Wu Assassins (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

A Twisting Snake

1 - [KAI.]
Guys, look.
- [JENNY.]
It's fine.
It's fine, okay? It's fine.
- Not bad.
- Okay.
Hey! Lu Xin.
Do you see them? - Lu Xin - Shh! One second.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
No, no, just - We'll see.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- Sh.
- Okay.
- Sh! [GIRL.]
Do you see your friend? [CRASH.]
- Let's go.
- Go, go.
Let's go, let's go.
- If he comes back Go! - Sh! [JENNY.]
It's her song, anyway! Ah.
Let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
What do you see? - Okay, all clear.
Come on.
- Okay.
- What'd he say? - He said it's all clear.
- Sh! - Sorry.
Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
- Hold the door.
- Yeah.
He's been taking from me for months! Waverly Place is my territory.
It's always been my territory.
[MAN 2.]
My business is expanding, big brother.
[MAN 1.]
Not in my territory.
I'll kill you all, you sons of bitches! [MAN 3.]
Gentlemen, please.
[MAN 1.]
Shut the fuck up.
What do you want? This is a closed meeting.
said there were fireworks here.
Where's the booty? - It was here yesterday.
- Oh, Tommy.
- Jesus! - You let the door close, you idiot! [GROANS.]
What now? How do we get out of here? Shit! You didn't say it was gonna lock! I told you to hold it! [SIGHS.]
Oh, shit! - Oh, my God! - No, no, no! [JENNY.]
Kai, do something! What did you do? - Nothing! I didn't know! - Guys Help! Help! - [CREAKING.]
- We're in here! Anybody! Help! - Help! - [COUGHING.]
- Help! - Help! [COUGHING.]
- Hey! - Help! Stay low! [GROANING.]
Help! Somebody help! Somebody! Help! [SIREN WAILING.]
Wu Assassin? [CHUCKLES.]
That's a quaint reference.
- Do you even know what that means? - Do you? You're the one who wants to take my power away.
Your powers will end the world.
My powers will fix this broken world.
You're the one who's broken.
Give up the fire.
- I don't wanna kill you.
Then you are one terrible assassin.
Show me your hands! - Show me the hands! - [YELLS.]
Stop! Let him go! [KAI SCREAMS.]
You think that'll make it all better? It helped me.
Just returning the favor.
I'm fine.
- It didn't have to go that way.
- Oh, yeah? Which way was that? You helping the Triad take Jimmy, or me trying to stop them? You tried to stop Zan.
So, it was my fault? Okay, goddamn it, Jenny.
It was gonna be fine.
Jimmy wasn't the guy.
I knew he wasn't the guy.
I just needed to have some cards on the table, you know? You think this is a game, Tommy? That Jimmy's life doesn't mean anything? He's at home now.
He's great.
Nothing happened.
Oh, okay, so they were all let go.
- Just a bunch of mistaken identities.
- That's what I said.
No harm done.
Well, maybe a little bit.
- You can't be that naive, Tommy.
- [SIGHS.]
Stop worrying.
Mom and Dad arrive in three hours.
I'll get them at the airport - and we'll have dinner.
- Shit.
That's today.
What time? - Five.
- I can pick them up.
- I can.
- The flight info? - No.
I can pick them up.
- You don't want them to see that.
- Tommy! - We could do this, sis.
I'll go get 'em, you get everything ready.
United front.
And whatever they have to say about the changes you've made here, we we can handle.
Unless you don't want me here.
- No.
You You need to be here.
- Yeah, but you don't need me stepping in shit, which I'll do, because, hey, that's that's what I do.
- Tommy - Actually, yeah, I'm better off not being here.
Just make things tense, right? Right.
You got this.
If they ask where I am, just say I'm out of town, doing something work-related.
You'll figure it out.
Good luck.
Who the fuck are you? What are you? I can't [GROANS.]
You said you saw me die in your dream.
That Uncle Six burned me.
I need to know more.
and this guy has been working for the last five years, under this medium and I think it's terrific what he's doing.
They want to shut him down.
- [MAN 2.]
It's fantastic.
- [MAN 1.]
It's wrong, you know? [LAUGHS.]
Don't find too many like what's happening here.
I'll tell you right now.
We need to get this art alive and kicking.
It'll, uh It adds so much character to the city by having these murals on all the buildings, and it's not and it's not graffiti, this is Well, it's very comparative to what you might see the, uh Let me kill Alec McCullough for you, and the Wu Assassin.
I know this Wu Assassin.
I will kill him, in due time, if I have no other choice.
You should be worried about him.
and one thing that I do understand Others have wanted me dead for a very long time, and yet, here I am.
why not give the platform? This is different.
when they should be out there, exposing us Pull over at the next corner.
- I'll walk from there.
- This is different.
Find McCullough for me.
I'll deal with the Wu Assassin.
And, Zan stop worrying.
a question San Francisco people are getting out there [IN CANTONESE.]
Yes, big brother.
You need to get as far away from Chinatown as possible.
Six doesn't know I'm involved.
He thinks I'm the monk.
But he saw you.
He'll come looking for you to find me.
These other people? Uh, your friends.
Jenny, Tommy, Lu Xin.
They're in this dream, too? Prophecy.
Then they're in danger.
Do they know it? Have you told them? No.
You have to tell them everything.
To protect them.
You're going to arrest me? [SIGHS.]
I saw it with my own eyes.
I can't explain it.
But I believe it.
I'm gonna help you.
Kill Uncle Six? This is my problem.
It doesn't involve you.
I am involved.
I'm in your prophecy.
Look I will keep an eye on Lu Xin, and your friends while you go save the world.
Sound good? I made a choice.
To protect and serve.
You're not alone.
Not anymore.
Lu Xin.
What's up? Need you back at the garage.
- When? - Now.
Clients want to clarify some issues.
What issues? Just get back here.
I gotta go.
Fifteen years ago, there was a fire at the Hwa Song building.
Seven Triad bosses were killed.
Did you hear anything about Uncle Six starting that fire? Why? Makes sense that he might have started it, don't you think? Six got us out of the fire.
Wait What? That was you? You were there that night? Uncle Six saved us.
Made us swear not to tell anyone.
And he said if the Triad ever found out That they'd kill you.
All these years, I thought it was Tommy's fault.
Well, now you know.
My number's on speed dial.
Stay here until I get back.
You're in no position to take on Six alone.
When I get back, we'll figure out the next move.
Don't call me unless it's an end of world emergency.
You blow my cover it will be.
I know what you're going to say.
No, you don't.
No, I had my chance.
I failed.
So what's the lesson? What have you learned? That maybe I'm not the one to be doing this.
You all think that at first.
Those who kept thinking that die early.
Those who didn't, die later.
You're not helping.
- It's a question of focus.
- I'm focused.
Six needs to die.
I get it.
I need to know something.
- Did Six start that fire at the Tong? - I don't know.
I wasn't there.
Don't touch anything.
Who are they? Your predecessors.
The Wu Assassins.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine souls, just like you, tasked over thousands of years with saving the world.
Some came closer than others but they all failed.
The first Wu Assassin.
It was you.
I was the first to hunt down and fight the Wu Warlords.
I vanquished them all.
Tore the Wu Xing from their chests, pulled the Monk Piece from my own, locking them in together in the mystical tortoiseshell.
Having released the Monk Piece, my mortal life was returned to me.
I let my guard down, and was attacked.
I was no match for my attackers.
The soldier's first blow struck the tortoiseshell, scattering the five elemental powers to four corners of the world.
The second killing me.
After, the monk spirits brought me here, to the Path.
It's neither Heaven nor Earth, but a realm in between.
I'm neither alive nor dead, but a shadow, tasked to roam the Earth, to find the one to defeat the Wu, and finish what I started.
You are the last Wu Assassin, Kai.
Mankind's last hope.
You must not fail as I did.
Embrace death, and you ensure life.
Not everyone will survive this, but you must.
Okay, I've got us in Vivian's section.
I must use the restroom.
Get me a glass of water, please.
How's Mom? [IN CANTONESE.]
Your mom's health is not for me to discuss.
traffic problem, over there by whatever that is.
That's a kind of rubber plant.
You can't afford real? No, that's That's not a rubber plant, Dad.
That's a rubber plant.
It is a problem.
It should be removed.
- Okay, do you want me to move it now? - You don't do that! You get other people helping you do that! Okay, let me get us some water and tea.
Just make yourself comfortable, okay? Stop looking at it.
It's fine.
Just sit.
I'll be right back.
I understand the desire to make this place something that reflects you.
Something reflects your idea of success.
When we took over the space from Mr.
Stanley, we did the same thing.
You remember how bad this place was? No, I don't.
I was three.
- But go on.
- We didn't care if he hated our improvements.
He wasn't family.
- So, you hate our improvements.
- That is not what he's saying.
That's not what I am saying.
What I am saying is, you hated our improvements.
No! Dad.
Improvements we made to make a better life - for you and for Tommy.
- Dad, that is not - Let him finish.
- Okay.
All right, I'm I'm all ears.
And so am I.
What am I hearing, huh? - Mom, hi.
- Oh! Dad.
Hope the flight was good.
I suppose any flight that doesn't, whoosh, crash into the Pacific Ocean is good.
- Have we ordered yet? - I thought you had that thing.
Oh, this is this is more important.
You got here all right, right? Anything from the bar for anyone? - No.
- No? Okay, great.
Here we go.
Don't let me interrupt, Dad.
Please continue.
- It's good to see you, Tommy.
- That's what I'm here for.
To be seen and not heard.
But, let's hear you, Dad.
What have I missed? Let me guess.
The plant.
Yeah, that was my idea.
That's okay.
Come on, Dad.
You gotta admit, things are looking pretty good in here otherwise.
The bar has finally worked out.
Just needed a little more elbow room on the kitchen side there.
New chairs, soundproofing the walls.
More color, huh? Less lights, huh? - Okay.
- Yeah.
What What's that? What is that? Comments and reviews.
What, from online? [SIGHS.]
I'll guess the ones in yellow are not the most favorable.
Tourists who wanna experience China, coming in here expecting something oldey-worldy.
But surprise! They don't get it, because what they get is not the usual.
They're getting something that people who actually live in San Francisco want.
Okay, stop, Tommy.
- They are not happy.
- Look around, Dad.
These people are happy.
Every night.
Because of Jenny.
Because of what she's done.
To take a worn-out piece of Chinatown and make it something better.
And just to be clear, the fucking plant is staying put, okay? Wait, please.
We are going back to our hotel.
We'll get a cab.
Thanks for the tea.
Oh, my God.
I wasn't just gonna stand by and let you get beat up all over again.
Not by them.
Not after what you've done here.
I couldn't do it.
Hey, we'll be okay.
It's just Mom and Dad.
This is the order.
Sourced, cased, and ready to go.
So, what's the problem? Problem is Mr.
McCullough asked for ten more vehicles.
The schedule for these cars is based on your original order, and the fact they will be available to us on the night of the delivery.
I told you the others will take longer.
And I told you we must have them now.
You know, the last guy that threatened me? It didn't go too well for him.
And now you're threatening me? ["RAISED BY WOLVES" BY GEOFFROY PLAYS.]
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [IN RUSSIAN.]
What are we waiting for? You know Babinov.
He likes to play the game.
Born to kill Killing makes me hungry.
Won't feel your pain More killing But a little restless more hungry.
Don't test my skills Don't doubt my bones Raised by wolves Independent Born to kill Won't feel your pain Let me go with you.
- Civilized - No.
But a little restless Don't test my skills Don't pick my brain Oh Oh, but I need your love But I need your love But I need your love But I need your love Oh, but I need your love [PHONE BUZZES.]
Loved and hated Feared by most Born to fight Would take you down Underrated Trained in the wild I'm back for answers Back for the crown Loved and hated Feared by most Born to fight Would take you down Underrated Mr.
McCullough, I presume.
Back for answers Back for the crown Oh Oh Oh, but I need your love And I dig up your backyard And I would watch the wind chimes Swaying in the breeze [SIGHS.]
At last.
Here you are.
Oh Oh Uncle Six.
But I need your love But I need your love But I need your love [PHONE BUZZES.]
I can't talk right now.
Everything okay? I cannot tell you how long I've looked forward to this day.
But I need your love But I need your love But I need your love Hey.
Who's Alec McCullough? Why? He's in the prophecy.
But I would dig up your backyard And I would watch the wind chimes Swaying in the breeze But I would dig up your backyard But I would dig up your backyard But I would dig up your backyard But I would dig up your backyard