Wolfblood Secrets (2016) s01e01 Episode Script


The wolfblood secret is out, and the world is reeling as humans and wolfbloods try to work out how they can live together.
In a remote location, a top secret investigation has begun.
But who is asking the questions? And what will their interrogations reveal? who are you? - A friend.
- Hm.
Cos my friends are always following me around in big black cars everywhere I go.
Watching my flat day and night.
Taking long-range photos.
Oh, the laughs we have.
Some people in the organisation can be a bit heavy handed.
And what organisation is that? Did anyone offer you a sandwich? Tea? You guys can drink tea ? Only fresh human blood.
You and me are going to get along.
You're here as the figurehead of the wolfblood movement.
It's not a movement.
Oh, sorry.
What would you like it to be called? Wolfblood spring? Wolfblood power? Wolfblood uprising? I'd just like to think of them as people.
- People who see you as their leader.
- Me? Ok.
[Wolf howls] [They growl] - no-one sees me as leader.
- Wolves are pack animals, aren't they? They need an Alpha.
If you're not the leader, who is? [Static buzz] when this went viral it frightened a lot of people.
[Indistinct shouting on TV] so did your unexpected announcement.
[Cameras click] what the hell's going on? You want the truth? Well, here we are.
You told the world that there are werewolves amongst them.
We're not werewolves.
It's like saying you're ape-men.
Though I do have my doubts about some of you.
Did you really think that the world would be ok with that? In time.
But until that time comes? My department has been tasked with helping the wolfbloods integrate into society.
We're already integrated.
You just didn't know about it until now.
What you mean is, humans integrating with us.
Ok, if you want to put it that way.
I'm here to deliver it.
But I think you're nursing a secret, jana.
[Reporters shout questions] cos when you stood up at that press conference, it wasn't just you and your friends transforming.
You transformed everything for everyone and now - now I think you're worried.
Because you don't know whether you made the right choice.
What if humans and wolfbloods can't live side-by-side? That will be on you, jana.
[Crows caw] [They growl and snarl] jana! Help me! Huh?! I want to make sure that wolfbloods take their rightful place in society, but to do that, I need you to tell me everything.
- Everything? - All there is to know about wolfbloods.
It's not like we have anything to hide from each other, is it? If it makes you feel better, a lot of key players have already spoken - to us.
A lot of your friends.
- Like who? "The next morning, in school, I went straight over to them, "excited, and I said " Did you hear last night on the moors? Howling.
Here, and look what I found on drayman's Lane this morning.
I'm going to compare it to paw-print photos of different dogs.
- What? Every type of dog? - This is proof, tom! Proof that there is something Weird up there on the moors.
Shannon? You talked to Shannon? But she's in Montreal, right? Why would Shannon even speak to you? Why would she keep a secret when it's not a secret any more? We couldn't actually stop her talking.
I was on this camping trip with the brownies, not far from here.
You were in the brownies? All the tents were arranged in a little circle.
- I was sharing with kay.
- Kay from school kay? Yeah.
She was my best friend.
Anyway, we'd all gone to bed for the night, but I couldn't sleep.
There was sounds of things outside.
Probably Badgers and stuff, but you know how your imagination plays tricks.
I was playing shadow monsters.
Then there was a real shadow on the outside.
So I turned off my torch, and it came closer.
It was right over us.
I thought it was just one of my friends, and so I unzipped the tent to have a look, and there it was.
This Monstrous face, hairy, with these Yellow eyes.
I screamed so loudly it woke up the whole camp.
By the time they got to me the monster had disappeared.
But I managed to freak out kay and the others so much they had to call the whole trip off.
Her knowledge is encyclopaedic.
This is a girl who's been obsessed with wolfblood theories her whole life.
Come on.
Where are you? Got you.
She's almost a model for your ideal wolfblood future, actually.
Starts off afraid I don't know who maddy is any more.
- What do you mean? - I told you what happened.
You banged your head, shan.
You were sucking up all them fumes.
I know what I saw! [Fire alarm sounds] [She coughs] tom! Thank goodness.
Get them out of here! Now! [She coughs] you saved them.
Are you all right? I saw I thought I it's over, yeah? It's finished now.
Later she's like Wolfblood BFF.
You can always trust me.
You know that, right? Come here.
- Aw, come here! - You love hugs, now! I love you guys.
So what you're got is one person's memories? You can't rely on that.
Shannon collected a lot of hard evidence, too.
Get down! Now! [They roar] [They snarl] are we going insane?! We're not insane, tom.
And we never were.
[Camera clicks] [Camera clicks again] [They snarl] enough! I said enough! It's ok.
It's the chemicals, it makes you see things, it's Oh, give it up, maddy, they know! We know that you change.
On a full moon.
- Or, whenever you want, some of you.
- I could change now.
We know that you're stronger.
Even before you wolf out.
That's what you call it, right? If you already know everything, you don't need me.
We need you for who you are.
You have lived with both wild and urban wolfbloods.
You've been a professional fixer, with access to tracking information on hundreds, even thousands, of wolfbloods known to the segolia corporation.
Before you Collapsed the share price and put it out of business.
You are the one that can deliver Harmony and peace for all wolfbloods, and if you trust me, I will help you.
[She sniffs] well, there's plenty you haven't mentioned.
Our healing powers, for instance.
We heal fast.
And we've a special relationship with nature.
It's called eolas.
[Birds call] it's like a natural world speaking to us, if you know how to listen.
This way.
How comes you get spidey-sense and I don't? Then there's ansin.
That's like the past speaking to us.
It's like a collective memory that you can just tap into.
Humans could probably do it, once.
Before they decided to live in separate boxes and cut - themselves off from one another.
- That's fantastic, jana.
What else? Oh, the whole heightened senses thing.
Well, you probably realised that we can see better, hear better, but it's more than that.
It's like being more open to the millions of bits of information that are hitting you every single second.
Like, I know that you've just had a spending spree, because I'm getting the new shoes smell.
And I know that, in a day or two, you're going to get a cold, because I can feel a tiny rise in your body temperature.
And I know that there's been someone speaking to you in a hidden earpiece this whole interview, telling you what to say.
Because I can hear them.
And I can tell from the beat of your heart, and the sweat on your brow, that you've been lying to me from the moment that you walked in here.
You might as well come in here, Smith.
[The door clicks open] you don't want to help me.
So what do you want? We want to know how dangerous you really are.