Workin' Moms (2017) s03e12 Episode Script

Two Paths

Previously on "Workin' Moms" - What was that? - Oh my God! You keep your family away from mine.
Take it easy on the Jesus, 'cause I'll try not to speak in tongues.
Religion is the cause of every war in the world.
But you put her in soccer which is violent, - and she hates it.
- We will talk later.
We loved the Free Bleed campaign.
A big opportunity just landed in my lap.
Go! Go to New York! May the best woman win.
No yeah.
Impulse, impossible to manufacture, however once triggered, impossible to ignore.
What am I, Dr.
Seuss? Where is that? Ah.
62% 62% With 62% of consumers purchasing their airline tickets online, impulse purchases will more than double.
Okay, come on.
Oh my God.
No, you cannot pull that off.
Good morning, and welcome to Tru Air.
Hi Sorry about that.
Nathan, hi, I'm just about to go pitch.
Oh, sorry to bother you, I just got a call from the school! You don't have to shout, the speaker function will pick up on your voice.
Sorry, just making coffee! I just wanna make sure Charlie's Halloween costume doesn't have any pasta on it, unless it's gluten free.
Somebody's got celiac.
Okay, uh don't worry, there won't be any pasta on his costume.
I'm taking a very straightforward approach.
You didn't buy one of those costumes in a bag, right? What kind of mother do you think I am? I won't embarrass you.
It's not about me, Kate, I just know how much you'll beat yourself up if you think the other parents are making an effort - and you're not.
- Okay, okay, I hear you, alright, very loud and clear.
- I gotta go.
- Break a leg, baby! Wow, that's loud.
Kate Foster, I'm here to pitch? Yes, you can have a seat.
Can I get you a coffee? Not unless you want me to tear through this dress - like the Hulk.
- Kate! Oh, Mike.
You look wow.
Look who's talkin'.
Do you usually wear lipstick? Oh no, it's too much, right, I should just take it off.
Why? Draws attention to your most effective feature.
It's actually throwing me off my game.
Just a little bit though, not a lot.
- Hi.
- Hi.
God, you gotta wonder who they're bringing in for this? Michael Bolinsky.
Fuck me.
Ah! Victoria! - Ah.
- Bonjour.
- Victoria Stromanger.
- Yeah, Kate Foster we've Oh well, I must go in, but best of luck to you and your associate.
You know who that is? Yeah, I should hope so.
She tried very hard to ruin my life.
I guess Gaze is a third contender.
Alice honey, can we talk? Look, I, I know you're upset about What happened last night was shocking, and I am so sorry that you had to go through that.
We have to talk about it, okay? Alice? Alice, honey.
- Lionel! - Just a reminder, - I am still not talking to you.
- Alice is gone! - She's not in her room? - She's not in the house! She's gone? And so is the gun.
Oh my God! No, it's okay, I appreciate it.
Thank you so much.
She's not at school.
Why did you bring a gun into our house? She's not at Brenna's, but the police are on high alert.
Why did you bring a gun into our house? I think that we should split up.
I think that Anne, you brought a loaded weapon into our home, where our children are! What were possibly thinking? How could you think that's, in any way, a good idea? I know! Okay? One of my clients brought it in because she was scared of her boyfriend, and when I held it in my hands it's like something awoke inside of me, and I just I just wasn't ready to let go of that feeling.
Now our daughter is out there somewhere with a loaded weapon in her backpack because you had to feel like Little Annie Oakley.
I know, I can't stop thinking about the terrible things she must be up to.
We don't know that.
We don't know that she's doing anything wrong.
Lionel, the gun, the cookies, the thong! None of this matters right now! All that matters is that we find her! Let's try the park.
Hey, you two, get in here! Hello! I heard that you, my dear, are not feelin' well.
She's been up all night.
Thank you so much for taking her so last minute.
Oh yeah, no sweat.
That way I can get my cuddle in before I have to leave.
You are leaving? Who's watching Rhoda? Oh, it's Bianca.
The Hildebrand's finally found a buyer.
If I play my cards right, they're gonna come in over asking.
I got to make it rain, G! That was not our arrangement, Frank.
It's gonna be fine, okay? Hey, Bianca, hun? Giselle's here! Hey.
Jesus Christ.
Mother Superior, actually.
I don't care whose mother she is, she is not taking care of Rhoda.
Oh no, no, no, no! This is just a costume.
Our church is having a fundraiser.
We're singing the hits from "Sister Act", the movie? Oh, got one for Rhoda, too! She's not wearing that! Giselle, where are you going? I'd rather rearrange my whole day than leave my only child with this Jesus freak.
Giselle! Ahh! Sweet Jesus! Sorry.
Hi, Father.
Doesn't even sound real.
Victoria's not funny.
Oh, anybody can get a laugh.
Right, doesn't mean her idea's winning.
Jesus! So, what's your pitch? Why, you wanna steal it? Maybe.
Is it good? Okay, what's your sell, hot shot? Reliability.
Short-haul flights are notoriously canceled, - and they have horrible service.
- Hmm.
But, with Tru Air, you no longer need to compromise.
They're putting a business class experience in the hands of the frequent traveler.
Tru Air, putting the passenger back in control.
- That's good.
- Hmm.
But it's not great.
Well, I'm sorry, but that's not how most people operate.
Whadda ya mean? Mike, you're a walking control variable.
Nothing flusters you.
Yeah, because I make a plan and then I stay the course.
But most people aren't like you.
Their lives are being disrupted every 20 minutes, and they have to adjust.
Like, I might think I want fish, and "The English Patient" but then after being delayed at O'Hare for three hours, I want pizza and "50 Shades.
" Desires change.
Alright, what've you got? Impulse.
Today's business professional knows that success means being able to make snap decisions on the fly.
Tru Air gets it you want what you want, when you want it.
Sure, yeah if your demographic is angry teenagers.
But the clientele that Tru Air is marketing towards, they don't identify with impulsivity.
Well - Hmm.
- Well, shit.
- Alice! - Alice? Alice, are you here? Alice! Hey, excuse me, excuse me! Do you go to Greenwood Secondary? Do you know Alice Carlson? She's like this tall, she has long, red hair and And a gun.
Maybe this'll help.
I think I'd remember seeing her.
What the hell does that mean? What the hell does that mean! Answer the question, punk! Not sure what I get outta this.
- How much? - What? - It's a shakedown.
- No, it's not a shakedown.
- $35.
- It's a shakedown.
- What?! - Pay him! Fine, fine! Uh do you take debit? What the?! Have you seen her, or not? Speak up, or I will bury you in the earth! I haven't seen her, okay? Psycho! Orange soda.
You pussy.
Okay, okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Hello? - Is this Anne Carlson? - Yes! This is Deputy Plintsock with the Toronto PD, and it's about your daughter, Alice.
Oh my God, Alice, are you okay? - I'm fine.
- Whatever you've done, don't say anything until we get a lawyer, okay? - Where did you find her? - We didn't.
She found us.
Now, I got somethin' to say to you, both.
You got yourself an extraordinary young woman here.
Today she did something very brave.
She found a weapon and turned it into us.
Where was it again, on the street, right? Just lying there, by a bush.
Yeah, I've always said bushes could be very dangerous.
- Isn't that right, honey? - Yes.
Never know what you're gonna find in a bush.
Needles, guns, drifters.
Everybody's got their tea and we're all good? So, Bianca and I want to thank you for coming back and for rearranging your day to look after Rhoda.
Just get to the point.
Uh how do I put this, delicately? Um Jesus freaks you out, and Bianca leans on him pretty hard.
So, I'd like to propose, uh, a compromise.
- No? - It's time you hear a few of my rules.
- What the hell is that? - My list of demands.
- How many are there? - 27.
- Hmm.
- Huh.
# 1 Christmas will remain completely secular.
Emphasis on Santa Claus.
# 2 - no baptisms, confirmations, or confessions.
# 3 Yeah I mean, that could work.
Are you sure you wanna do this? Yeah, I think the real question is, can you follow? 'Cause somethin' tells me, you're used to takin' the lead.
I can do that.
Great, then let's get in there and fuck.
- What? - Pitch.
Let's fuckin' pitch in there together.
Oh, I'm gonna hold you to that, Victoria.
Yes, please do.
I'm in town so often.
Walter, Cynthia, we'll speak soon.
Indeed, we will.
Kate Foster, I believe you're up! Uh, Mike and I have actually decided to join forces.
- We'd like to pitch together.
- What? - Will that be a problem? - Not if it's good! # 26 - no religious rituals or Hollywood re-enactments of them.
And finally, no exorcisms, or using the movie, "The Exorcist" as a teachable moment.
Well, that was a lot! - Borderline offensive.
- Offensive? You know what? I am leaving! No! No, Giselle, please! No, please! Let me talk to her.
Giselle, wait.
I'm sorry, okay? But I can't change just because you're uncomfortable.
But I-I promise, if this whole thing bothers you this much, I'll keep my beliefs to myself.
It's not that.
Frankie and I haven't talked about how we want to raise Rhoda when it comes to religion.
You know what? You stay, talk to Frank, I'll take a walk and give you guys some space.
I found this outside on the front lawn.
How did she Oh, thank God.
Well, you could thank me.
God had nothing to do with this one.
I see-I see what you did, there.
Thank you, Jesus.
- It was wrong.
- Well How could my instincts be so fucking off? I thought-I thought she was this master manipulator, - and she's just-she's just - A kid? A really good kid, who did the right thing - in a dangerous situation.
- I know.
And she covered for you in the process.
Okay, Lionel, you don't have to rub it in.
You don't have to be sorry, there's nothing for you to be sorry for.
I'm the one who can't see Alice for who she really is.
It must be so confusing for her.
I'm such a bad mom.
I used a Lysol wipe instead of a baby wipe - on Jaymie, the other day.
- What? She's fine, her privates are fine.
I'm monitoring the situation, but I did it.
It's okay to screw up.
Just preferably with less weaponry.
She did a pretty amazing thing today.
Yeah, she did.
She'd love to hear that from you.
Oh, and P.
, you're still not off the hook.
Impulse is a very powerful messenger.
You see something exciting, and your serotonin is triggered, causing you to act more aggressively than you would with a sober mind.
And clientele that Tru Air wants is drunk on that impulse.
They're accustomed to turning "I want" into "I have".
And yet, on most airlines, they make you travel with limitations.
But what if Tru Air's executive line could ensure their demands are met, both on the ground by giving you options to plan ahead.
and in the air? By reacting to your in-flight impulses, because sometimes you just don't know what you want.
Until you've had a taste.
Now, Tru Air can capitalize on those whims.
They need to feel cared for, pampered, satisfied.
Because, who knows? Maybe you'll crave something different on your way home, than you did on your way there.
Now other airlines they give you what you ordered.
Tru Air will give you what you need, whenever you want it.
Oh my God! Oh shit.
Oh yeah.
Goddamn, we were good in that room together.
Alice, you really scared us today.
You know, guns are not a toy, regardless of how powerful they make you feel.
I know.
I may have filled this too full.
You think? I owe you an apology.
I have been so focused on how scary the world is, but it could be a really wonderful place, too.
But that part's up to you.
Whadda ya mean? The choices we make create the kind of life we'll have, and the kind of person that we'll become.
Today, you made a good choice, and as a result of that, I want you to know that I trust you.
Excuse me? I'm sorry, but that was your gun! Yes, yeah, and I made a bad choice! A bad choice? All you do is make bad choices! You chose to attack my friend's parents! - Twice! - Okay, that's enough.
If I didn't cover for you today, you'd probably be in jail! Alice! Enjoy your very full glass of wine! Gimme some of those chips, young lady.
There's only like, 42 left! - Now, listen here! - Ah! Jesus, that's a lotta tattoos! Awesome.
How am I so shitty at this?