Xena Warrior Princess s02e03 Episode Script


The battle raged on for days.
By the time we drove Gareth and his army back, there were bodies everywhere.
Why arenít they buried? Giants leave their dead above ground.
Itís a sign of honor.
So, why are you meeting your friend here? We vowed ten years ago to meet in this place, and mourn and celebrate.
Celebrate what? Life-- and death.
I hate it when you go cryptic on me.
What happened to him? Judging by the scorch-marks, Iíd say he got in an argument with Zeus and wound up on the business end of a thunderbolt.
Here, take a look.
Xena, I,I think we better get out of here.
Relax, itís the live ones you have to worry about.
Itís a live one I am worried about.
Xena I was hoping youíd come.
I told you Iíd be here.
This is your friend? Gabrielle.
Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you, too.
Itís been a long time.
Different lifetime, from what I hear.
Yes, I guess it is.
Ah, I think Iíll take a walk.
Iíll let you two catch up.
So, how have you been? Ah, making a living.
You know how itís been since since we last saw each other.
I know.
Iím helping a local army drive off a band of thieves.
Payís good, very good, enough to Enough to head into the hills and spend your life seeking revenge? Until I kill Gareth, I donít have a life, Xena.
You, of all people, should understand that.
I understand that a manís soul can be poisoned by hatred.
I hope thatís not happening to you.
You know, you think sheíd mention that her friend was taller than most pine trees.
Hereís another one.
Iím not alone.
I heard you talking to your friend the bush.
Now, just come quietly.
Leave her alone! David, donít! Why donít you pick on someone who can defend themselves? Who? You? No ,me.
Get her! Grab her! See? Stay where you are! Are you OK? You all right? Never better.
What am I paying you for?! Do something! Dagon this is my friend, Xena.
Xena I shouldía known.
I thought you were with these thieves.
Youíre both most welcome guests.
Thanks for the hospitality.
Think nothing of it.
After all any friend of Goliathís is a friend of the Philistines.
Time and again you people have been warned.
And now,you come armed! Itís a sling.
Itís a deadly weapon in the right hands! And you were using it to steal.
My people are not thieves.
Your people? Your people?! He spoke out of turn.
Itís all right, brother.
Yes, my people.
Iím Jonathan,eldest son of King Saul.
You call that petty criminal a king?! Well if I catch him on my land, heíll be crowned a new! This land is ours, and you know it.
Iíll tell you what I know.
We built this land into something! It was an unproductive desert when we got here! And now, itís a thriving area! All we get from you is ingratitude! Lock Ďem up! Yes, sir.
Come along, move it! See that he gets a bandage for that head.
Come on; come on.
Goliath wonít be able to join us for dinner.
However I would be honored with your presence.
Theyíre thieves and they need to be punished as such.
What, exactly, have they stolen? Game-- they were hunting on our land.
Then the calf starved.
Itís a shame they donít manage their resources better.
They really need our help.
What does that mean? Weíre going to bring civilization to the Israelites.
More wine! So, youíre going to enslave them, in other words.
No man or woman is forced to work for us.
They can go their own way, if they wish.
As long as they donít mind giving up their land or going without food.
You donít know the lengths Iíve gone to try and work with them in a peaceful way.
They just wonít listen to reason.
Of course, what should one expect from a people who believe in only one God? Xena come work for me.
Iím not interested.
Iím talking about working for the common good.
Thereís a whole world out there, just waiting to be helped.
I reserve my help for those who need it.
Come on.
I think Goliath and I need to have a talk.
All right quickly! Iíve come to see the prisoners.
Make it quick! Cover the hole! What do you want? I came to thank you for trying to help me this morning.
Had I known you were with Xena, I wouldnít have bothered.
You donít understand.
Sheís going to get you out of here.
Sheís a murderer.
We donít need her help.
In case you havenít noticed, youíre in a dungeon.
Yeah, for now but I have faith.
Look Xena has changed.
Hey, I know all about Xena, OK? Iíve written of her exploits.
You write stories? Mostly psalms you wouldnít understand.
I know what a psalm is.
Itís a religious poem.
Iím pretty good with a story myself.
Really? Think you can make up an escape story, and get us out of here? I already have.
But, you wouldnít like it.
Xena leads the way.
- Out of my way! - Hey! Stand aside! Move! You Israelites canít do anything right.
The punishment for trying to escape is death! What theyíre paying you isnít worth it.
You think King Saul would offer more? Youíre missing my point.
And, youíre missing my point.
For the last ten years, Iíve had to live with the nightmare of losing my family.
And the only dream Iíve had is to kill the man that took them from me.
This job will give me the money to track him down.
What youíre doing is wrong.
What Iím doing is my job.
No, youíre blind with hatred.
Please, please, help me break these people out.
I think I helped you enough for one lifetime.
I owe you my life, Goliath not the lives of others.
Look this is all a misunderstanding.
I only brought him some food.
Accepting food I can forgive.
Conspiring to escape is another matter.
But, he didnít escape.
Youíre too smart.
Now look donít you think theyíve learned their lesson? Perhaps.
Iíll just kill one the little one.
No! Iím the eldest take me.
No use fighting.
No! No! No! Gabrielle, donít! No, itís all right.
Youíre gonna have to kill the both of us! Are you out of your mind?! I know what Iím doing? All right.
What?! I said, ĎAll right.
í Weíll kill the both of you.
But-- Watch out! Quickly! Hurry! Hurry! Go! Go! Go! I canít see! Sound the horn for Goliath! Easy, big fellas.
To the horses! Get out of here! Letís go! Letís go! Sound the horn, again! Whereís that damned giant?! It was her! On behalf of the people of Abraham, I thank you.
And I owe you an apology.
Itís all right.
Whatís all this commotion? Father, youíre sick.
You should be resting.
Nonsense! Where have you been? We were captured by the Philistines.
This is Xena, the Warrior Woman.
She and her friend broke us out.
Youíre most welcome here.
Please, come on in.
You were right.
You tell a great escape story.
Hmm! I thought youíd like it.
Youíre supposed to be soldiers! Youíre hopeless! Get out of my sight! Move! Sorry, sir.
You! You said she was your friend! She is my friend.
Well,your friend helped the enemy escape.
If I didnít know better Iíd say you were thinking of backing out.
What if I was? Maybe,my friendship with Xena is more important.
You want more money? All right, Iíll double it.
Youíre not listening, are you?! Weíre talking about me going up against my friend! What if I can tell you where you can find Gareth? When you finish this job Iíll tell you where you can find Gareth.
All right.
And if Xena comes between you and accomplishing the mission? I know how to do my job.
Sorry, Xena.
Let me get some ointment on that wound.
Here, let me clean it first.
Itís nothing serious, but a small wound in the right place The Philistine army is on the move.
Theyíll be here by tomorrow at the latest.
Is Goliath with them? Heís at the head of the army.
Heís already destroyed two outposts, here and here.
Dagon is way too smart to take on directly especially with Goliathís help.
I have to deal with him first.
I propose a Ďwinner take allí contest me against Goliath.
Are you out of your mind? Heís a giant.
Itís a suicide mission.
Every opponent has its weakness.
With giants, itís here right above the bridge of the nose.
All I need is one clear shot.
And then Goliath will be no more.
Iíll have a messenger sent with the challenge.
But, heís your friend.
Heís fighting on the wrong side.
He knows Iíll do what I have to do.
I brought you some soup.
Itís always good after a battle.
Oh, thank you.
Are you writing one of your psalms? Actually, I was recording the story of this morningís fight with the Philistines.
Can I read it? itís not very good.
It doesnít matter.
Stories are meant to be told.
Stories tell us who we are.
Come on tell it to me.
- itís a record of Jonathanís exploits - Jonathan? What about yours? No one wants to read about me.
Jonathanís gonna be our next king.
You saved his life.
Well, he would have done the same for me.
it was very heroic.
In fact, Iím writing a story about it myself.
Really? About Jonathan.
About you.
ĎI sing of David, the Warrior Poet of Israel.
His courage shown in the battlefield.
His gentle nature in his home.
His passion in his psalms.
And all he did, he did for the love of his family and his God.
í Thatís just the beginning.
That was beautiful.
Thank you.
David, I thought you might be hungry.
Gabrielle, this is Sarah.
Pleased to meet you.
Weíre to be married next spring.
How nice, I should be going, I Iím sure Xenaís wondering where I am.
Dumb! Dumb, dumb, dumb! Xena thunder keeping you up? No, just thinking.
About tomorrow? About ten years ago when Goliath and I fought in a campaign against Gareth and his army.
We were caught off-guard one morning.
Goliath was taking his wife and children to safety when I was surrounded and badly injured.
I yelled at him to get back but he wouldnít.
He refused to leave me.
He left his family? While he was saving me, Gareth killed them all.
I owe him much more than my life.
Call your men to attention.
Fall in! I received your message and accept your terms.
Sound the horn! Take your best shot, Xena.
Attack the Israelites.
Archers, ready! Nowís the time to catch them off-guard.
Aim! Fire! Watch out! Run! Charge! Charge! Youíre too slow, Goliath! Come on! Come on! Get your people out of here, now! Get to the cave! Watch out! Jonathan! David--! To the cave! David to the cave! Son! Run! Not now, sire.
We must retreat! Run! Come out, Xena! Run! Salt.
Hey! Come here! Give me a hand.
Thatís good.
Hereís a fresh bandage.
Iím sorry.
My boy, my poor boy.
Hey, let me take a look at that.
Xena what are we gonna do? As long as he has that helmet on his head, weíre helpless.
Then, we have to get Goliath to take the helmet off.
I say he does.
Now, are you sure that the shot to the forehead would kill him? Positive but Iím not going to do it.
Look, I understand your feelings about Goliath.
No, Gabrielle, I canít do it.
Look around you.
Jonathan was the leader of these people.
If I kill Goliath and then leave, what do they have left? They need someone to believe in.
Xena, we need to talk.
David, I wanted to talk to you Wait, let me finish.
My people need a leader.
I canít let you kill Goliath.
I have to be the one.
My family, I will avenge your deaths.
Hello, Goliath.
How long have you been there? Long enough.
You couldíve killed me.
I donít want to kill you.
I donít wanna kill you either, Xena.
You know I had nothing to do with that sneak attack on the Israelites, donít you? I know.
It was Dagon.
You canít trust him, Goliath.
Why not just walk away from this whole mess right now? Leave him to go hang himself.
Dagon knows where I can find Gareth.
Heíll give me the information when the Israelites are defeated.
Do you think your wife would want you to hurt innocent people to avenge her? No! She wouldnít! She was peace-loving and forgiving! And now, sheís dead! Because I wasnít there when my family needed me! I have to live with that! But these innocent people of yours stand between me and Gareth.
And if you stand with them, youíll be my main target.
- Iím sorry.
- No, Iím sorry.
This is the last time weíll be meeting in this place.
You were a good friend, Goliath.
So were you.
See you on the battlefield.
You wanted to see me? I get the feeling youíre avoiding me.
Avoiding you? No, You just have a lot of, well I think meeting your betrothed shook me up a little.
I shouldíve told you.
Sarahís a wonderful person, and I love her very much.
Thatís good.
I just didnít wanna become an issue.
How about being a friend? Thatís good enough for me.
But Iím not convinced this is gonna take down a giant.
Well, this is my best weapon.
And besides, anythingís possible when you put your faith in the Lord, Gabrielle.
Yeah, well this one God stuff is a new concept for me.
I understand.
Think of Him as the ultimate power the highest Being there is.
Greater than Zeus? Greater than Zeus, Ares all the lesser gods put together.
I know itís difficult, but try to think of him as a sort of caretaker to the world like our shepard.
Whatís this? These our my psalms.
Just in case the good Lord sees fit to call me home, I want someone to remember them.
And youíre right.
Whatís the point in writing them if theyíre gonna be kept secret? Will you recite it? Itís always best to hear it from the author.
I havenít written this one down, yet.
I thought of it just before you walked up.
ĎThe Lord is my Shepard; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul.
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness, for his nameís sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for Thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparedst my table for Come on, line up.
The weather doesnít look good.
I know.
David and I worked on this plan all night.
All we need is a little luck.
How are you doing? If all this works out, I lose a good friend.
He made his own choice, Xena.
I know.
I know.
You might wanna mention the weather to, Him.
We want Xena! Watch it, Goliath! Keep your distance, David.
Now! Attack! This is far from over! All right! David! David, the hero! David! Xena.
Iím here, Goliath.
Do you think Iíll see my family on the other side? I donít know.
I canít be the judge of that.
I hope so, my friend.
Gareth, still Go, now.
Your war is over.
Goliath, I know you can hear my thoughts.
I hope youíre with your family.
When I think of you, Iíll remember Goliath, the great warrior and the loving husband and my friend.
Captioned by Grantman Brown