Woman of Dignity (Poomwiitneun Geunyeo) (2017) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

What she desperately wanted I wanted her to take them all.
The smell of leather burning was terrible.
It was like the smell of dirty desires of human.
And I burned her last gift for her.
(Episode 18: The point of no return) Hello, police? I want to report theft.
What do we do now? We're totally ruined! I'm going crazy! Why would you go and do something like that on your own? What are you gonna do now? Dad's Chinese factory is a different story! It's part of the company, it was sold with it.
How about cash? Dad's got cash, right? Can we use that? Hey, Ahn Jae-hee! Is that really what you should be saying right now? What else can we do then? You should've stopped me when I said let's take back Dad's company.
This is all your fault for not stopping me! Don't be ridiculous.
You made all this mess and you're just thinking about using Dad's cash! What's inside that head of yours? I should be the one telling you that! You cheated on your wife and now you're divorced.
- Don't poke at someone's weak point.
- Weak point? You're the one who was being an idiot, I'm glad it happened! You're glad? How dare you! Hit me, go ahead and hit me! Please stop, you two! What are you guys doing? You guys need to go back home! We're not.
We need money from Jae-gu first.
This is driving me nuts! I'd rather die! No, don't die.
Find a way to sue that swindler and find your money back.
You know any good lawyer? I do.
A bastard of a lawyer.
Hey! You can't just leave me here alone with those two men! Make me to be like you, Woo Ah-jin.
Make me To be like you.
Like you, Woo Ah-jin.
That's whom I want to be.
Then I'll help saving Mr.
Ahn, too.
Don't mess with me! If you ever mess with me again I'll grind you up and use you as kimchi seasoning! You sent me fish heads? You must've gone crazy.
It's me, Mr.
Let's meet up.
Joo-mi? They Stole all my jewelry.
You called the police, right? I don't even want to live anymore.
Where's Woon-kyu? - I don't see him.
- He went to America.
He took a trip with his friends to celebrate his graduation.
That's good.
He worked very hard to prepare for his test.
Anything from Jae-gu? I think He's dead.
Don't say stuff like that, Joo-mi! Where did it start to go wrong? I think I'll go to my mother's for a few days.
I don't want to be alone.
You should go ahead, school's on vacation anyways.
Get some rest and come back.
I thought I told you not to come anymore.
Han told me to be by your side and help you.
He probably told you to watch me instead.
I didn't think she was like that, her phone's been off.
People can be so scary.
Do you know where she moved to? I don't.
She did mention her son's work last time at Pungseok-jung.
Hello! I'm going to check on Mr.
OK, go on.
Thank you.
Thank you for providing the location today.
How have you been? I moved to the north side of the river.
How about we have our next session at your place? Yes, a house-warming party! OK, let's do that.
The sound of wind through bamboo trees White clouds up in the sky Let's just say that we're taking this walk in life.
Let's stay beautiful like nature.
Then one day Let's meet each other as little violets.
I read this poem called "a trip of a violet" is Because of today's topic.
It's none other than "death.
" In fact, we all die.
Maybe life is more valuable and desperate, since we already know that we'll die.
I'd like for us to face this thing called death today.
What if We die tomorrow? I chose this topic ahead of time and asked you to write a will.
Did you all bring yours? Yes.
- I love you.
- I love you.
(Change of ownership to Park Ji-young) This also includes the certificate of proof? Yes, it's attached.
I guess the house is under your name? We'll finish this matter here.
But you'll have to see me in court.
What? This isn't part of your plan with Han Min-gi? What are you talking about? I thought about filing a suit right away.
But I'll first deal with reimbursement then sue you for the damages.
Along with a criminal suit over embezzlement and fraud.
Then I'll see you in court.
It's me, Mr.
Hello, this is the Gangnam Police Station.
Excuse me.
I received a call from Detective Lee Choon-gi.
- Park Ji-young? - Yes.
There are 2 cases pending.
One is the missing case of Ahn Jae-gu.
Another is a theft case by Cheon Bang-soon.
You are involved in both of these cases.
I understand about Ahn Jae-gu's missing case.
But I know nothing about the Cheon Bang-soon case.
Last February 13th, she took 300 thousand dollars worth of jewelry that belonged to Park Joo-mi.
You brought her into the house, didn't you? Yes.
- Where is she now? - Who? Cheon Bang-soon? Or Ahn Jae-gu? Ahn Jae-gu broke into my hotel room with a knife in his hand.
I'm sure you can check the security camera footage.
I did check it already.
Then you'd know who took him.
My bodyguard did it.
But I have no idea what he did with him in the end.
You don't know what your bodyguard did with him? Right.
Then you mean, your bodyguard did it on his own will? Without your order? Right.
I asked the CEO of MK Capital, Han Min-gi, to send a bodyguard for me.
I think the bodyguard must've followed Mr.
Han's order.
Oh! And about the Cheon Bang-soon case I know nothing about it.
I can tell you where she used to live in her hometown.
But I doubt she went there.
Were there any other cases pending about me? Other cases? Like what? I took off with the money I got from selling a company.
That's why the oldest son of that family came to my hotel, wanting to kill me.
It's a total mess right now! The house is a total mess.
There's a lot for me to go and clean up over there.
I can't be sitting around here and waste time! Fine.
We'll begin the investigation right away.
Name? That was the first and the last time I saw Park Ji-young.
This case is totally twisted and complex.
It's just But.
How did you two become close? Though I'm leaving this world first, I plan to leave with a smile.
Ever since I met you, I was happy everyday.
I've never met anyone with such sound sense of value.
I've never met anyone with a smile as beautiful as yours.
So the pain of dying tomorrow Is just that I can't see you any longer on this earth.
In the next life Let's meet a little sooner.
Let's love even more.
Let's live even happier.
It's a confession of love, not a will! Oh, it's not! It's a will.
When I die I'll give this will to my wife I love.
You're such a romantic! Oh man, I complained about my wife in my will.
You're making me look bad! Why Was my love So meaningless? How about you, Woo Ah-jin? I've been having the most chaotic and difficult time in my life these days.
But it's also the most mature.
I feel like I needed this time to think about life and death throughout this ordeal.
I needed this.
Starting tomorrow, I won't exist in this world.
My bones and my flesh will disappear.
I'll start to become just an empty skeleton buried in ground.
We worried about being unhappy while we were happy.
We hoped for happiness while we were unhappy.
But more than anything, we lived through this life desiring for something we do not have.
We ignored others, but we were always mindful of them.
We compared ourselves to the others endlessly.
And graded our life by calling it "happy" or "unhappy.
" But I realize now, the moment before my death, that life itself is a joy.
I was thankful for life itself.
What made me happy was not expensive clothes or bags.
Thank you.
And I love you.
To every person I got to meet as I lived through my own life Who is it? Who Hello, Ma'am.
What brings you here? I came to say goodbye.
I'm quitting at the end of the month.
Come in.
- You got a new job? - Yes.
It's a sales position at a credit card company.
You're now a contracted employee and you got a raise here.
Why are you quitting? The owner's got ahold of my weak point, and I'm having to do things I don't want.
Things you don't want to do? I had to follow someone.
I'll never be treated with respect here as a human being, if I stay here.
So I'm quitting.
The way things turned out for you I'm responsible, too.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
I'm the one did something wrong first.
I wanted to apologize.
And I was thankful for you too.
Ma'am, please stay healthy.
Do you need money? No no, Ma'am.
It's not like that.
I ended it with that guy.
Do you want to be my new man? It's OK if you want to reject me.
I don't have feelings for you anyways.
So I won't be hurt you, either.
Can you Give me some time to think about it? OK, think about it.
Go on.
Let's eat first.
Let's see a lawyer, the police, and that Mr.
Han guy.
But Jae-gu Where do you think he went? This is the first time we couldn't reach him this long.
I know, right? What's going on here? You think he's been kidnapped? You guys have any guesses? Of course we do.
It must be Park Bok-ja.
Try using your head.
What did you say? I can't believe you two! You're ridiculing me now? What do we need to report first? Hey.
This ramen is too soggy! That's what I'm saying! The noodles got so fat that I can't tell if it's ramen or udon.
Don't eat it then.
No no, I'll still eat it.
I'm going crazy here! - I'll see you guys! - See you next time! Let me know if the brunch gathering is revived.
Of course I will! You're not going? I have a few things to discuss with her about the suit.
I'll leave a little later.
There are a few more cases that are pending.
OK, I'll leave first then.
You weren't eating the snacks earlier, do you want some food? Oh yes! Thank you very much.
One second.
You scared me! She must've held it for a long time.
It looks great! Come here and sit.
You must be hungry.
Eat with us.
It's OK.
This kimchi is so good! Come on and sit down.
Go ahead and eat, Artist Yoon Seong-hee.
I wanted to ask you something.
What is it? Did you really like Ahn Jae-suc? No comment.
Fine, that's a good answer.
"No comment.
" I'll leave this house.
I'm leaving.
Really? Why don't you sue her? That's how I make money.
- What is it? - It's so good! Wow.
It's no ordinary rice drink, it's a drink for the gods! I'll pack you some when you leave, you can take some home.
What will you do with that woman? I'm gonna take every penny she's got.
The company and her money, all of it.
I can't just watch someone like her be a part of the high class.
I did all kinds of things for me to get here.
I got this far with my own power and effort.
I've hated her ever since I met her.
How dare she She humiliated me.
Many times over.
Hello? I'm looking for a styling manager.
Just like how you were looking for a caregiver.
I'm also looking for someone.
Someone who can turn me into a woman of the high class.
I'm looking for a manager.
I can do that for you.
But I'm sure you've got your personal preference for things.
You can't just hire anyone, right? Matisse And Kandinsky.
I want someone who like them.
Come now, to the place where we first met.
But I'm sure you don't remember where that is.
So let's meet at the first place that we met as you remember.
Daesung Pulp has been sold! Mrs.
Cho and that woman Park Bok-ja brought in stole all the jewelry in the house! Then they ran away! But Park Bok-ja came back! Wow! But Where did Mrs.
Cho go? Her daughter's been hospitalized, I'm sure she's there.
That's right! Her daughter's got a bad kidney, she's getting a dialysis.
Where's the hospital? It's not in Seoul.
Gyeonggi-do Yangwon, I think.
Lower your voice! The owner might hear us.
Do you really like Matisse? I told you last time, too.
I like Manet more than Matisse.
Yes, you did.
Do you feel better now that you're divorced? Do you feel better that you have money now? Did you appoint a lawyer yet? I told you I'll be suing you to take back the stocks.
Go ahead and try it, if you want.
I'm no longer a part of this family.
Ahn Jae-suc and his siblings should get on with it.
But Jae-gu has gone missing.
I know.
Do you also know where he is? I'm sure it's hard to believe, but I don't know that.
I'm sure the police is working hard at looking for him.
I told them the suspect.
Let's get your measurements first.
What's your shoe size? You said you want to be like Woo Ah-jin? Yes.
Then Can you do what I tell you to do? Of course.
OK, then.
Get Father to wake up.
We need to keep our promises, right? I was planning to get her on my side that way.
Can we start today? OK.
Let's start today.
It's not such a bad feeling To receive this kind of treatment As we look onto the night view of Gangnam.
No matter what it is It looks better from afar.
It looks better from the outside.
It was to take back everything the way it was.
It was the last thing I had to do as I left that house.
Regardless of my intention, it was me who brought Park Bok-ja into that house.
Father, I'm here.
She's home now.
Is she Back for good? I'll have to make it so.
When I wake up She leave my side, right? Do you want your money back? Or Do you want her heart back? (Will) Let's get a divorce.
Are you going to sue me? Who is it? Whose kid is it? What's important is that it's definitely not yours.
Get out.
Get out of this house now.
Give me your possessions.
Then I'll leave.
Are you crazy? Alimony? How ridiculous, you're the one who should be paying me! You cheated on me and got pregnant! That's why.
Go ahead and sue me.
We'll see if I'm the bad one for cheating on you and getting pregnant, or if you're the bad one for beating me up with at least 2 weeks of hospitalization each time! Let's ask the judge.
- You - In the end! Let's also ask Yoon-jae.
Let's ask him if he wants to live with Mom or Dad.
(Kang Gi-ho Attorney-at-law) What are you doing? I thought I made it clear that I don't have any intention of representing you.
I have no intention of appointing someone like you as my lawyer, either.
Then why'd you come here? Just to get some inside scoop in the legal field.
It'll just take one punch You know very well what's going on with your house, right? What? Are you not gonna sue Park Bok-ja to take back the stocks? What's it to you? What is up your family? How can a divorced daughter-in-law take care of Mr.
Ahn? Why does Woo Ah-jin still have to worry about your family's lawsuits? You're making me upset in many different angles, more and more you talk.
Who are you to know so much about my family matter? That's what I'm saying! Why do you make it so that I know so much about it? You need to take care of it so I won't have to know.
And Are you worrying about my wife right now? Look here.
I won't leave you alone if you call her your wife again.
She's my wife.
She divorced you.
I'm appealing.
Fine, go ahead! As much as you want.
Instead, make sure Ah-jin doesn't have to worry about your family.
She's looking so tired lately because she's working so hard.
Why are you worried about how my spouse looks these days? Stop calling her your spouse! You said don't say "wife," not "spouse"! What are you, stupid? What did you just say? Why is this table so heavy? Get out.
Go, leave! Why would you put a trash can here? Yet he looks so normal! You're gonna sell all your wardrobe? I'm what's important in my outfit.
I won't focus on what I'm wearing anymore.
She's my client, I had a hard time getting her here.
Say hi.
I'm almost done, please wait a little longer.
This is what I think about "cheating" in a monogamous society.
Well, actually I was just looking for love and romance in my life, Mr.
Park! It's not the time for you to be like this right now.
How should I be instead? The police came to the company building! Why? They came when you called me.
Why? You need to go find out! Jae-hee! So Jae-hee brought those two men and beat up Mr.
Han? Yes, that's what happened.
Why would she do that? So whatever happened to this Mr.
Han guy? What is it that you actually know? This is sobering me up so fast! That family's just a full of ignorant thugs! They're way too impulsive.
What happened to Ahn Jae-gu? I did as you told me.
They'll take care of it themselves.
It's none of my concern.
But Did he believe all that you told him? Yes, he did.
I knew it! He's so ignorant! I'm thankful for the maid, she's been taking care of Mr.
Please be by his side at least just a few hours at night.
I will.
I'll see you at the gallery tomorrow.
Oh, and The last attire you wore today, the white two-piece suit Can you make me something exactly like it? OK.
Go on.
Don't worry about a thing here.
Park Bok-ja.
You're not a bad person.
I knew that from the beginning.
That's why You're not happy when you do bad things.
I'm here now.
So come on and get up already.
Woo Ah-jin is so amazing! She's getting rid of all these without any hesitance.
It's getting late, you should go home, Jin-hee.
No, I'm OK.
Let's finish the rest tomorrow.
We just need to upload a few more, can I just finish then go? I'm really jealous.
Ah-jin's surrounded with good people! She's got a great friend and a sister like you! Let's have some late-night snacks after we finish.
Shall we then? Count me in, too! Ah-jin's coming too, let's get a drink.
Detective! He's a total scammer! We didn't do anything wrong.
Would you do nothing if someone scammed you for money like an idiot? Come on! You went into his office and threatened him, and beat him! Of course I did! He totally ruined my family! That guy! So? You decided to pay these guys to beat him up? Paying to beat him up? I'm not paying them any money.
You said you'd pay us! But you failed! You siblings are just too much! A family of liars! Jae-hee! What are you doing here? Oh, hello! Hey.
What took you so long? Joo-mi reported Jae-gu missing.
- Did you know that? - How would I know that? Do you have a brain inside that skull? What were you planning to do in broad daylight, with these people? Don't say you're my sister to anyone, you're just an embarrassment.
I should be the one saying that to you! They should be put in jail! We didn't get to hit him at all! I can't believe Jae-gu decided to hire them, they're so lame! Be quiet, all of you! You think you're in your living room? Aren't you supposed to give us seolleongtang to eat? They want all kinds of things now.
Cheer, for Woo Ah-jin's success! Cheers! I asked him to come.
Cheers! Bok-ja.
Are you awake now? Mr.
Ahn? You don't have to explain in detail.
I wanted to know your true heart.
You can keep all the money.
I don't need it.
You don't have to run away so far.
It's already all yours.
It's you who got me to wake up.
That's enough for me.
Ahn? Should we go back home now? Don't worry about a thing, and just get up off this bed.
Let's just Go on cruises, us together.
Let's live happily ever after.
What? That woman came back here? Where is she now? I'm gonna pull all of her hair out! You have to think ahead! We need to clearly discuss how the property should be divided.
Yes, of course! I'm sure she didn't spend all the money, right? You don't deserve it.
You put this house up as a collateral to get a loan, and lost it? But that was I was trying to take back the company! What will you do when Father finds out you forged his documents? How will he ever know? He's awake.
What? You scared me! Now you show up? You're the one to talk! Hey, Ahn Jae-hee.
Ahn Your father collapsed, but you never even bothered to visit.
I was gonna come! - But the company was in such a crisis - Shut up.
You need to get out of here, and that house too! This is what you wanted, right? What did you guys do when I ran off with the money? You were only chasing after the money.
You didn't care about your father who fainted and collapsed.
None of you thought about him, no one! What do you mean? I was here.
Where's Jae-gu? Where the heck is he? He tried to kill me.
He came into my hotel room with a knife in his hand.
So then? Where is he now? You wanna know? You made a plan with Gu Bong-cheol to take my No.
To take this money! You lost your senses.
I I Do you know why I came back? Because I didn't want to be someone like you! Shut up! You're finished.
I'm the one who should be telling you that.
Now I own that house.
Get out.
All of you.
Get out of that house.
I Cannot live in the same house with you pieces of trash! Says who? That house you lost like an idiot I got it back.
What do you mean you got it back? It's my dad's money! That's right! I'm glad you brought that up.
"Dad"? That dad of yours was hospitalized.
And why is it only after he came to that you're here to visit him? I won't give you much time for it.
At this moment Get out of that house, now! All of you! In my next life I want to be a painter.
You don't have to wait for the next life for that.
You can start learning now.
You can still be a painter.
You're saying I can be a painter? Yes.
It's definitely possible.
I'll introduce you to a painter.
Really? It's the favorite hobby of women of high class.
Either to see, or to paint.
They do one or the other.
I registered you for a golf class.
You have to start learning tomorrow.
Ma'am? When does Oh Soo-yeon's exhibition start? You have to wait a little longer.
It's scheduled for next month in August.
But I'll call you first before.
Ma'am? Oriental paintings are very popular these days, would you like for me to introduce you to a few great artists? That's not a bad idea.
I already chose Oh Soo-yeon.
OK, I understand.
What did you feel from it? That you're active? That you were cordial? Whom did you watch? Of course, I was watching you.
You can't watch me anymore.
I'm no longer a woman of the high class.
I came down from there on my own.
You need to watch her, the woman I was talking to.
Low tone of voice, a mysterious face that doesn't quite treat a person with disdain or respect.
They use nouns rather than verbs to explain what they mean.
They use polite wordings for short answers.
But tend to speak with more strength when they need to express their opinions.
And You must look at a person's eyes when you speak to them.
I was curious.
I wasn't sure why she had a change of heart all of a sudden.
Why did she decide to come back so easily? What moved her heart to do so? When she had returned The world was already suspicious of her.
Everyone hated her already.
She's gotta have a hidden agenda.
There's no way she walked in here without any reason.
Where is Jae-gu? She said she'll go to the police tomorrow and testify.
Then Jae-gu will be arrested! But we can't find him otherwise.
We have to explain what happened so they can investigate.
I think This house is under her name now.
Until we find someone to work here, take care of your father and clean.
Me? You don't want to? Then Get out of here at once.
What do you want to do with those two? We owe them 25,000 now, from I never said I'd pay them.
They volunteered to do it for free.
They wanted to get back at Mr.
Han, too.
They said they couldn't just let him slide.
I think you're definitely lacking something in your brain.
I'm sure not as bad as you! Who is it? It's me, Ma'am! What are you doing here? I didn't order any food.
I heard that you came back.
I was out of my place, please forgive me.
There's no way I can continue to make a living when I treated you so terribly.
I look forward to serving your needs in the future.
I brought some pufferfish porridge for you.
It's still warm! Please have some.
You like this, don't you? It wasn't me who liked it, it was Mr.
Is he still In the hospital? You should have some.
I heard from Mrs.
She told me you really loved pufferfish porridge that I made.
I put in even more time to make it for this batch.
I brought some kimchi too, eat them together.
I'll see you again soon! Oh, that's right.
I know where Mrs.
Cho is now.
I'll send you the address via text.
Someone who did something bad should not continue to live in comfort, right? It's pufferfish porridge.
Please have some.
You like this, don't you? OK, you should have some too.
Don't worry about me, go on and eat a lot of it.
With kimchi, too.
Good job! But follow the ball more.
One, two Follow through in a straight line.
Good! So that worked? Dad! Dad, are you OK? What should I do? - It came out so well! - Didn't it? Hello? What did you say? I knew it was strange that she came back! She tried to kill Dad! Who'll take all his possessions once he dies? She will! Slow down, what do you mean she tried to kill him? He became unconscious after eating a fish porridge she gave him! I should just kill her! You! You murderer! Is this what you've been wanting? I was wondering why you came back! You tried to kill him to take all his possessions! He's got poison spread all over his body! What a clever method! You poisoned his food? Where do you think you're going? But it's possible that Park Bok-ja planned something like that to kill Mr.
She has no motivation to do so.
What do you mean? (Gu Bong-cheol) Mr.
Ahn He was not at the hospital at the time of her death.
Only people with legitimate alibis are you, Ah-jin, and Ahn Jae-suc.
(Woman of Dignity) I felt so bad for Mr.
All his children only think of their old man as a bag full of money.
That's why I really wanted to live with Mr.
Ahn and take care of him well.
But But then Were you really trying to kill Park Bok-ja? Turn yourself in to the police.
Before I report it first.
You're telling me to lie about going to Park Bok-ja to kill her? You can say whatever you want, she's already dead.
I saw it with my very own eyes! Did you tell the police? She's so nothing yet she was being so arrogant.
Only people with legitimate alibis are you, Ah-jin, and Jae-suc.
What do I do now? I'm so scared! You got blood on my hands! Did you really kill her? I wanted to kill her.
Did you think Park Ji-yong fed you that porridge on purpose? I Died.