Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e18 Episode Script


1 Jeaha, you're going into town again? Why have you been going there so often lately? I'm going to recruit someone.
Shudder I've been feeling a chill since yesterday Is something wrong? No Episode 18: Ties Let's try that way.
We made Sinha stay behind alone again.
We'd better find the Green Dragon soon.
He's been strangely restless Gija, where's the Green Dragon? I believe he's in this town, but he's very quick and keeps darting around.
You're in the way! Move! Stop! Please stop! Shut up! Wh-What's going on? Looks like an official's going on a rampage in that store.
You mustn't, Princess! But Allow me to handle this.
You'll draw too much attention.
Stay out of this.
I'll That goes for you, too, Thunder Beast! Do you wild beasts understand the position you're in? But The townsfolk were saying the officials are on edge because some pirates sank one of Kumji's ships last night.
I know how you feel, but we need to lie low.
What were those idiots thinking? Look.
They've already left.
Let's go.
I'm going off on my own.
Look after the princess.
Huh? Wait, Thunder Beast! What's gotten into him? Pfft Pfffft How ugly! But I get it! I understand what it's trying to say! If this means he's a wanted man now, he'll be easier to recruit.
Who'll be easier to recruit? Well, the thing is that I have no idea what his name is Wait, whoa! Should you be laughing? Your picture and description are up there, too.
Mine? What a delightful face.
It's your own face.
I didn't hear you It's your own face.
Destroyed They must be blind.
I agree.
Oh, right! You I nearly forgot why I came.
I came here to see you.
Huh? I'm not going back to that place.
No, no.
Today, I I want you.
Murmur Whisper Whisper Whisper Whisper Whisper I'm not into that.
Ah, w-wait, wait.
I didn't mean it like that! Drag Drag Drag Drag I just think you're a handsome man Drag Drag Drag Drag Why don't we talk somewhere more private? Drag Drag What are you planning to do to me in a place where no one's around? I You're annoying! Crap.
Did I hit him too hard? H-He smiled Why does he look so happy, when his nose is bleeding? Pervert He's a pervert! That punch was a real turn-on Crap.
He's saying something.
This guy's bad news! You think you can run from me? Hak Princess, what are you doing here? He sensed the Green Dragon in this area.
What? I'm going to search over there! Hey, wait Hak, what were you doing? I was being chased by a pervert.
A pervert? You don't need to know the details, Princess.
He stopped following me.
That's the first time I've felt afraid of a human.
I should steer clear of him Let's go, Princess.
The White Dragon came close again.
I don't have time for him right now.
At this rate, I won't be able to convince that guy to join the pirates But I never let my prey escape.
Sorry, but I'm persistent.
I need to try convincing him again.
This presence Ouch I'm quite tough, if I say so myself— This is the man who saved that woman from the officials? Yeah, though he's not someone I want anything to do with.
I'd like to meet him.
You shouldn't.
That's the store we passed earlier.
Princess! Yona! Excuse me He won't move.
This child was struck when he stood up to the officials And since then, he hasn't moved.
If we had gone to help them Hak How How can we help those people? Yona, we're powerless right now.
I know, Yun.
But I can't keep using my powerlessness as an excuse.
If this town has been twisted since my father's reign, I must do something.
How? How can they do something like this? Is there really nothing I can do? That's the first time I've thought of myself as an idiot.
When I was a child, I escaped from the prison that was the Green Dragon village.
Several times, uncharacteristically, I even concealed my presence so the other dragons wouldn't find me.
Then I finally discovered this peaceful place.
I was sure I could keep running if I had to And in the end, the pot fit my butt so perfectly, I can't move! I don't care about anything anymore! Now, where were we? Nice to meet you, White Dragon.
I never wanted to meet you, but clearly, you also possess a dragon's blood.
The White Dragon is a beautiful young man, as well.
I found the Green Dragon! Huh? We're going like this? We are bound by fate.
I can't believe the Green Dragon fell from the sky.
Wait, wait, White Dragon We'll draw too much attention like this.
We don't want that, do we? Oh? You have quite a strange bottom.
Just how fat do you think my butt is? I've been looking for you.
What? We're going to talk like this? Our master is waiting for us.
My dragon brother, we must protect our master together.
Protect? Why? Is this person a king or something? No, not at the moment, but she is— Unfortunately I like my current life, and there are things I want to do.
So I won't be following some stranger who just asks me to come with him.
Sorry about that.
Aren't you a dragon? The dragons live and die in order to protect the king.
After thousands of years, our master has finally come for us.
We have inherited not only the blood of the dragons, but also the great wish past generations could not fulfill, even if they wanted to.
Good grief It had to be a dragon puppet who came to find me.
Does this great wish of the past dragons include your own thoughts, too? If you simply obey orders without question to protect your master, that isn't your greatest wish, but your greatest tragedy.
Poor White Dragon.
There he is.
Hey, now Sorry about earlier.
I only wanted to talk.
My grandfather told me not to speak to strangers.
" That's my name.
I'm also a pirate.
Now we aren't strangers, right? What do you want with me? My captain wants you.
She's enamored by your strength, and she'd like you to use that strength to— Not interested.
Just meet my captain once.
Your master can come along, too.
Even less interested.
Your master must be quite important to you.
You don't have to worry.
Hak, thanks for waiting.
Who are you? You are now our other halves.
You will serve Hiryuu as your master, protecting him with your lives.
You will love him, and never betray him.
M-My leg tingles I feel as though my blood is boiling What's wrong? Hey.
Are you okay? Is this girl the ruler of the four dragons I've been avoiding? You're burning up.
No I have to leave immediately.
But why can't I move? Why is it so difficult for me to pull away? Thank you, miss I'm fine now.
The Green Dragon? You're the Green Dragon, aren't you? How It's just a feeling.
Am I wrong? I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm just a passerby— Princess, that's the Green Dragon! A passerby? Squeeze I'm the Green Dragon.
So you're the Green Dragon.
And I wanted nothing more to do with you Oh, are you the wanted man? After Hak told me about you, I wanted to meet you.
I'm glad you're the Green Dragon.
It seems I underestimated the connection between the four dragons and Hiryuu.
I'm Yona.
What's your name? Her image and voice are like a sweet seduction.
But it's only the dragon's blood inside that makes me feel this way.
These are not my own feelings! Nice to meet you.
My name is Jeaha.
I sincerely didn't want to meet you, miss.
You knew I would come? I wasn't expecting such a cute girl, but I had been sensing the presence of the White and Blue Dragons lately.
If they brought their master with them, I'd planned to tell them this.
"I have no intention of serving you.
Please leave.
" I'm not the master of the White or Blue Dragons.
I've asked them to lend me their strength.
I came because I'd like yours, as well.
I enjoy having cute girls depend on me, but I'm sorry.
Unlike the White Dragon, I don't wish to live and die for King Hiryuu.
I will choose whom I wish to protect, and I will choose where I die, as well.
I have no intention of helping you, miss.
Jeaha, you don't need to try to intimidate me.
I understand.
I will give up on you.
Princess I'm only asking for a favor, not issuing a command.
You're just going to withdraw? After such a clear rejection, it would be disgraceful to act unreasonably.
Actually, I'm really disappointed! I wonder why it's so difficult for me to leave the dragons, once I meet them.
I'm disappointed, too.
It's been a long time since I met such a cute girl.
Besides, I had intended to recruit him It's disgraceful to act unreasonably.
You mean Hak? Apparently, he's a pirate.
He won't shut up about my meeting his captain.
You're so cold A pirate? I want to speak with your captain.
Why? Are you giving us Hak? Absolutely Not No, I'm not.
You're fighting against Lord Yan Kumji of Awa, aren't you? So what if we are? I saw a child killed by an official.
I still quiver with rage when I think about it.
At the official, Yan Kumji, and at my own inability to act.
I don't want to see any more children killed unjustly.
Miss, your request for my help aside, if you're willing to bring Hak, I will take you to see my captain.
Come to our ship tomorrow.
Don't surprise me like that.
I can't believe you suddenly said you wanted to meet pirates.
I'm sorry for not discussing it with you first.
I just really want to meet their captain.
What are you going to do if they get violent? This was my decision.
You stay here, Yun.
Don't mock me! I'm going with you! I shall join you, as well.
It had to be a dragon puppet who came to find me.
Hak, you're forced to come with me It's fine.
It annoys me that things seem to be going his way, though.
Are you sure you want to give up on having him join us? If Jeaha doesn't want to, I don't have a choice.
You're so understanding.
You weren't so understanding when I tried to leave the Wind Tribe or when you demanded that I be yours.
Princess? Shut up.
You're different.
Different? Different? Different how? It's not worth discussing.
Don't dig up the past.
Come to think of it, you did say I was the only one who had to stay by your side.
I hate that side of you! Okay, okay.
Food's ready.
I'm Yona.
Are you the captain? I'm Captain Gigan.
Jeaha told me about you.
He said you want to help us.
It's a girl.
She's cute! But wait What's with the mask? Exactly, Captain! It's awfully curious, isn't it? Take it off! Leave me alone.
No, stop.
Show me your face! He's incredibly shy! Above all else, I value trust.
Who would ask for help from someone they can't trust? But you need fighters, don't you, Captain? If you can beat all these guys, you pass.
Captain, don't you think these numbers are too unfair? Yeah, you're right This is too many, right? Yes.
I can handle this on my own.
Let's see you try! How was that? I bet you want us now, Captain Gigan.
Don't, Captain.
Their strength is extraordinary.
It would be like having three of me.
You pass.
Don't relax yet, kids.
What can you do? I don't like violence, so I don't fight.
Aside from fighting, I can do anything.
Cooking, sewing, hunting, treating the wounded.
With the right ingredients, I can even make explosives.
Also, I'm a handsome young man.
I see.
What about you? Ah What can you do? I I can You can't do anything.
Those who can't do anything will only slow us down.
I Plenty of people in this town hate Kumji.
But if they lack the strength, they'll only die by standing against him.
There's nothing you can do, girl.
Without her, we will not work with— Gija, it's all right.
Captain Gigan is right.
But I have my own reasons for not backing down! I like the look in her eyes.
Very well.
You'll do a job to prove to me that you're useful and worthy of my trust.
A life-threatening job.
Next Time Move, legs! Little by little, one step at a time.
If I can beat this fear, surely Next time, Yona of the Dawn episode 19: Episode 19: The Senjuso Test "The Senjuso Test.