Workin' Moms (2017) s06e10 Episode Script

Bachelorette, But Make it Spooky

1 Charlie.
Hey, Charlie! Charlie? Hey, Charlie, stop! Charlie, stop! Charlie! Charlie? She's watching you.
Who? Don't fuck this up, Kate.
Marlene Podeski?! Okay.
This is gonna be the weirdest bachelorette party in history.
Yep, big time.
What do you say we have one last moment of zen before this shit show takes liftoff? - Mm.
- Down there.
- Yes! Seat massager works! - Mm-hmm.
- Oh! - No talking.
You think if we sit here long enough we'll climax? What are they doing in there? Oh fuck, they're staring.
How long do you think we can do this before it gets weird? I think that ship has sailed.
Hey, bitches, you're late! - Aah! - Sorry.
Ladies, are you ready for the best weekend - of your gorgeous lives? - Well - Sure.
- Yes! - When's the wine tour? - Yeah! Oh! I said we were going to wine country, not on a wine tour.
As we have two preggos, yourself being one, Sloane, and our beautiful bride-to-be, this will be a completely dry bachelorette.
- Oh, fuck me.
- Oh, no, no, no, but don't you worry, in the absence of mind-altering substances, I thought we could get "high" on a night of frights.
- What?! - Yeah! What the hell does that even mean, Val? - Val, you did book a stripper, right? - I did you one better, girlfriend.
I booked us a haunted house! - What?! - SLOANE: Oh, come on.
- Why? This place is advertised as a bona fide house of horrors! Apparently one person got so scared they shit their pants, according to the airbnb reviews.
Yeah I don't mean to be this chick, but this is not what we signed up for, Jenny.
Yeah, I'm gonna head, I've got a mountain of work, and a bitch trying to steal it from me, plus I don't fuck with ghosts.
Yeah, totally, and also, I don't wanna be here.
No! You are not leaving.
None of you! Did I want to spend my bachelorette at some stupid fake haunted house? No, I did not! That was a weird choice, Val.
Very weird.
But we are here, and I need this.
So we are going to have fun, God dammit! Anybody got any more problems? I didn't think so.
Alrighty! And with that let's get this party started, ghoul gals! You got any good snacks in there at least? You bet, I've got a dozen devilled eggs - with your name on them! - Yeah, okay.
Dude, are you okay? Yeah, yeah, of course, it's just um You don't think there's like, any real ghosts in there right, 'cause ghosts aren't real.
Any five-year-old knows that.
Well, most.
I did find Charlie - in a grave last night.
- What?! Yeah, he was um, he said he was talking to Marlene's ghost.
He wanted to be with her.
And-and if ghosts were real, then I would be worried that maybe Marlene was haunting my family, but um, ghosts aren't real, so I have nothing to worry about, right? Um, mm The kitchen's adorable! Hmm.
There's no dick decorations, Val? Yeah, honestly, a couple dicks wouldn't hurt.
Oh, I'm sorry Jenny, I didn't think they were very on-theme.
While dicks can be scary, they're not haunted-house scary.
Well, it's a good thing I brought my own dick straw.
- Hmm? - Aaah! Oh! - Boo.
- Jesus fuck! Okay, hi, I'm Kathy, welcome, welcome, gather round.
Uh, welcome to the farmhouse.
Hi Kathy, I'm Valerie.
I made the booking.
- Right, Sardinski? - It's actually Szalinsky.
Yeah, your credit card didn't go through.
Wouldn't even take the damage deposit, it was just like, decline, decline, decline.
Anyway, we can sidebar about it later.
Okay, ladies, welcome to the farmhouse.
Who haunts this house, you ask? Well, as the uh, story goes, there was a woman, she disappeared, she was running away from her family, you know, her two kids, you know the type.
And well, her problems followed her here.
And so did her kids, who murdered her.
Uh, right here, in this very house.
- Yeah, I could see Alice doing that.
- Mm-hmm.
Now she haunts the house, and uh, that's how it goes, boo, that kind of thing.
- What the fuck?! - Okay, great, so you are getting package B, so that means dinner is at six o'clock, and there is a psychic reading included.
Can we do the psychic now? Ooh! Who's the psychic? Do me first! Oh, I want to go first! Ah-hmm Yeah, there's nothin'.
I'm sorry, it's black.
- Nothing? - Yeah, there's nothing in here, - not a damn thing.
- Do you think it's the butt getting in the way? - I mean, it's possible.
- Hmm.
There-oh! I'm just getting some interfer Hmm! Getting some interference here.
Hmm - Hmm - Oh.
- You! - Only good stuff, okay? Shhh! Oh You've suffered great loss.
There's death all around you.
There's darkness ahead.
Darkness behind.
I'm so sorry, dear.
- Jesus Christ.
- Okay, weird.
All right, who else wants a reading? Nah, we're good.
No! We're good.
Actually, I think I hear my phone.
- Yeah.
- Do me again.
Lionel said that? Yeah, he said I'm addicted to rage.
And that while he was in Cochrane without me was the happiest he's been in a really, really long time.
- Jesus.
- I don't know.
What he said really hit me.
Maybe I need to make some changes with my anger.
Stop it, look, this is the woman he married.
You're a firecracker.
It's who you are, it's great! Yeah, I mean, I used to think that, too, but - I don't know anymore.
- Anne! This guy knows.
Okay? How's it going with the crazy aunt? Is she still fighting for junior? Yep, she sure is, not givin' up.
You know, ah, I don't know, when it comes to Cassandra, I feel like maybe I'm not doing the right thing.
Of course you're doing the right thing.
His mom specifically left him to you.
She did, yeah, but would she still do that if she knew - her sister wanted him? - That doesn't matter.
Doesn't it matter? He's got history with this woman.
Yeah, and you're building history with him.
I mean, what matters is that you want him.
I do, yeah.
But imagine like, you inherited a dead woman's kid, and she was like, following you around being like, "don't fuck this up!" And all you're doing is fucking this up like, left, right, centre.
- I thought you didn't believe in ghosts.
- I don't Oh! Hey, Val, thanks for planning all this.
You know, I probably should've done it, but I didn't know what to fuckin' do.
Not a problem, happy to do all the work - for none of the credit.
- Honestly, Val, I have no idea why I'm the maid of honor.
We're like bitchy work friends.
You know? I didn't even invite Jenny to my wedding.
And I could have, I just didn't want to.
You know, there's always a crisis, there's always an issue.
Being her friend is just It's so exhausting.
Okay, yeah, this place is a nightmare.
- I'm not sleeping here.
- What are even doing here? I mean, are we really that self-centered lunatic's closest friends? If we are, that's really sad Oh no, Jenny, wait! Holy fuck! Is this rigged? Arghh! For the record, I didn't shit my pants.
Paul, please, I told you to stop calling me, I'm mad at you right now, don't push me.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I-I hear you.
Thing is, I don't really understand you.
I took your advice, right? I opened up to Nina, she immediately stabbed me in the back.
I knew I shouldn't have told her, - I should have trusted my gut.
- But you know you needed to tell people at work sooner or later, and I bet you they are all over the moon for you.
I don't work in an ultrasound lab.
Babies are not always welcome news in the upper echelons of the corporate world, Paul, if you can comprehend that.
Oh, wow.
Uh, okay, then.
I'm gonna have this baby my way, understand? I don't need a total re-brand just because I'm pregnant.
Your life is going to change.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
You know what, I think we're good here.
That's gonna be it, Paul.
Nuh-uh! Okay, I realize this isn't ideal, but can we do some normal bachelorette stuff like games, or would that like, kill you guys? If you can even bother to get off your phones? Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just drownin' in work.
- Whatever, it's rude.
- Oh, come on.
Okay, let's play games.
Of course we're gonna play games, let's sit.
Now, what game should we play? Oh, okay, I got it.
How about everyone shares their favourite memory of the bride-to-be? But how is that a game? Like, there's no winning.
Could you just go with it? Well, don't all go at once.
When we went to the cottage and did LSD.
I was never at a cottage with you guys.
You were you were not.
Sorry, shit.
Oh, wait! I got it.
Remember our mountain weekend with tomato and the hogtie? That was crazy! What? Oh God, you weren't there, I'm so sorry.
Oh, the retreat.
When I waxed Ian's eyebrows She wasn't there for that, um, yeah.
Anyw Gena, this is your idea.
I mean - What you got? - Yeah, yeah, yeah, um - Oh - Maybe somethin' at the office, there.
- Yeah, I - Wow.
It's as if none of you have any memory of me at all.
Oh, no, Jenny, it's okay.
- We were just being silly-willies.
- No, it's not okay.
I know none of you like me, - and don't even wanna be here.
- Okay Jenny, these are just your pregnancy hormones talking, - we wanna be here.
- No.
I literally heard you earlier.
And it's not the hormones, because I don't have a baby.
I had a miscarriage, and you guys would probably already know that if you knew anything about me! Oh, my.
Jenny, wait! Why, hello, there.
Ma'am, thank you for answering the door.
My uh, car broke down after I hit a possum.
Could I use your phone? Ah, yes! The lone driver.
Package B! Of course you can use my phone.
My passcode is 6-9-6-9.
Thank you.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
Um What the hell? "Dangerous suspect on the loose in the area.
" What the hell? "Suspect may be armed and has a history of breaking and entering, and domestic assault.
" - Jesus! - Hey, um, whose car is that? Shit! Oh my God! God! Jesus, this woman, I swear to God! We can't hear you! Okay.
Look, I hate to tell you this, but I just got off a call with Derek, - my usual lone driver - I'm sorry, lone driver? Yeah, yeah, he uh, shows up, chases you around from room to room, makes you think your life's in danger, falls out a window, and he's on his way.
But um, well, he had to cancel on account of the storm.
- Yeah, sure.
- But he was part of the package I paid for.
It doesn't sound like you paid for anything, there, Val.
- Gena, zip it.
- I know, Val, you "paid" for package B, but uh, it's not gonna happen.
If you want to change to package A, uh, I'll need about 20 minutes to whip up some pentagrams.
No thanks, we're good.
Come on, Kathy, quit pulling our legs.
Okay! He's already here.
I just let him in.
Ooh! - Wait, what? - Yeah, no, that's uh - That's not possible.
- Well, I did.
Wait, sorry, Val, you let someone in here? - That's right, a man.
- You let a stranger into the hou - That is recklessly dangerous.
- Right, yeah, says the woman who rigged this house like Macaulay Culkin.
Are you telling me he's in this house right now? Aah! I did, yeah.
Okay, hold on, Val, what does the guy look like? Oh, I don't know, five-ten, blue eyes, blond hair.
Oh, you mean the exact same description as the alert, Val! - The suspect? Okay, oh - What the fuck?! - He's in here? - I thought he was part of package B! - Oh shit! - Oh! No! I've killed us all, all my best friends.
All my best friends, I'm gonna die with them! - Call 911, 911, just call 911.
- Yeah, yeah.
Fuck, shit! There's no signal! Shit! Oh my God! Oh! Jenny! Jenny? Where is she? Where is she? There was this spooky clown, and the lights went out! It doesn't matter, there's a stranger in the house! - What?! - I've been looking for you.
Oh shit! No! Don't touch her! - Oh God! - Oh no! - Oh my God! Oh no! Oh oh Oh! Uh, maybe he's okay? - I can't see anything.
- Is he dead? Oh, I don't know! I don't know, I don't know! - We gotta get out of here! - No, no, someone has to go down there and check on that guy, - because I think you killed him! - Yeah, okay, you go check.
No, I'm not gonna go, you go! You pushed him! What? I'm not going.
No, Kate, you're up.
What the fuck? No, man! It's a dark basement, and he's a psychopath, I can't see a fuckin' thing down there! - Val, you go! - Me? No, I couldn't possibly.
If I fall down the stairs, my ass could explode.
- I've heard that's happened to some - Argh! Shut up! I'll go.
I'll do it, just shut up! Yeah, you go.
I guess it's time for this self-centred lunatic to get her hands dirty.
Hello? Man? So let me get this straight, he's dead, again? I don't know! I bopped him.
- Bopped him? - Does anyone else's cell phone - work yet, have you checked? - No, I don't aah! Okay! I pushed a hutch in front of the door, we should be safe for the time being.
From the man who might be dead.
- What the fuck is a hutch?! - It's like a credenza.
No, she means like, a console table.
She's obviously talking about a buffet.
Oh my God, just be clear, Val! This is the worst bachelorette party ever.
Jenny, I'm really sorry that you had a miscarriage.
And I'm sorry that I haven't been a better friend.
It's okay.
But I think I killed someone, and I'm going to jail.
I might as well go to jail.
When I tell MCP about that baby, he's gonna leave me, I might as well die in prison.
Wait, you haven't told MCP yet that you had a miscarriage? Oh, I get it, you show your soft spot, you show 'em exactly where to hurt you.
Why do you think MCP will leave you - if you tell him about the baby? - Why wouldn't he? Jenny, you're gonna marry someone who would leave you if you had a miscarriage? You're worth so much more than that, it's actually insane.
You listen to me, if this fuckface would leave you for having a miscarriage, then he does not deserve to be walking around with intact testicles.
I will slice that bag right open.
- Ssst! - Nice.
- Whoa! That's what I'm fuckin' talkin' about, yes! Open him up.
Thank you, guys.
- Good news! - Wow.
You've gotta be kidding, woman! They found that guy, from the alert.
- Wait, what? - The guy on the loose.
- They found him.
- Wait, if the man in the basement isn't the man from the alert, and he isn't the man from package B, - then who the hell is he? - W My-my dad came here looking for help.
We hit a possum.
- Daddy? - Henry! Henry! Henry, get away from the door, these women are Oh! Please! Please open this, let me see my son! Sir? - We are so sorry.
- Son, run! Go! Run, run, run! Run! Okay! Very, very sorry! Hmm! #notallmen, I suppose.
Okay, this is the worst bachelorette ever, yeah? Ever.
I wanted to say I'm really sorry about what happened.
And also about what you overheard me say, I was really out of line.
It's okay.
I haven't exactly been perfect.
Apparently I needed to hear that.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
You rushing home to see sweetie-pie man? I think that's run its course.
Oh no, I thought you really liked that guy.
- Better off without him.
- Okay.
Hey, drive safe.
What a crazy fucking night.
And just think, if you had abandoned your anger, you wouldn't have been able to protect us.
Who knows - what that man would've done to us? - Yeah, well, nothing, considering he was innocent.
- But we didn't know that.
- We didn't know that.
Honestly, I've been thinking, and maybe Lionel should be the one to apologize.
- Okay.
- I mean, he punched a kid twice, - he kissed Tomé - Uh, what?! Oh my God! And he had the fuckin' audacity to be mad at you for calling out hypocrisy in the courtroom? - Anne.
- I know.
- Anne! - I know! - Anne! - I know! Thank you.
- Fuck! - All right, I'm gonna go pee before we go, but then I wanna hear about this Tomé kiss.
- Wtf? - Right?
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