WPC 56 (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Nature of the Beast

Her name was Sarah Freeman.
She worked with us for a few months.
Can you remember her address? 35 Jellicoe Road.
Please don't tell my wife.
I'm sorry, my Lord, but I lied.
It wasn't Donald.
The man who attacked me was white.
Please, I don't want to go, please don't let them take me, Jack, please! Please, Jack, please! I said stop! Let's go! Call for an ambulance! I need something, anything, a handkerchief to stop the blood! Latest news, latest news! Police officer stabbed, teddy boy wanted! Read all about it, read all about it! Latest news.
Police officer stabbed, teddy boy wanted.
Read all about it, read all about it! 'The police force is a family.
'And last night, one of our own was viciously attacked.
'PC 352 Eddie Coulson is still on the danger list.
'The next few hours are going to be critical.
' All leave has been cancelled.
Overtime has been approved.
Thank you to all officers who have come in on your rest days.
WPC Dawson has given a good description of the hooligan.
19 or 20 years old.
5 foot 6, black hair, brown eyes.
What's going to make him stand out from your average teddy boy is a three-inch scar down his right cheek.
There's nothing we can do for PC Coulson.
He's in the hands of the doctors and God.
What we can do is find the maggot that put him there.
You've got your assignments.
Let's turn over some stones and see what crawls out.
You did hear that? Nelson wants all available officers on this.
I've got a missing boy to find and a sex attacker on the loose.
This is one of our own.
If I hear anything, you'll be the first to know.
Sir? Are you sure you don't need time off? I'd rather be working.
An admirable sentiment, but you've suffered a nasty shock.
Actually, sir, I could use her out with me.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
She's the only one who can identify this scum.
And if it hadn't been for her quick thinking, Eddie Coulson would be in the mortuary.
What are you waiting for, a fanfare? Get your hat.
In! Around 7:15 last night.
Come on, you must have seen something.
Not a dickybird.
You sure? No, sorry, love.
If you hear anything - anything - you call Brinford police station, right? Yeah, sure.
Anything? No.
All right, son? What do you want? Thought I'd come see where you're working.
Well, you've seen it, now you can blow.
I saw your gran last night.
How is she? Not so good.
It's her heart, you know.
She misses you.
Said she wouldn't recognise you any more.
Not a skinny little kid now.
Grown man.
Look, why are you really here? Son, I need to find someone.
A ted.
A copper's in hospital.
Eddie Coulson.
You've met him.
Yeah, and he arrested me for something I never did.
Slashing a few seats in the Regency is one thing.
Stabbing a police officer is crossing the line.
If you know who's done this All that stuff about Gran just to butter me up? No, that's not fair Admit it - your job always come before me.
Sam! What did he want? Nothing.
Eh? Honest, Johnny.
He was just blowing hot air.
Family stuff.
Suppose you slipped him the wink? Look, I'd never grass on you.
Not after everything you done for me.
Si, everybody knows me.
You go in any bar in Roma, you say the name Salvatore Angeletti, you get free drinks all of the night.
What? You thought we walked this way by accident? Come on, Sherlock.
Scusi momento.
I just finish here.
Hey! What are you doing? You can't do that, disturb my customers! One of your lot with a slashed face.
You know him? No.
Go on.
Get lost.
The next one is on Salvatore! OK? Ta very much, Sergeant Fenton! He ain't coming back in a hurry, is he? You know why we're here, Derek? If I knew anything, I'd be straight down the station, wouldn't I? Are you sure? Hmm? Nothing you want to tell me? As God's me witness! OK.
We'll wait.
Please, Sergeant.
You're going to bankrupt me.
My heart bleeds! Think of my poor bambinos! Three mouths to feed and another on the way.
He needs to sew his flies up this one, eh? Give his missus a break.
Hey! Now you're trying to wreck the place! Just tell us what we need to know and we'll be out of your hair.
But if word gets out Word about what? Hey, I thought you never knew nothing? There is a lad with a scar.
He comes in for a trim and something for the weekend.
Name? I don't know.
On my poor mother's grave! Do you have any idea how he got the scar? I heard it was a fight, when he was in borstal.
Other lad came off worse.
That's all I know.
The girls send their love.
They miss you.
We all do.
Then take me home, Jack.
That's not possible.
I'll be good.
I promise.
Dr Hurley says Dr Hurley?! Do you know what he does to me when you're not here? He They strap me down and then they They put wires on my head, they And then Please, please don't let them hurt me any more.
We just want you to get better.
No, Jack! What kind of man are you?! Deborah! Doctor! No-one left to protect me! I hate you! What kind of a man are you?! Please! Please! You're meant to protect me, Jack.
I hate you, Jack Burns.
Jack! I hate you, I hate you.
Jack! In my day, you had a barney you sorted it with your fists.
Nowadays, you so much as even look at someone the wrong way, and you're likely to get a knife between the ribs.
You know I've always supported you, love.
I knew the risks when I signed up.
It could be you lying in St Vincent's.
I'm not quitting, Dad.
Hello? We didn't have anything planned for tonight? No, but I just wanted Frank! Mrs Dee.
Don't look at me.
I must look like a right mess.
Sorry for just dropping in, only I've got some good news.
I love a surprise.
You're only looking at the new deputy foreman! Oh, Frank, that's wonderful! Well done, lad.
This calls for a celebration, Joe.
The sherry.
And I've got a nice rhubarb crumble in the oven.
You know I can never refuse your puddings, Mrs Dee.
Didn't I say he'd go far? Kate, have some more toast.
Just one more piece.
All right, last spoon.
Please, for Daddy.
I want Mummy.
I want Mummy too.
Kate Mummy! Ten shillings a week.
Did you hear that, Gina? You've said it twice.
Have you seen those new flats they're building on the old jam factory? Yes, they look really smart.
All right if you want to live in a rabbit hutch.
Right, who's for seconds? Ta, Mrs Dee.
There's more in the pan.
I'll go.
Left at the back of the shelf, is that what you want? What have I done now? It's what you haven't done.
You know how long he's been waiting for that promotion.
You could at least slap a smile on your face.
I will.
If you tone it down.
"Ten bob a week, new flats.
" You're about as subtle as a steamroller.
Frank, Gina's just had a good idea.
Oh, yeah? To celebrate your promotion, a slap-up meal, tomorrow night.
Sounds great.
I'll see what the butcher's got in.
Stuffed heart - that's your favourite, isn't it, Frank? Oh.
Chief Superintendent.
Oh, um Cathy Sinclair, sir.
Yes, of course.
Is there any? No, no change.
Well, that don't mean it's bad.
My Uncle Dick got knocked on the noggin with a shovel.
Couldn't wake him up for a week, but now he's as right as rain.
Except he can't remember Aunty Vi's birthday, or their anniversary.
I should check in with the doctor.
Help! Somebody! Anyone! Please help! Help! Eddie! Please help.
Please, come this way.
Hello? Hello? Helena.
Thanks for coming.
The girls will be pleased to see you.
Is Godfrey not coming in? He thought it best to wait in the car.
We went to Edmund Hall last night.
How could you do that? To your own wife! She was a danger to herself and the girls.
She's just exhausted.
Grandma! Grandma! And no wonder.
Ah, here they are.
My little angels.
Oh, look at your hair! It's like a bird's nest.
And you are just skin and bone.
What is your daddy feeding you? Are you going to help me or not? Of course.
We can't expect Daddy to take time off from his precious job, can we? I'll be back by six.
And tomorrow? The girls need stability.
Which is why we've decided it'd be better if we took them home with us.
There's no need for that.
Their room's ready.
I can manage.
It'll be a nice break for them.
Proper, home-cooked food.
A few treats.
I don't want them being spoiled.
They'll be treated like the little princesses they are.
That didn't work for Deborah, did it? I think it's time Daddy said goodbye, don't you? Gramps and Grandma are going to look after you for a few days.
But we'll talk on the telephone every day, and it won't be for long.
All right? I love you.
Well No, his right cheek.
A vertical scar.
Couple of inches.
Thank you.
19 years old, 5' 6".
Yeah, sounds like a match.
Give me a name.
Can you send us a photo? Great.
Johnny Harris.
Last known address, Churchill Road.
I know.
"Get your hat.
" Lisa Harris? He ain't here.
You won't mind if I see for myself.
Don't forget to look under the bed! You think this is a joke, hey? Do you know what he's done? I've seen the papers.
But what makes you think it was Johnny? I saw him do it.
You were there too, Lisa.
Don't deny it.
We could charge you as an accessory.
What would happen to your baby then? Go on, then.
Where's your cuffs? Go and knock up the neighbours.
Somebody must've seen him.
He'll be going down for a nice long stretch.
And it won't be just borstal this time.
You want him, you catch him.
Her name is Sarah Freeman.
She'd be in her early 60s by now.
And all you have is this address? 35 Jellicoe Road, Birmingham.
Where she lived 30 years ago, and she's not in residence there now? I wouldn't be bothering you if it was that easy.
And what kind of a case is this, Detective Inspector? You know I can't tell you that, Miss Lawrence.
Is it connected with the bones in the mine? What is it? Blackmail gone wrong? Witchcraft? Crime passionnel? When can you get me the information? I'll stay at it all night if I have to.
I'll see you tomorrow, then.
Why are you protecting him? And where in the wedding vows does it say, "I will abandon my wife and baby with no food or money"? He can be gone for days, but he always comes back.
Where does he go? I asked once.
Won't make that mistake again.
Oh! Bloomin' great.
Is there no-one else who can help you? My parents never liked Johnny.
When I got pregnant Do you really expect us to believe you don't know where your own husband is? The rent's due.
My baby's hungry.
I've got no more shillings to put in the meter.
Do you think I'd really be sat here if I knew where Johnny was? The only thing I do know is that he wouldn't go far.
Not without me and David.
The longer this goes on for, the worse it's going to get for Johnny.
If he comes back, will you give us a call? Here.
For the baby.
Progress report? Shaking up the teddy boys didn't do any good.
No-one's talking.
Their neighbours haven't seen Johnny for days.
What about his parents? Moved to Aberdeen, sir.
Their local lads are trying to locate him.
Is there any news on Eddie? He's still critical.
Is this him? Why isn't he in custody? It's only a matter of time, sir.
He can't hide forever.
What's this? New lead in the missing boys case.
Still wasting time on something that's dead and buried? Henry Fuller's story doesn't add up.
Who? The baker? He knew both the boys.
He claims he got a shop girl pregnant.
She disappeared around the same time the boys vanished.
She moved away.
So what? What if Henry Fuller killed all three of them? Oh, for heaven's sake.
How many times? That loony John Evans took the boys.
And if you're wrong? Wrong? To be fair to DI Burns I'll tell you what's wrong! Is you, wasting your time on ancient history while the scum who tried to kill my son is still walking free! You want to get your priorities right "Detective".
You left them on your desk.
Maybe Coulson's right.
Maybe I am chasing ghosts.
You can't give up.
You owe it to Stanley Collins, to William Parker.
Go home.
Have dinner with your family.
Forget about work for a few hours.
I'll be going home to an empty house and a fish paste sandwich.
I hear the Anchor does a pork pie that's just about edible.
You've twisted my arm.
Give me five minutes.
Sorry about your stuff.
I mean, I couldn't get near the place.
Coppers everywhere.
Did anyone follow you? Nah.
I did like you said.
Doubled back.
Jumped on a couple of buses.
Paper say he's still alive.
Who? The copper.
Look, you can't stay here forever.
Someone's bound to get suspicious.
No, you're right.
I'm going to have to blow.
Go somewhere they can't find me.
You can send for Lisa once the heat's died down.
Are you joking? She'd bring the law straight to me.
What about David? How do I even know that's brat's even mine? No.
We're better off cutting ties from this dump.
We? You ain't got nothing worth staying here for.
But London Yes, I can see it now.
We'll get a nice little flat.
A couple of new lads in.
We'll start again, only bigger this time.
But we ain't got a shilling between us, John.
Let me worry about that, Sammy boy.
Have a chip.
I couldn't go from fighting for my country to sitting behind a desk six days a week.
Maybe I watched too many westerns as a lad.
Always wanted to wear a sheriff's badge and bring law and order to Tombstone.
My mum wanted me to be a teacher.
And your father? Wanted a boy.
No, that's a bit unfair! He's always encouraged me to follow my dreams.
Which wasn't teaching seven-year-olds the ten times table? I just wanted to do something that made a difference.
And do you think you're doing that now? Well every morning I wake up and put my uniform on, it feels right.
Maybe I liked westerns as well.
Only girls never get to be sheriff, do they? No.
They get to make endless cups of tea and type up reports for male officers who can't even spell the word burglary.
For what? I needed this.
How come you were going home to an empty house anyway? Deborah's taken the kids to her parents' for a few days.
Must be nice to get some peace and quiet.
I'll take you home.
What are you doing here? I can't have a lady walk home on her own, can I? Walk? Where's this car you're always going on about? Nearly there.
Bodywork's done.
Just waiting for a new grille to arrive from the States.
You can't rush perfection, but in the meantime it's Shanks' pony.
Your Sergeant Pratt told me you were here.
Everyone's done a shift.
Sitting by Eddie's bed, talking to him.
Did you hold his hand? What? Bill Pearson, you're jealous! Of that dopey pup? I don't think so.
But I'm your girl.
Everyone knows that.
Prove it.
You do love me, don't you? Bill? Bill? Mm-hm.
You do love me? Stop, stop.
I said stop! Cathy.
Cathy! Here's just fine.
Thanks for the lift.
Night, then.
Gina, I Hello? I'm home.
Hope you didn't wait.
I'm not that hungry Where have you been? I had to work late.
Well, don't just stand there.
You've kept us waiting long enough.
I just hope it's not ruined.
I'm sure it'll be delicious.
Blimey! You have pushed the boat out.
Best crockery.
Dad in a tie.
You should get promoted every week.
Have you been drinking? Just a quick one.
I thought you said you were working.
We were talking about a case.
So you've been boozing while we've been sat here like lemons? She's here now, Bren.
Frank? Where are you going? I want to hear all about this new job.
Every detail.
I'm on earlies.
What about your tea? I'm sorry, Mrs Dee.
I've lost my appetite.
Safe journey home, son.
Oh, that poor lad.
Why do you treat him so badly? I just lost track of time.
That's not the only thing you'll lose if you're not careful.
You won't find another man who'll put up with your carrying on.
Now sit and eat before it gets any colder.
Reckon we should start a book on who's going to be next.
Might even put a guinea on myself.
Morning, Sergeant.
Johnny Harris? Still haven't flushed him out.
What about his parents? Local bobbies interviewed them, but they reckon they haven't seen him for years.
So what do we do now? We? Well, I thought Well, you thought wrong.
I need a partner who's on the ball.
Not someone who didn't get any sleep last night.
I slept fine, thank you very much.
Oh, really? Get back to your vital police work, Constable, that kettle won't boil itself.
Jack Burns can't be that good.
If she'd spent the night with me, I'd have left her with a smile on her face! The first thing I did was check the name Sarah Freeman against the address you gave me.
And? She never lived there.
I don't understand.
However, our records do show that a Sarah Stern lived at that address until 1944.
And a cross reference with our marriage records confirmed that Come on, Inspector.
Sarah Freeman's maiden name was Stern.
Bingo! So where did she go after '44? Several addresses.
All in the Birmingham area.
The most recent being number 15 Primrose Terrace.
But that's not the end of the trail.
Oh, no.
A death certificate? Sarah Stern died at St Luke's Hospital three weeks ago.
Any next of kin listed? A George Stern was present at the death.
And he is? Her son.
That fits.
She was supposed to be pregnant when she left Brinford.
Ah, no, but does it? I could only find one birth certificate linked to your lady.
Charles Albert Freeman.
Born 1919, died 1925, aged six.
So, she lost a child before she came to work in the bakery.
Then she got pregnant again, went away, gave birth to George.
Only one problem with that.
I've gone through all our records.
There's no birth certificate, nothing.
George Stern doesn't exist.
What's happened? It's nothing.
Let me see.
Three-inch heels and stairs don't mix.
Bill? You won't tell anyone? Of course not.
Dawson, you're needed.
Missing persons case.
19-year-old girl who didn't come home last night.
Yes, Sergeant.
She always gets the last bus home from work, but we can't stay up that late.
Does Patricia have her own key? She's always very careful not to disturb us when she comes in.
Only when I went to wake her, her bed hadn't been slept in.
Could she have missed the last bus? Stayed with a friend? It's never happened before.
She would have telephoned.
She'd have known how worried Where does Patricia work? Hobbs' Restaurant.
Does Patricia have a boyfriend? No.
She's a good girl.
If she's not working, she's helping me.
You know, at the church.
Is there anything else, Mrs Buckley? Sometimes when she says she's running errands, she isn't.
She's going to the theatre or dances.
She's not a child any more, Matthew.
She has to get out with people her own age, she can't be stuck in with us all the time.
Why didn't you tell me? You want to protect her.
She knows that, she has to find her own way in the world.
I'll need a description of Patricia.
Salesman, is it? Well, you won't get much joy there.
The dead don't have much call for encyclopaedias or vacuum cleaners.
Detective Inspector Jack Burns.
Detective Inspector? Never had one of them on Primrose Terrace.
This is where Sarah Stern lived? Until the cancer took her.
Riddled with it.
By the time she got to the doctors, it was too late.
Nothing they could do but help with the pain.
And her son? George? Oh, he was devoted to her.
They were never apart.
How old is he? Let me see think.
He had a birthday a couple of months back.
You're sure? Positive.
I remember saying he should think about moving out.
Still living with your mother at that age? It ain't healthy.
37? And steak and kidney pie.
Enjoy your meals.
Jessica Mundy? Yes? Can we sit and talk? Yeah, sure.
I understand that you're friends with Patricia Buckley? And you were working together last night? That's right.
Well, your boss tells me Patricia had the night off and you telephoned in sick.
Why lie? Is George still living here? Your guess is as good as mine.
Haven't seen hide nor hair of him since the funeral.
Any idea where he could have gone? Took it really bad.
Day and night he sat by her bed.
And the flowers! Her room was more like a garden than a hospital.
Can you describe him? Not as tall as you.
Hair - brownish.
Sort of shy.
If George comes back, you'll contact Brinford police station? Of course.
So, where did you go? The Tavern.
The Skittles were playing.
And Patty's got the hots for the singer.
Richy Lomax.
What time did you leave the pub? She wanted to go at ten to get the last bus.
But you didn't go with her? We had a bust-up.
I didn't even see her leave.
Could she have gone off with this Richy? No.
How can you be so sure? Because I was with me.
But if she's moaning that I stole him, then Well, how's that police business anyway? Patricia never came home last night.
What? What's all this about, Dawson? A missing person, sir.
Patricia Buckley, 19.
She didn't come home last night.
I spoke to the conductor of the last bus she could have taken home.
She wasn't on it.
If Patricia walked home, her most direct route would have taken her through Victoria Park.
Patricia's disappearance can't just be a coincidence.
It could be an escalation, sir.
I'll organise a search.
Good work, Gina.
Edward? Son? Dad? You read my mind.
About last night.
How did it go at the Records Office? It was confusing.
How? Sarah Freeman went back to her maiden name, Stern.
But there's no evidence of her having had Henry Fuller's baby.
However, she did have a six-year-old son who died before she came to Brinford.
The same age the boys were when they went missing.
Then I find out that a "George Stern", supposedly her son, was living with Sarah until she died.
He's 37, he's too old to be Henry Fuller's child, but But the same age Stanley Collins would be if he was still alive.
You think Sarah took Stanley? It fits.
What about William? Got in the way? Threatened to tell what he'd seen.
But if George Stern is Stanley Collins, where is he now? Dawson.
My office.
It has come to my attention that certain rumours are circulating.
Sir? About you and a senior officer.
That's just malicious gossip.
So there's nothing improper going on between you and Detective Inspector Burns? We went to the pub, that's all.
Just the two of you? He's a married man! It was just a drink.
It's still enough to ruin your reputation.
I expected more of you, Dawson.
You've shown great promise.
Are you really going to throw your career away for the sake of a tawdry affair? But it's not an affair.
That will be all, Dawson.
Yes, sir.
Gina? Not now, Jack.
What did Nelson say? He said that people are starting to talk.
About us? So? Let them.
Well, that's easy for you to say.
You're not the one who's going to lose their job over some stupid, drunken kiss.
Are you saying it meant nothing? I've worked too hard to get here.
Can't we talk about this? I won't risk my career.
Not for you.
Not for anyone.
It's not too late to call it off.
You going soft on me? No, I'm not.
Cos if you're going soft I'm not! He's here.
All right, let's do it.
All the money.
Back in the bag, then hand it over.
Do it, now! Why don't you be a good boy and put that down.
Do him! Do him! It's no good, Johnny.
Give yourself up.
Just you and me now.
You're dead! Come on, then! Ready when you are, boy.
Only, you better be good.
Come on! Johnny Harris, I am arresting you for the attempted murder of a brave officer whose boots you're not fit to lick.
You are not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say won't matter, because you'll be spending the rest of your miserable little life behind bars.
Get used to it.
Shut up! Not a mark, Sergeant.
Think you're a big man, are you? Some more good news.
I've just had Chief Superintendent Coulson on the telephone.
Eddie's out of danger.
Ah, that's great news! Ah, where's your big smile? Well done, son.
Yeah, well, I need to go back to work so Right.
But you mentioned something about a pint? Great.
The Anchor.
7 o'clock? Sounds good.
There he is - the shirker.
What you won't do for a few days off! Sarge.
Do you know how worried we've been? We? Oh, it's just me.
Cathy's been in every day.
Tell you what, I'm glad they're letting you out.
Your old man's been driving us mad.
Well, everyone will be very pleased to hear how well you're doing.
Tara a bit.
Here, let me.
I I had it cleaned.
I'm glad that someone was watching over you.
That was supposed to be my job.
I expect you back on duty as soon as possible.
After all, you are a Coulson.
Yes, sir.
Frank's on his way.
It's not Frank I'm here for.
Oh? Stay away from her.
What? I know what you did.
Cathy's my girl.
I do what I want.
Hurt her again, and I'll have you locked up in a cell.
You can't tell me who I can and can't see.
What's going on? You want to keep your mare on a shorter rein.
How's he going to do that? With his fists, like you do? You cow! What are you doing? He needs to be told.
Here? Do you know what he's done? This is where I work.
How am I meant to set an example to the men when they see you shouting at the gates like a fishwife? I thought you'd come to apologise, but no, that's too much to ask for, isn't it? I am sorry.
I'll make it up to you.
I promise.
See you later.
Put her back in her place, then.
If you ever talk to her like that again