Wolfblood Secrets (2016) s01e04 Episode Script


In a secret location, the investigation into wolfbloods is in full swing.
The Vikings were actually wolfbloods.
The secret was a human invention.
Now I'm starting to see exactly where you're coming from.
What you want.
History repeating.
I don't know how many ways I can say it.
There is no wolfblood uprising.
No revolution, it's not an army, OK? It's just ordinary people that can turn into wolves occasionally.
And I'm not their leader.
- So, who is? - No-one is! This is ridiculous! You are not locking me up.
I'll go back to the wild.
You'll never find me there.
Well, we know how to find all the other wolfbloods, thanks to you.
So, you're going to pick a fight with every wolfblood? Well, we don't need to fight them.
Do we? - You spoke to Tim Jeffries? - I gather you and he are old friends.
- They're worried about you.
- There's really no need.
- Yeah.
And I'm Harry Styles.
- What! Becca! Please.
Behave! Well, I've known him a long time, yes.
Oh, it's just that other testimony we received suggests - Do you fancy Dr Whitewood, sir? - What? Go on, sir, I reckon you've got a chance.
Cos she likes old fossils.
[They laugh] Jeffries and Whitewood, sitting in a tree K-I-S-I-N-G! Ha! That's not how you spell it, Katrina.
What testimony? What's that got to do with anything, anyway? I thought I was here as part of a consultation process? You are.
One that goes to the highest levels.
We just like to know who's in the wolfblood club.
We were wondering if you have conflicts of interest.
Mr Jeffries' book certainly seems to indicate that.
Oh, well, it must be true, then, mustn't it? I just couldn't stop laughing.
The tall, handsome schoolteacher took the beautiful scientist in his arms and said, "There's a wolf inside me, too.
" Anything sounds silly out of context, Becca.
Well, I'm just telling you as a friend.
It's not just the dialogue, it's everything.
It's full of cliches and mixed metaphors and TERRIBLE puns.
Plus, it's meant to be a young adult novel and the hero's a 30-something school teacher.
- 20-something! - [Students yell] Am I here for my scientific expertise or a Tim Jeffries convention? Sorry, Dr Whitewood.
We recognise that you are the foremost researcher in the wolfblood field.
And it would help our inquiry enormously if you could share your insights.
Where to begin? They're faster, fitter than us.
[Exiting music plays] So acutely attuned to their surroundings.
[She sniffs] Their hearing is extraordinary.
[Muffled speech] [Inaudible] Hyperglycaemia.
Apparently symptoms include reckless and aggressive behaviour.
You've got a fan club.
He's just scrummy.
He likes me.
He does not.
If that doesn't scare you off, nothing will.
And they're agile, too.
Go on.
Oh, no, window! Capable of almost impossible feats.
Did you miss me? Some of that is anecdotal, of course.
Actual data collection is still in its infancy, but even so, the potential for medical applications Actually, we have a lot on their abilities already.
Where we thought you might be able to fill in some of the blanks is in terms of their weaknesses.
Why would you want to know that? What's the purpose of this consultation? The purpose as far as you're concerned is holding on to your research licence.
We've seen some of your Segolia papers, where you suggest that their natural advantages are balanced out by disadvantages.
Do you remember two years back? When Bayle's Comet passed by? I think that was mentioned in another statement.
There's something coming.
Yeah, it's the comet.
Something bad is going to happen tonight.
It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
A clear sky.
Dark moon.
A night I'll never forget.
Beautiful, aren't they? The earth must be passing through the comet's tail.
Tiny particles of debris burn up in our atmosphere.
[She laughs] [He laughs] Whoa! Whoa! Are you two OK? Everybody, stand back.
Go back, please.
Go back, please.
The wolfbloods were passing out.
Only the wolfbloods? Ceri? Hello? Ceri! Ceri.
Ceri? [Phone rings] Ceri's out, too.
She's written something on the floor, though.
What? "Icefire"? Icefire? That's like a comet.
The nucleus.
I soon realised what was happening had to be connected to the comet.
How serious is it, sir? What's going on? OK, back to work, please.
- Come on, back to work.
- I want to have a word with Sarah! Comets pass over earth all the time.
But Bayle's Comet would very rarely coincide with a dark moon.
- So, it's somehow magnifying it's effect.
- But how? Shannon, we need your help.
They're still out? Yeah.
Because there's actually something wrong with them.
Oh, there is something wrong, actually.
TV's fuzzy.
Which obviously isn't as important as what's going on in here.
Yeah, it's only a bit of interference.
- That's it.
- Interference? It was only my quick thinking that saved them.
Otherwise, they could have been in a coma forever.
One male, one female.
Witness collapse, query cause.
- Clear airways, strong radial pulse.
- OK.
The media shower is interfering with whatever links wolfbloods to the moon.
And as there's no moon, wolfbloods are particularly susceptible.
Because the link is already at its weakest.
I'm taking these in.
- We'll get the stretchers.
- I'll find Katrina.
Right, we've got one about one minute.
Any interference would have a particular frequency.
But there's a different frequency on every channel.
What were they watching? If you can find out I might be able to cancel it out.
Tom, turn on the TV.
Find Made In Eccles.
Yeah, But Shan, then I'll end up in a coma.
There's no time for jokes, Tom, I need that frequency.
See if there's an information button or a service menu.
It is 650.
- That's 650 megahertz.
- Thanks, Tom.
[Machine hums] We're running out of time! On three.
One, two, three.
Let's take Jacob Avenue.
There's still roadworks on [Machine hums at higher frequency] Right, we're there.
Why isn't it working? Wait! Oh, come on, come on, come on.
- [Machine's frequency falls] - Minus 650.
[Machine beeps] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
For what? Just everything.
You're awake.
He's awake! Who's awake? Don't worry.
Are you all right? Yeah.
For all their strength, they're more vulnerable than you might think.
- They're vulnerable to comets? - It wasn't just about the comet.
Wolfbloods are attuned to the passage of the moon.
So that, once a month We know what they do once a month.
- That's what all this is about.
- I'm not talking about transforming.
Quite the opposite.
Once a month, on a dark moon, they lose their powers.
Could you elaborate on that? Well, again, it will be anecdotal evidence, but, yes, every dark moon - Jana! - Mm.
- Are you getting up today, or not? - I'm not feeling well.
Really? It's funny that.
- Gosh.
You look terrible.
- Thanks.
I feel worse.
They become lethargic.
Low energy.
Oh, so you've decided to join me for the lunchtime shift.
Sorry, I'm here now.
[She coughs] Oh, come on! It was an accident.
Look, if this is your way of getting back at me for the new tips rule, then it's not going to work.
What? - You're just doing this out of spite.
- No, I'm not.
- I'm not feeling very well.
- You know what? I don't think we'll be needing you today.
Katrina, look I can manage on my own, thank you! Fine! - How long does it last? - Just the one day.
But for that 24 hours, they're good for nothing.
Many of them have told me that.
[Alarm sounds] [Alarm continues] Oh, what? Mam, Dad.
Mam! Oh, what? Can I have the day off school? - No! - Why not? Because one day, some bright spark's going to realise that once a month, when there's no moon, Maddie Smith bunks off school and they're going to want to know why.
But I'm bleeding! - Put a plaster on it.
- This is so unfair! So is life.
- Are you getting up? - No.
[She sighs] [Door slams] - Oh, Maddie? - Ohhh.
What now? Come home as soon as school's finished.
The closer it gets to nightfall the worse you'll feel.
Oh, great(!) Thanks a bunch(!) - [Door slams] - Ohhh.
Sorry, who exactly will this information be available to? You said, "Medical care for wolfbloods," but then why would you speak to Tim? You've been very helpful.
- Yes, but who have I helped? - Humanity, Doctor.
See, that's my vulnerability.
I think I was born on the wrong side of the fence.
Like I said, we don't need to fight them.
You disappear, and we'll go through every pack, every wolfblood family till we find you.
You want that? Look, Jana.
Most of my colleagues are convinced that you are a security risk.
If you can say anything to convince me otherwise, then say it.
But I never hurt any human.
All right.
Then you can tell us the present whereabouts of Alexander Kincaid