WPC 56 (2013) s02e02 Episode Script

Dead Man Dancing

1 His teeth are broken.
So what? Let's just wait for the post-mortem report.
There's my girl.
Good evening, Mr Powell.
Sergeant Fenton.
It's good to see you.
The job is all yours, if you still want it? Thank you so much, Inspector Briggs! Mr Powell would never let me quit in any case.
Beautiful! You paid that bookie yet? Why? I have a feeling it's not going to be Maddock's night.
You don't want to disappoint me, do you? Please don't do that.
Please! Someone help me, please! So she said, if I can't hold it in two hands, I ain't interested! Hello, Lizzy.
What'll it be today, then? How much are your potatoes? Penny a pound.
I'll have five pounds for threepence.
Will you now? Take it or leave it.
Oh, go on, then.
Good job all my customers aren't as sharp as you, Lizzy.
I'd be bankrupt within a week! Morning, Mr Walker.
You're blocking the pavement again.
I'll, erm I'll move them in a mo.
There you go.
What did we say? Three shillings? Nice try! Why aren't you at school? There's nothing in for tea.
How about some fresh eggs? Your dad needs to keep his strength up.
I've got no more money.
On the house.
Tell your dad, good luck from me.
Thanks, Mr Walker.
Where do you live? Ackerman Street.
Why? Because I might want a word with your parents.
Her dad's Mike Maddock.
You going to tune in for the big fight? Two men knocking lumps out of each other? I see enough of that when the pubs kick out.
I'll go to school once I've got these home.
See that you do.
Tough little thing.
Takes after her old man.
I'm moving them.
Please, no! No! You can't keep me here.
It won't be forever.
Why are you doing this? We don't have a choice.
Good girl.
Help me, please! Help! Be quiet! I can handle her.
You've had your chance.
Doctor, you've got to help me.
No! No! You know this isn't right.
I've got my orders.
So have you.
Why are you letting them do this? Ned! Do you want me to tell him you're not co-operating? Shhh.
No! I just want to go home.
Didn't you see it? Real live chimps, dressed up, drinking tea! Those and the spuds comes to two and six.
Drinking tea! There you go.
Never seen anything like it! What are you up to Brody? Nothing, no.
Just looking for a ripe one.
Well, show me some cash or sling your hook.
Haven't you got anything smaller? Sorry.
Five and five makes ten.
You come back again soon now.
Thank you.
Watch it! Completely my fault.
There you go.
No harm done, eh? Mrs Coles, your husband's partial to a sprout, isn't he? Not interrupting, am I? Sorry to interrupt your hard work, Inspector, only I've had the Chief Constable on the telephone all morning.
His wife used this to try and pay for their Sunday joint.
Ink's good, paper's not quite right.
The Chief wants whoever's responsible hung, drawn and quartered.
But arresting them will do for now.
You want me to sideline a murder investigation for one dodgy ten shilling note? You've got proof that Pembrook was murdered? Still waiting or the post mortem report.
You're not going to solve anything sitting around here drinking tea.
It seems to work all right for Divisional, sir! Actually that's not the first fake.
They've been popping up all over the place.
This is the first I've heard of it.
And I thought you Met boys were meant to be on the ball.
DI Harper is still finding his bearings, sir.
I could show DI Harper around, sir.
Help him find his bearings.
I don't care how it's done.
Just get the Chief Constable off my back.
Yes, sir.
Our priority is finding Rebecca Jones.
We don't have a photo but you've all got Dawson's description.
Check all the cafes, bus station, boarding houses.
Someone must have seen her.
Didn't you hear Coulson? He wants us to concentrate on the counterfeiters.
Maybe it's a London thing, but, unlike you, I can do more than one job at a time.
Thought we had a deal? But it's our wash day.
Can't your mother do this? She died.
It's just me, Dad, and my little sisters now.
If I give you a hand, do you promise you'll go to school? It must be exciting, being a police woman.
It has its moments.
What's your name? WPC Dawson.
Gina to my friends.
So, where's your dad now? At the gym.
He had to stop boxing when Mum got so ill, so he's got to train really hard for tomorrow.
You must be very proud.
Of course.
He's my dad.
Love of my life.
Drinks are on me, gents! Yeah, very funny, Linus.
Whose joking? So, what do you think? Latest style.
100% wool.
Pure silk lining.
Go on, have a feel if you like.
Where did you nick it from? Receipt.
Thank you very much.
Burtons the tailor, if you please.
Perfect for taking a lady like you out on the town.
I know your idea of treating a girl.
It's a bag of chips in the park and then a quick fumble up the alley.
Please! I was thinking a proper restaurant.
Three courses.
As much port and lemon as you can drink.
I know what you're after.
You've kept me waiting long enough.
I won't just give it away to anyone.
No, of course not.
Wouldn't expect you to, classy bird like you.
That is why I got you .
Get out of my way! Is it rabbit? Better than that.
Oh, Linus! It's beautiful.
Mr Maddock.
I need to talk to you about your daughter.
Which one? Lizzy.
Something's happened to her? No.
She hasn't been going to school.
And you came here for that? I could just report her to the truant officer.
What's stopping you? I know it must be hard without your wife.
You know nothing.
I know most of the chores fall on Lizzy's shoulders.
She's a strong girl.
She's still a child.
Tomorrow night, everything's going to change.
Because of one boxing match? Win and I'll be back on the circuit.
Regular fights.
Good money.
Until then, I need Lizzy to help out.
And if you lose? You must think I'm a fool! Come on, Turner.
Call me a thief again.
I dare you! All right, break it up.
Get in.
In! What's going on? I went in there to buy some river salts for the missus and he starts shouting that I'm trying to pull a fast one.
Another one for the collection.
But it can't be a dud.
They're nearly perfect.
You're not the only one to be fooled.
Who gave it to you, Harry? A woman.
Never seen her before.
It's the only note I got today.
Bought spuds and onions.
Description? Forties.
Maybe older.
She was .
well, ordinary.
30 years I've been in business, I've never been had before.
She'll just be the dropper.
The what? She goes around, buying small value items with the fake notes then takes the bona fide change back to the counterfeiters.
This is evidence now.
Don't I get compensation? The police don't compensate for stupidity, Harry.
Ah, nice! Thank you very much! So, she's been all over Brinford buying everything from King Edwards to a diamond ring, and we're still no closer to finding her.
You can't pump out this much dodgy cash without someone hearing about it.
Leave it with me.
Sergeant Fenton.
So your fingers aren't broken.
Should they be? What other reason would you have for not phoning me? About what? Dodgy ten shilling notes popping up all over town.
You must have heard something.
Erm, no.
I wish I had.
Good ones are they? Good enough to fool idiots, yes.
Well, this is the first I've heard about it.
Cross my heart.
Suppose I was clutching at straws, expecting a bottom feeder like you to know anything tasty.
New suit? New to me.
Don't tell me you've found gainful employment? As if! Come on, you know me better than that, Sidney.
No, it was this horse of mine, actually.
It came in.
Amazing odds.
20 to one.
No? Woo-hoo! Congratulations.
What was that for? Not passing on the tip.
There was no tip.
It was just luck.
Ear to the ground.
If you hear anything Tommy.
Have you found out anything interesting about the new girl? She's partial to a ginger nut.
Has she mentioned a husband? Kids? No.
Why, Sarge? It would be nice to know who we're working with, wouldn't it? Dawson.
Dawson! Yes, Sarge? Visitor.
WPC Dawson! What happened to school? But this is police business.
Found this up an alley.
That's more important than geography, isn't it? Has anyone reported losing a purse, Sarge? There's no money.
Then maybe it wasn't lost.
Maybe it was stolen.
There's nothing in the book.
I think we've got a new recruit here, eh, Dawson? What's that? A prescription.
Freda Bradbury.
Denman Street.
And a receipt for a diamond ring.
Let me see.
Brummmies one, Cockney boy nil.
Fenton, what are you doing? Solving your case for you.
Dropper's name is Freda Bradbury.
Denman Street.
I'll show you the way.
I think someone deserves a reward.
Right, WPC Maddock.
Are you ready for duty? Don't forget to press the bell.
You don't want to run over any old ladies.
I'm sure you have an explanation for this, Dawson.
She helped with the counterfeiting case, sir.
This is a police station, not a playground.
Get her home and get back to your duties.
Yes, sir.
Freda Bradbury? Yes.
All she's admitted to is passing the notes.
Other than that, she's clammed up.
A night in the sells should help her to change her mind.
Come on.
Why don't you do it? Oh, don't be such a baby.
Did you want me, PC Perkins? Erm Yes.
We I .
was wondering Yes? Your husband.
He doesn't mind you working? I thought coppers were supposed to be observant? No ring.
Oh, yes.
So there aren't any l-l-l .
little Nightingales? What kind of a loose woman do you take me for? Oh, erm No.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing? Isn't this what you wanted? Just the two of us.
I I I can tell that you're a man who appreciates a woman of .
Miss Nightingale, I was Is everything all right? Maybe now the message will get around.
Susie Nightingale is not to be trifled with.
This has been the best day of my life.
Where the hell have you been? I get home, fire's out.
I'm barely in the door when Mrs McGinley's over giving me earache.
Ten minutes you told her.
As if I haven't got enough on, Lizzy.
Sorry, Dad.
It's my fault Mr Maddock.
Sort out your sisters and get the tea on.
Lizzy really helped us out today.
She Last week, it was Miss Jackson at the library.
The week before that, one of her teachers at school.
I don't understand.
She doesn't want to be a policewoman.
She misses her mother.
And she'll keep on skipping school if she thinks she'll get more attention off you.
You think you're helping.
You're not.
You must remember her.
She bought potatoes.
I sell half a ton a day, mate.
She paid with a ten shilling note.
What's this woman to you? A dear friend of the family who was robbed after leaving here.
Robbed? She weren't the only one.
That ten bob note was a dud.
I'd like a word with this "dear friend" of yours.
Did you see anyone following her? Who's going to compensate me? That's what I want to know.
I'm sure my associate will sort you out.
Give his memory a jog.
Oh, no, yeah, I think something is coming back.
There was someone.
Name? Brody.
Linus Brody.
Erm, skinny, tall.
Erm, face like a ferret.
He drinks there.
That's his local there.
I haven't taken it off you know.
I even wore it in bed.
Now, that I would like to see.
Keep dreaming.
Come on, Stell.
We had a good night last night, didn't we? Until you had to spoil it.
Can you blame me? Nice bit of squirrel like that has got to be worth more than just a kiss.
I want to be wooed, Linus.
Oh, wooed is it? What do you mean? Like this? Is this Is this a proposal? What? Erm The answer's yes.
Well, erm Maybe I can get something on account then? As we seem to be engaged.
Give me five minutes, then come upstairs.
A little bird told me this was your watering hole, Linus.
Linus? Oh, right, yes.
You want Linus Brody.
Yes, no, we do look alike, it's true.
He's a bit smaller than me, though.
Not as good looking.
Terrible acne, actually.
The funny thing is, you've literally just missed him.
If you're quick, you might catch You're making a terrible mistake! Ten bob on Maddock.
Cheers, Fletch.
What's this? Just making the fight a bit more interesting.
What odds on Maddock by a knockout? To you, sir, five to one.
I'll have a couple of bob on that.
Thought you CID boys were well paid?! Make it a pound, then.
Happy to take your money.
We'll see how happy you are when you have to pay out.
Morning, Inspector.
Any news on those counterfeiters? Closing in, sir.
In the meantime, the postmortem report on Councillor Pembrook has arrived.
Conclusions? It confirms that he died of an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills.
Like I said.
The pathologist also recovered the remains of Pembrook's tooth from his stomach.
Which proves what? That it was broken when he was forced to drink the booze and take the pills.
It wasn't suicide, it was murder.
What's your next move? I'd like another crack at the Sapphire Club.
I thought that was a dead end.
Rebecca Jones is the key.
She worked at the club.
We need to get in and find who she was friendly with.
But those girls aren't going talk to a copper.
We need someone on the inside.
Right, well, who did you have in mind? Looks like a night behind bars has worked its magic.
She's ready to talk.
Thank you WPC Dawson.
Whatever you think I done, I never, I didn't.
Please don't insult my intelligence.
I know that you stole from me.
Who are you working for? Working for? No, no, no.
I'm a free agent.
That's me.
Who's moving against me? Is it the Greeks? Or Lenny Powell? Yeah, I really don't know anything about that, Mr Crane.
I think Mr Brody needs a little more persuading.
No, no, no.
There's no need for violence, please.
Look, the truth of the matter is, Lenny Powell, he wouldn't have me.
Nobody will, really.
I'm a bit of a nobody, see.
A chancer who was in the right place at the right time.
Please, you've got to believe me.
Know what? I do believe you.
But that doesn't change the fact that I'm out of pocket.
True, but I can make that right.
How? I can return all the notes I've got left.
I mean, I can get them right now.
And the items that you've bought with my money? Erm Yes, those as well, of course.
Let nobody say that Charlie Crane isn't a fair man.
You've got two hours.
Two hours.
Thank you, Charlie.
Mr Crane.
I should, erm Two hours.
What about Sandy? Still sick.
Won't be back until Monday.
Excuse me.
Are you the manager? Who's asking? Ruby.
Ruby Clarke.
I'm looking for a job.
Have you worked in a private club before, Ruby? Yes, in London.
You name it, I've worked there.
Show me.
Now, walk.
I'm a bit out of practice.
You've never worked in a bar in your life, have you? No.
But I'm a quick learner.
Well? Do you want me, or not? Sorry, it's just my landlady.
I owe her rent and if I don't pay it, she's going to kick me out.
I'll work really hard.
I promise you won't regret it.
Wouldn't hurt to give her a try.
She can cover for Sandy.
Come back at six.
Lottie will take care of you.
Here he is, lads.
Sorry, boys.
Forgot my wallet.
Next time.
Where was we? You've got some brass.
But we were just about to Yes, we were, until you left me lying there in my best negligee and the last of my eau de toilette.
I can explain everything.
This better be good.
Erm Your fur.
I love it.
Yes, it's got to go back.
I've just found out, it's not squirrel, it's Alsatian.
I don't care if it's rat! It could have fleas! Then get it sprayed, but it ain't leaving my shoulders! Stella, it's going back and that's that! Argh! And you're barred! What about our engagement? I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on Earth.
Can I at least get the ring back then? Right, that's the lot.
Everything? Every last penny.
What about that suit and those shoes? Did you buy them with my money? Well, erm, technically, but But what? Well, I mean, I threw my old clobber away, didn't I? That was foolish.
Yes, but, erm This is all I've got to wear.
But it rightfully belongs to me, doesn't it? Right.
Talk about a needle in a haystack.
She said it was here.
More like dear old Freda's given us the run-around.
What about that building on the other side of the canal? The old paint works? Nah.
They'll have a night watchman.
Hang on, hang on.
You hear that? I'll cover the back.
Whoa! No-one wants your grubby pants.
Right, so we're quits, yeah? You can't seriously think I'm going to let you go without teaching you a lesson? Wait, wait! Mr Crane, you promised.
You promised! Knock, knock.
What is going on here, then? Kenny.
Come on then, copper! Put 'em up, big boy! Is that all you got? You going somewhere? Come on! Get up! Come on, big baby.
Hey! There's nowhere to go.
Step aside.
Let me go, and you'll be well rewarded.
Yeah? How much? Name your price.
500? A thousand? Keep talking.
There'll be plenty of cash to go around.
With these I can set up anywhere.
Start printing again in days.
Show me.
What are you doing? Do you know how much these plates are worth? To you? Five to ten years.
There's so many heartaches In this world of ours.
Your drinks, gentlemen.
Get off me! You stupid mare! You know the rules - no touching.
I can touch whatever I fancy.
Ooh! I like a feisty one.
Is everything OK here? OK? Look what your tart did.
Erm send me the cleaning bill.
That's not going to cut it.
How about a nice bottle of champagne on the house? How about five minutes out the back? See how sorry she really is.
It's her first night, Mr Powell.
She doesn't know who anyone is yet.
Ned, enough.
Ned! Well, that was a good warm up, but we've got a real fight to go to.
Excuse me.
Listen to them.
Place is packed to the rafters.
My runners are taking cash hand over fist.
Everyone's a sucker for a comeback story.
I won't disappoint them, Mr Powell.
Oh, but you will, Michael.
You're going to break a lot of hearts tonight.
I can take Grogan.
But you won't.
Fifth round - you'll take a dive.
I've always fought clean.
Pride doesn't put food on the table.
I can go all the way this time.
You had your chance.
We could have made a lot of money together, but you chose to stay at home and play nursemaid.
What? So now you get out there and you do as you're told.
Turn it up, then.
one of the most eagerly-anticipated boxing matches.
'There's not a spare seat to be had as the crowd wait to greet their hero.
'And here we go, round one.
' These heels will be the death of me.
You're doing well.
First night and you've already got the wrong side of one of the most powerful men in the Midlands.
Who is this Lenny Powell? Someone to steer clear of.
Well, you seem to know how to handle him.
Because I keep these out and this shut.
You'd best learn to do the same.
Help yourself.
From an admirer? But the feeling's not mutual? He sends me soft centres and gin.
He should know I'm a champagne and roses kind of girl.
Bit of a turn up, wasn't it? Town councillor found dead in a boarding house.
You know he was a member? Here? Never! Oh, he couldn't stay away.
Took a fancy to one of the girls.
Wasn't you, was it? No.
Redheads were his thing.
As soon as he saw Rebecca, he was hooked.
Took them on a weekend in Blackpool.
You must get good tips.
Lenny Powell runs a private poker game.
He pays me and Rebecca to serve drinks - keeps the punters well-oiled.
That's where Rebecca met Daniel.
I tried to warn her he was trouble.
He loved the cards.
Trouble is, cards didn't love him.
He owed money all over town.
Ned told me he was into Mr Powell for hundreds.
Rebecca must be upset about Daniel.
I wouldn't know.
No-one's seen her for days.
Maybe she's staying with relatives? I'm the closest thing she's got to any family.
You're worried about her, aren't you? Her lover's dead.
She's missing.
Course I'm worried.
Come on, ladies.
I don't pay you for sitting around on your assets.
Beginning of the fifth, and it's almost even between these middleweight pugilists - Mike Maddock and the golden boy, Jake Grogan - in a classic battle of youth versus experience.
Grogan is dancing around, looking for an opening.
He's had his opponents on the ropes several times, but Maddock's still good for a punch.
Grogan tries a little combination, but Maddock counters with one of his own.
A couple of jabs and a right hook, which has Grogan backing away, shaking his head.
Oh, it's all Maddock now, he's opened a cut over Grogan's left eye.
Grogan needs to keep off the ropes.
But Maddock's in again, a left, then a right to the body and I don't believe it! 'Maddock's backing off!' What is he doing? Grogan has got his feet moving again.
He counterattacks with a couple of jabs then a crunching uppercut and he's down.
Maddock is on the canvas, ladies and gentlemen.
He's not moving.
The man who has never been knocked out in 35 bouts is being counted out.
No, wait! Four! Maddock's up on his knees.
Five! Six! Seven! He's back on his feet again at the count of eight.
Yes! Come on! Come on! Grogan is moving in, he wants to end this here and now.
A couple of jabs, and there was the haymaker, but Maddock saw it coming and ducked underneath.
And here he comes with his counterattack.
There is a left and a hard right to the head and another.
This is incredible.
This is a night Maddock will remember.
Grogan's legs look like jelly.
There's that right again! And he sticks out a left and Grogan is down! Ref starts his count, but I don't think Grogan is getting up.
And his second's thrown in the towel.
And it's all over.
Your winner is Mike "The Mallet" Maddock! Listen to that crowd.
What a comeback! Take my word for it, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to be seeing more of Mike Maddock.
A few more bouts like that, and he'll be challenging for the middleweight belt.
This is all your own doing.
Punters don't pay to see tears.
Just tell yourself this won't last forever.
It's the only way to survive.
That worked for you, has it? Do whatever he wants.
It'll be over quicker.
I need you.
Now! Wait there.
What's the world coming to when you can't trust someone to be dishonest? A month's wages down the swanny, and that new DI's being treated like he's God's gift.
You know the rules.
You leave your work on the other side of that door.
I know, I'm just saying there's no point Have you been here all night? Oh, Daddy.
A few bruises, that's all.
What's wrong? Nothing.
You won.
Everything's going to be OK now.
Yes, it will.
Get the girls ready, and I'll take you to school.
One pound, seven shillings Cheers! .
and sixpence.
All you had to do was stay down.
And throw away my comeback just so some hood can make a few quid? What comeback? I've still got a few fights left in me.
Not now you got on the wrong side of Lenny Powell, you ain't.
No promoter in the country's going to touch you.
what do you want? Protection.
I thought you were the tough guy? Not for me.
For my girls.
A couple of people are mad at you.
No-one's going to touch your family.
If you won't help me, then let me talk to someone who will.
They'll tell you the same - until a crime's been committed, there's nothing we can do.
Hello, Brinford Police? Hello, Mr Maddock.
Congratulations on the fight.
Inspector? I managed to get these at the club.
Thank you.
That's Rebecca Jones.
I'll get some posters made.
We'll circulate them at the train station, hotels.
Good work, Dawson.
I know some girls dream of Paris or Rome, but I've always fancied Bognor.
You are going to love it - fresh air, the cockles, nice double room, fresh start.
What's this? Skipping town without telling me? I was going to send you a postcard.
How can you afford a holiday? That horse of mine, it came in again.
What are the chances?! Oi! Get your maulers off him.
It's all right, we're old mates.
You listen to me.
Jockey, stable boy, trainer - I don't care who's been whispering in your lug hole, but you said you'd cut me in, and you ain't.
Which means you owe me.
You're right.
There you go.
Well, that was too easy.
Careful! So the nags have been good to you, eh? You cretin.
You know these are duds, don't you? Sh! That's why we're going away, innit? Another town, who'd know? You what? Your choice - destroy the evidence or I'll run you in.
Oh, come on, you've got to be kidding me.
Can't you leave me with something? I'm on a promise here.
Have you gone mad? They're fake, my love.
Like everything about him.
Top to toe.
You were going to pay for our new life with dodgy money? Don't mean I love you any less.
Next thing, you'll be telling me my ring's knocked off! If I ever see you again, it'll be too soon! Stella, sweetheart! Stella, don't, please! Stella! Sergeant Fenton.
What are you doing on number four beat? What do you want, Swift? Canal Street Boxing Club.
What about it? There's been a break in.
And if you see PC Evans, ask him to call in.
It's on my way.
I'll deal with it.
Hello? Hello? Hey! Maddock? Maddock? Don't you die on me, boy.
Michael! Maddock, stay with me.
Mikey! He took a beating that would have killed most men.
Local hero at death's door.
We're going to face a lot of questions from the press.
If you need any help.
Thank you, sir.
Did he say anything this morning, Sarge? Hey? Mike Maddock.
You were talking to him.
Maddock was here? Yes, sir.
Why? He just wanted to say thank you .
for showing his daughter around the station.
Has anyone told his girls yet? Best if it comes from me.
If you're sure you're up to it, Dawson? Yes, sir.
What's going to happen to them? If there's no other family, child welfare will have to be involved.
Sergeant Fenton.
Go with her, please.
Gina! Hello, Lizzy.
Come in, I'll put the kettle on.
We've come to talk to you about your dad.
He's not here.
I know.
What's going on? I've got some bad news.
What is it? You're scaring me.
Your dad, he's in hospital.
He's had an accident? It wasn't an accident.
I don't understand.
Lizzy, he's been attacked.
Sergeant Fenton, he found him and He's in a bad way.
But he's strong.
He'll be all right.
The doctors are doing everything they can.
Who did it? We don't know.
But you'll find them? We'll do our best.
No! You've got to promise.
Promise you'll find the person who hurt my daddy.