Wolfblood (2012) s05e08 Episode Script

The One Who Sees

1 If you want a war, you have one.
[Howling] Every wolfblood in the country will have to decide be chipped or not.
[Howling] Run, little wolves! Run! Mr.
You have what you desired now give me what I want.
Ah! - Go, stop her! You OK? - Yeah.
[Growling] You are not going back to the Kafe.
I shouldn't have left.
The second you walk in there, Hartington's enforcers will get you.
Is that what you want? You are not my alpha.
No! Because your alpha sent you away.
Look! I know you're scared, we all are.
But if we're going to fight this emergency law then we need to be smart, and we need to stick together as a pack.
You're no help to Katrina if Hartington has you.
Imara will take you to our den.
We'll be there later.
Where are you going? My heart still beats And my skin still feels My lungs still breathe My mind still feels Though we're running out of time Time There is nowhere for you to hide The hunter's moon is shining I'm running with the wolves tonight I'm running with the wolves I'm running with the [Howling] I apologise for the makeshift nature of these facilities.
As I'm sure you can imagine, after what happened in the city, not everyone is a is a fan of you wolfbloods.
So these tranquiliser guns which deliver a simple sedative for your protection as much as ours.
Oh, that's a relief.
Does that mean we can leave? Please, hear me out.
[Murmuring] I stand here as a friend.
One who sees your true potential.
Your surveys have made it clear that you find the wolfblood life, shall we say less than desirable.
So I want to give you exactly what you want.
A chance to be normal.
No hiding.
No more being locked up in a basement during a full moon.
No more being hunted down by people far less reasonable than me.
One tiny little chip and you're free to live just as you want.
As one of us.
And what if we say no? Then you're free to live as a wolfblood in the wild well away from humanity.
We need to get them out of there before they do something stupid.
Mum, Dad, can you hear me? [People talk over each other] Mum Dad I hear you.
I hear you, Hartington.
I just want what's best for my family.
For all of us.
I think everyone here shares that sentiment.
That's what this is all about.
Your safety and ours.
All you have to do is choose.
Human or wolf? Dad, don't listen to him.
We'll get you out, promise.
Please, don't let them chip you.
We need to get inside.
Well, going in there is exactly what Hartington wants.
Yeah, and if we go in there we'll all just get chipped.
No-one's getting chipped.
TJ: Selina, we really need to go.
This is getting dangerous.
Mum and Dad, we're coming in.
- You've got to stop her.
- How? She's as stubborn as you are.
I can hear you, you know.
It's a very big decision.
We need time to think, to talk to our families.
This is a now or now kind of arrangement, I'm afraid.
You can fight them.
We'll help you get away.
Selina, as your alpha, I'm telling you we need to leave now.
We don't belong in the wild any more than you belong in here.
Don't worry about us.
Just don't let them take you.
Be strong.
Look after her, Jana.
We love you, Selina.
We will always be with you no matter what.
- Howlers! - Go! I'm not leaving my parents! - Selina, we have to go now! - Come on! Run! What if I'm not the Dawnus? Then you're just going to have to make do with being Emilia Warrior Queen.
I promised I'd save them.
Fighting humans I can do, but this? What if I'm not the great Dawnus? What if I'm just me? So you don't see paradise.
Life goes on.
And living here isn't exactly the worst thing in the world.
But it's not home.
Now that we have the Torc, finding somewhere to settle is all anyone can think about.
If this doesn't work, then They'll survive.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
[He speaks own language] [He speaks own language] She's the Dawnus! - The Dawnus.
- The Dawnus.
[Howling] I saw it, Matei.
I saw it.
Blydissiad is real.
I've seen it.
What did you see? Seven hills overlook a great valley.
There is water and a river that flows through.
And space miles of land.
Hundreds of us all howling at a full moon.
[She howls] Hi.
Nice laptop.
I don't know if you and Jana have seen what's happening with all this emergency law nonsense.
You mean the emergency law that got my front door kicked in and sent everyone I know on the run? - That one? - Yeah.
That's the one.
Is everyone safe? I don't know.
They've all just disappeared.
I'm worried sick.
I just want to know that they're all OK.
A search party.
That's what we need.
I've got my bike outside.
We're not exactly trained in how to track wolfbloods.
I mean, they're probably somewhere safe like the den You having some kind of fit? This Oh.
You can't show this to anyone, but I found this hidden in some of Jana's old stuff.
I think it's a map showing where the den is, but I don't understand it.
Well, you know I am a member of the Royal Geographic Society? I don't like to boast.
Oh, my word! Jana's drawing! It's almost as bad as her handwriting! You know where it is? I think that's the river.
- So what's your plan? - I don't know yet.
- I'll think of something.
- Now.
Think of something now.
You're acting like I did this! The second we came out to the world this became inevitable.
But this is where we are and we can't just hide in here and pretend it's all going to be OK.
We need to do something.
Oh, let me guess.
You have a plan.
And there's going to be someone from Segolia who can help.
If we can get a flight to Norway If we go to Norway, Hartington's won! So what, we hide in here instead? At least in Norway we'll have our freedom.
We'll be able to live exactly as we want And what about the wolfbloods who can't get away, hm? What about them? - We stay here and do what? - I don't know! I don't know.
What about Project Genesis? We still haven't cracked that.
And we know it's important and there could be something in it that could help us.
Project Genesis?! That's your grand plan? That's what's going to bring my parents back? Yeah, you're both deluded.
What are we going to do in Norway, take up fishing? We can't fight the government.
We have to choose human or wolf? No-one's choosing anything! As long as we're here, then Then we're safe.
No-one's going to find us.
- JEFFRIES: Hello! - KATRINA: Jana? Jana? We're down here.
Ladies first.
Not if I was the last lady on earth.
Hashtag terrified.
We should probably do this together.
[They scream] Wow! So this is it? Our own real-life wolfblood den? Ooh! We thought you could, you know, use a little bit of help.
You'd be right.
Love what you've done with the place.
It's a bit small.
Yeah, well, the den's that way, so come on.
Argh! All right? I brought cake.
- Brother.
- I couldn't sleep last night.
It's about your vision.
It sounded a bit like Jana's.
Do not trust the one who cavorts with humans.
He has The valleys, the hills, the wolves, the moon It's what Jana saw.
That was Ancion.
This is real.
This is paradise.
I've seen it.
I can practically touch it.
I know.
I know, I'm I'm just saying what Jana said.
You don't believe I'm the Dawnus.
No, of course I do.
Speak to Jana, she'll tell you herself.
After all of this she's still your real alpha.
I'm your brother.
It's my job to protect you.
The pack will never trust you again if you take them to some mythical Blydissiad and it turns out to be Sheffield.
I know what I saw! - It's real.
- A problem? No.
No problem.
Tell the pack to gather our things.
We leave for Blydissiad at dawn.
This is VOICEMAIL CUTS OU Just be careful.
No risks.
Aye, aye, captain.
I will not let you down.
- This isn't a game, Jeffries.
- Of course.
And stay out of my room! You trust this pilot? I'll be back soon, just don't do anything stupid.
Me? Stupid? Just be careful.
Don't get caught.
Doubt makes fools of us all.
I will speak with him.
Convince him his home is with you, not with his weak city wolves.
You're a true friend, Madoc.
I will return soon.
Hello! It's a miserable day, isn't it? Just going in here with my human friend family.
[He whispers] Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.
You shouldn't really be out here, you know.
I just needed some air.
Katrina's perfume, right? I can't imagine it, TJ.
Not seeing my parents again.
Just seems surreal.
Look, just because they're chipped doesn't mean we can't get them back.
Look what happened to me.
Took the chip out and everything went back to normal.
Normal? Is that what you think this is? Don't you get it, TJ? My parents don't want us to take the chip out.
They don't want to run, they don't want to hide, and they don't want to fight Hartington.
They don't want any of this.
None of us do! Which is why we'll figure out a way to stop Hartington for good.
We can't stop Hartington! And even if we did, there'll always be someone else.
Which means we're stuck here in Jana's smelly den or in the wild or freezing cold Norway.
Well, at least we won't have to choose.
We get to keep our human and our wolf.
Some choice.
[Bike bell rings] Yeah, and there's these little beauties as well.
It's all a bit of a jumble, really.
It's the most peculiar mix of Norman, Saxon and Gaelic, of all things.
What? It's human? Well, yeah, of course.
Why, what did you think it was? Well, we thought it was an old wolfblood language.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
[He types] You have what is mine? Well, technically it's the government's land but, yes, I have everything you asked for.
The details are on the back.
Everything you need to know about your new home flora, fauna, local restaurants, et cetera.
It's a joke.
5,000 acres of pristine, untouched land, not a human in sight.
All yours.
And you will release those who reject the human life into my care? Of course.
Though I presume you want me to do the opposite in Emilia's case? She is a true wolfblood.
Pure of heart.
You do not touch her! She stays with me.
As your alpha? That is not your business.
Our contract is concluded.
Do not contact me again.
You know, you really are the most noble leader.
Working with me to save your kind, pushing Emilia to violence and doing whatever was necessary to get the emergency law into place.
All so you could get your Blydissiad.
I did what is necessary for the preservation of our species, our history, our culture.
And Emilia will completely understand.
[Hartington chucles] Enjoy the wild.
I'm sure you'll never want to leave.
[He growls] [Engine starts] She won't listen to me, Matei.
If you don't talk her out of it she's going to lead them into some heavenly place that turns out to be Sheffield.
They'll never trust her again.
Well, maybe she needs a dose of reality.
Jana, it will humiliate her.
And who knows what Madoc's going to do.
You can't keep blaming her for this.
Emilia only wants what's best for wolfbloods.
- And I don't? - Of course you do.
She's just trying to find her own path, go her own way.
You were the one that taught her that.
Eh, Katrina, look, you really don't have to do that.
I'm happy to help.
Don't mind me.
Guys Guys, I think I've cracked it.
At least the start.
So, erm, the sky wolf danced until his light split into two.
The sun and the moon between them.
From the same soil they grew.
Is that it? No, no.
It's just a start.
I think it's some kind of wolfblood creation myth.
Something about wolf people.
So what's on the hard drive? - Why is it all in code? - I don't know.
But Becca might.
Her university has one of the best computer science departments in the country.
So this is your answer to all this? Hm? Some old stones and a hard drive? Well, we know that it's important.
Segolia kept it hidden for a reason.
I tried to stop him.
I chased him to the edge of the city.
But You may speak.
I have no secrets from Hafren.
He said he thinks the vision false.
That you are not the Dawnus.
That you lead us on a fool's errand to a paradise that does not exist.
He lies! I can see that his doubt eats at you.
You must be certain before we leave this place.
We must perform the ritual again.
And this time there will be no doubt that the true Dawnus is here to lead us home.
I've spoken to my guy and he can fly us to Norway tomorrow night.
It'll cost every penny I have, but we can do it.
All of us.
We can't just stay here.
I know.
And that's why the rest of you should just go.
And what are you going to do? I'm going to stay here and find out what's on that hard drive.
And get Emilia.
- Then so am I.
- TJ.
What? We can help.
24 hours.
24 hours and we go, OK? OK.
You're living in a dream world! All of you! [Madoc groans] [He gasps] Madoc? I have seen it.
I have seen the true Blydissiad.
What did you see? - Did you see the hills? - No.
I saw a place quite different.
70, 80 miles from here, due east.
A stretch of land that runs for miles.
No humans in sight.
Food to eat, land untouched.
I have seen it.
I have seen our home.
Your brother was right.
The place you saw, it was not real.
He is the true Dawnus.
- The Dawnus.
- The Dawnus.
The Dawnus.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- What is it? Selina.
Where did she go? What? Where is she? She's upset.
She's just upset.
I'll talk to her, girl-to-girl.
I'll catch you up.
- You sure? - Go.
Come on! They've gone.
Stop! Gotcha! But they discovered something.
Something so important that they put it into code and kept it a secret from their own head of security.
What are you doing here? It's not safe for you here.
He's coming back.
I'm running with the wolves tonight I'm running with the wolves I'm running with the wolves tonight I'm running with the wolves I'm running with the wolves tonight I'm running with the wolves I'm running with the