Workin' Moms (2017) s06e07 Episode Script

Goin' Fishin

1 A vaginal probe? Uh-huh.
Like, the wand thing? Uh-huh.
And it felt good? - It felt very good.
- Huh! An ultrasound with a happy ending.
Good for you.
I once had an anal fissure with a happy ending.
- Ohh! - True story.
And now that I have your attention, let me officially welcome Sloane, Maya, and Jenny to Val's pals.
Buckle up.
And open today's session with a grande announcement! Ohhh! Ta-dah! Val, what the fuck did you do? I know, I splurged.
I got us parking vouchers.
Not the fuckin' vouchers, Val, we're talkin' about - That ass.
- Is that real? - It's mesmerizing.
- Oh! If you mean my dream derriere, it's as real as they come.
Mel preferred my flat Stanley, but I wanted something a little more you know.
- Enormous? - Hmm.
Yeah, and what of it? Honestly, I didn't think this crowd would be so body-neg.
Enhancing our God-given features is empowering.
So, are we making announcements? - Because I'm pregnant! - What? - Congratulations.
- Oh my God! That's not all.
I'm engaged! - Whoa! Hey! - Congrats again! And I want all of you to be my bridesmaids.
- What? - Um Seriously? Us? Well, of course, you turkeys! Who else would I be asking? Uh, I guess uh, we all assumed that you maybe already had uh More important people in your life that you I do.
And they're you.
Lucky ducks.
I'm just gonna say it, Jenny.
We're not friends, and that's okay.
Um, weird flex, Maya, but don't worry.
- You're not invited anymore.
- Jesus.
So, who's excited? Yay.
All right, one warm lunch, comin' up! Uh, I'm gonna get a ride, I'll see you after school? You catchin' a ride with a special guy? - Shh! - Oh, you don't have to worry about your dad.
He is down.
He's on the right side of history.
And by the right, I mean the left.
You know what I mean.
He'd be thrilled.
Or he'll just become even weirder around me - than he already is.
- You guys just gotta spend some time - together, that's all.
- Hey, uh, sport! - So how's it hangin'? - Oh boy! - Oh, sorry.
- Nathan.
- Um, hey - I'm-I'm good.
- Just - Oh yeah.
Uh, so there's this record signing this afternoon that I-I wanted to go to.
It's for uh, squoosh rocket.
It's at the Yowling Cat.
The Yowling Cat, that's right by my work.
- Isn't that place kinda seedy? - No, it's super cool.
I do need an adult to get in, so can we go? Oh! I wish I could, but I can't swing it today.
Uh, but maybe your dad can, since it's right by his work.
I'm tied up in a hearing, I'm really sorry.
- Another time? - Sure, yeah.
No-no problem.
Maybe when squoosh makes the rounds another 30 years from now.
- Uh, I've gotta go.
- Bye.
That felt like an opportunity.
Do you want to hand him over to Cassandra?! What am I supposed to do, cancel my hearing? You know what, you just do what you gotta do sport! Just say hi like a normal person to him.
Oh! Anne, I can't believe you're back in Cochrane.
Hey, did I mention how much I appreciate you being here? I could really use a friendly face in that courtroom.
Yeah, of course.
This looks like the suit of an innocent man, right? Are you trying to go to jail? Wait, what? What?! What's wrong with it? Hey, just checking in, seeing how you guys are doing.
Did you give your sister breakfast? Yeah, I'm not gonna let Jayme starve, Mom.
- Now stop calling.
- I'm sorry, it's just It's the first time you babysat her overnight like this, and I just wanna make sure that That I don't burn down the house? Honestly, yes, that's a very real fear of mine.
Ugh! I just You hate me.
I got it.
Loud and clear.
Listen, Kate's phone number is on the kitchen table, please just call her at any time.
I got it.
Goodbye, already! Don't "goodbye already" me! Listen, I am calling back in one hour, and I want a full rundown on everything you and Jayme ate and pooped, or there will be hell to pay, so help me God! - I love you.
- Hmm.
- Sorry about that.
- Oh, that's okay.
I'm just grateful you're able to see me in your home.
Sure thing.
Listen, what do we have here? Okay, well, I brought you all my favorites.
I think I know what all my favorites are right now.
I think I know too.
Nice of you to get started.
Nice of you to join us.
- Come on down.
- Have a seat.
Um - You - Nice and tight.
- Yeah.
- Hmm! So What's first, you Twinkies? Well, I hope you brought your sweet tooth! Yum! Okay, ooh! Is that the red velvet? Oh, honey, red velvet? Like, what year is it, 2011? Mm! This.
This is the one.
- What is this, mango meringue? - A man with taste! That's my favorite, too.
Great minds.
Anyway, what about flowers? I was thinking flower crowns for the bridesmaids.
- Not flower crowns! No! - Fuck crowns! - No, no, no.
- Okay, look, Lana Del Rey moved on, and you can, too.
Like, what's next, mason jars, and tables made from barn doors? Okay! I thought this was a wedding planning appointment, not a gang up on Jenny appointment.
Honey, we're just joking, all right? Just relax.
It's-it's a joke.
- Okay? Here.
Try this mango cake.
- Yeah, I am so done with fruit cakes! You know what? You're fired.
- What, is she serious? - What the hell? - Hey, honey.
- You can go now.
Bye! Run while you can.
What the hell was that? Look, I know this whole thing is just for show, and we're not like, together or whatever, but that doesn't mean I'm cool with you flirting with our wedding planner in front of me when I'm carrying your stupid child.
Can't you just at least pretend to care? What the fuck is this? I booked us a suite at the birthing center - for the delivery.
- Seriously? I wanna get this right, Jenny.
This baby deserves the best of us.
So, now that the book's back on, what's your position on using Goldie's products? Oh God.
Hey, Rebecca, how's our star journalist? Well, Goldie got to my sources, and they're all backing out.
I should've known she'd have more moves.
Sorry, what do you mean she got to them? She's buying them all off! They're retracting testimonials left and right.
Any bright ideas this time? Uh, yeah.
Uh, come down to my office, and I will put together a plan for you.
You better, because there's no book without these testimonials to back it up.
Of course.
- What's that? - Nothing.
Rosie? You are not still at it?! It's my last shipment, I swear! Oh! Besides, what you, and my mother, and my sister don't understand is this fills me, this fills my cup! Oh my God.
Ohh! And how heavenly is that lemon-fresh scent? Take a deep relaxing whiff, Kate.
Let it transport you.
You have a problem.
Rebecca Anderson, I'd like to introduce you to Rosie Phillips, your new insider source.
This is your plan? Doesn't she work for you? She does, which is why I can speak firsthand to the damage this little side-hustle has done.
A side-hustle I happen to have a real knack for.
Look at her, so addicted.
Right, right, sorry.
I'll tell you what I know.
All right, let's hear it.
I'll take what I can get.
Don't let her down, Rose.
Hmm! Ding dong! - Hungry? - Come in.
Um, look, I wanted to take you out for lunch, but you seem like a very busy woman, so I thought I would bring lunch to you instead.
Now, you mentioned you've been craving burritos, but you didn't tell me what kind, so I just got them all.
We've got steak, chicken, pulled pork, calamari, or veggie.
Well, that is quite the selection.
So, what'll it be? - I'm a steak sorta gal.
- Perfect! Because I am a pulled-pork fella.
- Mmm! - Mmm! Mmm! - You started reading it.
- I read it last night.
So? What'd you think? Honestly? A little on the nose, - not really my cup of tea.
- Well, uh Okay.
Fair enough.
So, what is your cup of tea, then? Like, what's the book that made you wanna get into books? "The Raccoon and the Rock.
" About a raccoon who loses her rock.
Sounds a little on the nose for me.
It's been out of print for years, but this is the copy that my dad gave me after my mom died.
I only realized later on in life why I connected to it.
And I guess, uh, I wanted to bring that feeling to others.
That's beautiful.
Oh! God, you listen to me emoting.
It's the goddamn hormones.
Yeah, it kinda comes with the pregnancy territory.
- Ah, can you just - You haven't told anyone yet? No! And I'm not chomping at the bit to, either.
Why not? I mean What do you think it says about you? Oh, I don't know, that I'm feeble, imbalanced, unreliable, temperamental, should I go on? That's very interesting.
Because I think it says you're a powerhouse.
Well, that too, obviously.
So what are you really afraid of? Oh, fuck! You're right.
Deb A.
Come on, Deb A.
! I hear you.
Because if it's judge Deb T.
, uh, I got nothing.
- Jesus Christ, dude! - I-I know.
All rise for the honorable Judge Deborah Alabaster.
- Yes! That's a Deb A.
! - Oh! Thank God! You might just see the light of day after all.
Psst! Annie! The cutie committee has a new member.
Yeah, this isn't gonna work.
I-I appreciate Rosie's cooperation, but she's basically a walking billboard for Goldie's.
Well, exactly, she drank the kool-aid! Technically, it was a delicious window cleaner.
Rosie, that's not helping.
This company cost women their families, their homes, their livelihoods.
Rosie hasn't really lost anything to Goldie's except her dignity.
- Sorry, no offense.
- Oh, none taken.
Look, she's a small fish.
For this book to hold up, we're gonna need a whale.
So call me when you find a whale.
And I still wake up in cold sweats seeing that grown man's fist making contact with my sweet son's cherub face.
Oh my God.
- You okay, hun? - I think so.
- Have a tissue.
- Thank you.
- Fuck! - It's just so crazy! You're being incredibly brave.
Thank you.
Are you still coming over for rosé after? Okay, that's it, I object! - Excuse me?! - No, excuse me.
This is bullshit! Why even pretend to have a fair trial, when clearly you are a card-carrying member of the cutie committee! She doesn't know we call it that.
Order! You're not even trying to hide your bias! - Anne, stop! - What, are you gonna give him - life in prison next? - Will you please stop?! This charade is a fucking joke! Bailiff, please remove this woman from my courtroom! Don't worry, I'll remove myself.
I'm going! God! Ridiculous! Well, Mr.
Carlson, you're up.
Hey, Sloane.
Well, you got us all here, what's the big news? Well, everyone, uh I cannot believe I'm about to share this, but - Come on.
- Sorry, am I interrupting? - Yes, actually, who are you? - Oh! Nina! Come in.
Sloane, have you met Nina Harris, - our new junior executive? - So honored to meet you.
Yeah, we were hoping that you might show her the ropes.
Yeah, and this one comes with credentials: New Publisher's award, Fountain Pen Publisher's award, - Ah! - the list goes on.
Anyway, uh, Sloane, what was it you wanted to tell us? Just that I I'm getting an ergonomic chair.
So if anyone's interested, they're cheaper if you order them in bulk.
Okay, you could've just sent us an email, but sure, I'll take one of those.
- Yeah, yeah, why not? - I'd love one too.
Uh okay! So you're saying that you had no intention of punching Mr.
Brewer? Uh, yes.
Yes, that is correct.
Well, works for me.
- Wait, that's it? - Yeah.
Uh, your honor, motion to represent myself? - Huh? - You're fired.
Motion granted.
The floor is yours, Mr.
Um huh! Okay! Uh I wanna tell you all a story.
Um, I want you I want you to close your eyes while I tell it.
Okay? Yeah.
Go ahead, close 'em.
I want you to picture a young girl walking to school on a sunny day.
Suddenly, uh, a boy walks up to her, and he smiles at her.
He charms her.
And then that boy tells her that the earth is flat, global warming is fake, and the bees The bees are doing just fine.
Suddenly, he's affecting how she talks, how she dresses.
And then one day, he scolds her.
Right in front of her father, the very man whose job it is to protect her from predators like him! You see that girl? Now imagine she's your daughter, and tell me that you wouldn't want to punch the daylights out of that punk.
I don't know if I wanna live in a country where you aren't allowed to punch that kid.
Because I believe in freedom.
Okay, thank you, I rest my case.
Hey, how have you been feeling since your last visit? Honestly? Like crap.
I already feel like I'm retaining water in my ankles, which is bullshit, because they took forever to look normal again after Zoe.
Your pregnancy is high risk, Jenny.
At least my fiancé doesn't seem to care.
He sleeps with men, and they have huge ankles.
But, if anything, it's probably brought us close together.
I mean, he did get us into the birthing center Jenny, I'm trying to tell you that your pregnancy is high risk.
What? No, it's not.
Why? The heartbeat isn't as strong as we would like it to be at this point, which means, the pregnancy may not be viable.
We'll run further tests, but right now you're at high risk for miscarrying.
So I recommend taking it easy, and waiting before telling anyone about the pregnancy.
Do you understand? You're back! - How'd it go? - What? The ultrasound.
How's baby doing? Oh.
Baby's Good, yeah.
And um You're feeling okay? Never better.
Are-are you hungry? I have a late meeting, but we can go for a bite after.
I-I, I could eat.
Meet you downstairs at six? - It's a date.
- Okay.
And I just hold A two-year supply of beauty products, courtesy of our sponsor.
Oh good, you're here.
I just had the most frustrating conversation, and honestly, I almost got in a car accident on my way over to tell you about it.
Um, I-I don't know if now's a good time.
But I-I need you now, I Is this about money? Teenagers are so greedy.
I think you should leave.
Why are you being so hostile? This isn't like you.
Let-let me in.
No! Oh my God! Hey, is it okay if we come over? Make yourselves comfortable, guys.
Those scary movies hit different when you're home alone, don't they? - Yeah.
I guess so.
- Well, don't you worry, I'm not good with the spooky stuff, either.
Hey, Nathan Jr, we got company! Come on, let's get some snacks.
Will the defendant please rise? With respect to the charge of assaulting a minor, I find the defendant guilty.
- Loser! - Yeah! Order! Order in the court! It gives me no great pleasure doing this, but, Lionel Carlson, - I sentence you to life.
- What?! A life at least 500 kilometers from Cochrane, as long as Bennett Brewer still lives within its city limits.
And a $1,500 fine.
Is that bad? Woo! Hey, hey, full house.
Yeah, Ella and Charlie are already in bed.
Nathan Jr.
and Alice are gettin' pretty cozy there.
Anything I should know? Nope, just that the Carlsons are spending the night.
Actually, hey, uh, Alice, would you put Jayme down, please? - Sure.
- Thanks, honey.
I thought you had to stay at the office late.
I managed to get out early, so.
- Good night, honey.
- Goodnight, girls.
Good night.
Hey, can I turn this off? - Go ahead.
- Um Sorry I couldn't take you to the record signing today.
And I know that this doesn't make up for it, but I hope it's a start.
"Have a funky year, tuba man?" I know.
I told him you played the sax, but No-no, no, that's his catchphrase.
This is legendary! Thank you.
There's something I wanna tell you.
I think I was so worried about not living up to your expectations, that I did just that.
But I'm here now.
Actually, there There's something I-I need to tell you, too.
I wanted to tell you for a while I don't know why I didn't.
All right, team, we got our work cut out for us.
New pitches, my office! I got pastries.
Kate! You're here! Oh, sorry, do we have a meeting? Even better.
I'd like you to meet the new sources.
What, for the book? Uh, how did you It's funny how they'll open up to one of their own.
And they're all willing to go on record against Goldie's? We are.
Let's topple this pyramid.
Looks like we got ourselves a whale.

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