Wu Assassins (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Misspent Youth

Call you on the telephone She's not there You're always leavin' me alone She don't care I'm through with messin' around She's not there If you've got a lady friend I'll shake her down [CHUCKLES.]
C-note says Kai cries.
Yeah, come on [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah! This is hella tight! We're brothers now, Kai.
Brothers? Come here.
Let me see.
Looks good.
Ah, you've got thin skin.
This next part might hurt a little.
Quit frontin', you know it hurts.
Quit frontin'? Quit talking like my brother.
You're the one frontin' if you think I talk like that.
- [TOMMY.]
Fuck! I'm so psyched.
What if I got another tonight? Somethin' simple.
- Like "eternity".
Careful, they'll give you the character for mapo tofu instead.
- Yep, we do that.
Oh! Kai, let's go.
You have fun? Good.
You see any ink on me? Do you know why I don't have any? So the cops don't ID you.
Then I guess you do listen.
I'm sorry.
Yes, big brother? I have Kai with me.
I understand.
He comes too.
You're dead.
Do you know who that man is? He tried to kill your father.
He's a bad man.
Kill him.
Don't, big brother.
Kill him.
Hold this.
No, big brother.
Hey Kill him.
Don't worry.
It's okay to kill him.
Let's go.
Hang up! - [SCREAMS.]
- [YELLS.]
I'm the Wu Assassin.
"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat.
" "If you know neither, the enemy nor yourself you will succumb in every battle.
" "Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons, and they will follow you into the deepest valley.
" I never felt welcome here, when I was a kid.
Your dragon head didn't like outsiders, or jungle rats.
Well, Raymond Tang was a foolish old man.
You chose to work for him.
Sometimes we don't have a choice in what we do.
Someday, you may understand that.
I heard two of my men came after you.
I'm sorry.
Who is this old man, Kai? The one who stopped my men? I don't know.
I wasn't there.
If you find him, tell him thanks.
For saving your life? For upsetting yours.
Despite what you think, I respect the path that you've chosen, away from me and the Triad.
We can still be family, Kai.
If you hear anything about this old man, you'll let me know? [PHONE BUZZES.]
Good morning, Jenny.
Wait, what time is it? Hong Kong's still 15 hours ahead, like it always is.
So, how are you? [IN CANTONESE.]
How is the restaurant doing? We're up ten percent from last month.
We saw a review on Yelp comment on the decor.
Said it was lavish.
Lavish sounds expensive.
remodel's been paid off.
Nothing on the books.
Your father wants to visit Las Vegas.
We've planned a day to come see you and Tommy, and the remodel! [MR.
Where is your brother? We tried to call him.
Uh, he's really sorry, but I needed his help yesterday, so he put some things aside to help me, and now he's catching up.
You know how it is.
Tell him we're coming.
I will send you our flight info.
We'll have a family dinner at the restaurant.
Are you sure you don't need more help? take care of myself.
Good night.
Good night.
Talk soon.
- Okay, um - Good night.
- Mm - Ooh - Mm - Ooh Mm I wear my war face I wear my war face I wear my war face And I'm never gonna Take you back again I wear my war face I wear my war face I wear my war face And I'm never gonna Take you back again - Love don't mean anything - Ooh - Can't catch a break - Ooh - You left me bleedin' - Ooh - Got away with treason - Ooh I led the battle into the trenches I learned my lesson I count my blessings You had me howlin', you had me howlin' You had me howlin' You had me howlin' at the moon Your form is shit.
You smell like shit.
All in, baby.
Lu Xin Lee texted me this morning.
He wants me to stop by the garage.
He's on the hook.
He's more than on the hook.
The boys from IT flagged his IP address when he hacked criminal records for CG Dill.
Then Lee went old school, vetted you with Tony G.
He vouched for you like a good CI.
Lee's gonna test you.
Be ready.
You don't think I'm ready? I'm just sayin'.
You need a lifeline, you call me, day or night.
It's nice to know you care, Cap.
I care about making sure a gang war doesn't pop off between McCullough and the Triad.
Do your job and do it well.
Only way I know how.
What's wrong, Jenny? What do you mean? I mean, you're a busy woman, a lot on your plate including Tommy.
You don't have to worry about him.
I'm concerned about you.
I've known your family a long time.
Your parents paid me tribute when I told them it wasn't necessary.
Yes, Tommy understands that loyalty.
I'm not sure you do.
And that's why I'm here with this.
It's a down payment on the money that I owe you.
See I've heard things about how you've gotten this money.
And, as your friend, I'm you know, I'm concerned.
I didn't know we were friends.
Why this money I gave you was a gift.
I mean, friends don't return gifts, do they? [LAUGHS.]
My friends also know that I can take care of myself.
Well, we should get to know each other better, then.
Why don't you invite me to your restaurant so I can see what my money paid for? Master Wah's serves all.
It would be nice if you invited me or I can take this, and I will assume there's more to come.
Sure you don't want my friendship? I'm sure.
- I heard a lotta talkin' - Yeah The chitty-chat round my way All these crabs in the bucket They been stalkin' Me and IG had the whole city talkin' Yeah, believe me, hustlin' Well, I could have one of my guys torch it, let your boss collect the insurance money.
Oh, shut up.
Can you fix it or not? It depends.
I can't pay.
Well then you'll owe me a favor.
That never goes well.
- [WOMAN.]
Huh? What the hell? You can just bring me here whenever you want? The Dao is what brings you here, Kai.
You're one with it now.
You have many questions.
Your answer lies in your training, which begins now.
Accept the ways of the Thousand Monks.
Their fighting style will empower you, their faces will protect you, and only when you master their methods would you be ready.
I'm not a killer.
When one is chosen, one has no choice.
Why was I chosen? Because you're pure of heart.
Because San Francisco is where the path of the Wu converge.
Does that help you? Not exactly.
Then how about this? It's the will of the Dao, and failure plus time equals clarity.
I have a life.
People will notice I'm gone.
This place exists beyond your space and time.
What you perceive as a measure of time up here, be it a minute, an hour, or even a day, is but an instant in your world.
Hold on.
Who are you? I'm Ying Ying.
These doorways are gateways to history.
The Wu Assassin history.
Wait, Kai! Trust me.
You're not ready yet.
These are the elemental powers of the Wu.
Now in the hands of five new warlords.
Only you can remove the power from the holder and restore the balance between Heaven and Earth.
You must strengthen yourself against the elements.
The only way to remove the power from the Wu is to kill them.
Move this boulder.
That is the task.
From here to there.
Do that, and your training will be complete.
This is the way of the Wu Assassin.
Relax, my boys will work their magic and your boss will never be the wiser.
But you're going to have to steal the windshield.
I'm fucking with you, bro.
You should have seen your face.
Come on, look at you.
Don't worry about it.
I already got you a line on a new windshield.
Relatively new.
It's CG.
- CG.
- What's up? CG Dill, this is Kai Jin.
It's her first day here.
This is family and also my favorite chef.
Uh, you know the old salvage yard down in Oakland? - Aryan Bob's? - That's the one.
I need you to take Kai over there to get a windshield for the, uh roach coach.
And I give a shit because You're the new face here.
You've gotta crawl before you walk.
Okay, let me get this straight.
You want me to take a Chinese Chinese-Indonesian.
To a salvage yard run by a guy named Aryan Bob? He's reformed.
The only color he sees is green.
And what if shit goes south? Then bring it back north.
Jeep's outside.
Keys are on the dash.
Sure thing, boss.
Let's go.
Chop chop! You heard the woman.
Chop chop.
No, no, no, no, no.
I must apologize, Francis.
Some of my younger associates don't know to respect elders.
Your associates beat me up and threatened to throw me out the window.
I can assure you, both of them will no longer be a problem for you or anyone else in Chinatown.
But I need to understand what happened last night.
I've always respected you, Francis.
You tell the truth.
You do right.
So, tell me about the man who saved you.
Who was he? I don't know.
Don't know? Won't say.
- What? - You're not telling me something.
- Uh He said he was a chef, that's - That's it.
- What is his name? Uh I don't feel I don't feel so good.
What aren't you telling me, Francis? - Mm? - [GROANS.]
Wu Wu Wu Assassin.
What did you say? Wu Uh Wu [IN CANTONESE.]
Wu Assassin.
- What happened? - Um He was fine, and then suddenly, he became delirious.
He's hyperthermic.
We need to cool him down.
Grab ice packs! - Can you please wait outside? - Everything's gonna be just fine.
Uh Before, when I said chop chop, I didn't mean I'm not a [SIGHS.]
What's your story, Kai Jin? I'm staring at a whole lot of traffic and your solemn monk routine is getting old.
I've never met anyone who doesn't like music.
- Just not in the car.
- Why? Hm.
I see what you're doing.
- You're trying to get my story.
- Everyone's got one.
When I was nine my mom sent me up to live with my dad in Calgary.
She didn't know that he ran guns across the border.
Let's just say I followed in his footsteps when I became a Became a car thief? Between jobs, he used to install these high-end sound systems.
One time, he was trying to show off, and blasting KISS God, his his taste in music sucked.
Anyway, he was cranking it up, doing this whole air guitar thing, and [SIGHS.]
And then the Mounties showed up.
And, what do you know? He's in the hole.
I'm back with my mom in LA.
Twenty-five year bid at Millhaven.
Halfway deep.
And that's why I don't listen to music in a car.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
What I'd like to know is, why does Lu Xin have me driving your ass all the way across the Bay for a new windshield? Hm? Are we back to the monk thing? [LAUGHS.]
Come on, I just spilled my guts.
You've gotta give me something.
Growing up in Chinatown every kid learns this chengyu.
Real killers move in silence.
You got the silent part down.
Old habits die hard.
I came to San Francisco from Jakarta when I was 12.
Lu Xin was my first friend.
What happened to his ear? That's his story to tell.
- Hey! - Oh I wasn't kidding.
I was in the neighborhood.
Is this is a problem for you? I just don't like surprises.
- Hm.
- That's all.
How do you feel about more business? Alec wants these, too.
- Give me a couple of weeks.
- Same time frame.
Not possible.
I need two weeks.
You presented yourself as the best.
As someone who can handle anything.
You can handle working for Alec.
You can handle working for Uncle Six and the Triad, but tell me this.
Will they handle you working for us? Hm? Listen, whatever you need to handle to get these extra cars, do it.
You played with fire before.
I don't want you to get burned again.
This is not a threat.
It's just a concern.
See you around soon.
Why does Alec want to work with this guy? He's a joke.
Joke or not, the Scotsman has his reasons.
You're late! Traffic on the bridge.
Misspent youth.
This will work.
Oh-ho-ho! Look at that blondie.
- Shit.
- You got my shit or what, man? - Easy, Duppy, wait your turn.
What? You running a train on that skank ho? Huh? I got the caboose.
- Oh! - What you doin' huh? - Aw, hell.
Boys! - Hey, guys.
- I don't wanna cause any trouble.
- Boys! [CRIES OUT.]
The next motherfucker who desecrates my place of business gets rock salt to the chest.
Lady, chef? Exit posthaste.
Leave it! [CG.]
Let's go.
Tough bitch.
And it's waffles! Here we are, folks.
Come on.
You gotta vary 'em.
Right? [COUGHING.]
Grape, lime.
Hit her.
Okay? Okay? Hit her with sauce.
- Give it a squirt.
That's fine.
- [MAN 2.]
[MAN 1.]
Do you want a hot dog? [MAN 2.]
It's quite a specimen.
Because it's going too far! Help me! [METAL CLATTERING.]
Tommy? Okay.
Hey, sis.
You okay? - How you doin'? - [SIGHS.]
Come on.
Let's go.
- Okay.
- Okay, let's go.
Come on.
- Come on, get up, Tommy.
- Okay.
- You've gotta help me, okay? - Can I just stay here? - No, come on.
We're leaving.
Here, come here.
Hold on.
No, we've gotta go.
Wait here.
- What are you doing? Stand up.
- [MOANS.]
Stand up, Tommy.
Come on.
- What are you doing? [GASPS.]
I think he wants to stay.
Whee! - [LAUGHS.]
- Tommy, come on.
Get up, we've gotta go.
Here's the thing.
You can leave.
He can't until he pays what he owes.
How much? - Three hundred.
- Three hundred, no way.
- Shut up, Tommy.
- Fucking hell.
Listen, I don't have that on me right now but I'll come back.
I promise.
Really? You promise? Come on, Tommy.
We gotta go.
I told you he can't leave until he pays! Let's go, come on, let's go.
- [YELLS.]
- Whoa, are you gonna break? Yeah, are you gonna break? Yeah Whoa, what's it gonna take? Yeah, are you gonna break? [CRIES OUT.]
Whoa, are you gonna break? Whoa, are you gonna break? Break Whoa, what's it gonna take? - Take - Yeah, are you gonna break? Goddamn, Jenny.
Are you gonna break? - Come on.
Let's go.
I fucked up back there.
What can I say? I don't like listening to music in a car and I don't like being called a skank ho.
You knew that guy.
Where from? Look, I spent a long time trying to forget about that.
Let's just say he's still an asshole and leave it at that.
So, what are you gonna do about your windshield? [SIGHS.]
I'll figure it out.
You must be invulnerable to water, impervious to fire, more durable than earth.
Your mind, body, and soul must come together, until the unsurvivable is survivable [ECHOING CRASH.]
the immovable, movable the impossible, possible.
Only then will you be ready.
Well done.
You're starting to think like a Wu Assassin, Kai Jin.
I told you.
I'm not a killer.
You are.
You will kill the Wu and fulfill your destiny.
Tell the next Wu Assassin this shit.
I'm done.
There is no next.
You are the last.
What's that mean? I'm the last? See? You are a killer.
I'm a chef.
I'm a chef! Open your eyes, Kai.
Hello, chef.
- Easy.
- Stay right there.
Let her go.
Let her go? No.
Just accept that I'm gonna kill her, you're gonna watch it and then then, you'll suffer.
And there is nothing you can do about it.
No! Jenny! What the fuck? [ECHOING.]
You've seen for yourself.
Felt it.
Those feelings live inside of you.
You can, you will kill.
- You just - Shut up! [CHUCKLES.]
You'll get used to it.
You're one with the Dao, Kai.
Now it's time for you to see what may come.
Let the Thousand Monks be your eyes.
Yeah, yeah - You're ready.
- Bury me alive, yeah The only time I get to walk up on the clouds Is when I'm high, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Show me what you got Can that get me high? Just because you live Doesn't mean you are alive Bury me alive, yeah Yeah, yeah Bury me alive, yeah Yeah, yeah - Hey - Uh, I've been on a little somethin' Little, little ting' Done get me buzzin' - Yeah - Beg you please don't tell my cousin He gone snitch on me for nothin' Brr, brr We just do it at these parties - Mix it up and then go savage - Turn up - Please don't take a pic my parents - Nah They would think that I'm an addict Middle finger to the cops And the landlord Don't you sit right there And lie to all - Aye, you should stand for it - Legalize it Pull up, pull up, tryna wind me down Got a re-up, come and try me now If she gone get that D up I'ma slide it down, right in that V I mean it is another round Man have manners like a Spartan 300 milligram I'm marchin' Whip it, flip it, better margin - What - Kitchen kitchen, like a chef - What - Ooh, don't you make assumptions Everything we make at Roughchild's For consumption Bury me alive, yeah The only time I get to walk up on the clouds Is when I'm high, yeah [GROANING.]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Show me what you got Can that get me high? Just because you live Doesn't mean you are alive Bury me alive, yeah Yeah, yeah Bury me alive, yeah Okay, now Three doors you can go through One of them full of sex and drugs The other two I cannot talk about Two sheikhs entering them One shook his head And walked right back out In the kitchen blow and smoke See the guys them blowin' smoke A-list clients of the host Put your phone on flight mode Better yet, go 'head and turn it off Gotta accept the fact That you turn me on - Yahh - Put your money where your mouth is Leave the rest up on the couch Just be sure about it I've seen a couple things happen here And I ain't sure about 'em This type of great escape Might end in greater loss Either with Charlie or bullet trains It's a matter of cost I seen husbands lose it all 'Cause they fulfillin' dreams Here at Roughchild's Everything ain't what it seems Yeah, yeah Bury me alive, yeah The only time I get to walk up on the clouds Is when I'm high, yeah [GROWLING.]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Show me what you got Can that get me high? Just because you live Doesn't mean you are alive Bury me alive, yeah Yeah, yeah Bury me alive, yeah - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - [RUMBLING.]
Bury me alive The only time I get to walk up on the clouds Is when I'm high Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Whoa, whoa No! What did you see? Uncle Six.
He's Fire Wu.
He kills this woman.
Why is she important? I barely know her.
You're the last hope for all of us, Kai.
Begin your journey.
All the answers to your questions are waiting to be, or be changed by you.
Wu Assassin.
Get word out.
Find this old man, this bald chef.
Wu Assassin has played with fire, and now he'll burn.