Workin' Moms (2017) s02e13 Episode Script

Look Back

1 NATHAN: Previously on "Workin' Moms" - Pregnancy test? - They're ovulation tests.
I think that it would be best if I just walk away, right now, before things get complicated.
Sonya I [DOOR SLAMS SHUT] Lionel, will you marry me? Anne, when you marry me, I want it to be because I'm the most beautiful boy in the room, not because you're compensating for some lie you told about your ex-husband.
BURT: You're clearly bright.
And after a few years, if your company survives, which most don't, we can have another conversation.
I got peri-menopause.
- Menopause.
- It means I can still get pregnant, but my door is closing.
Okay, uh Alice, remember, I need you to warn me of obstacles, otherwise I'm gonna get trust issues.
- [CRASHES INTO CHAIR] - Chair! Okay, all right, that one's a little late but ALICE: You can take your blindfold off now.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] Oh my God, something is happening.
Alice and I have been talking, and we've decided to keep you.
Lionel, you are everything that I want.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! I can't do that.
I can't do-that is a young man's game.
[STARTS CRYING] Lionel, will you continue to spend the rest of your life with me? I don't want another big wedding, but if you're into it, we could do a commitment ceremony.
Just with our close friends.
[CRYING] We should-hoo! It's okay.
You can take your time.
- [SOBBING] Uh - Jesus, Dad! Wow, okay.
Yes! I'm gonna take that as a yes.
[CHUCKLES] Don't be gross.
Mom, I've got this from here.
I'll get the ball rolling on the ceremony.
For tonight, I've got a bachelor-bachelorette party set up for you guys in the living room.
Alice has asked to be the commitment ceremony planner.
I thought that that would be a very good outlet for her.
No strippers! Yey-oh Holler at you, girl I am just so thrilled we can all be together for Anne's big day! Thank you for this, Val.
This is very cool of you.
My pleasure.
[CHUCKLES] Still a little short, but that's okay.
How you feelin' about round two? I know my mom couldn't be more excited.
Well, my mom didn't even respond, so.
How you doin'? You wanna talk about it? Uh uh.
Hey, can I pick your brain about something? I'm thinking of having another kid.
What the hell? I know how it sounds, it's just- You have been saying, on loop, "no more creatures," - since Charlie's been born.
- I know but And you're opening up your own business! Totally, it's just look, my window is kinda closing here, and this could be my last shot.
Dude, just take a second and think about it.
Okay? And either way, know that I got your back.
Guys, are these too much? Did they even do anything to those? It's like being friends with Little Kim.
- It's Lil'.
- Hm, no, - I think it's Little Kim.
- Lil'.
- So Ll? - Yeah.
L-l-l Kim.
- Stop that.
- Yeah.
IAN: And here's the bright blue option.
Huh? Says I'm a lot of fun, but also I've got secrets.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Okay, do not go anywhere.
We're not finished here.
- Hi.
- Hi! What are you doing here? I don't know.
Uh, I was on my way to renew my driver's license, and that always stresses me out.
You know, the lines and and then I found myself doing the voice that you do to make me laugh, and it did, and and it made me feel better and then worse.
I like you a lot, and it's like I was so worried about the end, I was just afraid to let it start.
I mean, I don't even know your favourite colour.
- Come here.
- [SONYA CRIES] IAN: It's aqua.
[ZOE COOS] Wow, you've really got it covered as far as cocktail attire is concerned.
I know.
I overdid it.
I didn't know what was acceptable.
- [ZOE COOS] - Okay, you go.
I got this.
[ZOE COOS] So, let's see, Zoe girl, which one sends the right message? Def not this one.
Uh you know, I never noticed how beautiful your eyes are.
And do you know what would go great with those eyes of yours? This one! See! Though I'm pretty sure I saw this exact piece in "Miss Saigon.
" Little help.
Oh, what would you do without me? Oh God, what would I do without you? Roaming a beach somewhere, childless and free.
[CHUCKLES] Sipping a margarita.
- You look good.
- CHARLIE: Daddy! Daddy! Oh, I'll go help the sitter.
Thanks, babe.
- [PHONE RINGS] - Hm? Arg so sick of come on you [PHONE RINGS] Hello.
Goddamn it.
- BURT: This a bad time? - Uh no, sorry, it's just this zipper can be a bit of a bitch.
- Wait, who's this? - It's Burt Namb.
Oh uh, Mr Mr.
Hi, uh, sorry for the profanity.
I'm just desperately trying to get into this wedding dress.
Oh, you're getting married.
No, I'm already it's for a friend's wedding, I'm just trying to get dressed for it.
- Gotcha.
Well, I - I'll get to the point.
My partner and I sat down last night, we reviewed our options for PR representation, and well, I-I don't know if it's because he's dying or not, but [SIGHS] right now he's a sucker for a good story, and yours is pretty good.
Are-are you-are you saying Well, we've had a change of heart.
We'd officially like to hire your firm.
If you're still interested.
- Yes.
Um, yes.
- Great.
Yes! [LAUGHS] I'm not gonna sugar-coat this.
It's a tough gig, all right, there's a lot of travel.
I like tough, I like travel, and I like your company.
We'll be in touch with a formal agreement.
- I sounds great! - Great.
[LAUGHS] Yes! Yes! Strut - Get-ge-ge-get it - Ha! - Get-ge-ge-get it - Ha! Do you have any medicine for motion sickness? What? Why? It's just, you know, I've dreamed of this day since I was a little boy.
But now it's here.
Honey, I know this day carries a lot of weight for you, but we've already done the work, okay? This is just supposed to be fun.
I'm having fun.
You wanna tell me why you're not ready yet? You can back off, missy.
Or, I'm gonna You're gonna what? Get dressed? You know what? Go to your room! - You go to your room! - Enough! Alice, this is a very high-stakes day for me, and I love you.
But you're frightening.
Alice? I'm sorry.
I just wanna make sure you guys actually get married.
Okay? Sweetheart, we're gonna have a wonderful ceremony today.
Okay? But I want you to know that none of this matters.
Excuse me, what? Because we are going to love and support each other always, whether we have a party or not.
- As long as this world - Keeps on spinning around - Ladies! - Oh my God.
- JADE: Wow, nice dress.
- KATE: Are you serious? Congratulations on your big day.
Thank you.
It's quite the day for everyone.
Alicia, your husband here? Oh yeah, he is, he's just at the bar.
- Ah.
- Holy shit! What? FRANKIE: Wow, you never said you were married to a model! Oh, who, Franklin? No, no.
He's an engineer.
With a more open mind to cunnilingus.
Thanks to my counselling.
You're welcome, Alicia.
Val, that is supposed to be private.
Where's the Mountie, Val? Well, I thought today was really about girlfriends.
Also, he's in a full-body cast.
- IAN: Guys.
- Hi, man.
How are ya? You didn't get a sitter? Um, she's my plus one, and she's dressed to kill.
' [SONYA CHUCKLES] And who's your other guest? Oh, guys, meet Sonya.
Sonya's my girlfriend.
ALL: [OOHS] Yeah.
[LAUGHING] Congratulations.
It's so good to finally be meeting you guys.
I've heard a lot about you.
You too, man.
[LIGHT CHUCKLES] [TOILET FLUSHES] KATE: Oh, hi! Did not wash her hands.
What are we doing in here anyways? Wouldn't you like to know? [DOOR CLICKS SHUT, LOCK CLICKS] You brought the ovulation stick.
You really wanna start this right now? Have you forgotten where we met? Bathroom stalls are basically our Paris.
Romance, baby.
Now here's how it's gonna go down.
You are gonna watch me pee on this thing, okay, and I read the box.
If we get a smiley face in three minutes, it's go time.
Dip, dunk, bang city, clang-de-clang combat.
- Talkin' about sex, Nathan.
- I got it.
But maybe we get your business up and running first, before we try to make another baby.
Yeah, I know, figured with my sexy menopause and everything - you know, I just- - No, no, no, no, listen, I feel the pressure too.
Maybe we see where these leads take us.
[KATE SIGHS] All right, fuck it.
I guess I just thought you might wanna put a baby in me, that's all.
- And I will never - Never Ever quit loving you - And I will never - Never Ever, quit loving you [KATE MOANS] [MOANING AND GRUNTING] Oh.
Oh God.
[KATE AND NATHAN BREATHE HEAVILY] [VAL MOANS] Never quit loving you - Hey guys.
- Kate.
Where have you been? - You look a little flushed.
- Stop.
Psst, hey guys! Does anybody know how to tie a bow tie? - Shameful.
- Yeah, I gotcha.
- Can you watch Greta? - Of course.
- Yes.
- May I have some juice please? Of course you can.
Oh, Katie, it's so nice to see you with a little girl.
Charlie needs a sibling.
- Tick, tock, tickety-tock, tock.
- [KATE SIGHS] You didn't say no.
- Well - [ELEANOR GASPS] Oh, Katy, this is such good news.
To be honest, I've already started a hope chest.
Let's get you that juice, all right? GRETA: All right.
Hee hee! - See, they're always running.
- Oh, Kate! - It's a lot of work, Mom.
- Congratulations.
[CRYING] It's not okay.
- Hey.
[KATE GASPS] [LOW HUM OF CHATTER] Mom, the ceremony's about to start.
What are those earrings? Alice, just go make sure your father's not crying.
[NERVOUS EXHALE] - Um - Hey, dude, where were you? Hey.
Sorry, um, Greta wanted uh, some juice and - You good.
- Hm.
[SIGHS] So, it's the big moment.
Yeah, it is.
You look amazing.
Lionel's walking after me.
Of course he is.
- Just means a lot to him.
- Yeah.
Um did you see my mom out there, at all? - No I - I didn't.
Can't say I didn't try, right? Anne, I'm so sorry.
No, it's fine.
It's-it's fine.
Good news is, your family's already here.
Lionel, me, we chose you, you know? Not to mention those two gorgeous daughters of yours.
You like him, right? Look, there are very few things I am sure of anymore.
But you, and Lionel, you're one of them.
[ANNE SIGHS] - Okay.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
[ANNE CRIES] [BIG INHALE] Are you ready? - Let's get you married.
- Ah! Okay.
Love you, always Through the darkest days Heard the bad news Nothing we can't get through Nothing I known Oh my.
I'm just looking for my seat.
You're all I need in this uncertainty And I'll always be by your side I'll always be by your side I'll always be by your side [ANNE LAUGHS THROUGH TEARS] Hoo.
You may be seated.
[FORCEFULLY] I said sit down.
[MUSIC STOPS] [CHAIRS CREAK] I have been given the responsibility of officiating this wedding.
- Alice.
- Sorry.
Commitment ceremony.
Anyway, I'm in charge, and I'd like to start off with the vows.
Oh, uh [PAPERS CRINKLE] Should have numbered these.
[CLEARS THROAT] Some people take Ciprolex to be whole.
Me, I take Anne.
Anne's not shy about fighting for what she wants in life, - even when it's controversial.
- [ANNE CHUCKLES] I'm happy to say that I fall into that category, and I promise I will never take that for granted, ever.
I promise I am going to fight for you, and I will protect you, and I will protect Alice, and Jaymie, forever, even if I have to put my foot down from time to time.
[ANNE LAUGHS THROUGH TEARS] Woo! I've alphabetized my thoughts, 'cause there's so many, so here we go.
A, is for adornment.
I like it because it sounds like ornament, which reminds me of our first Christmas.
B, is for beautiful, because you're the most beautiful woman - I have ever met.
- [EXHALES] B is also for brioche, which is what we had on our first date.
Anyways, I'm gonna skip ahead.
I'm gonna skip ahead.
[GLASSES CLINK] JANE: Well, here we are.
Yup, here we are.
That's it? You're not gonna say anything? Nice earrings.
- [MIC FEEDBACK] - ELEANOR: Hello! Oh, it's this bitch.
I just wanted to say that I have been at both of Anne's weddings, and this one is just as lovely as the first one, and hopefully it'll be the last one.
Kate, do you remember when you told me that you didn't want to get married? And look at you now with your JANE: That's enough! Just walk away! Walk away, lady.
I wanna to get this right this time.
Anne, I'm very proud of you.
You've always done things your own way, and Lionel is an interesting choice.
But he loves you very much, just the way you deserve.
And I love you too, Anne.
Whoa love Your eyes shine brighter Than the stars above Oh I can't think of anything better If I could make this last forever I'd try And I'd tell the world To stop spinning 'round I'd tell the stars to keep shining And the sun to stay down 'Cause a night like this Hasn't come around in so long I'm gonna turn time off I'm gonna turn you on I'm gonna tell the world stop spinning 'round I'm gonna tell the stars to keep shining And the sun to stay down 'Cause a night like this Hasn't come around in so long I'm gonna turn time off I'm gonna turn you on I'm gonna turn time off I'm gonna turn you on I'm gonna turn time off I'm gonna turn you on I'm gonna turn time off [WATER RUNS] [TURNS WATER OFF] [SHAKY EXHALE] [SIGHS] [SLOW FOOTSTEPS THUD] - You good? - Yeah.
Come to bed.
- What is it? - Nothing.
I uh, forgot something, downstairs.
What is love But a constant struggle What's the heart But the pounding What are we When the tide is sinking [WHISPERS] I love you.
What is faith I don't know it I don't know it I don't know it - I don't know it - I don't know it I don't know it [EXHALES] What is love But a constant lesson