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Previously, on "Yellowjackets" Twenty-two out.
Speed brake! Ah, fuck.
Who taught you how to drive? You are so mad and yet so wrong.
Are you trying to be adorable with me? Does that usually work for you? - I'm Adam.
- Shauna.
- Is Dad working late again? - Yeah.
He's, you know, having problems with the inventory database.
Marriage lives up here, dies down here.
I'm gonna take a quick shower.
His teacher's concerned.
She says he's having a hard time making friends.
- Why did you do this? - So she can't see me.
- The lady in the tree.
- Sammy.
Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.
Hello, Misty.
- You crazy fucking bitch.
- Hey, Nat.
What does the person who sent these postcards want? Obviously a threat.
Maybe somebody talked.
You found Travis? Talk about someone who didn't want to be found.
Engine trouble? I was actually thinking of taking a little trip up north to see Travis.
"No Return" by Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker plays It was cool, nothing fire Nothing broke Keep simple Nothing tired, nothing old Same as you Same as you Oh, so cute, so revival So alone Birthday suit, just a smile No one home Same as you Same as you vocalizing No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason Gentle vocalizing Before we took off, I heard Rachel say that she was going to see Oasis at the Meadowlands next month.
She was really excited.
And she's never gonna hear "Wonderwall" again.
Come on.
Let's join hands.
We'll pray for them.
Rachel, you just moved up from JV, so we didn't really know you.
But, in Trig, you never confused your secants and your cosecants.
You seemed really smart.
Anyone else? I saw her carry a flute case once.
Oh, Lord, please accept Rachel Goldman into your arms so that she may fill your kingdom with music.
Please accept Coach Martinez into your glory, too, and flight attendant Janet, pilot Robert, pilot Fred.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death Take me to your kingdom, Father.
Reunite me with your love.
Send me your Spirit.
Don't be frightened, Tai-Tai.
Come, sit with your Nana.
All these beeps and and whooshes sound scary, don't they? Are you gonna die? Dying is nothing to be afraid of.
The Lord gives us our time here, then he calls us back.
Back to where? To him.
To heaven.
With the angels? With the angels.
The Lord is my salvation.
Whom shall I fear? The Lord is my strength.
Whom shall I fear? I'm going for a walk.
What do we really know about Taissa Turner? She claims to put education first, but has she been honest about how? The only real way is by cannibalizing your tax dollars.
Paid for by Phil Bathurst.
- Is he fucking serious? - Ah.
Bathurst is a Mitch McConnell wannabe no one cares about.
People listen to this shit, Simone.
Yeah, well, have some faith your constituents are smarter than that.
I bet if I dug around in his past, I'd find his family owned a slave or two.
Put that in an ad.
What did you say when you started this campaign? Hmm? That you'd focus on the issues and make rational arguments for change.
Appealing to voters' rage and fear was never part of the plan, so why you letting this guy change that? Biscuit has to go to the park.
Okay, baby.
Go get your jacket.
Come on, Biscuit.
Hey, it's the weekend.
Go enjoy your son.
I added a little more celery this time.
Guy at Planet Fitness swears it's good for your blood pressure.
You want some? Oh, no, thanks.
I like my blood pressure high.
If you want your heart rate up, just say the word.
So, I almost forgot, I have to take the van in this afternoon to fix the bumper.
You think you can swing by the mechanic's and-and pick me up around four? Uh Roger is, uh, out today, and we're expecting a delivery.
- Can't you take an Uber? - Mm.
If you want us to spend 60 bucks.
It's at Fairview and DeVine.
Why is it all the way over there? It's where I got the best deal.
I'm sorry, babe.
I really can't.
My boys need me at the store today.
You know I like to lead from the front.
You should've told me yesterday.
I should've told you.
- See you later, okay? - Buh-bye.
I found out later that he was stealing office supplies from his job.
And I'm not talking about just, like, staplers.
And then there was hiking guy, and he seemed pretty normal, but afterwards he asked me for my socks.
And he still never called.
Um "Mr.
Mistoffelees" playing over speakers What about you? Are you, uh, are you dating anyone? How long till, uh, we get to Travis's? Uh, three hours and 24 minutes.
I-I totally get it.
You know, not dating anyone right now.
At our age, it's like all the available ones are basically crumbs at the bottom of a chip bag.
Got a whole chip? Just a friend.
For now.
Oh, well, I never Was there ever a cat so clever I'm starving.
You want to go grab something while I gas up? Oh.
Well, I don't know what you like.
Maybe you should come with me.
Chocolate's good.
Um, well, there's dark and milk and white.
Surprise me.
" Fucking knew it.
- What? - Jerky? Really? - This is all we have? - Yeah.
We got to ration.
- Okay.
Cut them.
- Yeah.
Split this water.
Close your eyes and pretend it's bacon.
Don't spill any.
Hey, Misty said don't scratch.
It can get infected.
If poison ivy's what kills me out here, then I deserve to die.
So just careful with it.
Dude! Hey! Travis, what are you doing? - Uh - What the hell? Maybe you didn't notice, but we're kind of in a situation here, Flex.
Who died and made him king of snacks? His dad, Lottie.
Literally his fucking dad.
Nat's right.
We should cut him some slack.
I guess it's fine if we all starve to death, as long as Travis's feelings are okay.
We're not gonna starve to death.
Okay? When the rescue team gets here If it gets here.
Don't say that.
I mean, it has been three days.
They're coming.
They're coming.
Can you throw that shit out already? Dad gave it to me so my ears wouldn't pop.
Well, are they still popping, Javi? Are they? Open up the hatch.
Misty, just, can you just I told you, I'm not hungry.
Oh, no, it's okay.
I stole from the food stash.
Yeah, well, I didn't ask you to do that.
Well, you haven't eaten in two days, and I can't give you any more of these on an empty stomach.
Come on.
Come on.
Huh? Yeah.
Guys! Guys, there's a lake.
There's a lake.
I saw it from that hill.
It looks about four or five miles away.
Do you think we could hike it? It's pretty rocky, but yeah.
Uh, we, uh, we can't we can't just leave.
We've got two days of water, tops.
And then what? Just sit around and die? What if the rescue team comes? Do you think they're taking their time on purpose? If they knew where we were, they would be here already.
You don't know that.
What do you think, Coach? I don't, I don't know.
Uh, I mean, you'd have to leave me behind, I guess, but whatever.
We could make you a stretcher.
Oh, okay.
If we take turns carrying it N-No.
This-this is bullshit.
I say no.
Okay? No way.
Let's put it to a vote.
All in favor of waiting here? vocalizing All in favor of the lake? Then it's settled.
Grab your shit.
You want some? Your backwash? I'll pass.
Thanks for having my back during the vote.
I didn't have your back.
It was just what I thought.
Well, either way, it was the right call.
You don't know that.
I mean, we think we know what we're doing, but really we have no clue.
"Cambodia" by Kim Wilde Well, he was Thailand-based, she was an Air Force wife He used to fly weekends, it was the easy life But then it turned around and he began to change She didn't wonder then She didn't think it's strange But then he got a call, he had to leave that night He couldn't say too much, but it would be all right He didn't need to pack They'd meet the next night He had a job to do Flying to Cambodia vocalizing Shit.
And as the nights passed by She tried to trace the past The way he used to look, the way he used to laugh I guess she'll never know what got inside his soul She couldn't make it out Just couldn't take it all He had the saddest eyes The girl had ever seen He used to cry some nights as though he lived a dream Shit.
And as she held him close, he used to search her face As though she knew the truth Lost inside Cambodia vocalizing But there is only one thing left I know for sure She won't see his face again What's that smell? I don't know.
Holy shit.
Oh, God, I'm gonna puke.
What could've done that? A wolf, probably.
- They can kill a fucking bear? - Yeah.
Wolves can kill anything if the pack's big enough.
Let's keep moving.
- It's about time.
- Sorry.
Been busy.
Yeah, busy cashing my checks.
Hey, this hasn't been easy.
Some of you guys just love living off the grid.
But so far, nobody's talked.
How hard are you pushing? Money, book deals.
If you want me busting kneecaps, it's gonna cost extra.
Just hurry up and try the rest.
Phil's ad is tanking my numbers.
If there's an October surprise coming, I'm fucked.
So you want to hit back? Meaning? Bathurst's daughter is a junkie.
You got proof? Three rehab stints before the age of 16.
Last year, he buried an arrest for heroin possession so she wouldn't get expelled from Blair.
How old is she now? Eighteen.
Fair game.
Oh, shit.
I got to go.
What happened? - Sammy, did you do this? - Yes.
Honey, are you okay? I'm so sorry.
I guess they were playing rough, and my son's elbow whacked him in the face.
You okay? Yeah, let's go.
It wasn't that big a deal.
Sammy punched him in the face.
Yeah, well, hearing his mom called names brings it out in him, I guess.
Luckily, he thought the boy was saying I was a "cannonball.
" He probably heard his parents talking about Bathurst's ad.
God, Monni.
This could be our new normal if I don't hit back.
What? Our son just assaulted another child, and you're talking strategy? You're right.
Baby, we need to talk about why you hit that boy today.
You don't hit people, no matter what they say to you.
Be quiet.
What did you just say? Okay, that's it.
Give him back.
Give him back.
Go to your room, Sammy.
Go! This shit is way longer than four miles.
What if we missed it? From the angle of the sun, it looked just left of due north.
Oh, great.
" That's a precise way of doing it.
I'm not a fucking cartographer.
Or maybe you saw a mirage.
Oh, shit.
Oh, hell yeah, bitches! - Come on, let's go! - Yeah! "Dreams" by The Cranberries Oh, my life Is changing every day Guys, come in! It feels fucking great! Fuck, it's freezing! Oh, my God.
And, oh, my dreams It's never quite as it seems Never quite as it seems Oh, fuck, it's freezing.
I know I've felt like this before Asshole! But now I'm feeling it even more Because it came from you Is Travis actually hot? - A totally amazing mind - It's been three days.
You guys can't be that desperate.
And so kind You're everything to me You should've brought your rifle.
What? We haven't seen Travis in like 25 years.
He moved out to the sticks, he changed his name.
It's got Unabomber written all over it.
I don't see a car.
We could go back into town, check it out, get some wings, come back later.
Or that works, too.
Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, what if the, uh, neighbors see? Yikes.
Someone could use a trip to Tuesday Morning.
You know, it's never a good sign when a suspect lives like a hermit.
We see this kind of thing all the time.
Aren't you a nurse? It is common knowledge that the less a suspect owns, the creepier they turn out to be.
There was this one guy, Mike McGreevy, aka the Gibbsboro Ghoul.
He owned barely anything.
Turns out he was robbing graves because he was collecting teeth to make Hey, can you look in the trash? - I saw a can back there.
- Oh, that's a really good idea.
You know, you can learn so much about a person by going through their personal refuse.
Thought I'd bring the lake to you.
Here, take your shirt off.
I'll squirt you.
I'm not gonna do that.
If that girl poured water on my hair, Coach wouldn't be the only one missing a limb.
You know, you got the JV team fooled.
What? Well, you're not that much of a bitch.
Once we get back, we can, like, move our lockers together.
I think that would be, like, so much fun.
Now that we found the lake and, like, now that we've been bonding, I think it just totally makes sense.
- Right? - Right? Yeah.
That's what I thought.
One thing's for sure: Travis definitely hasn't been getting his veggies.
What's that? It's his pay stub.
Looks like he's been working at a place called Willow Brook Ranch.
That's a $200 bottle.
That's expensive taste for someone who's barely making minimum wage.
Freeze! That's not really necessary.
Get your hands up.
What are you doing in here? We're just visiting an old friend.
Such an old friend you had to bust his window? On your knees.
Lady, I will shoot you.
Like that? I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to give out room information if your name is not on the reservation.
Um, I'm his wife.
He just hasn't texted me the room number yet.
So, just Then I'm sure he will soon.
Look, I didn't want to have to do this, but I'm with Homeland Security.
We're undercover, but we just tracked our guy here, and now all we need is the room.
I-I have my badge in my pocket, but this motherfucker has eyes everywhere.
If I show it to you, I might get made.
Excuse me.
Agent Smith? D.
's on the line.
- That's important.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, thank you.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? Well, I was just about to ask you the same thing, but apparently the answer is anti-terrorism.
I Like to mess with people.
I'm aware.
Well, I didn't come here to fight crime.
I came here for a drink.
My studio space is down the street, and this place does a classic martini.
Kind of looks like you could use one.
You know, if a bomb goes off, that's on you.
I will take full responsibility.
The old slammer.
It certainly smells the way I thought it would.
I bet he thinks we're hookers.
You stole my battery cable, Misty.
Why would you fucking do that? Well, I wanted to come with you, and I didn't think you'd let me.
Was I wrong? Phone calls.
Scatorccio first.
It's Scatorccio.
Hello? You have received a collect call from Eden Falls Police Station.
- The caller's name is - Natalie.
Will you accept the charges? Yes.
Three days out of rehab, and you're already arrested.
Was there some record to beat or I missed my three hots and a cot.
I guess you can be funny when it's not your money wasted.
I never asked you to pay for rehab.
And I'm not high, if it matters.
Where is Eden Falls? New Hampshire.
What the hell is up there? Travis.
For fuck's sake, Natalie.
I got a lead that he was, uh, living up here, and then, you know, the cops found me looking around his place.
Meaning you broke in.
Have you seen him yet? No, but I think I know where he works.
Go home, Nat.
Home? Yeah, what's that? He doesn't want to be found.
He disappeared on you for a reason.
Thanks for your support.
I just know how this story goes, and so do you.
You two are the worst for each other, and I don't want to pull you out of that toxic shit again.
It's so easy for you to judge others with your perfect life, right? - I'm hanging up.
- No.
Come on.
I need you to bail me out of this place.
You could make a call or something.
You know people, right? Oh, you're kidding me, right? What's the point in having all your connections if you can't use them? If I pull strings to get you out of jail, how do you think that's gonna look? I don't know.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
I need to find him, Tai.
Not this time.
You got it.
I got it! Yes! vocalizing Guys! Look.
- What is that? - It looks like a reflection.
Guys, there's something on the hill! Come on, let's go.
Let's check it out.
Come on, you guys.
There's something.
Come on, let's go.
Guys, it's here.
It's here! I don't see anybody.
Hello? Hello? Is anybody in there?! - Hello! - Hello? Hello! Anybody home?! Hello? Is anyone here? Maybe they just went on a hike? Yeah, like a decade ago.
It reeks in here.
You guys, check the pantry, see if there's any food.
Everyone else, look around for stuff we can use.
First aid, flashlights, tools.
Oh, yeah.
What the hell? Jackie, that's not your personal buffet.
See, this is why we should've stayed in the plane! Yeah, well, we didn't.
So this is helping how exactly? This is a fucking nightmare.
vocalizing Well, hello.
Don't worry, guys.
We might be stuck in the middle of nowhere, but, hey, at least there's porn.
- Holy shit.
- I'm not kidding.
- Look.
- Gnarly.
Oh, my God.
Hey, this guy kind of looks like you, Flex.
If only any of you actually looked like her.
Very funny.
Do guys, like, actually jerk off to this stuff? Nah, we-we hate that shit.
You know, you can't even tell what her favorite book is.
- Mm.
- Ha-ha.
- Oh, my God.
- Like, what is that? I don't know, dude.
Let me see it.
Come on, let me see it.
Spit it out.
Spit it out.
Let go! Let go! Dad was a dick, Javi.
All right? He's the whole reason we're in this hell, and now he's dead.
Don't you understand? Dad is fucking dead! vocalizing Who'd you call? Someone I thought was a friend, but I guess I was wrong.
So it's my turn? Who do you have to call? Your bird? Oh.
Caligula hasn't learned how to use the phone yet.
I mean, it looked like it was frayed down to a single wire, but actually it was aircraft cable.
It could hold 4,000 pounds.
But turns out the NYPD wasn't so thrilled about having a giant bank safe dangling above the streets of Chelsea.
After that debacle, I pretty much had to swallow my pride, move back across the river.
I was flat broke, but it made me connect to my roots again.
Figurative stuff mostly.
I don't know, there's something freeing about it.
I go where the work takes me.
I don't ask why or where.
I can just let go.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.
" "And I asked myself about the present: How wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep.
" Think I like this book club.
Why are you here, Shauna? Um, I'm confirming a suspicion.
And once you do, will it make you happier? No.
You're beautiful when you're honest.
Why are you here, Adam? I was just getting a drink.
But I don't know now.
I'm starting to think maybe something out there has other ideas.
I don't ask where or why.
I just go.
Your friend phoned a winner.
Who did you call? Oh, just someone I thought was a friend, and turned out I was right.
Kevyn Tan.
Kevyn? Why-why did you call him? Mm, because he's a cop and because we've been texting back and forth and Oh, oh, fine.
He thinks I'm you.
Oh, come on.
What's the big deal? He was looking at you like he wanted to ravage you right then and there in the bar.
So I thought, "What the heck? Let's see what can happen for these crazy kids.
" And I was totally right.
He is super into you.
What have you been saying to him? Well, mainly, I've just been trying to channel you, so I've been being dark and deadpan.
- Yeah, I can only imagine.
- Yeah, kind of like that.
Do you know how weird you are? Oh, please don't be mad.
It's a really long drive home, and uncomfortable silences make me uncomfortable.
We're not going home.
Where are we going? Hey.
I found a couple extra blankets, if you want one.
I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, okay? I have no idea what's right or wrong out here.
I was just following my gut so that we wouldn't die of thirst.
I don't know about you, but I'm really scared.
They should've come for us by now, right? What if they're never going to? I just need my best friend right now.
Come here.
The worst is behind us, okay? We survived a fucking plane crash.
We're gonna be fine.
Fuck! God! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Why?! Goddamn it.
Fuck you.
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Goddamn it! What the fuck do you want?! - Hey, hey, hey, it's-it's - What the Get the fuck away from me, Misty! Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
It's all right.
It's all right.
I can't just I can't just be like this now.
Why couldn't I have died? Because we needed you.
And I'm here for you, Ben.
I'm here for you.
She'd say, "Billy, don't run so fast Might fall on a piece of glass Might be snakes in the grass" Grandma's hands Nana? What is it? Who are you? Is the angel here? Don't you come over here.
I mean it.
Stay away.
- Who? - That man with no eyes! Don't let him take me! Don't let him take my eyes! I know you're not asleep.
Are you gonna stay mad at me forever? I get that you want Manny back, but you hurt that boy today.
And when people do bad things, they should get punished, don't you think? Yes.
Well, okay, then.
Next time, you'll use your words, not your fists.
In the morning, you can have Manny back.
Why don't people like you? I'm different from what people expect, and it scares them.
But whatever they say about me, I hope you know it isn't true.
I know.
You're not the bad one.
Sammy, is someone else the bad one? Good night, Mom.
Good night.
- Hello? - Phil.
It's Taissa Turner.
I wanted to give you a heads-up.
I know about Jane's drug arrest.
I get why you buried it.
You're a parent.
So am I.
But that attack ad, Phil Taissa.
insinuating that I'm dangerous.
Guess what.
You're right.
I won't think twice about destroying you, your family your entire existence.
Another move like that, and your daughter's face is above the fold of every newspaper in the tri-state area.
Don't fuck with me, Phil.
Fuck's your deal? Come inside.
I just have a bad feeling about this place.
Well, yeah, because it stinks.
And there are spiders that could eat your face.
But, hey, after that bear we saw today, I'm not gonna let you sleep out here, okay? Come on.
Let's go.
Are you kidding me right now? "A bad feeling"? I don't believe in that shit, and you're not going to either.
Okay? So get your ass inside.
vocalizing Mm.
Fuck! Lottie? I told you.
It says Willow Brook Ranch is coming up, quarter mile.
It's right up here.
To the left.
Oh, God.
Natalie, don't.
Oh, Travis.
Do you hear that? The police are coming.
We have to go.
Do you understand? Come on.
Let's go.
"Vienna" by Ultravox plays We walked in the cold air Travis didn't kill himself.
Lying and waiting This is the last thing Travis wrote before he died.
I found it in his cabin.
A man in the dark in a picture frame Do you know what you were right about? I don't.
But I know I'm right about this.
It stays with you until Travis didn't do this.
Somebody killed him.
The feeling has gone, only you and I It means nothing to me This means nothing to me Oh, Vienna
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