Young & Hungry (2014) s05e09 Episode Script

Young & Hold

1 I can't believe I'm about to deliver "Gabi's Box" to my first paying customer.
Sound like a hooker.
What if not enough people want a romantic dinner in a box, and my new business is a flop? Plenty of people will want it.
Look, people are suckers for romance.
But what if they're not? I mean, what if more people are like us, and they have sex-only punch card relationships without the romance or the emotions or the feelings? Stop worrying.
People are not as evolved as you and I.
That's true.
Oh, shoot, did I remember the mini-champagne? - Yes.
- And the romantic playlist? Yes.
You packed the bubbly and the Buble.
You are good to go.
All right.
I'm gonna knock, and when Marissa answers, you snap a photo of my first happy customer.
It's gonna look so good on my website, which you're making, by the way, thank you.
Hi, Marissa? I'm Gabi, from Gabi's Box, and I'm here to deliver a romantic dinner from your boyfriend Vinny! (crying) (theme music playing) She in the spotlight And she turn my head She run a red light 'Cause she bad like that I like that ooh, baby, ooh, baby Baby, I like that ooh, baby, ooh, baby (blubbering) Vinny! Oh my god, you poor thing.
Can you believe Vinny did that to her? You understood that? Uh, they went out for two years, he ordered a romantic dinner for her, and then he broke up with her outta nowhere right before it got here.
How did you not get that? I'm sorry, this is a bit of an uncomfortable situation.
Yeah, I know, uh, will you stay with her? What? Me? No! Why? 'Cause I have four more boxes to deliver.
So why don't you stay with her and I'll deliver the boxes? Uh, excuse me, who is the face of Gabi's box? Gabi.
People see Gabi's face, and they want Gabi's Box.
I gotta go, you gotta stay.
I'm not staying with her.
(crying loudly) Josh, look at her, she's not stable.
I mean, what if she does something crazy? Like what? Like give me a bad Yelp review.
Come on, Elliot.
You need to lie down.
Oh, Alan.
You take such good care of me.
Oooh, have you been working out? The drugs they give you when they take out your wisdom teeth must be good.
You lie down on the couch.
I'm gonna go get my camera phone.
- (tapping sound) - What's that sound? Who's there? (tapping sound) Uh-oh.
- Aaaaah! - (chirping) What's wrong? There's a squirrel in the wall! We're in the penthouse in a glass tower.
There's no squirrel.
Yes, there is.
Look in the hole! Oh my Damn! Elliot, you can't go makin' a hole in the wall every time you hallucinate on hard drugs! If I did that, my apartment would look like Swiss cheese.
Oh my god you know how we look at really successful people, and they're like smart, and rich, and happy, and we hate them? Well, start hatin' me.
My life sucks.
You know, my first delivery was a little rough, because my first customer burst into tears, but I made Josh stay with her, and the rest of the deliveries went great, so let's just say, everything's comin' up Gabi.
I've never been this miserable.
I'm making money, I have a successful business (phone dings) Oh Josh is comin' over.
And we all know why.
How happy are you for me? I hate everything.
Wh What What is this? What's going on? You seem down.
Well Logan asked me to write my very first article for Click'd and I have nothing to write about.
- Oh, come on, there's gotta be somethin'.
- No.
There isn't, Gabi.
Okay, because she wants it to be about something dramatic and exciting, and I go to work, I come home, I play online Yahtzee, and I go to bed.
Where is the drama and excitement in that? (knocking on door) I'm really sorry, but can we talk about this later, because Josh is here, and we're gonna have like a bunch of s Yeah, sex, I know, I get it, you're having sex.
- Hey.
- Hey! Sorry it took me so long, I was a Marissa's for hours.
Oh yeah, sorry I stuck you with her.
That's okay.
First 20 minutes all I did was hand her tissue after tissue.
You know, what you did for me when Han Solo died.
But then she wanted to enjoy your dinner, which was delicious, by the way.
And we started talking about relationships and feelings, and we kinda hit it off.
What? Remember how we said if we met somebody, we would each tell each other and we'd put the punch card on hold? Yes, the "Tell and Hold.
" The "Tell and Hold.
" Okay.
So I think this might be the "tell" part.
Because she asked me out for tomorrow night, and I think I kinda might've said yes.
Oh? And I I wasn't even sure I was really gonna tell you.
Well why why wouldn't you tell me? I mean what do you think "tell" means in "Tell and Hold"? You can't have a "Tell and Hold" without the "tell" part would you like some wine? Thank you, I'd love some.
Well, I just figured what if the date doesn't go well? I wouldn't have to tell you because there'd be no hold.
But then I thought, what if it did go well? The right thing to do would be for me to tell you, so this is me telling you.
Gabi, we might be on a hold.
Yeah, this is great.
I mean, this is why the "Tell and Hold" exists.
So you're okay with this? I'm not even sure I was.
Wha? Please, why wouldn't I be okay with a "Tell and Hold"? I mean, it's called the "Tell and Hold," I invented the "Tell and Hold"! I toast you.
Uh Maybe I should go? What if I tell you to leave, while I hold open the door? That's a little that's a little "Tell and Hold" humor.
(both laugh) Wow.
Uh you're amazing.
Thank you for understanding.
Good night.
Gabi I'm so sorry to make this about myself, but I finally found an article that is dramatic and exciting.
A modern day romance gone awry.
Awry? What's what's awry? Nothing's awry.
Oh my god, Gabi, this is killing you.
Okay, the ironic thing is, if you hadn't told him to stay with that girl, none of this would've happened.
(laughs) Is "devastated" spelled with an "E" or an "A"? Devastated? Oh my god.
Are you so desperate for a story that you're just gonna pretend that I'm upset? No, I mean, I I love that Josh is going out with another girl.
You know? I'm I am fine with it.
Are you Marissa's boyfriend? I was.
You need to get back together with her.
Thank you so much for asking us in, Vinny.
I didn't.
Who are you again? Oh, uh, I'm I'm Gabi from Gabi's Box.
Thanks for your order, by the way, make sure you like us on Facebook, so why the hell did you break up with Marissa? I mean, she loves you so much, and she thought that you loved her.
Hey, I do love her.
I love her more than any woman I've ever known.
It's just I have to marry somebody else.
Oh my god, did you get somebody else pregnant? This is good.
This is good stuff, Vinny.
N No! No.
My parents have set up an arranged marriage.
My future wife Raya, she's flying in from Mumbai, and we're all getting dinner tomorrow night.
An arranged marriage? Oh my god, Gabi, I've found my hook.
So, you're gonna marry someone you've never met when you're in love with somebody else? I mean, you need to get back with your someone else.
I have a question why do you care? Because if you love Marissa, you need to be with her.
The people that belong together need to be together! Look, my parents scare me.
They don't even know that I smoke pot.
You're not gonna tell them, are you? No, but you might wanna hide this bong.
Hey Vinny I wonder what would happen if you told your parents that you love Marissa? It's cool that I'm having this pizza, right? It doesn't matter who I love.
What matters is who they love, and they love Raya.
Well, how do you know they're gonna love Raya? I mean, they haven't even met Raya.
Oh they're gonna love her.
She is a virgin vegetarian chemical engineer, it's the Indian trifecta.
Indian trifecta! That's good stuff.
Vinny what if the Raya they meet is actually none of those things? What if she's a What if she's a sex-loving, meat-eating, not-a-chance-in-hell- of-being a chemical engineer? Ohhh I see what you're doing.
You're gonna get some girl to pretend to be a horrible version of Raya, so that his parents It's me, isn't it? Thank you so much for getting all the snacks ready for my date with Marissa.
Did you hear that? "Date with Marissa.
" Date with someone who's not Gabi.
When's the last time you heard me say that? About three minutes ago.
Look that's because I'm excited! You know, technically, Gabi and I aren't even dating, we're just having sex, which, don't get me wrong, it's nice.
It's nice.
But I'm a man.
I want relationships, I want feelings, I want emotions! I miss 'em.
And I'm the gay one? (laughs) Ow, ow, ow oh.
So, you talked to Gabi about this, and you're sure this is what you wanna be doing? Of course this is what I should be doing! This is good! This is what normal people do! They go out! They date! They pretend to be someone they're not! Then they get more comfortable.
Eventually, they pee in front of each other, it's beautiful! Gabi and I can't have a relationship like that.
We tried, but we can't.
I'd love it, but we can't.
So will you get off my back? (phone chimes) That is Marissa.
I'm gonna go and let her in.
You guys open the wine, put on the terrace lights, make everything look pretty, and get out.
- (chirping) - Aah! (plate hitting floor) Hurry, Yolanda! (squirrel chirping) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I got you! You furry little bitch! What the hell is goin' on in here? The squirrel is real! And it's right here under this bucket! Ohh, is it, Elliot? Or did you just take more of your meds? I'm telling you, it's right here.
Well, let's see it, then.
You kick the bucket and I'll grab the squirrel.
Naa! What the? I'm telling you it was right here! What's the matter with me? Help me, Yolanda! (crying) I think I might be losing my mind.
(crying) (crying) How about we get some frozen yogurt? Gabi, are you sure Sofia's gonna be able to pull this off? If my parents find out that she is not the real Raya - (knocking on door) - That's them! They are not gonna find out.
Okay, by the time this night ends, you're gonna be done with Raya.
Up high-a! Mom! Dad! You look so handsome! Who is this? Oh um, I'm Gabi, I'm your personal chef for the evening.
Oh, you hired a personal chef? That will impress Raya.
Good thinking, Navin.
Uh Dad, please call me Vinny.
All my friends just call me Vinny.
Not us.
Your name is meant to appear on a Hindu temple, not a pizza box.
(phone ringing) Excuse me one second.
Where are you.
So Raya? - Gabi, meet me in the hallway.
- No! Just knock on the door like we planned! - Meet me in the hallway now! - Fine! (laughs) I'll be right back! Have a samosa.
And a mimosa.
(laughs) - Hey what's going on? - Gabi, I'm sorry No, no don't be sorry.
Be in a sari! Look, I thought about it, and I just can't do it.
Dressing up like an Indian girl, faking an Indian accent.
It's wrong and it's offensive.
It was for your article! And you already have a really great title, I mean, "My My My Big Fat Arranged Indian Wedding"? Come on, that story's totally gonna make the front page.
Of what? Racist Monthly? Okay I need you to be bad Raya.
Why? Because you still have feelings for Josh? No, I For the gazillionth time, my feelings for Josh are none, okay? We tried to have a relationship, but we can't! All right? Wish we could, but we can't, so get off my back! Is everything okay out here? Oh she's pretty.
Uh, Mr.
and Mrs.
Jain, I'm really sorry, but Yes, uh, Raya here is a very skittish bride-to-be.
- What? - You are nervous to meet us.
Yeah, yeah, girl left her bindi dot in the Uber.
(laughs) 'Nuff said.
- Okay, who wants Vindaloo? - No no no no no no no I can't believe we were gonna watch The Fault in our Stars.
Straight guys aren't usually into chick flicks.
You are straight, right? Hetero and sexual.
I was just in the mood for some feelings and emotions.
You know, which stars are we talking about? Whose fault is it? These are questions I need answers to! I'm sorry, again, for talking so much about Vinny on the way over here.
Look, it's only natural.
Your relationship just ended yesterday.
Well, I won't bring him up again, I promise.
It's just it was so dumb of me to stay with him for so long! You know, I knew his parents wanted an arranged marriage, so the relationship was just supposed to be about sex, but then the sex turned into feelings, and feelings turned into a relationship, and now I'm devastated, and they better have frickin' Skittles! I I get it.
Look, I was in a sex-only thing once that never turned into feelings.
Really? How did it not? It just didn't, okay? (phone ringing) I'm sorry, it's a business call from China.
Uh, here, take my wallet.
Wei, nin hao.
Do you have a punch card? Uh look at that.
He does.
No no no no no no, what the hell are you doing? No, you can't punch this card! Oh my god, all the punches are gone.
Uh, isn't that a good thing? Your next yogurt's free.
No! There's no more punches left, and when the punch card's over, that means we're over, and I don't want us to be over, I love her! Oh my god.
I love her.
I love her! I gotta go.
Just so you know, we're out of Skittles.
What do I have to do to make you believe me I am not Raya? We were in your position once.
We tried everything we could to convince our parents we were a bad match.
Look, I'm not Raya! I I'm not even Indian, I'm Dominican! My name's Sofia! She told my parents her name was Becky.
(laughs) And And I insisted I was Canadian.
How 'bout them Maple Leafs? Ehh? (laughing) This is ridiculous.
Okay, look, you want proof that I'm not Raya? Here, here's my birth control.
Says my name on it, Sofia Rodriguez.
And why do I have it? Because I'm having sex.
Not currently, but enough to get a prescription.
Navin, what's going on? Gabi, what's goin' on? What's going on is your son doesn't wanna marry Raya! He's in love with a girl named Marissa! Who's Marissa? Well, it's Vinny's soulmate.
Listen, he never set out to disrespect you.
He told me when he first started seeing Marissa, that he made it very clear to her that they could never have a relationship.
It was purely sex.
Oh god! Oh god.
Uh, but then I mean, something unexpected happened.
I mean, she tried to pretend that it was just about sex, but it wasn't.
She had She had feelings for him.
I think she always did.
But she was afraid to tell him, because every time they told each other that they had feelings, it would just ruin everything, but she she does have feelings for him, she does, I mean I I think she loves him! Oh my god.
Sofia is she me? Am I in love with Josh? Oh my god, yes! Oh my god! I'm in love with Josh! I gotta go.
Okay, I don't wanna make this awkward or anything, but can you three smoosh, 'cause I need a picture for my article.
(laughs) And now you're doin' my job? How high are you? I can't believe I actually thought there was a squirrel in here.
Oh well, let's go home.
And give me those damn pills so I can get rid of them once and for all.
- You're home.
- Gabi, what are you doin' here? I needed to talk to you.
I needed to talk to you, too.
I went to your place, and you weren't there.
Oh, yeah, that's because I'm here.
Um, I thought you were on a date.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
- Gabi - Listen, um Can I go first? Because if I don't say what I need to say, I might not say it.
Okay, but if I don't say what I need to say I might not say it.
Okay, but but what if what you need to say makes me not wanna say what I need to say, and then I might not say it, and I really need to say it, and now I need to sit.
Look, if you're not gonna say what you need to say, I'm just gonna say what I need to say.
- Josh? - Gabi? Both: Fine, you go.
No, you go.
- Josh? - Gabi? Stop! I know this is crazy, and I know the punch card was supposed to keep us from having feelings for each other - because we're horrible together.
- Okay.
But then you met Marissa, and you put us on a hold, and I thought I was fine with that, but really I wasn't.
- Okay.
- And so I tried to break up Vinny's arranged marriage by making Sofia pretend she was Indian, which was really culturally insensitive, - but I only did it because - Because what? Because I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Your turn.
Gabi the reason I was racing all over town trying to find you - is because - (squirrel chirping) Both: Aagaahh! Ahh Relax, Gabi the doctor said Josh was going to be okay.
Turns out it's just a concussion.
Okay, ladies we're gonna keep him overnight for observation, and I'm gonna recommend some pain medication.
Oh, great! I'll pick it up.
Good luck.
You can see him now.
- Hey.
- Oooh Ooh.
What happened? Well, uh you hit your head.
When you saw the squirrel, you jumped up, and you screamed, in a super manly not-afraid- of-a-harmless-creature kind of way.
You okay? Yeah, I think so.
Good, good.
Listen, Josh, I know this could probably wait, but um I kinda said something really big right before the squirrel happened, and, um it was kinda really hard for me to say, and I think I know what you were gonna say, but I'm I'm not sure that I know know what you were gonna say, so, um, could you kinda say it right now? Could I ask you a question first? Yeah, sure, anything.
Who are you?