Wonderland (2013) s02e02 Episode Script

Standing in Line

I was still hoping to save our marriage.
That's impossible.
One girl breaks your heart and you haven't committed to anything since.
Do you know how how stupid I felt when I found out that everyone knew but me? Sorry.
We've got a new senior lawyer at work.
That should be interesting.
And I think your dad liked me, too.
Don't get me wrong, he's a very nice bloke, but, uh, well, there's no future in it, is there? You need to be with someone who's not a time waster, hm? I just I can't get what my dad said outta my head.
Does Carlos know? No.
No, no, he'd be devastated.
No, you're right.
I-I don't need my dad's approval to be happy.
Come on, line.
What are you getting? Baguettes.
I'm making garlic bread for my '70s do.
Mmm, retro party.
No, it's not a party, it's just welcome drinks for the new lawyer.
Is this line gonna take much longer? I'm gonna have to get to work.
Yeah, me too.
Excuse me? Hello? I'm in the line.
Sorry, but you were playing on your phone and I'm running late.
So am I.
And I'm in the line like everybody else.
Yeah, we'll we'll just I work for a charity.
Oh, really? Yeah, and and I'm here buying bread for a charity function, not for myself.
Oh, what charity do you work for? MAF, we raise money for melanoma awareness.
Good to know.
I'm the major sponsor for the fundraiser on Sunday.
What did you say your name was again? No.
What's wrong? Uh, nothing.
I can tell your heart's not in it.
No, it it is.
Uh, keep going, it's really good.
What if that queue cow says something to my boss? No, you should've seen her face.
It was like I'd stolen bread right from the mouths of orphans.
It's only bread.
Steve, Iggy's is not just bread.
My trial period is up in a week.
I can't piss off major sponsors.
Well, if she didn't bring it up in the meeting today, it's not gonna come up.
Now, if madam would care to focus.
I can't.
I just keep worrying that Colette can hear us.
What are your plans for this weekend? Apart from the party? Yeah.
Oh, I don't have any.
It's just I've got the party and I've got a few things that I wanna get done on Sunday, so I just wanna work out how to fit them all in, so that we can do the beach.
Oh, um, well, let's just see what happens.
What is that? Need for Speed.
You're playing games? I thought you were doing your assignment.
Uh, I'm taking a break.
Carlos! I'll get it finished.
I've got two more days.
Hey, it's cool.
It's my life.
Yes, it is your life.
It is definitely your life.
Why are you so upset? I don't know, maybe it's because I'm over 30.
What? Yeah, I'm over 30, something you will not experience for another four years, and sometimes people who are over 30 get upset about things that people under 30 don't, so let's have this discussion in another four years, OK? OK.
I'll put it in the diary.
Or maybe we can just see what happens.
All packed.
Have you decided what you're gonna do with all the big furniture? Well, the new place is semifurnished.
It's not like I'll be needing it.
Besides, the old coach and bed won't fit.
That flat is tiny.
It's not that bad.
It just needs your touch.
It needs more than a touch.
You're right.
It needs a full-on grope, but you're good at making things beautiful.
Yeah, well, I'll certainly do my best.
You know, if things don't work out, our door is always open.
Ah, things will work out.
You're a trouper.
But we'll miss you very much.
Gee, I, uh, I like what you've done with the place.
Yeah, well, I know where everything is.
On the floor.
And I'm very comfortable with that, thank you.
Hey, thanks for hooking us up with this gig.
The extra bucks are really helping out.
Oh, good to have the company.
I suppose it keeps your mind off Colette moving out, as well.
You know, stay busy, keep occupied.
I need to get back in the saddle.
What? No, you've been single for, like, three minutes.
You don't need a saddle, mate.
Hey, stay busy.
Your words, Coxy.
That's that's not exactly what I meant.
Your words! - Hi.
- Hi.
Here, uh I'll take this.
Do you want to take your desk? I'm not sure it will fit.
You could get a truck.
Or I could help you.
No, I mean, I'm not sure it will fit in the new place.
Oh, right.
I gotta go to work, so Yep.
See you.
Have a nice day.
We will.
What's going on? It's a drinks list for the party.
You're you're distracted.
Yeah, I'm going all-out on the canapes.
Not just now, in the last week or so you've been very moody.
Was it since my parents were here? Since the new guy started.
And now you're throwing him a party.
I'm not throwing HIM a party.
Well, you said yourself these are welcome drinks for Nick.
No, that's just an excuse.
I've been there for six months.
I need to get to know my department socially.
How old is Nick? I dunno.
He's like 35, I guess.
Hm, so over 30, then.
Have you got your outfit sorted for tonight? Leave it to me.
It'll come together.
Does Colette need any help? Oh, I feel terrible.
I've got this massive charity breakfast to organise for tomorrow and I've already been called into work once.
Steve's there helping her.
Oh, good.
I wonder whatever happened to Steve's FAT night.
I'm still waiting on the prawn curry he promised me.
I think that night's just on ice.
You know, while everyone's a bit weird.
Who's weird? Well, Rob and Colette, and Tom and Miranda are a bit weird.
In what way weird? Oh, you know, just weird.
Well, you can't ditch FAT night.
It's a tradition.
Well, it's a cooking comp, it's not exactly life or death.
Well, no, it's not just about the cooking, it's about all of you getting together.
Why don't I cook dinner, then? Really? Yeah.
It won't be FAT night, it'll just be dinner.
More like a low-FAT night.
That that actually sounds great.
Count Steve and I in.
Oh! Um would you mind? No.
Uh, it's work.
Problem? Well, if it's my boss firing me, it might be.
Dani speaking.
Alright, moved Colette.
Nothing broken.
Beach time, ding-a-ling.
No, the intern from work just called.
A painting's gone missing.
It's our number one auction item, and and the artist swore that the courier picked it up.
So let the courier sort it out.
No, I can't give that queue cow any reason to criticise me.
Everything needs to be perfect.
Come on, a swim will take Steve, I'm about to have a phone call from a very irate artist.
Please, go away.
Use your legs.
Dinner, then? We're having dinner with Maggie.
What? Are we? She wants to keep the FAT night tradition alive.
Mousse, then, after dinner.
yes or no? Yes.
Alright, it's a date.
I'll buy the chocolate.
Sexy mousse? I know.
Oh, Timothy, hi.
It's Dani.
This is nice.
Well, it will be with a little bit of love.
I'm thinking it just needs some colour, some artwork, and I think I might paint.
It'll be great.
Yeah? Yeah.
What's that? Um, it's a light fitting that I did in my final year of uni.
See, all of this connects and it sort of comes together in one Never mind.
I'm really glad Tom didn't let me throw that away, actually.
Yay for Tom.
Are things still not OK there? Ugh, don't listen to me.
I'm not going through what you are.
Don't be silly.
It's all relative.
You seem so together.
Are you always this good at breaking up? No.
When I broke up with Tom I was a complete mess.
I got trashed every night.
This time, I'm just taking things slow.
Step by step.
Yep, I just gotta get back on the horse, it's the only way to do it.
So I can let Mum know you're over it, can I? Well, what's Mum got to do with it? Robbo, she calls you every night and you never pick up.
Yeah, that's 'cause I don't want Mum and Dad saying, "I told you so.
" What? They never liked Colette, dude.
I just don't need to hear it.
Can you just call Mum and let her know you're not crying into your pillow every night? Or I can let her know you're back on the horse.
Or you could let her know you're unemployed if you keep talking about my sex life, huh? Sex isn't everything.
Just saying.
Dude, you just broke up with your wife.
Yes, and this is what people do after a break-up.
No, this is what I do when I have girl problems, and, let me tell you, it doesn't help.
Well, that's a chance I'm willing to take.
Alright, yep, it's your call.
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
So, it's you and me, Coxy, tonight.
You're gonna be my wingman.
Wingman? Dude, who even says that anymore? I do.
OK, Iceman.
And you know what? Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up feeling a helluva lot better than I do today.
How does that sound? Sounds unlikely.
Tonight I'm gettin' laid.
The name 'canape' comes from the French word for 'couch', drawing on the analogy that the garnish sits atop the bread, as people do a couch.
I know.
Harry, can you dust, please? And can you move the chicken? Come on, Shakira.
OK, what else can I do? Uh, I think we're all good for now.
Knock, knock.
Can you grab that, please? Hello.
Hello, Maggie.
Oh, it's a hive of activity.
Harry, Harry.
Harry, can you just Two minutes.
I won't interrupt.
I just want to invite you to dinner at my place tonight.
Special occasion? No, just loaves and fishes for the masses.
Interested? Oh, we'd love to.
I've got a work function here tonight, sorry.
- For Nick.
He's, uh, brilliant.
- I'm free.
Harry, that makes three.
I'll see who else I can round up.
I'll see you later, Harry.
Have a good night.
Thank you.
You too.
The champ is here! Yo! Hey.
What's that? It's my lucky shirt.
I always get laid when I wear this shirt.
You just sit back and watch the magic.
You took your ring off.
Well, you know.
I don't think this lucky shirt's gonna be very lucky if I'm wearing that.
Maybe we should take some pingers.
Really make a night of it.
Pingers? Oh, you two off to somewhere special? Uh, no, nowhere.
On the pull, mate.
Well, enjoy being nowhere on the pull.
Just slipped out.
First cabs off the rank.
You betcha! Hi, Mum.
We can't eat, but we'll stay and have a drink.
Why can't you eat? Well, people to see, places to be.
What people? Well, with any luck, she'll be a redhead with a great .
sense of humour.
Well, you can't go out on the tear without a decent meal inside you.
You'll end up covered in vomit in the back of a paddy wagon.
Hey, I thought we agreed never to mention that again.
Refill? Lovely.
Colette only moved out today.
You should have a quiet word.
Oh, trust me, there's been plenty of words.
I'm only going out tonight to try and rein him in.
Hard to believe it, but it's just who I am.
I am amazing.
OK, you found the painting, now you can relax.
I splashed out and got 70% cocoa.
You ready for Maggie's? I just need to call the artist and my boss on Oh, come on.
The sooner we get to dinner, the sooner we get home for dessert.
But I am setting the timer.
Can you see me? You have 10 minutes.
Wow, get in there.
You look hot.
And you look, um Like John McEnroe, '70s tennis legend.
What, did I get wrong? Well, no, no.
It was more, um, sort of '70s theme, not come as your favourite '70s celebrity but you look great.
You cannot be serious! I wasn't trying to be serious.
No, it's, uh, it's McEnroe's most famous line.
You cannot be serious! Yeah, the umpire at Wimbledon called his serve out.
Oh, I-I googled him and didn't read that.
Carlos, Nick.
Nice to meet you, Carlos.
Never used to have to line up here? Oh, yeah? Which millennium are we talking? You're on fire.
Seriously, it's not even moving.
I got a hit.
What? Chick over there just gave me the look.
The look.
Yeah, easy, tiger.
We're just out for a couple of drinks.
How are you? - Welcome.
- Thanks.
No Tom and Rob? In and out like teenage boys filling themselves at the trough.
I'm glad it's just us two girls for a bit.
Red or white? Red, thanks.
So, what's this weirdness between you and Tom? Dani said something.
Uh We're all weird, really.
Um, Tom's weird.
I'm weird.
I found out about the bet.
He does get things wrong sometimes.
But it's not entirely his fault.
Oh, you can't blame yourself for the way he turned out.
I didn't think I was.
Oh, no, I was just Oh, it's probably obvious that all his girl problems stem from a broken heart.
Yeah, I kind of caught on to that, but broken by who? Her name was Sasha.
And I honestly think that if Tom dealt with everything properly, he would be able to move on.
But you don't wanna hear about that.
Oh, I-I don't mind.
So, do you think he still has feelings for her? Oh, no.
It's more the damage she did.
First loves, you know.
She worked at the vineyard.
She was older than Tom and I think that that was all the more exciting, you know? He knew that we'd disapprove.
Because of the age difference? No.
Sasha was very beautiful but troubled.
It's very seductive.
Oh, well, she sounds Dangerous.
I was gonna sound irresistible.
Oh, yes.
She was that, too.
So what went wrong? She betrayed him.
Betrayed? Look, the details are personal to Tom.
It's not my story to tell.
She betrayed all of us, really.
And that was it.
And Tom just built this wall around his heart so that no-one else could get in.
- Until - Hello? Oh, this dinner party's turning into a relay.
I'll have to give you all a bread stick to pass on the way out.
Hello, darling.
Opening line didn't work.
Need some new material.
What line did you use? Uh "What does this feel like to you?" Feel it.
"Boyfriend material.
" Nah, dude.
Well, it used to work every time.
I'm not useless, you know.
Back at Shorty's a few months back, I picked up without even trying.
What? You picked up? Yep.
I didn't go there.
It wasn't the right time, but Yeah.
obviously I regret that now.
What line did you use on her? I didn't use a line, that's the point.
But I would like one now.
You know, up my sleeve.
What about you go up to her and you say, "My friend bet me that I couldn't have a conversation "with the most beautiful girl here tonight.
"Can I buy you a drink? He's paying"? Ooh.
That's not bad.
Can't beat the classics.
Which lucky lady is it gonna be? Get a schooner, will you? So, Carlos, where are you from? Oh, just because of the accent? Brazil? Yeah.
Oh, actually, I spent time over there when I was at uni.
Hm, let me guess.
Carnival? A week on the Amazon? Oh, no, we worked on a community project.
Though, I did I did knock back my fair share of caipirinhas? Sorry, I'm a bit bit rusty on the Portuguese.
Oh, no.
Your accent's fine.
You know, you really are a charming guy.
Wow, beautiful.
Hm, soft skin.
Come on in.
Let me grab you a drink.
Um, we've got canapes just through there.
Did you know that 'canape' comes from the French word for 'couch'? Hello? Sorry, uh You alright? You didn't drop a bunch of sleeping-pills before dinner? Oh, shut up, idiot.
How about you help me clear the table and stop tormenting your sister.
Less fun, but sure.
Thank you.
Are you alright? Yeah, just a little rattled, that's all.
How come? Just one of Maggie's pre-dinner stories.
About? Ah, it doesn't matter.
Maggie, would you mind if I take some leftovers to Colette? Great minds think alike.
What, you're gonna take it to her now? Yeah, you know what it's like when you move.
You're unpacking, you forget to eat.
I should be doing that, I've been a terrible friend today.
No, she understands, because of your work.
Yeah, we all do.
And let's not forget, we still have some important things to do when we get home, honey.
We'll finish that conversation another time.
Yeah, definitely.
See ya.
Thank you.
Wow, I love the colour.
It makes such a difference.
Yeah, you think? It's definitely getting there.
Hey, you started it.
That's great.
Please sit down.
Uh, thanks.
Thanks for saving me.
I was about to hit the two-minute noodles.
Oh, that's OK.
Um, did Tom ever mention an ex of his? A girl called Sasha? Sasha the soul destroyer? So, he he did talk about her? No.
That was the dead giveaway.
He talked about everyone else, except Sasha Oh.
until I found the box.
What box? He'd kill me if I told you.
Oh, I'm not gonna say anything.
OK, have you seen a light wooden box, about this big with a gold lock on it? A Sasha box.
God, you'd never think he'd be so sentimental.
Oh, do you want a glass of water? Um, yeah, OK.
So, what's in it? I dunno.
A lock of her hair and her ear.
Anyway, after I found the box, he had to tell me about her.
And and what did he say? Well, it was more what he didn't say.
Because she's the one that broke his heart, right? Yeah.
She's the reason he keeps stuffing up every other relationship.
Anyway, how come you know about her? Did he say something? No, Maggie did.
Maggie? Really? Why? I dunno.
I'm trying to work that out, too.
Maybe she was trying to warn you off him.
Yeah, I was trying to work out if she was trying to warn me or encourage me.
You know, I love Tom but every girl goes into a relationship with that boy thinking, "I'm the right girl, I'll fix him.
" And I'm not entirely convinced that's possible.
All we can do is stand by and pick up the pieces for the next girl who tries.
Yeah, well, good luck to her.
You're not still into him, are you? No.
No, no, no.
'Cause I will say this, Tom's the reason that I met Rob, and I don't regret that for a second.
Maybe we should call it.
I'm Amelia.
Any chance I could buy you a drink? Absolutely.
- Oh.
I'll come to the bar with you.
- OK.
Oh, that was awesome.
What? It it parted.
I bet you've never had to line up in you life, huh? What are you having? Uh, whatever you're having's great.
Gin? Gin.
Who doesn't love gin? Listen, why don't you let me get these? It's just, my mate over there bet me that, uh, I couldn't have a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the room.
Looks like, uh he owes me a drink, huh? Yeah, actually, um I don't mean to sound rude but your friend over there was kinda the one I wanted to buy the drink for.
What's his name? Tom.
I hope I made it clear that partners were welcome and that I'd catered for plus ones.
Yeah, my, um my wife opted to stay in Melbourne.
It's fine.
Grace? Um, sorry.
Grace, we think you should do a speech.
Uh, no.
It's it's not really that Grace would like to say a few words.
Um, welcome, everybody, and welcome, Nick.
It's lovely to have you aboard.
Thank you.
I promise this will be the last themed party for six months.
Um, here's to Nick.
To Nick.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Go on.
Yeah, go on! Nick, do it! Um, OK, well, I'll I'll do this in bullet points so we can all get back to our cocktails.
One, I'm thrilled to be joining the team.
Two .
defamation is more than an act, it's a religion.
Thank you.
And three, look, I've gotta be honest, the .
the real reason that I signed up for a job on women's mags was to pull a free makeover.
Is that all you're gonna pull? OK.
But, uh, but seriously, I look forward to working with you all, and if tonight's anything to go on, I'll be voting for one cocktail party per week.
You cannot be serious! You cannot be serious! That's OK.
It's fine.
No, I'm still at the office.
Yeah, I just ducked out to the car to get some papers I left.
Am I too late? No, not at all.
I've still got guests.
Have some ice-cream.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Maggie, I got a bit caught up at the pub.
Women's golf on the giant screen.
Uh, I don't drink but I do bring some interesting facts about ouzo.
Lucky you didn't miss out, mate.
Maggie's been spoiling us tonight.
Not really.
The point was to have you all sit down together.
On that score, it's been a huge flop.
No, it wasn't.
I guess you're right.
I do miss everyone.
It's the office.
Not your boss again? She's firing me.
No, she's CALLING you.
Why would she call this late? She's firing me.
It won't be that.
Just answer it.
Excuse me.
Hello? Oh, hi, Gabby.
What's up? They what?! They left the painting on the back doorstep.
Um, no, no, I-I'll sort it out.
Um, yeah.
I-I'm gonna have to go to the venue.
Oh, baby, I've probably had too much to drive you.
No, it's fine.
Um, I'm really sorry.
That's OK.
Oh, hello.
I didn't expect to find anyone here at this hour.
Oh, the the courier left this on the back doorstep.
Can you believe it's worth three grand? It looks like a 4-year-old painted it.
Yeah, I know the painting.
I donated it.
I'll see you Monday.
See you.
Thanks again.
Oh, nothing at all.
No, believe me, I'm not worth the effort.
But you'll realise that after the second week working with me, so Well, you could've told me that before I wasted all my money on fancy vol-au-vents, but You know, I wasn't sure about the move up here.
It helps knowing I'm working with people I like.
I know what you're up to.
Classic seduction.
Very smooth, like your outfit.
I'm sorry about him, he's just a little bit drunk.
Uh, I think we all are.
Um, I-I'll walk you out.
I just came out tonight to keep an eye on my mate.
Oh, you're sweet.
Ah, no, I'm not, trust me Mm.
but thanks.
Oh, we'd better get out of here before the apocalypse begins.
Yeah, great.
My place it is.
Oh, no, sorry.
No, I-I, I You said, 'we'd' better get out of here, so I just thought Yeah, listen, Amelia, it's been really great talking to you, I just You're not in the right head space right now, right? Well, it it sounds corny when you put it like that.
Let me guess.
You're damaged, right? Good guess.
Some girl's done a real job on you and now you're an emotional wreck.
Have you been stalking me? Nope.
I just have kind of a radar for this kind of thing.
Well, I-I'd bullshit you if I thought I could, but you seem like a really nice girl.
I AM a really nice girl, actually.
And it hasn't escaped my attention that you're also very, very attractive.
Well, see, you're missing out on the prize here.
Ah, so I'm damaged, I'm an emotional wreck AND I'm an idiot? That's exactly right.
Well, cheers to that.
So, this girl, she she did a pretty thorough job, huh? No, you don't wanna hear about it.
- I do.
- You do.
Trust me.
Come on.
What's the she-beast's name? Miranda.
Well, I get that we're meant to have come to a dead end.
It's - quote, unquote - "Over before it even started.
" Like, I I get that.
Hmm, it's not over, though, is it? No, it's not.
And I-I know she can feel it.
She does.
We both do.
And the best she can come up with is, "Have a nice day".
I mean, have a nice day? Is that something that you say to someone that you like? Really? Wow, it sounds to me like she's really under your skin.
She's in my bloodstream.
OK, you have to tell her.
No way.
No way.
You do, seriously.
Come on, what's stopping you? I was gonna ask you if you come here often, but But? Well, it sounds a bit like, you know No.
Like a come-on.
What? Even though it's a genuine question, I mean, me, I haven't been here in that long, I wouldn't know if you actually do.
If I do what? Come here often.
Anyway, um, can I buy you another drink? No, thanks.
I'd rather we just went home and had sex.
This is a really beautiful building.
You are lucky to be in such a good neighbourhood.
So, are you gonna let me in or are we gonna stand here all night? Yeah, sorry.
There we go.
Thank you.
Sorry, no ice.
Who knew? Well, I didn't.
Um, normally we do have, but, uh, when you need it most you don't have it.
Nice place.
Messy but nice.
Don't touch that, that's OK.
Uh, so, should we open a bottle of something? Maybe whiskey .
or gin.
Who doesn't love gin? Actually, I was only just having this conversation earlier tonight.
I've had enough to drink.
Hm? Ah, yeah.
Oh! Ow.
It's just Sorry.
You'll never believe who I just ran into.
Queue cow.
Oh, yeah? What happened? Did you apologise? Uh no.
I insulted her again.
Oh, but then I apologised, so I think I'm off the hook.
Are you still up for mousse, hm? Hm? Sexy time.
Oh, yes.
Yeah, um give me a minute.
I'll go get changed.
- Into nothing? - Into nothing.
Mm, 70% cocoa.
Dips are in the fridge.
What else can I do? Uh, that that's all.
I-I can do the rest.
No You should probably get home.
I don't mind.
See you tomorrow.
Carlos, leave it.
Just go home.
Are you meeting him? What? He's just walking around the block, waiting till the coast is clear? I'll text him for you.
"Come on, Nick.
"Carlos is gone.
" You think I'm stupid? Yeah, right now I think you're being very, very stupid.
So it's just a coincidence I meet your parents, you're happy and then all of a sudden you're backing off.
It's got nothing to do with Nick.
I don't believe you.
Just tell me, huh?! I want to know! It's not Nick! It's my father.
He thinks I'm wasting my time with you.
You wanted to know so I've told you.
Your dad doesn't like me? He likes you but he loves me, and he doesn't approve.
And maybe that is affecting me more than I would like it to.
You should've talked to me.
Yeah, we can do that, but now is not the time.
Goodnight, Carlos.
Honey, you ready? Miranda? Hey.
Listen, this can't go unsaid.
We need a drop of What are you doing with that? I saw it on the shelf.
I was curious, but I'm telling the truth, I didn't look.
Yeah, well, you probably didn't realise but the box is private.
That's why there's a lock on it.
Well, the key was in there already, so My fault.
I should have put it away.
How was your night? Oh, it was nothing special.
I'm pretty knackered, so .
Thanks, man.
Big night, huh? Sort of.
How's the new pad? It's good.
Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, just taking things slowly.
That sounds good.
Well, see you.
Hey, don't forget stage two of the hangover cure.
Berocca in the shower.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I thought you'd be schmoozing for at least another hour.
I wasn't needed.
And I won't be needed tomorrow or any other day, for that matter.
Why not? They're letting me go.
What? Did it not go well? No.
It was amazing.
Everyone was rapt.
If that queue cow thinks she can go around getting people fired No, no, no, it wasn't her.
They're downsizing and it's last on, first off.
But you're their star employee.
They're a charity and I'm an overhead.
No, who cares about the job? You do.
I'll get another one.
I'll have to in order to, uh, pay for the beautiful painting that I got us.
You bought that? With money? It was $300.
It's worth $3,000.
I kicked off the bidding and no-one else bid.
That is not a good story.
Don't be mad.
I was trying to save my job, ironically.
Get your apron.
Now? Let's do it.
Mousse time, ding-a-ling.
Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.
That's alright.
Hangovers can do that.
No, I-I don't have a hangover, I-I just Technically it was a work function, so I-I didn't Right.
So so a smart, disciplined Dull? I wouldn't describe you as dull.
You know, you you throw a mean party and you have an interesting boyfriend.
Um, so, how how are you settling in? Where where are you living? Oh, they they've put me up in a serviced apartment but I'm looking for somewhere around here.
Oh, good, we might be bumping into each other a bit more, then.
Well, hopefully.
See ya.