Wu-Tang: An American Saga (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

All That I Got Is You

1 HAZE: The fuck you think was gonna happen? - Jah robbed the nigga.
SHA: Everybody loved Jah Son.
- What up, nigga? - [CROWD GASPS.]
Why you coming at me like that? You know Jah was my man too! Tell Cressy we'd rather starve than to fuck with y'all niggas.
You and D just burned that bridge with Haze, right? Couldn't put out for another key anyway.
Lost all our shit in the fire.
POWER: It ain't about taking out a single enemy.
It's about taking out the entire competition.
Yo, the money? Nothing? - [SIRENS APPROACHING.]
- Fuck! BOBBY: All that money's going towards that lawyer.
If I can argue that it's for personal use, you'll get a lighter sentence.
I ain't no goddamn crackhead.
You are going to admit to being the biggest crackhead if it means you get to come home.
Why don't make music with my brother anymore? DENNIS: Yo, I'm out here putting in work.
It look like I got time to be messing with all that? - MAN: Rap battle, son.
- $5,000.
Surprised to see your ass, nigga.
You know I'm just trying to snatch that cake, know what I mean? That's to get your brother out.
DARIUS: Does Bobby know you're fucking his sister? [LAUGHS.]
- GIRL: Hey, y'all.
- TANAKA: What's up? GIRL: Hey girl, I like your skirt.
MAN: Hey, yo.
Damn, y'all looking fine as hell today.
You know you wanna give me that number.
TANAKA: Ain't nobody gonna give you shit.
MAN: Come on, why you gotta be like that? Because numbers lead to fucking, and you ain't ready for all of this.
MAN: Oh, really? Why don't you just give me them digits and we could find out? - Unless you scared.
- "Scared"? Boy, if I gave you a piece of this, you'd lose your mind.
- I'ma call you.
- Oh, yeah? - TANAKA: Nah.
- He ain't shit.
- GIRL: He cute, though.
TANAKA: "Cute"? Nah, he fine as hell.
Been trying to get up in me for I don't know how long.
For real? TANAKA: I might let him in once or twice at the prom.
What? I'm too loud for you? Can't concentrate on your book? [SCOFFS.]
This bitch on some preppy white girl shit.
Reading Little Women.
Well, the back of the bus is for niggas.
You right about that.
Oh, so you a smart-ass bitch? I don't think you know who you fucking with.
I'm fucking with some bitch who gonna let that nigga "slide up in her once or twice at prom", end up with his baby, and then two months later, he gonna end up in jail while she end up riding the back of this bus for the rest of her life.
- Yo, it's Dennis.
Hey, you know I can see you, right? Divine ain't here yet.
Yeah, well, he told me to meet him here.
So I'm supposed to wait outside? Come on, it's baking out here.
I got seven minutes of quiet before hurricane Randy gets here, so shh.
- Yo, chill, I'll be quiet.
- [SIGHS.]
What you got? Like, homework or something? Geometry quiz tomorrow.
Well, maybe I could help you.
You know, I be knowing triangles and shit.
"Circumference"? Yo, ain't that what the Jews be getting? [PENCIL SLAPS DOWN.]
Hey, yo, what's good with the TV? Uh, that's just 'cause it's hooked up to the VCR.
When Randy gets home, he likes to watch his, uh, Voltron and, uh, Speed Racer.
Yeah, my brothers be the same way.
Yo, Shaolin versus Wu Tang? Yo, this my shit right here.
I been trying I been trying to rent this from the video store for, like, months now.
Yeah, my brother ain't giving that one back.
- DENNIS: Yo, let me borrow it.
- That's Bobby's.
Bobby gon' let me borrow it.
- Yo, what up, Randy? - 'Sup? - How's school? - Good.
You spill it, you watch it from the kitchen.
Ain't nobody gonna spill nothing.
Rie, fix me something to eat.
And put ice in my drink.
The heat's killing me already.
Yo, what up? DIVINE: I was just with Power.
Me and him [SIGHS.]
we done.
Hey, yo, what you mean "y'all done"? We ain't working together no more.
Yo, but son I don't want to speak on it.
Not now.
I need you to be my right-hand man now, D.
I got you.
It's nothing.
Helps if you scrape the food off the plate, Vine.
I'm putting it in the sink.
What else do you want? SHURRIE: If you don't scrape it, then we got bugs.
DIVINE: Hey, yo, just leave it.
Come on, I'm dragging your ass out in the heat.
Yo, let's go! [SOFT POP MUSIC.]
Not in here.
My brother only smokes in the basement.
- "Yo".
- Mm-hmm.
What would Vine and Bobby think? Me being here with you.
I don't know.
You wanna tell them? Why not? [LAUGHS.]
Boy, stop being stupid.
I heard you were great at the Park Villa last week.
Yeah, well, I lost, so - SHURRIE: That's not the point.
- Then what's the point? Hey, yo, wouldn't you wouldn't you rather be with a dude that's more like you? Into books and shit? If I was, I would be.
Come on.
We gotta get up.
LINDA: I'm tired, Divine.
Tired of paying for collect phone calls.
Tired of paying for your lawyer.
Driving across town just to see my son, who could take a plea deal.
It's not just you up in here.
It's us.
Your family.
Once you realize that maybe you do the right thing.
I'll take the deal.
All done here.
FIVE PERCENTER: 'Cause you got to understand everything in life, 'cause everything in life is [INDISTINCT.]
A man must obtain knowledge of himself in order to survive here in the wilderness of North America.
He must know his ledge before he falls off the edge into the pits of this civilization.
Black people are the original people and father of civilization, and we out living other than our what? Self! Hey! Stop ringing that damn bell of Nimrod.
The brother's trying to teach.
Yo, Rakeem! CHESS PLAYER: Need some help, young blood? BOBBY: No, I'm good.
FIVE PERCENTER: Get your mind together right.
You know, I've had this tie since I was eight years old.
I still can't get it right.
- So why you trying now? - BOBBY: Applying for jobs.
I need money, and this seems to be the place to be.
Sure is.
For this, that, and the other.
Looks to me like you got a whole lotta weight on your spirit.
But there ain't gonna be no excuse for the ass whipping I'm about to lay on you.
- [CLICK.]
BOBBY: I just got an ass whooping at this battle.
If I would have won, I would have been on course.
I wouldn't be sitting here tying this fucking noose around my neck.
CHESS PLAYER: Well, let me tell you something.
The reason why most people lose is because they can't see the win right in front of them.
- Mm-hmm.
Can you, uh, hand me the butter? [TV CONTINUES IN BACKGROUND.]
Hey, Bobby.
What up, Dennis? - DENNIS: Yo, what up? - What you doing here? So I was, uh, brainstorming some ways for us to make some dough.
I wanted to run some ideas past you before we both run out of food in the fridge.
And I said he might as well stay for dinner, so All right.
Smells good.
Is Mommy gonna be here for dinner? Nah, she working a double tonight.
- Randy, you ready to eat? - RANDY: After my show! BOBBY: Yo.
So, uh, I figured out a way for us to make some money.
What? You know how them Wall Street cats be coming up to me in the park asking me for weed? Psss.
Crack ass crackers.
Yo, consistently copping, right? And the Jakes don't be around stopping shit.
- And? - We gotta get in on that.
Wait, what? [LAUGHS.]
That's the hustle we need.
It's foolproof.
No 5-0, no real comp.
Your shit is stress-free.
Way fucking easier than moving blue tops.
Literally, uh, a walk in the park.
SHURRIE: Better be rinsing that dish off.
Hey, yo, I don't know, son.
I think we need to talk to Vine first and see what he think.
What? Man wasn't you the one who told me Vine ain't here.
We in charge now.
All right.
You been brainstorming, so let's hear what you got.
Nah, nah, nah.
I I mean, your idea is more thought out, but it could work.
But, yo, how we gon' how we gon' get the money to buy the weed? [FERRY HORN HONKING.]
DENNIS: What up, Momma? I can already tell you niggas want something.
Hey, you ain't even gotta do nothing, all right? We just we just need a extra couple rolls of film.
See? I tried to be nice once and now y'all trying to take advantage.
Yo, look, we iced out, all right? We just sold my brother's car.
We ain't got no money.
I said no.
Hey, where's Shotgun at? I don't know.
Something happened with the forklift.
He messed up his ankle.
He ain't been back since.
Fuck this shit, we'll find another way to get the weed.
BOBBY: Thanks for all this film, Momma.
Thank you.
DENNIS: How much you paying wholesale? We giving it to you for half a that.
SINGER: Engine, engine number nine Got a couple extra I need to get rid of.
Thank you.
SINGER: Get me back on time Come on, move on down DENNIS: Hey, yo.
SINGER: Keep that steam coming out the stack How much you gonna give me for it? SINGER: Keep on moving - Keep on moving - All right.
This one is for good fortune, and that one is for prosperity.
Hey, yo, what the hell is this? It's supposed to be a quarter.
That's none of that rabbit feed, papi.
That's stronger.
That got more of that, uh [SPEAKING SPANISH.]
- That's right, T-H-C.
- Yo, whatever, son.
We we ain't paying you all of this for this.
Then don't.
All right.
Hey, yo, let me get let me get one of them money joints.
And a lucky one, too.
This shit better be lucky.
If Power disrespects you, he disrespects me.
- I'm your right hand.
- DIVINE: You buggin'.
He didn't disrespect.
Me and Power had a disagreement.
It's business.
We get Stapleton, he gets Park Hill.
Hey, yo, fuck what he get.
Son, if he ain't with us, he against us.
know what I mean? I'm repping for the team.
Not everything needs to be a contact sport, D.
Leave Power alone.
I won't touch him.
That's my word.
- DARREN: Mmm! - Mm, what you want, baby? - Want some water? - DARREN: Mm-mm.
ANN: What you need? DARREN: [GRUNTS.]
ANN: Come on, spit it out.
MAN: Wasn't strong enough.
But I can't take much more of this shit.
WOMAN: What did you say, Dustin? [DOOR SLAMS.]
WOMAN: Good morning, Ramona.
WOMAN: How are you today? [TV CHATTERING.]
DARIUS: H-h-hey, Bobby.
What up, little man? Hey, yo, there'd better be more weed in there, 'cause we ain't gonna make nothing off that skimpy shit we just copped.
We on our last box of oatmeal, yo.
It ain't weed, but it's gonna have to do.
Nigga, tea? We cut the weed with it.
Those white boys won't know the difference.
Hey, yo.
What's up? STOCKBROKER: What's up? BOBBY: You still looking for what you was looking for? I am.
FIVE PERCENTER: I'm not standing here because I wanna yell! I'm not standing here because I want to fight! I stand here because it's my duty to teach the dumb, deaf, and blind.
They taught you that heaven was above your head and you must die to reach it! We say, heaven is what you make it and hell is what you got to go through! So you don't have to die to see heaven When you could have a piece of your heaven right here on Earth while you living! STOCKBROKER: Nah, keep the change.
So I follow.
I follow the Scientists, and I do solemnly employ that.
Do you understand? So we can see the truth, and be not a product of the enslavement of the original man.
Do what you deserve.
Whassup? - POWER: What up, son? - Yo.
- How shit moving out there? - Shit's bubbling, son.
- Yo, we keep catching like this, we looking at like ten a day.
Shit, yo, you brought the summer whip out.
Yeah, man.
Well, you know, son.
But listen, on your next bag up, right? I want strictly dimes.
No nicks.
You know what I'm saying? With no other competition out there, fiends ain't gonna have no choice but to cop, you feel me? - That's real.
- POWER: Yeah.
- All right.
- Wait here? Nah, nigga, do you.
- What that mean? - POWER: [LAUGHS.]
This ride is yours.
Christmas came early, my nigga.
SHA: Hold on, what [LAUGHS.]
Whoo! [LAUGHS.]
What's that? It's the fucking key to the city.
Got the whip outside, you know what I mean? Let's take a joyride.
Go get some honeys.
I can't, man.
I'm working on this beat.
That fucking battle got me all fucked up.
- Yo, son - Really trying to, you know, step it up.
Forget all that.
Forget all that.
You I'm telling you, I got the Benz outside right now, and you over here still talking about battles, kid? Come on, man.
Let's go.
Sss You hear that shit? You telling me that you not trying to hop on this beat? I hear your voice all over this shit, nigga.
Nah, I'm good, son.
I'm good, I'm good.
All right.
Maybe another time, then? Yeah, maybe.
All right, enjoy that shit.
- [CLICK.]
- SINGER: Hello there Merry Christmas again - RANDY: More makeup? - LAURIE: Oh, hush.
I have clients that would kill for those lashes.
SHURRIE: Randy, who you bring up in this house? Aunty Laurie! [LAUGHS.]
You staying for Christmas? Yes, it was a last-minute thing! - Yes! - Oh, my God, look at you.
- How are you, sweetie? - [GROANS.]
Your mama still treating you like a field slave? - You have no idea.
- Well, just relax, okay? You'll be paroled soon enough.
College next year, right? What are you studying? Theater? Where'd you come up with that? Oh, honey, I remember like it was yesterday.
You performing for the whole family for the holidays.
I mean, now, half your audience was high or drunk, but I saw a star, even back then.
I don't remember any of that.
LAURIE: Okay, you used to rustle through your mama's closet pulling out clothes, dressing up your brothers for parts you wanted to cast them in.
Okay, you even got Devine's serious ass in a dress.
- Oh, yeah! [LAUGHING.]
LAURIE: Oh, I wish I had my Polaroid.
I do remember that.
- Oh, man.
- [SIGHS.]
Mm, The Good Earth.
How is that? I saw that movie when I was in Detroit.
- I like it.
- LAURIE: Gotcha.
You know, Detroit's a hard city.
I mean, but it's a great city.
Got stabbed the last time I was there, but fuck if I ain't get the last laugh.
Bitch ain't never gonna do the cabbage patch again.
You were stabbed? LAURIE: D-town, that's your city.
SHURRIE: I would love to go to the Motown Museum.
To walk those same streets as Berry Gordy.
Ooh, I miss Motown.
Damn sure better than today's music.
Nasty-ass nursery rhymes on top of somebody else's song.
- There's some good stuff.
Well, Detroit is your city.
You'll get there.
You got that same run in your eyes that I got.
Once that got you, ain't nothing holding you down.
- We'll see.
- Y'all done yet? LAURIE: I'm done when I'm done.
- Hey, Miss Gloria.
- GLORIA: How you doing, baby? I'm chilling, I'm chilling.
Get out of the street! I got snacks upstairs.
- How's your mama? - She doing all right.
I just wanted to give her a bit of a break, know what I mean? - Lord knows she needs it.
- Pshhh yeah.
Y'all excited to go to the zoo? We already in a zoo.
- You.
This one crazy right here.
Thank you again.
- GLORIA: Anytime.
- Yeah, and make sure - make sure they get some snacks.
- GLORIA: Okay.
- All of the kids.
- GLORIA: Well, thank you, baby.
- God bless your heart.
- No problem.
Be good, all right? GLORIA: Didn't I tell you? You'd better not go in that street.
SINGER: I gotta get myself together I've gotta get through this stormy weather [DOOR OPENS.]
I've got to get away Oh, yeah, I've got to get away Hmm.
You redecorating in here or something? What's going on? What you think? [LAUGHS.]
It's nice.
Look look what I got you.
Oh, my God.
Just like in the commercial.
I already ran your bath, so it's ready for bubbles.
I know I haven't made it an easy ride for y'all.
It's okay.
ANN: But when I look at my Dennis I know I did something right.
Take me away.
SINGER: I just got to, I got to get outta here now [RETREATING FOOTSTEPS.]
LAURIE: Girl, and then they started shooting.
But it was just a .
22, so wasn't nobody scared, though.
- Now, had it been a .
who's that coming in? Laurie? - Oh, my God! - LAURIE: [GIGGLES.]
Why didn't you tell me you were coming? Oh, I would have I would have gotten the bed ready.
No, don't worry about it.
You know, I'm staying with a friend anyway.
- Thank God.
- LAURIE: Mm-mm.
What's his name this time? - What you mean, "this time"? - [LAUGHING.]
- Ooh.
- Hi, Mama.
- LAURIE: All right.
- LINDA: What did she do to you? - LAURIE: [LAUGHS.]
- LINDA: What did you do? LAURIE: So he's taking the plea deal? Mm-hmm, that's what he said.
Only took an ass whooping till he came around.
Yeah, well, you know, black men don't have many options out here, so, you know, they stuck in the stereotype.
Well, you still got time to get your little Randy on the right course.
Ugh, that boy worry me too.
See too much of his father in him.
Y'all talk? Jerome? I hear from him.
Anytime his black ass need money.
LAURIE: Yeah, right.
That's Jerome for you.
Him and ain't none of his people worth a damn.
Voted the most undependable niggas from the Undependable Nigga Association of America.
I just think you deserve better than that, sis.
Man's trying his best.
LAURIE: Well, that's the difference.
He's trying.
You're doing.
Trust me when I tell you, a mama-less man ain't worth a quarter to nobody.
SINGER: Last night, the night before CHOIR: Jump back, baby, jump back - SHURRIE: Whoo! - LAURIE: [GIGGLING.]
CHOIR: Jump back, baby, jump back SINGER: I got up and let him in CHOIR: Jump back, baby, jump back SINGER: Hit him in the head with a rolling pin CHOIR: Jump back, baby, jump back SINGER: Billy goat kicked his pappy down LAURIE: Whoo, whoo-whoo! LINDA: Get it, baby.
Go on.
SINGER: Now I lay me down to sleep [LAUGHTER.]
- BOBBY: What is this? - LINDA: [LAUGHS.]
We just about to go get something to eat.
- You boys wanna come? - BOBBY: No, I think we good.
Me and Dennis about to go and handle something.
All right.
Let me change.
- Let me change.
- LINDA: Yeah.
DENNIS: She crazy.
How long have you two been a thing? [SMALL LAUGH.]
DENNIS: Nah, thank you.
For the food.
For always holding it down.
- DIVINE: Yo, D.
SINGER: Can I kiss you one more time And change your mind While it's summertime FIVE PERCENTER: Like you're dumb, deaf, and blind.
- Like you don't have a care - BOBBY: Hey, thanks a lot, man.
STOCKBROKER: Yo, yo, my son.
- You've been busy.
- Hey, who you telling? Yo, these cats gonna dry me out.
Yo, and they paying three times the cost.
And didn't even have to wear a tie.
Hey, I sell what I sell, and they sell what they sell.
Both pay the rent.
It's all green at the end of the day, right? - Got time for a game? - BOBBY: Yeah.
But I'm feeling good today.
You might not have a chance.
CHESS PLAYER: Long as I'm above ground, I got a chance.
FIVE PERCENTER: Nobody can understand these things but you.
So we got to understand all these things that come to pass.
That we all are here together for one common cause: for each other.
All we got is each other! We ain't have nothing else out here.
So rise and raise yourself from the dead, and people say [LAUGHS.]
FIVE PERCENTER: No, I'm not brainwashed! I'm out here cleansing their BOBBY: Shit.
CHESS PLAYER: That's what happens when you step away for too long.
The mind falters.
BOBBY: It's them damn Five Percenters always running they mouths, talking all that gibberish around Manhattan.
It's throwing off my focus.
CHESS PLAYER: Well, maybe you should listen.
When it comes to religion, there's some that believe that it's all about the fear of death.
That man created fairytales to calm the ego, tell you that there's more to it than this.
A pawn behaves like a pawn because it believes it's a pawn.
FIVE PERCENTER: And you must CHESS PLAYER: A king rules because he commands power.
Both are aspects of the mind.
The world will tell the black man - So don't be a product! - CHESS PLAYER: He's a pawn.
- Of their slavery! - CHESS PLAYER: The white man, he's a king.
FIVE PERCENTER: Be what you deserve! CHESS PLAYER: But those gentlemen over there? They tell you that you're the player and that you move the pieces.
That you're a God.
FIVE PERCENTER: You're living right here today.
So understand your powers and understand your existence MONK: The five flavors dull the taste.
The five tones deafen every ear.
The five colors, they all blind the eye.
But they do not pass.
They are all eternal.
- All things come to us - BOBBY: Hey, yo.
MONK: Without - that - [CLICK.]
Hey, y hey, yo, why you pausing shit, fam? Y'all heard what that nigga just said? The five colors blind the eyes.
The five tones deafen the ears.
That shit is crazy, right? Come on, son.
And when the fuck you start listening to what these niggas are saying? Fast forward to the action, you know what I'm saying? BOBBY: No, yo, look, I've seen the fights in this flick about a hundred times.
What that old monk just said? That shit was profound.
GARY: Yo, that shit was kind of deep.
Nigga, pussy's deep.
DENNIS: Mm-hmm.
Hey, yo, you smoking too much of the comfrey shit, B.
Make you think like like them Buddha heads or some shit.
Damn, son.
Warn a nigga before you go all bright light on us.
Fuck are you? A gremlin, nigga? - Yeah, nigga, Gizmo.
- Yo, you stupid, son.
- [CLICK.]
I think that tone just deafened my ears.
- Word.
- BOBBY: Hell yeah, nigga.
Man, I told y'all.
That shit was fucking inspirational, right? - ASON: Word.
- Does sound kind of right.
Right, uh, uh, uh.
Look, look, ask who the illest and they sayin' Ason Dance with me, baby girl, they playing our song If anyone try and doing me wrong They gon' make me have to get up in they ass like a thong I keep it dirty to the core, rhymes galore Everything raw, sharp like the tiger's claws I'm dropping bombs like I'm going to war With a one-one, two-two, three-three - BOTH: Four - Hell yeah, nigga.
Yeah, and then your ass, you come in next, and you hop on the second verse, you know what I'm saying? DENNIS: Yo, I'm out.
What? Where you going, nigga? You ain't trying to lay down a verse? I know you was feeling it when them shorties was clapping for you at the Villa.
Hey, yo, as long as my gun clap, I ain't gotta rap.
Oh, shit! No, no, no! Ma, Ma! Mama, no, no! [HYPERVENTILATING.]
No, no.
No, shit.
No, Ma.
Ma, Ma! Ma! Ma! LAURIE: So this guy on that shit.
Drunk as a skunk, probably.
Who knows what else.
I swear to God, he thought I was Debbie Allen.
What did you do? - LAURIE: I smacked his ass.
- What? - What's wrong with Debbie Allen? - Oh, I love Debbie Allen.
I smacked his ass 'cause I heard him run that same shit to my girlfriend - five minutes earlier.
Drunk ass white boy couldn't tell the difference between three different black women.
So he's attracted to black women.
Okay, I don't need my man attracted to black women.
I need him attracted to me.
- Mm.
LAURIE: Beautiful.
So, beautiful, what do you think? Oh, my gosh.
I love it! [BOTH LAUGH.]
Not too dark for me, right? Honey, you are only allowed to say if you like the color or not, okay? - Okay.
- LAURIE: All right, now wait a minute.
- I need to get another brush.
I got it.
- Diggs house.
- DENNIS: Yo, Rie.
- I need you.
- Dennis? What's wrong? My mom, she, like she got fucked up, all right? She she in an ambulance right now.
I I need you to take care of Darius and Darren.
I'm gonna leave the door unlocked, 'cause I gotta go.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
- [SIGHS.]
- That's okay, sweetie.
Go take care of your man.
Just make sure that you take care of yourself too, all right? [DOOR CLOSES.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, baby, you look beautiful.
- Thanks.
- LINDA: But where you off to? Um, just to take this fabulous new look out for a walk.
LAURIE: You know, just a little aunty-niece bonding time.
- Well, all right.
Bye, sis.
MONK: You'll find me, huh? Is my mother.
gonna die? Listen, uh-uh.
Don't say things like that.
MONK: And who are you? [TV CHATTERING.]
DENNIS: You look beautiful.
Oh, thanks.
DENNIS: This might be the first time I see you without a book in your hand.
- You're, like, always reading.
Yeah, I've been trying to look up more.
Watch where I'm stepping.
Mama says I'm gonna trip if I don't watch where I'm going, so See, I always look down when I walk.
Never reading and still be tripping.
Yeah, but you be reading, like, Moby Dick and shit.
SHURRIE: Mm-hmm.
I could barely get through Dr.
Hold on.
Some of them Dr.
Seuss words is hard.
DENNIS: Yeah, and some of them shits ain't real.
Fuck is a "spagoodle" [LAUGHS.]
"Mamoodle shadoodle baboodle"? [LAUGHS.]
This you? SHURRIE: Yeah, but I could catch the next one.
DENNIS: No, no, I don't want to hold you up.
SHURRIE: Next one comes in 20 minutes.
DENNIS: Yeah, but Randy will be wondering where you at, so - [SIGHS.]
- Okay.
Afternoon, how can I help you? Empty it.
Empty the fucking register.
- Give me all of this.
HUSBAND: Honey, what's going on out there? - DENNIS: Shut the fuck up.
- HUSBAND: I can't be p DENNIS: Get the fuck over here.
Get the fuck over here right now.
Young man, you got everything you needed.
- Please - DENNIS: On the ground.
- HUSBAND: Please don't - DENNIS: I said get on the fucking ground! - MAN: Son, listen - Your son's a bum! - HUSBAND: [HOLLERS.]
DENNIS: Hey, yo, fuck your son! Fuck it, come on! Get over here, come on.
- On the ground.
WIFE: Okay.
DENNIS: And shut the fuck up before I put a hole in the both of y'all.
- Fuck.
What's up? [KEYS CLATTER.]
I had Miss Gloria pick up the boys.
How's she doing? She'll be all right in a couple days.
You hungry? I'm sick of this.
What? Of this.
I got these I got these clothes.
I got these shoes.
This fucking rug, this sound system.
All of this shit.
And I still ain't got nothing.
- You got me.
SHURRIE: Oh, that's funny to you? Yo yo, where is this going? Hmm? You think you think we gon' get married and have kids? Hmm? Kids that turn out like like Darius and Darren? That's what you really want? To deal with that fucked up shit your whole life? As long as I have you, yes.
You don't get it.
I thought you was the smart one.
BOBBY: Hey, yo, Shurrie.
Yo, everything all right? [DOOR CLOSES.]
How you doing today, young man? DENNIS: Yeah, I'm chilling.
Thank you.
HUSBAND: What can I do for you? My brother got one of those.
Yeah, my wife bought it for me, but I don't need it just yet.
Still on my feet.
Or my one foot, rather.
Your brother had an accident? Nah nah, he just got a condition.
HUSBAND: Ah, I'm sorry.
- That's life.
- Yeah.
Lost my leg to a trip mine in Vietnam.
See? Damn, now that that's fucked up.
HUSBAND: I know, right? Just some old dumb mine I should have seen.
Lucky to be alive, though.
Came back to a life many of my platoon mates would have killed for.
Went to college, opened my own business, got a son.
- You you do? - HUSBAND: Yeah.
That kid right there.
He ain't as smart as he looks.
Seem like he got a good father, though.
HUSBAND: Thank you.
I like to think so.
Was a little rough on him when he was a kid, but I guess that was the soldier in me.
Military turned me into a man, but when I tried that way on him? It drove him right away.
I'm sure you tried your best.
You know, I always prayed that if I had a son, I could look at this thing and think that in some way I lost my leg so he could have a better life.
And maybe he does.
But what's it matter if he doesn't talk to me, right? [CHUCKLES.]
One second.
Yeah? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hold on.
Got you right here.
Yeah, you asked for six.
I know.
Seven, eight? We got it.
Yeah, I'll be here.
See you then.
All right, bye.
Now, what else can I help you with? SINGER: Uh Uh Oh, yeah Oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah SINGER: Niggas in the street gonna learn Them Wu-Tang niggas don't play Niggas in the streets gonna learn Them Staten Island niggas don't play SINGER: I said one, two, three and to the fo' I glide like there's simply no traction on the flo' 10304, live action from the door Shawty dime, let the whole team Smash her on the tour I splash bravado, fast cash aficionado Savage vandal, I'm a legend of tomorrow Painting the truth, here's proof, ain't it the truth So ill a nigga spit with a containment suit Slayin' the booth, aim, shoot, bang Cave in the roof Hater wouldn't last a day in my shoes You know very well, bet he swell You can tell he jeal', my price hiking like the pills Martin Shkreli sell Mathematics tracks, I'm back at it Mathematics tracks, I craft havoc, fact I'm black on it, black, I'm back at it SINGER: Niggas in the street gonna learn Them Wu-Tang niggas don't play Niggas in the streets gonna learn Them Def Squad niggas don't play Mathematics, you a fuckin' genius, nigga, yo, fuck that.
Ladies and gentlemen, I need you to put your hands together for world-wide international producer.
Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and show your love for our brother and yours, Mathematics! Yaaaah! PERSON: Get on the line!