Workin' Moms (2017) s04e01 Episode Script


1 (PHONE CHIMES) - (CAR HONKS) - (ENGINE RUMBLES) Hey man, thanks.
(DOOR SHUTS) Hello, table for two, por favor.
Oh, Charlie.
- Hi.
- Oh thank God, I didn't think you were coming.
- Does this mean? - Yeah.
Fuck yes, yes! - Fuck yes.
- Yes! Awwwoo! Hit it! Hey! - - Would you get these filed by noon, thank you.
- Hey.
- What's uh, what's all this? - The décor is Pueblo revival.
- (SMALL CHUCKLE) It's got a hell of a following, you know.
Probably 'cause at our core it's what the heart truly craves.
- (SMALL LAUGH) - It's just um when you said you wanted to use an office I didn't think you were gonna turn into a Tex Mex menagerie.
Uh, I was sort of hoping for more of a one laptop situation.
Wow, you know, just trying to make myself comfortable, we do have another six months left in our contract.
- We do.
- We do.
- Now this one's cute.
- Hey.
- Oh hi.
- Kate, you remember Trish.
- Of course.
- Hmm.
I gotta say you, you look great, Trish, - how are you feeling? - Oh like a princess, but also gassy.
No totally.
I actually can't believe I'm gonna be a father.
- Aww.
- You know.
Yeah, but why say no when you can say maybe, right? (TRISH GIGGLES) Oh.
- Hm-hm-hm.
- Oh.
(MOANS) All right, well, I'm gonna um, I'm gonna get some work done, keep uh, keep up the good, (BOX THUDS) keep up the good work.
(CLEARS THROAT) "Punishment; the ultimate reward".
That's your title? I'm telling you as a mother of a teenager, parents are gonna go crazy for this book.
Look I can try and shop it around, but you're a hard sell for publishers.
Why? You don't have a built-in audience, no social media following, I mean, who are you? - I am a doctor.
- So is my dermatologist.
- Just wait, wait.
- Mhmm.
Ah shit.
Here, here, it's my 13-year old, Alice.
Oh my God.
Yeah, a year ago my daughter was brandishing a firearm in our home, and since implementing my method she goes to chess camp, she flosses three times a day, and she's embarrassed by social media.
Okay, tell you what, get me some paper on the idea and I'll run it by a few friends.
Friends-friends, like like publishers? And it's cooler if you don't say it, but yes.
Totally, yeah.
Hey there, pack it up or we're gonna be late.
Actually Ms.
Carlson, I was hoping to connect - with you briefly.
- Sure, go wait in the car.
Fine, come on, Keith.
What she do? She talk back? You catch her in a lie? If you don't ride her she's gonna walk off.
She fell asleep in class today again.
She had mentioned that you have her enrolled - in 20 activities this summer.
- It's called activity jail.
- Activity jail? - Yes sir, it's what happens when you lie and take advantage of your parents and now she's so busy she can't.
I fear that she's being spread too thin.
She barely has enough energy to practice oboe.
Full transparency, man, I don't care if she can play the oboe, as long as she's not playing someone else's oboe.
(POPPING SOUND) (DOORS SHUT) Wanna tell me why you weren't at karate this morning? I got a call from Sensei Brian.
I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop, okay.
I could have been kidnapped, I wish I was.
Oh yeah, would a kidnapper take you thong shopping? That's kinda exactly what a kidnapper would do.
(ANGRY GROAN) Let me see, no show to a scheduled activity, what is the punishment for that again? Mom no, please don't take over my Insta.
Please don't lie and take advantage of your father and me.
- Gimme-gimme-gimme-gimme-gimme.
- Fine! If you do this I'm literally gonna fill my pockets with rocks and like jump into the lake.
Wouldn't advise that, you'll be late for your internship.
Hey everyone, Alice's mom here for another round of being given everything and squandering it.
Jugga, jugga, jugga! Beer! Oooh! (LAUGHS) - Beer's here.
- Okay.
Ugh, can you believe this stupid logo, I can't wait to get my hands on it.
Hey Kate, I wanna get your eyes on this Admiral, wow! Okay, that is a big fish, - congratulations.
- Thank you, Mike.
- So how'd you hook up with them? - Well, they came to me.
Craig Strathern, is he over there now? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
Oh, actually could you put that back, that has not been released yet so it's Après French? What's the angle, huh? Wait.
Is that a weed beer? Uh, if you could, you could put that back, it's for an event that I'm Okay.
Ooh, sorry.
Mmm, that's not too bad actually.
You know, this is gonna be a very complicated launch for them, Admiral is old school so if you wanted my help, I know Craig.
Oh, I appreciate your concern, but uh, I know Craig too, I can handle it.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Oh, hey, good timing.
Why don't you uh, bring this back to the storage supply closet for the party tomorrow for us.
Oh, and while you're at it, intern, you wanna help Trish get some stuff from the car, thanks.
- Why, your hands broken? - How rude.
Well, you could try using her name.
Well, I would but I don't know it.
(FRUSTRATED EXHALE) I can't believe we were ever attracted to that guy.
- We? - You.
He's such a jerk.
- I know.
- Yeah.
Would you call Craig and tell him - I'm gonna come to him today? - Mhmm.
I'm gonna go blow off some steam.
- Oh, ah.
- Woo! - Ahh! (LAUGHING) - Oh I needed that.
- Oh me too.
- Oh my God.
- Oh.
We gotta keep it fresh like this, you know, just cars, parks, the occasional Port-A-John.
Why stop there, we should do it at a carnival and charge admission.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I just don't want us to take each other for granted.
Hey, me neither.
So you feeling ready for tonight? I think so, I got all the ingredients for my spin dib, I'm gonna grab some wine, what else are you supposed to serve at these housewarming things? I guess I meant more like do you feel nervous? - Not really, should I be? - No, no.
(CHUCKLES) It's just, it's sort of like our coming out party.
Our friends know we've already been together for months, so.
No, yeah, they know that already 'cause we're in this together, solid.
And screw 'em if they think otherwise, right? - You okay? - Yeah, no I'm good, I am good.
(GROANS) (DOOR OPENS, APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS) Oh, can you forgive me for being late? These two birds were fighting outside my office window and I could tell it was personal.
Did one of the birds kill the other bird? What? No, no, have you no idea, - how birds communicate, they - Oh no, no I do, I do.
They uh, they speak with their beaks.
How has the shift been for you, guys? Is Admiral concerned how the public will take the transition? Are you kidding? Biggest beer company in the country and I pitched them on putting weed inside their beer.
Oh the reputation of this entire company is on my shoulders, Kate, you can't imagine.
I can imagine actually.
I know what it's like to worry that people will respect you less for a choice you've made.
- Yes.
- You're still you, you know, and the smartest thing you can do, stand your ground, let the public know you're still the same bad ass.
Maybe they're worried that like, you know, you're making the wrong choice, or that you're moving backwards, and they think of you as a creep.
Sorry wait, what, what does that mean? Forget that part.
You stay solid, okay? Your product is great, and the public will get on board eventually, they always do.
Right now your job is to project strength.
Mmm, (THUMPS TABLE) hey, to projecting strength.
To projecting strength.
So it's quite the uh, fancy report card - you've come up with.
- What are all the ones? Oh, well one is obviously for being number one, Nathan, the best.
Actually, one is the lowest score.
Oh, that seems unnecessarily confusing.
Most children at his age can handle a list of up to three, even four action items without requiring step by step instructions.
You need to encourage his independence.
Try giving him a chore like making his bed every morning.
Charlie's still in his crib.
Really? He's four.
He gets nightmares.
Oh yeah, and working with no sleep.
- Yeah.
- That's my nightmare, so.
(CHUCKLES) Well, that is the process until they grow some confidence.
I know you think you're helping, but every time you button up for him, or slide his shoes on, or put him in the crib, you're saying, I don't think you're smart, or capable, or brave.
Why don't you start by having a conversation with Charlie.
I bet he would love to hear how excited you are about him sleeping in his big boy bed.
How about this bed, so cool.
- He's not gonna stay in here.
- Of course he is, he's gonna stay in here cause it's a really cool cozy bed, right man? Look, your mommy and daddy are gonna slip out now and you're just gonna have super sweet dreams 'cause this is the coolest bed anyone's ever seen.
- You got this.
- Okay, okay.
- I got it.
No, no, no, no, let daddy do his thing.
Come here you you're going to bed.
"There once was an old woman who lived in a shoe" (CHIPS CLATTER) - He's down.
- Nicely done.
- Seriously good, right? - Oh God.
What happened to daddy doing his thing? Uh I talked to all your friends at camp, they're all asleep, so if you wanna catch up you gotta close your eyes, deal? (SIGHS) You see, something mothers are gifted with is the power of negotiations, Nathan, look it up.
Oh gee.
Let's count some sheep, okay, buddy? One 42 67 69 Stay.
- Kate, what's taking so long? - (GASPS) Nothing.
- Are you drugging him? - No.
He's allergic um to sleep.
- And it wasn't legal.
- No.
Okay, it was.
(LAUGHING) Looking for the, the right one who would wanna do it.
- She's funny, Mel's funny.
- Hey guys.
- Oh hey.
- ALL: Hey.
- I am impressed.
- Mhmm.
- Why? - That you invited Nathan.
I live here.
Back together and I'm the last to know.
Well, don't be surprised if you get a call - from my gastroenterologist.
- Why? I told him you were available.
What a shame, the man really knows his way around a rectum.
- Jesus.
- (MEL CHUCKLES) - So does this one.
- Private time.
Anyway, um thanks guys for coming, and you know, housewarming.
(THEY CHUCKLE) (SILENCE) - How you doing, Anne? - (BABY CRIES) - Fine.
- Well, this place is great.
- Thank you, great place.
- Great place.
- Awesome.
- Yeah, right? You know when people say uh, people say it's this good to move back in, you know, that it shows uh, strength, and um courage, and um, and strength.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I made a spin dip.
- ALL: Ooh.
- Looks good.
- Yes, beautiful.
We get it, he makes dip, fuck you.
- (CHOKES) - What? Okay, Anne, a word.
(BABY FUSSES) Uh Bianca, quit hiding that baby, let me get a look at that little bundle of joy.
Such a sweetie.
Okay, I wanna see.
Hot damn, that's his face.
Jesus, sweet Jesus.
Oh my God is, uh is he, is his eye always pointing that way? Well, that's just, that's just his face.
(SIGHS) - (CHIP CRUNCHES) - (BABY FUSSES) - You said you were okay with this.
- (SIGHS) Yeah, I know I did but then I saw your face next to his face and all I could think about was my nanny sitting on it.
Look, I can't hear this right now, okay? So I need you like suppress it, or like take it out on your patients or something.
I can't.
Look, you were honest with me about Brad, okay? And that's the best thing that you could have done for me.
Brad and Nathan are not the same, okay? And yes it was a tough choice, but it was the right choice for me and my family.
Are you staying with him because of the kids? - No, no.
- It's a fair question.
Sorry to interrupt but uh gosh, do you have any nipple pads, I mean Bianca's boobs are like Niagara, I'm afraid that baby's gonna lose an eye, like pow.
You know, and if you want my opinion, I think it's very big of you to take back a cheater.
- Thank you.
- No I do, it speaks to your capacity for caring and forgiveness, - right, Anne? - Yes, very brave.
Mhmm, like Hilary Clinton.
Yes, like Hilary, because you know, I'm sure Bill never cheated again.
Right, never.
And I want you to be the president of your own life.
- Hilary lost.
- Yes she did.
- Okay, but you won't.
- Probably not.
What are you guys even talking about? Stop talking.
Oh do you have any nipple pads or not because Bianca's boobs have probably already leaked all over the main floor.
(SIGHS) Is two enough? - Yeah, great thank you.
- Yeah.
You use words to describe the person on the paper there, it's a very fun and highly personal game.
Mel and I sometimes play alone.
- It goes by real quick.
- I love games.
- Shut up, go Nathan.
- Come on, Nathan, let's go.
- Is it me? - It is actually.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Well, that was a shitty turn.
(READYING EXHALE) Okay, so this person is awesome, she's cool, she's really smart, she's very forgiving.
Val, Val Szalinsky.
No, arguably too forgiving, she took somebody back that disrespected her.
Yeah, right, got it, it's me, it's me.
Ha ha ha, thank you, Anne.
Um okay, okay.
- Bring it on, bring it on.
- You got it, woof it up.
Right, uh okay, so this person um, is very good at their job, um but isn't always the best judge of character.
- Is it Frankie? - Hey.
Not Frankie, uh this person is um a very good parent, uh but occasionally indulges in self-destructive ideas.
- Lionel.
- Yes, she's not wrong.
No, it's not um Lionel.
Um okay uh, uh, uh they are um, they, um their favourite color is green.
Kate, stop being so vague and just spell it out.
I have no idea who you're talking about.
- Uh they're very good drivers.
- Come on-come on-come on, yeah, more, more, what do you got? - Who is it? - Uh yeah, yeah, so this person um Bring it home, Honey, you can do it.
Come on, Kate.
Oh like you were that much better, I'm trying - (OVERLAPPING CONVERSATION) - Okay fine, fine, fuck it, fuck it, he cheated on me, you all hate him enough, if I run for president I'd never win.
Oh fuck, fuck.
No one was getting it and I I'm really You didn't deserve that.
Sorry, party foul.
I was dumb.
- Hey, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I got this.
No, no, I think this game's over.
Nathan, we don't need to keep I got this, okay? It's um, um this person he's uh, he's uh (HARD EXHALE) - average height.
- Oh.
And he's deeply kind.
Mel, Mel, is it Mel? Is it Mel? No, sorry.
We don't have to keep doing this, we could just He's, he's - he's misunderstood.
- Val Szalinsky, Val.
- No it's me.
- Oh.
Jesus C-Christ.
(ALL EXCUSING THEMSELVES AT ONCE) It was a great party, thank you.
- Bye, love you, see you soon.
- We should, we should.
Let's do it another time, bye.
KATE: Give us a few more months in the house, you know
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