Wonderland (2013) s03e09 Episode Script


Max, I can't be the other woman.
And I can't be with someone who has another woman.
So, um .
we should stop seeing each other, then.
You got married? Yes.
To Carlos? I love him.
Well, I know that's true.
I'm more concerned about his motives.
Jade's pregnant.
And you're sure it's mine? It can only be yours.
It's a boy.
It's a boy! He's beautiful.
Jade and Rob would like to thank you all for coming out today to welcome this precious life into the world, and they hope that you will all benefit from your involvement in this little boy's life.
Oh, that's it, buddy.
You get it all out.
It is now with great pleasure that I introduce to you this expression of love - Ashton Robert Montgomery.
Expression of lust, I'd say.
Hey, look - Uncle Tom.
Hey, little guy.
Oh, he's got your forehead.
Poor little bugger's going to be opening stubbies with it by the time he's 12.
I'll teach him everything I know, won't I? Hey.
How you going? Oh, I'm good.
It was a beautiful ceremony.
Yeah, I think I even saw Steve shed a tear.
Must still feel like a bit of a whirlwind for you.
Oh, I'm 60% fine.
Well, you're coping a lot better than I would in the same circumstances.
Don't really have much of a choice.
I love Rob, Rob loves Ashton.
What about Jade? It's just part of the package.
When the baby popped out, I half hoped it was a redhead.
I know it sounds bad, but they'd only been together a few weeks.
Really? Have you had a paternity test done? Um I haven't wanted to rock the boat.
Yeah, well, if another woman asked me to help raise her child, I'd be demanding one.
Thanks for saying yes.
I know it was a bit last minute.
Well, I'm a professional.
Professionals turn up to bookings.
It's a fluff piece.
Anything in your mind, Miranda? Like what? Don't know.
You? Not really.
Our conversation ended kind of abruptly the other day.
Did it? Thought you might have needed to get a bit more off your chest.
Oh, you still kissing that other guy? No.
Are you still kissing your cleaner? What? No.
Game on.
Get ready to be a professional.
Cheers for the lift.
Oh, no worries.
You did a great job in there today, Steve.
It was good work.
Thanks, mate.
Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a drink tomorrow.
Uh, sure.
Look, I'm fully aware that next week's your last week with us, so I just wanted to discuss you staying.
We're willing to throw a lot of incentives your way.
It sounds like you're going to make it pretty hard to say no.
Well, you don't get if you don't ask.
Alright, sounds great.
What time suits? I'm easy.
Good to know.
I am looking forward to making this official.
Maybe he was just leaning over to say goodbye and overbalanced.
Dani, his hand was on my thigh for at least five seconds.
What part of the thigh? Uh mid to upper.
Was there a stroke? What do you mean? Did he stroke the thigh, or was it more of a pat? Um, neither.
But there was definitely a squeeze.
A squeeze? See? He was hitting on me.
Look, even if he was hitting on you, what what's the big deal? The big deal is now I don't know where I stand.
Well, Ivan has a partner, Sam, right? Yeah.
Well, there you go, then.
Would you be acting this way if your boss was a woman? Of course I would! I want to have a job based on my merits.
I don't want to be objectified in the workplace.
Welcome to the life of every woman ever.
Maybe it shouldn't be drinks, maybe we should just meet Steve, will you just relax? I've met Ivan.
He's friendly.
Just be friendly back.
It's how good business relationships work.
Yeah, alright.
He is with Sam.
Maybe it was Hi, Roxanne.
Yeah, sorry.
I'm just uploading the photos now.
Tell Ivan yes to drinks.
Come on, get out.
OK, we're leaving, but can I please have my camera Alright, go on.
We're going.
You can't just keep my camera.
Come on, piss off.
Alright, we're out, OK.
Now, just give us back the camera, we'll forget about the whole thing.
Oh, yeah.
Here you go, mate.
Sorry about that.
Nice catch, mate.
You know, you're real dickheads.
You know that? I'm sorry.
Have you got everything? It's only an overnighter.
Last time I looked, you were carrying a toothbrush and a pair of speedos.
It's Cairns.
It's practically formal wear.
You know, I've registered you as my designated travel partner at work.
What does that mean? Basically, cheap flights whenever you want.
Oh, I'm honoured.
It's not too late to come, you know.
Chuck a bikini in your toiletry bag and we're off.
I haven't worn a bikini since Madonna was a virgin.
I'm serious - seafood, champagne on the beach It sounds lovely, but I've got a ton of things to do.
Is one of those things to drop everything and have a spontaneous tropical getaway? Is it completely stuffed? I hope not.
I'm taking it to the service centre tomorrow, and I was hoping that I could borrow your car.
Oh, yeah.
God, of course.
Um did Max warn you he was going to ambush this woman? No, but he did offer to pay for the camera.
Well, that doesn't really make up for the fact that it's dangerous.
Hey, if I do any more prep work for you, it technically becomes my FAT night.
Yeah, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
See, business and pleasure don't mix.
Here, folks, are the results.
It was a professional decision to take the gig.
I can't afford to turn down work just because Max and I have broken up.
I think you're mixing.
There's no mixing.
Max won't mix.
Huh? Because if you are, then things might get overcooked.
What does that even mean? No, your sauce.
OK, Tom, I don't need professional advice, cooking tips or relationship help from you, OK? This about paying my rent, not about getting back together with Max.
Is that so? Yes.
Well, I bet you a week's rent that Max ends up back in your bed.
I'm not going to make a stupid bet with you.
See? No conviction.
You're on.
You are going to lose one week's rent.
Rob, if we could meet you at the bar around 10:00.
Unless you've got something else on.
No, that should be fine.
Yeah, he can.
Um, I've got a couple of jobs on, but it looks like I might have Ash too.
Again? Yeah, Jade's going to text me in the morning.
Dial-a-Dad, hey? No spew too small.
He's just he's not feeding well.
What? Are you sure he's related to you? Are we saving some for Grace? Mm, if that's OK.
Yeah, where is your lovely wife tonight? Last time checked, she was Glad Wrapping the sink.
I thought you said you'd tidied this room.
I thought I had.
That's disgusting.
Definitely used.
Did you just chuck them in my washing basket? Married people usually do wash their clothes together.
What, are you expecting me to do it? Oh, well, if you're offering Thank you, wife.
Mum, hi.
You're early.
I thought you had a conference dinner.
Oh, it was boring.
And I'd rather spend time with you two.
Hi, Katherine.
Alright, let me take your bag.
Um, your room's through here.
The place is looking good.
Is some of this stuff yours, Carlos? Oh, bits and pieces.
The maracas are mine.
Just must have I think it just dropped out.
I fold the washing in here.
They're yours, darling.
Thank you, sweet face.
Colette's doing it pretty tough.
She's essentially lost half her husband to another woman.
Yeah, well, it's not like Rob can ignore the fact that he's a dad.
Who says it's a fact? Rob.
He's 100% sure? Yeah, I guess.
There hasn't been a DNA test.
I thought that they were going to do it.
I mean, Rob's crazy just to accept Jade's version of it.
But why would she lie? Why does anyone? Desperate, alone, afraid.
I mean, you can't blame Jade, but Colette's the one who's copping it.
Alright, I'll have a chat to him.
Don't you dare.
Why not? No, no.
I don't want them thinking we're interfering in their private business.
Oh, well, they're not going to know it came from you.
No, it doesn't matter who it came from No.
Babe, promise me that you won't say a word.
Sweet face? What was that? I don't know what to say.
Can you turn around, please? Um, just so you know, you're very, very busy tomorrow.
No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.
You have an assignment due.
What for? OK.
Um, that's just what we're telling Mum.
She wants us all to have lunch together.
Oh, OK.
So, let's have lunch, then.
Uh, thank you, but no thank you, sweet face.
Grace, it's rude.
Your mum's hardly visited since we've been married and now I'm too busy to visit her? She understands.
Oh, please.
Don't make me sleep on the floor.
Alright, fine.
You know what? Stay on your side, OK? Don't want any of your hot bits creeping over during the night.
No hot bits.
Why didn't you wake me up? Well, you looked happy.
I wasn't happy, I was asleep.
Just Just so you know, this is for my mother's benefit.
I am not enjoying this at all.
Alright, let's go.
What's the rush? Oh, work's sent me my new contract.
I just want to go through it carefully before I accept.
You'll be right.
Ivan loves you.
If he loves you, dude, go for broke, man.
Company car, trip to Fiji, a pony.
A pony.
Oi, mate, can you tell Sasha I'll drop by the bar after lunch and finish those fittings? No Ash today? Nah.
Maybe tonight.
Sounds like you're on call round-the-clock, mate.
Doesn't worry me.
Ash is my little buddy.
Little mini-me.
Look, I know it sounds lame, but the first time you look down at that little face and you realise, "You know, I made this," it's I don't know, it's just .
it's like there's this whole other part of you that's out in the world.
It's surreal.
You know what I mean? You are certainly putting in a lot of time and energy.
Emotional stuff.
Oh, that's what daddies do, isn't it? You weren't really with Jade that long, man.
What do you mean by that? It's just Don't you think you should, um .
you know, get a test? What's brought this on? Nothing.
I just Sasha's been in your ear, hasn't she? No.
Don't bullshit me, man.
She's been talking to Colette too.
No, it's Look, Ash is my son, OK? And to suggest anything else is just it's offensive.
And it's bloody rude.
What time are you going to the bar today? They've got the lights.
You sound like Sasha.
She just texted.
She's very excited.
Hey, are you around tonight? We should probably catch up on a couple of things.
Um, yeah.
I told Sash I was going to go to the bar, but I can do that this afternoon.
You two seem to be getting on.
Yeah, I like her.
Hey, how did you go last night? OK, alright.
I'll come by later and take him out in the stroller for a bit, OK? Yeah, I'll text you when I'm leaving.
You're needed? Yeah.
She's been rocking him all morning, but he won't go to sleep for her.
Probably just a phase, I reckon.
OK, bye.
Hey, um Oh, don't worry.
We'll talk later tonight.
See you for dinner.
I can just imagine the other applicants - Oh, no-one's going to get hired just 'cause they've got great pins.
All the interviewers will see is a middle-aged woman who knows bugger all about apps and IT.
Yeah, so bring yourself up to speed.
It's not that hard.
I am technologically challenged.
Well, lucky you're a fast learner.
Well, what do you think they're going to ask me? What should I know about? Twitter? I know about Twitter.
Most bosses are trying to keep their employees off Twitter.
Well, run some things by me - some conversational things I can throw in so they think I'm across everything.
So you can trick them, you mean? Yeah.
Where's Cal? Why isn't he here giving you a pep talk? I haven't told him I'm looking for a job.
Why not? I suppose I didn't want to get his hopes up and then have it not work out.
I think it's best to succeed and then surprise him.
Mum Hm? .
you're going to be awesome.
You just be you.
No-one else can do that.
If you can rescue the memory stick, I kind of need it urgently.
Of course.
And I'll pay for the repairs as well as the photos.
Are you Are you angry, or Well, I'm not happy about my camera breaking, but it's part of the business, right? Collateral damage.
That mean I shouldn't throw any more work your way? No.
I mean, I'm fine to work with you.
I can't really afford to turn anything down, anyway.
Oh, that's good, because you're the best photographer that I know.
Tha thanks.
I know.
Wouldn't want our working relationship to become collateral damage too.
Oh, neither would I.
So, I will get back to you about that memory stick.
Thank you.
I've got a strong feeling that I'll be getting rent this week.
Well, your strong feelings are incredibly wrong.
He's weaseling his way back in.
He didn't make it past the front door.
And it was about business.
I know you love winning a bet, Tom, but you're not going to win this one.
You're not keeping all your savings in a joint account, I hope.
Why wouldn't we? Well, because it's not like you to forego your independence.
I mean, remember You were so funny with that Michael from uni.
How long were you together? Three years.
And you still split the bill every time you went to dinner.
Carlos and I are married, so it just made sense for us to have joint accounts.
It's a shame he couldn't join us for lunch today.
Mm, um, yeah.
It's just he's got this assignment.
Oh, I just don't visit very often.
The library could wait for a couple of hours.
I know, Mum, and he really wanted to be here, it's just The assignment, I know.
So, do you get to see much of each other with his uni and your work? Not too late, am I? No.
Not at all, not at all.
What happened to the library? Well, lunch with a beautiful woman - priorities.
Have you ordered? No.
I'm starving.
Let there be light.
This isn't my only job.
I know.
Thanks for fitting us in.
Are you being sarcastic? No.
I thought we agreed on ordinary light bulbs.
Yeah, but well, you know how important lighting is.
I wanted fluoro.
Well, I may be a silent investor, but I'm still an investor and we agreed on the cheaper version.
Yeah, but Hey, look at how amazing the fluoros look under the pallets.
We saved a lot of money on the It's a pop-up! Why don't we just keep it simple? Yeah, Sasha got us a great deal.
We're still on budget.
Well, we agreed cheap and basic, unless you guys have changed your minds.
No, no.
Of course not.
Then what happened to discussing the big purchases before we make them? I discussed them with Tom.
Oh, really? So, my vote doesn't count? Hey, hey.
It's not Why don't you two just talk amongst yourselves, and then when you've figured out my whole life, you can just tell me what to do? Hey, Rob Mate, if you want to bend over and let her drive, that's fine.
Just don't expect me to do it.
It's alright.
It's alright.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Bend over and let her drive? It's my dad's expression.
Mate, I know what's going on.
Yeah, you and your girlfriend are wasting our money.
No, you've just got the shits because I brought up the stuff about the DNA tests.
I just I hate everybody talking about it behind my back.
No-one's talking about it behind your back.
What about Sasha and Colette? I know they've been talking to each other.
They're thick as thieves, mate.
I brought it up because I was concerned.
I love you guys.
You really think this is something you can just ignore? Hey.
What's up? Salvaged the photos.
It's a Christmas miracle.
That's that's great.
Do you want to have a look? Actually, I'm just writing it up now, so it's Oh, sure.
Not kissing your cleaner? It's not You can forget the photos, Max.
Miranda! - Hey.
- Hey.
I got you salmon.
They didn't have any tuna.
Um Any word from Rob? Yeah, he'll do it.
He's just he's got a lot of stuff on his plate at the moment.
You didn't say anything to Rob about Ash's paternity test, did you? He's he's not going to know that it came from you.
Really? Mm.
So, all of a sudden he's blowing up at me? You know, Rob is not an idiot.
I had to tell him.
He's my mate.
Do you No.
I was trying to support Colette, and now you've just You've made everything worse.
Well, I wasn't trying to do that.
Well, you have.
So, now we have a pissed-off friend and a bunch of lights that need to be installed.
Really? Katherine, can get you a coffee? Oh, no, thanks.
I'm fine.
OK, I need to get ready for work.
Is he still picking up drunks on his scooter? He's studying engineering, Mum.
Well, whatever he's doing, he obviously has time to keep fit.
Really? Been checking him out, have we? You know, I read an article that said marriage makes you fat.
Well, we won't have the cheesecake, then.
No, not for me.
You know, I might have a lie down.
I think I've got a headache coming on.
Have you got any painkillers? Um, yeah, in the bathroom.
Oh, um Carlos is in the shower.
So? Um So I'll I'll get them.
I can't believe you knock.
That's taking your prudishness to a whole new level.
Are you checking yourself out? Can you just Can you put a towel on? No, I'm about to get in.
I just needed the face scrub.
Oh, I knew you used my face scrub.
What are you doing in here anyway? Um, Mum has a headache.
Oh, I told you not come to lunch.
I thought you were pretty happy to see me.
OK, that was then, this is now that I'm stuck with you in here, naked.
Do you know what? If you leave it running like that, it cancels out the water-saving shower head.
Next time, I will not take no for an answer.
I had the outdoor spa all to myself.
Oh, hello.
Wow, what's the special occasion? Oh, nothing important.
Just gained full employment.
Sorry? I've got a job.
Oh, that's fantastic.
Yeah, well, it's nothing fancy - it's for a recruitment agency that sends you off for different short-term jobs.
First up, I'm cooking sausages at the supermarket.
Come on, Maggie.
And there's also opportunity for travel.
You don't need to do this.
Well, yes Well, love, I earn enough to take care of us.
And I want to pay my way.
Yeah, but paying your way doesn't mean you have to pay for everything.
I'd like to do it.
But you've got your own expenses.
Not many.
And what's the point of you slaving away cooking sausages in aisle 11 when you could be living a life of leisure? Yes, but what would I do? Nothing.
That's the whole point.
I'm starving.
Sorry to disturb you, Katherine.
I'm just looking for my helmet.
You know, I've hardly seen any pictures from your wedding.
I found these on the dresser.
Oh, well, we have copies from my visa application, if you want them.
Yes, the visa, which is why you had to get married so quickly.
I wish we'd done it differently and had a bigger wedding.
Don't tell Grace I said that.
And not that this one wasn't beautiful, and Grace, she always looks beautiful.
I love it when she's relaxed and her hair is messy, it falls around her face.
And she looks like an angel.
I have to go.
I specifically asked him if he was still seeing her.
Well, maybe he's not.
Well, then why is she there and why act so sprung when she saw me at the front door? You know, you were right about him being dodgy.
He's a liar, and now he's texted me seven times for the photos.
You know, he's lucky that I could even get them from the memory card.
He's paid you for the job? So? Well, don't get the professional part confused with the personal.
If he's paid for the photos, then you should give them to him.
Or throw them at him if that'll make you feel better.
Why are you so angry at him? I thought you were the one that broke it off.
Yeah, I guess part of me was hoping that he'd see what he was losing, and I thought he was actually upset about it, but obviously he wasn't.
Did you say the factory was Blue Tide Fashion? Yeah.
Oh, my God! That's her.
That's the woman that kicked us out.
They've been arrested.
This is now, today.
For drug trafficking.
If you just told me what the story was about, if you just trusted me, then I would've given you the photos.
Well, I guess I'm not used to having to explain myself to my photographers.
Well, I know these aren't any use to you anymore, but here.
What happened to your hand? I just Look, I lost my temper.
Collateral damage.
Is she still here? No.
Well, she's not your cleaner, though.
She's my source for the story.
Nothing more, I swear.
So, why didn't you tell me that in the first place? I had to protect her identity.
And you knew that the designer was a drug dealer, and you knew that they were probably going to get arrested by the police? Yes.
You didn't think of mentioning that to me before? I'm sorry.
Does that need stitches? Yeah, maybe.
Well, you should get to the hospital.
I can't ride like this.
Well, I'll I'll take you.
What? On my bike? You'd need a licence.
Yeah, I've got one.
I grew up on a farm.
You never told me that.
Ah, well, now the mystery shoe's on the other foot.
Come on.
If you fall off, I'm not stopping.
And biscotti.
Thank you.
I'm laming out on drinks tonight.
You could have just texted me, though this is very appreciated.
Well, it's also a thankyou for all your support.
I've really needed it.
That means a lot.
Your group is a hard one to crack with all the rituals and in-jokes.
Well, you're a part of it now.
Also, um .
I'm taking your advice and raising the DNA test with Rob tonight.
Good on you.
He'll blow a fuse, but I'm pretty sure once he's calmed down, he'll see my point.
Yeah, he will.
It's funny, just having his daddy here has put him to sleep.
I could've done the washing.
Are you still having trouble with that machine? Oh, my neighbour's letting me borrow hers till the guy comes.
Does the guy know what he's doing? Actually, um, he's an ex of mine.
I dated him for a while.
He's he's actually asked me out again.
Really? Yeah, I'm not interested, though.
God, I can't even think about dating.
This is way too overwhelming.
But, you know, I guess in a while that's something I'll want to start doing again.
So, this ex - you dated him before me? Yeah, a couple of months before.
How about you? How's things at home? OK.
A little bit tricky.
'Cause of me? Well, you know, from Colette's point of view, there's certain things which make it hard for her to accept, you know, so Probably things which I should have raised with you before we What? It's not time to wake up yet.
It's OK.
Look, I'll sort him out.
You go and take some time for yourself.
You sure? Yeah, yeah.
I've got him.
Oh, come on, little boy.
Go and have a little rest.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Can I just say, I love that shirt.
Oh, thank you.
Yours is awesome too.
Really? Oh, Sam always said it made me look fat.
What? It's really hot.
If Steve ever said I looked fat, I'd have him killed.
Here's to the job.
Clink! Can I just say how excited we are to have your husband with us for another two years.
Feeling's mutual.
Very mutual.
I just want to take this chance to say you're a real asset, Steve.
Not just as an employee or as the best first baseman on our softball team, but as a friend.
I mean that.
Thanks, Ivan.
Oh, it's Roxanne.
Hello? Pity Sam couldn't make it today.
Oh, Sam and I When you were in Singapore, we broke up.
That would be fantastic.
OK, great.
I'll see you then.
OK, bye.
Can you come back in now? What are you doing in there? What? You said to be friendly.
Right - I said friendly, not weird everyone out with your creepy compliments.
I just I can't relax.
Yeah, well, that makes the three of us.
Dani, he's broken up with Sam.
So what? So, what if he was hitting on me? Babe, he is having drinks with your wife.
So, if that is the case, he's either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.
Is he Yep.
I told you you've got the touch.
For me, he only sleeps five minutes every two hours.
He's a cheeky little bugger.
He certainly didn't get the up all night gene from me.
I love my sleep.
Not so sure he got it from me either.
Even when he's screaming his head off at two in the morning it's hard to stay mad at him.
Look at him.
Look at what we made.
It's beautiful.
I think he's got your nose and mouth.
Do you reckon? Yeah.
Especially the way it all scrunches up when he gets mad.
I hope he gets your dimple too.
But he's pretty perfect as is.
I'll bring your father down next time, now there's a spare room.
Oh, he'd probably prefer to stay in a hotel.
Probably, but I think it's important that he spends some time with you and Carlos.
Yeah? Well You know, the way he talks about you, it reminds me of when Mitch and I first got together.
It brings back nice memories.
What did Carlos say exactly? Oh, he likes your hair messy around your face.
He said it makes you look like an angel.
Cheesy, but touching.
That's Carlos.
He loves you.
Oh, you've gone all out, Mr Duffy.
I said it was a date.
Here I am with all the trimmings.
Oh, I'll put these in water.
Thank you.
I told Jade I'm offline for the rest of the night.
You know, it's like you said - we can make this work if everyone just sticks to what we agreed.
And that includes us.
I agreed to be Ash's father and you agreed to support me.
I have been supporting you.
Babe, I know you want me to do a paternity test.
Look, if I ask for a test, it only makes me look like I don't trust her or I don't love him.
But that you love me.
I know you have your doubts.
You haven't even told your parents yet.
That's 'cause I'm trying to protect you.
I I want what's best for everyone, and this is it.
Rob, Ash is beautiful, but I'm not bonded like you are.
And if you're asking me to accept our lives being changed permanently, then I don't want there to be a question.
I've chosen to believe her.
Well, then there will always be doubt.
If I ask, it's only going to cause damage.
I can't do that.
I can't.
Six stitches.
Could be worse.
I know.
So, is the story all finished now? Yeah.
How did you cut your hand? Oh, it's a long story.
After you left, I was pretty upset and I took it out on the dishes.
One of them broke.
Yeah, I am sorry I didn't give you the photos.
It wasn't about the story.
I was upset because I'd lost you.
It suits you.
Really? You don't think it makes me look fat? Hey, Steve Hey, listen, thanks so much for the opportunity, the new salary.
I won't let you down.
I just wanted to say something without Dani being here.
Yeah? Look, I'm not saying the workplace shouldn't be a friendly place, but I think we need boundaries.
Are you on the same page? Same page, totally.
I actually wrote the page.
There she is! Thanks.
Sorry about that.
No worries.
Are we right? Good.
Good to go.
After you.
Thank you.
Is your mum in bed? Yeah, yeah.
She's leaving tomorrow.
I think we got away with it.
What are you doing? Your hot bits were all over my side of the bed last night, so Oh.
Just need to have a bit of, you know, clear separation.
Yours and mine.
This is a legal arrangement, after all.
Well, I'll help you.
I still don't know who was more awkward in the end.
I think my radar for that stuff is broken.
Babe, your radar isn't broken, it doesn't exist.
You thought Rebecca just wanted to clean her glasses in your room every night.
Yeah, fair enough.
Well, at least I have you to interpret for me, mm? Mm.
I'm starting to go cross-eyed.
Do you mind if we call it a night? I, uh I might just finish up here.
No worries.
I don't mind waiting.
Yeah, actually, you might be waiting for a while.
Yeah, that's OK.
It's alright.
No, I mean, I .
I might just stay here tonight.
On my own.
You sure? Yeah.
We're working together now, and I just need to spend some time by myself.
Are you right to lock up? Yeah.
Yeah? Is this something that we should talk about now? No.
It's OK.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Did I wake you? No.
I was just lying here, missing you.
Yeah, well, turns out that I was missing you too.
You have no idea how hard I'm trying to prove to your friends that I'm not the bitch Steve made me out to be.
They don't think that.
Tom, they love you, and that's good.
That's great.
But if Rob or any of them think that I'm interfering in your friendships Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, you're not forgiven.
Never? Nope, never.
That's what you doing here? Never forgiving me? Oh! Whoa, whoa.
What's all this? I start at 9:00.
I thought you weren't going to work.
Well, why wouldn't I? I'm looking forward to it.
Oh, Cal, this is lovely.
I'll just have to eat it on the way.
There's a load of washing that needs to be done.
Have a great day.
Coffee? I've already had one, thanks.
Has Max got an espresso machine? Or does he prefer to go to the local? I've been to the ATM.