World on Fire (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

Keep Kasia safe. Promise me.
Shouldn't we be moving troops
over right now, sir?
No. We should be encouraging the
Poles to carry on negotiating.
With a gun to their head!
You're a translator. So translate.
The Germans will try and attack
Warsaw. You need to leave.
Will you marry me? Because if you
marry me, you can leave,
nobody can stop you.
I know we didn't marry
for the right reasons.
- But I do love you.
- And I love you.
- I'm sorry.
- Kasia! Kasia!
- I'm sorry!
- Kasia
Take care of Jan. If you love me,
you will take care of Jan!
Why him? Why this boy?
Warsaw is rubble.
I worried about you so much.
And you didn't write.
I should have told you
that I loved you when you told me,
before you went away.
This is my home. If I have to die
for my country, I will.
I gave you my heart,
and you betrayed me in the snap
of some Polish knicker elastic.
This is your career. This is everything!
You can't have just thrown it
away, I won't hear of it.
Get down! Get down! Get down!
You and me are all that's left of
the chain of command.
Just get to the beach
and get out with our lads.
I am the Officer in Charge.
And they are coming with us.
You're having a baby
aren't you? Lois, I
No! I only came here today to
tell you to stay away.
She is beautiful.
So how much does she want?
- Nothing.
- That must be a relief for you.
And your Polish bride.
I know you must have been
through so much
Things I have done. Bad things.
That's what war is.
No, Harry. We choose,
and I chose to kill.
The girl you fell in love with,
she isn't there any more.
You think we can get back to
England and be like we were?
You still love me. And I love you.
We have survived
..but neither of us are the same.
Sh! I think can hear something.
Come on, come on! Move. Move!
You keeping your eyes peeled,
I can't see a thing for the clouds.
That's Manchester for ya.
We'll find these bastards.
Come on!
- What's the plan here, David?
- I'm left, you get the right.
That's the ticket, Shortbread!
Where's the other bomber?
We should turn return to base.
Without bagging a pair? Fat chance.
On your tail!
I'm hit! I'm hit!
- Bail! Bail!
- I'm trying. The canopy's stuck!
How long have you been here?
Only since midnight.
Please try and exercise a
little self-restraint.
But I'm excited.
Yes. I've always regarded excitement
as the gateway to hysteria,
and nobody wants that.
Calm and collected, young man.
Hello, Mother.
It's very nice to see you
in one piece, Harry.
We seemed to bring an air raid with us.
Has it been bad?
Well, nothing alarming, as yet.
Manchester has suffered in the last
weeks, obviously,
but I doubt that the Germans are much
interested in Cheshire.
Erm, this is Kasia.
Kasia. Erm, this is my mother, Robina.
Very nice to finally meet you, Kasia.
You, too.
I call Harry's mother "Auntie".
You could do that, too.
No, please don't do that.
And don't call me "mother", either.
It's Robina.
I must say, I thought Polish women
to be rather,
oh, I don't know -
bovine, but you're actually
really quite beautiful.
Thank you.
I-I generally tell Jan, "no Polish".
Just so he fits in.
But I'll I'll let it
pass on this occasion.
- In you get.
- Inside.
Buildings coming down
left, right and centre up there.
Too bad the hospital's up that way, too.
Lois, it's not safe!
Lois, stop!
Kasia, Kasia
It's me.
It's me, it's Harry.
It's all right.
You were having a nightmare.
It's all right.
It's all right.

Did you see him after he bailed?
I don't even know if he did bail, sir.
- We're not in close formation.
- You must have seen something.
Doesn't look like David
made it, Grzegorz.
Not the best pilot and not my cup of
tea but a loss is a loss.
Say one more bad word about David
and you will be the second
pilot we lose today, I promise!
Ah, the Pol
Let's try to keep our heads, gentlemen.
We know it's part of the game
we know feelings can run high, and
Landed in her father's field.
I've got a date tomorrow.
You didn't think the squadron
might want to hear you were alive
sooner than this?
I was a bit distracted, if I'm
honest, sir.
I take it you didn't tell
them you were a Jew.
No, but she is a big fan
of Irving Berlin,
so I'm hoping she won't mind.
We made the news!
Is that why you risked our lives?
No thought about what would have
happened to Vera if you'd died?
That fireman warned us not
to go that route.
Said it was too dangerous.
But you did it anyway.
Because it was faster.
..when are you going to
talk about all of this?
Talk about all of what?
The Italians have scattered the
route between us and them
with land mines so, for the purpose
of this mission,
I'd like you to consider yourself
a single unit.
Albeit that one of you are British
..and the other, erm
..not so.
And with that I'll hand you over to
the ever-eloquent
Sergeant Raddings.
Thank you, sir.
So we have three sets of land mines
on the road between us
and the Italians.
Now these lads will be risking their
bollocks clearing them
so we need be on their tails two hours
after they go to take advantage.
We take the Italians, we protect
another route to the oil supplies,
and we don't want Hitler
getting his hands on that.
With armed Italian units in the hills,
we need to move in stages as
not to put our entire unit on a platter.
I'm not going to lie, it's
going to get tasty.
Now, as you can see, the road is
a damn sight clearer on this map
than it is out there so we will
be following their tracks.
You will be leaving tracks
won't you, Lieutenant?
Oh, yes. Or a large smoking crater
if we don't do our job properly.
Thank you, sir.
See you down the road.
If I am not mistaken
The terrible beauty of the S-mine.
Or the de-bollocker, to give it
the proper English title.
Did you do all this yourself?
Yes. So I can show it to Harry.
Show that I know we are going
to win in North Africa.
And then the Nazis will have
to leave Poland.
Why are you sad?
I'm sorry you had to come
here on your own.
I had Harry.
And now I have Robina and Grzegorz,
when he is not on the base.
And baby Vera, of course!
I'm not entirely sure this is
doing your homework, young man.
Off you go.
- He has grown up.
- Yes.
I'm glad I've caught you on your own
..just to say about your
disturbed night last night.
H-How did you know?
Well, that's my point.
I'm afraid the whole house
heard your nightmares.
I see. I-I'm sorry.
Yes, well,
Jan had nightmares when he first
arrived but he soon settled down
and he was only a child,
so I'm sure you'll settle down too.
And probably sooner.
Harry said you were
afraid of strong emotion.
Did he?
Not afraid, I don't think.
I just disapprove of it.
Be a good girl for your grandmother, eh?
Are you a hero?
Always was, always will be.
What you doing here, then?
Hitler sunk me ship.
- They've got to find me a new one.
- Did you kill any Germans?
Killed a few kids an' all.
What for?
Asking too many questions.
I thought you would have got the letter.
But there was no way you
would have made the funeral.
So there was a funeral, then?
You didn't just leave him where he was?
Why are you being like this?
Why did you leave him alone?
Why DID you leave him alone?
You knew what Dad was like, you
know how scared he got.
I'm an ambulance driver.
I was trying to do my bit.
YOUR bit? Your BIT!
Your bit was looking after the
baby and looking after Dad,
not anyone else.
If you'd have done that,
he might still be alive!
It was a direct hit, Tom!
I'd be dead and Vera'd be dead
too if I'd been there.
You should be thankful that I
wasn't and not lashing out at me
- just because
- Just because of what?
Just because you feel bad that
you made his life hell
when he was alive and now you can
never make it up to him.
He was my dad.
I didn't have to like him
..he didn't have to like me.
But he was my dad.
He was my dad, too.
Good afternoon, Robina.
Could Jan help me bring the pram inside?
Ah, Lois. Erm
..a little later than expected.
Harry and Kasia are here.
His wife.
I know who Kasia is.
She's very sweet.
She is, yes.
Thank you.
Some of the time.
May I?
Of course.
You see, I-I am not a mother.
I-It's just a question of familiarity.
She can be a bit tetchy
this time of day.
I'm sorry.
Jan was so excited for me to
meet you and the baby.
For me to meet the people that
helped him so much.
It was more my dad than me, so
I'm sorry about your dad.
Jan and I know how it is
to lose a father.
Thanks, Joyce.
My pleasure, Lois.
She's my little ray of sunshine.
Harry! Lois is here.
Kasia held the baby!
Hello, Harry.
Ooh, Vera, you're a little
bit grisly today.
Can I, erm?
She's ready for her nap, bless her.
Joyce is given to optimism and cliche.
It rankles but she means well.
I need to be going.
It was nice to meet you, Kasia.
- I'm sure I'll see you again.
- Maybe so.
We are going into town this
afternoon to meet Grzegorz.
We are having tea and cakes.
You should come, Lois.
I don't think so, Jan.
I've got a shift.
Yes, I'm sure it'll be splendid
anyway. Goodbye, Lois.
- I'll pick her up in the morning.
- Yes. Thank you.
I'm sorry.
That isn't how I would have
wanted you to meet Lois.
Or your child.
Or my child. Yes.
Especially with so little time left
before I return to the front.
We're trying to have a
private conversation.
I'm sure that was far from easy.
You acted with good grace,
if I may say so.
Your grandchild is beautiful.
Yes. She's a pretty little thing,
like her mother.
Does Jan know she is Harry's child?
Oh, goodness me, no!
No, he has quite enough
worries for a young boy.
Of course. The English way.
Well done, Sergeant.
I'm sorry. Could you perhaps move
your chair a bit?
Or I can move around
Oh, you can speak English,
then, can you?
Can you move your chair, please?
I'm not moving anything for
a bunch of refugees.
I beg your pardon?
OK, let's just move our chairs.
- We're sorry, sir.
- N-No.
What did you say?
I said who did you rob
to afford this?
You're supposed to be poor but you
swan in here, speaking foreign.
Polish. It's called Polish.
My son's out there fighting for
you lot, and what are you doing?
I was at Dunkirk, sir.
And we have nothing but respect for
And I killed more Nazis than
you ever will
sitting here on your fat bottom
spouting nonsense!
You need to control her, lad, else
me and you will sort this outside.
Scum of the Earth we're
letting into this country.
The scum of the Earth has been
SAVING your country!
Yes. Yes, yes. I understand.
Yes, I think she's quite aware of that.
If anyone can smooth this over,
it's our family solicitor.
What makes you think I want to
smooth things over?
The solicitor says the gentleman is
still quite determined
to press charges but he may calm down.
He was NOT a gentleman.
That is really supremely
unhelpful, Kasia.
It may be Polish tradition for young
women to brawl in cafes
but in England, we value self-control.
I am sorry.
For your embarrassment
and for the trouble.
MY trouble? Jan's trouble is my
principal concern.
He's very upset.
He is my brother,
and I know when he is upset.
From the moment
I left you behind in Warsaw
..I wanted you to be safe.
And you are safe now.
You don't need to fight any more.
You can begin to become yourself again.
Become myself?
I am a soldier, not a sister or a wife.
No. You are my wife.
I'm just a woman you got trapped
with because your timing was wrong.
You should go and find Tom
now it's quiet.
At least see that he's OK.
- And say what when we find him?
- Oh, for God's sake, Lois.
- He'd just found out his dad had died.
- And he blamed me.
Will you just listen to me?
Lois and Tom have only
got each other now.
Maybe that's why he ran away.
I'd do the same, if I was him.
At least he felt something.
It might have been wrong and angry
and twisted
but at least it was something.
At least he wasn't trying
hide behind this
- ..whatever it is!
- "Whatever it is" is me. Lois.
This is how your friend is dealing
with losing her dad,
losing her fiance and having a baby to
raise without a penny.
What do you want me to do?
Curl up in a ball on the floor and cry?!
How long for?
Would a week be long enough? A month?
A year?
You don't get to say how I grieve.
How you doing, Lois?
Fine. Fine. It's OK.
We're almost clear.
Once we find them, it's payback time.
One mission without you bailing
would be a start.
I got a date with a farmer's
daughter last time I bailed.
Just make sure you stay alive
long enough to go on it.
No risks. No heroics.
Thank you for the sermon, vicar.
I just mean we need to
keep to the brief.
Let's just find them first, shall we?
Ted, is it?
You're a big strong lad, aren't you?
You give Lois a hand with the tyre
and I'll see what's going on.
Right then, Ma.
Let's show you how it's done.
Well, you've come out of
your shell, young man.
- You done this before?
- Erm, not really.
Too late again.
- Impossible.
- We keep going, David.
There'll be others.
Are you OK, Ted?
I think so.
You scared?
I-I think so.
Me too, love. Me too.
It is very late.
I know.
Shall we play?
Do you remember how we used to
play all the time at home?
And you cheated.
I think so.
I think I remember that.
You must remember.
Grzegorz told me things.
About Poland.
About home.
It is not the same here.
I know.
And you are not the same.
I know.
She was hurt in the bombing,
and she died in my arms.
When can I fight?
No, you you don't. You don't fight.
- You are too young.
- But I want to fight!
I want to fight
until I don't feel sad any more.
I know.
Me too.
Me too.
Before you escape to North Africa,
do you think that you might just
help a little bit
to settle your wife
into the English life?
You retreated from Lois,
and what, now it's your intention
to retreat from Kasia, too?
Mother, I have no choice
but to fight for my country.
I have brought my wife
to a place of safety.
Yes, along with the child
you fathered out of wedlock,
and a refugee!
Medic! Medic!
- Is my man safe to take a look, sir?
- Fortunately, yes.
Is that all of you?
I thought there would be more.
- Hardly worth clearing the road for.
- We're the advance party.
How's your man?
It's not good news.
Have you not got a vehicle?
Unlike you.
- George! You've got more driving to do.
- Oh, shit.
Can I least empty the sand
out of my shorts?
You won't have time
if you want to get going
before that bastard sandstorm.
OK, we've got a second vehicle
with our CO a few miles back.
He always likes to lead from
the back, if you know what I mean.
Not really, no.
I'm sure he has his reasons.
I'll get my guy to get
your casualty back to base.
We're going nowhere.
Neither's your casualty.
George, try and get the CO on the radio.
Joe, let's get the casualty
in the back of the truck.
- Sarge.
- Looks like we're in this together.
How far behind was your CO's truck,
About two miles.
But he might have turned back.
British Officer. Pretty likely.
Not sure this lad is going to last
much longer, sir.
We're all going to wish we were that
lad before long if this keeps up.
That's the CO. Why's he stopped?
He's on the edge of the minefield.
The flags must still be visible.
If we're going to save Sadiq
..we're going to have to go to him.
With due respect, sir,
this is a cock-up.
We can't see a fucking thing.
You don't have to,
you just have to follow.
We're getting Sadiq to that truck.
Trust me.
Don't have much choice, do I?
That was outside the flags.
We're OK.
Keep moving.
Ah, just the man!
If don't make it back in time for
the briefing, can you cover for me?
- I'm not very good at lying.
- Well, time to get some practice in.
Vicar's son.
Kind of goes with the territory.
That is why you are
the perfect man for the job.
Everybody knows that,
so everybody trusts you.
- I don't know.
- Think of it as part of the war effort.
I don't think your date
is part of the war effort.
Morale booster.
You can't put a price on morale.
Don't let me down, Shortbread.
How are we doing, Sergeant?
Any sign of the truck?
That truck, you mean?
That's the one.
We load the casualty and his men first. the many lonely outposts
in that area.
Nothing haphazard or casual about
the feeding of our men in the wild,
and they never have to
fend for themselves.
It's all done by kindness and clockwork.
Briefing in five.
- Still no sign of David?
- No.
He went to the maintenance hangar
to see an engine
Engineer, I mean. He could see
an engine any time, obviously.
That's clear, then.
Thank you for coming.
I should be the one apologising
for the way you met Kasia.
As if that even matters right now,
with everything you're going through.
Your father was a good man.
We argued, the night that he died.
I didn't get to make it up to him.
And that's why I needed to talk to you,
because I don't want you
to make the same mistake with Kasia.
What makes you think Kasia and I
aren't getting on?
I know honesty isn't one of your
great strengths, Harry, but
..please. Kasia clearly
doesn't want to be here,
and you'll be leaving soon,
and that's going to make it
ten times worse.
I just wanted to get her here.
So that she was safe.
I thought that would be enough.
I didn't
..think of what it might
actually be like for her.
She's been out there changing the world.
You expect her just to
settle down in Cheshire
and be happy going to the WI with Robina
and helping Jan with his homework?
And all of that without you?
With you posted to North Africa
doing God knows what
I can't change that.
But would you change it if you could?
Because SHE would.
She'd go.
Heck, so would I given half a chance!
So tell her you want to fight
and you know that she does too,
but you can't change it.
But don't pretend that you want to stay.
Women hate it when men do that.
So go.
Talk to Kasia.
Make it right.
I will.
I do wonder why
..why is it so important to you?
Because I want things to be right.
It'll be easier for me
if things are right with you.
You missed the briefing.
That's your next leave cancelled.
Understood, sir.
I might get killed in action before
my next leave just to annoy you.
"Oh, that bastard Jew
got away with it again!"
Not in good taste, David.
Too much to expect a bit of
leadership, I suppose?
You got me into trouble then,
not laughing at my jokes.
I'm sorry.
Can't take this nonsense seriously.
We're all terrified.
So just make the most of
every minute you're not. Right?
Jerry's on the move!
Let's show, lads!
Scramble, scramble! Come on!
Do you need me to help you?
It's straightforward.
Mastered the art by now.
I love you.
Who I am?
Or who I was?
What if I can't find a way back?
Before all this?
What if I'm only good at war?
Nobody's good at war.
It isn't what we're supposed to do.
Perhaps it is what I am supposed to do.
Two girls with scratches and burns.
Their mum has had a bash to the head.
You'll be OK.
We're going to get you to hospital.
But what about Pop?
Who's Pop?
Bandit in sight.
Lol! Watch your step.
This lot's liable to come down
if you as much as breathe on it.
- I can't find them!
- We just need to get out, Lol!
I can't find them.
- What can't you find?
- Me teeth.
I'm not going anywhere without me teeth.
Lol, we need to get out!
- What did you do before bed?
- I get a glass and I
- Kitchen. Draining board.
- Get a skedaddle on.
- The timbers don't sound too clever.
- If you go with Arnold,
I'll go back and get your teeth.
How about that?
I'm right after you!
Bye-bye, Fritz!
I hope you saw that, sir.
I can frolic AND fight.
Watch and learn, Shortbread.
I've got a bit of trouble over here.
There's a fuel leak. I can smell it.
You need to bail!
You need to bail, Shortbread.
Stay calm and I'll see you back at base.
Shortbread, get out of here!
I'll draw his fire.
Where's Lois?
Where is she?!
She was right behind.
Take cover!
- You need to shape up.
- I cannot hide what is inside me.
Mademoiselle Gillibrand?
James Danemere. I understand
you've been expecting me.
They sent bombers to Manchester.
I take this very personally indeed.
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