Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

The Princess Yona

1 Princess Yona, let us depart.
It is cold here.
It does border the mountains.
Back then, I had no idea it was so cold outside the castle.
This is the Kingdom of Kouka, and that was once my castle.
At the time, the king lived in Hiryuu Castle with no male heir, nor any queen to bear him one.
Only his beloved fifteen-year-old daughter was raised there.
This is the tenth year since the death of my father, the former king Junam.
Episode 1: The Princess Yona Our Kingdom of Kouka is a small nation surrounded by powerful nations to the north and south, involving us in many wars.
However, thankfully, these ten years have passed with no significant battles, Where's the princess? It seems she is still getting ready I see Because he's coming today.
and to this day, we have enjoyed prosperity on this land.
She's such a child.
My daughter, Yona, will soon be sixteen years old.
I pray that, under the divine protection of Hiryuu, the king of old, the peace in this nation will last for all eternity! Long live King Il! You look wonderful, Princess.
Forgive me, but you should proceed to the courtyard soon No! This isn't right.
Hey, where is that chintz? Father! What about the ceremony? As you can see, it's over.
Oh, no I'm sorry, I Well, no matter.
It was merely a formality.
There is no need for you to appear before the people.
Um, Father Isn't there something odd about my hair? Of course not! Your beauty surpasses that of any jewel— Yes, that of my face.
I believe I was born with quite a cute face.
But why is this hair so red and unruly? Grr! It won't behave at all! That isn't true at all.
Right, Hak? Freeze Yes, King Il.
Who would ever say that the princess's hair looks strange? If anything is not right, it would be her brain.
Quiet, knave! Father, do something about this impertinent cretin! Now, now Hak has been your friend since childhood.
And he is one of the five generals who protect this castle.
He is the Wind Tribe's— I don't care! If you need guards, pick someone more lovable! Speaking of lovable Shouldn't you be trying to look lovable yourself? Huh? It seems Lord Soo-Won has arrived.
Y-You should have said so sooner! Soo-Won? Is that why you were concerned about your hair? But why now? It must be that thing they call a "maiden heart.
" Princess! Soo-Won Soo-Won! Kind Soo-won, who has been by my side since we were children My cousin, three years my senior! For the first time in so long, today I get to Whoa, there.
see him! You are as energetic as ever, Princess Yona.
Why the rush? I-I heard you had arrived, so I came to meet you.
Pet Pet My, what a good girl.
Y-You can stay for a while this time, right? Of course.
I came to celebrate your birthday in a week.
Wow You're going to be sixteen years old! Pet Pet You really have grown! So, where are King Il and Hak? I must say hello! He treats me like a child Like a child Like a child! And I perfumed my clothes with the finest incense all morning, and applied only the highest quality lotions and makeup All gone to waste.
You be quiet! Stupid Soo-Won Yona, what's wrong? Go away! I heard you haven't been eating lately.
King Il has been worried— Quiet! It's all right.
This way, no one else will see.
You can cry if you want to.
I haven't been able to sleep without Mother beside me Yes I heard the queen passed away recently.
I know! I'll be your mother, Yona! First of all, you need to eat.
I'll give you this pear my master gave me! Growl Rumble I'll hold your hand until you fall asleep, like the queen did.
If you shed tears, I'll wipe them so no one will see.
So please, smile tomorrow! Stupid My heart is beating so loudly, it's even harder to fall asleep You are my most special one.
G-Good morning, Soo-Won! I have some of our best sweets! Would you like to What's the matter, Yona? If you're looking for Lord Soo-Won, he is with General Hak.
No fair, Hak! How could you set me aside and have fun with Soo-Won? Now, now They haven't seen one another in some time, either.
Well done, Hak.
You were magnificent yourself, Lord Soo-Won.
Next time, I'll strike dead center, as well.
I'm going to do archery with Soo-Won, too! No! You mustn't handle weapons! I don't even want to let those two use them Then you do it! But I would get hurt.
You coward! You know, you're just Yona! Come down.
I'll let you ride with me.
Okay! Soo-Won! Relax.
We'll both hold on to you.
But Hak is about to die under the weight of the princess.
I will beat you down! Don't worry.
You like horses, don't you? I do I love you.
Entrust your body to me.
His voice His breath When he was a child, he was cute like a little girl Isn't this against the rules? Huh? I mean, you seem to be accustomed to dealing with women.
I bet you bring lots of women into your mansion.
Gosh, what am I saying? I'm right?! Please You're mistaken.
There have been a few discussions of engagement, but Engagement?! Oh, but nothing is decided yet Let's not talk about this, okay? There's no need for you to know.
Treating me like a child again I-I've had offers of engagement, too! What? With whom? Hak, for one! Idiot! Of all the names to give him, Hak makes it too obvious! I can't help it! I don't know any other guys near my age! So stop giving me that suspicious look, you servant! Um I meant I think that sounds nice.
Congratulations! You're cruel! You're too cruel, Soo-Won! How could you believe that lie?! You're the cruel one.
You're also a nuisance.
Your marriage may not be a lie after all.
Huh? It would only be natural for you to be betrothed by now.
No No! I want Soo-Won to— You can't have Soo-Won! Princess I don't want to hear you speak of my love life! I'm— Yona, I have always given you anything you desired.
Beautiful hair ornaments, earrings, a royal villa and a flower garden I would give you anything that is not a weapon.
But no matter how you wish it, I cannot give you Soo-Won.
You are the princess of the Kingdom of Kouka.
The man who marries you will become the next king.
Soo-Won is the son of my Father's brother, Yoo-Hong.
He is of royal blood.
True But it is my duty as king to choose my heir.
Why? Soo-Won is a fine man.
You're a cowardly king who is too afraid to touch a weapon.
I am indeed a cowardly king.
Your mother was captured and killed by insurgents.
Such dangers go hand in hand with being part of a king's family.
That is why I have found no desire to take a new wife.
Yona, you want Soo-Won to be happy, do you not? I don't understand.
I don't understand, Father.
Does that mean it's all right for the man I marry to meet with misfortune? Am I not allowed to be happy? But it's true Even if Father allowed it, in Soo-Won's eyes, I'm still the same child I was back then.
Soo-Won and I were never meant to be Who's there? Hak? It's you again, isn't it? Only you would do something so senseless.
No It can't be! Your mother was captured and killed by insurgents.
No! No! Help! Someone Someone! Soo-Won! Yona? Soo-Won I'm sorry.
Did I frighten you? I did come in without warning.
Yona? A s-strange man came after me There's no one there.
That can't be! I He ran away.
A castle guard would have said something Yona? Was he targeting me? Because I'm the king's daughter? Yona.
It's all right.
I'm here.
Soo-Won No.
I can't be with you.
Why not? Because If you stay with me, you'll be in danger If you would rather be with Hak, I will take you to his quarters.
He is your betrothed, isn't he? That's not You don't need to hide it.
Hak would be angry if he knew the two of us were alone here.
No Soo-Won, that's not it You don't have to turn around So Soo-Won, I have always So I can love you, can't I? It looks like it's started to rain.
He ignored me? Let me walk you to your room.
I'll call a guard.
S-Soo-Won, I I'm sorry.
Please don't come close to me.
I may make a mistake.
What? That is, a moment ago, it sounded as if you were saying that you And if that weren't a mistake? If it weren't a mistake, would that upset you? I can't let this happen.
I can't let myself see you as a woman.
What was I until now, then? Huh? Oh, well A younger sister, perhaps? I knew that! R-Right I'm sorry.
I am unfamiliar with things like this Soo-Won is turning red So you lied about your engagement? I just meant such discussions have come up.
I'm not engaged yet.
Soo-Won, do I look like a woman to you? At the least, I could not sleep holding hands with you anymore.
My nerves would prevent me from sleeping.
Well, that's fine.
If you've given me even the slightest consideration, that's enough for now.
Yona Father, I still love Soo-Won.
I don't know anything about the kingdom or kings yet But, Father, just being by his side is my greatest happiness.
Five days later, a banquet to celebrate my sixteenth birthday was held in Hiryuu Castle.
Princess, we wish you a happy birthday.
Thank you! Sixteen years old How my Yona has grown! Yes.
Yona! Father My hair still won't lay flat! I wanted to wear it up today! It's hopeless All she thinks about is her hair Soo-Won! Yona! Your Majesty, if you like Thank you, Min-Soo.
I-Is there something you need? Give me your hand.
A hair ornament? I'm sorry to bring you out here.
I thought it would suit you, so I wanted to give it to you personally.
My hair is red and unruly, and it won't behave at all.
This wouldn't look right on me.
What? But I love your hair, Yona.
It's a beautiful red, like the sky at dawn.
How simple am I? Just like that, I suddenly love my own hair.
Hak?! His Majesty is looking for you.
Is he? Tell him I'm resting in my room.
Well, I figured this is what was going on.
Huh? I'm sure you could persuade the king, Lord Soo-Won.
You misunderstand, Hak.
And would you stop speaking so formally? Just call me Soo-Won, like you used to.
I am well aware of my place.
More importantly, do you not sense something? I can't place it clearly, but something feels off, like something has made its way into the castle Now that you mention it, Yona said something similar.
What? It may be wise to keep an eye on those entering and leaving today.
I'll increase security in the courtyard.
You stay with the princess.
Soo-Won said he loved my hair.
No matter how you wish it, I cannot give you Soo-Won.
I need to discuss it with Father once more.
I can't forget about Soo-Won.
I'm sure Father will understand.
The door is How careless, not to post guards here.
Come to think of it, why are there no guards? I didn't see a single one on my way here.
Father? F-Father! Oh You were still awake, Princess Yona? S-Soo-Won Quickly, call a doctor King Il will not wake again.
I killed him.
It's too quiet General Hak! You must be tired from your patrol.
As always, you're so considerate, Min-Soo.
But are you sure you shouldn't be with the princess? Oh, I couldn't interfere.
The princess is with Lord Soo-Won.
Then, the princess's feelings have finally reached Lord Soo-Won? Who knows? But I'm sure it's a matter of time.
You know the two of them well, don't you? I've been watching them for a long time.
I just Well, how should I put it? I want them both to be happy.
Prepare yourself, Princess.
All this is for the Kingdom of Kouka.
I've loved no one but Soo-Won since we were children Soo-Won! What is the meaning of this, Lord Soo-Won? Next Time Soo-Won How did I appear in your beloved eyes? Next time, Akatsuki no Yona episode 2: Episode 2: Torn Bonds "Torn Bonds.