YOU (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills

Please let me out! Ellie needs me.
I know she does.
I won't say a word.
Okay? Fuck Henderson.
You think I ever shed a tear over that asshole? And and whatever this human aquarium thing is, I will not tell a soul.
I want to believe you, Delilah.
You don't have to worry.
I'm not stupid.
- [JOE.]
Oh, far from it.
I want your story to end like Will's, but you are a jaded gossip columnist with a cop for a fuckbuddy.
- Did you tell him you found this? - No.
I was going to, but I didn't, and now I'm definitely not going to.
You want to prove I can trust you? - [PHONE CONTINUES BUZZING.]
- H-Hey.
- D! Finally.
What is going on? Um I heard Ben got another DUI.
Uh Can you confirm? That's what's so important right now? Girl's gotta pay rent.
So? [SIGHS.]
But you didn't hear that from me.
- Okay, thanks.
- No, hang on.
Hang on, um [SIGHS.]
I've been thinking about what you said, and, um I want to take you out.
Like, a real date.
Are are you free tonight? I can't tonight.
Um, but soon.
Yeah, I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
All right.
You said prove it.
I proved it.
As soon as she's free, she could run straight to him and tell him everything.
You know what? You're right.
It'd be naive to just trust me at my word, so why don't we just come to an agreement? Okay? Let's negotiate.
Do you want to buy my silence? I'm game.
That'd be ideal, but what do I have? - A few hundred bucks? - Please, Will.
- I don't want to die in here.
- You won't.
I promise.
And I mean it.
I won't let this situation go bad.
I've been through that.
I'm gonna let you out tomorrow.
After I've made some arrangements for me to escape.
What? Will, no! Will, don't leave! Will! - [JOE.]
Delilah will go free.
Will! Please don't leave me.
Even if it means breaking my own heart.
To be a man who's worthy of you, Love, I have to let you go.
Goodbye, Love.
In another reality, I'd be packing a picnic you made for us to share at Griffith Park instead of the passport Will made me in case I ever needed it.
I'd be buying you peonies, Love, not a plane ticket for tomorrow at 9:02 a.
Oh, I wish things were different.
But now, I have to leave.
In another reality, I wouldn't have to lie to Ellie about where her sister is.
For both of their benefit.
Oh, facial recognition.
Well, big sis will be back to Ellie soon.
Very soon.
No Flamin' Hot Cheetos? You know those are my favorite.
You're going to need more than that.
You're gonna be in here another 16 hours.
You're leaving again? Oh, what the fuck are those? - No.
- No, no no no.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Uh-uh, no.
They're time-release.
There's a timer.
I'll set it to three seconds.
And when it's up [BEEPING.]
See? They unlock automatically.
So you eat, and we cuff you to the table, and then we set the timer to go off when I am on my way out of the city.
After that, you're free.
How will I get out? I'm gonna leave the doors unlocked.
Once they're set, you can't reset them till time's up.
I don't want you to drive yourself crazy trying to override the timer.
There is no override.
- Unlock.
- For what? For your sister.
I'm leaving this here for when you get out.
I'm sorry our friendship had to end like this.
She'll hate me forever, but she'll be fine tomorrow.
You have aseverely fucked concept of friendship.
Now all I have left is to say goodbye to you.
Okay, so they're all gluten-free and gastritis-friendly.
- Oh, my God! The lemon.
- Yeah? But is it perfect? How does Moroccan chocolate sound? - Like heaven in my mouth.
- Oh, yeah.
Let's go with that one.
But you can't just agree.
What about this other recipe I've been working on? - It's vanilla and almond and praline and - Love, please.
What? I'm - You just deserve the best.
I'm just - [LUCY.]
Well, what's wrong? Is this about Milo or ? No.
I mean, I was using Milo.
I haven't thought about him since he left.
- Will, on the other hand - [SUNRISE.]
Oh, okay.
There it is.
You think you let a good one get away.
No, I'm sorry.
Are we all conveniently forgetting - that he lied to you? - No one's forgetting.
But maybe he deserves a second chance.
I'm a Quinn.
Once burned, we tend to cut our losses and move on.
You are not your family.
Your new mantra.
You're welcome.
If you still want the guy, go get him.
- What if it's too late? - Then he's not who you thought he was, - and in that case, boy bye.
- Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
- I'm gonna do it.
- Good.
Good for you.
I'm proud of you, Lovebug.
- [LUCY.]
You deserve it.
Look at you.
You're amazing.
You're thriving.
Look at what you've done.
all three.
Wait, is that the praline one right there? [LOVE.]
- [JOE.]
"Dear Love.
You've changed me.
I used to see the world as black or white.
Now everything is gray and messy, full of nuance and beauty because of you.
In an alternate universe, we'd still be together.
A team.
Ready for anything.
But where I'm heading now, I have to go on my own.
I want to be the man you think I am, so know I am doing this to do the right thing.
And that means saying goodbye.
Wolf you always, Joe".
Sport, you are not gonna believe this.
- [JOE.]
I bet I'm also not gonna care.
- What's that? I ran into none other than Kathryn "Hurt Locker" Bigelow at Manganiello's last D&D night.
I elevator-pitched her D-FOL.
NBD, right? Guess who just called me.
- Tell me.
- Her assistant.
Okay? Apparently, Kathryn read the book after we talked, and now she wants to see a script.
She's, like, thirsty for it, dude.
Ugh, if I don't feign enthusiasm, he might burst into tears or start freebasing.
Or both.
Forty, wow.
- It is so well-deserved.
- Right? Yeah, so we gotta get to work, like, right now.
Oh, no.
The whole script needs a polish, and I gotta get it to Kathryn, stat.
Literally, her assistant used the word "stat".
What do you need me for? Go over it with your manager.
No, I need your genius, 30 minutes, then go on about your whatever.
Timing couldn't be worse, but this is important to him, which means important to you.
So, my parting gift to you.
It's creepy when you get quiet like that.
Thirty minutes, okay? That's all I have.
Schweet! You're so fucking money, and you don't even know it.
So candid, I love it.
Wow, pedestrian.
- It's good, right? - I'm still reading.
The truth? I don't want this movie to actually get made.
Thankfully, odds of that are worse than Forty's dialogue.
But at least I can keep him from embarrassing himself.
Okay, there's a little exposition in here that you don't need.
Like here.
You don't need Dr.
Nicky to say how long he and Beck have known each other.
- They already know that.
- True, but I want to emphasize it.
Why? 'Cause, man, like, why should it always be the woman keeping track of shit like that? Feminism.
- What's this fuckbonnet doing? Hey, you can't park here! - It's a no-parking.
I said you can't - [JOE.]
What're you doing? You can't What are you doing? - [JOE.]
Let me go! - Oh! What the hell? - What're you doing? Wait! - Unhand me, brah! - Rape! - [JOE.]
Wait! - Rape! I said rape! - [JOE.]
No! - [FORTY.]
Wait! - Forty, shut the fuck up! [JOE.]
Why is this happening? What do I do? Benji, Peach, Ron, Beck, Jasper, Henderson.
Jasper goons? Salinger's? Was Hendy involved in organized crime? [FORTY.]
I can't breathe.
I can't breathe! [JOE.]
And now I've dragged this poor idiot into my bullshit.
You have to calm down, Forty.
You have to calm down.
Deep breaths.
I'm so sorry, Joe.
This is all my fault.
What are you talking about? I'm not the man that you think I am.
I'm I'm an addict.
I know you're an addict.
No, Joe.
A gambling addict, okay? It's called "cross addiction" and when it rains, it pours.
I've been in the hole for months.
I told them I was gonna make the money back with this movie, but they are obviously [JOE.]
How's this for an act one turning point? Syd Field would be proud.
Though if this were a movie, I wouldn't believe it.
No more talking! [JOE.]
All this time, I've been worrying that my own sins would be my undoing, only to be kidnapped because of Forty fucking Quinn.
As cages go, this one's, uh, posh.
That was a little toasty, gentlemen.
Can we maybe use a more breathable hood next time? Oh, you should see your face right now.
Did you hire these men to kidnap us? It was pretty convincing, huh? I really got you with that gambling shit, didn't I? Thank you, Dame Helen Mirren's master class.
See you at the next meeting.
Yes, see you.
Igor's in the program, and he and his brother Dimitri repo cars.
And I didn't think they were gonna go for this, but anything for the right price, I guess.
This is fucking insane.
Even for you.
Okay, it's unconventional, but we have to break out of our comfort zone if we are going to connect with the muse.
You connect with the muse.
I'm out of here.
About that See, if either of us tries to leave, Dimitri will shoot us.
Do do you even hear yourself? [FORTY.]
Dimitri don't give a fuck, bro! And B-T-dubs, he confiscated all your shit, so you might as well just settle in.
Can I please have that back? You write script.
Yes! Okay.
Uh You're right.
I mean, it is a great idea to connect with the muse, but I'm not very useful to you - if I'm being held hostage.
Should - No can do.
He will not let us out of here until we have a completed script.
Relax, man.
Stop fighting the process.
Besides, I heard this is how Toni Morrison does it.
What? She's, like, a very famous black chick who writes books? I know who fucking Toni Morrison is.
I highly doubt she writes at gunpoint! Oh, no, no no.
I just meant that she writes in hotels.
Forty, I didn't sign up for this! - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- Could you get that? - What are you doing here? - What's all the noise about? Hey.
What is she doing here? This is not a safe environment for her.
Relax, Grandpa.
She's fine.
She's across the hall in um - Suite 216.
- Yeah.
And Dimitri knows that she can come and go as she pleases.
Yes, but what's she doing here? He hired me as your guys' writer's assistant.
Shit, Forty.
Uh at least I can keep an eye on her.
I thought of everything.
This is gonna be fun.
All right.
Now, uh, who wants room service? Are we eating, or are we working? ¿Por qué no los dos? [JOE.]
This crazy, entitled, sick son of a bitch.
How has he lived this long? And so many accidents can happen in a hotel room.
No, no, I can do this.
Quickly fix the flawed script, get my passport, and go off to Mexico before Delilah's 16-hour hold is up and I leave you forever, Love.
"Wolf you always, Joe".
Glad I caught you.
Join me for dinner tonight.
You pick the place.
Just the two of us.
What? Did your crackhead shaman tell you to olive-branch me? Don't be absurd.
Shaman Open conned our entire family.
Shaman Kevin, however, is authenticity personified.
And, yes, he believes I need to mend my relationship with you.
You disagree? - You need a shaman to tell you that? - Come on, Love.
I'm trying.
I want us to be friends.
It's essential for my growth, and I can't imagine it would harm yours.
Baby it's okay.
You need this just as much as I do, you know? Start breaking down the walls.
Let's start tonight.
We'll have cocktails and dessert, and we'll have fun.
It'd be good for us.
Good for the whole family.
Okay, Mom.
- How's the dialogue trim going? - Already got a page off.
Okay, if we cut some fat from the bottom of act two, - the flow will be much smoother.
- Dope.
- What are you drinking? - Kombexy.
It's kombucha and dexedrine.
Oh, it's my secret weapon for staying focused.
I'm diagnosed ADHD.
Of course you are.
The pharmacy's open again.
I could pressure Forty to face his eternal battle with sobriety, - but that would take time I don't have.
- Boom! With Ellie's edits, we are at 118 pages.
Same length as The Hurt Locker.
Oh, thank God.
I hit every moment.
Check it, comrade.
Well, it's a script.
Who's the man, Joe? I'm the man! I'm the man! I'm the man! You look like somebody just pissed all over your rainbow.
What's wrong with her? Nothing's wrong with me.
I just don't think you're done.
- [JOE.]
Oh, no, no.
- [FORTY.]
Say more.
- First off, the script is predictable.
- Okay, I was staying true to the source material.
And the female perspective is sorely lacking.
- Okay - [JOE.]
Ellie is too smart and way too honest.
Beck was real.
She humps a pillow multiple times! Okay, okay.
What would you suggest, Sofia Coppola? [JOE.]
Don't do it, Ellie.
- I think you should start over.
- [JOE.]
Figure out who Beck really is and why you're the one to tell her story.
That seems a bit drastic.
Let's not Look, let's do a quick Beck pass, huh? It's gonna need more than a quick pass.
Forty, where are you going? I gotta get out of here.
Oh, great.
Well, let's tell Dimitri we're making a change of Forty, stop.
Wait, stop! What? - What?! - [HEAVY THUD.]
He does not handle criticism very well.
If I lose him, I'll never get my passport back.
Smash cut to apocalypse.
Okay, go back to your room, order all the food you want, and go to bed.
I can't tell if you're a worse producer or babysitter.
Just don't leave.
White male fragility.
Six bars and finally - Got something against the hotel bar? - It was too stuffy for me.
And also, I was blacklisted.
Got you a seltzer.
Figured you'd find me.
You're just like that.
Are these all you? [SCOFFS.]
I politely requested a bottle of tequila, but the asshole bartender wouldn't sell it to me, so I had to buy it shot by shot.
How high is his tolerance? How is he alive? I can't imagine what it's been like to watch this slow suicide year after year.
- Why don't we go back to the hotel room? - She's right, you know.
I don't know dick about writing women.
It is predictable, and it's not special.
Do not let this escalate.
Talk him off the ledge.
- You're talented.
- I'm a loser.
I'm such a loser, I'm still texting the girl who used the fuck out of me.
What girl? What are you talking about? - You're not talking about - Amy.
Sorry, Candace or whatever her name is today.
He's still in touch with Candace? - Why are you two still talking? - Closure.
She wants it.
And I do too, I guess.
- [JOE.]
This can't be happening.
- God! Why can't I just meet, like, a nice girl like Jessica Alba, who won't lie to me, and who just wants to have my babies and love me forever? Like is that is that too much to ask? Of course not.
You deserve that.
- Candace is not that.
No more texting.
- That's what I want.
That's it.
- Attention, everybody! Excuse me.
- Forty, stop.
Attention, everyone.
Congratu-fucking-lations, you two.
Get over here.
Come here.
I am feeling particularly generous this evening, and there is nothing sweeter in the world than newlyweds.
So here is my proposal.
I will give the happy couple ten grand in cash - [MAN.]
- [WOMAN.]
Are you serious? if this handsome groom will let me kiss his beautiful bride.
Forty, let's get some coffee.
How dark is he going to get? - I don't like this.
- I know, but we can pay the mortgage down.
Maybe he'll let it go.
He enjoys this.
He's a sadist.
Hoo! [JOE.]
And before it's even begun - Enjoy it.
- [JOE.]
Forty has ruined their marriage.
I've seen Forty the addict, Forty the braggart, the crybaby, the manipulator.
But I've never seen this side.
Your brother, Love, is dangerous.
Get me a drink.
We're going back to the hotel.
Get my passport, escape.
You're coming with me, or don't, but I'm done.
What are you doing now? Since you're leaving me forever, that is the time you started drinking your seltzer, and it's going to be very important to you later when you don't know where or when the fuck you are.
Why wouldn't I know those things? Oh [CHUCKLES.]
I kinda definitely dosed your seltzer water with LSD.
He's joking.
He has to be.
I just felt like we really needed this if we were gonna have a breakthrough tonight.
You drugged me? Yeah.
And I didn't know how much you'd trip, so I just gave you four times the usual dose to make sure that it would work.
I've never taken acid before in my life.
Oh Okay, you're gonna be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Just three rules.
One, cars are real.
Two, anything you want to try, please do it from the ground first.
And three, if you cannot stop sobbing, just drink a Moon Juice.
Okay, sport.
You gotta be careful 'cause you're about to feel everything.
All I feel is rage.
I tried, Love, but your brother's a lost cause.
Let's get a selfie.
- Do we have to? - Yes, why not? Okay.
- Nice.
So, is this what you had in mind? Skin care advice and selfies? Your father's cheating again.
But it's fine.
Or it will be fine once you, me, and Forty remind him what an incredible family he has.
You know, him seeing us together here is gonna make him very happy.
Seven likes already.
Anyway, Forty's clean and working.
I have a healthy libido still.
Fuck you, menopause.
And, you know, everything would be picture perfect if you hadn't let Will slip away.
But c'est la vie.
- Anyway, we all have our part to play.
- No.
- Excuse me? - No, I'm sick of us always pretending.
You pretending that Dad's cheating doesn't hurt you.
Or that Forty isn't a walking time bomb.
No, instead you just slap a Shaman Kevin Band-Aid on it.
That's not true.
You're completely off base.
Oh, like I was off base about you sweeping the au pair incident under the rug? You've had too much to drink.
What that woman did to Forty was criminal.
Then what did you do? Oh, yeah, I remember.
A sage smudge.
- She should've gone to jail! - It was impossible.
You pretended like it wasn't happening until it was too late.
- He's your son! - I did what I had to do! [CHUCKLES.]
You know, I love this family unconditionally, - and I will do - I know what unconditional love feels like.
This is not it.
Wikipedia says kick-in times are variable.
This trip's gonna last, oh, nine to 16 hours.
So getting my passport back quick without Forty's help is job one.
I'll have to deal with Dimitri on my own.
Question is, where is he? If only I hadn't been brought here in a hood and jumped out the window.
Am I tripping, or is that you? Hey, you.
Well, you smell a little drunk, honestly.
What are you doing here? Um I was hoping that I would run into you.
Forty mentioned that he might be writing here this weekend.
I saw you on his Instagram this afternoon, and I put two and two together.
I'm gonna miss how smart you are.
That letter you wrote [SIGHS, SHUDDERING.]
it shattered me.
Are you really leaving LA? [JOE.]
Your sadness, disappointment in me.
The goodbye I wanted to avoid.
Okay, well, if you have to leave, meet me tomorrow.
For lunch, okay? You know, we've been through a lot [ECHOING.]
in such a short period of time, and I care about you.
Oh, no.
Can we just meet for one more lunch? [JOE.]
It's kicking in.
This is not how I want to remember you.
Oh - Okay.
- [JOE.]
What? No.
- I understand.
- [JOE.]
Love, Love.
Come here.
It's in your hair, sweetie.
- I'm so sorry if she called you.
- I drank.
My daughter's having one of her drama queen days.
- [LOVE.]
I'm sorry.
- [JOE.]
I see it now.
- I'm sorry.
- Let's go get cleaned up.
Your mother's a demon, dragging you to hell with her.
I have to rescue you from her.
Four hits of acid.
It's okay.
It's all in my mind.
- I've ridden harder rides.
- [BOY.]
Where are we going? [JOE.]
Is that me? Is my intuition telling me to go that way, or is every horror fan in the universe currently screaming at me not to follow the creepy kid? Did I teleport or No, it's acid.
This is a Grateful Dead concert.
I love you, Love.
I'll get through this.
Candace? No.
Deadhead concert.
Very bad writer.
I'm sorry tonight didn't turn out as you expected.
I swear I didn't mean to upset you.
We just never talk about the right things.
If I did such a horrible job, how'd you turn out so well? Oh, you're biased.
Or you're lying.
I never lie to you.
You're the only other Quinn who can handle the truth.
I know I can be hard on you sometimes, and that's because you're strong, like me.
I really do see so much of myself in you.
One day you'll have children, and you'll understand.
When they need you, like you need me right now, it's no longer so hard to love them.
I'm gonna get us our suite.
Meet me up there whenever you're ready.
Joey! Joey! Joey.
Welcome back, Mr.
Your mom's not here, but use that.
Ellie was right.
The whole thing needs to be from Beck's perspective.
What does Beck want? What did Beck feel? What did Beck dream about? Beck, the poor girl who lost her life to give us this story, what was she searching for in that sea of men? We need to see her, Joe! - Beck! Come on, man! Think! - Beck! Come on, Joe! Think! [JOE.]
I think I'm dead.
He poisoned me, and I died, and this is my hell.
I need to become Beck.
I need the earth to split open and swallow me whole.
Let's role-play.
You be Dr.
Nicky, I'll be GB.
- I can't.
- Come on.
I was your patient.
Why did you take advantage of me? [JOE.]
I am not doing this.
Why did you take advantage of me? - I was trying to help you.
- I needed a therapist, not some psychotic asshole posing as Prince Charming.
- I hear you.
- What gives you the right? - You thought that I would be grateful? - [BECK.]
grateful? Your life was a mess! Yes, but it was my life! - And I didn't need some sociopath - [BECK.]
And I didn't need some - on a white horse to clean the house.
- We can't do this! Come on, Joe, do it.
- Choke me.
Do it.
Don't be a pussy hat.
- Forty, I can't do this! - You're not special.
You're broken.
- [BECK.]
You're not special.
You're broken.
I could never love you.
You are the bad thing.
You are the thing that you should have killed.
Do it.
That was, like, um Joaquin-level method.
Way to s Way to commit.
Oh Okay, okay.
You know what that means.
Rule number three, we're just gonna drink some Moon Juice, okay? [SHOUTS.]
What fucking Moon Juice? We don't have any Moon Juice.
- Shh, shh, shh.
You're gonna go to Anavrin, you're gonna buy some Moon Juice.
Maybe some cassava chips, some dried apple slices.
What about Dimitri? [WHEEZING.]
"Mama Ru" is the safe word.
If you just say that, he'll let you out.
There's been a fucking safe word? Of course.
I'm not a crazy person.
All right? But we can only use it once, - so make it count.
I wou Oh.
I would come with you, but, um [CHUCKLES.]
I think I'm peaking.
You can do this, Joe! Mama Ru! Mama Ru! [JOE.]
What? How the hell did I get here? Is this the hotel room? Did I leave and come back? Or What in the hell? [WATER RUNNING.]
Was the blood real? Did I wash it off? Is it on my shirt? Was that really there? What is even real? How long was I gone and what did I do? Grocery bags.
That is a clue.
You stopped crying.
What did I tell you? Moon Juice is the shit.
- Did I leave this room? - Yeah.
Where do you think all this came from? Feeling good about Beck now.
When you were, um strangling me, I really got it.
I don't have a car, so How did I get to Anavrin? Or back? How should I know? I am breaking story, brah.
I'm, like, balls deep in Dr.
Nicky's psyche over here.
How do you think Dr.
Nicky hid his sociopathy for so long? - How long was I gone? - Answer my question, I'll answer yours.
Why does he have to be a sociopath? Maybe he's a man who would do anything for love.
Your turn.
How long was I gone? About an hour.
Not enough time to get all this and do something bad.
Or three.
Difficult to say.
I was in flow.
Somewhere between one and three hours.
- You're getting that look again.
- What look? That weird panicky look you had when you came in.
You kept saying there was blood on your hands.
- Was there? - Couldn't say.
Every time I looked at your hands, all I could see was lobsters.
Who else might've seen me? [GASPS.]
Dinner break.
What? [SIGHS.]
When I came back from the store, did I have anything on my hands? No.
Hands clean.
Go write.
This is good.
Hands clean.
Everything's fine.
On track.
Mexico City.
9:02 a.
- Your ringtone, Love.
I need to make sure you're okay.
I need my phone.
- No phone.
- Man, it's important! No phone! [FORTY.]
I'm trying to work! You're welcome.
Thank you.
Be normal.
I'm normal.
- Hey you.
- Hey.
You look terrible.
Are you in a bathroom? Yeah, I I, uh I'm I'm sorry if I seemed weird earlier in the hall.
I was overwhelmed saying goodbye.
That's why I'm calling.
Okay? Listen to me.
No to goodbye.
I refuse your goodbye.
You are the first thing in so long that has felt right.
Now, I grew up with toxic, conditional love, and I am done.
I forgive your stupid lie.
I just I want to be with you.
I want a life with you.
Do you want that, too? Yes.
More than anything! Okay.
Whatever you're running from, we can figure it out together.
If only that were true.
Once Delilah's free, we can't be here.
Um What if we What if we leave together? Start over.
Just the two of us.
Away from your parents.
You could finish cooking school in Paris.
Or anywhere.
Anywhere you want.
Wow, that sounds amazing, but what about Forty? I can't leave him with them.
Um Yeah.
Of course.
We'll take Forty with us wherever we go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I am so happy.
I can't wait.
Will you meet me tomorrow morning? Um I have something to tend to.
But then I'm yours.
I wolf you.
I wolf you more.
This night does have a silver lining We will make it work.
I'll negotiate with Delilah, buy her silence.
We will be in another country.
We won't have to look over our shoulders.
Forty, we'll, uh, figure that one out.
Everything is going to be all right.
Joey There you are.
- You gave Mommy a scare.
- [JOE.]
You are not here.
This isn't real.
Oh, Joey Do you really think your love story is gonna have a happy ending? - Stop.
- People like us don't change.
I've changed.
Then why are you already thinking of ways to get rid of Forty? I'm not.
I haven't been.
So many accidents that can happen in a hotel room, can't they? - You're not real.
I'm not gonna - Of course you're gonna kill him.
Just like Delilah.
It was a done deal once you threw her in that cage.
She's already dead.
You're wrong.
I let Will out.
And I'm gonna let Delilah out.
I've changed.
Are you sure? [JOE SCREAMS.]
Are they real? Are my hands Are [JOE.]
I figured it out.
And you were right.
It wasn't sociopathy.
It was a crime of passion by someone who loved her.
Where is he going with this? But Dr.
Nicky didn't love her.
She was just his side piece.
Her ex-boyfriend loved her, though.
What ex-boyfriend? She mentions him a few times in the book.
Never even by name.
He seems harmless.
But he murdered her in a jealous rage, and he framed Dr.
Nobody suspected him, though.
He's just a normal guy.
Like you or me.
You want to know how I figured it out? It's okay, baby.
I'll forgive you.
I'll tell you how I know.
Because it's exactly what I did.
I was in love with Sofia, our au pair.
My parents said I was too young, but I wasn't.
I loved her.
And she loved me.
It wasn't just some dumb crush.
It was love.
When I found out she was seeing some college guy, I felt this rage inside of me.
Like an animal made of teeth and of fire.
And I blacked out.
And I killed her.
I came to, and I was standing over her.
My parents made it look like a suicide.
Made it go away.
Do you know how painful it's been? Carrying around a secret like that? [JOE.]
More than he'll ever know.
You were just a kid.
A confused kid.
You're forgiven.
You don't think I'm a monster? No.
I think you have a bright future.
And on acid, at least, he's a savant.
What you just pitched to me, it's a great movie.
I think you should write it.
You should fictionalize it.
Taking as many liberties as possible.
You should write it.
Um I, um don't know what's going on between you and my sister, but she would be crazy to let you go.
I think we're gonna make it.
It's been 11 hours.
Most of it must be out of my system by now.
And there's still time.
I'm sober and free.
Forty? [JOE.]
Let's, uh, hope he just went out for coffee.
Come on, Ellie, I don't have time.
- What? - Hey, um, do you think you could get yourself home? Can I pick up my phone and request an Uber? Yeah, I think I can manage that.
Okay, great.
Well, see [JOE.]
Now, I just have to get to Delilah before those cuffs open up.
In another reality, I'd be heading to the airport, but I'm rewriting our movie, Love, because of you.
The hero races to the cage, he raises the door, and steps inside, eager to set Delilah free, and begin the rest of his life.