Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e06 Episode Script

Oil in the Family

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
How I miss soaring the skies
as a disembodied head.
Sometimes you don't appreciate
what you don't have
until you have it.
Being evil was so much easier
when I wasn't flesh!
No bathing, no makeup
no midnight trips
to the evil, little girls' room.
I'm sensing a new Shen Gong Wu
the Rio Reverso.
I must find a way to--
To what?
Find more Shen Gong Wu?
No, to..
change my hairstyle.
I was thinking big hair
really big hair.
You better change your attitude
or you won't have any hair.
He doesn't trust me, does he?
Which is exactly why
I must get
to the Rio Reverso first!
Crow, how would you like
to work with me a while?
It's the Rio Reverso..
a tricky little Wu
that can turn any object
back into its original form!
Looks like we got
the usual unwelcome company.
Jackbots, attack!
Find the Wu, Dojo
while we punish their watches.
Clean their clocks.
Excellent. Let them
fight one another.
Soon the Shen Gong Wu
will be all mine!
Wudai Crater Earth!
Wudai Neptune Water!
Now, where could that Wu be?
Check out the spring in my step.
Wudai Mars, fire!
Wudai Star Wind!
Perhaps Jack could use
a little help.
Ruby of Ramses.
Hey, guys, I found it!
It's right over..
Hey, the Jack man did it!
I guess I don't know
my own evil strength.
whirr whirr
It'll be safe enough with Jack
and easy enough to retrieve.
I don't know what hurts more.
My butt or getting my butt
kicked by Jack Spicer.
At least Jack did not take
our dignity.
Remember, success
is how high you bounce
when you hit bottom.
Here we go.
Another lesson on why
getting our butts kicked
is good for us.
Raimundo, it is not
the winning or the losing
but the journey itself.
No, it's the winning!
Journeys are for tourists!
I say, we raid Spicer
and take back our Wu!
Patience, young monk.
A house built on no foundation
is a house surely to crumble.
We're not building a house!
We're fighting evil and we're
losing to the second team!
And I don't like losing!
How cool is this!
Rio Reverso!
And now, to answer
the greatest question of all..
"Which came first?"
Rio Reverso!
Perhaps there are things
we're not meant to know.
Looks like someone made a mess!
I'll just use the Wu
to put you back new.
'Rio Reverso!'
So that's where they all went.
Another mystery solved.
'And my own baby dinosaur.'
This is so cool!
I can create my own
evil army of dinosaurs!
I've always wanted my own
evil army of dinosaurs.
Something so evil
should never be left to someone
so pathetic.
Soon the Shen Gong Wu
will all be mine
and Chase Young
will be bowing to me.
you are far too predictable.
Nice security.
Easy there, boys,
or whatever you are.
Meet my crack security team.
'and Dino-Gal.'
Aren't they dino-cute?
What exactly do they dino-want?
Dino-meal, of course.
Hey, can we knock off
the dino-talk?
It's really annoying.
It's too bad you're dino-alone.
They've really dino-worked up
a dino-appetite!
clang creak
You are going to chew
on that sentence, Jack Spicer!
I think the little fella means
eat those words.
You guys are just in time
for dinner.
And guess who's the main course?
We can take these
overgrown lizards easy.
Still feeling cocky, Kimiko?
Din-din, dinos.
Bon appetit!
growl growl
screech screech
sniff sniff
Ingrates! They were nothing
but little puddles of oil
when I found them.
And that's what we're gonna
turn you into, a little puddle.
I still have backup plan,
you know?
All-all evil geniuses
have a backup plan.
Yeah. Jackbots, attack!
Jack's backup plan
sounds a lot
like the same old plan.
whirr whirr
How about
a little this, buddy?
Hey, girlie boy is getting away
with Rio Reverso!
vroom vroom
vroom vroom
Wudai Star Wind!
Ruby of Ramses!
Hey, no fair!
That's my Wu!
Didn't I teach you anything?
Evildoers do not whine.
I'm not whining.
I'm making an argument.
Now, give it..
Give it back!
The jig is down!
You are at the top of your rope!
Spoon over that Wu.
I-I got it!
The jig is up.
You're at the end of your rope.
Fork over the Wu!
Very good, Jack.
Now, let me tell you
what you have won.
Ruby of Ramses!
I'd love to stay and gloat,
but I have evil to do.
No fair!
That's my evil thought.
This is all my fault.
I should have waited
until we had a plan.
No, we were all just as
anxious to go after Jack.
I am just glad
it was not actually
Jack Spicer who beat us.
But, Wuya, at least now
the world makes sense.
Orb of Tornami! Ice!
But now that Wuya's got the
Reverso we got bigger problems.
So we can defeat
a few dinosaurs.
It's not like they were,
No, the old hag
won't think small like that
she'll be thinking..
Yeah, anyway, Raimundo
where I come from
we have a saying
"Follow the oil."
E-excuse me, um, Chaser.
No closer, worm.
What is it?
I know what it's like
having disloyal partners.
It seems like I go through
two or three a week.
Remain standing, Spicer.
Anyway, I was thinking,
may be we could help
each other out.
I've put a tracker
on the Rio Reverso
before Wuya stole it from me.
Pretty evil.
So Wuya has the Rio Reverso.
And I know right where it is.
Which means
I know where Wuya is.
Maybe if I help you,
I can have my Rio Reverso back.
An amusing proposition, Spicer.
Sorry, must have
sat on my bottled water.
Now, be a useful insect
and take me to Wuya
and the Rio Reverso is yours.
Looks like evil-boy genius has
gained some respect around here.
Rio Reverso!
'Looks like
we're too late.'
Time for evasive action.
What kind of evasive action?
I don't have the slightest idea!
What happened?
I feel so much pressure
in my head.
Sorry, partner.
That would be me.
chomp chomp chomp
Now, do exactly as I say.
Eat the young monks
starting with the yummy-looking
little cheese ball.
I am no cheese ball,
I am a Xiaolin Warrior!
Easy there, partner.
I think she's a little out
of your weight class.
Nice choppers.
The way you care for your teeth,
I'm surprised you went extinct.
He he he.
Could use a mint, though.
what a delightful surprise.
My my, that isn't Shen Gong Wu
in your hand, is it?
This? It's a gift for you.
you've spoiled everything.
Liar liar, pants on fire!
You stole that from me.
And you stole my idea too.
That dinosaur should be mine.
Okay, you can have him.
You ratted me out, Jack.
You fink!
Yeah, well, Chase and I
are now teamed up.
How do you like those apples?
So much crisscrossing.
This proves there's truly
no honor among thieves.
T-Rex, now you be a good lizard
and rip them all to pieces!
Eagle Scope.
I say I am famished.
I feel like I haven't had
a crumpet to eat
in 16 million years.
Chase, what have you done?
Do you really think
you can buy me
with ruddy sugar cubes,
little git?
Just giving T-Rex
a new outlook on things.
Wait. Chase, help me.
I think you can handle
things from here.
Enjoy your evil meal deal.
I knew we'd make a great team.
So what's on the agenda, CY?
When you're done with her
here's something else
to chew on.
sniff sniff
What is that simply yummy aroma?
Just like chicken.
No, that's just my new cologne.
We cannot just stand by
and watch Wuya and Jack
be chewed up by a big dinosaur.
You're right. Someone better get
the camcorder.
Ruby of Ramses.
Ruby of Ramses.
Jack, use your Shen Gong Wu!
Changing Chopsticks.
Not on me, you fool!
Changing Chopsticks.
Now, where was I, ducky?
Yes, I was getting me
some sweets.
Dojo, you're practically
one of them critters.
Have any ideas?
I beg your pardon.
That's like me saying
you're practically a monkey
'just because she speaks
with a British accent'
'doesn't make her smart.'
'Like a dragon,
we fly, breathe fire'
chew with our mouths closed.
Time to kick some Dino Butt!
Shimo Staff!
Blade of the Nebula!
Big Bang Meteorang!
Arrow Sparrow!
I take my tea hotter than that.
'Wudai Fire Shield!'
Looks like it's time to make
some new chums.
If we don't do something
we could wind up
the ones extinct.
I got us into this,
but this time I've got a plan.
clang clang
T-Rex, I challenge you
to a Xiaolin Showdown.
My Ruby of Ramses against
your Changing Chopsticks.
Jolly, good,
the game is Jurassic Chess.
Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!
Gong Yi Tanpai!
Velociraptor to Trackadon three
Ruby of Ramses.
Benko's Opening.
You think you're rather clever.
Velociraptor to T-Rex three.
Benko's Opening,
Reversed Alekhine.
As I expected.
to Diplodocus three.
'Ruby of Ramses!'
'Changing Chopsticks.'
I never knew Raimundo
was a chess player.
I never knew Raimundo could do
anything using his head.
- How do you think he's doing?
- Chess was never my game.
I'm more of a Tic-Tac-Toe
kind of dragon.
'Stegosaurus to
Brontosaurus five!'
Ruby of Ramses!
Hi-yah! Raimundo!
Lovely, you fell
right into my trap.
No, I'm afraid
you fell into my trap.
Ruby of Ramses!
Sorry, Dino,
but that's check and mate.
Ye-es! Way to go, Raimundo!
- Whoo-hoo.
- He he.
I never saw anyone whoop
a dinosaur before.
Yeah, chess is a lot more
physical than I thought.
What are we gonna do with her?
We can't just turn
her back into oil.
We can't just
set her free either.
What if we take her back
to the temple?
What are y'all talking about?
Master Fung can barely feed me.
I think he will not mind.
Changing Chopsticks.
It's funny,
but they were a lot cuter
when they're the size
of your pinky.
What a Dojo.
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