WPC 56 (2013) s03e04 Episode Script

The Wayward Wind

William Sheppard, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Brigadier Morris.
William's escaped? And whose wonderful idea was it to put him in there in the first place? Patients selected for the Petra Project disappear, but when they come back, they're different.
I just spoke to our friends at the Birmingham Chronicle.
And did you find David Meyer? ~ They'd never heard of him.
~ Who do you think he is, then? I think he's our new main suspect.
Gabriel! David.
What are you doing here? I am arresting you for committing an act of gross indecency with another male person.
You are not obliged to say anything, unless you wish to do so.
You never said how you did this.
How long since you last had a decent meal? Just fix me up, then I'll be out of here.
~ It looks infected.
~ It's nothing.
I think you should stay.
You know, build up your strength.
Come on, we've waited this long.
What's one more day? Rise and shine, ladies.
On your feet.
You know the way.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
Enough of that.
What do we do? Our job.
Same as always.
Please tell me this is someone's idea of a joke.
Do you see anyone laughing? But he's married.
I've met his wife.
I still don't believe it, and I saw it with my own eyes.
Your attention, please.
David Meyer.
I need to talk to speak with him urgently.
So keep your eyes peeled.
Show this around on your beats.
First suggestion of a sighting, let me know.
~ One to each officer, please, Sergeant.
~ Yes, sir.
William Sheppard.
Any news? Sorry, Taylor.
No overnight developments.
Hitting the beat, Sarge.
Wait there.
Is there any one you want me to contact, sir? No.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Just how you like it, sir.
No special treatment.
Take it while it's hot.
Good morning, everybody.
Let me reassure you there will be no disruption to your normal routines.
And as of this moment, I am in operational control of this station.
Yes, sir.
Sergeant Fenton, put the prisoner in the interview room.
Two sugars.
~ What have you got there? ~ Ah! I know that smile.
What are you up to? You'll have to wait and see.
Coffee and a bacon cob for table six.
Coming up.
I see that lover boy's here again.
Can't you serve him? Gloria.
He's not here for the doughnuts.
Morning, Constable.
We're all out of doughnuts.
Is there anything else you fancy? I'm just on my break.
Can't you call me Tommy? Hello, all.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'll make this short and sweet.
Tomorrow night is our wedding anniversary.
It'll be three years to the day since this beautiful woman made me the happiest man in Brinford.
Aw! To mark the occasion, we're having a party, and you're all invited.
That's great! There's going to be music, American hamburgers and dancing till you drop.
Oh, Les! Bring your friends, your family.
~ the more the merrier.
~ Great! There you go, Constable.
Hope you're not going to be on duty.
If you're not busy would you? I'm going to be working, aren't I? But you'll you'll save me a dance? We'll see.
Sorry for all the secrecy, but I wanted it to be a surprise.
And it was.
A wonderful surprise.
So what's wrong, love? I hoped it was a mistake, but I've checked and double checked and it comes out the same every time.
I don't understand.
Someone's been dipping into the till.
What? I noticed the other week, but it was only a few shillings.
But it's been getting worse.
We're already down five pounds this week.
But you don't think Not one of the girls? There's one way to find out.
Me? A thief? If it wasn't you, who was it? I know what they say about coloureds.
How you can't trust them and that.
But not Gloria.
Gloria wouldn't steal.
If you know anything She told me in confidence.
Miss Plummer, this is a very serious matter.
Has anybody seen me take any money? ~ No.
~ So why the interrogation? You're not the only person I'm interviewing.
Mr and Mrs Sallis have been good to me.
I would never abuse their trust.
Tell me about your family.
What about them? I understand that you give them money? Or I can only conclude that you have something to hide.
My father lost his job.
It's my duty to help them.
~ And how far would you go? ~ I would never break the law.
~ Not even if your family were desperate? ~ Never! But you're not going to take my word for it, are you? I'm only interested in the evidence.
Shall I tell you how I see it? Money has gone missing and my face doesn't exactly fit in around here, so the thief must be me.
That's what you're all thinking, isn't it? Are we done here? You put that uniform on every single day.
Knowing what you are.
You're a disgrace.
He's been cautioned? Yes, sir.
How the mighty fall.
You need to know I want it made clear It was me.
I started this.
Carl is the innocent party.
~ Innocent! ~ I led him astray.
Very noble, but it's a bit late to play the hero now, isn't it? Two men caught committing an act of gross indecency.
Guilty as charged.
What do you think, Sergeant? 12 months at Her Majesty's pleasure? At least.
You risked everything.
Your career.
Your marriage.
Your liberty.
Was it worth it? So, how long have you and Carl Saunders been intimately acquainted? What difference does that make? It must have been a shock when Sergeant Fenton arrested him, brought him into your station.
I didn't know Carl then.
Then why did you order me to let him off with just a caution? I ordered you to release all of the men that you'd rounded up.
You let a dozen men get away with their crimes just to cover your own filthy little secret.
The sooner the Force gets shot of you, the better.
Neither has admitted to stealing the money and there's not enough evidence to prove who the thief is.
You did your best.
Thank you, Constable.
We've taken up enough of your time.
What if we wanted to take this further? You'd have to come to the station.
Make an official complaint.
We close at five.
We'll come down then.
But you heard what he said, love.
There's no evidence.
Both those girls know how much this place means to us.
How hard we have to work.
How can we trust either of them again? OK.
Let's get the party over with.
Then we'll decide what we're going to do.
I am so sorry.
I thought I could trust you.
I didn't mean to.
It's just that he knew I was hiding something ~ and he just kept on and on and ~ It's fine.
You're not just saying that? You're the best.
Goodbye, Norma.
What? Where are you going? To get my coat.
I have been sacked, haven't I? Nobody's been sacked and table three are waiting to order.
I didn't think they were ever going to let you out.
~ You shouldn't be here.
~ I was worried about you.
Walter please.
We can't see each other again.
You don't mean that.
Just stay away from me, Carl.
~ Mum? ~ Here, love.
Just checking supplies.
Mum, you've got half of Barrow's Stores in here.
Well, who knows how long we'll have to stay.
It could be weeks.
What's this about? What, love? They're just scare stories.
The Russians will never dare use their H-bombs.
You can think that, I'm your mother.
I can't take that chance.
~ Are you hungry? ~ Starving.
What do you fancy? Perfect timing.
~ Charlotte, we need ~ I hope you like it.
It smells wonderful.
Assistant Chief Constable Coulson telephoned.
Told me about your arrest.
The circumstances.
All the details.
~ I wanted to tell you myself.
~ You've had 15 years.
It's like something you read in the Sunday newspapers.
The police raid.
Caught in bed with another man! I didn't want to believe it, but It all fits, doesn't it? Charlotte, if I could turn the clocks back, then I would.
You've suffered for so long.
What? ~ Having to share a bed with me.
I must have repulsed you.
~ No.
Every time I wanted you to make love to me.
I have wanted to be a good husband.
I've tried to fight it.
All this time, I thought .
you let me think that I was the problem.
That was unforgivable.
Why did you marry me? ~ Did you hate me that much? ~ No, Charlotte, I love you.
Don't you dare! What do you want to do? ~ If you want a divorce ~ Out of the question.
I made a vow, "Till death us do part.
" Thank you.
Your food's getting cold.
It's like the war.
Your dad away in France.
You, me and the boys, cuddled up in the Anderson shelter.
I remember the darkness, the bombs.
But you always made us feel safe.
I know.
What? I know that the men were struggling, fighting hard for all of us, but .
the truth is, I was having the time of my life.
I loved the munitions work.
It was dangerous but exciting, and I made lots of new friends.
I'd never had so much money in my purse.
I knew I was doing something important.
I felt .
But then the war ended.
Of course it was wonderful seeing your dad walk up the road in his demob suit But he wanted things to go back to how they were.
It wasn't so bad when the house was full.
But now your brothers have left.
You've got your own life.
You wouldn't let anyone put you off.
You followed your own path, and I am so proud of you.
There you are.
I've been looking all over.
~ There's no dinner on.
~ That's because we've already had ours.
What? There you go.
I, erm, recommend the peaches.
You've hardly said two words to me all day.
Anyone would think you were avoiding me.
~ (What are you doing?) ~ We had an agreement.
And I'm holding up my end.
Yeah, then how come you let that copper interrogate me? It was out of my hands! Or maybe you're having second thoughts? No.
Why don't we see? Don't! Or you'll do what? I'm sorry.
This morning was a mistake.
It won't happen again.
Well, you know what'll happen if it does.
What's this? Should be enough to get you out of the country.
I'm not going anywhere.
The police won't give up.
I can't protect you.
Since when have I needed your protection? Killing the brigadier was a mistake.
You know what he did.
How was I supposed to let him live? Besides I got what I needed.
You've found him? Where? You don't need to know.
Yes, I do.
You wouldn't have tracked him here without my research.
You've played your part.
Now it's my turn.
He'll know that you're coming for him next.
What if he disappears again? We have to bring him to justice now.
I haven't just found him.
She is still by his side.
The ever-faithful assistant.
All right, tell me where they are.
We can end this.
Gabriel, please.
There's still time.
Fill this first.
Thank you.
You are doing the right thing.
Now we can finish this together.
Gabriel? Damn! Hi, Tommy, what have you got there? Uh Nothing.
Let me see.
A party at the Lucky 7.
I was thinking of going.
And you were going to ask me? Well yes.
Tommy, I really like you.
Same here.
But like a brother.
What? I'm really flattered, but Oh! N n no.
This isn't a date.
You're always saying how you like a dance, and I thought, well, we could all do with a bit of cheering up.
Well, in that case, I'd love to go.
Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes.
This isn't the way.
I have to look him in the eyes.
He needs to know why he's about to die.
But this isn't just about us.
What about all the others? You don't understand.
You'll never understand.
Gabriel, don't.
Every morning, I woke up feeling sick at the thought of what they were going to do.
Every night, I prayed that they would take me instead.
But they never did.
If I could have swapped places You're only alive because I took the pain.
I survived.
13 years I've waited, so I will finish this.
Gabriel, please You weren't strong enough to help me, then.
You're not strong enough to stop me now.
Slow down a bit.
It's a wild goose chase.
Let's see what we've got here.
David Meyer? ~ What do you want? ~ You need to come with me.
Why? Because I said so.
Not now.
Hey, hey! Get in the car.
~ You're making a mistake.
~ Get in.
Go on, Fletch.
There's no getting away from it.
It's bound to reflect badly on the whole station.
Come on.
Shift yourself.
David Meyer.
Signed, sealed and delivered.
When you want a job done properly ~ Interview room, please, Sergeant.
~ Fletch.
You want to find a bin for that.
Mind you, he can always just put it on his cell door.
Do you think it'll come to that? Prison? Why should he get any special treatment? Anyway, how's locking one of his kind up with 200 men a punishment? Whatever the Chief Inspector's done, he doesn't deserve to be laughed at.
I thought you were different.
There's nothing worse than a copper who breaks the law.
So we just turn our backs on someone who we know is a decent man? You're a civilian.
You wouldn't understand.
You're right.
I don't.
I can't wait for tonight.
We're going to show them how it's done, yeah? Oh, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
I know how much effort you've put in tonight.
It's OK.
It's the not knowing.
Having to watch their every move.
I can't stand it.
I know.
If we don't know which one is stealing from us, maybe we should sack them both.
Hey I'll make this right, OK? You're something of a puzzle, Mr Meyer.
Everywhere I go, there you are with your notepad and your questions.
It's my job.
Who do you work for? The Birmingham Chronicle.
So how come they've never heard of you? Who are you? And why are you posing as a journalist? Why attack the nurse? ~ What nurse? ~ At Edmund Hall.
Never heard of it.
We have a witness saw you fleeing the scene.
They were mistaken.
Four days ago.
30 in the evening.
If you weren't attacking Nurse Hartley, where were you? I don't know.
Not good enough.
Well, I can't help it if I can't remember.
I can.
Taylor? At 5.
30 he was at my house trying to question my father.
That's right.
Are you sure? Yes, I had to tell him to leave.
Sir, the scissors.
Nurse Hartley was sure that she drew blood.
Your right hand.
Show me.
~ So can I go now? ~ I haven't finished.
~ You say you've never heard of Edmund Hall? ~ Correct.
~ But you were there yesterday.
~ No.
I saw you with my own eyes.
Why did you run? What are you hiding? Tell them to go away.
Hello, Mrs Briggs.
Good to see that you're holding up so well.
~ Please, come in.
~ Thank you.
Who was it? Charlotte? Nice place you've got here.
Pity you're going to lose it.
How dare you come here.
What's the matter? Not satisfied with your pound of flesh? All this bitterness, when I was only doing my duty.
Don't pretend you're not enjoying every minute.
Oh, I think I've earned the right, don't you? You tried to push me out of the Force.
You assaulted another police officer.
But it's you who's going to have every disgusting detail of your life picked over in public.
And what about your poor wife? The lovely Charlotte.
How's she going to live with the shame, the humiliation? Don't worry, when you're banged up in Winson Green, I'll pop round.
See if there's anything she needs.
You really are pathetic! Get out of here! Walter! I tried to help.
This is the thanks I get.
I'll show myself out.
It's gone.
I've got nothing left.
You've got me.
But I'm not enough, am I? Charlotte, please ~ I want you to leave.
~ But I thought ~ Tonight.
He's clearly moved around a lot - Liverpool, Exeter, East Kent, Manchester No bank details.
No personal papers.
We can't even be sure that David Meyer is his real name.
Well, maybe we can't find anything because there's nothing to find.
You think he's innocent? Nurse Hartley swore that it was William Sheppard who attacked her.
Meyer has no stab wound.
Maybe your witness was mistaken? Well, that doesn't change the fact that I saw him at the hospital yesterday, yet he denies being there.
There must be something here.
Let's see what he's been hiding, shall we? You're not going to deny that this is yours? Surveillance photos of Brigadier Morris.
You've been tracking him for weeks.
For what purpose? To murder him? I didn't kill him.
Then why have you made detailed notes of his movements? William Sheppard.
Now missing.
Is he another of your victims? How are these men connected to this? German death camps.
What am I not seeing? Come on, David! This has taken planning.
You've dedicated years to this.
Why? Help me understand what this is all about.
I've done nothing wrong.
You know, this is the easiest case I've ever had.
You've done everything for me.
There's enough here to put your neck firmly into the hangman's noose.
What I don't understand is why.
What have these men done to you? The camp wasn't just a place for extermination.
Some prisoners were spared.
They thought they were lucky.
They weren't.
What happened to them? They were selected for medical experiments.
When they knew the Russians were coming, the medical staff fled.
Two of them nearly made it back to Germany before they were captured by the Allies.
They were supposed to be put on trial, but before they could ever face justice, they vanished.
You You said that a nurse had been attacked? Could this be her? It could be.
And she's working closely with a doctor? He'd be in his early 60s now.
I need to know.
Why? The doctor's name was Dieter Fischer.
He was considered to be a brilliant geneticist.
He had a special interest in twins.
One would be experimented on while the other remained untouched.
It was the perfect control subject.
Thousands were tortured or killed for the sake of his research.
And who are these children? They were my brothers.
I am the only one of my family who survived.
So you've been hunting Fischer and this nurse? All across Europe.
But where do Brigadier Morris and William Sheppard fit into this? I suspect the British Government or its agents had a hand in helping them disappear.
~ Why would they do that? ~ Fischer's work.
He was too valuable to execute.
I believe that Morris was the man in charge of bringing him to England and setting him up with a new identity.
And Sheppard? The lance corporal was part of Morris' team.
So you have an understandable motive for wanting to punish all three men? Yes, absolutely.
But not by taking the law into my own hands.
By forcing them to face the evidence against them in court.
You still haven't explained why you ran when I saw you at Edmund Hall yesterday.
You're wasting time! What more do you need? I've told you about Fischer.
I've told you about Petra Schulz.
Petra? That name means something to you? ~ Constable.
~ Sir? ~ Wait, no.
~ Back in the cell, please.
~ Yes, sir.
Wait! I've cooperated.
You've got to let me go detective.
Please! Detective! What are you looking for? Something I found in the records at Edmund Hall.
It's written on William Sheppard's medical file.
"Recommended for Petra Project.
" MUSIC: Tutti Frutti by Little Richard Um, what can I get you? ~ Drink? ~ Yes, thanks.
Hi, Gloria.
You look fantastic.
Nearly didn't recognise you without your funny helmet.
And one for my friend, please.
Thank you.
Well, she seems nice.
It's OK, Annie.
I know what I'm doing.
Well, have you asked her out? I've tried, but my tongue gets in a tangle.
It's costing me a fortune to come here twice a day.
And I've had so many doughnuts, my mum had to let my trousers out.
Come on.
Let's show her your moves.
Too much pop.
I won't be long.
Just the man.
~ Mr Sallis? ~ I've cracked it.
~ Cracked what? Come up with a foolproof way to catch our thief.
That's great, but I'm off duty.
If she can't find out which one it is, Pauline's going to sack both girls.
Do we really have to do this now? Sorry, sweetheart.
But I left a ten shilling note just here.
A note I'd marked.
And of course you'd pick me first.
Thank you.
There's nothing here.
~ Are you sure? ~ Positive.
Now yours.
All you'll find in there is lint and lipstick.
That's not quite all.
~ But that's ~ After everything we've done for you! ~ But I never put that there.
~ This is your mark? Yeah, but This isn't right.
You set the trap.
You caught your thief.
Congratulations, Mr Sallis.
What do you think you're doing? You'll have to come to the station to be formally charged.
Don't just stand there.
~ It was you.
~ What? ~ You switched the money to Norma's bag.
~ No! Why would you think that the note was in Gloria's bag? ~ I don't know.
~ Unless you put it there.
You set me up?! Why? I'm sorry.
Why don't we step outside? What's going on? Les? Yes, I understand, yes.
Could you hold on, please? Sergeant Fenton.
Heaton Road.
That's on your way home, isn't it? Can be.
Mrs Morgan's guest house.
She's worried about one of her tenants.
They won't answer the door.
Couldn't pop in, could you? Or she'll be ringing every five minutes.
You owe me one.
Mrs Morgan, good news.
We are sending one of our finest officers.
You're very welcome.
You had the flu.
Norma said she'd help me clear up.
And how long had you been waiting to get her alone? It was just a kiss.
It didn't mean anything.
Three years, Les! And you'd throw that away over a fumble with a waitress.
Tell me what I can say, what can I do to make it right? And the missing money? I've had to pay her off.
If I didn't, she was going to tell you we were having an affair.
So you steal and cover it up with more lies? And to top it all, you tried to blame Gloria.
Do you want to press charges? Against me? He's the thief.
I'm not sure stealing your own money is strictly an offence.
Whereas, blackmail You wouldn't dare.
Put me in a courtroom and I'll tear your reputation to shreds.
We all know mud sticks.
This place will be out of business within six months.
Get your things and get out! Thank you, Constable, but we won't be taking this any further.
I just want to forget this thing ever happened.
What about us? The party's over.
I want to say thank you.
I didn't do anything.
That's not what Annie told me.
Tampering with evidence! ~ You won't tell my boss? ~ Of course not.
I just can't believe you did that for me.
I knew you were innocent.
You believed in me more than I believed in you.
The new Alfred Hitchcock is playing at the Regal.
And I thought ~ Yes? ~ But you probably don't like the pictures.
I love the pictures.
But if you're busy, or you need to wash your hair or something.
Not that it needs washing Are you asking me out or not? Yes.
That's what I'm doing.
I'll think about it.
Stop mucking about and open this door.
Briggs! Briggs