Wonderland (2013) s01e11 Episode Script

Comfort Zone

- I was with someone.
- Who was it? - Is this what you wanted? - It ends here.
I've loved her since she was 15.
- I miss you.
- Yeah, I miss you too.
Do you still love him? I just didn't think that I would be having sex in a van tonight.
Or, um, ever.
He expects me to be this passionate woman.
I don't know if I can be the woman he wants me to be.
You've got to try it, at least once.
That's not a reason.
You're dating a Brazilian.
It's like going out with a Greek guy and never eating moussaka.
Yeah, I'm not there yet.
It's liberating.
The sex is better.
Carlos is going to love it.
- How is it liberating? - How is the sex better? - Well, you just feel more - Free.
- So you've done it before? - A few times.
But Rob's not that into it, and it's our anniversary tomorrow, so not for me today.
What does that actually mean? How can you be more free? Grace Barnes? Arggggh! Oh! Oh! Hey, have you met the, um, new guy doing the hatha class? Everyone's talking about his peacock pose.
It's not just his peacock that's posing.
There's a class on tomorrow.
We could fit one in before our swim.
Thank you, Jody, I would love that.
So I take it there's no boyfriend who's demanding to spend time with you.
- Uh, no.
- No girlfriend? No! There's a friend.
Sometimes he's a boyfriend.
It's really off and on.
Right now, it's very off.
His call, not mine.
No accounting for taste.
No, I really I really need to just move on, you know? I'm so sick of wasting my time on such a Ugh! - Time-waster? - Yes! I should introduce you to my son.
Oh, he's single, your son.
He has been for ages.
Well, I guess we'll have something in common at least.
So is he hot? - Come on! - A mother never tells! - Oh, Colette, hey.
- What are you doing here? Well, I had a meeting with Tom, but they've moved it to the Tratt.
- Then why are you here? - Well, I just got the message.
- This is your flat, eh? - You can't be in this building.
- Like I said, I only just - Whatever.
I don't care.
Just please go before Rob sees you.
- Hey! - Hey.
- Sorry about the venue change.
- Oh, no worries.
You mind swinging by the workshop? I've got some wood samples to show you.
Just go pine.
Pine? Oh, yeah.
Pine's good.
I was thinking more of a marine-grade ply.
Well, as long as it ends up looking something like this.
I've already got permission from two councils.
- OK.
- Trying for two more.
Oh! Taking over the world one coffee cart at a time.
Sorry, gents, what have I missed? You'll need input from someone who'll be using the cart.
Yeah, I might buy into the franchise, if I can talk Michael into taking on a partner.
There you go.
Take him to your workshop.
He'll look at your samples.
Great stuff! OK, mate, see you on the weekend.
- How you doin'? - Let's go.
Are we waiting for Adam? No, he texted.
His flight's delayed.
Taking a long weekend to hang with you - it must be love.
No, not love, work.
He's checking out vet practices tomorrow.
He's going to be sorry to miss out on this curry soup.
- It's not soup.
- Oh.
No, it's a Well, it began life as a vegetable curry, but I just got a bit distracted.
It kind of works.
Hey! No! You're not allowed to knock it.
- You've never done a FAT night.
- I don't cook.
This is true.
He doesn't cook.
He's just a food critic.
I got it.
Got a broken jaw? Curry through a straw.
Got your tonsils out? Curry through a spout.
Seriously, you should market it.
Thank you, Tom.
With friends like him, who needs enemies, huh? - You know the one.
- I'm not sure I mean, the girl in the bag, or The only place that you need hair is on your head.
Beards can be sexy.
On guys.
- What, like Harry's? - Some guys.
AFL players have the full bushranger look going on.
- Maybe I should give it a crack.
- Don't even think about it.
I don't tell you what to do with your hair.
That's because I remove it.
Who actually came up with Brazilians anyway? Porn stars, I think.
No, it was Brazilian sisters in a beauty salon in New York.
- They must be sadists.
- It's so embarrassing.
What, you don't like Brazilians? I like a natural woman.
Oh, come on! That is un-Brazilian of you, mate.
No, who wants something like that defining your country? Oh, so that's why he deserted the motherland.
Hey, how long does it take to grow back? - Um, about six weeks.
- Really? So Carlos and I can't have sex for six weeks? Don't be ridiculous! Well, anyway, he's mean to you about your cooking.
Yeah, well, he's right.
We are drinking curry and I have just waxed away my sex life.
I'm breaking out the tequila shots.
Oh! Wait for me! - I'll hit you.
- No, no, no, it's Dani's turn.
- I already know hers.
- Dani, come on.
How did you lose your virginity? It was formal night.
Masuk Tuimau.
He was the rugby captain.
I had the whole thing planned.
Poor boy didn't stand a chance.
Tom, Tom, Tom, your turn.
- Or do we even want to know? - My first time? - Nothing to tell.
- Mm! Um, OK.
We were staying here for the summer holidays.
I was 14.
Oh, is that even legal? She was of legal age and I wasn't scarred in any way.
I want details.
Let's just say that they don't call it 'Wonderland' for nothing.
- OK, Duffy, what about you? - Nuh.
Obviously a late bloomer.
Hey, there's no need to be ashamed.
How about you piss off, Coxie? Some things you just don't talk about.
- Mrs Waites.
- Miss Waites.
The librarian at our school? You did not! Year 12.
- Year 12.
- Behind French literature.
Eugh! Hit me again.
Oh, it's really too short of a story.
- Go on! - 15 seconds, 20, tops.
This is Adam we're talking about.
Yeah, OK, so it was the first time for both of us.
He got so excited that he actually - You finished? - Adam! It's a bit late to ask her that now.
Look, it was actually only about 14 seconds, but I'm nearly up to 30 now, so Yes! Thank God! Could have waited for me till you started.
I thought I'd give him some space.
Must be a change having Adam around.
FYI, nosy, I encouraged her to get back together with him.
Why? Because he's a good guy.
She deserves that.
So do you.
Rural vet's not really my type, Mum.
Have you been out with any girls lately? None that I'm interested in.
Hot tip - if you want to find, you have to look.
Can I finish my tea first? There's a girl I swim with I thought you might like to meet.
- Ohhh! - Don't you "oh" me.
- You were just saying - I'm not interested in anyone.
- Jody's gorgeous.
- Jody? She's sporty, smart, works as a doctor's receptionist.
She's doing an occupational therapy degree Wow, you've done your research.
- What have you got to lose? - My dignity.
Shall we go to bed? I'll wash up in the morning.
Oh, no, no, I can't do that to Harry.
Harry? Harry loves a mess.
Oh, I've got a massive day tomorrow.
- Come on.
- Carlos.
- Oh, Harry.
- Don't mind me.
OK if I help myself to some leftover soup? Sure.
You know what? Just stop.
Is it because I laughed at your curry soup? No, I'm just I'm really tired.
Well, come on, let's go to bed.
I have a very I have to get to the office early.
I've got a very important business call.
I'll drive you to work in the morning.
I just want to sleep alone.
Um, OK.
I'll see you tomorrow then.
Um, yeah.
- OK.
- Alright.
- Thanks.
- OK.
If you grow a beard, I'm growing one too.
Oh, Jason again about tomorrow night.
- Oh, work drinks! - Four missed calls from Dad.
Do you think it's too late to call him back? Check your voicemail first.
Oh, my God.
Well, if you have any trouble sleeping, just take the new pills.
It'll calm you down.
Dad, you're not a plane.
It's not going to happen, OK? Yeah, OK.
OK, 'bye.
Um, he's got a biopsy first thing in the morning.
That's good.
They're They're getting straight onto it.
Yeah, it'll be fine.
It'll be OK.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- No need to panic.
- What are you doing? - I'm going home.
- Home? - You know what I mean.
Did he say he wanted you to come over? - He didn't have to.
- Look, you're shocked.
Me too.
- I'm calm.
- That's That's great.
But why don't we try to get a decent night's sleep and He's got prostate cancer, OK? He needs me.
Baby, he might have prostate cancer.
- I'm going.
- Fine, I'll come with you.
No! You just stay here.
I'll talk to you in the morning, OK? Rob? So they did a blood test? Yeah, to measure PSA, which is prostate something something.
- Specific antigen.
- Showed elevated levels.
Yeah, his level was 10, which hopefully means it's confined.
Which is what they're going to be looking for this morning.
I've taken the day off work.
I'll come to the biopsy with you.
Oh, thanks, but one family member waiting while they poke around my privates is enough.
It's probably better if it's just the two of us.
What's happened to your tomatoes this year, Pete? Too much trouble.
What are you talking about? You always plant vegies.
Not this year.
Your aunties can shop like everyone else.
They'll have to get used to it when I'm gone anyway.
Don't say that.
You're not going anywhere.
I'm surprised your sisters aren't here elbowing us out of the way to look after you.
We're not telling them, are we, sweetheart? Why bring in the Greek chorus when he's got me? Now I know I'm back in the good books.
Buying me a shirt when you can't really afford it.
I wanted to get you something nice.
- I like it.
A lot.
- You should.
You look handsome.
I knew you would.
Hey! Snap.
Er, same shirt.
Really, I didn't know.
I must have That's freaky.
- What are the chances? - Who's up for a coffee? Not for me.
- Good luck with the vet set.
- Thanks, man.
- Nice shirt! - It really does suit you.
- Morning, darling! - Morning.
Have you got time to come to the pool with me? Oh, sorry, I'm working.
I've got a coffee cart empire to create, Mum.
- Can't tempt you? A quick dip? - Ambush! Nice try.
- Oh, maybe another time.
- Maybe never.
She lives locally.
I know how you like girls in close proximity.
Those flatmate jokes, they never get tired.
Oh, come swimming tomorrow.
Love you.
Thinking about your Brazilian? What? How did you know? I guessed.
What How did you know that I had a Brazilian? I was talking about Carlos, your Brazilian.
OK, um Huh! Now you know.
I'm sure he's a happy man.
Apparently he's the only man in his generation that likes hairy women.
It's not unusual for a man to like hair.
There's a There's a name for it.
Um - Hairdresser? - No.
For someone who actually gets off on hair.
Women are taking it off, men are putting it on.
What does that say about gender relations right now? I don't know.
You tell me when you work it out.
- Hi.
- I just saw your car outside.
- You're not sick, are you? - No.
Why? Your early international call at work.
Yes, no, I decided to do that here because I thought with the time difference and everything, it'll just kinda make it easier, but I'm running really late now.
- So'bye, Harry.
- Trichophilia.
She used to do this before we were married.
The first hint of a crisis, she runs off to Dad.
Yeah, but she just wants to look after him.
So do I.
Whatever Dani's going through, I'm going through.
But she still thinks like a - Good Greek girl? - No.
Someone who's only had her dad in her life since she was 11.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's new? - Not much.
What about yourself? I saw you yesterday with your new buddy.
Buddy? The barista? Oh, no.
No, no, no, that's just that's just business.
Just so you know, if it was your wife he'd shagged, I'd punch him in the throat, not drive the bloke around.
I didn't even know he's part of it.
He turned up at the meeting.
It's nothing personal, Rob.
- So that's it, huh? - Yeah.
I just need the work and he comes with it.
It's like a like a package deal.
You know the trap.
You order an espresso, they give you a free biscotti.
I thought I knew you better than that, mate.
OK, tell me if I'm being unreasonable, but if Tom was working with that scumbag from the Tratt, would you have a problem with it? Well, I fucking do! I cannot believe that Tom's down there right now acting like I'm the one with the problem! It's like chopsticks up the bloody nose! Baby, Tom's work doesn't involve us.
What, so you don't think this is a big deal? Well, we can't tell him who to work with.
Do you realise if they're working together, we're gonna be running into that idiot on our doorstep.
Are you OK with that? Are you?! He's not worth getting this worked up about or letting him come between you and Tom, my God! Why is he hanging around here in the first place? He's a nonentity.
Forget him.
- You can do that? - I already have.
I just don't want to ever see the guy again, OK? I don't want him in our world.
Oh, come on.
Let's not let him spoil today.
Now that you're home, what's the plan? Well, I've got to get these back to the site.
I'll see you this arvo.
I don't know the rules on wedding anniversaries, but does the supermarket count as fun? I needed a break from marking and Rob's forgotten anyway, so - Oh, that that's - Not like Rob? Are you upset? Usually I don't care, but he does.
Anniversaries are like a holy festival to his family.
It's just been such a horrible year.
It's the one anniversary we really needed to celebrate and the one he forgets.
Yeah, but things are OK, aren't they? Yeah, I think so.
Well, I hope so.
- We're trying again.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
- OK, good.
- Sorry, am I in your way? - No, no.
What's the plan with you and Adam? Are you guys gonna move out? Yeah, we haven't really talked about it yet, but I know you haven't signed up to live with a couple.
Did you, um Did you hear about Dani's dad? I did.
Steve texted me.
Poor Steve.
He doesn't know what to do to help.
Well, Pete wouldn't be the easiest father-in-law to have.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Ah, it's Adam.
He's finished at the vet.
- Oh, and it's a smiley face! - Great.
I'm meeting him now.
See you later.
Hey, um, is it alright if Adam stays here for the weekends just until he finds a job? - Sure.
There's no rush.
- Cool.
- See ya.
- See ya.
There is something that I haven't told you.
Now, don't freak out.
- I'm not freaking out.
- It's not a complete disaster.
I got a Brazilian.
As in down there.
All gone.
Is that why you're avoiding having sex with me? Sorry.
You don't like them.
I didn't know.
No, but I don't hate them.
What was all that about last night, then? First of all, I said I hate that they're called Brazilians, doesn't mean I hate them.
Oh, uh-uh! Facts straight.
You said that you prefer your women au naturale.
Yes, and if I'd said I loved waxes, you would've felt pressured and you'd say, "Carlos, you don't like me the way I am!" And I would have to convince you that I did.
Every time you got undressed, you'd say - "Do you find me attractive?" - OK.
Thank you.
- But am I right? - You know me too well.
So you really have one? Wow! I was about Dani's age when your grandfather died.
This is when it all starts.
We're all getting older.
When was the last time you had a check-up? I'm fine.
Nothing wrong with me, Mum.
- What about that mole - No, no.
I'm alright.
It's OK.
You still haven't had it looked at.
Why don't you pop down to that clinic? You know, the one in Coleman Street.
They bulk-bill.
I'll definitely do that.
You have no intention of doing that.
Why are men so terrified of going to the doctor? Because they might tell you that you're sick and then you'll have no choice but to be sick.
- Possibly even die.
- I'm serious.
- So am I! - It'll take half an hour.
Well, I gotta finish off the design sketches for the Tratt.
Not that I'm sure I should be getting involved, though.
- Why not? - Robbie's a bit upset.
Might be more trouble than it's worth, I think.
Tom, I'm making an appointment for you this afternoon.
You will have that mole checked.
I insist.
I love you.
So it's hard to describe, but it definitely feels more free.
Free? How can it feel more free? I know.
That's what I said.
But I think that's the thing.
I think you have to try it to know.
So, uh you'd do it again? Are you crazy? Oh, my God! The pain! It's like someone's smashed you with a pin cushion and then set fire to your underpants.
So you paid the price for freedom.
Oh, the ultimate sacrifice.
One which you will never have to make, so be grateful.
And never, ever mention this to any of my feminist friends.
And what if I said that I really liked it? Then I would say "Tough.
" Don't look at me like that, Mr I Don't Cook.
When was the last time you took one for the team? - Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Sorry, the GPS lady must be drunk.
Got lost three times in the same block.
- So how did it go? - Ah, great.
I thought it was going to be all dogs, cats and budgies.
But the clinic's connected to the university vet school.
- Ah, interesting, then? - They got a research program.
- And it's only 10 minutes away.
- Yep.
I still got the other place to check out.
Yeah, but this place sounds perfect.
I got the appointment.
I might as well keep my options open.
- Are you guys ready to order? - No.
- Um, we can't stay.
- OK, I'll give you a minute.
Where are we going? Just come have a look.
Hey, mate.
Come on.
- Oh, it's so adorable.
- Yeah.
Someone dropped off a bunch of cats while I was there.
- This guy's a bit crook.
- Oh.
I said we'd look after him overnight.
See how he goes.
- Do you think Tom will mind? - No.
I'll look after him while you're at your appointment.
Yeah, I thought you might say that.
- It's Steve.
- I'll call him back.
The washing can wait.
He wants to talk to you.
- She's busy, Steve.
- How are you? You OK? What did the doctor say? Nothing we didn't expect.
Definitely cancer.
They think it's contained, but they won't know for sure until they operate next week.
You sure I can't just have a quick word to Dan? No, she's busy right now.
I'll get her to call you back.
Princess, I'm going to die of old age.
Not this.
Don't be upset.
I'm not upset, I'm annoyed with you.
There's dirty laundry everywhere and you've got clothes all over the floor, you're not doing your vegies and the pool's a swamp.
There's no food in the fridge.
I'm sorry I haven't been around so much since the wedding.
I just, um Sorry, just dropped in to the workshop and you weren't there, so I thought I'd pop by, yeah.
I was actually just about to head out, mate.
Right, um, look, I thought maybe we could be a bit more collaborative.
Maybe I could take a look at some of your sketches, for example? That's that's Michael's job, isn't it? Mmm, yeah, but I've got a few design ideas.
Oh, yeah.
That That would be my job.
Yeah, right.
Um, Michael doesn't really know what he's talking about.
I mean, pine.
Ha! As if you'd actually use pine, right? Yeah.
What did you What did you have in mind? Well, I thought maybe you could do the job for Michael.
Um, but we could work on another design.
You know, branch off.
I'm going to be honest with you.
I don't want you turning up here again.
Oh, I didn't mean didn't mean any offence by it.
Sorry, I didn't mean to Yeah.
- OK.
- Yep.
And, uh, any design ideas you've got, probably best to share them with Michael.
- We good with that? - Sure, yeah.
Um - Whatever works, I guess.
- Cool.
No, that's absolutely fine.
2pm is great.
Yep, we'll see you then.
OK, 'bye.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I've got an appointment with Dr Lee at 3:30.
Dr Lee.
Tom Wilcox.
Hello Jody.
- Do I know you? - No, you You don't.
Um, I know your mum, though.
We swim together most mornings.
You're Jody.
As in Jody Jody.
Look, I usually just go by the one Jody.
- Yeah.
- Yep.
My mum told me about you, yep.
Does she she know you work here? - Of course she does.
- Yeah.
It's nice having my girl home.
Shouldn't have to borrow her much longer.
I was pretty worried when you didn't come to the phone.
Oh, well, she was upset.
It was a shock getting confirmation.
Yeah, of course it was.
You need support.
You both do.
You know, it's always been Dani and me.
That's why I liked you from the start.
You were never threatened.
Not like some of the other men she dated.
And your mate, Tom.
I mean, there's trouble on two legs if ever I saw Dad, enough.
- Uh, I might have a lie-down.
- Yeah.
Thanks for the snack, sweetheart.
I'll see you soon.
Seems like he's taking it well.
How are you doing? Yeah, OK.
Why don't you come home? We'll drop back later.
I don't want to go.
Your dad's going to sleep.
He'll be snoring for an hour He's not coping.
OK, then that's an issue.
Something we need to work out.
- No, it's my responsibility.
- Not all on your own.
You've got those work drinks later.
You should, um You should probably go get ready.
- I'll stay here with you.
- No, no, no.
You should go.
Why would I go when you're here? Why are you pushing me away? I'm not pushing you away.
You're just making me feel guilty for wanting to be here.
- Oh, Dani, that's not true.
- You don't understand.
I do.
You want to look after your dad.
Of course you do.
What I don't understand is why you need to run away from me to do that.
He's all I've got and I'm all he's got, so just don't ask me to leave him right now.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I thought about what you said, and just so you know No, I've sorted it.
I won't be working with the guy anymore.
Nah, I was being a nob, mate.
He's trying to undercut Michael anyway.
I think it's best for everyone if he's out of the picture.
- That's good to know.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, mate.
- No worries.
Consider it an anniversary present.
Oh I'm so sorry, baby.
- That's OK.
- No, I'm I'm an idiot.
II just I don't even know what to say.
Say, "Happy anniversary.
" Happy anniversary.
I'm sorry.
- I have a present for you.
- Mm.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
He's retiring in a year and he's looking for someone to take over.
- It's the perfect opportunity.
- What about the commute? No, we'd have to live out there.
Let's have a look at you.
Come on.
Come on, mate.
Ah, I thought you really liked the local one.
I want my own place.
I'm giving up an amazing gig at home.
I have to make it worthwhile.
Being with me makes it worthwhile.
Look, I know you've got your new friends and it's all exciting, and, hey, they're great people, but we'll still see them.
I guess it's kind of about Steve.
I just wanted to be close to him.
OK, but look at the positives.
We could find a place big enough to have a studio.
And best of all, if we live out there, there's way less chance of Tom and I turning up to breakfast wearing the same shirt.
I'm I'm Jody.
- I'm here for Tom.
- Oh, sure.
Come in.
Come in.
Um Tom, Jody's here.
I'm Miranda.
I'm the flatmate.
And Boots.
- Oh, I I get itchy.
- Oh.
Look at these chairs.
Yeah, they're Tom's.
He made them.
He actually won an award for them.
- Really? - Yeah.
- I'm impressed.
- Oh, that was the plan.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You know I'm a designer furniture junkie.
Did did your mum mention that? Nuh-uh.
But I'm sure she would have had she have known.
- Um, you happy to split? - Yeah, so happy.
- OK.
- Nice to meet you.
- See you, guys.
Have fun.
- 'Bye.
See ya.
Tell me more about you.
Well, look, I don't really know how to say this but I'm a little bit in love with your mum.
Really? That's a first.
Oh, she's so lovely, you know.
I figured that you had to be alright.
- Ah.
- Dodgy reasoning? No, no, no, no.
I'm fantastic.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What about you? Would I love your mum? Well, I mean, that depends.
She's a detective.
Well, that's cool.
- I've got nothing to hide.
- Oh, yeah? Nah, yeah.
Truly, open book.
- God, you sound guilty.
- No, no.
Don't say that.
- Guilty.
- Really! - Ah, did you sleep? - Yeah, course I slept.
Except every time you woke me up coming in to check if I was sleeping.
- I'll get you something to eat.
- No, no need.
Are you cold? Let me get you a dressing-gown.
For pity's sake, stop fussing.
I'm here to look after you.
Yeah, well, I'm feeling better.
Much better.
In fact, I think I'll have a retsina.
Are you crazy? With all the painkillers you're on! All the better, I say.
No alcohol.
Forget it.
Do you know why I stopped washing the sheets and doing the vegie garden? Yes, because you're not well.
Because I'm too busy.
I go to the club.
They do a fishermen's basket and a glass of wine for 10 bucks.
I don't have time to do housework and vegie gardens.
Dad, you're being weird.
I didn't realise until today having you back in the house what a relief it is not to be bossed around anymore.
Who's that? That'll be Yiayia.
I called her.
She knows who's head of this house.
Petro, Petro! Are you dead? I'm not dead, Mum.
Oh! Ooh, you look sick.
Hello, darling.
Hey, Yiayia.
Go home to your husband.
- Hola, chico.
- Hey! Hey.
You're late.
That's because I was getting you a surprise.
Do you like it? You waxed your chest for me? It was the most painful thing I've ever done.
I liked your hair.
Not in a trichophilia kind of way, but I liked it.
- In a what way? - Trichophilia.
It's when you get off on someone else's hair.
Harry told me.
The point is, you didn't have to do that.
Well, I wanted to prove that I would take one for the team.
- How does it feel? - Surprisingly free.
OK, game on! Your prodigal wife has returned.
And I'm happy to see her.
So you're back for the night.
Um, no, just back.
Dad called Yiayia.
He made out like he didn't like having me around anymore.
As if he didn't love it.
I know.
But me being upset isn't helping him anyway, so I'll just keep an eye on him every day.
I think we can look after your dad together.
I figured as much.
So he's going to come and stay with us next week after his operation.
It's just for a week.
- I'm sorry.
I panicked.
- Hey, it's OK.
I understand.
I'm still terrified.
The thought of life without Dad If the situation was reversed - if it was your mum who was sick - how would you feel? Wouldn't you want to resolve things? Why bring that up? Someone dropped this off for us.
Your mum's getting married.
She wants us to go.
I'm I'm gonna be way too busy with Dad.
It's in two weeks.
Tricky timing, but we should at least think I know that you're I know you're meaning well, but I really can't do that right now.
I hear the drums of love I see the dark clouds overhead I hear the drums of love B-B-B-Beating Make me wish I was dead I love this music.
Thank you for my iPod.
You're welcome.
Can I ask you something? - Why I forgot? - Yeah.
I don't know.
You know, I've just been walking around in a fog.
There's no excuse.
Was it because of him? No.
So it was just a coincidence that you forgot this year of all years? Look, I know it doesn't say much for my timing, but It's just a coincidence, yes.
That's all it is.
Before we complicate things with babies, are we in the right place? I want us to start over.
Isn't that what we're doing? No, I mean I mean renew our vows.
Get married again.
Do it properly this time.
What do you reckon? I think it's a beautiful idea.
When do we have to take the cat back? Ah, tomorrow.
Why? Tom.
I didn't know, but he's allergic to cats.
Oh, they got something in common then.
- Who? - Tom and Jody.
- Oh.
- The date should work out.
Hey, can I be honest about something? I was glad to see Tom had a date tonight.
I don't know if I should even say this, but I had a weird feeling.
Me and Tom? But we're not Yeah, I see that now and that's a relief.
So that's why you didn't want to live around here? No, that's about us.
Our future.
Do you hate the idea of leaving here so much? Well, no.
I mean, it makes sense to live near where you work.
And, besides, things change.
This time last year, I didn't know I'd be here.
And who knows, this time next year, things could be different again.
In a good way.
I'm not even going to ask this time.
I'm just giving it to you.
I know how much you love it.
You chose it.
It's stupid me carrying it around.
Well, we should make the most of it, then.
What? Empty flat.
You're you're really not into this, are you? - No, I - It's OK.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
I had I had a really good night.
Really, it's fine.
I'm the same.
I really like you, you're a really attractive guy, and you've been so lovely.
- It's just - You're not interested.
If I'd met you in six months I'm just not there yet.
I told your mum I was single and, well, I am.
Just the truth is I'm hooked on this other guy still.
You're in love with someone else.
It's hopeless, it's never going to work.
- Yep.
- But I just I don't know.
I just can't get him out of my head.
- Mm.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, no.
- I hope you understand.
Trust me.
I I completely understand.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Hey, well, thanks.
Want me to walk you home? It's OK.
See ya.
See ya.