Wynonna Earp (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

When You Call My Name

1 - Previosly on Wynonna Earp - They call it the Cult of Bulshar.
[WAVERLY]: Bulshar has been in the ground for 130 years.
He couldn't have spearheaded a killing cult.
[WYNONNA]: How are you connected to Bulshar? - You're gonna get your little sister killed.
- I can end the curse.
When Dolls shot me and I died, that's where I went.
- Wynonna? - [MICHELLE]: My daughters are off-limits! - Do you hear me?! - [WYNONNA]: It's about Mama.
[WAVERLY]: A prison pass? - [GASPING] Wynonna, look out! - [TIRES SCREECHING] [BIRDSONG] [WAVERLY]: No!! No! Let me go, you bastard! - [MAN GRUNTING] - Wynonna!! Wynonna!! No!!! Waverly [MOANING] [EXCLAIMING, GROANING] God, I hate hangovers.
[THEME MUSIC] 'Cause I gave you all I got to give I know that ain't no way to live I told that devil to take you back I told that devil to take you back Waverly! Waverly?! I'm here! I'm not dead! [GROANING, PANTING] So cold.
[MICHELLE]: Hey, hey.
Wynonna Earp, don't you dare take a nap.
You are stuck on the side of a cliff! Mama? What are you doing up there? Oh, I'm just sunbathing.
I just love to get a bronze on.
Hey, hey! Don't you dare fall asleep! [GROANING] - You can't you can't be here.
- Oh, really? Why not? 'Cause you're in prison.
I just saw you.
Big walls.
- Nice red jumpsuit.
I mean, shit, I just do not have the complexion for red.
And speaking of dressing for the occasion, might I just say that is a fine frock.
It's very practical.
- You always thought you were funny.
- [MICHELLE CHUCKLING] Well, you sure didn't get your sass from Ward "Talk to the fist" Earp.
I'm going into shock.
You're not real.
Waverly?! Baby girl, are you okay?! [MICHELLE]: Hey, do not waste your energy yelling.
Remember what I taught you the last time we went camping.
It was just the two of us.
What are the rules in a survival situation? It's not about being brave, it's not even about being strong.
- It's about being smart.
- Mm-hmm.
About staying smart.
Right? Not losing your head even though you're up the creek, darlin', and your paddle boat is en fuego.
So say them.
Rule number one: Don't panic.
Rule number two: Assess the situation calmly.
[CHUCKLING] The situation is a shit sandwich.
What is that, 15-20 feet? I could climb that.
I could totally climb it.
[CRYING OUT] Shit hurts worse than when I pushed a baby from my hooha on top of an eightball.
So will Waverly being dead.
Come on.
Come on - [EXCLAIMING] - [MAN LAUGHING] Other one tried fake sleeping too! [CHUCKLING, GRUNTING] Mm [SNIFFING] It's smaller than the last one.
You've kidnapped someone before? - The car accident with - Accident? [MAN LAUGHING] No accident.
That was a perfect trap.
- What do you want from me? - The forest is changing.
The trees have pulled out their roots, they're on the move.
I'm getting lost in my own woods! My woods.
All the animals are gone.
My traps have been empty for months.
I had to widen my hunting grounds.
It's okay, though.
I think I like its kind better.
[WAVERLY WHIMPERING] The other one, where is she? Maybe she could help us.
[IN GIRL'S VOICE]: Oh, I'm still here.
Parts of me, anyway.
- Let it go, girl.
- [STRAINING, GRUNTING] Magic gun's not gonna help you scale a cliff.
It's kinda my thing.
I can't just leave it.
You're gonna have to.
It's climb-or-die time.
I think that was the original slogan for StairMaster.
I don't think I can do this.
Hey, you remember when you were nine, you came home and you wanted me to write a note so you could skip gym class? Same day I walked in to find you staring at the oven with a shotgun in your hand.
Now, you were afraid of climbing a rope.
I told you you had to set an example for the other girls.
Gibsons are strong.
We're not afraid of falling.
- I'm not a Gibson.
- [MICHELLE CHUCKLING] Yes, you are.
It's not the fall that's gonna kill you.
It's the fear, Wynonna.
Pointy rocks at the bottom might help fear out, though.
[SIGHING] Hope I still have that coupon for a deep-tissue massage.
[GROANING] Here we go.
[PHONE CHIMING] Nicole is wondering where you are.
She won't be the only one.
Soon the woods will be swarming with a search party.
They'll find you.
Oh, yeah.
And this? Definitely not a good look.
I don't like people in my woods! I don't like being treated like a meat ornament! [PHONE RINGING] - [MAN GRUNTING] - Let me go and I I'll make sure no one bothers you, I promise.
- Hmm.
- [PHONE RINGING] Okay? Just please just give me the phone.
Oh, I can't really talk right now.
No, everything's fine.
I'm just a little tied up at the moment.
Goodbye, Nicole.
- [LAUGHING] - [SILENT SCREAM] [WYNONNA]: Ah! [GRUNTING AND GROANING] Son of a bitch! Motherless goose! [GRUNTING] [SCREAMING] [CRYING OUT] What kind of savage does this for fun? Oh! Waverly!!! Oh, my God! Wave! Shit.
Shit! [WYNONNA GASPING] You can't go running into the woods like a lunatic! Some jack-hole got my little sister! And whatever it is, it has hours-ahead start on you.
You ever seen me move when I'm pissed? I'm a friggin' snow cheetah! You are injured.
And you don't even know these woods.
I can't leave Waverly.
I know that's a foreign concept to you, but I don't leave her behind, ever! You don't even know if Waverly is even alive She's alive!! She's alive! And she's gonna stay that way! No.
This is about your survival.
If you pass out and freeze to death Rule number three: take inventory.
[GROANING] [MOANING] Oh, good God.
You really are your father's daughter.
Oh Whiskey from Dad, crazy from Mom.
The Wynonna Earp story on sale now.
Though I am a whiz with a tire iron.
[RUMBLING] I know you're afraid to say it out loud, so I'm gonna say it for you.
What if it's him? What if it's Bulshar? Remember what you said, Mama.
It's the fear that kills you.
Sometimes it's a demon.
Time to go.
So I called Waverly.
Barely got a word in before she hung up on me.
Don't take it personal.
Uh Wynonna had some pretty big news to drop.
The woman kept her pregnancy on the down-low for months.
What other new secrets could she have? Ah, secrets suck.
I hate 'em.
Thank you, Jeremy.
You have anything useful to contribute? Oh, yeah.
After running a simulation, I'd say there's about an 81.
52% chance that all the victims died within seconds of one another, not simultaneously.
Um, okay, so I'm just gonna need you to unpack that for me.
So we're dealing with a demon that can move extremely fast.
Like light-speed, beam-me-up-Scottie, Death Eater kinda fast.
Did did they suffer? Ah, barely would've seen it coming.
- Some consolation, I guess.
- Or it was poop-your-pants scary as hell.
- Bulshar? - He was entombed in the ground for decades.
The vampires said they were here to pay fealty to Bulshar.
Looks like this demon's been offering its own sacrifices for the past seven years probably for the same reason.
But it's been less than seven years since the last attack.
- Bulshar's risen.
- Time to party.
- Yeah.
- The thing is there's no way of knowing if these massacres will stop.
Haught, try Waverly again? - Okay.
- We need everyone up to speed, okay? Oh, yes, up to speed.
In the know.
Nobody in the dark about anything of importance.
You know what? I'm just gonna go to the homestead in person.
Maybe you should pick up a peace offering or something.
Something with sprinkles? Yeah, on it.
Hey, hey, how are the night sweats? Stop assessing me.
Look, I'm like a really smart shark.
I can't turn off the super brain for a second.
Maybe you should.
Get a life or something.
Okay? 'Cause the only way to do what we're doing without going crazy is to have people we fight for.
Look, I'm fighting for you.
What? Where you going? To get Holliday.
We have a demon that apparates or disapparates.
We're gonna need all wands on deck, right? - You got my reference! - Yeah.
Boss of the year.
Yeah, I'm feeling fine.
Just worry about the demon and his boss.
Okay? Okay.
- Why do you keep doing that? - What? Looking behind you.
You were doing that in prison, like you're afraid somebody's following you.
- Pfft! - What? Like it's odd to be on edge in prison? Or in the middle of some creepy woods when a monster's dragged your sister away? - It was my birthday.
- Sorry.
What was? The last time you took me camping, it was the weekend of my birthday and I wanted to go see The Pixies.
- Huh! Hanson.
You wanted to see Hanson.
- Yeah, right.
And you thought taking me into the woods with a packet of dehydrated chili was a much better idea.
Yes, and then I forgot the bowls, so we had to eat the damn thing with our hands.
I was so pissed.
I should've put down the damn Gameboy, if I'd known Yeah.
If you'd known I'd be gone a couple of days later.
I might've actually listened.
Hey, you did listen.
You You taught yourself everything.
You listened to the lessons and you got yourself off of that cliff.
You did, alone.
[SIGHING] Why me, though? Why? You never brought Willa or Waverly.
It was always just you and me.
Well Willa was Ward's right from the get-go.
And Waverly she was everyone else's.
But you ooh, you you came into this world wailing and kicking, just like I was.
So I wanted to make sure you could survive by yourself, but you know what? Being an heir, it has made you soft.
- What's that supposed to mean? - It means you're leaning on your team of outlaws and misfits.
They're my people and I trust them.
Yeah, well, where the hell are they? It's been hours.
I don't know.
The moment that you rely on someone to protect you, be there for you, you're dead.
I know it's all on me Mama.
You remember how it was all on me when you had your episodes? People thought I was the crazy one.
A bad seed from the time I was eight years old! Waverly needed her mother.
I needed my mother.
And Alice doesn't? Don't you dare.
We are the same, Wynonna.
And that is what scares you, how similar we are.
You left.
You abandoned us.
You abandoned me.
[EERIE MUSIC] Mama? [GRUNTING] [WHISTLING] Whoo! That new demon's a nasty piece of work.
We're regrouping at BBD in an hour.
You were late to the party last night.
- Yep.
- You want to talk about it? - Nope.
- Okay So it's not baby Alice? No.
She is safe.
Now that's all I can ask for.
No, I am angry, because the fight has been fixed.
What fight? The fight between the living and the dying.
When the Iron Witch made her wish and made Wynonna, poof, disappear you and me, we were enemies.
You killed me and I died.
Remind me who shot first.
Dolls, I went to Hell.
The same place Wynonna Earp sends her demons.
That is my reward for all this? You know Listen, you got time.
Time for what?! Huh? To replace my bad deeds with good ones? No, that is the rub, Dolls.
That is what they do not tell you about turning the hero.
It turns you into a killer too.
So you face it, Xavier.
We are murderers, you and I.
Destined for the dark.
We're not the same.
'Cause I don't need a threat of damnation to fight for the right side.
It's gonna be alright.
Hey, hey! Hey.
I got got lost in the woods hunting.
[GRUNTING] Damn trails are all messed up.
Me and my son got separated.
- Is he still out there? - Yeah.
Ah, Christ, I'd still be wandering if I hadn't seen the flash of blue from an old wreck down there.
What wreck? A blue-and-white pick-up just sitting there.
I followed the tracks back up to the road.
Show me.
Now! [SWEARING SILENTLY] [WOMAN]: Help! Can anybody hear me? - [MAN]: Hello?! Where are you? - [BANGING] [WOMAN]: Help! Please! - Somebody help me! - [SILENT SCREAM] [MAN]: Hang on! Almost there! - [BANGING] - Are you okay? - [INDISTINCT] - [GROANING] [HOARSE EXCLAMATION] Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh.
Pretty birds deserve a pretty cage.
- [CREAKING] [GRUNTING] Be thankful it just bought Waverly Earp some time.
Will the heir be looking for it? I hope so.
I'd like to see what its throat looks like split wide open.
- [GUN COCKING] Uh, thought you'd be on your way to BBD by now.
You have been spending an awful lot of time in my basement.
Yeah, I thought I could take those tiny umbrellas you have.
Um, it's my turn to host craft night.
Jeremy, one of the things that I greatly admire about you Like my moustache? [CHUCKLING] Is that you are a truly awful liar.
Craft night is Thursdays.
There is something wrong with Dolls' drugs.
Yeah, yeah, he, uh he's been having side effects.
What kind of side effects? Not to be too big for my britches, but that's between Dolls and me.
I have seen what happen when he devolves.
He could put all of us at risk.
- Why do you do that? - Do what? Immediately assume the worst about a person.
Why, I don't know, Jeremy, maybe it's 'cause I've experienced some shit lately! So you've lost your immortality.
Whoop-dee-friggin'-do! I Look, you are extremely virile and handsome for your age.
You have many years to look forward to! - [PHONE CHIMING] - [GUN CLICKING] What? It's from Officer Haught.
I think Wynonna and Waverly are in trouble.
A hunter found a wrecked truck and no sign of them at the edge of the Pine Barrens.
Hey, wait.
Hold up, hold up.
Take this earpiece.
Better reception than cells and I can track your location.
Listen, you call Dolls and you tell him we need him.
- Aye-aye, captain! - Don't tell him I said that.
[JEREMY CHUCKLING] [PANTING] [SIGHING] Gotta say, Mama, now's about the time I wish you weren't just a figment of my imagination.
Talkin' to the pinecones.
[WHISPERING]: What is it? What? Why aren't you talking? Is this is some kinda crazy Little Mermaid shit? - [BANGING] - What? [WHISPERING]: What is it? Underwire.
Underwire Support.
[GRUNTS] Jiggling C-cup, breast breast alligator.
Boob! Booby.
Booby! Booby-trap! Oh.
Where? Where? Okay.
I don't have it.
[GASPING] Can you guide me? [GRUNTING] [GROANING] I ripped my nylons.
Three cheers for Kegels! - [GROWLING] - Guide faster.
Guide faster! - [MAN LAUGHING] - Get me to the stairs.
Get me to the stairs.
[GRUNTING] Did it know fear has a scent? Best smell in the world.
[LAUGHING] My trap line needs checking.
Hmm! [GRUNTING] Waverly she'll be cold.
This was no accident! One of our girls was dragged into the woods.
The other, she is moving under her own steam.
That thing, that demon who killed all the people in the bar.
Jeremy said it moves extremely fast, so the victims were were dead before they even knew what was happening.
[JEREMY]: Heyo! Can you hear me? For the devil, Jeremy! You don't need to yell.
My bad.
So I tried pinging Waverly and Wynonna's phones.
No dice.
In fact, there's not even a source.
But satellite photos show two outbuildings, one to the west of you and one to the north.
Wynonna's headed north.
We'll follow her lead.
Yeah, but what if whoever took Waverly went the other way? You don't trust Wynonna's instincts? I helped her kill a revenant she had sex with! Let me rephrase.
Do you trust her instincts about Waverly? Yeah, okay.
[GRUNTING] [GROANING] I'm sorry, I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm so sorry.
[VERY SOFTLY]: Why didn't you tell me? Because she was messed-up when she left, and you were tiny.
You were so little.
I know.
You're a big girl now.
You're a grown woman with the figure of a tiny Amazon.
I get it.
It's a big ol' bag of hurt we're opening, and I needed to be sure I wanted to go there before bringing you into it.
I can't fight him in here.
But but I can get a jump on him.
I can get a jump on him out there.
I swear on my favourite boy band I'm gonna kill him and then I'm gonna mmm-bop right back.
Okay? - [WHIMPERING] - Yeah, the booby-traps.
I know.
I was just testing you.
What's going on? Haught's not back with the Earps? Jeremy? - I was gonna call you.
- [PHONE CHIMING] Mm? How long have they been MIA? Okay.
Hey, no, no.
You are already so far outta line Look, I knew you'd say hell with my warnings and go blazing in after them.
You do not get to make those decisions and you do not get to hesitate because of what might happen.
Don't think about yourself.
But we haven't warned the others.
Maybe think of about them? Sneaky dickstick! Hello! Hey! I'm Wynonna Earp.
Real cozy cabin of horrors you got there, revenant.
Property Brothers know about you? Nobody knows about me.
This land is my land.
Please don't start singing.
- [GUN COCKING] - [GRUNTING] I'll eat you first.
What's with demons and eating people? Huh? Mama Olive, the Widows, Bulshar - Bulshar.
- Big fan, are we? No.
H-h-he's buried, gone, gone, never to find me again! I hate to break it to ya but he is risen.
- [CRACKING] - Ah!! Ah! - Ah.
- [WYNONNA GROANING] Ah! Oh, shit! Shit! Shit! Please get me out! Tricks, they're not just for kids.
Ah! Oh! [WYNONNA]: Please get me out! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Wynonna? Ha! Oh.
Hey, I got my voice back.
Wynonna?! What happened?! Oh, he's basically dead.
Ah!! Nicole.
Nice boots.
Oh, Doc, those are great jeans.
Are those new? - Where's Waverly? - Waverly's good.
She's good.
I killed the bad guy, as you do, and, uh now I'm just, you know, doing some thinking and having some me time.
- Yeah, you about done? - Yeah, please.
Oh!! That [GRUNTING] [GROANING, PANTING] Are you? Oh, listen, I don't want to ask if you're alright, but are you alright? Nothing a hot bath in a bottle of whiskey won't cure.
Oh, don't you mean "and" a bottle of whiskey? [CHUCKLING] Ask me in five minutes.
I'll get you fixed.
I get my voice back, then suddenly you lost yours? Ahem.
I really meant what I said.
About being sorry.
Um How long have you known where she is? Uh a while.
How long, Wynonna? The whole time.
They moved her to the new facility before I went to Greece.
But I only went to see her again after Bulshar rose.
She knows things about him.
You kept me from my mother for years? She asked me not to tell you where she was.
- [WAVERLY]: Dolls? - [DOLLS]: Yeah.
Uh, can you can you take me to your truck? I can't be here right now.
Alright, come on.
It's alright.
How could she keep that kind of secret from me? It's hard to tell people the truth if you know it'll devastate them.
It's hard.
- Anything I should know? - Well, we screwed up.
Ah, well, sounds like standard Earp operating procedure.
We can get through that.
I should be doing this, going to get Peacemaker.
Yeah, or me.
Oh, did one of you guys have a harness in your car for impromptu weekend excursions? No.
I have nine years of climbing experience.
You are the heir, and you can't even look over the edge.
Well, uh, heights, they give me the weezzies.
I will be down and back before you can say, "redheads do it better.
" - [SOBBING] Argh! - [GROANING] - Dolls, what's wrong? - I'm good.
I'm just running on fumes.
- I'm good, I'm good, yeah.
- No.
- Dolls, what's wrong? - [DOLLS GROANING] Dolls.
Dolls? - Dolls? - Waverly Wynonna's gonna need you more than ever.
Okay, now you're really freaking me out.
Dolls, what's happening? [GRUNTING] Ah.
Hey, guys? Something's happening with the rope.
- [SCREAMING] - Haught! Haught! [GRUNTING] - [EXCLAIMING] - [GRUNTING] - [PANTING] - Ah! [ROARING] You're a dead man! [GROANING] Dolls! [GUN COCKING] Come on.
- Okay, Earp, you're good.
- What?! - Watch your legs.
- No, don't! [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] Doc! Jesus, we're having a day.
You cannot kill me with mortal weapons.
You're gonna feel real stupid in a second! [GRUNTING] [JEREMY]: Hello? Check, check.
Doc? Can anyone hear me? Jeremy? [PANTING] Okay.
Everything was fine, but then there were screams.
Dolls has gone to help, but my my stupid stupidest leg is Waverly, okay, listen to me.
Whatever Black Badge did to Dolls it's made him unstable.
What? Here we go.
[GROANING AND GRUNTING] Unstable? Un Unstable how? - Oh, I'm running out of rope! - [GRUNTING] Shit! Dolls! - Wynonna, you've gotta let go! - Not happening! If you don't, we're both going over this cliff! - Be smart, Wynonna.
- [EXCLAIMING] [GROWLING] The earth thirsts for blood.
- Dolls! - Someone must die here today.
- [EXCLAIMING] - I'm slipping! - Do it!! - No.
- Will it be one - [SCREAMING] - or two - [EXCLAIMING] or maybe three? - [GRUNTING] - [EXCLAIMING] It's okay.
Dolls!! - [STRAINING] My arm! I can't! - I got it! [PANTING AND GROANING] Here.
[PANTING] [GASPING] You brought your lapdog to a dragon fight, asshole.
[DOC]: Wynonna!! What? I don't He was on his feet.
Hey, Bu-Bulshar was here.
I was gonna shoot the bastard.
What happened? He just fell over.
He collapsed.
And he's not breathin'.
- What do you mean, he's not breathing? - [NICOLE]: I've got no pulse.
Dispatch, this is Officer Nicole Haught.
- This is Dispatch.
- I need paramedics off of Highway 12.
I have an agent down.
Repeat: Agent down! - Copy that.
- Wynonna [DOC]: Dammit, Dolls, do not give up on us now! - Drugs.
He needs his drugs.
- [WAVERLY]: No, no.
He doesn't need his drugs.
Xavier, goddammit! You wake up! You wake up now! Waverly, why isn't he waking up? Because he's gone, Wynonna.
He's gone.
Nedley and the coroner will be here soon.
I'm not leaving him.
Wynonna Wynonna, it's freezing, you're injured, okay? We have to He hates the woods.
I'm not leaving him here alone, Waverly.
Okay no one's leaving him.
That demon we cou [SNIFFLING] we couldn't stop him, we couldn't fight him.
We were we were about to die, and then Dolls takes him on and flamethrows him like it's nothing.
He saved us.
He saved me.
So how is this okay? - I don't know.
- How is he lying here?!! I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
Well Maybe this is a mistake.
Maybe he'll wake up.
I mean, he's pa he's He's part dragon, he c-can [MICHELLE]: Wynonna, honey It's not fair.
I can't I can't do this without him.
[WAVERLY AND MICHELLE]: He's at peace now.
There's no more pain.
No more drugs.
No more demons.
You have to let him go now, Wynonna.