wolsey before you.
That was politic of you.
Such a great servant of the state! And such a great traitor at the end.
I remember a certain entertainment at court, do you remember? A play, in which the late Cardinal was set upon by demons and dragged down to hell.
That's why? It It was a play! It was a joke! You can't ~ You can't seriously ~ Life pays you out.
Don't you find? But Mark Smeaton? ~ What has he done to you? ~ I don't know I just don't like the way he looks at me.
I need guilty men, Harry.
So, I've found men who ARE guilty.
Though not necessarily as charged.
Good morning.
I'm not long married.
I don't know if you know that.
I have a son You have debts.
To the tune of a thousand pounds.
Why the devil bring that up? No-one expects a young gallant like yourself to be thrifty, but these debts are more than you could reasonably pay.
So, your own extravagance gives people to think, what expectations did young Weston have? We know the Queen gave you money.
A thousand pounds is nothing to you if you hoped to marry her after you'd contrived the King's death.
I see how it'll weigh, when it's given in evidence.
I've undone myself.
I don't blame you, Cromwell.
It's just .
I thought I had another 20 years.
Well, we know not the hour, do we, Francis? Are you finished? Has he denounced the others? Do you want us to make him? What? What, do you think I'm too soft on young men?! ~ Do you want us to draw up charges? ~ Yeah, the more the merrier.
Forgive me, I have to piss.
Traitor! Traitor! My wife is with her.
And her aunt, Lady Shelton.
How is she? Sometimes crying, sometimes laughing.
There's something she said.
I only mention it because you told me to report everything I heard.
Go on.
When I told her she would stay in the same room she had before her coronation, she said, "It's too good for me.
"Jesus have mercy on me.
" If she's not worthy, it's because she's guilty.
But what is it she's done? 'Is it something we haven't even imagined yet?' Would you like your furs brought in? The ermine.
And I don't want these women.
I want my own women.
Lady Kingston is Your spy.
your hostess.
Am I a guest, then? Am I free to go? I didn't think you'd object to your own aunt.
She has a grudge against me.
All I hear is tutting.
Do you expect applause? You won't speak to me that way to me after I'm released.
I don't know why the King is holding me here.
I suppose it's some sort of test, isn't it? I want to see my brother.
That's a foolish demand in the circumstances.
~ My father.
~ Don't expect help there.
Thomas Boleyn looks after himself first and last.
I should know, he's my brother.
Help the King.
Unless he's merciful, there's nothing you can do for yourself.
But you can do something for your daughter.
For Elizabeth.
The more penitent you show yourself through this whole process The "process"? And what is this process to be? The confessions of the gentlemen are now being compiled.
What? You heard him.
They'll not lie for you.
The gentlemen are to be tried together.
You and your brother, being ennobled, are to be judged by your peers.
You have no witnesses.
When you were at liberty, madam, your ladies were intimidated by you, forced to lie for you.
~ Now, they are emboldened ~ Oh, I'm sure they are.
The way Seymour's emboldened.
Tell her from me, God sees her tricks.
No! Just tell me You don't believe these stories against me, do you? I know in your heart you don't.
Do you, Cremuel? I only have a little neck.
So, it'll be the work of a moment.
You said, when the King was dead, you would choose one of these men to be your husband, but you can't say which yet.
Did you say that? You must answer aloud.
Read me your charges.
Put them to me, one by one.
The places.
The dates.
I'll confound you! Did you not affirm that you could never love the King in your heart? No.
Did you not, at various times and places, by kissing, touchings, and other infamous incitations, induce Francis Weston to be your concubine? No.
Did you not make gifts of money to Francis Weston? Yes.
Silence! Silence! On this page are words the Queen is said to have spoken to you, and which, in turn, you passed on.
Do not read them aloud.
Just tell the court, do you recognise them? "The King cannot copulate with a woman.
"He has neither skill, nor vigour.
" I didn't say These are not MY words.
I don't own them! You do now.
Having been found unanimously guilty Her own uncle! I'll do slaughter! Thou shalt be burned here, within the Tower.
Or else, to have thy head smitten off ~ .
as the King's pleasure ~ That's not justice! ~ What are you talking about? ~ What is it? What? These fellows say I've done it wrong.
They say I have to say "burn" only The phrasing is the King's, and don't tell me what we can or can't do, we've never tried a queen before.
Finish what you're saying.
Sit down.
head smitten off, as the King's pleasure shall be further known of this matter Why does she keep looking up at the tower? Because she thinks there's still hope.
So, she will not be able to tell me from the other officials.
It will save her alarm.
Good, Christian people .
I am come hither to die.
For according to the law, and by the law, I am judged to die - I can't hear her.
You'd think she'd speak up for her last words.
I am come hither to accuse no man .
nor to speak any thing of that whereof I am accused and condemned to die.
But I pray God save the King .
and send him long to reign over you.
For a gentler nor a more merciful prince was there never.
And, to me, was he ever a good, a gentle and a sovereign lord.
And if any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge best.
And thus I take my leave of the world and of you all, and I heartily desire you all to pray for me.
O Lord, have mercy on my soul.
To God, I commend my soul.
How will you do it? She kneels.
There is no block.
Christ have mercy, Jesus receive my soul If she is steady, it will be over in a moment.
Between heartbeats.
She knows nothing.
IF she is steady.
Well, I can answer for her.
Put your arm down.
Put your arm down.
Apportez l'epee.
We do not want men to handle her.
(It's a little late for that!) Right.
I'm off to tell the Seymours it's done.

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