Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo) (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

(The night before the storm) Take a look at this.
What is it? Father.
I have something to tell you.
I have an announcement to make, too.
I'm glad everyone's here.
It's perfect.
Please go up stairs with Mrs.
She doesn't need to.
I Plan to marry her.
Father! Father! What are you saying? Father, you can't! Never! Of course not, Father! Dad.
You're joking, right? I'm the one who's getting married, why do you make such a fuss? So what, you're opposed to it? Dad! You've only known this woman for a few weeks! Marriage is no joke! Who said anything about joking? You guys are terrible.
It's not just your personal matter.
You all need to shut your mouths! Come on, Mr.
Ahn Marriage is a huge task.
It's not just about us two.
Don't just get upset.
You should listen to what they have to say, too.
It's to take on the position of Mother who passed away.
Before being your wife, she becomes a new elder in the family.
It's not something you should decide by yourself.
On top of that We can't have someone with a criminal background for fraud be in this family.
Criminal record for fraud? Is that true? Ridiculous! Father's gone crazy.
She did embezzle money from her work but it was for her daughter's surgery.
Can't you guys understand? You all have children too! What if Woon-kyu and Ji-hoo became terribly ill? Wouldn't you rather steal and have them get better, if you had no money? Isn't that how any mother or father would feel? You're so cold.
This is a video clip from your birthday party.
Who is this person? As you can see, someone messed with the canopy to purposely make it collapse.
What happened that day is no coincidence.
It was done with an intent.
Let's take some time and talk more about this matter.
Before that You should call the cops! I thought it was odd, too.
How could the canopy fall at that very moment? I thought it must've been done by someone who wishes harm on Mr.
So you're saying someone purposely tried to hurt my dad? That was my gut feeling, but I couldn't talk about it out loud.
But since there's a video now Now we have physical evidence no one can dispute! We have to find out who it is! For me I just thought to protect Mr.
Ahn at that moment.
I realized that it'd be dangerous to have him live here alone.
What are you saying? What, one of his children did that on purpose? It's a possibility given the situation, no? Shut your mouth! It might not be his children.
What did you say? Don't speak that way to the person I'm about to marry, everyone.
How can you say, "Shut your mouth"? You're all terrible.
I have another video clip that's even clearer than this.
Please postpone talking about marriage.
But why? We have to figure out this case first.
We have to find out who did it! Aren't you curious? What's that got to do with my getting married? Of course they're connected! She's one of the suspects, too! What? If anyone in the family can be a suspect just like what she said Of course she's one of the suspects, too.
- Isn't that right, Father? - That's true.
Why would she do such a thing? Because of that incident, you decided to marry her.
If that's been her purpose all along, she could've definitely been the one.
Ah-jin, were you always like this? Tell us, Ms.
You never imagined this as the outcome? Imagine what? Imagining to marry my father-in-law.
Oh really? Then I must've misunderstood.
And it's very unfortunate that the whole situation is unfolding so that someone someone innocent like you is being accused.
So Say that you won't marry him if you don't want any further misunderstandings.
For me I just want to protect Mr.
If marriage is necessary for me to do that Then I must.
You're already protecting him as his caregiver.
Stay within your boundary! And stop there.
Don't go over it.
She threw out Woon-kyu out in the rain! You're telling me to treat her as my mother-in-law? If you don't want to, you should leave this house with Woon-kyu! Father! That's such a mean thing to say.
I'll do that.
- I'll leave.
- Joo-mi.
Dad! You like that woman more than your own grandson? I don't think that's You stay out of this! Why don't I just bite my tongue and die? I'll just die instead, if you're so opposed to my getting married.
But if that happens, don't even show up at my funeral.
I have no children of my own now.
Got it? I'll leave.
That'll be the end of it.
This is shocking.
Wash up and go to bed.
Try not to worry about it too much.
They'll go through with that marriage.
What? You're out of your mind! We can't stop him if he wants it.
How can we stop him? She didn't just happen to come into this house, that's why! It's been her goal all along! Mr.
Let's just go with what they're saying.
It's good enough for me that I get to be by your side.
I don't have any wishes.
I can't believe them.
Who are they to oppose my marriage? You're going upstairs? I'll be back after a shower.
Oh, so cold Just go to sleep! I'm not in the mood.
Get up, you need to go exercise.
- You need to get up! - I don't have to go today.
- Nonsense! - We fought Don't lose your rhythm, you have to maintain your daily routine.
The same goes for me.
That's the only way we can deal with this situation calmly.
Give up, the two will end up getting married.
- What? - Not me, my father.
What are you talking about? I feel the energy from this raspberry shake! Here I go! To my morning exercise! That mistress in this class They broke up, he paid her a million dollars.
At least they didn't have a kid together.
But isn't a million too little? Only a million dollars? He's filthy rich! I heard she tried to kill herself.
Is she OK? I guess she can't talk anymore.
That man destroyed her life.
I agree.
But I don't think it's just the guy's fault for cheating.
You can't clap with just one hand, of course the woman did her part too.
Yes, of course.
How is your husband these days? He's alright? Yes.
How's your husband? My husband? He's totally fine, no problem.
I see No one ever suspects her own husband to be cheating.
But the least suspected are the ones who turn around and cheat.
I know, right? There's a new salad cafe that's open at the cross road.
Let's try it.
You said you had something to tell me? Oh yes, that You must be worried a lot because of that caregiver.
Not just worried I don't even know how to stop her.
How can you? No parent can dictate a child's life, no child can do the same.
At least a parent can discipline the child.
You should take care of your husband even if you're so busy with your father-in-law.
If it were anyone else, I would've just ignored it.
But since it's you, I have to say it.
You know how much I like you, right? Yes, I do.
I think your husband's cheating on you.
Done with exercise? I feel great! I had no idea cycling could be so fun! You really don't even skip a day! I'm surprised! He said to my husband that the pills are not for you.
Oh come on.
You got it all wrong, Gi-oak.
He goes cycling in the early morning these days.
He's just trying to stay healthy.
That's not what the pills are for! He normally takes many pills for health, like nutrition, vitamins, and for fatigue.
He's been stressed a lot to develop new products.
He's always liked food that's good for stamina too.
You think so? Yes, of course! Come on You think he'd really tell your husband that he's cheating, if he really were? No, Ah-jin.
Guys share stuff like that to each other.
They met as parents! I'm sure he knows I'll find out like this.
There's no way.
He likes to joke around like that.
It's often unclear if he's joking or speaking the truth.
I really hope that's the case.
But still, make sure you stay cautious.
I really hope that's the case.
How about Dr.
Jang? He's OK? About what? Oh, I'm just asking just in case He's a cool guy, and very nice.
He's popular among women, no? Don't even mention it, isn't he looking better as he gets older? But he only loves me.
Just last night, we He never gets tired.
I see That must be great! Ew, it smells terrible! What happened? Why is he going around saying stuff like that? He doesn't know when to stop.
We're out of pickles, Ji-hoo likes them.
I'll make some more today.
How long has Jae-suc been going cycling in the morning? Not sure.
For a while now.
He never rode bicycle.
Today was his first day.
What? He doesn't go cycling in the morning.
You should look into what he's been up to.
Am I the only one working around here? I always thought it was odd that his exercise clothes never smelled.
But today, they smelled so bad! Doesn't that mean he hasn't been cycling all this time, but he did today? I saw your husband at a cafe today, he was with a woman.
Oh, and you ate with a young woman at a cafe recently? You're so caught! What? Hello, Mate! Yes Mate.
But I'm not fine.
Don't think about it, no need to be upset.
But you keep thinking about it! I can't believe them.
It doesn't matter how many children you have.
Let's just have a wedding with just us two.
Who knows? You might have other children, not children like them.
Ahn I want to have your children.
She threw out your own grandson out in the rain! You expect me to treat her like she's my mother-in-law? If you don't want to Leave this house with Woon-kyu! Pregnancy against one's wish It was rape.
But since we can't find out the rapist So I'll let that go.
But in this situation It makes no sense for me pay for hotel fee! Of course.
That wouldn't make any sense.
When I left my dog at the dog hotel, it's under the contract clause that the hotel will protect my dog.
But she became pregnant! I'm going to demand compensation.
And I won't pay a dime for the hotel fee! It's possible to sue the dog hotel for compensation.
But are you certain that your dog became pregnant at that hotel? Are you accusing my baby of sleeping around? Oh, it's not that But the hotel is claiming that it could not have happened there.
Is the caregiver situation resolved? That caregiver is about to become my mother-in-law.
Mental breakdown, crisis mode, depression mode.
How much can I get for all of these? Forget it, just leave them.
How soon can I get these? It'll only take a day, but we don't make seasoned beef with wild onions.
We have other types of seasoned beef though, and we're quite famous for them.
Please make it with wild onions.
That's what Mr.
Ahn wants to eat.
I told you we don't do that.
Isn't this place Illegal? Do you pay any taxes? What works better than conciliation or convincing to get someone on your side is to bring up one's weaknesses and secrets.
Everyone's got weaknesses and secrets that cannot be exposed.
But such weaknesses and secrets do become exposed by someone else.
And it's always exposed to someone who should never know.
He looks so excited.
He's buying a car for a woman.
Let me try all these on.
OK, I'll prepare them now.
You have something similar already, you're getting another one? I think I like this car the best! It fits you the best, too.
Your total is 8,320 dollars.
Have a good day.
I'll see ya! Say hello to them when they greet you.
It shows how ignorant you are, if you're socially awkward.
Yeah, I am ignorant.
But how about you? How educated are you? Are you crazy? You better watch your mouth.
If I'm ignorant You're a hypocrite.
Are you really going crazy? You're a son of a bitch.
Get up! Get up, so I can beat you more! Shall we meet up tonight? You don't miss me? Come there.
To my room.
I don't want to go other places.
See you soon.
What was that? It's obvious that it's a guy.
You're right.
I knew I was right! Was that him? Yeah.
You got skills! He's much younger! I live with an old husband, my boyfriend should be young at least.
Isn't that right? Yes, I totally understand.
Be careful not to get caught.
Ah-jin's husband's not cheating.
Really? That's true, a cheater thinks everyone else's cheating too.
I'm sure he wouldn't, he looks so normal.
You should check on your husband too.
There's no man you can trust in the world.
And one's husband is the one you should trust the least.
I just said it.
I said I have another video.
Then what? Did she look nervous? Yeah.
She definitely looked nervous.
But there is no other video.
I know exactly how cops feel when they are totally sure who the criminal is, but without any physical evidence yet.
Not only that, someone cold to me said that my husband is cheating on me! The house chores lady also said that he's doing something else in the morning.
Combine those two things, then it means that Jae-suc is cheating on you in the early mornings.
There's no way.
Look, it just falls off.
It should be stickier.
No one would use the product upside down like that though.
I guess that's true.
Then I'll Oh yes! She must have an urgent message for the company.
Oh, sure.
You didn't pick up my calls.
Why'd you call me? I'm sorry about yesterday.
You should leave, I have nothing to talk to you about.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey! There's something you have to know.
I'm not all that crazy about you yet.
And when you do something like that in this timing, I just won't ever see you.
Then Am I just someone you sleep with? That's all? Then you should pay me, no? I should at least get paid.
I won't have feelings for you anymore either then.
What do you take me for? I love you! To me, it feels like fate.
I feel the same.
I never said otherwise.
Let's not see each other for a bit and take some time off.
Our emotional colors towards each other are too different.
Hello, Mr.
Park! It must be hard, there's so much work to do.
Well, that's how much I always work.
Is he in? He's got a visitor.
Let me tell him that you're here.
I saw earlier that they were getting loud, I think they're arguing.
OK, please do then.
Your wife just got here, she's here! Hide, hide! Under the couch.
Get in here.
Does this not open? The desk, the desk! Oh, the visitor left already.
Go on in.
Come in! What brings you here? - I wanted to have lunch with you.
- That sounds good! Great! You're in a good mood.
Well, you're here! That's what got me in a good mood.
You want to wait for me outside until I finish up? Why? I'll just wait here.
Oh, OK.
Go ahead then.
You don't need to finish up? I'm so terribly hungry! Let's go.
What do you feel like? Hm? I'll buy you something nice.
I'll be back after lunch.
Oh, about how sticky it is I think that's good enough.
It might be problematic if it's even sticker than that, right? Have a good lunch! Mr.
Ahn, you're doing great! I feel like you'd even be able to run in no time! I know, right? I'm doing great, aren't I? You're the best! That's enough for today, let's go in.
What a joke.
Come on! You picked up some pills from Dr.
Jang? What? What pills? Oh yes, those pills.
You are being suspicious, why are you so surprised? Why would you get pills like that? He recommended them to me.
I like taking pills.
I just tried.
But why does everyone including Dr.
Jang think you're cheating because of that? And why do I have to hear that? Why do you carry yourself that way? I was just joking! I can't even talk to these people, they have no sense of humor! That's not something you should joke about.
I'm sorry.
You must've been so shocked.
Not shocked, but embarrassed.
You think I'd really tell him that I'm cheating if I were? I don't even know him that well.
I think you would, it's like you're missing a screw sometimes.
Ah-jin, for me You're the only woman in the world.
Are there 2 suns in the sky? There's only one sun! You know? You're ridiculous.
I'll make sure to purchase all medicine through legal channels in established pharmacies.
You still feel like joking around? Ah-jin.
I'll make sure to be more careful in my words and actions alike.
Don't embarrass Ji-hoo.
Yes, of course.
Should I Just live here? Go back home already! I can't! I won't.
I'll leave if you take care of my inheritance.
Stop talking about it! Dad.
I really need some money right now.
I'm totally broke, my husband used all the money we had.
I need to find a way to make a living after I divorce him.
Be quiet! I'm not giving you a single dime! Money should be given to someone who knows how to make profit, who understands its value.
Otherwise it's crap! I can't give you any money to someone like you, you just lose every penny you get.
Come on, Dad! Crap? When they get married, I have to call her Mrs.
Ahn? Ma'am? Then Ah-jin has to call her, "Mother"? You never know how things can turn out in life! She might become the wife of the owner of Daesung Pulp! It looks like it.
You can't stop them from getting married? No.
How old is that woman? She must be 45.
She probably didn't go through menopause then.
What if she gets pregnant? No way! Can Mr.
Ahn Still do it? I'm sure yes! That's why they want to get married.
I don't thin he can.
He's up.
Who's that? I saw someone lurking around in front of the house.
It was the guy from the video we saw that Ah-jin sent! How nice of him to crawl back here on his own! He was right in front of the security camera! I need to call the security company right now.
What do you think you're doing, you stupid idiot! Why didn't you pick up my calls then? I told you not to call me for a while.
It's a rented phone, I'm getting rid of it.
I told you we can't have any records of communication, like calls or texts! There's another video? It makes me so nervous, it's driving me nuts! That's why you showed your face right in front of the security camera? If you're ever caught Just say it.
Say what? Say that Joo-mi got you to do it.
What? Then I'll open up a gym for you.
That's just too much! Otherwise what, you'll say that it was me? Then both of us are screwed! They won't look into it further if you say it was her instead.
Use your head, you stupid! They'll throw her out, and that'll be the end of it.
And get rid of that phone at this moment! It's all over if they find any record of communication between us.
That's him, the guy from the video.
Can we get a closer shot of his face? Sure.
Do you know who that is? No, but He looks familiar.
Where have I seen him? That's good.
Hello? Why'd you call me? Forget it! I'm teaching your daughter how to draw, why? Don't come, I'm not home.
I'm sure you already know, you art genius! But look! The trees are the basics of scenery drawings.
for balance.
So imagine dividing up the space in five, and the focus should be 3:2.
Use bright colors with a lot of water Why, is something on my face? Who's the person that just called you? Why? You just got so happy.
I got 2 pairs, one for your place and another for next door.
Ji-hoo's in her art lesson, I'll pick her up when she's done and take her home.
- Hello.
- You're working so hard.
I'll just wait at that bench over there.
You can color it in yourself, right? If you want a lighter color, use water instead of white.
Remember, OK? It's cold out, why do you need to be outdoors? Just have her draw a couple of apples at the house.
Are you still mad? I told I'm really sorry! Look, a camel! Not funny? Look! A monkey on a camel! Is that funny to you? Funny? What's Going on here? Every unknown event is fearful.
A fear of what the truth may be.
What will happen? (Your husband is dating another woman) Is it real? Or is it fake? (Doctor's note) Who will do what? The moment when everything is unknown Push up, all the way! Hello? Jin-hee! I found out who the guy is from the video! I know who it is! Let's talk more later.
Ji-hoo! You're not listening to music today? Why are you looking at your dad like that? Dad, are you cheating? Who hit you like that? Someone just ran up to me in front of a market, and did this to me.
It could be the same person who attacked your husband then? Sure.
But Why did the assailant stop after beating you just that much? He ran away when I started to scream.
There are security cameras everywhere these days.
I'm sure we can catch him quickly.
Don't worry.
There's no security camera where I was beaten.
You didn't think I checked already? Hello! Oh, hello.
Can we talk for a second? Sure.
Can I see the security camera footage from this morning? The police already took it.
Not that one, but the one in the elevator.
I need the footage of the person who beat me like this.
Don't show this to the police.
I'll hold onto it.
It'll only confuse the police while they're trying to catch my husband's assailant.
Buy yourself a round.
- Are you OK? - Yeah.
Who did it? You didn't do it? Why would I do that? You said last time that you wouldn't leave my husband alone if he beats me ever again.
I did say that, yes.
But it wasn't me.
You really didn't? Wow, I guess many people are after him.
I'm glad that happened.
Let's go.
I don't want to go home tonight.
I did it, Ah-jin.
I got so nervous and I went to your place.
I'm sorry.
- Please do not lie to me at all.
- Of course not.
I won't lie.
Who told you to do it? Park Bok-ja She hated Park Bok-ja, and just wanted her out at all cost.
Who did? Mr.
Ahn's first daughter-in-law.
The professor.
So you're saying Joo-mi told you to do all this? Yes.
She just wanted Park Bok-ja to get hurt, not Mr.
You expect me to believe this? She completely despises Park Bok-ja.
She even told me that she wanted her dead.
How do you know Joo-mi? She came here with Mr.
Ahn before, for his physical therapy.
That's true.
She'd come with him when her school's on break.
I apologize, Ma'am.
I just really needed some money.
Joo-mi Said to never say this until I die.
I made a huge mistake.
Thank you! Ji-hoo, let's eat it! Your art teacher helps me at work.
So yes, we became friends.
But it's not like what you think.
Dad, have you ever read "Hansel and Gretel"? I'm sure I have, but I don't remember.
It seems like their stepmother threw them away, right? But it's not true.
The real bad person is their real dad.
The stepmother tells the father to throw them away, and he really throws away his own children.
Oh what a terrible man! You think he's always been that bad of a person? I'm sure the stepmother turned him into being that way.
I learned that it's how men are, from children's books.
They don't follow the good women, but they always follow the bad ones.
It was the same for Cinderella's real dad.
Ji-hoo? I'm a completely different person from those bastards.
- I - I Won't forgive anyone who hurts Mom, regardless of whom.
Even if it were you.
I love you, Dad.
Me too.
Yes, Jae-hee.
What happened? Did you find out who did it? Oh it's - I couldn't figure out - Then call the cops! Isn't that simple? It's bad for the company if that gets on the news or rumors start to spread.
I'll be home soon, wait for me.
Ah-jin's up to her neck with all these problems right now.
Let's not add to it.
Just ignore it for now.
How can I just ignore it? It makes a fool out of Ah-jin! Sometimes it's better to be a fool.
The family's a mess, like a nuclear bomb dropped on it! And it's not for sure either.
Just because they were touching and laughing, it doesn't mean he's cheating.
But it's not just a couple of odd things.
What else? He'd always volunteer to pick up Ji-hoo after her art lessons.
He even told me not to tell Ah-jin that he's picking Ji-hoo up.
Is that true? He must've gone to her place in the morning, instead of cycling! I can't believe him! It's true that no man should be trusted.
I guess guys really can't handle it.
All their things should be broken! Then telling Ah-jin - Ah-jin.
- Hey.
Where's Ji-hoo? Jae-suc went to pick her up.
Oh, and you had something to tell me? Oh no, it's fine now.
What was it? I just had a video clip of Ji-hoo playing violin that day.
That's OK.
Have dinner with her here before you go.
I need to get some rest.
Oh, and Ah-jin You found out who the guy is? Who was it? Ah, you must be eating something good! Hello.
Go on.
Let's go, Ji-hoo.
Go on up.
Is it resolved? Yes, I don't think there will be any problems.
From now on Never call me first unless I call you.
If there's an emergency, call me with a different phone.
How will you contact me then? I'll call you with a different phone too.
With whose phone? Joo-mi.
Going somewhere? Where I used to live.
I have to bring a few things.
On getting married, I mean.
It's too early to say that.
I'll head out first.
Wait, until I call you.
Where's the caregiver lady? She went to her hometown.
Did she quit? We're having a small wedding this weekend.
She wanted to see her relatives before the wedding.
So I told her to visit them for a bit.
You're really going through with it? Don't you guys want me to be happy? Then stay quiet and congratulate us.
The ceremony is just for us two, don't get in the way.
I did have to tell you first, so I did.
I'll prepare your wedding.
What else can we do? He wants to go through with it.
I'll prepare it.
You're definitely not like the rest, Ah-jin.
- Jin-hee! - Jin-hee! Ah-jin.
You hadn't left yet? What's going on? We need to talk.
- OK, let's go inside.
- No.
Let's talk outside, just us two.
What is it? You're making such a big deal out of it.
You look so tired, Ah-jin.
Nothing's been going my way lately.
Father's going through with the wedding! I guess no one can stop him.
Just let it go, I guess.
Hurry up and tell me.
What is it? Ah-jin.
There's something suspicious about your husband.
- I think - Stop.
I'll look into it.
I don't want to hear it from someone else.
I'll look into it, so If I find something wrong or Yes, Ah-jin.
You check for yourself, I'll tell you if it's not figured out.
Let's do that.
Be strong.
Was this what you wanted to talk to me about earlier? Thanks.
You hesitated, right? To be considerate.
I'm grateful for that.
I know what that's like.
You scared me! Jeong-ah? Cho-hee! Hey, it's been such a long time! You look exactly the same! No way! Signs of age are all over me.
But you look great! Did you come up on a guy? Let's get a drink.
It's not even lunch time yet.
- Did you eat yet? - No need for food.
Just bring soju and some dried fish.
It smells great! What do you do these days? I'm Getting married.
Really? That's great! Must be someone rich.
I'm so tired of running this bar.
I I've been looking for you.
You're the only one I can trust in this field.
You're the only one who knows my real name.
Not "Lee Jeong-ah," but "Cheon Bang-soon"! And you were the only person who knew my real name.
Not "Park Cho-hee," but "Park Bok-ja.
" But that's the actual name I use these days.
No way! We have known each other for a while, that's true.
I thought I'd never see you again, but here we are! Let's keep seeing each other from now.
I really think we should.
Dad Dad Dad! Dad What do I do now? What do I do? My husband had told me that I was his sun.
No way.
Be strong.
It'll all go away.
We have to stop Father from being played by that woman.
This is a pre-nup.
You said you have no other interest than protecting Father.
Tell Jae-gu to come home.
He's the only one who can trample on Park Bok-ja in this family.
You're marrying someone so amazing! Get lost! Get out! I feel uneasy.
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be this happy.
This is the maid who'll be working here.
Say hi.
She's the second daughter-in-law.
Who do I listen to now, Ah-jin? I'll make all decisions from now.