Years and Years (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Viktor, you awful man.
He drowned, for God's sake.
You don't have a licence to trade.
Not now you live inside a red zone.
- What's a red zone? - Criminal.
The Home Office said that they'll fund you.
Let's find Ruby.
For God's sake, Bethany! That is amazing, and a little bit like spying.
I think I've found myself a monkey.
I look ahead and see glories! - What about the disappeared? - They say they've gone to Erstwhile.
Some people call this policy genocide.
Transfer Viktor Goraya.
Erstwhile sites are like tar pits, you get thrown in and you disappear.
Do we remember it? We forget it because it worked.
As 2029 begins, the charter for the British Broadcasting Corporation has been withdrawn.
The BBC is now closed, leaving a final message: "Thank you, goodnight and good luck.
" A journalist has been banned from Downing Street after challenging the Prime Minister.
It said that Russia had been funding the Four Star party.
Ah, fake news.
Every time! Reports of sexual harassment within Four Star headquarters? - Pack of lies! - It's heavily implied - that the voting was rigged.
- You are the enemy of the people! Mrs Rook, there are questions about your income tax return.
This is why journalism is dying! Mrs Rook has also devoted £1 million to the fight against monkey flu.
The epidemic continues to rage, with an estimated 1,200 dead.
His name's Viktor Goraya.
I know there's 100 Viktor Gorayas, it's like John Smith.
He's Viktor Rostic Goraya.
He was moved and there's no record of where he's been moved to.
What the hell? For sale? Since when? Did you see? For sale.
Says who? How long's that been there? God knows.
No-one told me.
Be fair, it's a bit of a mansion.
We could all do with the money.
She's not dead.
Her money, not yours.
Don't go buying a yacht.
This is a new one.
Gooseberry and coconut sponge.
Well, that just sounds ridiculous.
Gran! For sale, though, really? Don't you think we should talk about it? I thought property was theft in your book.
Have you got a cough or a cold? No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
We're both good.
You're never going to leave this place.
Is Bethany in? She's in her room.
She never comes out, these days.
Tell her she can't skip dinner.
Ruby's got a surprise, God help us.
Knock, knock.
Why do you never phone me back? Did you get my messages? Hold on.
Too many stairs.
I told Fran it's asthma.
She doesn't need to know.
As far as I can work out, Viktor got moved.
There's no record of where he's gone, and that means they've taken him to an Erstwhile site.
I'm sorry, I've got too much work.
I really can't help you any more.
But we know what those sites are like, Beth.
- Just thought you could do a search - Honestly.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
But it's Viktor we're talking about.
Yeah, but you never think about me.
This technology is a privilege, and you made me break the law.
If I get caught, they'll strip me of this.
Literally, they will pull the wires out of my body.
- Can they do that? - The government own this stuff.
It owns me.
And if they cut me off, I'll go back to being just Bethany.
Nothing wrong with Bethany.
I think she's great.
How would you know? Huh? Where were you till I was 18? You only came home cos you're sick.
Dinner time.
For sale.
Who's stupid idea is that? This is our inheritance! I'm warning you, Gran, you can forget selling this place.
It's not happening cos, much as I love you, you are not living with me.
I'll buy it.
200 quid, final offer.
All right, 250.
Now, promise me, you lot, no colds or flu or runny noses.
Oh, that's me murdered.
I've got a mission for you.
Won't be long.
It's like a big chestnut risotto but it's made out of agitated bacteria, they've got a footprint of zero.
Oh, doesn't that sound tasty? Now, come on.
You can reach in, can you see, the back of the cupboard? The old Signor device, can you reach it? Good boy.
Now, hold on.
How's it going, Ruby? Oh, Celeste, sweetheart, have we put out the wine glasses? - No.
- Oh Right, fine.
I'm on it.
Never mind.
How many? What are we, 12? Yeah, 12.
With ten adults.
I hope that includes me? Yes, you can booze with the rest of us.
Might be the best way to experience an agitated chestnut.
What are you doing with Signor? I'm bringing it back to life.
But you don't need it any more.
The signal's in the air now, it's in the wires, it's in the walls.
You can speak out loud anywhere.
I like having something to look at.
I'm not talking to the walls, like Shirley Valentine.
And I bet that reference is lost on you lot.
Shirley Valentine, a 1986 play written by Willy Russell.
You see? My little friend.
It's going to save the world.
It's called electric food cos they get water and zap it to produce hydrogen, which feeds bacteria which produces this.
A brand-new foodstuff.
It's never been alive.
Why does it taste of chestnuts? Oh, that's chestnut flavouring.
Which is made of? Chestnuts.
What's the point, then? It's a work in progress.
I bet Viktor's eating worse.
Oh, do we have to? Every time? He's family and we don't know where he is.
I just think maybe Viktor doesn't want to see us cos we're not family, are we? Stephen, why do you say that? Why do you keep saying that? What? There wasn't actually a wedding.
- Technically, we're not related.
- Well, you're not married to Elaine.
Should we ask her to leave? The point is we need to keep paying that lawyer to find Viktor and that's going to cost.
Why do you think I'm selling the house? I'm trying.
I give you as much as I can.
Be fair.
I'm working seven days a week.
And you're working for a right little sod.
He was a swine when you were in school and he hasn't changed a bit.
Woody! Even named himself after an erection.
- Gran! - Well, he did.
He's right.
He's a cock.
And you two? Let's be honest, you're never gonna make money out of that van, are you? - We're trying.
- Being zoned out of existence.
- Yeah.
- They've closed all the food banks, have you seen? People have stopped donating.
I mean, that's the end.
It's been tough this century.
Tougher than I ever thought.
Signor, how many days have passed since 31st December 1999? 10,636.
10,000 days.
It's a blink of an eye.
10,000 days ago, I was here, in this house.
Your mother was in the kitchen, and I thought, "There we are, we've done it.
" Nice little world.
Well done, the West, we've made it.
We've survived.
What an idiot.
What a stupid, little idiot I was.
But I didn't see all the clowns and monsters heading our way, tumbling over each other, grinning.
Dear God, what a carnival.
And that's all it took, 10,000 days.
More wine.
But it proves my point.
We all need money.
The house is going up for sale.
I'll get myself a nice little place and you can divide the rest between the four of you.
Gran, there's only three of us now.
There's no Daniel.
Remember? He's gone.
Danny's gone.
Yes, I know.
And I mean the four of you.
And I won't get that much.
God knows, we're still in a slump.
But this house has been losing money for decades.
It's a relic.
So, this particular relic is saying, "Let's move on.
" - Well, it's very kind of you.
- Yes, it is.
Perhaps, but it still doesn't alter the fact that it's all your fault.
- What is? - Everything.
Who? - All of you.
- What do you mean? The banks, the government, the recession, America, Mrs Rook.
Every single thing that's gone wrong, it's your fault.
What did I do? Where's this come from? God knows I get blamed for an awful lot, but how am I responsible for the entire world? Because we are, every single one of us.
We can sit here all day, blaming other people.
We blame the economy, we blame Europe, the opposition, the weather.
And then we blame these vast, sweeping tides of history, you know, like they're out of our control, like we're so helpless and little and small but it's still our fault.
You know why? It's that £1 T-shirt.
A T-shirt that cost £1.
We can't resist it.
Every single one of us.
We see a T-shirt that costs £1 and we think, "Ooh, that's a bargain, I'll have that," and we buy it.
Not for best, heaven forfend, but nice, little T-shirt for the winter to go underneath, that'll do.
And the shop keeper gets five miserable pence for that T-shirt, and some little peasant in a field gets paid 0.
01 pence and we think that's fine.
All of us, and we hand over our quid and we buy into that system for life.
I saw it all going wrong when it began in the supermarkets, when they replaced all the women on the till with those automated checkouts.
No, that's not our fault.
I hate those things, I always have.
- I can't stand them.
- They drive me mad.
Yes, but you didn't do anything, did you? 20 years ago, when they first popped up, did you walk out? Did you write letters of complaint? Did you shop elsewhere? No! You huffed and you puffed and you put up with it.
And, now, all those women are gone and we let it happen.
No, but we're still And I think we do like them, those checkouts.
We want them.
Because it means we can stroll through, pick up our shopping, and we don't have to look that woman in the eye.
The woman who's paid less than us.
She's gone.
We got rid of her.
Well done.
So, yes, it's our fault.
This is the world we built.
Cheers, all.
Dial Edith.
Did you hear what your daughter said to me? It's my fault.
What do you mean? Are you all right? We're just leaving.
We're outside.
Where are you? It's Viktor.
I know where he is.
They took him to one of the camps.
Wait, hold on.
How do you know? It was Dad.
It was him.
He's the one who did it.
The company that Dad works for, they manage the Erstwhile sites.
No, no, no.
But I asked him.
He said no.
He was lying.
I saw him online.
He got Viktor transferred.
He did it on purpose.
He sent him there.
No, don't, don't, don't! I broke the law.
They'd strip me.
They'd take it away.
I'd be nothing.
He's my father.
You can't tell him I was there.
Please, don't.
But he sent Viktor to Erstwhile 4, and that's where they send the infected.
We haven't got all day.
Keep going.
Get off the truck.
Can all new residents report to Security Area B.
- Oh, my God.
- Viktor.
No, no, no! Don't come close.
Stay there.
Have you got the sickness? Have you got a cough or a cold? Have you got a temperature? I'm fine.
Look at me.
Really, though, we've got kids in here.
We can't risk an infection.
Swear to me you're not sick.
On my father's life, I'm clean.
It's been years.
Three Bridges, long time.
I saw old Josef.
He said he saw you here.
Oh, I've got something, Viktor.
I smuggled it in.
It's a ten-year battery.
It still works.
We can get a message out.
Everybody smuggles in a phone.
They think it's so clever.
But we can't get a signal.
We're blocked.
No 6G, nothing.
You see? That's like a Blink signal, but on a massive scale.
They've got a transmitter up there covering the whole site with a 2km circumference.
It stops all phone lines, Wi-Fi, mercury links.
We're offline.
So, they seal us off and then they bring in the infection and let it spread.
I think it's very British.
Killing with influenza.
So what do we do? Even if we could phone, we don't learn numbers any more.
I wouldn't know how to call them, my family.
Your family reported you to the police.
No, not Ukraine.
I have a family here now.
Remember we first met? I told you about him.
Can't he get you out? He would if he could.
He'd try anything.
But his family, they'll be looking for me.
All I'm saying is, if you could take my side, just for once.
It's not about sides.
Oh, so what happens when I say, "Let's go see my family"? No, all of a sudden, you're too busy.
You're working all hours, I get that, okay? And he's a bastard to work for, I get that, too.
But you volunteer, Stephen.
You volunteer for more work.
You could be here with me, but I think you choose to come home late.
- I'm trying! - Every time you save more than 20 quid, it goes straight to your bloody family! I try and save, all I want is somewhere nice to live and you just don't care! Steve, yeah? Yeah, hi.
Cheers, mate.
Is that the proper case? I said so, didn't I? Well, I need to get it through a metal detector.
Better trust me, then.
All clear.
I almost feel sorry for Elaine.
I should take her out for a drink.
You walked out on the both of us.
We could have a good old chat, I bet.
No, sorry, but I left Elaine but I didn't exactly leave you.
As I remember it, you threw me out.
Cor, what a night that was.
Long time ago.
Years, now.
Just before Danny.
So, guess what happened to me? Same old story.
The Academy found software costing £200 which replaces me, for life.
So, there's no such thing as an accountant any more.
We've joined that list of jobs that no longer exist, along with travel agents and referees.
So, I was wondering is there any chance of work at yours? Oh.
Erm Well, it's a bit specialist.
A lot of our stuff is ring-fenced.
I'll do anything.
Stephen, I'll mop the floors.
- Don't say that.
- But I will.
I need work.
Oh, I don't know.
Woody's in charge, not me, and well, he's a bastard, but there might be something.
Honestly, anything.
It could be nice.
We could do this more often, the two of us.
We used to go to a lot better places than this, remember? Yeah.
I don't miss that, though, not really.
I miss you.
I suppose We cover a lot of inner-city housing, we're always having problems with benefits cos what's the one place that still hasn't got the right software? The NHS.
- So, there's a lot of chasing claims.
- I could do that.
It's pretty menial stuff.
I don't care.
Ruby's starting that course, Bethany's got upgrades every month.
We need the money.
I'm sorry to have to ask like this, but could you try? Seriously? Of course I will.
I'd do anything for you.
It worked.
I got him.
He did exactly what I said.
- I'm in.
- I bet he loved it.
Thinks he's winning you back.
No, don't do that.
I told you, I'm not doing this to get your brother, I'm doing it to save him.
If you can get Viktor out, fine, you can do whatever you want with these Erstwhile camps.
Just don't involve me.
I'm not part of that, okay? My sister's in there.
So, all you have to do is get out of my way.
Well, I need a couple of days.
If you can teach me their systems, then I can get in there and remove your dad's name from the evidence.
Sis, you have to do what you have to do.
For all we know, he's already sent Viktor to his death.
But if he's alive, we need to get him out.
For Danny's sake.
I don't get it.
I've met Stephen.
He's nice, he's just I'm not being rude, but he's just ordinary.
Why would he do that to Viktor? He blames him.
For Daniel.
That's ridiculous.
No, but he really blames him.
He's stuck on it profoundly.
Keeps going on and on.
How could he drown wearing a life jacket? How could he actually drown? But there are these videos.
They're awful.
Oh, Stephen.
Don't But I've got to.
I've got to.
I've got to.
I've got to.
Cos they show you.
You float, but you swallow a little bit of sea water.
And a tiny bit of that gets into your lungs.
And, then, it happens again.
Then, it happens again.
And, then, there's a wave and you swallow some more.
So it's not fast, it's not quick.
You hope these things are peaceful, but they're not.
He drowned really, really slowly.
Cos he's that man, isn't he? Hm? You know, that nice man, walking around, suit and tie, everything's fine.
But, underneath, it's killing him.
But if you can get online with all your tech, can't you help Viktor right here and now? All I can do is read their files.
Dad's company works on a quantum network.
The whole thing is completely encrypted.
It means she can't touch anything without being seen.
- I could try and - No.
Absolutely not.
Cos your technology is owned by the government.
And if they can trace it You've seen what they can do.
They disappear people.
But you are not taking that risk.
I'm going inside as staff, God help me.
I'm going to clean up Stephen's name and get out.
Thing is, if a bunch of landlords are on a quantum network, that's Home Office security.
So, this thing goes all the way back to Vivienne Rook.
And, if we can get inside, we can make it public.
Yeah, but how do you do that? Stories about the camps go online one second, next second, they're gone.
Four Star Party scrubs it clean.
That why we've got Ahmed.
Give me the date and I'm in.
And, to do that, we need you.
Oh, right.
Happy to help.
Whatever it is, absolutely.
It's not dangerous, is it? I'm not supposed to do this officially, but I know for a fact you're being moved to a different site and I need you to do this.
When you get there, find a man called Viktor Goraya.
This is for him.
Get it to Viktor Goraya, okay? Don't touch me and get through that gate! Come on.
On your way! Turns out that we've got the same solicitor, Yvonne Bukhari.
The good news is it's working.
They're talking about more Erstwhile sites right across the North, which suits me fine.
Remember that McAllister bloke? He bollocksed it.
Lost the contract, the tosser.
More work for us.
- I'd better get back to it, then.
- Yeah.
Oh, I was going to say.
Nice work on recruitment.
That for me birthday, or can I have her now? Very funny.
Her surname's still Bisme-Lyons, but you got divorced, didn't you? So, why's she call herself Lyons? - That's yours.
She stole it, mate.
- She likes it.
- It's the surname of our children.
- Takes your name? Takes your money? Bitch.
So, you don't mind, then? Hm? If I have a go, if I have a little pop? Open up her rusting back doors.
Mrs Bisme-Lyons.
I've really got to work.
Come on, you can tell me what she likes.
Or better still, what she doesn't.
Look, he loves it, eh? Try again.
Oh, sorry, was that my fault? That's okay.
Sorry, I'm still new to this quantum stuff.
Give me time.
No, we can't give you any more time.
I warned you.
That's it.
We're going ahead tonight.
I told you, we're not waiting for anyone.
But I haven't got rid of his name yet.
It's not that simple.
Oh, I have to go back.
Well, good luck, but Stephen's not my priority now.
We've told Viktor it's tonight.
Kettle's boiled.
Sorry, I won't stop for tea.
It's the new job.
I've got to go.
What's that about Stephen? No, it's just Oh, it's nothing.
You've got an hour till anyone clocks you're not legit, okay? - Thanks.
You ready? - Mate, I'm so ready for this.
Only got one chance tonight.
Hey, don't let me down.
Do you know the most stupid thing you can do? Fall in love with a Lyons.
You've been getting me into trouble ever since we met.
Last time, I promise.
If we get out of this alive, I'm going to start looking after you, cos I'm not an idiot.
I know something's wrong.
Okay? Yeah.
Look, okay, I'm being completely honest.
I bought it for 20,000, but then I refurbished it.
I retooled the whole thing.
So, if I only want 20K now, that's a bargain.
Big Jim says 10K, maximum.
Well, tell Big Jim he can sod off.
That's not a fair price.
He said you can't get a licence to sell food.
You can't get the zones.
No, a little bit of red tape, that's all.
Anyway, where is Big Jim? Ah, it's Thursday night.
He dines out.
Oh, does he? Very nice.
Even bigger Jim.
But I'm stuck, cos Jonjo's got a job with this courier firm, so he's in Crewe half the week and he's the only one who can drive it.
I can't cos my legs don't reach, do you see? So, it's useless to me, and Oh.
Hiya, darling.
I'm a bit busy.
They did what? - Oi! - Sorry, emergency.
I'm authorised to go to 11! Where do we go? I'm new, not done this site before.
Head straight up to the kitchen.
- Green double doors.
- Thanks.
Bins, mate.
Here you go, boys.
I'd like to be a refugee, eating all this.
You're kidding.
This is for us, not them.
They get the scraps.
- It's not right, this, mate.
- What's going on? You try and tell 'em, Rosie.
They've locked gates! That's her son over there, Lee.
The gates don't close till ten! Tough.
There's been a shooting at the Farmer's Arms.
The rules say we lock up immediately.
How long for? Till when? - You know the rules: 6am.
- Staying locked all night? He's 12 years old.
My lad's 12 years old! You can't keep him out overnight! That'll teach him for nicking our stuff then, won't it? We know it's him.
But you can't do that! Can they? - Are we going to let 'em? - No! - You see, open the gates.
- Yeah, well, how are you going to make me? We'll bloody tear the fence down.
Go on, then.
Let's see it.
- Bastard.
- That's me name, love.
What are we going to do? Speak to Gillian.
She's the other side of the fence.
She'll have to take him in overnight.
But Jonjo's in Crewe.
He's on a job.
What am I supposed to do? Gill, hiya, love.
Can you do us a favour? While you're down there, love Phone call.
Rosie Lyons.
Oh, well, yes.
- Gran.
- Hello, there.
I just wanted to let you know that that thing you said, about everything being our fault.
What about it? You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just phoning to say that you're right.
What happens next is absolutely my fault.
Thank you.
That's your lot.
Don't eat it all at once.
- Cheers, lads.
- Thanks for that.
There's no sign of him.
We don't even know if he's still alive.
What do we do? We can't stay? I don't know, just drive.
There he is! - Come on! Come on! Come on! - Oh, my God! You did it! - Are you in? - That's it.
Go, go, go! - Hey! Hey! - Go, go, go! Somebody stop them! Oi! Oi! Stop! Get out of the truck.
Stop! Out you get.
Come on.
Come on.
You ain't going to get very far, are you? We're filming you.
All of this.
We're recording it.
The signals don't work.
Every second of this, mate.
I've got your face.
Every single one of you.
We know what goes on in here! Yeah, make your nice little film, then.
Good luck getting it out.
- Take a shot.
- What are they doing? - We should surrender.
- No way.
- Giving out orders.
- Edith, there's a story.
The site in the north, three men stole a truck.
They tried to break out.
They shot them.
They killed them.
No-one cares.
They're going to shoot us dead! What the hell? Rosie! I didn't know you could drive this thing.
I need legs.
I've got legs.
Now, get that lot out me way.
- Left foot clutch.
- Got it.
Get back! Get out of the road! - You remember your Uncle Danny? - Yeah.
He crossed an ocean.
You wouldn't dare! I'm sorry I brought you into this.
Thing is, Viktor, as much as I love you, you're not that important.
What do you mean? We didn't just come here to save you.
We came here to start a war.
She's all yours.
Yes! Come on! Come on! Have we got a signal? Okay, okay.
Move it! Move it! Move that van.
Folks a ten-year battery! It still works.
Everyone, quickly, take a phone, take a phone quickly.
Take a phone.
Quickly, everyone, grab a phone! Go on, then! Arrest me.
On camera.
A woman and her two little kids! You're going to look pathetic.
Get your phones out.
Get them out.
Get the phones out! Keep filming.
Keep filming.
Keep filming, all of you, every one.
They can't block the signal any more.
You can be seen.
They can't block the signal any more.
You can be seen.
This is a record of Erstwhile Camp 4, run by Vivienne Rook and the British Government.
Do you think anyone cares, about this lot? Who's watching you? Everyone.
Every single house.
Keep your phones on.
The whole country can see it.
The whole world.
Another goal and it's in! Keep filming.
Don't stop filming! Turn it back over! This is a record of Erstwhile Camp 4! All these people are refugees and asylum seekers, kept here with no rights, no health care, - and they've been left here to die.
- Send.
These guards are your sons and daughters, - your brothers and sisters - Oh, yes! your friends.
They work here.
They imprisoned us.
They let us die! Look at them! - Look at their faces! Remember them! - Viktor! Oh, my God! This site is a death camp.
The Four Star Party funded these sites and profited from their construction.
Vivienne Rook did this! A policy of murder! What the hell is going on? Bethany? What are you doing? You don't own us any more.
We're declaring independence.
- Oh, my God! Rosie.
- They've no idea about that.
They lock us in and fence us off.
Well, not any more.
Are you with me? Yeah! Rosie! Rosie! Rosie! They let us die.
- They come in and fence us off.
- Oh, my God.
No way! - Vivienne Rook - Lock us in.
It's on every channel.
Good girls! This is a record of Erstwhile Camp 4 run by Vivienne Rook and the British Government.
This site is a death camp! The Four Star Party funded this site and profited from their construction.
Is that your sister? Is that your fucking sister? Did you set me up? I didn't know, I swear.
But they found the Erstwhile sites.
I know! It's everywhere! I'm here.
I'm at the offices right now.
I can fix this.
So Of course.
I should have realised.
You know, don't you? Who was it? Edith? - I was just working late.
- Do the girls know? I just had a bit of work and this quantum network's new so I I thought I'd do a bit extra time Celeste! Stephen, I'm trying to help you.
Oh, fuck.
No! I can take your name off the documents.
Or I thought I could, but I can't.
I can't.
No matter how I try, I can't do it.
Can you help me? We could do it together.
- Do what? - Take your name off t he evidence, so no-one will know.
If we do it now, we've still got time.
- What were you trying to get into? - There's that chain.
The Lyons Erstwhile 4 with your name on it.
Well, you'll never get into that.
I compiled it myself.
It's got everything in it.
Everything we did.
- Great, big, long list.
- We can scrub it clean.
Since when were you such an expert? Oh, God, Bethany.
Oh Bethany.
You told her, didn't you? She knows.
She knows.
Oh, my God.
You told her.
Do you know what gets me? What really, really gets me? This cost such a lot of money.
It's not like I've got cash to spare, is it? I'm the man who lost a million quid.
I had to buy this.
Oh, Jesus.
You can scrub that file all you like, but you'd still know.
I sent people to their deaths.
And you knew all this time.
Did we sit and have coffee and Sunday lunch? All those things I told you.
Oh, my God.
You were playing me.
Stephen, please don't.
Don't what? Hurt me.
- What? - Please don't hurt me.
- What? - Please.
I don't What are you saying? Please don't hurt me.
Think of the girls.
Oh, my God.
This isn't for you.
Oh, my God.
Did you think this was for you? This is for me.
What? I came here to send the file to the police.
That's why I made it.
I always thought I'd send it and use this.
Every day.
That was the plan.
But I'm such a coward.
Steve! No.
I'm sorry.
Put it down, sweetheart.
I want you to put it down.
And then you and me, we can just sit and I promise we'll find a way out.
That would be nice.
Put it down first.
I won't allow this any more.
Put it down! You little fuck! Was it the two of you? Did you do this with your little fucking bitch? Well, let me tell you, you bastard, I am so going to fuck with you.
Well, that worked.
Bastard! Yeah.
You'd better go.
Get out.
I've got a file to send.
I wonder I wonder What? What happens next? Edith! Edith! Viktor! Please.
She just fell on the floor.
I don't know what happened.
- Edith! Edith.
Edith, please - Edith.
Somebody help! Somebody help! In Downing Street today, Vivienne Rook has become the first British Prime Minister to be arrested in office.
Astonishing scenes after the Erstwhile scandal, as the New Metropolitan Police take Vivienne Alison Rook into custody on charges of murder and conspiracy to murder.
And, today, Notre Dame has officially reopened, while, at the same time, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has finally fallen down.
There you are.
Little Danny.
Hold on, hold on.
Go back a bit.
Sorry, was I going too fast? My fault.
We started accelerating.
Too much adrenaline.
So, where were we? Five years ago.
How you brought down Vivienne Rook.
Ah, is that what it sounded like? It wasn't us.
We did our bit, but so did lots of people.
There was a riot at the Scottish camp on the same night.
50 refugees escaped from Erstwhile 3.
Got their stories published in Germany.
Whole thing was collapsing, we just gave it a push.
All the same, not a bad result.
Huh? Mrs Rook got 27 years.
But you know what my gran says "Wait for the next one.
" Get rid of one monster, means the next one's waking up inside its cave.
Well, how would I know? I'm just an ignoramus, me.
What do I know about politics? I'm nowt but a fool! Beware those men.
The jokers and the tricksters and the clowns.
They will laugh us into hell.
Did we get that? Yep.
Can't have enough Muriel.
My dad helped, though.
He was part of it, bringing down Mrs Rook.
Cos he'd kept that file, the camps, the inmates.
Huge part of the evidence.
That's how he got his sentence down.
Yeah, but, Beth, there were 500 whistle-blowers.
He was just one tiny little part of it.
Okay, I like my version.
I keep telling her there's nothing special about our family.
We lived through it, that's all.
Like anyone.
Like everyone.
So, what happened to Stephen? Still went to prison.
Three years, because of the gun.
But he used the time inside to teach himself Spanish.
That's what he does now.
Lives in Barcelona.
Teaches English to Spanish kids.
Oh, he didn't get back together with? No.
Did you ever forgive him? Yeah.
I got very ill.
Christmas '31.
We all thought it was the end.
Did you get that? Yeah.
That was strong.
We're getting everything.
They're beginning to think the system can store an infinite amount.
I like the way you don't actually know.
It's brand-new, all of it is.
It's still an experiment.
When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be downloaded.
I dreamed of this.
Putting my consciousness into the machine.
Now Auntie Edith's going first.
Coded on to molecules of water.
You'll be a brand-new form of life.
If it works.
It will work.
According to the doctors, this is the day I die, but I'm going to escape.
Well, we can't be sure.
We can download your memories as information.
Whether the consciousness survives If you still exist as Edith, inside there we just don't know.
I've got to live on, cos I want to see the next ten years, the next 100, the next 1,000.
I want to know where we're going.
Into the shelters, if we don't fix the weather.
And I want to find out.
I've still got stuff to do.
Like what? Vivienne Rook.
I haven't finished with her.
Because you're heard the stories? She got away.
That's just online chatter.
But they never did find out.
Who's behind her? Who paid for everything? And it's said, they stole her away.
That woman? In prison? It's not her.
She got away.
They took her somewhere in the world.
Wherever she is, I will find her.
I will enter that machine and I'll become a spirit, an imp, a sprite.
And I will fly across the oceans and I will hunt her down.
And then Okay, calm down.
We're crossing from memory into imagination.
It just hasn't happened yet.
And we're back.
That's it.
We're into the final stage now.
I'd better go.
What time is it, back at home? You're nine hours ahead.
It's just gone two o'clock in the afternoon here, Sunday dinner.
You timed it perfectly, just like the old days.
We never did sell the house.
Gran kept inviting buyers in and then chasing them away.
We scrimped and saved and kept it on over the years.
The old place just sat there and waited for today.
And now everyone's come home.
Dad's flown in from Spain.
Rosie and the kids.
It's like they've I was going to say, it's like they've come to say goodbye, but it's not.
They've come to say hello.
I'll be there, don't worry.
I'm coming to find you.
You can't promise anything.
I can.
Cos Fran's there waiting for me, isn't she? She's downstairs.
Tell her I'm on my way.
We're scaling down.
Sorry, but life signs will start to fail in about five minutes.
I can't watch.
That's okay.
Go home.
I'll see you on the other side.
- Hey, Lincoln.
- Hi.
Come on.
We're ready.
It's okay.
She's all right.
She's on her way.
I hope.
I don't know.
They can't promise anything.
Oh, my God.
I hope.
I hope.
I hope.
Is it going to work? I don't know.
Come on.
You okay? I think so.
We're not supposed to commit ourselves.
But I'd like to say it's been a privilege.
Oh, hasn't it? All of it.
Every last second.
You're wrong.
You know.
You're absolutely wrong.
In what way? Everything you've stored.
All the downloads.
Those bits of me that you've copied onto water.
You've got no idea what they really are.
I'm not a piece of code.
I'm not information.
All these memories they're not just facts, they're so much more than that.
They're my family and my lover.
They're my mum, and my brother who died years ago.
They're love.
That's what I'm becoming.
I am love.
She's gone.
Good afternoon, Signor.
Good afternoon.
Edith? Is that you?