Workin' Moms (2017) s06e13 Episode Script

Grow If You Want

- Good morning, mother! - Good morning.
Yummy, French toast! Here you are, darling.
Thank you! You are the best! We adore you.
Of course you do.
I have everything! Is that eggs Benedict I smell? My husband! - How was your sleep? - Wonderful, on account of the sex.
Well, I'm off to work! Pass the salt, junior.
Agh! Fuck! Fuck me! - Mommy swore.
- Mommy swore! Why aren't you guys dressed for school? Why are you still in your pyjamas? Do I have to oversee every step of your morning routine? Come the fuck on Mommy swore! Sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Is that gas I smell? - Oh my God! - You all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Is this about Anne? No, it's not about Anne.
Okay, well, I can't have you go AWOL again, so I'm gonna give you your phone back, if you can promise to take it easy today.
- Yeah, sure.
- Hey.
Hey, you're back from Aunt Cassie's.
How was last night? How-you-you're back.
- So are you.
- Yeah.
Uh - How-how was it? - It was good.
Aunt Cassie helped me pick suits for the Semi-Formal.
Did she really? She prefers this one.
Huh, not sure I agree with her, I mean, check out this option right here, I mean, wowie.
Now, that is a sturdy fabric, more reliable, really.
The kind of choice that covers you for life.
Or, you know, you can go with your Aunt Cassandra.
Aunt Cassandra's suit.
I mean, fun, sure.
But you know, fabric's a little loose, might forget about you, head to a music festival for the weekend, whoops! You know? Are we still talking about suits? Sorry, both are slammin'.
So Cassandra will be joining us for his big send-off later today.
Oh, uh, really? You're gonna be there too, right, Kate? Of course I will be.
You just, I want you to think good and hard about those uh, two choices Yeah, I get it.
I'm going back to Anger Management.
Jesus, whatever for? I mean, you are clearly cured of your anger.
Sorry about the blueberry.
Listen, today in Group, they want us to bring somebody.
Somebody who means the most to us.
So, will you come? No, I think I've heard enough about your anger for a lifetime.
Okay, okay! Sorry I'm not fucking perfect! Perfect?! Okay, I would settle for a partner who doesn't scare our daughter into putting herself into danger instead of talking to her own mother! I know, okay? I know! I'm trying to fucking fix it! You know what? Don't come! Don't come today.
Don't even bother.
You know what? Just enjoy living your flawless, perfect fucking life! And there is a stain on your shirt, FYI.
Argh! Fuck! Hey, you! Hi, how did the uh, rest of the interview go? Uh, we went with Mo's approach.
Rebecca just addressed the questions head on.
Honestly, it went well.
I think we put it to bed.
And we're looking good for the book event today? Great.
Is catering aware of our number? I let Rabino know we're expecting a full house.
You went with Rabino Catering? Is-Is that bad? No, it's just not the catering company I would've gone with, but I'm sure it's um, fine.
And the mic station's set up, though? Because I think I hit the right note with the closing speech.
About that.
- Anyone need a hug in here? - No.
Uh, what's going on with the closing speech? You haven't told her yet? I thought I told you no surprises! Okay, what the fuck is going on? Sloane mentioned that she'd prefer - I do the closing speech.
- What? It's just that I, being a victim of Goldie's company, am the more sympathetic choice.
- For the speech.
- Mm-hmm.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Uh, let's Let's hear it, then.
The speech.
- Oh, um - Yeah! - Okay! Okay.
- It's great.
- Here we go.
- What the fuck? Oh, you can't imagine the storage.
All right, uh Hey, guys! Don't open that way, this isn't a BBQ.
Say, "Good afternoon.
" Good afternoon, guys! Don't call them "guys," it's disrespectful, these women have been taken advantage of.
Um I want to thank you all for comin' down here today "Comin' down?" What at I at, a family reunion? Don't say that.
Um And-and we are so excited about this book.
Drop the "so," disingenuous, you know what I mean? And couldn't be prouder of-of our Rebecca for It's "more proud," and, "our Rebecca?" She's a journalist, not our daughter, Rosie.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
I-I, believe me, I wanna let you do this, I do, but I can't, because every word you chose, every word is wrong! Top to bottom wrong, I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm just gonna I-I'll talk to her, because I gotta-I'll do it.
- I'll do it.
- Wha? I think Mom feels really bad.
God! Oh my God, Honey, what did I tell you about sneaking up on me when I'm migrating? I didn't sneak up, I've been here for like, an hour, waiting for you to finish this level.
All right, well, there's no levels in "Birds Over Paris.
" You just You just follow your flock.
- Dad, you have to talk to Mom.
- Okay.
You've known her 15 years.
I've known her uh Okay, well, actually, not much longer.
Look, when I started high school, - I was really nervous.
- Hmm.
You warned me that it was gonna be hard.
That I'd be disrespected, and wedgied.
Which hasn't happened, by the way.
So many wedgies.
But you also promised that it'd be worth it.
Are you okay.
Is this marriage advice? This is great, beautiful.
I'm gonna guys, out of the way, please! Sloane! Hi, look, I'm fully capable of making the closing speech.
I know I took a couple of days, but I'm fine.
- Better than fine, I'm not broken.
- Easy there, tiger, - no one said that you were broken.
- Look, I love Rosie, I do, she's like a sister, but we have too much riding on this event for Kate, have you considered you might not be in the right headspace to do all of this? You're kidding, right? I'm literally in a perfect headspace, like, my head is like, in such a good place that like, the queen could vacation here, but in fact she'd show up and be like, too perfect, too many options, beautiful beach, I'm out of here.
Honey, listen to me.
I agree we have a lot riding on this event, - which is why I think - You've gotta let me do this, Sloane.
Okay, fine, do the speech.
Jesus, just get it together! I will, thank you.
Better this way.
- Uh-huh.
- How you feelin', by the way? You uh, you go see Paul for a baby check-up? - I did.
- What'd he say? - That he loves me.
- Well, shit! So I dumped him.
That makes sense.
He loves you, he cares for a baby that's not even his, and uh, he made you come with a transvaginal wand.
Okay, okay, you know what? Don't worry about me! - Don't worry about me.
- I gotta go.
Yeah, I gotta work on these lines.
And for that, I can never repay you, Melissa.
So, thank you.
For everything.
- Beautiful work, Reg.
- Thanks, man.
Anne, welcome back.
It's good to see you.
You have the floor.
Oh, um, you can skip me, because my person chose not to come, so.
That happens, but, believe it or not, isn't the whole purpose of this exercise.
Uh, okay.
I guess I'm pretty angry.
Um, and my anger's been well, a burden.
Not just to me, but to the people that mean the most to me.
I took a pretty big step backwards yesterday.
I yelled at a patient, threatened her life in front of my daughter - at her school.
- Yikes.
Maybe I should have shown more compassion.
Obviously, she was struggling.
But here's the thing, when it comes to my family, my kids, I just, this-something snaps inside of me.
And I-I know it scares people.
I'm like this gorilla in a cage.
And I've got these gorilla kids that I need to protect.
And then there's my partner.
Is he also a gorilla? No, he's like this zookeeper.
You know, he comes by and gives me some slop, he hoses me down, he makes sure that I haven't terrified the kids, like, that sort of thing.
But there's fear in his eyes.
Being around me is his least favourite part of the day.
Well, I'm sure they're proud that you've come back to group.
I don't know, I thought I was doing it for them, but maybe it is for me.
I can't keep fighting like this.
I need some ease in my life, or I'm just gonna end up this sad, old gorilla, alone in a cage.
'Cause that zookeeper is not gonna keep cleaning it.
I will clean your filthy cage until the end of time.
In writing this book, I knew that I would anger certain people, specifically those who felt threatened by the giant flashlight I've shone on this industry.
But after speaking with these women, getting to know them, I knew that it was worth the risk.
Sometimes to put out a fire, you need to light some of your own matches.
What disturbed me the most Okay, whatever Mad Max scenario you plan on unleashing on all these innocent people, know this, I am prepared.
And my hair is only shinier from the eggs, and Yeah, "innocent people?" The last I checked, I was just trying to run an honest business, and you came to my house, and you dragged my good name through the mud for your financial gain.
Okay, then what are you doing here? Oh, I just wanted to see it for myself.
And now that I have, pfft! I don't think I have much to worry about.
But enough from me, it's time to hear from the people who have seen the inside.
These brave women had the courage to share their stories, without which this book would not be possible.
Goldie, I'm sorry for what you're about to see.
What's that? A couple sad losers moaning about the time they actually had a job? Give me a break.
Thank you, Rebecca, and thank you Wynston - for hosting us all today.
- What I'm sure most of you are wondering what one of the founders of the business in question is doing here aligning herself with the victims of it.
Like I said, whatever sad losers you've scrounged up, it's got nothing to do with me.
But that's your daughter.
It's a good thing I have other daughters.
Jesus, you're something else.
Oh, come on, I've seen how you work.
Judge away, Kate Foster, but you're lookin' in a mirror.
Somewhere along the way, things took a turn.
And a lot of you here today Hey.
You still got that speech on you? - What? Why? - I want you to do it, I want you to make the closing speech.
Uh, but you said it was all wrong.
I was being a controlling idiot, okay? I should've just trusted you.
You're the one who saved this client.
This is your speech to give, not mine.
Okay? Now, do you have the cards? - Yeah! - Still in there? Honestly, I forgot they were even there.
- You're gonna be great.
- Wait, you're not staying? No, I trust you to do it.
I got somewhere to be.
And I just want to thank you all so much for listening to me.
Thank you.
Big smiles.
Okay, now one like you're hot, there's a tropical breeze, it's blowing on you.
How about just a couple normal shots? No! No, no, no, no.
Let's do one on top of the limo.
Like you stole it.
- Is Kate coming? - I thought so.
I mean, I'm sorry, buddy.
Hey! - There she is! - Hey! - Kate! - Look who it is.
- Hi! - Hi! - How'd the book launch go? - It's still goin'.
You're more important.
You look stunning! I see you went with the wild card option.
I uh, I thought it fit better for tonight.
I think you're probably right.
Hey, listen, about your Aunt Cassandra.
I um, I think she's a really good person, I do.
And if you wanna live with her, - that is your choice to make.
- Really? Yeah.
I just want you to be happy.
And I'm sorry it took me a second to see that.
I just don't want anyone to be mad.
You focus on you tonight.
I want you to have fun.
Promise? Thank you.
Semi-Formal, let's go! Look at you! Come on.
- Everybody in? - Bye! - So cute! - Did you want this one too? And this one? No, no.
And did you see Nathan Jr.
's date? I mean, he looked so happy.
You there? Sorry, yeah, I um I need to-I need to change the way I'm doing things.
What do you mean? I just don't want to end up some ruthless business owner so wrapped up that I lose my kids, and my-my life, and I feel like I need a new operating system, like I'm overdue for an update.
Like, I can't download anything or play stuff.
Okay, then ask for help.
I want to, I I just, no one's gonna do it the way I would do it.
And And maybe that's okay.
Yeah, it is.
And look, I'd very much like to step up to be someone who doesn't do it the way you would do it.
I'd like that.
Oh, hold that thought.
Hey, Sloane, what's up? I wish you could've seen your girl Rosie today.
You'd have been proud.
Oh, really? Captured the energy of the room perfectly.
Anyway, I should go, - but thought you'd like to hear.
- Thank you, bye.
- Hmm! - Uh-oh, I know that look.
- What'd you do right? - Not me, Rosie.
Letting someone else take the wheel looks good on you.
- Oh, look who it is! - What?! We weren't expecting you 'til later.
Yeah, I um thought I'd change suits.
- But isn't the night basically over? - I meant the analogy.
The suits were an analogy, right? - You or - Your Aunt Cassandra, yeah.
It was actually pretty heavy-handed.
Does that mean that you chose - The practical suit, yeah.
- Oh my God! Hey, you should know, we're not practical.
We're fun, we're crazy.
Yeah, we just ordered Thai food.
- You guys are so lame! - What? - What are you talkin' about? - You don't even know what we ordered.
- Nate, you let him know.
- We got pad kra pao! - Okay, I do like Pad Kra Pao.
- He likes Pad Kra Pao! - Hi.
- Hey! Come, please, sit.
Am I in trouble? 'Cause I thought we were encouraged to take snacks from the kitchen home.
Look, Rose, you've been working with me a long time now.
You've stood by my side through some big wins, and some major losses.
I'd like to offer you a stake in the business.
What? I want you to be a partner, Rosie.
Hey, Boss.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, come in, Richard, please.
Mo, you, too.
Hey, good job today.
Come on, you gorilla, it's feeding time.
And I can't say enough good things about this new organic window cleaner.
And before you ask if it's safe, would my assistant do this if it wasn't? - Good morning! - Good morning! I love you, muah! Are you headed to work? Uh yeah, why? You need something? Um, I have something I'd love to show you.
It's-it's important.
Oh, yeah, let me just text Rosie, I'll tell her to take the first meeting without me.
Oh! Okay.
Oh wow.
You've really impro I said, you've really impro never mind.
Keep lettin' 'er rip.
- It's okay, guys, sound's good for you.
- All right! Woo! My nipples are erect, that is loud.
All right, your turn is up.
Come on, gimme, gimme, gimme.
He is just so yummy.
I know! Have you ever seen a baby this yummy? Professionally speaking, no.
This is the best baby I've ever seen.
Oh shit, I better get started.
Uh, do you want me to hold him during your meeting? Nah, I got him.
- Hey guys.
- Hey! Let's dive right in.
Listen up, Crystal, you're nine centimetres dilated, it's go time! Go time! Go time! Let's go, baby! I need you to push like you're in the back row of a Neil Diamond concert, and here comes "Sweet Caroline!" - What?! - Push! Get out of the way! Come meet your Grandma! Oh! Ohhh! - Hey.
- Hey, um It's been a minute.
Dude, this isn't working for me.
This isn't working for me, either.
I mean, I took up jogging, for fuck's sakes.
Uh, but I don't-I don't want to be the thing that stops you from growing.
Then don't.
Do you think it's possible that we grow together? Yeah.
I do.
Like-like, when two trees are planted too close together, and-and their branches get all like, fused and mangled, and they go from like, two trees, to like, one weirdo tree! Just a couple of fuckin' ugly trees! That's right.
- Like, obviously we have to make room for other trees - Heather? in our lives, but nothing is getting in between and I mean nothing, between these two fuckin' trees! No! No, no, no, no! Anne? Anne, are Anne, are you there? What was that?
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